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Part 1 - Adventures of Tintin Comics and DVDs

Adventures of Tintin in Tehran!
Adventures of Tintin Comics and DVDs
Part One

Ahreeman X
July 9, 2008

Adventures of Tintin Logo
Tintin and Snowy from Adventures of Tintin

Do you recall Adventures of Tintin? If you were born between 1920 and 1990 and were raised anywhere in the world but outside United States of America, most likely you were raised reading Tintin Comic Books and Graphic Novels and/or watching Tintin Animated TV Series, Movies and DVDs. Tintin is a global phenomenon.

Adventures of Tintin are one of the best, well-made and artistic series of Graphic Novels and Animations ever made.

Tintin in Tehran!

And in 2008, finally a lost episode of Tintin has been published:

Adventures of Tintin Episode: Tintin in Tehran
Bearded Tintin with shalwar pajamas and na’leyn clogs, , Captain Haddock with band-neck collar (Yakhe Akhundi) shirt and Tasbih rosary beads, Bianca Castafiore the Italian Nightingale in chador with a baby in her arms! Bianca had finally hitched Captain Haddock! The crew are crossing the crazy zoo-like traffic of Tehran while a car had hit Snowy (knocked out cold with blood all over the street). Another 2 cars are crashed in front of Shahyad (Azadi) monument and circle. What a riot!

Relax, no such episode was published! It is only a prank. I am only pulling your leg!

Tintin and Snowy digging in a bottle of champaign!

But seriously, it all started with the great Belgian artist “Herge” aka Georges Remi (1907 – 1983) writing and drawing a series of newspaper comic strips in French (1929). It is now over 80 years that the legend of Tintin continues on. Next came comic books, graphic novels, movies, merchandise, action figures, TV series and the rest is history.

Adventures of Tintin Episode: The Black Island
Tintin and Snowy are riding the boat to the mysterious Black Island!

Adventures of Tintin Characters

Tintin is an international adventurer and a snoopy reporter who ends up solving crimes and exposing international cover-ups and intriguing plots! Snowy is his faithful Fox Terrier dog. Captain Haddock is a veteran sea dog, a ship captain. Professor Calculus is a nearly deaf and absent minded inventor professor. Detectives Thomson and Thompson are a couple of clumsy and funny twin detectives.

Main characters for Adventures of Tintin are:

L – R: Captain Haddock, Tintin, Snowy, Detectives Thomson and Thompson and Professor Cuthbert Calculus

Supporting characters follow with a huge variety of colorful personalities such as:

Nestor (The Faithful Butler)
Bianca Castafiore (Loud Opera Singer)
Jolyon Wagg (Persistent Insurance Salesman)
General Alcazar (South American Nationalist Dictator)
Chang (Chinese Boy)
Rastapopoulos (Criminal Mastermind)
Mohammed Ben Kalish (Arab Amir)
Abdullah (Amir’s Son)

Cast of Major Characters from Adventures of Tintin

In a way Herge has made a caricature of real historical characters and the history from 1929 when he released his first graphic novel “Tintin in the Land of the Soviets” to 1976 when he released his last graphic novel “Tintin and the Picaros”.

Herge AKA Georges Remi (1907 – 1983)

Adventures of Tintin Graphic Novels

Overall Herge released 23 graphic novels. Later on after his death, they released his unreleased arts in one volume: Tintin and Alph-Art (1986). The original Tintins are collectors items!

Adventures of Tintin
24 Official Graphic Novels by Herge

There are also a number of pirate books such as “Tintin in Thailand” which were not released by Herge. Artist fans wanted to continue Herge’s legacy so they released these pirate graphic novels.

Tintin in Thailand (Pirate Graphic Novel)

Through the years there has been a number of movies and animated series. In 1991 Canadian Broadcasting had released an animated TV Series: Adventures of Tintin. This is the best animated series made of Tintin episodes so far.

Adventures of Tintin Episode: The Castafiore Emerald
Captain Haddock and Tintin at the opera blasted away by the loud voice of Bianca Castafiore!

Herge has created many other series such as:

Quick and Flupke
Jo, Zette and Jocko


But nothing even near the legendary “Adventures of Tintin” was ever made by Herge!

Memories from Good Old Times in Tehran

Do you know how certain songs, movies, books, or items take you back in time to a sweet memory? They take you back to the good old times? To when you had a great comforting memory and fun? Well, Adventures of Tintin are one of such episodes!

Back in Iran, I used to collect every single one of the Tintin Graphic Novels. I used to read them religiously. During the hot summers of Tehran, while schools were out, either my cousins would travel from Germany and Bandar Pahlavi (Anzali) to stay at our house in Tehran or all of us would travel to Bandar Pahlavi (Anzali) and stay at the top Hotels of Pahlavi. Either way, my cousins and I used to have Tintin Graphic Novel reading hours for summertime.

Tintin Came Alive!

In Tehran, during my pre-teen and early teen years, I used to read Tintin Graphic Novels religiously. In America as an adult I watched the Tintin TV Series when it came out in 1991. Do you know how exciting it was to see Tintin live (animated) for the first time? We grew up with Tintin in Iran, but in America we got to see his live episodes on TV! Tintin came alive, wow!

I could not wait till the Series would come out on DVD and when it did I bought them. Even though the TV Series and the 2 DVD Box Sets do not include the first three episodes: 1929 Tintin in the Land of the Soviets,1930 Tintin in the Congo and 1931 Tintin in America, yet still it is a magnificent well-made collection of animated stories, covering 20 episodes (45 minutes each) of Adventures of Tintin.

In the past, there were Animated Adventures of Tintin TV Series and Movies produced in French and English, but they were nothing like the new ones (1991). In addition, there were Tintin movies produced in French and English but soon there will be a big production Tintin Movie by Steven Spielberg coming out in 2009.

Adventures of Tintin TV Series (1991)

I watched the complete series and with each episode, I went back in time to my childhood and early teen years in Iran. Tintin brought back memories from the best times of my life, my first 16 years of life in Iran.

Tintin and Old Citroen (Zhian)
Remember those old Zhian (Citroen) automobiles in Iran and Europe?
Zhian (Iranian version) or Citroen (French version) was basically as thin as tin (halabi)! You could dent the hood if you pushed hard on it with your elbow!
Over here the clumsy detectives Thomson and Thompson are coming to a hard halt in their Citroen!

Herge Comic Book Art

Of course reading the beautifully drawn graphic novels are something else! You have to read them to truly enjoy Herge’s art. They are wonderfully illustrated. The stories capture your attention and you simply cannot put the novels down until you read the whole episodes!

Herge was a visionary. He was writing graphic novels about space travels and moon landing in 1950s! His graphic novels are action pact adventures full of murder mystery, espionage, sabotage, global politics and detective works! In each novel, Herge takes you on a beautiful graphic ride and tells you an amazing story full of action and adventure. His drawing style is superb. Herge comic strips, graphic novels and animations are masterful. His style is no cheesy modern anime but detailed and well-painted old fashion style of comic book drawings.

Adventures of Tintin Episode: The Crab with the Golden Claws
Captain Haddock and Tintin stranded in the middle of the Arabian desert, thirsty and dehydrated!

By introducing Adventures of Tintin to the world, Herge has become a legend and Tintin has become eternal! This is my tribute to Herge and his Adventures of Tintin Series. Herge had created a brand new world that we grew up with. Herge, may your great spirit rest in peace.

Adventures of Tintin DVD Sets, Graphic Novels and Other Merchandise

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