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Part 5: Hitler Girls

Nazi Girls, Twisted and Wild
Part 5: Hitler Girls

An Ahreemanic Net Spoof
Ahreeman X
First Edition: February 16, 2009
Second Edition: September 21, 2013


* Teenagers 16 – 18, read cautiously with parental permission!
* Teenagers 13 – 15, read with parental supervision, if not given, then I will look the other way while you’re reading!
* Pre Teens 10 – 12, shouldn’t you be sneaking and watching your daily sex and violence sites banned by your parents rather than reading this?
* Children 1 – 9, what the hell are you doing in IPC? Depending on where you are, you should be playing hide and seek (in rest of the world) or Anti Riot Police and Students (in Iran), so shoo fly, shoo, go away and do child’s play!
* Clergy, why are you sneaking and reading this? You need to go back banging choir boys (if Catholic), married women in the congregation (if Protestant), dead bones of Golda Meir (if Jewish) and Tolab boys in the backrooms of the mosque or madrasah (if Muslim)! For God’s sake, at least go back to bamboozling dough from elderly and gullible God Fearing good folks in your church, synagogue, mosque or temple!
* Religious and Pious Folks, may I ask why are you reading this rather than committing your usual adultery, gluttony, polygamy, lushery and then reciting verses from Bible, Torah, Quran and other storybooks written for adults?
* Politically Correct Liberals and the Moral Majority Hypocrites, please read, suffer in silence and burn in agony! Bleed (if bleeding heart liberal) and turn red with flames coming out of your ears (if moral preaching)!  
* The Rest of you twisted and wild people, get your soda pop, snack, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Hello Kiddies, in this chapter we will talk about Hitler’s women, loves and little girls! Believe it or not Hitler was a sex symbol and subject of sexual desires for many German and Non German little girls, teenagers, women, mature ladies, old bags and even gays! Kind o like President Obama today!

Nazi Girls saluting and excited for seeing Hitler, bursting in to exploding cheers and climatic orgasms!

Amazingly and strangely almost every woman that Hitler loved and adored, ended up going nuts, committing suicide, or murdered by the Fuhrer! What a lover! Hitler was truly a Love Poison who embraced the Culture of Death!

Adolf Hitler, the popular God!

As a Transsexual Temptress I have to now admit that I also had sexual relations with Adolf! I even done a Lewinski on Adolf, the same as Monica done one to Bill Clinton but without the usage of Cigar, because Adolf is a non smoker! And now we will introduce you to the Fuhrer himself, please welcome Adolf Hitler:

Thank you, thank you very much (with a lip twitch like Elvis). Please hold your applause. Sieg Heil to me. Long live me. Now I will introduce you to my women. I truly loved each and every single one of them literally to Death! Please enjoy my girls:

Hitler Youth Schoolgirls from Berchtesgaden School: They say you have a thin but long Shambool. They also say you have only one ball because the other one got shot in the WWI. Media says it’s moody! It is shriveled up like a prune due to old age and shrinkage. It also shrinks due to freezing German winter, but when aroused, it rises like a mythical Aryan Spearhead Banner of a Brave Nordic Warrior! Will you pop it out so we can confirm all the gossip?
Hitler: Well I’ll never! You girls are so bold and teasey! I just love Little Girls!

Hitler’s Women

Angela (Geli) Raubel, Hitler's niece
Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress
Magda Goebbels, wife of Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels and Hitler’s confidant
Winifred Wagner, grand-daughter of composer Richard Wagner
Leni Riefenstahl, Nazi film director, actress and artist
Hanna Reitsch, Aviator Werewolf Woman and War Heroine
Zarah Leander, German movie star
Marlene Dietrich, screen goddess and entertainer

Love Nazi Flag - Hitler was a Love Nazi!

Hitler the Love Nazi
Hitler was a true Love Nazi, stingy with giving love and when he gave, it was all S&M, twisted, mood swings and drama! Hitler was the original Love Nazi!

