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Shah of Iran Wives, Lovers and Mistresses Photo Gallery
Alahazrat Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi’s Love Life
The Behind the Scenes Real Story

Ahreeman X
April 30, 2020

Alahazrat Homayoun Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi
One of the world’s most promiscuous international playboys


Shah of Iran, Alahazrat Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was the last Shah of Iran. In the past, I have published various photo galleries of him. Here are some of them:

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Alahazrat Homayoun Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and Shahbanu Farah Diba, his third wife on the magazine cover

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Alahazrat Homayoun Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and Shahbanu Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiary, his second wife at a formal banquet

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Young Prince Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (later Shah of Iran) and Princess Fawzia Fuad (later Shahbanu of Iran), his first wife at their wedding reception

Wrong or right, he had done many good for Iran and the Iranians. He had his positive points and then his negative points. Maybe his positive points and his progressive tasks were more than his negative points and his regressive tasks; however, despite all the good that he had done, yet it was on his watch that Iran was handed to the Mullahs, Islam and the Islamists! There are many blames and critics on him.

We are not here to discuss Alahazrat’s history, historical judgement, politics, philosophy, and any other aspects of his life except his love life.

Alahazrat Homayoun, Shahanshah Aryamehr, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi, his third wife at a formal banquet

Alahazrat Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi’s Love Life

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was one of the most promiscuous playboys in the history of the world. He had 3 wives, girlfriends, lovers, mistresses and a great number of dates and one-night stands. Aside from these women, he had a taste for Hollywood stars and French prostitutes.

Shah’s Pimps

Ardeshir Zahedi, Imperial Iran’s Ambassador to the US and Diplomat in addition with Asadollah Alam, Imperial Iran’s Courthouse Minister were the top two pimps of the Alahazrat. You can review a vast description of Alahazrat’s achievements, also skeletons in the closet, juicy gossips, behind the scenes and indeed numerous tales of his love life, women and sexual life in Asadollah Alam’s diaries in the IPC Iran Online Persian Library:

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In the past I have written about my father, Alam and the Shah’s promiscuous lifestyles. These three were some of the Imperial Regime’s most promiscuous men with huge sexual appetites:

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Now, I am going to focus on Alahazrat’s love life. Before I begin, you must know his timeline:

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Timeline

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Timeline
1919 Born
1939 Married Fawzia Fuad (age 20) – Fawzia was 17
1940 Graduation from Military Academy (age 21)
1941 Inauguration (age 22)
1943 Tehran Conference (age 24)
1948 Divorced Fawzia Fuad
1949 Failed Assassination (age 30)
1951 Married Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiary (age 32) – Soraya was 18
1953 First Exile (age 34)
1953 Coup and Return (age 34)
1958 Divorced Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiary
1959 Married Farah Diba (age 40) – Farah was 21
1963 White Revolution (age 44)
1967 Coronation (age 48)
1971 2500 Years Celebration of Persian Empire (age 52)
1979 Left Iran (Monarchy Ended) (age 60)
1979 Second Exile (age 60)
1980 Died (age 60)

Alahazrat Homayoun Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and Shahbanu Soraya, his second wife in fur, walking down the stairs

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s Women

Shah of Iran had a huge sexual appetite. This was known in the Darbar (Courthouse) and the Kabine (Cabinet); however, the great depth and the vast number and details of these episodes was only known to the close insiders such as Alam, Zahedi and my father. Eventually Alam wrote about many of these episodes in his diaries.

Shah of Iran had sex with as many women as he had hair on his head, and believe me, he had a good set of hair on his head! Shah of Iran had his wives, girlfriends, lovers, mistresses, dates, one-night stands and then more! Alahazrat was the textbook example of a sex addict. His sexual activities took too much of his time and indeed a good amount of the national budget! If he had moderation in his sex life, he could have focused more on running the nation and pull out all the corruption and disfunctions in the Imperial Iran.

Shah of Iran had 3 wives (at different periods of time), a number of Girlfriends, various Lovers, specific Mistresses and then a great-number of flings, relationships, dates and one-night stands.

Shah of Iran was such a sex addict that all the women in Iran were not enough for him but Alam had to import foreign women from around the world and fly them to Iran on monthly, weekly and even sometimes daily basis for him! Every month, Shah had a different flavor of the month!

Many of these women were not only wine and dined, given gifts and jewelry, and had a vacation on tax payers’ dollars in Iran; some were given cash money. Alam was paying between hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, to tens of thousands of dollars, all the way to hundreds of thousands of dollars per woman. Once even paid a million dollar for a woman! These moneys were hush money for the everyday women, gifts for the unprofessional women and funds for the services of the professional ladies!

Shah believed that everyone had a price but some a low number, yet others a high number!

Prince Mohammad Reza Pahlavi with Princess Fawzia Fuad of Egypt, his first wife

Shah’s Domestic Lovers

Shah’s Iranian lovers varied from all walks of life. Some of these women were Iranian movie stars, singers, Imperial Statesmen and Generals’ wives and daughters, Imperial Courthouse Dates brought by the insiders’ Madams and indeed Darbar (Courthouse) local ladies of the night!

