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Chapter 4: Militant Combat Chador

Chador, Sexy and Fashionable!
Sexy Muslim Women in Fashionable Chador

5 Chapters of Chador
Chapter IV. Militant Combat Chador
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: February 21, 2008
2nd Edition: October 14, 2013

Sisters of Zeynab Order with baton attached machineguns marching.

Zeynab Sisterhood Order

Zeynab Sisterhood Order aka Iranian Female Police Force are followers of the Saint Zeynab the Islamic female saint. The famous Zeynab Sisters are the militant female security forces of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran). Zeynab Sisters have various branches:

Iranian Female Police Force Branches
I. Iranian Women Police Force
II. Iranian Women Basij Force

Iranian Women Police Force Units

Iranian Women Police Force

They attend to various law and order duties of the Islamic security forces. Amongst their specialties and branches are:

Iranian Women Police Force Branches
Female Moral Police
Female Traffic Police
Female Anti Drug Enforcement Police
Female Homicide Police
Female SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) Police
Female Anti Riot Police

Iranian Female SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) Police Units

Iranian Female SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) Police Units, building wall climbing training

Iranian Female Anti Riot Police Units

SWAT and Anti Riot Branches are the most tactical and well trained units of the Iranian Women Police Force while the Moral and Traffic Branches attend to the everyday issues.

Iranian Female Basij Paramilitia Al Zahra Battalion Security Patrol Units marching
Al Zahra Units (Saint Fatimah Zahra Followers) with Palestinian scarves are the most hardcore ideologically theocratic units of the Female Basij Paramilitia Force. They are a well trained security and riot ready battalion.

Iranian Women Basij Force

Basij Force is an IRI Paramilitary Force. Female Basij (Mobilization) Force are the oldest female security units of IRI. They mostly attend to Islamic morality, proper dress codes and public behavior while they also have units for security patrolling and riot. Basij Force is the most theocratic ideological force of IRI. Amongst their specialties and branches are:

Iranian Women Basij Force Branches
Female Moral Basij Units
Female Dress Basij Units
Female Security Patrol Basij Units
Female Riot Basij Units

Iranian Female Basij Paramilitia shooting exercise

Security Patrol and Riot Units are the most tactical and well trained units of the Basij women, while Moral and Dress Units mostly attend to the everyday Islamic Morality, opposite sex’s public behavior and Women’s dress codes.

Iranian Female Basij Paramilitia Al Zahra Security Patrol
Al Zahra is a security and riot ready battalion of the Basij Force.

Zeynab Sisters Order is a female ideological and security force of IRI. They are the theocratic militant female wing of the IRI security forces.

March of the Eggplants
And now for something totally different, we present to you a chic march by the world famous Sisters of Zeynab aka Iranian Female Police. Zeynab Sisterhood are fanatical followers of the Saint Zeynab, the great Islamic Female Saint!
Music at the background: Allah Allah Allah, La Elaha Ella Allah ….. Allah, Allah ….

Zeynab Sisters Anti Riot Battle Unit Police
These are bad mothers Special Forces of the Iranian Female Police Force. They have their Palestinian head-scarves on! Excuse me? Hello? Aren’t you Persian? Then what’s with the Yasser Arafat Palestinian Arabic getup?

Iranian Female Basij Paramilitia shooting machinegun

Dirty Marry!
Iranian Female Police Revolver Shooting
They call me Dirty Marry! I am Maryam the long lost Iranian cousin of Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood)! This is the most powerful revolver handgun and it can take your head right off! Now you may ask yourself how many bullets have I already shot and count how many left. You may think I have no bullets left, but do you want to bet your life on it? Well do you infidel punk? Why don’t you go for your gun so we can both find out! Go for it punk and make my day!

Afghan Female Police: I follow the Iranian Sisters of Zeynab Roll Model, well after all, once the Americans leave, this country will belong to Iran and Afghan government will be IRI’s bitch, so I may as well start following the path now!

Chador and Gun!
Muslim Militant Women
Lebanese Hezbollah Woman: I also follow the lead of the Iranian Sisters of Zeynab. I follow not because we will become IRI’s bitch, thus we are already IRI’s bitch and we have always been IRI’s bitch! We are on Iran’s payroll! Allah bless Imam and Iran! Allah bless the Iranian guns, money and trainers!