Hitler Smile
Hitler: Do I turn you on? Now be honest, I know I turn everyone on?!

Angela (Geli) Raubel, Hitler's niece

Angela (Geli) Raubel, Hitler's niece and his first love

Geli was full of life before she hooked up with Hitler. She got infatuated with Hitler and of course Hitler got obsessed with her. At age 16 Hitler turned her to his private house doll. She was not allowed to breathe without Hitler’s permission. Eventually Hitler turned this blooming flower full of life in to a suicidal despaired girl who eventually committed suicide and by the age of 23 she took her own life. Geli shot herself with his gun. Her death was a catastrophe for Hitler. Of course rumors spread that Hitler shot her, but then again Hitler is the only person who would know what really had happened!

Geli: Uncle Adolf, do you like my little necklace?
Hitler: Yes my little Carmel Puff, and that’s not the only little thing that I like! You are so cute that I just want to kill you and eat you up!
Geli: But Uncle Adolf, I’m only 16.
Hitler: Not to worry, I just love little girls. Let’s play house!

Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress

Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress, greatest love and on the final day of her life, his wife (a few hours before he shot her)!

During her relationship with Hitler, Eva Braun had attempted 2 unsuccessful suicides before she was finally shot by Hitler on 1945 at age 33. It is amazing how everyone who was in a relationship with Hitler was either suicidal, murdered or both! This was Hitler’s effect on women!

Eva Braun met Hitler at the tender age of 17, she was full of life and got infatuated by Hitler (same as Geli) but he drove her to suicide and eventually killed her!

Young Eva Broun full of life

The Eva Braun smile

Eva Braun and her Pussy!

Eva Braun and Gretl at Berchtesgaden sitting on the edge!

Hitler and Eva Braun public appearance on the final days

Eva: How come you never appear with me in public?
Hitler: I do now!
Eva: But we are about to commit suicide, you are about to shoot me and our bodies will be burned!
Hitler: Well better late than never!

Eva: How come you always keep me well hidden like a kept woman?
Hitler: That’s because I just lovese lovese loves to keep you only for myself! Besides, Fuhrer cannot be bounded and trapped only by one girl! That’s not good for my public image and I will lose my female following base!

Eva: What a juicy steak!
Hitler: Don’t eat steak, I’m a vegetarian!

Hitler: I gonna eat this little girl, they call her Eva!
Blondie (Hitler’s German Shepherd): I gonna eat this little bitch, they call her Puchi!

Hitler: We look like a happy couple here.
Eva: But this is only a Nazi propaganda poster touched up by artists!
Hitler: But still we look romantic.
Eva: No we don’t! You look romantically in love with yourself like a narcissist God and I look infatuated and mesmerized by you like a little girl!
Hitler: I knew there was some type of romance in there!

Magda Goebbels, wife of Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels and Hitler’s confidant

Magda Goebbels was a solid Nazi who worshipped Hitler from the moment she met him until she killed herself at the age of 44 in 1945. She knew what would happen to her if captured by the Russians, so selfishly first she killed her 6 children by morphine and then killed herself. She stated: I don’t want my children to grow up in a world without National Socialism! Hitler’s culture of death had deeply affected her!

Hitler respected Magda and named her the role model for National Socialist women.
Magda loved Hitler and remained faithful to him until the end!

Winifred Wagner, grand-daughter of composer Richard Wagner

Outside the Opera House
Winifred: I love opera.
Hitler: I am a great fan of your grand papa. He is my favorite composer.
Winifred: You should pay attention to me rather than reading that!
Hitler: I enjoy hanging with rich aristocratic ladies who hand me wealth to support the National Socialist cause, but you know that I must prepare for this speech to maintain my image. After all, my image means everything to me and I am only in love with one person and that is me!

Leni Riefenstahl, Nazi film director, actress and artist

Leni Riefenstahl is basically one the greatest film directors of all times and a master of creating propaganda films.

