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Part 4: FemiNazis and Neo Nazi Girls

Nazi Girls, Twisted and Wild
Part 4: FemiNazis and Neo Nazi Girls

An Ahreemanic Net Spoof
Ahreeman X
First Edition: February 16, 2009
Second Edition: September 21, 2013


* Teenagers 16 – 18, read cautiously with parental permission!
* Teenagers 13 – 15, read with parental supervision, if not given, then I will look the other way while you’re reading!
* Pre Teens 10 – 12, shouldn’t you be sneaking and watching your daily sex and violence sites banned by your parents rather than reading this?
* Children 1 – 9, what the hell are you doing in IPC? Depending on where you are, you should be playing hide and seek (in rest of the world) or Anti Riot Police and Students (in Iran), so shoo fly, shoo, go away and do child’s play!
* Clergy, why are you sneaking and reading this? You need to go back banging choir boys (if Catholic), married women in the congregation (if Protestant), dead bones of Golda Meir (if Jewish) and Tolab boys in the backrooms of the mosque or madrasah (if Muslim)! For God’s sake, at least go back to bamboozling dough from elderly and gullible God Fearing good folks in your church, synagogue, mosque or temple!
* Religious and Pious Folks, may I ask why are you reading this rather than committing your usual adultery, gluttony, polygamy, lushery and then reciting verses from Bible, Torah, Quran and other storybooks written for adults?
* Politically Correct Liberals and the Moral Majority Hypocrites, please read, suffer in silence and burn in agony! Bleed (if bleeding heart liberal) and turn red with flames coming out of your ears (if moral preaching)!  
* The Rest of you twisted and wild people, get your soda pop, snack, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

FemiNazis are a solid base of the Nazi Movement. They are the militant female column of the movement. Throughout the history, we had:

FemiNazis Then

Let us talk about BDM, those sweet little innocent psycho girls!

BDM Girls ((BDM = Bund Deutscher Madel = League of German Girls)

FemiNazi Youth
Youth Fuhrer (all the way on the left): Now I want you rats to stand still, heads up, chest out, stomach in and keep up the Aryan posture.
Heil Hitler, Heil Mein Fuhrer, Sieg Heil!
Angelica (all the way on the right): Hmmm … to think of it, I did not have my shot of Peppermint Schnapps this morning and that’s why I’m not ready to march and Sieg Heil!

Hitler Youth: Now all together, let’s play Ring around the Jew girl!
One little, two little, three little Jew girls,
One little, two little, three little Gypsy girls,
One little, two little, three little Negro girls,
Tie them up, smack them hard, pull their hairs,
Light them up, torch them up, put them on fire with feathers …
Lala Lay, Lala Lay, Lay Lay, Lala Lay …

Nazi Girl from the League of German Girls
Hansi: Heil Mein Fuhrer, Uncle Adolf is my savior and protector,
Uncle Adolf loves me very much, I love Uncle Adolf,
Uncle Adolf is Germany, and Germany is Uncle Adolf …

Nazi Aryan Girl of BDM
Ahreeman Schone: Doesn’t she look a little bit like the Nazi German version of a little girl from Stephen King’s “Children of the Corn”? Real spooky little girl, ain’t she? A kind of little girl who comes to your bed at night and stabs you in the heart! Ain’t she a cute little doll? A doll from hell indeed!
Gretel Schone: This is story of a psycho girl, oh psycho girl, oh …

Nazi Girls of BDM Hitler Youth
Nazi Girls: Aren’t we cute little devils?!

Romanian Nazi Girls 1940
Is the middle one, Nadia Comăneci’s mother?!
Note 1: Nadia Elena Comăneci was the famous Romanian Olympics and world gymnastics champion.
Note 2: Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Finland and Croatia were minor European German Axis in WWII.

Nazi Girl from Hitler Jugend BDM
Check out the facial expression, emotion and the tears in her eyes cheering for Hitler!

