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Chapter 2: Funny Chador

Chador, Sexy and Fashionable!
Sexy Muslim Women in Fashionable Chador

5 Chapters of Chador
Chapter II. Funny Chador
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: February 21, 2008
2nd Edition: October 14, 2013

Obamas, Good Muslim Roll Models!
Hussein President of OSR (Obama’s Socialist Regime) and the First Zaife Muslimette Michelle-allah.
The couple are captured in their traditional Muslim Garbs:
Hussein is wearing a traditional Somali Turban, Shawl and Labadeh Garb.
Michelle is wearing an Indonesian Hijab Scarf.

(Pictures are from presidential archives: Hussein in Kenya and Michelle in Indonesia.)
Hussein Obama: Allah’s willing Inshallah by the end of my second term America will fundamentally transform from the sole global superpower to a measly 2nd rate Euro-Pee-On nation or better a 3RD World African nation!
Michelle Obama: Inshallah brother Hussein, Allah works in mysterious ways!
Hussein: They call me a Muslim but I’m truly only a Socialist Bum from Chicago who was looking for some change, but the US Media and Hollywood assumed that I am seeking to make Change, so they created me as the proponent of Hope and Change and they erected me as the president!
Michelle: Allah bless US Media, Hollywood, Academics and the Brain Drained Liberal Youth!
Hussein: I’m not really a Muslim; I’m just your average Kenyan Radical Socialist!
Michelle: I’m not really a Muslim; I’m just your average American Black Militant FemiNazi!
Hussein and Michelle: But we surely thank Allah for the Miracle of Presidency and First Lady! Praise be Upon Allah!

“Barack Hussein Obama often poses as Mussolini!” (Media)
“Obama’s Mussolini Fascist Pose is becoming globally famous!” (Media)
“Obamas go for a pilgrimage to the Islamic Holy Shrines of Indonesia!” (Media)

Michelle (pondering): Islamic art is amazing but I had enough of it, just take me back home to America!
Imam: observe the details of this shrine mosque and you can witness the Miracle of Allah!
Hussein: Yes, I can see the light of Allah! It took a Miracle of Allah and the help from Media and Hollywood to turn a bum like me, in to the president! Now let me do my Mussolini pose for the cameras!

Obamas visit the Shrine Mosque in Indonesia
Michelle: Are you holding your hands down and chain locked as the Islamic sign of humble submission to Allah?
Hussein: No, I’m just holding my balls, this humid Indonesian weather makes my balls to itch!

“Obama had a constructive visit to Kenya.” (Media)
Shaikh: Welcome home to your country my brother, we have missed you.
Hussein: Ya Shaikh, Ya Guru, I maybe in the Land of Great Satan but my heart always remains at my home Kenya!
Shaikh: How have you been, you haven’t been eating Pork and Haraam Fish, have you?
Hussein: Never, I shall never eat Haraam food.
Shaikh: Don’t become westoxicated; always remain faithful to your culture and to your religion. Always remember that True Jihad starts from within and then the Society.
Hussein: Yes Shaikh, I have purified myself from infidel evil culture and deep inside, I am faithful to Islam, religion of peace!
Shaikh: They say you’re not a good Muslim because you deny your religion, but I know better that it’s just Taqiyah.
Hussein: Of course it is Taqiyah. Prophet himself recommended the Taqiyah Law which justifies that lies are Halaal if a Muslim is afraid of persecution. How could I even become the president if I would have told the truth about my religion, culture and country? Taqiyah justifies all of my lies for the greater good of destruction of America from within. First I have turned the USA to OSR (Obama’s Socialist Regime) and next, Allah willing, I will turn it to IRA (Islamic Republic of America).
Shaikh: Inshallah brother, Inshallah …
Hussein: Subhanallah, Tawakolna ala Allah, the mighty Allah is with the Justified Liars. Thank Allah for Taqiyah Law of justified lying!
Shaikh: Bismillah …
Hussein: Praise be Upon Allah ….

