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Muslim Child Brides Pedophile Weddings
Gallery and History


Muslim Child Brides Pedophile Weddings
A Photo Gallery of Islamic Pedophilia
Ahreeman X
June 30, 2015

Muslim Child Bride with the banner of Muhammad on her shoulders, horrifically cries while her ISIS militant husband announces their wedding on the microphone. ISIS Banner of Allah and Muhammad waves at the background. ISIS militant good Muslims smile and observe at the background. Welcome to ISIS Syria, land of Islam!

Islam, Religion of Peace!

Aren’t you sick and tired of that lie? Aren’t you sick and tired of that statement made on daily basis by the American and Euro-Pee-On (European) tired ass “Old Fart Liberals”, politically correct “Liberal Biased Media” and corrupt “Western Liberal Politicians”? In fact, they should revise that statement to:

Islam, Religion of Piss, Oops, Allah forgive me thus I have sinned! What I meant was “Islam, Religion of Peace” indeed!

Muslim Child Bride with the banner of Muhammad on her shoulders, weeps and horrified. Bride cries while her ISIS militant husband smiles and announces their wedding on the microphone. ISIS Banner waves at the background containing holy words (There is No God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet). ISIS militant good Muslims enjoy the festivities at the background. Welcome to ISIS Syria, the land of Allah and True Islam!

This is the future of the ISIS Muslim Child Brides, well indoctrinated Jihadi Muslim Terrorists awaiting to slaughter the infidels and blow up their cities. This is Muslim Child Brides bright future to look forward to! ISIS Muslim Child Brides waving machineguns and pointing with index finger to Allah. ISIS Banner at the background reads: There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet. Welcome to the land of Allah, ISIS, Syria.

Future Arab Muslim Child Bride during Namaz (Salath) Muslim Prayer asking Allah to grant her wish!
Child: Allah, please grant me a husband who will not beat me hard and hurt me bad during the jenabat (Islamic Halaal Sex)!

Islam, a History of Crimes

Islamic history is a history of crimes starting from the Golden Age of Islam and Muhammad himself! Islam has a history of rape, murder, pillage, slavery, theft, lies, deceit, incest, polygamy and indeed pedophilia.

We do not want to write about all the crimes committed by Muslims since Muhammad, because that will be a 6 volume book series all by itself; however, we will now only speak of the Islamic Pedophilia which started by no one else but the great Prophet of Islam, Muhammad himself!

Muslim Child Bride Terrorist with Suicide Bomber Husband who participated in Moscow bombing at Russia

Pedophilia, a 1400 Years Old Islamic Tradition

Muhammad had tens of wives and concubines but obviously marrying in to money (Khadijah), female Christian sex slaves (Maria), Jew Forced Concubines (Safiyah), Incest with daughter in law (Zeynab) and all other perversions were not enough for the prophet of Allah, so obviously Muhammad had to also try pedophilia and marry a 6 year old child (Aisha) to fulfill his never ending sexual appetite!

Prophet Muhammad and Aisha his Child Bride Cartoons (Best Of)

Prophet Muhammad with Aisha his 6 year old Muslim child bride sitting on his lap.

Islamic Pedophilia has a legend starting from Muhammad era until this day and it is well practiced all over the Islamic nations. If it wasn’t because of governments which passed laws against pedophilia, the complete and combine Muslim nations would still legally considering the marriage of an adult male with a female child as young as 9 years old, judicially legal and Islamically Halaal!

The Islamic Holy Texts are very clear about this issue. According to Hadith, Muhammad married Aisha at age 6; however, waited until she was 9 to have sex with her. So even though Muslims believe that Muhammad waited 3 years to have sex with Aisha, that does not cut it for me! I believe that old pervert ripped that 6 year old child apart at the first night of marriage! So basically it is Halaal in Islam for a 53 year old man to marry a 6 year old child and Muslims do not see anything wrong with this!

Prophet Muhammad, the holy prophet of Islam with Aisha his 6 year old Muslim child bride.

Neo Islamic Pedophilia

In today’s Islamic nations, specifically in small towns and little villages, marriage to under age children is a fact. Muslim men do not care to do it under the law of the land or go around the law and do it, but as long as they can do it, then they will do it. This action is blessed by the husband, families, clerics and Allah!

Muslim Child Bride with Arab Husband at Yemen

Islamic Pedophilia is a fact in today’s world and the only people who still deny it, are the “Islamic Apologists” (so-called Moderate Muslims) and of course “Western Liberals”! The Western Liberal Biased Media may deny it but the reality is that little girls have been raped by Islam and Muslims for 1400 years and ongoing!

Muslim Child Brides with their Arab Husband at Yemen

Muhammad, an epileptic, delusional, megalomaniac, murderer, rapist, incestuous, polygamous, pedophile, bandit, thief had started the tradition of the Islamic Pedophilia and after 1400 years, the tradition goes on strong, simply because little girls and children are the most vulnerable and the easiest targets for the adult Muslim men to manipulate, oppress, control, enslave and own! Muslim Male Chauvinist Pigs do their ultimate sadistic sexual fantasies by raping little girls, yet put an Islamically Correct Marriage Brand on it to make it all religiously legal!