An enthusiastic Nazi Girl of BDM League of German Girls

Nazi Youth to each other: Now we are little but we drink our milk from our Aryan cows and one day we will grow up to be big like these fine Aryan Athletes, win Olympic gold medals and make Uncle Adolf proud.

Future of the Aryan Race …
BDM (Bund Deutscher Madel) aka “League of German Girls” of HJ (Hitler Jugend) aka Nazi Youth

Nazi Girls of Bund Deutscher Madel of Hitler Jugend with their instructor and flag

Hitler’s League of German Girls’ special ceremony

Nazi Girls from the League of German Girls training in the snow

Building the Aryan Women’s Superior Body!
Nazi Girls of BDM (Bund Deutscher Madel) League of German Girls physical training

Pure and Superior Aryan Women!
Nazi Girls of BDM (Bund Deutscher Madel) League of German Girls Ball Exercise

Mini Nazi Girl

“Hitler was a sex symbol to the German girls and women!” (Media)
Nazi Girls of BDM League of German Girls with Hitler
Left to Right:

Hitler: You are the future of Reich, serve the Fatherland well.
Gretel: Ah he is much sexier in person!
Hilde: Oh Gretel if you could only feel how wet I am! I can squirt all over Fuhrer!
Ursula: I just want to jump his bone! National Socialism makes me all hot and bothered!
Uma: Mein Fuhrer, just hold my hand a little bit longer, I am about to get an orgasm!

Let’s do the wave, no wait a second, let’s Sieg Heil!
Nazi Youth: Sie singen alle Deutschlandlied, alle zusammen, every body sing together,
Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,
Über alles in der Welt, ……
Lala Lala, Lala Lala, La La La ……
(Germany, Germany above everything,
Above everything in the world, ……
Lala Lala, Lala Lala, La La La ……)

Nazi Girl of Hitler Youth Defense Division:
We must defend Berlin to the last drop of our blood. Reich Future is bright or is it?!

Hitler Girl from Nazi Youth Defense Division:
I’m mesmerized, infatuated, immaculated, captivated and registered to fight for Fuhrer and save Berlin from the Red Barbarian Savage Russian Commies!

Luftwaffe Girls (Air Force)

Luftwaffe Nazi Girls Air Force training camp 1944

Luftwaffe Nazi Women: United we stand … women’s solidarity!

Nazi German anti-aircraft gun auxiliary girls of the communication personnel

Nazi German Girls of Luftwaffe
Siglinde (left): Hey war mate, nothing like a couple of war buddies taking a break, sitting next to each other, getting chummy and listening to Wagner on the phonograph, eh?
Trude (right): Jawohl Siglinde, nothing like a Wagner sing-along opera while a couple of war buddies feeling each other, do you feel me?
Siglinde: Oooh ja, I’m feeling you alright! What’s this under your skirt?
Trude: Ahhhh … it’s meine new black leather garter belt, girdle und satin pantyhousen, they’re rough on the edges, you know … the clips und straps und Shiite?!
Siglinde: Ooh ja … I’ll feel it, das ist a turn on! Do ja feel my finger?
Trude: Ooh ja, but why ist your finger in my Kartoffel Salad?!
Siglinde: Ahhh …. What’s a little finger here and there between a couple of war buddies?!

Nazi German Girl of Luftwaffe

Nazi German Luftwaffe Female Paratrooper

Nazi German Luftwaffe Female Paratrooper cheers while looking at the fighters maneuvering and bombers dropping paratroopers in the sky.