Sisters of Zeynab Target Practice
Sisters of Zeynab: Thank you Muslim sisters, keep on following our path. Iran will protect you. Iran will fight the Americans and Jews to the last drop of the Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian and Afghan blood!

Iranian Bad Ass Female Police Officers
Bad Ass Sisters of Zeynab: We just graduated the academy and got our license to kick ass! Don’t be shy; you want some good old Zeynab Sisterhood Ass Kicking?

Iranian Bad Ass Female Police Officers assembling machineguns
Bad Ass Sisters of Zeynab: This is my machinegun rifle, there are many like it but this mine is mine and I call her “Aisha”! Same as “Saint General Aisha” she kicks ass! Aisha and I always go together to kick ass. Hooah, Hooah Girls, Go Zeynab Sisters …

Iranian Female Police blindfold Machinegun assembling
Little Chubby Nasrin: No it’s not really hard; it’s just like giving a hand job to Ayatollah!

Siqeh Ready Women!
Siqeh Women: We have our birth certificates ready, waiting in line at the mosque for Siqeh temporary marriage with good pious Muslim men! At day time we are Iranian Female Police and Basij Officers and at night time we become Siqeh to do Holy Jenabat (Islamic Intercourse) and Holy Lavat (Islamic Anal Sex)! We are Siqeh Ready Zeynab Sisters!

Iranian Bad Hijab Girl stalling the female dress police!
Ahreeman: Are you kidding me?! Is this girl honestly dressed up like this in an Islamic country? And then she got the nerves to stall the dress police while shooting Shiite on the mobile phone! She’s lucky they don’t just grab her ass, dump her in the van and take her to jail! Most likely that’s what’s next!

Iranian 1st Dress Police Officer: Bache Kuni (Gay Goy), what kind of getup is this?!
Iranian Transvestite Boy: But I’m not a Real Woman!
Iranian 2nd Dress Police Officer:  We already know that but still, you may as well hang a sign on your chest which says “Come and Bang Me Hard!”, this baggy pants is falling off your ass!
Iranian 1st Dress Police Officer: Bache Kuni, I gonna take you to the back of the van and shove my hard sword of Islam deep in your Mataht, khoshk khoshk (dry dry) and rip it apart, so you will never dress like a rapper in Iran!

Iranian 1st Female Dress Police Officer: This is not the Lady Gaga Concert, but this is Islamic Republic of Iran!
Bad Hijab Girl: I know, sorry I just forgot to wear my chador on the top!
Iranian 2nd Female Dress Police Officer: Don’t worry, we’re sorry too! We gonna forget about your Bad Hijab but first we gonna take you to the back of the van and Dyke Sandwich you hard!

Iranian Female Dress Police: Listen bitch, do you see this finger?
Bad Hijab Girl: Yes Officer!
Iranian Female Dress Police: I’m gonna shove this finger so far up your ass that you will never again dress up as a fashion model in Iran!

Iranian Female Dress Police Officer (chador): Hey sergeant, stop that bitch!  Hey Paris Hilton, I think you mistaken Tehran for Hollywood, we gonna refresh your memory in jail!

Iranian Female Dress Police Officer (chador): No she didn’t! Did you just dress like Benazir Bhutto in Iran?! I gonna send your ass to where Benazir is right now! Let’s go to Motel Hell Jail!
Bad Hijab Girl: Help, get this black crow bitch off of me!

Iranian 1st Dress Police Officer: That’s it, this is where I draw the line, let’s take this bitch to jail …
Iranian 2nd Dress Police Officer (eyes and mouth wide open): No she didn’t! Tell me she didn’t dress like that in Iran! Are you serious? Really woman?! Do you really dress like that in Islamic Republic of Iran?! The bitch is walking on the catwalk! Let’s haul your ass to jail …

Face to Face with Basij
Iranian Woman face to face with Female Dress Police
Persian woman (right): This is the way I wear hijab, Good or Bad, deal with it bitch!

“Good and Bad Hijab standards vary in different countries!” (Media)
Syrian Black Niqab Hijab Girl: Those white scarves Bad Hejab girls!

“Green Movement has retired from street protests to House Parties!” (Media)
Reformist Iranian women at Ayatollah Montazeri’s funeral
Sisi: Those minarets are arousing!
Zhizhi: Yeh, I’m already getting wet!
Sisi: Let’s go home and throw a Hip Hop Sex Bash?!
Zhizhi: Let’s roll …

Iranian Chador Women standing in Siqeh (temporary marriage) Bang O Salavat (Bang and Prayer) Line at the Mosque.
Tall Chadori Girl: Excuse me; is this the line for food coupons?
Short Chadori Girl: No, this is the line for “Bang O Salavat”! First the Mullah bangs you, then he recites some verses of Quran (Salavat) for you to be blessed!