“Obama had a successful visit to Africa.” (Media)
Obama at Kenya, near the Somali border.
Shaikh: Alhamdulillah, this was a fruit-full visit.
Hussein: Yahamukallah, I have been enlightened by your sweet Islamic words of wisdom. Inshallah I will draft this wisdom in to the American Constitution …
Shaikh: Inshallah my brother, Inshallah …
Hussein: Shokrulillah, now it’s time for me to go back to the Land of Great Satan.
Shaikh: Tawakolna ala Allah, I see a bright future! Inshallah by the end of your second term, Land of Great Satan will become Islamic Republic of America! Barakallah!
Hussein: Behamdollah Shaikh, Behamdollah …
Shaikh: Ya Allah brother, time for you to go and spread the wisdom of Allah in America …
Hussein: Ya Allah Shaikh.

Mona Lisa in Inxile (exile inside Iran)
Typical Mona, living in Esfahan!
Mona Lisa in Chador (Iranian Style Mona)! Those mystic eyes …

Mona Lisa in Exile (outside Iran)
Typical Mona, living in Tehran-Geles (Los Angeles)
L. Mona before makeover – FOP (Fresh Out of Plane)
R. Mona after makeover – Bleach Blonde Hair, Face Lift, Fake Boobs, …

Hejab Styles!

The Typical Loving and Unselfish Arab or Middle Eastern Man!

… and then the Arab man created this upside down Hijab Moral Laws to control the woman!
Originally the old Muhammad worrying about his child bride Aisha to flirt and sleep with his Arab generals, went in his famous cave and came out with a revelation from his imaginary Allah about the creation of Hijab! Since that moment, Muslim women and girls had to wear hijab and pay for the sins of the Aisha messing around with the young Arab generals! Hijab is yet another creation of Muhammad’s epileptic and delusional mind dedicated to the globe!

Hijab comes in many shapes and forms such as Burqa, Niqab, Hijab, Chador, Gunny Sack, …

Hijab types resemble various styles such as the Crow, the Penguin, the Eggplant, the Ninja, …

Hijab Culture!
Muslim women trying hard to make the Culture of Slavery fashionable!

Disney Princesses in Beautiful Hijab!
They even try to sell it to the kids and brainwash them since childhood:
“Hey girls, wear hijab and remain slaves to your fathers, brothers and then husbands for the rest of your lives!”

Disney Muslim Hijabed Princess Belle!
Did you know Princess Belle have converted to Islam?!

… and now available in stores are your own collection of Arab Muslim Princesses so you don’t have to keep on buying them infidel Disney Princesses and put hijab on them! These princesses are blessed by Allah, Muhammad and Imam! They are well hijabed! Mashallah!

... and now for something totally different, please join your Islamically Halaal and Allah recommended New Muslim Sex Hotline both available on the phone and on the net! Barakallah!

Are you a good Muslim? Do you follow the path of the Prophet Muhammad? Do you love to follow Muhammad PBUHB (Peace Be Upon His Bone) and marry Islamically Halaal 6 year olds, 9 year olds, pre teens and young teenagers, but the Western Infidel Laws do not allow you to do your proper Islamic Duties? Not to worry, for you lambs of Allah living in the Land of Koffar and Ajnabi infidels, we have now a blessed Hot Line! Join the “Muslim Sex Hotline”, do your Allah given right of consorting with Good Muslim children, pre teens and young teenagers on the phone and online! Who knows, maybe you can eventually marry 4 of them in a secret mosque ceremony and do Halaal Jenabat (Islamic Sex) and Lavat (Islamic Anal Sex) with them sweet angels of Allah! So what are you waiting for? Grab the phone and keyboard, but shoosh, the infidel law does not have to know! Ya Allah!

Imams, Ayatollahs and Pious Muslim Men declare that women must be wrapped from head to toe in the Hejab for their own good, because if they don’t, then Muslim men may view a female ankle or a piece of hair, so they may get horny, climax, orgasm and wet themselves! This would cause men to throw unclean looks at the women or they may even desire to rape them! Now everyone knows that men cannot control themselves, so why not wrap women in black cloths, so the men will not get turned on! Ain’t Islamic Logic great?!

Now this would be a great Islamic look for women. It looks a little bit like Casper the Ghost but in black!

But this would be the perfect woman in Islam!

Is this look, Islamic enough for you?
And they say Afghan Burqa is not sexy!
Filthy western lies, I’m telling you, pure lies …

Afghanistan Yesterday
In yesterday’s Afghanistan, women used to have their own method of transportation. Who said Muslim women were not allowed to travel outside their homes? What a filthy western lie!