Nazi German Poster Girl of BDM Luftwaffe German Air Force Division

Nazi Girls inspection by the Luftwaffe BDM Instructor
BDM girl trainees of Luftwaffe, training to serve Luftwaffe and Fatherland

Instructor: Was ist das?
Bazookas (in der mitte): Das sind meine boobs!
Instructor: Das ist sehr gros!
Bazookas: Geschenk von meiner mutter.
Instructor: Ich liebe riesige Cantaloups!
Bazookas: Oh liebe, danke schone!
Instructor: Jetzt stellen Sie sicher, heute Abend in mein Zimmer kommen und setzen diese in meinem Mund!
Bazookas: Warum mein fraulein?
Instructor: Mein Schlummertrunk entspannt mich!
Bazookas: Ja Wohl mein Lesben Luftwaffe BDM Reich Fraulein! Alles fur Vaterland! Heil Hitler!
Instructor: What is that?
Bazookas (in the middle): Those are my boobs!
Instructor: Those are huge!
Bazookas: A present from my mother.
Instructor: I love massive cantaloups!
Bazookas: Oh dear, thank you very much!
Instructor: Now, make sure to come to my room tonight and put them in my mouth!
Bazookas: Why my Fraulein?
Instructor: My nightcap relaxes me!
Bazookas: Yes Madam Lesbian Luftwaffe BDM Reich Fraulein! Anything for Fatherland! Heil Hitler!

Kriegsmarine Girls (Navy)

Nazi German Girl Kriegsmarine Naval Sailor

Nazi Croatian Female Sailors of German Kriegsmarine
Croatia was an Axis and a Satellite nation of the Nazi Germany.
In fact Croatia was granted its first independence from Yugoslavia by the Nazi Germany (Independent State of Croatia aka NDH 1941 – 1945). Croats unlike other Eastern Europeans are not of Slavic race but they are Aryans. Croat forces served bravely under SS, Wehrmacht and Kriegsmarine. Croat Female Sailors were a solid base of the Croat Naval Units of the Kriegsmarine.

Nazi BDM Girls of Kriegsmarine Navy Division

Wehrmacht Girls (Army)

Nazi Wehrmacht Women of Ausland Divisions
Ausland Divisions (Foreign Divisions) consisted of Axis Satellites and occupied nations by Nazi Germany and concentrated on these nations.

SS Girls (SS = SchutzStaffel = Protective Squadron)

SS Girls: Oopsy Doopsy Doopsy Doo,
Pluck the feathers from the Jew …

Nazi SS Girls: Oh we’re just your average good old fashion SchutzStaffel (Protective Squadron) Nazi girls next door who love to sing and dance, enjoying an outdoor getaway and torturing a few members of the subhuman races and …

Nazi SS Girls

SS (SchutzStaffel) Girls
Ugi (left): I own a Jew.
Mugi (right): What do you feed her?
Ugi: Matzo Balls and Chicken soup.
Mugi: And if she doesn’t behave?

Ugi: I pluck her pubic hairs!

Nazi SS Female Officer

Nazi SS Girl Helferinnen
Helferinnen were women who joined the armed forces to help the war efforts.

Gestapo Girls

Lovely Gestapo Girl
Ahhh I’m not an SS Girl, I’m just your neighborhood’s friendly Gestapo Secret Police Girl. We don’t torture people; we just arrest them, incarcerate them, isolate them for months, deprive them of their humanity, starve them to death and then hand them to those Big Bad SS Girls to torture them!

FemiNazis Now

Hello, I’m a FemiNazi SS Trooper. Do you loves my helmet? It kind o look s like a circumcised penis head! And now for something totally different, we will take you to a live Neo Nazi Rally:

White Aryan sisters and brothers, it is time to wake up from your rabbit sleep and face the reality. Stop blowing black pricks. Black pricks are not thicker and longer. This is an absolute myth! Why don’t you try White dicks for breakfast and see for yourselves! Start sucking on White pricks! White Power!

Bull Dyke: Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil, White Power ….
Yes leader, we shall start blowing White Dicks rather than Black Pricks!
But can we also munch on teenage Poon Tangs on the side! Sushi tastes good. I just love the smell of Tuna!

Yes I would like to take this opportunity to second that request. I’ve been munching on tuna for decades. I’m a Veteran Tuna Muncher, but not because I’m ugly and no man would Frag me, yet because I truly dig the taste of Sushi and the smell of Tuna!