Shah’s Foreign Lovers

Shah’s Foreign lovers were also from various types not only limited to the Movie Stars, Singers, Models and all the way to escorts and high-class prostitutes, but also average women of beauty. Shah’s favorites were Hollywood Stars, Singers, Models and Sex Symbols.

Shah was mostly turned on by the American Actresses, Italian Fashion Models and French Prostitutes. Shah also enjoyed very young teenagers.

Shah’s Secrecy on Women

Shah was extremely secretive about his women. Shah did not want anyone to find out about his affairs with women. He would go to extreme length to coverup each episode and affair. Only a close circle of people around him did know about all the episodes in detail.

Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in formal uniform with Shahbanu Farah Diba in tiara, his third wife

Shah’s Wives

Shah had three queens (at different times) and naturally they were his official wedded women and mothers of his children.

Shah’s Girlfriends

Throughout his life, shah had a number of girlfriends and lady friends close to him. Some were his confidants whom he could talk to. These girlfriends were the second circle of close women to the Shah.

Shah’s Lovers

Shah of Iran enjoyed various lovers whom were some steady, some from time to time and some just yearly, seasonal or one-time flings.

Shah’s Mistresses

Shah of Iran had a number of Mistresses on the side as the kept women whom he bought them houses, apartments and estates which he would secretly visit from time to time. From time to time, these Mistresses were also brought to vacations and to Darbar, for playing around.

Shah’s Dates

Shah of Iran also dated a great number of women. Some were local flings, some were foreign beauties and there were a good number of one-night stands, escorts and prostitutes of the domestic and the foreign types. Shah had a big appetite for very young girls and teenagers.

Now we will expand on each category:

Shah of Iran Wives

Shah of Iran Wives
Fawzia Fuad
Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiary
Farah Diba

Prince Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in military uniform showing Princess Fawzia Fuad of Egypt, his first wife, a classic Persian flag

Fawzia Fuad
Shahbanu of Iran

Fawzia Fuad was only 17 when she married the shah. Fawzia was an Egyptian princess, sister of the King Farouk of Egypt. At the time, Fawzia was one of the most beautiful women in the world. Reza Shah the Great wanted his son Mohammad Reza to marry in to royalty so him and Queen Nazli of Egypt arranged this marriage between Fawzia and Mohammad Reza.

Princess Fawzia of Egypt and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi were engaged in May 1938; However, they saw each other only once before their wedding. They married at the Abdeen Palace in Cairo on March 15, 1939. When they returned to Iran, the wedding ceremony was repeated at Marble Palace, Tehran, which was also their future residence.

Shahbanu Fawzia Fuad of Iran
1939 Married Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
1941 Become the Queen of Iran
1948 Divorced Shah

Fawzia Fuad in a classic hat with Mohammad Reza Pahlavi at the background

Fawzia Fuad was one of the most beautiful women in the world. Officially she divorced Shah because the Persian climate would not fit with her nature but the reality was that Fawzia was a strong willed, independent, powerful and wealthy Royalty who would not put up with Shah’s extreme womanizing promiscuous behavior as an international playboy. Fawzia divorced Shah and left Iran in anger and disappointment. Of course, the Pahlavi Courthouse covered up the real reason and came up with the silliest reason of the Iranian climate not being fit to Fawzia’s nature and making her ill! The reality was that Shah’s womanizing as a male slut made her sick to the point of divorce.

As a powerful and wealthy royalty, Fawzia could not care less about being the Iranian Queen because she was already an Egyptian Princess. Fawzia did not marry for love because it was an arranged marriage but Fawzia married for happiness and when she did not find that happiness, she divorced Shah. The interesting point is that unlike the false tales, Shah did not divorce Fawzia but it was Fawzia who divorced Shah because she could not take it anymore!

Very young Fawzia Fuad

A classic fashionable Fawzia Fuad pose

Shahbanu Fawzia Fuad of Iran

Shahbanu Fawzia Fuad of Iran in tiara and the crown jewels
Fawzia was one the world’s most beautiful women of the time. She had many qualified and eligible royalty, aristocracy, wealthy men and celebrities in line waiting to marry her but she ended up marrying the Shah, an arranged marriage which later on she greatly regretted. Eventually the marriage ended up in divorce. In later years, after the abolishment of the monarchy in Egypt, in an interview with a reporter, she stated: This is the second time in which I lose my crown; first I lost my Persian crown as the Queen of Iran and now I lost my Egyptian crown as the Princess of Egypt!

Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiary
Shahbanu of Iran

Soraya was only 18 when she married the shah. There was a rumor in Darbar that Soraya was truly 16, but Darbar covered up her true age and changed it officially to 18. Soraya was from the powerful Bakhtiari Tribe. She was from a family of Feudal, Large Land Owners, and Aristocracy. Her father was a diplomat and an aristocrat.

Shahbanu Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiary of Iran
Soraya was a pop culture phenomenon, an international icon and later on after divorce, a fashion model and an actress. Every time, she appeared in the public, she made a strong fashion statement!