Afghanistan Today
Today’s Afghan women are much modernized. Now they have their own seating section in the vehicles! Who says Muslim women are not mobile? Another filthy western lie made in DC, land of the Great Satan!

Afghan Street Sweeping!
… and if you miss your transportation, not to worry, all women will be swept away and put next to rubbish bags with best and most careful handling until the next transportation comes along!

Afghan Transportation Waiting Area!
You can wait in the beautiful and comfortable waiting area for transportation provided as a courtesy by the City of Kabul!

Place of Women in Islam!
Afghan Resting Area!
City of Kabul is extremely concern for women to be comfortable while waiting for transportation. Kabul’s Full luxury seating areas are well known nationwide!
Rubbish style beanbags are special courtesy of the City of Kabul! For your convenience, both women and rubbish are dumped in the same area to save space! This way you can pick up your women while you dump your trash bags! Simply Afghan genius!

Good Muslim Dog!
Question: Which are treated better, Afghan dogs or Afghan women?
Answer: Don’t ask silly questions, obviously Afghan dogs are treated better!

Muslim Hijab Dog!
Muslim Bad Hijab Dog!
Beware of the Muslim Dogs and make sure to cover them from head to toe, thus they seduce you with their eyes and this excitement may turn you on wanting to jump their bones!

L. Young and Old in Downtown Tehran
Child: Mommy, I love Pofak Namaki (Cheese Puffs). I wanna eat them forever …
Mom: When you grow up, you won’t have the time to enjoy Pofak. You have to shop for food all day long and then cook and clean all afternoon long at home. Barefoot and pregnant is the key word!
R. Boo! The LooLoo Khorkhoreh (Monster) Look!
This is a fashionable imported Arabic look from the province of Hormozgan in Southern Iran!

Niqab Muslim Girl’s BoogeyWoman Look!
Here is another perfect fashion example of the Boogeywoman look!
Have you always wanted to dress up as a closet monster? Have you always ached for the chance to dress up as Boo the Unfriendly Ghost? When you were a child, did you desire to walk around dressed like the Boogeywoman while other kids liked to dress up as princesses? When you were an adult, did you have the desire to dress up as a mysterious female serial killer wrapped under a shroud of black cloth with only two holes on the headpiece for the eyes?

If so, then now this is your chance to take advantage of this special fashion offer available globally! In the past, only the local village women from the Persian Gulf shores Iranian provinces and the little Arab nations’ backward women dressed up in Niqab but now this wonderful Islamic Fashion is available on the world wide web to purchase, so you can get your hands on it and wear it in the Western Airports to scare the hell out of the people! Duo to Obama’s political correctness and Islam Sensitivity in the Liberal America, even the airport security is not able to say anything to you set aside frisking you! It is your absolute right to not just on Halloween but all year around dress up as the Boogeywoman and run around the streets, public places, shopping centers, airports, seaports and train stations to scare the hell out of not only the kids but also all of these Islamophobic people! People will remain sacred Shiite-less wondering if you got some time bombs under all that shroud!

So just go ahead and exercise your Allah given rights and wear that shroud in the American and the Euro-Pee-On streets because Liberal Political Correctness Western Disease is an epidemic which will allow you to do as you wish. Please feel welcomed to satisfy all of your childhood fantasies and twisted fetishes and convert to Islam! Always remember that Hijab is woman’s virtue and Hijabed Women are the closest to Allah, while the Un- Hijabed Women secure their place in depths of Hell. Allah bless you and Allah bless the OSR (Obama’s Socialist Regime)!

Child: I hate this damn shroud!

Rosie playing with her prayer beeds: Oh how I wished that I could get the hell out of this Shiite Hole country and go to America … I just know there is a brand new world outside this window ….

Watch it sister, you are showing some ankle!

Dahati (Village) Women in Madrasah: Everybody grab your Qurans and listen to the Mullah, preach. Aqa is close to Allah, he knows best. We must only follow Aqa. Praise be upon Allah!

Good and Bad Hijab
L. Good Hijab: Good Muslimette with gloves and Rubandeh (mask) holding Quran.
R. Bad Hijab: Bad Infidel woman wrapped in chador made of Great Satan’s flag, with hair showing!

