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Water (Ab)
Poem: Sohrab Sepehri
Translation: Ahreeman X
March 29, 2020

Water (Ab)
Poem: Sohrab Sepehri

Water (Ab)
Translation: Ahreeman X

We shall not muddy the water.
A pigeon may drink it down the stream,
or in a distant grove, a starling songbird may be bathing,
or in the village, a vase may be filling.

We shall not muddy the water.
This running water may feed a poplar,
and wash away the sorrow from a heavy heart.
Maybe a dervish mystic is dipping his dry staled bread in it.

A beautiful woman came by the riverbank,
we shall not muddy the water,
her beauty has doubled.
What refreshing water!
What clear river!

The people from the upper side, how spirited they are!
May their springs always boil and their cows always milk!
I have never seen their village.
No doubt, the footsteps of God is next to their shacks!
The Moonlight, over there, lights up the depth of the words.
No doubt, in the upper side village, the fences are low.
If a single flower blooms, everyone knows about it!
What a village it must be!

May its gardens and alleys be filled with the music!
The people from the upper side of the river, comprehend the water.
They did not muddy the water,
same shall be with us,
we shall not muddy the water.

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