Soraya the same as Fawzia Fuad was a powerful, independent, strong willed and wealthy woman. The difference was that the Fawzia’s marriage to the Shah was an arranged marriage and not a marriage of love; however, Soraya loved Shah and indeed Shah worshipped her. Soraya was the only woman that Shah was ever “in love” with. Shah had 3 wives, many girlfriends, various lovers, tons of mistresses and God knows how many one-night stands. Shah loved a few women such as Farah Diba but Soraya was Shah’s only true love. Despite all the love and admiration, it came down to the point that even Soraya could not take Shah’s promiscuousness and playboy behavior. Soraya was basically fed up with Shah’s infidelities. In addition, Soraya could not bear children and Shah needed an earl. Shah offered Soraya, if he could marry a second wife to bear children? Soraya in return offered Shah to abdicate the crown on behalf of his half-brother Shahpour Gholamreza!  When Shah refused, Soraya left Iran in anger and divorced Shah. Unlike the common belief and the Darbar’s official story, Shah did not divorce Soraya because she could not bear children but the reality was that Soraya divorced Shah mainly because of his infidelities and ultimately wanting to marry a second wife!

Shahbanu Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiary on the cover of the Life Magazine
Soraya and her famous Cat Eye Sunglasses which were her fashion trademark collection!

Soraya was a powerful Bakhtiari aristocrat and a wealthy woman. She could not care less to be the Queen of Iran. She married for love and when this love faded away, she dumped Shah. The amazing and interesting point is that Shah cared for Soraya until his death. Soraya also deeply cared for Shah until his death. She even wanted to visit him on his death bed, in private without Farah present. President Sadat of Egypt arranged the trip but by then it was too late and the Shah passed away. Soraya was the only woman that Shah truly loved.

Typical smooth and sexy Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiary sitting pose on the outdoor bed

Soraya was a gorgeous classic woman

A classic Soraya pose with her marvelously beautiful and enchanting cat eyes

Farah Diba
Shahbanu of Iran

Farah Diba, become the young new woman in Shah’s life. Farah was 21 when married shah.

By no means what I am about to write is meant to be offensive to Shahbanu because she had done some good for Iran and Iranians, for that I respect her.  She did a lot of good in her charity organization. As a historian, I state the facts; therefore, I must remain a fair judge of history and characters.

Farah Diba was a young, tall and slim athletic girl who studied in France. Back then, state was sponsoring and funding Iranian students abroad. State would actually send them abroad to study so they could serve their country as educated youth. Farah Diba had financial problems and was in need of assistance. She was a starving student. She met Ardeshir Zahedi to ask for assistance. Ardeshir Zahedi was a diplomat, always travelling in Europe (when Ambassador to UK) and travelling around the world (when Ambassador to USA).

Farah Diba playing piano

Shah was very keen on Ardeshir Zahedi due to the fact that his father General Fazlollah Zahedi was the architect of the 1953 Coup which returned the Persian crown to him. They used to refer to General Zahedi as “Taj-bakhsh” (granter of the crown) because without him, shah would have not been able to return to Iran.

Farah met Ardeshir Zahedi in France and expressed need for assistance. Ardeshir Zahedi was famous along with Asadollah Alam (Courthouse Minister) for pimping beautiful women for the Shah. Both were extremely promiscuous. It was known that Ardeshir Zahedi would test drive the women before introducing them to the Shah. Most likely Ardeshir Zahedi test drove Farah Diba and then introduced her to the Shah. The Shah was looking for a new wife who could bear children for him to have an earl. Shah also looked for a woman who would be obedient, mind her own business, be controlled, bear children, and not mind his various affairs, flings and one-night stands. Shah, of course, wanted a good-looking woman as the Queen. Farah was all of that. All the official claims of Darbar which states that Princess Shahnaz (Shah’s daughter and Ardeshir Zahedi’s wife) introduced Farah to the Shah are false. Originally it was Ardeshir Zahedi who introduced Farah to the Shah. Actually Shahnaz Pahlavi (Fawzia’s daughter) had her own problems dealing with Ardeshir Zahedi’s promiscuousness!

Farah Diba the young new woman in Shah’s life

Farah Diba’s marriage to the Shah was a marriage of convenience. Farah married Shah for security, comfort and money. Farah desperately wanted security in her life and surely loved to become the Queen. Farah would play the role of the obedient woman bearing children and looking the other way, while Shah was banging everyone in sight! Unlike Fawzia and Soraya, who were powerful, independent and wealthy women which did not care to be Queens and dumped their crowns and queenships to not tolerate Shah’s promiscuousness; Farah was not aristocracy, nor wealthy. Farah was not powerful or strong. Farah needed the comfort of the palace and the security of life with the Shah. Farah would tolerate anything for as long as needed. That is the reason which Farah remained Shahbanu until the end and was faithful to the Shah. For all her life, Farah looked the other way! Of course, Farah loved Shah like a master, and shah also loved Farah as the mother of his children but Shah was never “in love” with Farah. Shah’s only true love during his life was Soraya.