Leni Riefenstahl: Don’t I look like an Aryan Mythical Goddess here?

Another emotionally and romantically catastrophic desperate moment played by the screen goddess, Leni Riefenstahl. Leni was dramatic, photogenic, camera friendly, light and shadow playful, charismatic, intense and surely an expressionist. Leni used the same tactics in her acting and drafted them in to her film making.

Leni Riefenstahl admired Hitler but until the end of her life, she swore that she was not a Nazi!

Hitler, Riefenstahl and the crew in a climactic moment of orgasm!
Hitler: Sieg Heil to me!

Leni imitating the Hitler pose?!
Hitler: Leni, I want you to capture the glory and the Greatness of this scene from this angle by shining the projectors on me like a Great Mono God!
Leni: Mein Fuhrer, I will shine 10 gigantic blue light projectors on you and hang a gigantic photo of the full moon behind you on a giant screen, so it will seem that your picture is forming in the moon. When you conduct your speech while shaking your fists and moving your postures from side to side, it will seem like you are standing on the moon and speaking to the Earth folks from the heavens above.
Hitler: Bravo Leni, Bravo …. You are simply brilliant.
Leni: I know, Mein Fuhrer!

Hitler: Leni, do you like my architectural designs for the future Berlin?
Leni: If I say no, will I still be your personal filmmaker?

Joseph Goebbels, Leni Riefenstahl and Adolf Hitler walking in the garden
Leni always walked behind but near Hitler.

Joseph Goebbels, Leni Riefenstahl and Adolf Hitler
Hitler: Leni, is that one of your imported Neanderthal Primate Specimens from Africa for a movie?
Leni: Well pretty close, but it’s only Dr. Goebbels!
Hitler: Strange, I could swear it was a monkey!
Leni: Why Fuhrer, you are so shamelessly humorous!
Hitler: But seriously, is this one of your film projects? Look at the size of his forehead and jaw bones, are you sure this is not one of your African monkeys trained to play the role of my Aryan Minister of Propaganda?
Leni: I won’t tell and you’ll never find out!

Leni: Dr. Goebbels, has anyone ever told you that you look a little bit like a baboon? I could use you in my latest movie filmed in jungles of Africa, you know?
Goebbels: You are taking over the propaganda department with your magnificent films. Am I the propaganda minister or you are?
Leni: You are the Baboon in Jungle for my next film; I thought we agreed on that!

Leni: OK Cameraman, now take this scene with me in the military uniform and the boys at the background! We gonna sing an old folk Nazi song and drink to Hitler’s health! Make sure I’m in the center shining bright!

Hanna Reitsch, Aviator Werewolf Woman and War Heroine

Hanna Reitsch Nazi Warrior Werewolf Woman Pilot

Story of a War Heroine
Nazi Warrior Aviator Werewolf Woman

Hanna Reitsch was known as the “Aviator Werewolf Woman”. Hanna Reitsch was a Nazi German war heroine. Hanna was Hitler’s favorite Luftwaffe pilot. In the history of Reich, there were only two women who have been awarded the Iron Cross first class by the Fuhrer, one was Hanna Reitsch (Fighter Pilot) and one was Else Grossmann (Nurse). Hanna Reitsch and Else Grossmann were awarded both Iron Cross Second Class and then Iron Cross First Class. Hanna Reitsch was also awarded the Luftwaffe Pilot/Observer Badge of Gold with Diamonds. Hanna completed many successful missions and set a number of aviation records which still stands. Hanna was a special commando of the famous SS SelbstopferKommando squadron. Hanna Reitsch was a SS Luftwaffe Captain.

