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Chapter 3: Sports Chador

Chador, Sexy and Fashionable!
Sexy Muslim Women in Fashionable Chador

5 Chapters of Chador
Chapter III. Sports Chador
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: February 21, 2008
2nd Edition: October 14, 2013

Iranian Ninja Girls Martial Artists Sword, dagger and Nunchuks training
Ninja Girl: There are absolutely no types of fun left to do in Iran but to kick ass, so that’s why we kick ass!

Iranian Ninja Girl Martial Artist Swords woman
Iranian Ninja Girl: … and that’s why we’re good at kicking ass!

Iranian Ninja Girl Martial Artist Kamas Woman
Iranian Ninja girl: I am so sexually frustrated in Iran, that I have to let out my frustration by cutting you limb to limb, do you mind?!

Iranian Ninja Assassin Girls Force Martial Artists march
Ninja Girls: Don’t be look bad?

Iranian Ninja Assassin Girls Martial Artists discipline
Ninja Girls: We are the daughters of Hassan Sabbah and the Assassins. The spirits of Alamout Castle Warriors are in our souls, so watch your ass!

Iranian Ninja Girls Martial Artists
Center Ninja Girl: I hope I don’t rip my virginity curtain and along with it my crotch! Hey girls, if I won’t be able to get up and stand up, would you help me up and take me to the hospital?!

Iranian Ninja Girls Martial Artists stretching
Center Ninja Girl: Bow to me slaves, I am your Queen! Ouchi, ouch … wait a second, I think I ripped my Susie, help, heeeeelp!

Iranian Ninja Girls Force Martial Artists training
Girl on top: Hey watch out my Susie; don’t rip it with that thing!

Iranian Ninja Assassin Girls Martial Artists lineup
Ninja Girls: We are the Persian Assassins, We are of the Assassins’ Creed, we kick ass because we have nothing else to do in Iran! Watch your ass!

Khadijeh Azadpour Iranian Female Boxer and Martial Artist won victories.
Trainer: Khadijeh jan, that’s enough, you are breaking my back with your thigh muscles, what have you been doing, Kegel Exercises of Vaginal Muscles?!

Iran - Italy Women’s Rugby Game
Left to Right Back Row:
Persian (red shirt): Baba let go of her butt!
Italian red head (white shirt): Ahhh all this action turns me on!
Italian blonde (white shirt): C’mon grab her butt hard!
Left to Right Front Row:
Italian brunette (white shirt): C’mon Persian bitch stop and gimme some!
Persian (red shirt): Get off my ball and my butt bitch!

“Iran - Italy Women’s Rugby Game was full of action!” (Media)
Persian (red): Let go of my tit, you make me drop the ball!
Italian (white): C’mon Persian bitch, gimme some tities you flat chested dyke, I know you want it!

Iranian Women National Team Rugby Player: I’m not an Achaemenian Persian Immortal Guard reenacting history, with this hijab I just look like one!

Iranian Women National Team Rugby Player (dark woman looking down): I’m not an Achaemenian Persian Immortal Guard reenacting history; I’m just a Transsexual trying to fit in!

“Rumors about the Iranian Women National Rugby Team, made the International Federation decide to do a full body medical exam of the team!” (Media)
“Rumors are that the Iranian Women National Rugby Team are over masculine!” (Media)
Left to Right Front Row:

Zahra (scratching neck): Let me cover my Adam’s Apple with scarf, cause women don’t have one!
Batul (looking at front): I think Shiite had hit the fan!
Akeleh (aggressive dirty look): What’s going on, you want me to go beat the Shiite out of them?
Fatmeh Koloft (thick girl in black warm-up jacket): No don’t, but they wanna take our clothes off and check out our Wang Chungs!
Little Kobra (grining): Hee hee hee, They’re on to us guys, let’s drop the act, stop the high voice, drop the pants and unveil that we’re Chicks with Dicks!

“Women’s Rugby is becoming a very popular sport in Iran.” (Media)
“Iranian Women’s Rugby League games are full of action!” (Media)
Left to Right:

Ozra (navy): Soqi you dropped the ball, let me catch it!
Batul Kaneh (light blue): Akh joon, you’re so squeezable, I will never let go!
Soqra (navy): Ozi joon it’s not my fault, this Kaneh Zaloo (Leech) won’t let go of my boobs and belly!

Iranian Women Rugby League Game
Left to Right:
Fatimah (yellow jersey): Nice Butt!
Sakineh (navy jersey): Let go of my butt and jersey, you guys are all over me, these are faults and penalty is needed!
Darkub (yellow jersey): These are not faults; we just want to feel you as much as possible during the game!

Iranian Women Rugby League Game
Left to Right:

Kobra Angal (wearing green jersey while pulling red jersey): Oh I’m sorry Zizi but I have to throw you down!
Zahra Mahicheh (red jersey): But why Kobi, why?
Kobra Angal: So I can jump on you and grab me some tities, thighs and lamb shank to squeeze!
Zahra Mahicheh: Ouch you’re hurting me!
Kobra Angal: I can’t help it, I haven’t had sex for a century, I need it, cheap thrills are better than no thrills!

Iranian Women Rugby League Game
Left to Right:

Sakineh Kargadan (yellow jersey kneeling at front): Go down bitch, go down …
Susan Latif (black jersey at front): Baba let go of my belly, why is your hand in my crotch?!
Soqra Hasood (yellow jersey all the way at the back and left looking at them): That bitch Sakineh is feeling her Susie; I wish I was there to grab some, yum yum, gimme some!