Young Shahbanu Farah Diba in tiara and the crown jewels

So basically,
Fawzia’s marriage was an Arranged Marriage
Soraya’s marriage was a Marriage of Love
Farah’s marriage was a Marriage of Convenience

Now that we are done with the shah’s wives, we will move on to Shah’s girlfriends, lovers, and mistresses:

Shah of Iran Girlfriends, Lovers and Mistresses

Shah of Iran Girlfriends, Lovers and Mistresses
Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco the American Actress
Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy the Italian Historian
Ann Sheridan American Actress
Michèle Mercier French Actress
Yvonne De Carlo Canadian Actress
Elga Andersen German Actress
Christa Helm American Actress
Kathy Carlyle American Actress
Parvin Ghaffari Iranian Actress

Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco the American Actress
Shah of Iran’s Girlfriend

Grace Kelly was the woman who refused to marry the shah of Iran and become the Queen of Iran. Through the years, Grace Kelly dated Shah, was his girlfriend, refused to marry him but remained his good friend until the end. Even after Shah’s death, Grace always spoke highly of him. Grace Kelly was Shah’s lover, girlfriend, close friend and a confidant until the end and beyond.

Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, Shah of Iran’s Girlfriend, Lover and Confidant
Grace Kelly was a symbol of elegance, beauty, class and passion

Grace Kelly Timeline
1929 Born (was 10 years younger than Shah)
1950 Started Acting Career
1956 Ended Acting Career
1956 Married Prince Rainier III of Monaco
1980 Shah Dies (Tragic for Grace)
1982 Grace Dies in Car Accident

Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, the woman who refused Shah of Iran’s Wedding Proposal

Grace Kelly was a close friend of the Shah of Iran. The Shah truly admired and loved Grace; however, he was never “In Love” with her. The only woman that Shah truly loved and was “In Love” with was Soraya.

Grace Kelly was a wild, sexy and adventurous woman of a high taste. She was classy and crazy at the same time. She was fun to be with. She made Shah alive and that is why Shah cherished every moment with her.

Grace Kelly was from a rich and influential family from Philadelphia. Since early age, she had her heart set on becoming an actress. Grace was a very talented young lady and a beautiful woman. Since early age, she had no doubt that she would become an actress and not only an actress but one of the best. She worked hard to reach her goal. Indeed, Grace become one of Hollywood’s icons.

Grace Kelly, a Hollywood Icon

Dating Shah on 1949

On 1949, Shah was between marriages. She divorced Fawzia in 1948 and married Soraya in 1951. He was also dealing with a failed assassination on 1949. He was under a lot of pressure and he was looking for someone he could talk to, play with and get him out of his depressing mood. Grace Kelly was all that!

On 1949, The Shah of Iran and Grace Kelly met at the Waldorf. Shah was 30-year-old and he arrived in America on an official visit. The Shah and Grace dated at least six times, overlapping with Shah's marriage to Soraya. Shah was dating Grace before marriage to Soraya and after.

Amazingly and unlikely, Shah was not secretive about his affair with Grace. On the contrary, he invited Grace to accompany him to the opera, play, dining and other public places.

Sexy Grace Kelly at the Beach

Shah was infatuated by her beauty and playful attitude. Shah showered Grace with various gifts and jewelry. For instance, three pieces of Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry: a gold birdcage housing a diamond and sapphire bird, all fashioned into a perfect pin; a gold vanity case with a clasp set with thirty-two diamonds; and a gold bracelet with an intricate pearl and diamond face.

Grace was hesitant to accept the gifts but after debating with herself, she accepted them to remain polite. Even though Grace cared for the Shah, yet she turned him down and refused his proposal of marriage. She refused to become Shahbanu of Iran!

Grace’s mind was made to become a famous actress. Grace knew perfectly that if she accepted the Shah’s proposal, she would have to retire from acting and be compelled to convert to Islam (although she was assured that she could practice her Catholic faith privately). Grace was not an easy woman to control. Grace declined Shah’s proposal. This did not mean that Grace stopped his friendship with the Shah.

Grace Kelly, they don’t build them like that anymore!

Primarily, they were dating, then lovers and next remained friends. Off and on Grace Kelly dated Shah, had affairs with him and maintained a friendship. Grace Kelly was a good girlfriend to the Shah.

From 1950 to 1956, Grace had become a Hollywood icon and a superstar (as predicted). Her films were best sellers and her style and glamour become world famous.

In 1956, Grace married Prince Rainier III of Monaco. After the wedding, Prince Rainier banned the screening of Grace Kelly's films, exactly what she had feared Shah of Iran would do.

Grace Kelly the talented actress and a faithful friend to the Shah

Prince Rainier was jealous of his wife’s past romance and ongoing relationship with the Shah of Iran. Still he accepted Shah’s invitation to the legendary 2500th Celebration of the Persian Empire in Shiraz, Pasargad and Persepolis. It was sort of odd for everyone when Shah and Farah met with Grace and Rainier! Obviously both Farah and Rainier were perfectly aware of the strong relationship and past romance between their spouses.

Over and over, Grace always defended Shah in the Hollywood circa. For instance, after a specific Rothschild Ball in 1971, while driving in the limo with Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, and Rainier, she openly and boldly spoke of the Shah.

