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Death Rides an Orange Horse!

2022: Death of the Democrat Party
Death Rides an Orange Horse!
Save America Tour Rallies

Ahreeman X
March 28, 2022

Trump Modern Day Samson vs. Establishment Ben Garrison Cartoon
The Orange Death is Coming to Destroy the Establishment!
Trump vs. Establishment
Establishment consisting the Democrats, RINOs, Media, Tech Giants, Hollywood, Academia, Deep State and the rest of the Swamp

Ben Garrison Patriotic Political Cartoonist Updates

Storm is Coming

Death is coming and he rides an Orange Horse. This is the beginning of the End. On March 26, 2022 I have seen the Death. I am the Harbinger of the Death. The Death is coming.  The Death will bring on the Storm. The Storm which will blow away and destroy the Washington DC Swamp and the Deep State along with it. The same Deep State unelected bureaucrats which believe that they are better than the people and they have been making decisions for the people during the past 35 years. The same Deep state which stole the election and erected the Usurper and the Illegitimate Regime of the Democrats which has been reigning via a coup since January 20, 2021.The same Deep State which erected an idiot criminal as the usurper and put his Crime Family Enterprise in the White House.

I have seen the Death, the Death of the Night, the Reviver of the Light. I have seen the Death; he rides an Orange Horse. He is the Orange Man! The Glorious Death of DC Establishment is coming to once and for all return the power to the people and put the Deep State, 6 feet under, where they can rest in peace in the eternal Hell forever! Storm in coming to destroy the As Is Establishment and Create a New Era. More power to the Storm. Death is coming to Washington DC, God Bless the Death!

Donald Trump’s Rebel Fist Gesture, National Populist Style!
This is the Beginning of the End of Establishment and Deep State!
I have seen the Death!
Death rides an Orange Horse!
Death is an Orange Man!

God Bless the Death!

Trump Colorful Language Rally

Trump Rally Georgia on March 26, 2022 was the most colorful language Trump Rally up-to-date! Trump went all the way to the places which he had never gone before! He went to places where no man has gone before! Places far away from the PC Liberal World, the Woke World, the Safe Spaces, and the Gay Sissy World of the Democrats!

Trump stated that the country is destroyed and the Democrats are concerned about a one in one thousandth of an inch rise in the world oceans in the next century, so FAQ the Climate Change. On the stolen election, he stated that “This Shiite” only happens to me! Trump used all the Un-PC terms including FAQ, Shiite, Hell, Bull Shiite, Screw, and much more. It was the most colorful language Trump Rally. Every time Trump let out the frustration with cuss words, the crowd cheered!

Trump Rally Georgia – Save America Tour
Trump is the Spokesperson of the People
Trump is the People and the People are Trump

People stand in line for 3 days to be the first in the Trump Rallies because Trump is Hope and in this Dark Winder of Biden and the Never-Ending Despair of Democrats, people need hope. People have seen how life was a year and few months ago under Trump. People have seen the Best of Times under Trump, when they were on top of the world and people can see the Worst of Times and the life under Democrats after a year and few months when America and the world is destroyed! People are living in the Dark Winter of Biden, the never-ending dark winter possibly for 4 long years! People need hope for America to be Great Again and out of the Democrat’s Misery which not only destroyed America but the whole world, because the world’s economy is directly related to the American Economy and the US dollar.

Trump points at the people at one of his massive MAGA Rallies
Between 20,000 to 80,000 people attend each of the Trump Rallies
Trump, Man of the People, the most accomplished and the most popular US president in the history!

Trump is the Most Accomplished US President in history
Trump Administration Historical Accomplishments as of January 2021

Weimar Republic

America under the illegitimate regime of Democrats and tragedy of the Usurper President Biden is mighty similar to the German Weimar Republic of 1919 – 1933 which literally destroyed the German economy, put the Germans in the poor house, made Germany the laughing stock of the world where the Germans needed a bag full of Deutschmark to buy a piece of bread! Sounds familiar? That is America today!

Biden Excuses for Destruction of USA: It is Putin’s Fault Branco Cartoon
Joe Biden: It’s Trump’s fault, it’s COVID’s fault, it’s Putin’s fault, it’s …. never ending excuses!
Biden with his Obama teleprompter, sipping cup and Democrat Sledge Hammer, destroyed every aspect of the American economy and social fabric!

A F Branco Patriotic Cartoonist of the People Updates

The worst regime in history of Germany was the Weimar Republic which was a cause for the rise of Hitler who brought back the great economy and glory to the Germany; however, later on, due to various mistakes and strategical blunders, he destroyed it all and turned Germany to rubbles!

Trump is not Hitler; Trump made America Great, once before and created the greatest economy in the history of earth. Trump’s second coming will be more like Jesus Christ’s 2nd coming or Cyrus the Great’s 2nd coming. As many patriotic jews vision him as the reincarnation of Cyrus the Great Persian Emperor who brought justice and tranquility not only to the jews but to the world. Trump is more like Cyrus the Great, the savior of the Jews, Persians, and the Global Population.

