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Epic Persian Poetry

The Persian
Epic Persian Poetry

Ahreeman X
December 24, 2020

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The Persian
Epic Persian Poetry

This soul is ancient
The consciousness is within me
This body is only a vessel
The consciousness is around me

We live in a bubble
And this body will die too
We display a facade
And this vessel will pass too

But this soul is wounded
Thus, this soul aches for survival
But this consciousness stays forever
Thus, this consciousness is eternal

Experts say mind transformation is a myth
They say the full head transplant, is not possible yet!
Experts preach brain download is a theory
They say the brain transplant, is not practical yet!

Transition maybe not physical
They maybe technologically not possible
Concept maybe radical
They maybe practically not available

But I’m already transplanting my mind
To hundreds of thousands around the globe
Via Internet, I’m downloading my fabrics
Bit by bit, in to a million minds, like a strobe

I’m sending the data with unstoppable flow
Roaring and storming in a sea of light
From my point of origin exploding across the lands
Refusing to slow down without a fight

I’m informing, enlightening and transforming
To seekers across the net
My mind downloads and absorbs clearly
By all recipients unveiling the bet

The transformation occurs daily
The knowledge downloads speedily
The full mind transplant ongoing
The mass spread grasps rapidly

We are uploading on this end
They are downloading elsewhere
We are sending transmission
They are receiving everywhere

One day, you’re here
Next day, you’re gone
One second, you’re lively
Next moment, you’re done

A moment of life, cheers, passion and love
A Basket of glory, art, designs and knowledge
A moment of solitude, sadness and sorrow
I will put this moment here, in the outage

This body is old and it will gradually die
Yet my mind been transplanted, in many young bodies
Around the globe, many grasped the message
Thus, these souls seek endless rain, in streaming wadies

My mind will live forever
I do not await for tomorrow
To transplant my brain and mind
I transition now, not afterglow

I am a Persian
My past is obscured, by the dusts of history
My future will be written by you
I am telling you the now, in the mist of mystery!

The now, I am writing with my blood
Now, we shall take the final stand
Now, we shall battle the beast
Now, we shall make the last stand

Now, we will make the greatest sacrifice
Now, we will stand together
Now, we will fight for glory
Now, we shall remember forever

The last stand against the Arabo-Muslim Beast
The last battle against the Bedouin Barbarians
The last attempt to save the Persian Culture
The last story to hand the librarians

The last struggle for the survival of Mother Persia
The final episode of the Saga to save Apadana!
The last second of glory captured by blood
The final moment shall be remembered in Ariana!

The time is now, the battle is here
The fire is now, the essence is near
Have no fear, can’t live forever
In this war, immortality is clear

I am one, with you I’m two
Together, our voice is loud
Whoever is loud will be heard
Stand up now, make us proud

One hand has no noise
Two hands make applause
Together we stand a chance
To revive this holy cause

I am a Persian
I roamed the globe
I captured the world
I sent the probe

You heard the SOS
Your conscience is clear
If you make a stand
You will have no fear

I am a Persian
I made my choice
My life means nothing
A free Iran is my voice

One minute of life as a Persian lion
Better than a lifetime, living like a rat
A moment of glory in the survival of the light
Best understood, by the proud Persian cat

I am a Persian
I glorified the world
Take my hand
Don’t let us die without the final word!

Today’s Iranians are not Yesterday’s Persians
They say that without a doubt!
I am a Persian, are you one too?
Let this fire burn and explode in a rout

I am a Persian
One and one is two
Wake the sleep, shake the dead
Glory is way past due

Revive your lost prestige
Rejoin the humanity
End the Mullahs’ reign
Finish this calamity

I am a Persian
Are you less than me?
Prove me wrong
Grab my hand, stand by me!

I am a Persian
Sheep no more
Raise the standard
Let’s hear you roar

I am a Persian
Are you one too?
Let’s join forces
Thus, glory is way past due!

I am a Persian
Silent no more
Free Iran
Let’s Settle the score

Revive an ancient civilization
Recapture glory of the past
Revive the lost prestige
Let’s hear your laughter last

I am a Persian
These are my final words
If my words register
Pick up your swords

There is only one Iran
It is surely worth the fight
Pack up the half breeds
Ship them to Arabian drought!

I am a Persian
Grab my hand to be free
Stand by me and fight with me
Help me set you free

I am a Persian
I stand straight
You shall not bow
Have some faith

I am a Persian
Stop the nightmare to drag on
Join me in our battle
Free Iran and hang on

I am a Persian
My word is my sword
Are you a Persian?
Will you be on board?

Freedom Now, Tomorrow and Forever
These are the codes to live by
Pure Persian Pride
These are the words to die by

I am a Persian
I will not bow!
Are you a Persian?
Will you join me now?

Ahreeman X
December 24, 2020

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