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Chapter 5: Sexy Chador

Chador, Sexy and Fashionable!
Sexy Muslim Women in Fashionable Chador

5 Chapters of Chador
Chapter V. Sexy Chador
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: February 21, 2008
2nd Edition: October 14, 2013

Hijab, Persian Style!
Call it Bad Hijab, call it loose hijab, call it improper hijab but Persians surely are fashionable! They can even make the Islamic Shroud and hijab rag, fashionable!

Colorful Hijab!

Fashionable Hijab!

Akheysh Chador!
Now this is not Islamically proper but it is Persianally Fashionable!

Joon, chador!
It’s arousing (Tahrik Konandas)!

Too Hot for Politics!
Nina Siahkali Morady
Qazvin voted and elected councilwoman denied council seat by the city council because she is too beautiful! Officials stated that: “City Council is not a catwalk and is no place for models!”, things like this, only happens in Iran!

Them Ankles!
Hey wait a second; you’re committing a Major Haraam Sin! You are showing ankles!

Now you are definitely showing Haraam Ankles and High Heels, and I assure you the snow won’t wash away your sins! Beware of Allah’s wrath!

Now this girl looks like she has been abused a little bit! She got that chunky little tuna, willful but shy begging abused eyes!

Iranian Girl with Out There Makeup!
What the Hell is that?! Don’t scare me girl! Damn Girl! You look like an Ancient Persian Vampirella making an appearance in a futuristic Sci-Fi B Movie!

Now that is called sexy hijab!
Wonderful colorful lachak wearing, meme grabbing, juicy lips, lively girl!
This is the type of Muslim girl I like to consort with!

Iranian Made-Up China Dolls!
I can see the plastic surgeon’s foot prints on your shoulders!
What happened to natural beauty?!

Iranian Made-Up China Dolls!
The amazing Iranian plastic surgeons’ foot prints are on these girls’ shoulders! Them surgeons put one foot on the right shoulder and one foot on the left shoulder and them Shiited all over these girls’ faces! Isn’t it amazing how a natural beautiful Persian girl can spend an arm and a leg on plastic surgery and turn herself to a freak of nature?! The faces are stretched so far that they are about to tear apart, cheesy nose jobs, livered lips, fake cheeks, stretched eye jobs, china doll chin jobs, etc. Give me a break! And these two are the best, then there are the rest of the Persian Freak Girls who fragged themselves up under the Iranian Surgeons’ knives! Thanks to Iranian girls, the Iranian Plastic Surgeons are becoming Billionaires! Getting a nose job is like getting a manicure in Iran! And the funny thing is that these girls assume that they become beautiful! Obviously Iranian Made-Up China Dolls have no clue about the concept of beauty!

Talking about Persian Bad Hijab Girls!
Where is the Islamic Dress Police when you need them?!

Indonesian Girls showing ankles!
Good and tight hijab but you gals are showing ankles!
Astakhforallah, major sin!

Typical Bad Hijab Muslim Girl in subway!
Now this is outrageous! You have your head well covered but you have panties on!
“Sar-e pushide va kun-e lokht!”
(Covered hair and bare ass!)

Sexy Chador Eyes!
Hey wait a second, she looks familiar!
Is that Roxana Shirazi?!

No way, this girl is Femme Fatale!
She looks like a Sister of Zeynab after Siqeh!
She can’t be Roxana Shirazi!

God Damn, it is Roxana Shirazi!
Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome,
Roxana Shirazi, author of the:
“Last Living Slut: Born in Iran, Bred Backstage!”
Hey Roxana, don’t ever say that I did not give you some good publicity!

Roxana: I love you Ahreeman Joon!

Roxana Shirazi Website

Roxana Shirazi Facebook

We recommend this controversial book by the wonderful Roxana Shirazi:


Roxana Shirazi Book: The Last Living Slut: Born in Iran, Bred Backstage!

OK we get the picture, stop the promo of posing in the dirty showers and bathrooms of the Punk Rock and Heavy Metal Clubs loaded with graffiti and scum! That’s enough chador groupie shots to promote your book! God Damn Roxana Shirazi!

Question: What do you do if you are an average face, chunky body, no talent, no game, Persian female Rock fan who can’t sing nor can play any instrument?
Answer: You get the hell out of Iran, sleep with every scumbag, two-bit, second rate, junkie, alcoholic, addict Rock Star and their whole crew backstage; wank a lot of schlongs; spend a lifetime getting drunk and high, get banged hard, get wasted and get stupid! Then once you are all used up with tire tracks all over your butt, write a cheesy book about your adventures of getting screwed and trashed by every Dick, Joe, Hassan and Hussein walking all over you and using you as sperm bank! Next you do promo website, photo shoots and social networking to sell this crap, make some dough and then you hope that this would get you back in to public eyes and media!
The things we do for publicity!