Muslim Child Bride with Arab Husband and family at Yemen

Muslim Child Bride with her Arab Husband at Yemen

Cesspool of Islam

Islam is a cesspool full of sexual infections of female battery, female slavery, incest and polygamy; however, the greatest sexual degeneration and perversion in Islam is an infectious tumor full of puss named pedophilia.

L – R: Muslim Child Bride (2nd wife), Imam Husband, and Imam’s 1st wife at Indonesia. Imam is a “Moderate Muslim”!

Islam is a religion created by an ill mind (Muhammad) in the name of an ill sadist entity (Allah) taught by the ill (Imams) to and for the ill (Muslims) to live and prosper in a cesspool pond full of puss, going round and round in the Islamic Quicksand Swamp until they drown in their own infections of the minds!

Muslim Child Bride with her Imam Husband at Indonesia

Muslim Child Bride with her Imam Husband, a holy man and a “Moderate Muslim” at Indonesia

Muslim Child Bride riding her bike before marriage, Indonesia

How to Break Free from Islam?

The civilized world, industrial revolution and the information age have passed the Muslims by and they are still living at 7th Century AD. No one is responsible for Muslims’ backward and miserable lives except themselves. No one can change and better their lives except themselves! The only way that Muslims can change their Status Quo is by historical education, stepping out of denial, and sheer will power; unfortunately, the Islamic Bubble of Denial, is hard to break and the majority of Muslims are too superstitious, ignorant and weak to even make a crack on this bubble!

“Self Educate” yourselves to true Islam:

Islam Index

Muslim Child Bride and Afghan Husband, Afghanistan

So the Muslims will continue suffering and living miserable lives; Islamic Nations will continue blaming the West for their problems; Buffoons will continue killing cartoonists for drawing cartoons; Islamists will continue threatening the civilized world and little girls will continue getting raped, until Muslims get Islam out of their lives and seize being Muslims, simply because Islam is not reformable and it must be destroyed. Quran must be put on the old and dusty shelf of the books, full of bad ideas! Muslims are victims of their own circumstances caused by their ignorance!

Muslim Child Bride and her Afghan Husband (old enough to be her grandfather) carrying the legacy of Prophet Muhammad at Afghanistan

Muslim Child Bride and husband at India

Muslim Child Brides forced group marriage at India

Muslim Child Brides and Hamas Arab Militant husbands group marriage, Palestine

Muslim Child Brides (waving Palestinian flags) and Hamas Arab Militant husbands group marriage, Palestine

Muslim Child Brides (waving Palestinian flags) and Hamas Arab Militant husbands walking down the aisles at the group marriage, Palestine

Muslim Child Brides at their group marriage with Hamas Arab Militants, Palestine
Wondering what would their future be?

Muslim Child Bride holding her husband’s hand (old enough to be her father) at the Hamas group marriage at Palestine. The Palestinian flags are waved but why is she so gloomy at her big wedding night?!

Muslim Child Brides and their Arab grooms group marriage at Palestine

Muslim Child Bride with Imam, Britain
Imam knows best. Imam justifies Prophet Muhammad’s Pedophilia!

Muslim Child Bride, Britain

Muslim Child Brides Jihadi Doll: “Suicide Bomber Fatimah Doll”
Q: What do Muslim Child Brides play with?
A: Femi-Jihadi Dolls of course!
Don’t forget to pick up your “Suicide Bomber Fatimah Doll” at the Islamic Toy Store!

Child Bride Magazine
Are you a Muslim Child Bride in state of Islamic mind? Then this is the perfect magazine for you! Not to worry, it is all Halaal and Islamically correct! Enjoy reading …

Future Muslim Child Bride with Quran (the most dangerous book in the world)!
Indoctrination and brain wash starts at the early age!

Free at Last ……

In a meanwhile, I hate to say it but Muslim Little Girls will get raped, abused, tortured, battered, enslaved and they will cry …. Muslim little girl, cry for the sins of your fathers and mothers …. Muslim little girl, cry a river and maybe just maybe out of these tears of ignorance will flow a river of knowledge which leads you to the sea of freedom! Free of Islam, free at last, free at last ……

Girls, The Choice is Yous:
Science or Religion?
Reality or Fantasy?
Intelligence or Superstition?
Life of Achievement or Life as a Kept Woman?
Politically Correct western schools teach you nothing but lies.
Islam is not Religion of Peace. Islam is Religion of Death!
“Self Educate” yourself because the American Liberal Educational System, Euro-Pee-On (European) Liberal Educational System and surely the Islamic Fanatical Educational System won’t!
Liberalism always goes hand in hand with Islamism!
Do not become a helpless victim; grow up to become a powerful and independent career woman.


Dr. X

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