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Reza Shah The Great: Creator of the Modern Iran
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Reza Shah The Great (1878 - 1944), creator of the modern Iran, father of the nation, one of the 9 Great Shahanshahs of Iran, Reza Pahlavi I. Reza was Iran and Iran was Reza. Let us celebrate and review this great nationalist's life in snapshots. Reza Khan, rest in peace thus we are awake. This is a pictorial tour about Reza Khan. Let us jump aboard the Trans-Iranian Railroad, which Reza Khan had built. All aboard? let's roll …

Reza Shah Square Standard.gif

Darbar Pahlavi Coat of Arms during Reza Shah.gif

Reza Khan Close-Up.JPG

Reza Shah Portrait.jpg

Reza Shah Portrait 2.jpg




RS having Chai.JPG


RS & Family.JPG

Funeral 01.jpg

RS horseback.JPG


Reza Khan.GIF

Alasht 03.JPG

RS & Cossack Troopers 03.JPG

RS & Cabinet, Representatives.JPG

RS & Politicians.JPG

Funeral 03.JPG

Reza Khan & Alahazrat.JPG

RS Walk.jpg

RS & MRP.jpg

Military Academy.jpg


Military Diplomas.jpg

RS & Ataturk.jpg

Reza Shah & Ataturk.JPG

Reza Khan on Train 2.jpg

Reza Shah, Mohamad Reza, General Zahedi.jpeg


Reza Khan @ airport.jpg

RS visits Troops.jpg

Reza Khan Microscope.jpg

Reza Khan, Ashraf & MRP.jpg

RS official visit.jpg

RS visit 02.jpg

Reza Shah The Great.jpg

Reza Khan profile.JPG


Reza Shah & Generals.jpg

Reza Shah The Great of Iran.jpg

Reza Pahlavi I.JPG

Reza Khan Mir5 and Cossack Troopers.JPG

RS & MRP old.JPG

Reza Shah w Turkish Prime Minister Ismet Inonu.gif

Reza Shah pic.jpg

Reza Shah photo.jpg

Reza Shah & Sons.jpg

Reza Shah old pic.jpg

Reza Khan far.jpg

Reza Shah Formal.jpg

Reza Shah at Persepolis.jpg

Reza Khan with Ahmad Shah Qajar.jpg

Reza Khan & children @ school.jpg

RS on the way to Majlis for the oath.jpg

RS @ courthouse.jpg

Opening Ceremony Tehran University College-of-Medicine.jpg

Reza Shah Simple Bedroom Study.jpg

Opening Ceremony Tehran University College-of-Medicine 02.jpg

US ambassador paying his respects at Reza Shah's tomb.jpg

Reza Shah and the troops.jpg

RS & Troops.jpg

RS horsback.jpg

Reza Shah granting military diplomas.jpg

Reza Shah The Great - official.JPG

Reza Khan on Train visit 02.jpg

Reza Shah The Great Portrait.JPG

Reza Shah with Kemal Ataturk coming back from visiting the troops in Izmir.JPG

Reza Khan the Minister of War.jpg

Reza Shah full body picture.jpg

Reza Shah The Great photo.JPG

Reza Khan Comander in Chief of Armed Forces.JPG

Reza Shah's coffin transports from Johannesburg - Cairo - Tehran.jpg

Reza Shah & Mohamad Reza.jpg

Reza Shah - Kemal Ataturk 1.JPG

Reza Shah - Kemal Ataturk 2.JPG

Reza Shah - Kemal Ataturk 3.jpg

Reza Shah at Girls Academy 1.jpg

Reza Shah at Girls Academy 2.jpg

Reza Shah came in the blues.jpg

Reza Shah I.jpg

Reza Shah leaving Iran.jpg

Reza Shah left in the greens.jpg

Reza Shah Modest Bed.JPG

RS 01.jpg

Reza Shah Portrait 3.jpg

Reza Khani Look.JPG

Reza Shah The Great I.jpg

Reza Shah Tomb 2.JPG

Reza Shah Tomb.jpg

Reza Shah vising Girls Academy.GIF

Reza Shah.jpeg

Reza-Khan Mini.jpg

Reza Khan's Coronation.JPG

Reza Khan on Train.JPG

Reza Khan, Mohamad Reza & Ashraf.JPG

Reza Khan in formal uniform.JPG

RS visit 2.jpg

RS visiting Navy Port.JPG

RS visiting Navy Port 02.JPG

RS visiting Navy Port 03.JPG

RS visiting Navy Port 04.JPG

RS visiting Navy Port 05.JPG

RS Dinner Table.JPG

RS Body transfers to Iran on plane.jpg

Alasht 02.JPG

Alasht Reza Khan's birth cottage01.JPG

Reza Khan gun 01.JPG

Reza Khan gun 02.JPG

RS & Cossack Troopers.JPG

RS & Cossack Troopers 02.JPG

Reza Khan & Queen Mother.jpg

RS & Cossack Troopers 04.JPG

RS @ courthouse 01.JPG

RS @ courthouse 02.JPG

RS body transfers to Iran via plane.JPG

Funeral 02.JPG

Funeral 04.JPG

Funeral 05.JPG

Troops Visit.jpg

RS & Japanese Officials.JPG

Reza Khan Sardare Sepah.jpg

Reza Shah, Mohamad Reza, General Zahedi 2.jpg

Reza Shah early days close-up.jpg

RS visits troops 03.jpg

Reza Shah coronation 1925.jpg

Colonel Reza Khan of Cossack Brigade 1917.jpg

Reza Shah, Kemal Ataturk 1934.jpg

Reza Shah Older.jpg

Reza Shah currency.jpg

Reza Shah behind Ahmad Shah.jpg

Reza Shah Front.jpg

Reza Shah The Great I pic.jpg

RS, MRP @ an Industrial Factory.jpg

Reza Shah, Queen Mother, Ashraf, Shams.jpg

Reza Shah, Queen Nazli official visit.jpg

Reza Khan Standing.jpg

Reza Shah Rememberance 1 Rial Stamp.jpg

Reza Shah Time Magazine Cover.jpg

Princess Fawzia, Reza Shah, Queen Nazli, Crown Prince Shahpur.jpg

Reza Khan & Children.JPG

Princess Shams, Queen Taj-ol-Malok, Princess Fawzia, Princess Ashraf.jpg

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