Hanna Reitsch Nazi Aviator Werewolf Woman
Hanna Reitsch the SS Luftwaffe Captain

Hanna Reitsch had set world records on gliding and she was the German gliding champion. Hanna was the first woman to cross the Alps in a glider (1937). Hanna broke records flying helicopter. In the Luftwaffe, Hanna was the first woman to pilot a rocket plane (Messerschmitt Me 163). She survived a horrible crash with severe injuries and due to this bravery she became one of the two women in Germany who received the Iron Cross First Class (1943). Hanna was the first woman in the world to pilot a jet aircraft at the Luftwaffe research centre at Reichlin during the trials of the Messerschmitt Me 262 and Heinkel He 162 planes (1944). Hanna was close to Hitler and was very fond of him. Hanna was with Hitler at the Bunker during the final days but she was ordered to leave the Bunker.

By the end of the war she was captured by the Americans. Hanna was captured, interrogated and held for a year and a half. In the prison she was interrogated by the Americans in this manner:

US Interrogator: What is your greatest regret about WWII?
Hanna: When I was ordered to leave the  Führer’s bunker on the April 28, 1945.
US Interrogator: Why is that?
Hanna: It was the darkest day when I could not die at our Führer's side.
US Interrogator: Any remorse?
Hanna: We should all kneel down in reverence and prayer before the altar of the Fatherland.
US Interrogator: What do you mean by altar of the Fatherland?
Hanna: Why indeed, the Fuhrer’s Bunker in Berlin!

At this point the US Interrogator was surprised and puzzled because he assumed that like many other Nazi SS Officers, she would breakdown crying, have remorse for the war, claim innocent of the crimes and beg for her life; on the contrary, there were no remorse for the war in her mind or in her eyes. Actually the only regret she had was that she did not have fought and died next to the Fuhrer in the Bunker! US interrogator expected to see remorse for the war but Hanna had remorse that she did not die along with Hitler!

Hanna Reitsch had remained a solid and faithful soldier and a Nazi SS Officer Pilot to the Fuhrer and to Germany until the end. I may not agree with Hanna’s politics but I admire her bravery, determination, will power and unshakable faith with no regrets until the end! I admire people who remain on their stands until the end.

Hanna Reitsch awarded Iron Cross First Class by Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and the ReichsMarshal Hermann Goering head of the Luftwaffe (in the middle). Hanna Reitsch was Hitler’s favorite pilot.

Eventually Hanna was released because she was a soldier and did not commit war crimes. Later on Hanna opened her own pilot school in Ghana, Africa. On August 24, 1979, Hanna Reitsch died in Frankfurt, Germany at the age of 67. Hanna was a great aviator.

Hanna Reitsch greets and Heil Aryan Salute to the masses who cheer for her.
Hanna Reitsch was the only female Luftwaffe Pilot Heroine and the only woman in the Nazi German combat units who were awarded the Iron Cross First Class by the Fuhrer.

Zarah Leander, German movie star

Zarah: Hitler belongs right here in my heart!

Zarah: I’m not a Nazi, I just love playing misty for Adolf!

Marlene Dietrich, screen goddess and entertainer

Marlene Dietrich: I’m not a Nazi, I just love wearing my leather-hosen and sing:
Deutschland Deutschland Uber alles in der Welt …

Marlene: Don’t make me laugh; it will mess up my classic pose. C’mon admit it,
Don’t you hate to love me? Don’t I turn you on like little girls turn Hitler on?

Lady Diana Mosley, Hitler’s British Cupcake!

Lady Diana Mosley along with her sister “Unity” were the Mitford Sisters who travelled to Germany as representatives of the “British Union of Fascists”. She was married to Sir Oswald Mosley, the leader of the union. They were married in Joseph Goebbels’ house with Adolf Hitler present as the guest of honor. During the WWII she went through hardships for her ideological beliefs. After the war, she had become a writer in a number of magazines and newspapers, also published a number of books. Diana had a long life and she passed away on 2003 at the age of 93. She had a special relationship with Hitler and she practically admired Hitler!

Unity, Lady Diana Mosley and SS Officers in 1937
Unity: We maybe British Fascists but we love Nazis!
Diana: Not that there’s anything wrong with Nazis!
SS Officers: Everybody, lets sing an old German drinking song!