Grace talked about Shah’s magnificent parties, fabulous bashes, parades and the fact that the 2500th Celebrations despite critics’ claim of being the waste of national budget, were in fact, an extravaganza with extraordinary events which were meant as a tribute to the people of Persia and as self-advertisement for the Shah’s magnificent governing which was bringing literacy to the illiterate and hygiene to the unwashed and culture to the people. She described the Shah as a marvelous man and once called him a great man which was going a bit too far (in regards to political opponents). She said how monstrous it was the Western press to be so vulgarly cynical of the whole show, most likely the press pieces were pre-written to bash the Shah. That was only of the many events where Grace defended the shah in public gatherings.

Grace Kelly, Chic and Elegant

In 1982, Princess Grace lost control of the vehicle in which she and her daughter were traveling, and Kelly lingered in a coma for barely 24 hours, before she died at the age of 52.

Despite many Hollywood liberals’ statements mocking her and referring to her as a whore who screwed everybody, Grace was a classy lady, a sharp dresser, a talented actress, a magnificent royalty, a caring person and a good friend to the Shah throughout her life.

Princess Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III meeting Shah of Iran and Shahbanu at 2500 Years Celebration of the Persian Empire Events Banquet in Persepolis. Imagine how odd it must have been for Farah and Rainier in this occasion with all the heads of states there, knowing about their spouses’ past romance and affair, also their present friendship! This photo is a classic! Look at Rainier’s face of jealousy and Farah’s face of ignoring the contact between these two, while smiling at other guests! Both Rainier and Farah tried so hard to pretend that everything is normal and good, but deep inside, they were exploding! These four met a numerous time during the days of the events at Pasargad, Persepolis and Shiraz. What an episode these meetings must have been both for Farah and Rainier just to keep it civil!

Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco in formal dress and tiara wearing the crown jewels

Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy the Italian Historian
Shah of Iran’s Girlfriend

Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy is the daughter of Italy's last king, Umberto II, and Marie José of Belgium. She is a historian and a historical writer.

In the 1950s, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran, then divorced from his second wife Soraya, indicated his interest in marrying Princess Maria Gabriella. The two were fond of each other and Shah was courting Princess Maria Gabriella; however, the issue was again about converting from Catholicism to Islam (even though Shah assured her that she can remain a Catholic in secret).

Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy, the woman who refused Shah of Iran’s Engagement Proposal

Pope John XXIII reportedly vetoed the suggestion. In an editorial about the rumors surrounding the marriage of "a Muslim sovereign and a Catholic princess", the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, wrote that the match constituted "a grave danger."

The prospect marriage was doomed to begin with. The two were not truly concern with the religious aspects but the families of the two, the Pope and Catholic Church created a mountain from a pebble. Same in Iran, the Darbar did not digest the fact that the Princess was a Catholic.

Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy in tiara

Queen Mother (Taj ol-Molouk) was a superstitious religious woman. As much as Reza Khan was secular, Anti Religion and Anti Islam, yet Taj ol-Molouk was a superstitious Muslim. She had a severe problem even with Soraya being half German; therefore, she did not recognize Soraya as a real Iranian and Shiite Muslim! Now, they were speaking of a new Italian Catholic Queen! No way Taj ol-Molouk could digest this fact! Queen Mother had heavy influence on the Shah. In fact, the Shah was a Mommy’s boy. Shah was a superstitious religious person because his mother was one. Bright mothers create bright children and religious ignorant mothers create religious ignorant children. This is a fact.

Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy smiling

So, the bottom line is that neither Shah or Princess cared much about the religious problem but the families, the Pope and the clerics in both nations raised hell!  

On March 1, 1959 the Princess Maria Gabriella di Savoia, daughter of Umberto II last king of Italy refused to get engaged with the Shah of Persia, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, so instead, he married Farah.

Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy in fur hat
Imagine that this lady could have been the Shahbanu of Iran!
Maria Gabriella is a graceful soul and a calm lady. She was Shah’s girlfriend and possible fiancé. The proposed wedding was doomed from the beginning when Family and Clerics from both countries were against it. It was Catholicism vs. Islam in the worst way possible. While the couple did not care about the religious aspects but the families and clerics almost created an international incident which all together destroyed the prospects of the future engagement. Disappointed from the turn down by Maria Gabriella, Shah then married Farah Diba.

Ann Sheridan American Actress
Shah of Iran’s Girlfriend

Ann Sheridan was born on 1915 (four years older than the Shah). From 1934 to 1967, she had a fruitful career as a Hollywood actress and a singer. On 1967 (age 51) she died of cancer. She married 3 times (like Shah). Throughout her life, she was a girlfriend and then a good friend of the Shah.

Ann Sheridan the Hollywood Star and Shah of Iran’s Girlfriend, Confidant and Close Friend

Ann Sheridan was not only a lover but a confidant of the Shah. The two spent time together or even had friends and family gatherings in States. Shah was saddened when Ann passed away. Shah had lost another good friend.

Ann Sheridan, someone whom Shah of Iran could relate and talk to

L – R: Dot (Ann’s cousin), Shah and Ann Sheridan at Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 1958
Ann Sheridan was Shah’s buddy. Aside from travels, dates and rendezvous, they also had get-togethers with Ann’s friends and family. Shah was really fond of Ann.