An Islamic Kodak Moment!
Everybody say cheese?!

Another Islamic Kodak Moment somewhere in UAE!
Zahra: Hey sisters, don’t miss out taking a shot of this new Black Niqab behind the store window! This one has a darker shade of black and it’s made of Halaal silk! This one is by a new designer named “Abdul Kos Kharneh” (Abdullah the Donkey Sodomiser)! Abdul’s Niqabs are the latest hypes in the Islamic Fashion! A Muslim woman can never have enough Black Niqabs in her walking closet! Allah blesses Niqabed Women!

Fundamentalists’ feast in Iran! Do they have mouths?

An Ex Beauty Pageant in Bazaar of Tehran: Where is my wallet, where did I put Brad Pitt’s phone number? I better hurry up and call before that bitch Angelina Jolie marries him and put me out of the competition! I'm even showing some ankles for Brad!

Naneh Noqli: You know you wanna French Kiss me, don’t you?

Bad Hejab
Another bad example of Hejab. The hair is showing and it could turn on the Ayatollahs! The facial expression is also sexual and extremely "Tahrik Konandeh"!!

There is something about Maryam …
That always gets me … Madam President Erect, leader of Up-Position, a true Marxist-Islamist (contradictory ideology), Cult Guru, head of MKO, Oops sorry PMOI, owner of the colorful Lachaks (head scarves), standing right smacked next to the Lion and Sun! I have always wondered what’s under Maryam’s manto?

Underneath all that militant outlook, there lies a passionate woman who wears bright exotic shades of fabric as hijab! I have a Maryam Fever!

Maryam Rajavi, a woman who loves to fly her pigeons and back home in Iran, she used to be a Pigeon Breeder (Kaftar Baz) named the Pigeon Mistress!

When she tightens and locks her fists in the posture of the:
“Proletariat of the world, unite.” And “Solidarity amongst the comrades.”
In fact, she is preaching love with a big smile!

Deep inside, she is a loving colorful gal. She is my gal, mal! Oh Maryam, my obsession …

Sometimes she goes in deep thoughts and daydreams …

And then sometimes she smiles like a little girl in the candy store … so chic!

L. Maryam is getting a climatic orgasm, thinking about me!
R. Maryam is sending me a blow kiss with her lips, shape of a blossom!
Maryam: Ahreeman joon, this Qonche for you …

Oh I’m having a power fit; another orgasmic moment is in the horizons …
Maryam: Solidarity with Ahreeman is my desire …

Look at me, I’m so happy with the Ahreemanic thoughts (thinking of Ahreeman) that I’m dancing Baba Karam with 6/8 beat!

C’mon now let’s dance, hands up, do the Persian:
Khanuma raqs, Aqayun das, hala bar ax … Lala Lay, Lala Lay, La La …

Maryam (pondering): For some reason, this long and thick pole, reminds me of Ahreeman!

Maryam: Say Persian Lion, do you think Ahreeman loves me more or loves you more?

L. Ahreeman, I’m warning you, stop fingering me and pulling my shorts or I will send my commandos to cut off Haji Kuchike!
R. Ohhhhh I think I loves Ahreeman …

L. Maryam to Bobo: You’re the first to know. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m leaving Massoud for Ahreeman. I hope Ahreeman doesn’t love me and leave me!
R. The same way that I had left my first husband for Power, Politics and Massoud; now I have to leave Massoud for Passion, Haji Kuchike and Ahreeman! All good things must come to an end, bye bye Massoud my love … Au Revoir mon ami, I’m leaving you for Ahreeman …

Massoud Rajavi: Ahreeman jan, thank you for propagating NCRI cause, we are all Marxist Islamists, we share everything, don’t get mad, my wife is your wife, we are all the same, it’s brotherly love!
Maryam Rajavi (pondering): Joon, Ahreeman is kind o sexy, he’s big boned too! I may actually like this sharing thing in Marxism!
Massoud Rajavi: Baba I was just doing Ta’arof Persian Flattery and being polite! I don’t really want to share! OK Ok I wanted to share but now my wife is leaving me for you! Ahreeman you son of a bitch don’t steal my wife!