Roxana Shirazi is a solid follower in the path of No Talent, Ding Bat, Dimwit, Sluts such as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, yet in a micro level! These girls have well proven that you can have no education, no talent, no wits and no job but as long as you shake your ass and lay around with the whole town being a whore, then you can make money in America and also they have well proven that “it pays to be a slut”! Actually it could pay more to be a slut than to get an education and to become a doctor, engineer or a rocket scientist! Why go to school?! Viva Global Whores!

Ok that’s enough of pulling Roxana Shirazi’s shorts! What shorts? She has no shorts on! She has only panties on! Hey, Roxana is not that bad! There are millions of other Persian girls with a fraction of Roxana Shirazi’s brain, body and talent! Wow Nelly …. Just imagine how sad those girls are! It’s a plain shame!

I like Roxana Shirazi!
Hey I don’t care what they say about Roxana Shirazi, but I am proud of her making it in this zoo called America! She may be called lots of things but one thing is for sure! Roxana looks good in chador and she can make that hijab sing! She got the perfect chunky, milky white, thighs for under them chadors! Roxana makes a perfect chadori girl! Just cover the face and open the legs like a good chadori girl! But seriously, Roxana Shirazi looks good in chador and she is a turn on! But one thing, hey Roxana, stick with the chador gig, it’s a winner!
Akbari: Shame on Roxana Shirazi, she is showing some ankles!
Asqari: Showing ankles is the least of her problems while she’s bare ass in the balcony!

As the wonderful Persian poet, Iraj Mirza has recited about chador:

"To surat ra neku gir,
Ke man surat daham kar-e khod az zir!

"You cover your face well,
Thus I do my deed from underneath!"
(Iraj Mirza)

Roxana Shirazi Artsy Fartsy B&W Chador Pose
Sexy Iranian Chador Girl Rock Groupie Exhibitionist Roxana Shirazi

Sexy Iranian Chador Girl Rock Groupie Roxana Shirazi Pose
Grab her at the corner of a dead end alley and do the nasty to her!

Goodbye Sweet Roxana Shirazi!
Time so say goodbye to Roxana. I maybe bash her and base on her but I like her because she challenged the system and broke away from the traditional superficial Persian society in inxile and exile! Besides, she looks great in chador! Adios my little chadori cheese puff!

Wild and Sexy Fashion Chador Transvestite Girls in B&W
Who said chador is only for girls?!

Wild and Sexy Fashion Chador Transvestite Girls in Color
Boys can wear chador too!

I don’t always wear hijab, but when I do, I make sure to wear it with tight ass clothes!

Stay thirsty my friends!

Exotic Hijab Girls with Jesus Girl!
Who said Islam and Christianity are in Conflict?!

Mini Chador?!

Mini Chador Fashion?!
Girl, cut that chador short and unveil them thighs!

Mini Chador at Mosque?!

Fishnet Chador?!

Beach Burqa!

Marilyn Monroe Burqa Pose

Burqa Burlesque Poll Dancer!

Sauna Burqa!

Niqab and Thighs!

Funny Sexy Hijab Muslim Girl shows legs!
Now that is what we call “Good Hijab”!

Show them beefy, chunky, milky white, Abgushti (Persian Beef Stew) thighs!

Mature women can be exhibitionists too!
Show them chunky lamb shanks MILF!

Healthy Girl with Fashion Checkered Lachak Hijab in solidarity with the Palestinian Cause!

Ahlan Va Sahlan Ya Habibi Marhaba!

Niqab and Meme!

Hijab and Lingerie!

Hijab and Meme!
Well covered face and hair with bare Meme (Esfahani for Mame = Tities)!

Now this Healthy Girl is wearing proper hijab, not a single hair is showing!

Everybody together:
Auza Billaha Min al Shaytan al Rajim!
Tawakolna ala Allah
Boob ol Min Allah-a Va Fathon Qarib!
It’s a grand Muslim victory for Allah, to hold and squeeze them boobs!
Mashallah to all Chunky, Beefy, Milky White, Abgushti Thighs of the Chadori Girls!
Hey, my ancestors might be butchers!
Ya Allah ……

Wild Hijab!

Good Hijab Girl!
Hey don’t laugh, not a single hair nor ankles are shown!

Sexy Iranian Girl Roz Razavi, the Persian actress

This is the End, my beautiful friend, the End,
But the Legend of Chador Girls will continue forever …

Chapter 1. Exotic Chador
Chapter 2. Funny Chador
Chapter 3. Sports Chador
Chapter 4. Militant Combat Chador
Chapter 5. Sexy Chador
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