Night of the Long Knives

After the Weimar Republic’s end, when people took back their country and made Germany great, the National Socialists conducted the “Night of the Long Knives” where they massacred the SA Thugs and Street Hoodlums and cleansed the party and the country.

In America’s situation, the storm shall come and the Death will destroy the DC Swamp but we shall be wise and not to stop there. The Swamp must be totally eliminated and the Deep State must be absolutely exterminated. There must be complete cleansing of the GOP from the RINOs, Government from the Deep State and America from the PC Crowd, Cancel Culture and Communists.

Trump MAGA Rally Georgia – Save America Tour
60,000 People Attended on March 26, 2022
The Most Colorful Language Trump Rally of All

Trump versus Hitler: Similarities and Differences
Scientific Historical Comparison

For once and for all, the US government must be Deep State Free. These unelected cabal and shady characters in the CIA, FBI, NSA, DOD, DOJ, MIC, Pentagon and every other Government Office must be mercilessly exterminated and put out of work, so the power can be returned to the people. Back to the Founding Fathers’ vision, the True Republic, the Unique form of Democracy, the Constitution, and the Power to the People, we will go.

The Front Row Joe Patriot
Member of the Trump Front Row Joes, always waiting in front of the line, days before the Trump Rallies to be the first getting in the arenas so he can be on the front line to the stage. True American Patriot. At the background, you see the picture of crippled Beijing Joe Biden with his gay mask, sitting on his wheelchair as the Xi Jinping’s stooge puppet.

Death of the Deep State

Patriots must run for office. Deep State’s reign of 35 years shall come to an end, a bloody end. We must do this task peacefully via electing patriots and honest people into all positions up and down the tickets in all elections, major change of the legislators, watchful eyes of the election observers, reliable poll watchers, conduction of fair elections and implementation of the rules:

Voters ID
No Mail In Ballots
No Drop Boxes
No Ballot Harvesting
No Dominion Machines
Monitoring the Chain of Custody of the Ballots
Ballot Signature Verifications

and so on …

Americas must be the only civilized nation in the world where you do not need an ID to vote, no signature verification and you can mail in your vote or vote online! This type of election is not really an election but an erection and a selection! As the results, we have cheating, fraud and stolen elections in local levels like San Diego, in state levels like California and in the national level like the 2020 Election!

Trump MAGA Rally Georgia – Save America Tour
60,000 People Attended on March 26, 2022
6,000 stood outside and watched on Giant Screens
Some People waited 3 days in line to see Trump speak
The Most Colorful Language Trump Rally of All
Trump the most loved president in history of USA

If we do not have fair elections, then obviously we will not have a republic or a country. Yes, we must establish fair elections, peacefully via reforms of the election system or else, down the road, we must establish a militia and faceoff with the Deep State to regain our republic, as the Founding Fathers intended! As you can see, that is the reason for the Democrats’ Gun Grab to disarm the people, so they can fully establish Communism in America.

Armed People are Free People. Disarmed people are easy to control. This is what happened in Iran. People in Imperial Iran owned guns. As soon as the Mullahs came to power, they took away the guns and established an Islamic Theocratic Dictatorship. Democrats’ intention is to disarm America, so they can establish Socialism and eventually Communism in full blown form. Their desire is the death of Individualism and Absolute Socialist Globalist control of the people.

Trump Girls are listening to Trump Speech, the most charismatic president in history of America

2nd Coming of Trump

Trump won his first term by 65 million votes and his second term by 75 million votes, most votes achieved by any US president in the history. He done much better in his 2nd term than his first term but the coalition of the Democrats, Media, Tech Giants, and Deep State by mass financing of George Soros and Tech Oligarchs, also the creation of the Covid-19 by China funded by Anthony Fauci colluded and as a cabal, stolen the election from him. The Deep State and Democrats have always been cheating, rigging and fixing elections for 35 years but this turns around, they actually in total, stolen a whole American election by creating 81 million fraudulent votes for a senile old criminal and his criminal family as a puppet usurper president. They put a puppet stooge in the White House. A senile old man with distracted thoughts and no cognitive mechanism as a puppet to control was erected by the Deep State.

In today’s America, this percentage of the people are perfectly aware that the 2020 election was stolen:

90% of Republicans
70% of Independents
30% of Democrats

The majority of the country are aware that 2020 was a coup, not an election.

Marjorie Taylor Greene the Georgia Congresswoman and GOP Heavy Weight rallies the base waving Impeach Biden sign at the Trump Massive MAGA Rally Georgia
End of the Democrat Party

In today’s America, we live in tyranny under tyrants. Some states like California, Illinois, New York and populated blue States are used to living under Tyrants but the majority of the Free Americans are used to living free as Freemen and Freewomen. As of January 20, 2021, the American people are living under a Dictatorship. This is not tolerable. At least not in America!

Democrats, Media, Tech Oligarchs, Hollywood, Academia and Deep State have stolen the election, crushed people’s votes and rights, and then established a PC Dictatorship with full censorship via cancel culture, CRT, Equity, Affirmative Action, PC and Wokeness.