Massoud Rajavi: That son of a bitch Ahreeman had finally stolen my wife. Ajab Jalabiye!
Maryam Rajavi: Bye Bye Massoud, it was good while it lasted but now I must leave.

Goodbye Paris, bye everyone, I’m taking a limo to the airport. I’m going to surprise him in San Diego, Ahreeman my love, here I come ….. I hope you don’t break my heart. Ahreeman has a fetish about what’s under my Manto, Ahreeman loves my white beefy thighs hidden under my manto. I know he’s passionate about me, but I hope this fetish will last long and not fade away too soon.

Maryam and Massoud Rajavi Bad Hijab Wedding
Maryam Rajavi had a Bad Hijab Wedding! Actually Maryam Rajavi had a No Hijab Wedding! But today, Maryam never leaves home without her colorful hijab lachak (head scarf). She has a grand Lachak collection of all colors! Back then Maryam wore no hijab but now as the “President Erect” and Leader of NCRI, she is a hardcore Muslim! It is amazing to what length Maryam Rajavi goes to satisfy the Religious Muslim faction of Mojahedin! Maryam gives a new definition to Opportunism, Maryam Style! Do the terms Hypocrite and Opportunist ring a bell? But I still love her! It’s just the fetish I have for her colorful lachaks and beefy thighs under her manto!

Maryam Rajavi: Rudy jan, you must sell us to the Americans as the only legitimate opposition and the alternative to IRI …
Rudy Giuliani: But you must take the lachak off! I can’t sell the Rag and Lachak neither to Americans nor to Iranians!
Maryam Rajavi: I want to, but these Muslim fanatics amongst Mojahedin don’t let me!

“Maryam Rajavi had powerful allies at Paris Conference.” (Media)
Rudy: OK let me get up and give a speech, Ouch, Ouchi … I think I pulled a testicle muscle, God it hurts!
Maryam: Oh Bravo Rudy, you’re such a joker and prankster, don’t scare me, now go and sell me to the American and Global public!

After the Speech …
Rudy: Ha ha ha …I got you going for a moment, didn’t I?
Maryam: Yup, you scared me for a moment!
Rudy: I’m such a prankster … now here’s my ATM Visa Card; make sure you deposit the Big Bucks campaign donation money to my account. Keep the dough coming and I’ll keep the speeches going … Visa Card, never leave home without it … Haha ha haha ha haha …
Maryam: Oh God your humor kills both me and my bank account! You are so funny Rudy …

“Maryam Rajavi is the best looking and the best dressed Iranian Opposition Leader.” (Media)
Maryam Rajavi: C’mon now, let’s be honest with each other. Who de most beautiful and the sharpest dresser amongst opposition leaders? Who dat? Who dat Golden Girl? Who dat? Of course yours truly, who else?! I mean just take a good look at your opposition leaders and feeders! They’re all retarded! For example Reza Pahlavi II, C’mon now give me a break! He’s a chubby over grown old boy with eggplant nose and a pot belly! The boy has no education, no job and no life and on top of it he dresses up like a used car salesman! He got no game! Give it up Monarchist bozos, give it up for Maryam, Ya baby Ya … I’m not even gonna talk about the rest of the opposition feeder bozos! They’re a bunch of bald headed, short, fat and old Persian guys who talk funny, and the women …. Forget about it, it’s New York! Just look at the women, they’re “Naqs-e Ozv” (Handicap) ......

...... Do you know why they call me Maryam? Because I’m Mar Mar (Marble) and I’m Yum Yum (Delicious), gimme some! Maryam = Mar Mar + Yum Yum! Go Maryam baby, Go Maryam …. I just got one problem! I have an extra baggage named “Massoud”! Let me dump this Square and go with Ahreeman and I’ll be set for life! Ahreeman is a master in propaganda, marketing, and advertising. Ahreeman can makeover and sell a dead Gray Rat to the public as a beautiful and fluffy white Persian Cat! Now imagine what wonders he can do for me! Let me just dump the Hubby and Lachak, then forget the Mojahedin, NCRI and Opposition, cause Ahreemanic Propaganda Machine will sell me to the Iranians and the World as the “Neo Persian Goddess” and Future Goddess / Empress / President of Iran! With the Ahreemanic Propaganda Machine, IRGC will kiss my high heels and the Mullahs are in the bag, Say good bye to the Mullahs and say hello to the one and only Maryam the Persian Goddess! Ahreeman, here I come baby …. Do me baby, gimme that Ahreemanic touch and turn me to a Legend!