Young Ann Sheridan, the Sex Symbol

Classic Ann Sheridan Pose

An Exotic Ann Sheridan Scene

Ann Sheridan truly understood Shah, his feelings and his moods

Ann Sheridan a good friend of the Shah who died too young. Shah had serious problem getting over her death, especially when he could not reveal his sorrow to anyone! Shah truly cared for Ann Sheridan because Ann was one of the few women which understood him. Ann was more of a buddy than girlfriend and lover for the Shah.

Michèle Mercier French Actress
Shah of Iran’s Lover

Michele Mercier is a French actress, dancer and singer. Mercier is a veteran French star. Michele Mercier was dating, had an affair with and was a lover of the Shah.

Michele Mercier was a famous French actress in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

Michele Mercier the French Actress

Michele Mercier in action

Michele Mercier in bikini at the beach

Michele Mercier in girdle and corset

Sexy Michele Mercier Look

Michele Mercier the Sex Symbol

Michele Mercier was a willful passionate lover for the Shah and the affair was superb while it lasted!

Michele Mercier the French actress and singer in fur

Yvonne De Carlo Canadian Actress
Shah of Iran’s Mistress

Yvonne De Carlo was an Italian (origin) rooted Canadian star who made it big in the Hollywood. Yvonne De Carlo (1922 – 2007) was an active actress (1939 – 1995) who played various movies and series. Even though she played in many famous movies and she was noted in big Hollywood productions for her acting, singing and dancing, yet she is mostly known for her famous TV series, the comedy horror “Munsters” (1964 -1966). Yvonne De Carlo was a great dancer, a good singer, a fine actress and a pop culture icon who done various theatre plays and a great number of Hollywood hits.

Yvonne De Carlo, Hollywood Icon and Pop Culture Phenomenon

Yvonne De Carlo started as a pinup girl, model and a small-time actress but then she evolved to a Hollywood starlet.

Yvonne De Carlo was not only acting freaky and kinky in her vampiress movies and series, but in real life she was actually in to some freaky, kinky S&M alternative extracurricular activities!

Yvonne De Carlo introduced Shah to a new world of kinky love and made Mohammad Reza Pahlavi an S&M fan and lover. There was a pretty kinky side to the Shah of Iran. We are talking about leathers, whips and chains, the whole shebang! When with De Carlo, Shah was pretty much in to the Underground S&M Scene.

Yvonne De Carlo, the Vampiress

Yvonne De Carlo was one of Shah’s favorite mistresses who dated Shah and been his mistress off and on throughout his life. Yvonne De Carlo is a Hollywood icon and a pop culture figure. Her vampiress persona is an erotic and cultural hit.

Yvonne De Carlo as Lily Munster, the famous Vampiress

Yvonne De Carlo as the Egyptian Queen

Yvonne De Carlo in Corset
It was not only an act but in reality, Yvonne De Carlo was a Freaky Kinky Girl. She was the original Underground S&M Girl. She was the most exciting woman in Shah of Iran’s life. Yvonne De Carlo made Shah feel alive and excited. She Rocked Alahazrat’s Soul!

Yvonne De Carlo in Chains
An early days pinup pose by Yvonne De Carlo
Yvonne De Carlo was a Pinup Girl, Model, Actress, Singer, Dancer and a load of fun. Everyone assumed that she was playing a role and behaving crazy but the fact was that she was a wild and crazy woman! All the whips, chains, leathers, blood, gore, vampiress persona and kink was a real deal!

Yvonne De Carlo was a great dancer, here is one of her freaky kinky dance moves

Yvonne De Carlo was too much of a woman not only for the Shah but for any man to handle!
Yvonne was a superb dancer, famous for her dances and dance scenes. She was a fine singer and a lovely actress. Yvonne was a super model and a lively woman. Yvonne truly brought excitement to shah’s life. Do you think Shah could handle this wholesome woman?

Yvonne De Carlo steering the ship’s wheel and stirring the men’s minds!

Yvonne De Carlo the Canadian Actress who Become a Hollywood Icon

Yvonne De Carlo Made a New Man Out of the Shah of Iran!
Yvonne De Carlo was Alahazrat’s most exciting Mistress who blew his mind out and Rock & Rolled his Soul! Yvonne was simply too much to handle, a Real Freak Show! May her spirit rest in peace, she was a fabulous artist and a legendary sex symbol. Right now, she is probably Rocking on the Other Side!

Elga Andersen German Actress
Shah of Iran’s Mistress

Elga Andersen was a German actress and singer. She starred in various famous films of the 1950s and 1960s. Andersen was famous for dating millionaires, aristocracy and royalty. Eventually she married a millionaire. She died in 1994 (age 59). Andersen was a regular mistress of the Shah of Iran. Shah of Iran enjoyed tall blondes, amongst the other types.

Elga Andersen the German actress and singer

Elga Andersen was right there in Shah’s alley! Shah enjoyed these types of healthy women!

Elga Andersen, Shah of Iran’s Mistress

Elga Andersen sexy pose
Elga could make a dead man Cum!
Elga surely got Alahazrat’s Rocks off!

Elga Andersen Sexy German Actress
When Shah of Iran wanted a specific woman, he would have his eyes fixated on her. He would go in the gear and state of mind to get her. No matter how hard to get or how much to spend, he would at last capture her. Alahazrat truly believed that everyone has a price, maybe a dollar or a million dollar but everyone has a price. Some like power, some jewelry, some gifts, some money, some courting, some romance and some love but everyone is conquerable and everyone can be captured. This was Alahazrat’s philosophy on love.

