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Worship (Niayesh)
Poem: Sohrab Sepehri
Translation: Ahreeman X
March 30, 2020

Poem: Sohrab Sepehri

Translation: Ahreeman X

We traveled through the light,
we wrote across the golden prairie.
We plucked the legend,
and unripe we threw it out.
Near the desert,
a shadow spreading sunlight,
gave us warmth,
we paused a bit.
Near the wide river of secrets,
we beheaded the dreams.
A cloud had appeared,
and we closed our eyes.
The darkness was torn apart,
we saw the Venus,
and we climbed the mountain ridge.
The lightening stroke,
and saw us deep in prayer.
With shivers, we cried.
With laughter, we cried.
The rain showered,
we comforted each other.
The darkness faded away,
We rose our heads up in the blue skies,
We become one with the skies.

We left the shadow in the canyon.
We threw the laughter in to emptiness.
Our silence interlinked,
And we …… become us.
Our solitude had spread all the way to the golden prairie.
The Sun covered herself from our faces.
We discovered and we laughed.
We went in hiding and we burned.
The more we clung together,
The lonelier we become.

On the mountain ridge, we drifted apart.
I came down to Earth and become a man.
You went up in to the heavens and become a God.

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