Neo Nazi Bull Dyke Choir Girls
Uber Commander Angela (right): Troops atten..tion, attention, all together Sieg Heil and sing along …
Bull Dykes: We’re Fuhrer’s proud and joy,
We’re Fuhrer’s apple of the eye,
We’re ugly ducklings fat piggies,
We’re too ugly to Frag piggies,
That’s why we bang each other’s pots and pans,
Munch each other, tap poontangs …
Lay Lala Lay, Lala Lay ….
Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil ….

Neo Nazi Girl with flag: Uncle, do I look like a Nazi dress up doll now? Just the way you like it?

Sports Nazi

Skadi Frei-Seifert

Skadi Frei-Seifert is a Sports Nazi because she pushes her mind and body to the limit so she can achieve excellence. Skadi pushes it to the extreme! Hours, days and months of exercise, diet and self torture results in a body such as hers. Skadi is one tough chick. Skadi is the German body building champion and one of the globe’s best female body builders. Skadi is awesome.

Sports Nazi Skadi Frei-Seifert German Female Bodybuilding Champion

Sports Nazi Girl
Honestly, if you have sex with this girl, she could accidentally break your Schlong in half with her muscular vagina, right in the middle of her orgasmic explosion! She probably has more muscles in her vagina than you have on your arms! Don’t mess with this girl and never go down on her because during climax, she can break your neck by pressing her thighs together, just a bit! The least that can happen is for you to choke to death down there! Now picture yourself choking to death in between Skadi’s thighs! Cause of male death: broken neck due to female over-climax!

Skadi: Do you find me sexy?

Skadi: Tell Arnold Schwarzenegger to go Frag himself, Skadi is in town!

Sports Nazi Girl with Monster Truck
A Skadi Frei-Seifert pose on the helmet with monster truck at the back! This girl is a tough monster truck driving rebel.

Sports Nazi Girl Skadi Frei-Seifert German Female Bodybuilder Champ
Get a load o them muscles if you can! You think you can man handle this gal?
Get a load o them hardware and machinery! I just luv female bodybuilders. I love wrestling them to the ground and forcefully do the nasty to them. That is the greatest challenge to wrestle a real tough girl in to submission! Sick and twisted? Yes indeed! Oh Lord, the sex games we play …….

Neo Nazi Girls

Prussian Blue Duo
Lynx and Lamb Gaede, the Nazi Twins Folk Duo Band

Lynx to Lamb: I love you, you love me, it’s a perfect melody,
People think we’re best friends, but we’re really lesbians!
Lala Lay, Lala Lay, La La La La Lala Lay …..

"Nazi Pop Twins turn Liberal!" (Media)
Lynx: I’m getting tired of this Nazi fad!
Lamb: But I’m the lamb of our Lord Adolf Hitler!
Lynx: Ye, but we’re not making any money, we need a new gig.
Lamb: What should we do? We can’t sing worth of Shiite!
Lynx: Exactly! We can’t sing, so we need a new gimmick.
Lamb: Like what?
Lynx: Let’s turn our Nazi Band in to a Liberal Band.
Lamb: Say what?!
Lynx: Think about it, Nazism and Liberalism are really the same thing, they’re both about Big Government Control, but Nazism is not accepted in the mainstream US and on the contrary Liberalism is politically correct and accepted in the mainstream US.
Lamb: And basically we keep our same ideology, Nazism and Liberalism are same in nature!
Lynx: And we make tons of money, get tons of publicity and become mainstream.
Lamb: The best thing is that we will be accepted and idolized by the American stupid teenagers as the “Born Again Liberals”!
Lynx: Ye baby ye …..
Lamb: But what about our Lord Adolf Hitler?
Lynx: Now we get a new Lord Hussein Obama …
Lamb: But he’s a Negro!
Lynx: Ye but He’s a Black Nazi, he’s really one of us in heart, don’t pay attention to his skin color. Can we all get along?
Lamb: Lynx, you’re a genius!

Born Again Liberal Opportunists!
Aftermath: "Prussian Blue Band of Nazi Pop Twins turns to a Liberal Pop Twins Band!' (Media)

We’re the SS Twins!