“Nancy Pelosi travels a lot to the Arab nations!” (Media)
“Nancy Pelosi is famous around the Arab Nations as the Nancy Old Pussy!” (Media)

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi aka “Da Bleeding Heart Liberal Bitch”, before and after her conversion to Islam!

Nancy Pelosi in Syria
Nancy Pelosi at the shrine of the Holy Shiite Imam, Syria
Nance: Bisme Allah al Rahman al Rahim, Ya Imam, please grant my wish to become VP for Hillary Clitoris (Clinton). Please grant Hilly’s wish to become president or else my wish would turn to Shiite!

Ah Imam, … and one more wish …. Please choke that infidel bastard Ahreeman to death!

Nancy Old Pussy: I can see the light of Allah, I can see the Crescent and the star, I am getting wet ….

Ahreeman, it is none of your god damn business if liberals like me, want to wear a scarf, read namaz, take ruzeh and go for a rowzeh to Damascus! For your information, Liberalism and Islamism go hand in hand. We are a united front, so as a liberal, I just thought that I may as well cut the Bull Shiite, go all the way and convert to a Shiite Muslim!

Nance: Is it true what they say about the Arabs?
Shaikh Schlong: Zaifah, I have a shambool this thick and this long ….
Nance: Marhaba Ya Habibi, shokran, I loves it, tell me more ….

Shaikh Schlong: I am going to finger you with this finger …
Me love you long, me love you deep,
Me finger you like I finger a Tabouli bowl,
I gonna dip it like I dip it in to a Baba Ghanoush dish,
I gonna lick it like I lick the Hummus off of my camel’s lips,
I gonna roll you over like a Falafel ball and do the nasty with your Tabouli …

Nance: Shaikh, Do tell more ….
Shaikh Schlong: Don’t get your Dingies in a Knot, hold on a while longer and I'll take you to my Harem.

Nance: Can’t wait!

Shaikh Schlong: Let’s cut the Bull Shiite and let me direct you to my Harem …
Nance: I can’t wait to see the long Sword of Islam!
Don’t you want your wives to be a freak like me?
Don’t you want your Concubines be as chic as me?
Don’t you want your slave girls be in heat like me?
Don’t you?
LaLa, LaLa, LaLa, La La La ….. LaLa ….

Nance: Ohhhh you’re so tall …
Bashar al-Assad: Yes ... my shambool is also tall ….

Ahreeman you biatch, stop fingering me and pulling my shorts in public. Get off my case. Watch your step or I’ll cut off Haji Kuchike! This is the final warning!

Hillary: Ahhhh … I’m just hysterical, first I lost the election to an amateur like you, and you won the election because you are black. Then I had to work for you as secretary of state and now we are in some God forsaken Muslim 3rd world country and I have to wear this rag on my head! God I’m laughing out of control, I am so hysterical …..
Hussein: Now Hillary, please control yourself, you are embarrassing us!

Hillary: Ok Ok, I’m going to calm down (hand gesture), just calm, calm, … remember this is a mosque, calm down ….
Hussein: Now your frantic random laughs are disturbing, you are forcing me to go in one of my Mussolini Fascist modes and do a Mussolini chin up pose!

Hussein: Now Hillary you are losing it again …
Hillary: No no, I’m OK, I’m OK, …. No I’m not OK! I had more women than Bill or at least I had the same amount of women as Bill …. Lights, Flash, Cameras, pose, pose pose ….I feel like dancing, this is my dancing pose …… God I’m losing it, would someone please take this rag off of my head?!

Hussein and Hillary in Hijab!
Hillary: Now I’m getting scared, I think I insulted these people. I’m hysterical, get me out of here … panic panic … get this rag off of me …
Hussein: Stop it, if it makes you feel better, I’ll put a hijab on …. Here you go, now we both have hijabs on, identical scarves. Nothing to it.  Feel better now?
Hillary: Ahhh yes I feel better …. Calm Hillary Calm ….

Hillary: This hijab makes me feel like an old lady! I’m even beginning to walk like an old lady!