Christa Helm American Actress
Shah of Iran’s Mistress

Christa Helm was a Hollywood actress of the 1970s. She captured Shah of Iran’s attention and become his mistress a while.

Christa Helm the American Actress had Shah of Iran’s Attention for a while!

Christa Helm the American Actress and Shah of Iran’s Mistress

Christa Helm the American Actress had a fling with the Shah. It was fine while it was lasted.

Kathy Carlyle American Actress
Shah of Iran’s Mistress

Kathy Carlyle was a Hollywood actress in the 1950s and the 1960s. She had her share of flings with the Shah.

Kathy Carlyle, Shah of Iran’s Hollywood Affair

Parvin Ghaffari Iranian Actress
Shah of Iran’s Mistress

Parvin Ghaffari was born in 1930 and passed away in 2013 (age 83). Parvin Ghaffari was an Iranian 1960s and 1970s movie star. She was an actress and a singer.

Parvin Ghaffari has been a mistress of the shah since she was a young teenager at 17. Unlike what is written in the so-called auto-biography books such as “Until Darkness” (Ta Siyahi) supposedly by her, and the common belief, her affairs with the Shah did not last only 3 years from her first encounter as a teenager in the 1940s. Parvin Ghaffari was Shah’s mistress since she was 17 all the way to when she was a grown woman. Actually, the connection with the Shah, helped her get a footing in the movie industry.

Unlike what is written in the books and word of mouth, Parvin Ghaffari was no “Virgin Marry” whom Shah of Iran deflowered! Of course, Parvin was a virgin when she had sex with the Shah but she was a very passionate and willful girl!  Later on, she enjoyed a wild sex life and perks of being shah’s mistress on the side.

Parvin Ghaffari, Shah of Iran’s Persian Mistress
Parvin Ghaffari the Iranian Actress and Singer

Through the years, she remained Shah’s mistress on the side. Off and on, she remained in the Shah’s sex parties circa. Parvin Ghaffari had an ongoing relationship with the Shah. Once a blue moon, Shah would get a feeling to pay a visit to her. Parvin Ghaffari also had a relationship with Prince Shahpour Gholamreza, Shah’s half-brother.

The book and the stories portray Shah as a sleazebag and Parvin as a virgin saint! The reality was that Parvin Ghaffari was one of the many young teenagers who attended Shah of Iran’s wild sex parties and lost her virginity to the Shah; however, this off and on relationship dragged on from the 1940s all the way to the 1970s. If, that book and the different versions of it was actually written or told by Parvin, then Parvin had no room to complain but instead, she had to be thankful for Shah of Iran supporting her for decades.

Parvin Ghaffari, Shah of Iran’s Persian Mistress since she was 17, all the way to the womanhood!

In fact, it was Shah’s affair which had been used by her as a stepping stone to enter the Persian Cinema. As a matter of fact, unlike what is told in the books, Shah of Iran was not stingy. On the contrary, he was very lavish and generous with the national budget! Shah was pending good money on women including Parvin Ghaffari. Shah had a great number of Mistresses such as Parvin on the side whom he surely housed and/or supported through the years.

Parvin Ghaffari was from time to time, once a season, Shah’s domestic Girl Friday, on certain weekends! Parvin was surely blessed by the Royal Schlong and well compensated for her torn chastity underwear and virginity curtain!

Parvin Ghaffari, Shah of Iran’s Persian Mistress

Parvin Ghaffari in a scene from the Imperia Iran Persian Cinema

Parvin Ghaffari was Alahazrat’s Domestic Girl Friday!
The man sometimes needs a Persian girl in her Hall of Fame! Them Persian Girls know how to do it right!

The above were some of the shah of Iran’s famous affairs, romances, relationships and part time or ongoing girlfriends, lovers and mistresses. Then there were a great number of dates including regulars, flings, and one-night-stands:

Shah of Iran Dates and One-Night Stands

Shah of Iran Dates and One-Night Stands
Iranian actresses and singers
Iranian Statesmen and Generals’ wives and daughters
Imperial Courthouse Ladies of the Night
Hollywood movie stars
Italian fashion models
French prostitutes

Shah of Iran swimming with a lady friend

Shah of Iran’s great number of dates, either regulars or flings, routine girls or one-night stands, side-chicks or Girl Fridays are way too many to count or mention. Many women and girls, both foreign and domestic had the pleasure of serving his royal highness’ Big Boy in all holes!

Shah of Iran particularly enjoyed young Iranian actresses and singers, American Hollywood Stars, Italian Models and French Whores.  Alahazrat specifically enjoyed very young teenagers. What can I say, Alahazrat had a great sexual appetite!

We better cut it off right here before we enter more bizarre sex escapades and adventures of the Shah! Then we will get in to uncharted territories and danger zones!