We’re no Wanna bees, but we’re the Croat version of the Gaeda Nazi Twins. We’re Croat Neo Nazi Girls!

Croatian Fascist Nazi girl at Fascist Rocker Marko Perkovic concert
Many Croats and Europeans are getting in to Fascist Rock and Nazi Punk Music and Concerts.

We’re not Nazis, we just like dirty slam dancing and rubbing our poonanis on each other’s legs like wild dogs in heat!

We’re not really Nazis, we just like to wear Swastika, get drunk, grab each other and pound each other’s Bushes, Nazi style! Party on Dudettes!


We’re no Gaede Twins, but we’re British Bull Dogs, I mean we’re British Skingirls!

A typical night with the Drunk Skingirls
Uma (left): White power …
Ziggy (right): Aryan Pride …
Uma: Sieg Heil
Ziggy: Heil Hitler
Uma: I love Hitler
Ziggy: I love Hitler too, but Hitler isn’t here …
Uma: You look a little bit like Eva Braun, I love you.
Ziggy: After 6 beers, you’re beginning to look a bit like Hitler too!
Uma: We’re like a Nazi couple!
Ziggy: Let’s make out like Hitler and Eva Braun …
Uma: You’re beginning to look good to me!
Ziggy: Let’s pound them pussies
5 minutes later ….. Z Z z z z z zzzzzz … after they wake up dozing off …
Uma: Hey, I forgot …. Where were we?
Ziggy: I don’t know, who are you and why are you in my arms?
Uma: I don’t know but has anyone ever told you that you look a little bit like Eva Braun?
Ziggy: Give me another beer ….. you’re beginning to look like Hitler too!
Uma: White power
Ziggy: Aryan Nation, let’s Sieg Heil together …
Uma: Let’s get it on ….. give me a French kiss …. malach molouch yum yum ….
Ziggy: Yum Yum, Gimme Some …

… and this brings us to the end of yet another beautiful night in the Aryan Nation compound …

Skingirls with masks: We’re not really Nazis; we’re bank robbers pretending to be Nazis!

I’m a short stocky girl who was a lost and confused violent runaway, but now I found identity, stability, serenity and comfort in the calm arms of the Aryan Nation. Now let’s go torch some Faggots … Sieg Heil!

I’m still a lost and confused violent runaway ….

My Daddy banged me, my Mommy dumped me and I joined a Satanic Cult and become a lesbian teenage junkie runaway …. Hey wait a second, what’s going on over here? I dig the colorful red Swastika Flags! I dig the speech by the preacher! These guys sound cool and they wear black! I think I join up …. Nazis are cool …. White Power!

Eh, Ah, Dah, Dah, Day, Daeee ….. I’m kind o confused …. Why are we beating up the Jews and Negroes and split up gays’ brains again?

I know why, because they’re Mud People, they’re not real people. Ain’t I smart?
BTW, I ain’t wearing no underwear!

Now ain’t I a tough mother? Skingirl power! Skins forever …

Skingirl power!
I’m a role model Aryan girl for all the little white girls to follow and learn from!
Screwed, Blewed, Tattooed, and fashionable too! White Power!

Skingirl Bull Dykes: First we munch on food and drink beer, then for dessert we munch on each other and drink each other’s juices! Sieg Heil! Until the dinner is served ……

And now Dinner is served:

Please remove the Bull Dog so you can eat the Bull Dyke!
1. The Dog is blocking the kitchen door, first remove the dog from the kitchen door.
2. Kitchen double doors are open so enter the kitchen.
3. Start eating!

Dessert is served!
1. Hands are blocking the kitchen door, first remove the hands from the kitchen door.
2. Kitchen double doors are open so enter the kitchen.
3. Eat your Dessert slowly, chew your food properly and swallow gently so you don’t choke on it!
Don’t eat double double (Do Lopi), but eat single small bites (Daneh Daneh)!

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