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The Hillary Clinton Show

That Wacky Tacky Hillary Clinton!
The Hillary Clinton Show
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: May 3, 2008
2nd Edition: June 23, 2016

Yippie ya ye, yippie ya yo, at last I got my own show in IPC. I’m as happy as a young teenage lesbian with a brand new Bull-Dyke Butch-Girl as my best friend! Would you also be my friend?!

Liberals in the Mist Productions presents:
Wacky Tacky Hilly
That Wacky Tacky Hillary Clinton Show!

Welcome to the Show, Welcome to the Show …

Hello Boils and Ghouls, welcome to Poppa Ahreeman’s workshop. Welcome to the Capitol Hill Neighborhood. Now let's sing along:

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood,
A beautiful day in the Capitol Hill,
Would you be mine?
Could you be my …
Wacky Liberal Neighbor?

Let me entertain yous. Let me tell you a story about them Silly Willy Wacky Liberals:

Them Silly Willty Wacky Liberals

Senator Frankenstein (Dianne Feinstein)
Congresswoman Suzie Dayus (Susan Davis)
Senator Ass Hole (Tom Daschle)
Speaker Nancy Necro Pussy (Nancy Pelosi)
Senator Kiri (John Kerry)
Senator Baba Boxer (Barbara Boxer)
Senator Hussein Osama (Barack Obama)
And the rest of the Wacky Gang …..
But no one is wackier than the Head FemiNazi, Ball Buster, Bitch Fuzz, the one and only,

The Wackiest Liberal on the Hill ....

Senator Hillary Rotten Clitoris (Hillary Rodham Clinton)

This is the story of:

That Wacky Tacky Hillary Clinton!

That’s me, that Wacky Tacky, Hilly Willy, Witty Clity, Clumsy Klutz! Happy Happy Joy Joy …

I’m not wacky, I’m just energetic and eccentric!
I’m not Tacky, I’m just polarizing and opinionated!

It all started when we were banging at the back seat of the Chevy at the Levy!
That Slick Willy was always full of surprises! There was always something odd about him, but I had no clue that he was Black!

Back then we were Hippies!
Slick Willy and Wacky Tacky Hilly as Flower Children
Next thing you know, we were in college, joined the Peace Movement, popped some pills, sucked on some acid, swallowed some spiffy mushrooms and smoked some weed, but hey, I can testify that Slick Willy did not inhale, yet he did draft dodge so he wouldn’t go to fight the White Man’s War!

But now we are Yuppies!
Slick Willy and Wacky Tacky Hilly as White Color Gangsters
Next we went to White Water and become some bad motha gangstas! But suddenly we had become Yuppies, and joined the establishment. First we worked for “The Man”, but then we become “The Man”. Now, we “The Man”!

We camped at the governor’s mansion in Little Rock, Arkansas and then …Slick Willy and I camped at the White House for 8 years and finally they thought that they got rid of us! Those fools just didn’t know that Clitoris Family would never go away! We are Clitorises. We are Slick Willy and Wacky Tacky Hilly, we would never go away! So I went to the Big Apple, city that never sleeps, and become a Senator. Now I want to get back to the White House for another 8 years. Will you loves me enough to erect me as your Queen Bee, back in to the White House? You erected that Bitch, Nancy Necro Pussy as the Speaker of the House, so why not me as the Queen Bee? I loves you…. Me loves you good, Me loves you long … Pretty please with cherry on the top? Sayonara ...

That was Then …
I was just your average Miss Dingleberry
I was not all the way up there! It must have been all the drugs that I had done in my youth! But I was so cute with my cute little hair due and cute little headband. I was a Little Girl then.

This is Now …
I’m still your average Ms. Dingleberry
I have grown up to wear the pants in the house, I’ve grown a little penis, I crack nuts, bust balls and wear the Butch trousers. But I am still cute, yet in a different way. I wear my Big Butch-Girl hair due with a little Bull-Dyke spice! I’m a Big Girl now!

They call me the Nutcracker
If you get out of line, I Bitch Slap you with this hand! My Back Slaps are world famous! I back slap Bill, all the times …

Who says Slick Willy runs around and screws around? NOooo…Not my Bill!