Lady Diana Mosley and Unity Mitford her sister are giving Nazi salutes!
This scene is so theatrically photogenic!

Hitler and Aristocracy

Hitler just loved charming the elegant and wealthy women of Europe to finance his National Socialist cause! Hitler deeply despised aristocracy but loved their money!
Elegant Lady: Oh you are so charming Mein Fuhrer!
Hitler: Oh your Bank Account is much more charming!

Hitler and Children

Now allow me to quote from the Fuhrer:

“Give me any child for the first 6 years of her life and I will hand you a Nazi!”
(Adolf Hitler)

Hitler and Children on his birthday
Hitler pretended that he loved children, after all they were the future of Germany, but in reality he could not stand children. The youngens were just another tool for him to achieve his political goals!

Hitler and BDM girls
Hitler made sure that cameras were always present when he mingled with the children. After all, they were the future of Germany. Propaganda, Nazi Style! Hitler just loved little girls!

German Girls cheering for Hitler passing by in an automobile.
Hitler in the eyes of little German girls was a myth, an Aryan God!

Little Girls loved him …
We love you Uncle Adolf!

Peppermint Schnapps loved him!
Hitler: My little peppermint schnapps, you are so cute!
Nazi Girl: I love you Uncle Adolf

Pumpernickel Bread loved him!
Hitler: My little Pumpernickel Bread, are you farming hard to feed the Fatherland?
Nazi Girl: Yes Uncle Adolf and I love you so much…

Little Farmers loved him!
Nazi Girl: I love you Uncle Adolf …

Little BDM Girls loved him!
Nazi BDM Propaganda Poster
BDM Girl: A flower for my Fuhrer …
Fuhrer: Danke Schoen my little Grapefruit

Little Nazi Girl Then ......

Little Old Nazi Girls loved him!
Little Nazi Girl … Then
Nazi Girl: I love you Uncle Adolf!

Little Nazi Girl Now ......

Little Neo Nazi Girls love him!
Little Nazi Girl … Now
Nazi Girl: I love to hug you Uncle Adolf, because you are so huggable!

Big Girls loved him too …
We love you too Uncle Adolf, but as long as you are not available, we also love each other!

Even FemiNazis in Nazi helmets and bikinis carrying big guns loved him …
FemiNazi: I love you Mein Fuhrer, I also love this gun, and I really love my pose!

Nazi SS Gas Masked Female Commandos on the march also love him!
FemiNazi Commandos: We love you Uncle Adolf but we also love our machineguns!

I Love Myself Too!
I Truly Fooled Them All!

Uncle Adolf Wants You!
Nazi German Propaganda Poster!

Hello Boils and Ghouls, … and this would bring us to the end of our tonight’s show but not to worry, we will have future shows because after all, The Show Must Go On ….
There’s no business like show business, like no business, like Show …

Another Ahreemanic Net Spoof is coming to an end!

The Big Ending …

Mistress Anastasia: Thank you Ahreeman for this very educational, controversial, intriguing and erotic series. Now it is time for all of you boys and girls to go to bed. I’ll see you in your dreams and don’t forget to bring along your whips and chains and other Electronic Erotic Tools! Nighty Night and don’t let the Sadistic Nazi Girls and Marching Bed Bugs bite! Sleep tight!

The Ending Songs

I’m a Nazi, you’re a Nazi, he’s a Nazi, she’s a Nazi, don’t you wanna be a Nazi too?
Be a Nazi, dance like a Nazi …
Be a Nazi, act like a Nazi …
Be a Nazi, talk like a Nazi …
Be a Nazi, walk like a Nazi …
Lala  Lala, La Lala Lala ……

I’m dancing in the rain,
Dancing in the rain,
I’m singing in the rain,
La La, La La, Lay …
I’m dancing in the rain …

The End

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