Hillary: Lights, Flash, Camera, losing it again, ….. panic panic … going hysterical now! I had more tities than Bill ever had! I had tities this big (hand gesture)! I had more women than Bill! That’ll teach him not to cheat on me!

Hillary: Bill cheated on me with a dozen of women and I stuck with him and played along; Democrats, Hollywood and Media abandoned me for Barack and made me to lose the elections but I stuck with them and played along; Barack threw me under the bus over the Benghazi, Libyan case and I stuck with him and I played along …. But I am not a Door Mat, no, no, no, no way, … no way, I am a woman, I am not a door mat …… I may act as a door mat but I am not one!

Hillary Clinton in Chador!
Hillary: The things I do for politics! I wore scarf before, I wore hijab before, but never Chador! Well, there’s always the first time! Here I am wearing chador! This one for lamenting Ashura with the Mullahs! The things I do for politics!

“Barack Hussein Obama in Turban, Shawl, Labadeh and Somali Muslim Garb at Kenya near the Somali border attended a Muslim traditional elder gathering.” (Media)
Hussein: So that’s why Arabs got long schlongs! They wear these wide and baggy dresses without undershorts, so their schlongs get to grow wild and large! Hey, I can feel it, mine is beginning to grow! Hey, I got a boner and it’s getting longer! When I get back to America, after the guns, I should ban men’s tight undershorts and briefs! We should let them all hang out … we should follow the Arabo-Muslim example and let our schlongs to hang out! Yeh, I may have screwed the foreign and domestic policies, economy and the whole society, but this will be my presidential legacy … , same as Arabs, we will let them all hang out!

… and now we interrupt our regular programming to take you live in concert to the new “Hijab Rock” band, “The Chador”!

… and now for something radically new, we take you to our resident Punk Rock Muslim Hijab Girl!

Old Bag: Get the hell out of here and go back to Abu Dabi and suck on some camel milk, you God Damn Degenerate Rag Head Punk Bitch ….
Punk Rock Muslim Hijab Girl: Boo Hoo Barahoot .. Boo Hoo … Mope, mope …

Punk Rock Muslim Hijab Girl: Boo Hoo Barahoot .. Boo Hoo … Mope, mope … now I’ll go and drown my sorrow at the corner Middle Eastern Store-Deli by pigging out on a dozen of greasy meat and potatoe samosa!

Punk Rock Muslim Hijab Girl: I’m not really a Muslim or a Punk Rocker; I’m just a girl seeking my 5 minutes of publicity and fame on the public media! How else can a chubby average Middle Eastern girl gets some publicity?! Now I will introduce you to my new designs of Punk Rock Hijab …

 … and now for something totally different, Lady Gaga will perform in Burqa and sing the Burqa Album to cause yet another controversy and make a tons of dollars!

Imam: This Bad Hijab is showing some ankle.
Akbar: But it’s pouring rain, she’s covered from head to toe in Niqab and she’s trying to get home!
Imam: Doesn’t matter, I still can see some Haraam ankles and High Heels, I’m getting turned on and aroused, so she is committing a Sin against Allah by not wearing proper Hijab, where’s the Islamic Dress Police when you need them?!

Perfect Woman!

Do I even have to explain this one?
Hijab is surely in demand ……

Akbar: Boogeywomen are coming, Boogeywomen are coming, run for your life ….
Asqar: Na … they’re just Saudi Arab women in Niqab!

The BoogeyWoman!
Ahreeman: Now boys and girls, if you’re not good, then at the Halloween Night, the Boogeywoman will creep in tip toes, opens her hands covered with black gloves, grabs you, kidnaps you and takes you to the Arab Never-Land chops you up and smoosh you to make Baba Ghanoush and Halaal Tabouli out of you for dinner!
Kids: Don’t scare us Ahreeman, we watch National Geographic Channel, that’s no Boogeywoman, that’s just a weird and creepy Saudi Arab Muslim Woman in Niqab!

Hijab Girl (pondering): What you looking at Infidel Transsexual Bitch?
T Girl (pondering): What you looking at Gunny Sack wearing Rag Head?

Praise be upon Allah
Ya Allah!

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Chapter 4. Militant Combat Chador
Chapter 5. Sexy Chador
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