He is so pussy whipped and afraid of me to be slick! He’s afraid of my back slaps and my pointy shows. His balls are still bruised from my last High Heel double kick, when he ran around on me for the 6th time! I have his nuts in between the nut cracker!

Why would Bill run around on me? I have nothing less than his bimbos! My mouth is as large as Monika Lewinsky, no?

These bimbos got nothing over me!
Here, check it out, let me open wide and say Ahhhh…
I can take it all down my … better than Monika …

And even if Bill run arounds on me, who cares? I have my own side dishes, look at my Brown Sugar, she’s my Chocolate Mama! But lately she been seeing that Osama Obama guy! I should put a tight leash on her! She be my Mocca slave!

Here’s my latest fling, my little girl fetish, I love it when she doesn’t wear bras! Them tight little Mamooli drives me crazy. She be my child bride … come to Mama baby … let me teach you all about birds and bees, after all I am the Queen Bee!

Child, I’m telling ya if McCain won’t compromise, I’ll reach across the isle and crack his nuts with my bare hands!

What do you mean they were out of Jet Turbo Jack Hammer Joy Toy # 747? Just go to 5th Avenue at Chester the Molester’s shop and ask for two, I use one for the front and one for the rear. Tell him Wacky Tacky Hilly has sent you. I want them in one hour sharp. I’m having an S&M Workshop with Senator Frankenstein and Speaker Nancy Necro Pussy!

Bill is only this big, just 6 inches. He maybe little but he still has a lot of spice and kick in him!

Before we hooked up, I was under the impression that Bill was this much larger and at least 8 inches in size, but Slick Willy tricked me and by the time I found out the truth, it was too late and I was already hooked on him!

But as you know, I am a Big Girl with Big Needs and I am in need of something at least this long. I would say a Foot Long would be sufficient!

I just get so mad when they call me a Bitch!

All I want to be is your president, now is this so hard for you to understand? Do I have to spell it out for you? Is this too much to ask? Just vote for me God Dammit? Sieg Heil ….

Why is McCain always called a True Patriot? How come no one ever calls me a True Patriot? Why people always call me a fake? I am a patriot! I love America (Hush, I’m keeping my fingers crossed)!

Wacky Tacky Hilly Needs You!
Now make sure to vote for me. This is not a request, but a threat!

And if you vote for me, I will swear to abide by the constitution of United States of America and uphold the Laws of this nation and …. Hey, don’t laugh, why are you laughing at me? I mean what I said! What? A Crooked Lawyer? I’m not a crook; I’m only misunderstood!

What? You won’t vote for me? I don’t care, because I’ll Voodoo this election. They don’t call me a Witch for no reason!

Hillary Curtains
I wonder why they call me Hillary Curtains? I ain’t hiding nothing! What? White Water? That’s only the name of a river which Bill and I used to swim in it! I’m not the Queen of the cover-ups! My life is one open book for everyone to read and share ….

See, I am wide open and exposed, clear as a glass for everyone to see through. You can see me unveiled. What? What do you mean arrogant? I am just special ordering to the sculptors to sculpt my statues and place them all over NY and DC, just in case I become the next president and will be in need of more busts around the nation! I want everyone to see my bust! Now is that arrogant?

People love me, they even built my action figure!

And the toy companies made my Barbie Doll, because my girl fans have been asking for them. I am great with “clean ups”, cleaning after Bill’s episodes with his bimbos, cleaning up White Water, cleaning up more of Bill’s mess while lying under oat, cleaning after …, that’s why they call me the Cleaning Lady. What? What do you mean it is not a Barbie Doll? What do you mean it is a Toilet Brush? Well I’ll never….

L. What’s that white dropping on my chest? That Bill and his Cigar and milk fetishes. He made a mess all over my new dress. Someone give me a wet napkin, before the cameras go live? I swear, I had no sexual relations with that little intern girl!
R. And that’s why they call me That Wacky Tacky Hilly. Don’t forget me on November. I loves yous! Always remember that Clintons will never go away, but they will multiply! And yabadi dabadi da that’s all folks. See ya in the funny papers …

This message has been approved by Senator Hillary Rotten Clitoris

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