Soraya Left Iran in Anger for Divorce - Classic Cover Art
Walter Molino Art on the cover of the Domenica Del Corriere Weekly Newspaper 1958
Domenica Del Corriere Weekly Newspaper was published in Milan, Italy from 1899 to 1989
Soraya left Iran in anger for divorce. After Soraya refusing for Shah to have a second wife to bear children and Shah refusing to abdicate the crown to live with Soraya as she suggested, Soraya left Iran. Shah loved Soraya but not as much to abdicate the Persian Crown and throne! Even though he had a daughter (Shahnaz) from Fawzia, yet in Pahlavi Imperial Iran, according to the Shiite Islamic Law, the earl had to be a son; therefore, Shah had to have a son to replace him.

End Notes

Shah of Iran was a lover and not a fighter. He spent too much time on women and that was a problem. Instead of spending all of this time on women, he had to focus on pulling corruption from the roots in the Iranian society. Corruption was everywhere amongst all classes of the society, wealthy and even Imperial Family. While Shah was spending the tax payers’ dollars lavishly and blowing the national budget on his Royal Schlong, instead he had to focus on running the nation and developing the backbone to stand and fight his ground on 1979. Instead, he spent a lifetime on women and less time with his people and the average Iranians of the street. This detachment from the everyday Iranians, caused him his popularity amongst the masses. Finally, this issue along with many other issues, resulted in him losing his crown and handing Iran to the Ayatollahs and the Islamists. On 1979, Shah of Iran awaited the Washington DC’s order to fight the Islamist Revolutionaries rather than taking initiation and the lead to stand his ground and fight the Islamists.

Princess Maria Gabriella Di Savoy Refuses Engagement - Classic Cover Art
Walter Molino Art on the cover of the Domenica Del Corriere Weekly Newspaper 1959
Domenica Del Corriere Weekly Newspaper was published in Milan, Italy from 1899 to 1989
Princess Maria Gabriella Di Savoy of Italy refused Shah of Iran’s proposal of engagement. The wedding was doomed from the beginning. The couple did not care about the religious aspect but the Clerics and Family from both nations almost created an international incident to ban this prospect marriage. Even Pope released a statement to avoid this marriage. Catholicism and Islam do not mix!

Instead of fight, he fled and handed Iran to the Islam and the Islamists. This is what happens when you do not have a balance between sex and women on one side and then discipline and work on the other side. As I stated before, unfortunately, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was no Reza Shah the Great. Alahazrat had done many goods for Iran but when it all came down to push and shove, he did not stand and fight, but instead he fled and surrendered Iran in two occasions (1953 and 1979) to his enemies. Sadly, the second time he handed Iran to Islam and Islamists. He never thought that this second exile would be permanent!

It is now over 4 decades that Iran is lost to Islam and Islamists. Mullahs swallowed Iran in whole and plundered the national budget and the resources.

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

Shah’s Engagement to Farah Diba - Classic Cover Art
Walter Molino Art on the cover of the Domenica Del Corriere Weekly Newspaper 1959
Domenica Del Corriere Weekly Newspaper was published in Milan, Italy from 1899 to 1989
The classic romantic moment at the palace where Shah proposed engagement to Farah Diba

Difference Between the Shah and the Mullahs

As I have always stated, out of $ 10, if Shah and the Imperial Regime stole $ 1, then they spent $ 9 on the people, but Mullahs are steeling $ 9 and spending only a dollar on the people!

Queen Farah Diba of Iran - Classic Cover Art
Walter Molino Art on the cover of the Domenica Del Corriere Weekly Newspaper 1960
Domenica Del Corriere Weekly Newspaper was published in Milan, Italy from 1899 to 1989
Farah Diba becomes Shahbanu of Iran. Celebrating Shahbanu in Tiara.

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, wrong or right, had done many goods for Iran, industrialization, progress and education. On the other hand, he gave Mullahs and Islamists a Green Light and a pass! Due to his superstitious religious nature, he killed the communists, Marxist Islamists (Mojahedin) and liberal democrats but never the Mullahs and the Islamists! His lover but not a fighter nature, finally end up being a disaster for Iran. Alahazrat was never strong enough and never had the iron will of his father to stand firm, to fight and to save Iran. Alahazrat always wanted to be like Reza Khan, but he couldn’t. Read the text under the second photo on top of this page, chapter 4 of this series:

Shah of Iran Rare Photo Galleries: Chapter 4
Alahazrat Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, Portrait of a Nationalist

Read about the true story of Reza Khan:

Reza Shah The Great, The Real Story

On the light side, it was not a total waste, at least Shah had a lifetime of wild sex and an encyclopedia of sex positions and styles with astronomic number of women! In this aspect, shah did not die in vain!

Alahazrat’s Engagement with Farah Diba Portrait Art Painting
A Classic Romantic Moment Captured in Art
Shah and Farah Engagement - Classic Cover Art
Walter Molino Art on the cover of the Domenica Del Corriere Weekly Newspaper 1959
Domenica Del Corriere Weekly Newspaper was published in Milan, Italy from 1899 to 1989
Shah and Farah Engagement at the Palace

Wrong or right, Shah done a lot of good for Iran and we shall not forget all the positive which he had done for the nation. After all, at the end of the day, Alahazrat was a great nationalist. I shall always refer to him as Alahazrat.

May his spirit rest in peace.


Dr. X


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