“Iranian Women Rugby League Games are full of action!” (Media)
Left to Right:

Qodsi Kaneh (black cap at left): Akh joon, gimme a blossom kiss (lab qoncheh)!
Batul Bakereh (black scarf in the middle): Referee … Help, HELP … Sandwich Rape, Dyke Attack ….
Faezeh Zaloo (black cap at right): Shut her mouth Qodsi and drop her on the ground so we can double tag her and feel her boobs and goods down there …

“There are a lot of masculine girls playing in the Iranian Women’s Rugby League!” (Media)
“Iranian Women Rugby Players covering their hair well and in accordance to Islam.” (Media)
Sudabeh (left): Covering your hair for Islam?
Robabeh (covering hair): No I’m covering it from all of these Dykes, so they don’t get turned on!

“Iranian Women Football Players showing overwhelming performance and masculinity!” (Media)
“There are rumors of Iranian Women Football Players are doping and using hormones!” (Media)
… and now the Iranian Women National Team enters the stadium …

Rezvan Tabaq Zan (4th from the left sneering): Those fools in the media and federation think we’re doping! We don’t use enhancing drugs, we’re just transsexuals and transvestites pretending to be women!
Lakateh (2nd from the left with open mouth): Ok shut your mouth and keep it a secret, we don’t wanna announce it to the whole world!

“Iranian Women National Football Team shows much enthusiasm during the tournaments!” (Media)
Iranian Footballers: Woo Hoo … Wow baby (whistle), check out the Swede girls’ long legs and big boobs, we surely love to dish them and get in to their “Maqz-e Run” (thighs), Woo Yee baby …..

Iranian Women National Football Team during the trash talking to the Swede Team.
Left to Right:

Khadij Zebel: Oh I wish I didn’t look like a man!
Zahra Tikeh: Ahhh Ooooh whose fingering?
Amireh: Did you finger Zahra?
Sakineh: No but someone’s having her hand all over my Basil and I surely love it!

“Iranian Women National Team had done a special Namaz Prayer session in the stadium for FIFA not to ban Hijab!” (Media)
“Before the game, Iranian Women National Team read Namaz on the Iranian Flag hoping for FIFA to allow them playing with Hijab!” (Media)

Iranian Team: Oh Allah, please change FIFA’s mind to keep hijab, so we can keep on playing football abroad or else we got nothing to do and no fun inside Iran!

The girl standing and bent over asking question (white jersey): Are they reciting Namaz Prayer for FIFA not to ban hijab?
The Coach sitting (Blue Warm-Up): No, they’re praying to Allah to grant them some husbands, because they’re so damn ugly!

“Iranian Women Football National Team prayed for FIFA not to ban hijab. (Media)
Left to Right:

Coach (blue warm-up): Oh Allah please don’t let FIFA to ban hijab, let FIFA to change their mind, so these ugly ducklings can travel abroad and find some husbands because no one would marry them inside Iran!
Zhaleh (2nd from left sitting in white jersey): Oh Allah make FIFA change their minds banning hijab, so we can keep on playing football abroad …
Mahnaz Pokideh Khater (3rd from left sitting in white jersey): Mope, mope, cry, cry …. Ah Allah please find me a husband, you’re my last resource!

“Football (Soccer) is getting pretty popular amongst the Iranian Women!” (Media)
“Lately, Iranian Women Football League Players have a lot of injuries!” (Media)
Sisi (not in the picture): Is she injured and you’re taking her to the doctor at the back?
Esmat Koloft (red jersey):  Shoosh be quiet and keep it down, she’s a bit injured and I’m taking her to the back dressing room to massage her all over and make her feel better!

Iranian Women Football Players: We are not Persian Immortals or Ninjas, we just look like them, and we would surely play better if we didn’t have these hefty hijabs all over us slowing us down!

Iranian Women Kabaddi Sports Team singing the National Anthem of IRI.
Akbari (out of the picture): Are they having their right hand on their hearts while singing the IRI national anthem to respect the flag and the anthem?
Asqari (out of the picture):  No their praying to Allah for some husbands!

At the Women’s Weight Lifting Championship
Hijab Lifter (Hijab Muslim Woman Weight Lifter): Ahhh that’s too heavy …Oh Allah I think I ripped something down there!

“Hijab Lifters were present at the Women’s Weight Lifting Tournament!” (Media)
Kulsoom Abdullah (hijab woman weight lifter): I think I ripped my virginity!

“Hijab Lifters were actively present at the Women’s Weight Lifting Tournament!” (Media)
Maryam Hercules (hijab woman weight lifter): Oh God, I think I double ripped both my Hiney and Susie!

“Maryam Toosi the Iranian Track Runner brought the glory back home!” (Media)
Maryam: God I can run better without hijab! They should give me extra trophies and medals for winning this race while wearing all these rags all over me!

At the Track and Field Tournament
Black African Runner: This bitch looks like the Boogeywoman, she scares me, I can’t catch up with her, she's so fast!
Persian Hijab Runner: Why is this LooLoo Khorkhoreh (Black Boogeywoman) Cannibal chasing me?! Got to run faster …

“Zahra Lari the Iranian Ice Skater had a great tournament.” (Media)
Zahra (the Persian Ice Princess): Hijab and Skating don’t match but what the hell, I wear anything just to get out of Iran and see some normal human beings and women without Rags and Shiite on their heads!

Allah bless all the brave Female Persian athletes of the IRI Era, brave to wear the hefty hijab and still compete to win!

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