Iranian Female Basij Paramilitia Riot Unit in action

Iranian Female Basij Paramilitia Riot Units training
Lieutenant: Just remember to shove the batons up their butts! That would send them the message!

Iranian Female Basij Paramilitia Riot Unit training

Iranian Female Basij Paramilitia Riot Units in action

Iranian Female Basij Paramilitia Security Patrol
Basij Sister: Let’s kick some ass!

Iranian Female Basij Paramilitia Youth Units shouting slogans
Junior FemiTazis of IRI in action

Iranian Female Basij Paramilitia Youth shouting slogans
FemiTazi Basij Youth: Islam, Imam, Basij …. Allah Allah Allah, La Ellaha Ela Allah …

… and now for something totally different, we take you live to the Eggplants machinegun exercise!
Iranian Female Police shooting exercise …

Iranian Militant Female Police shooting exercise parade
Fati (front): don’t shoot me in the back you amateur!

Iranian Female Police shooting practice
Zeynab Sister: Chew on this you infidel …

Iranian Female Police shooting target practice
Zeynab Sister: Suck on the bullet you infidel …

Iranian Female Police training
Zahra: I have a loose finger!
Yalda: Don’t slip and shoot me in the chest you trigger happy bitch!

Iranian Women Anti Riot Police baton combat training
Maliheh (left): Don’t hit hard …

Iranian Female Police live car chase shooting
1st Female Police Officer shooting (left):  Are we on an episode of the Iranian SWAT TV Series?
2nd Female Police Officer shooting (right): Well close, we are posing for International cameras!
Driver: … and I get to race the hell out of this car!

Iranian Female Police SWAT Units climbing building wall

Iranian Female Police SWAT Units in special training of wall climbing

“Muslim Women Rally Placard reads God Bless Hitler!” (Media)
“FemiTazi (Militant Femme Muslim = literally Female Arab Hound) Rallies get controversial!” (Media)
1st FemiTazi: Hitler was a good man!
2nd FemiTazi: How come?
1st FemiTazi: Because he killed 6 million Jews!
2nd FemiTazi: It’s a shame he didn’t kill another 6 million, so there would be no Jews left in the world!
1st FemiTazi: Yeh, back then there were only 12 million Jews in the world!
2nd FemiTazi: Allah bless Hitler …
1st FemiTazi: Allah bless Fuhrer!

Statue of Liberty in Muslim Burqa Hijab – Future of USA!
Liberal Political Correctness = Future Islamic Republic of America
Welcome to Land of the Quran (free) and Home of the Burqa (brave)!

Then and Now!
A walk down the memory lane …

Original Khomeini Girls Nostalgia!
Iranian Sister of Zeynab Basij Girl shoulders a rocket launcher 1979

Original Khomeini Girl Then …
Iranian Sister of Zeynab Female Basij Girl with machinegun 1979

Neo Khomeini Girl Now …
Iranian Sister of Zeynab Female Basij shooting machinegun 2013

Iranian Female Police Force Machinegun training
Left to Right:
Ozra: I’m so glad!
Soqra: Do we look bad?
Kobra: No we look sad!

… and Zeynab Sisters march on ….
Zeynab Sisters Marching Song:
One, two, three, four …
Gimme some Bad Hijab Whore …
Five, six, seven, eight …
Take em to jail on the freight …
Nine, ten, eleven, twelve …
Become Siqeh on the curve …
Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen …
Bang O Salavat Mullah bangin …

Iranian Sister of Zeynab Basij Woman Rocket Launcher Bazooka Baby!
Basij Woman: Boy, let go of my dick, don’t you know I have penis envy?!

Iranian Female Basij Paramilitia rocket launcher training
Basij Woman: Don’t I kick ass?!

Iranian Female Police 007 Siqeh Bond pose!
Zahra: I am Bond, Siqeh Bond … They call me 007 Siqeh Bond!

Chador and Sword!
Iranian Female Police Officer with sword at the parade: Zeynab Sisterhood Order Rules!

Sisters of Zeynab Rock!

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