Trump Police Lineup of the Deep State Establishment Ben Garrison Cartoon
“Everything Trump said was right!” (Media)
“Hunter Biden Laptop, Biden Crime Family Enterprise, Hillary Clinton’s fabrication of the Russia Hoax, Obama spying on his campaign, Deep State spying on his White House, Establishment Collusion to topple him, etc. everything Trump said was correct but Media covered them up!” (Media)
Deep State Cabal: Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, John Podesta, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, George Soros, John McCain, Bill Clinton (with pants down), Debbie Wasserman Schultz and so many more Swamp creatures …
Trump: They all did it!

Americans are already fed up with the illegitimate regime and the Dark Winter of Biden. One year in to the reign of the illegitimate regime, 60,000 to 80,000 people show up in Trump Rallies and he is not even officially running for the president! People are doing so, because they want to cleanup the country from top to bottom, up and down the ticket, in all offices. People are establishing fair elections, now, because tomorrow will be too late and they may have to clash as a militia with the Deep State.

For the first time in the history since 1776, Americans are living under a Socialist Dictatorship! Americans cannot digest this oppression!

Patriots at the Trump Rally Georgia 2022
Trump Won 2016 Election and 2020 Election, and he will win the 2024 Election
Trump won but Deep State stole it from him
God Bless Donald John Trump, man of the people and the great National Populist

New America

In today’s America, patriots are jailed in Washington DC and the criminals are residing free in the White House! January 6th patriots have been in jail without charges for over a year. Corrupt Career Politicians, Deep State and Biden Crime Family Enterprise are running the White House, Capitol and the US government. Supreme Court occupied by the Liberals and RINOs, has no courage and backbone to establish justice, hear election crimes, fix the wrong or even execute or interpret the constitution rather than legislation from the bench!

When election was stolen, the civility went out the balcony! Now it is do or die to save our republic and that is why Trump Save America Tour is conducted.

Every single group who stole the election, will be dealt with accordingly. Deep State and Tech Giants will get what’s coming to them!

I am only the harbinger of Death thus I have seen the Death. The Death rides an Orange horse. The Death is an Orange Man. He is the spokesperson for the people. He is the People!  He is the will of the people. I am here to tell you that the Death is coming. The Death is coming to Washington DC.

The Storm is coming to destroy everything, cleanse the stench and corruption. Everything will be destroyed. People will not tolerate slavery anymore. The complete establishment of Democrats, RINOs, Media, Tech Giants and Deep State will be crushed. Deep State will die. Power will be returned to the people as the Founding Fathers intended.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, James Monroe, John Jay and the rest of the Great Founding Fathers will at last glance down at us, smile victoriously and pat us on the back stating:

At last, you have found your way back to the American Dream!

Dr. King once had a dream but Democrats stolen that Dream! We are now in the Dark Winter of Biden! We, the patriots will not dream but we make our dreams to come true by any means possible!

Back to Constitution, back to Freedom, back to greatness, back to American Exceptionality and back to Glory we go ……

Marjory Taylor Greene takes center stage to speak at the Trump Rally Georgia as an introductory speaker. Greene is a super National Populist, and American Patriot

Patriots, together we shall end the Socialist and Communist Tyranny of Democrats and Deep State. Together, we the people shall fight tooth and nail to find our path back to the “Shining City Upon a Hill”!

Folks, my message is very simple:

Death to the Establishment
More Power to the People and the Patriots
MAGA National Populism is the Will of the People


Trump Girl Sticker at the Trump Rally
I am a Trump Girl, Get Over It and Deal With It!

Most Colorful Language Trump Rally Ever

Trump Rally Georgia conducted on March 26, 2022 in Commerce, GA, was the most colorful lingo Trump Rally up-to-date. It was one of the best where Trump laid it all on the line. Trump and the people are fed up and they do not care anymore about political correctness and Liberal Bull Shiite Terms. In this rally, the agenda become clear.

Trump always ends his rallies with the famous Trump Dance to the beat
People expect Trump to do the Trump Dance or else they will go nuts and riot!

The Trump Dance - Trump Dance Mix: Let’s Rock & Roll

Over 60,000 people attended the rally with 6,000 standing outside the rally watching from the giant screens and mobiles. This mass rally was an awesome MAGA Rally form the Save America Tour. Trump was fabulous. Some waited 3 days in the line, only to see him and he doesn’t even play the guitar nor is he a Rock Star! Trump is America’s hope for survival, salvation and greatness. Hope to Make America Great Again. Trump started with thanking the patriots and ended with a famous Trump Dance!

Trump Women Gang at the Trump Rally
Trump women Gang Attends almost All Trump Rallies
It is a Tradition!

Trump Rally Georgia March 26, 2022

Introductory Speeches

Marjorie Taylor Greene Speech at Save America Rally in Commerce GA 3/26/22

Senator David Perdue's Speech at Save America Rally in Commerce, GA 3/26/22

Herschel Walker Speech at Save America Rally in Commerce GA 3/26/22

Trump Speech

Trump Speech From Commerce, GA 3/26/22

Trump Speech From Commerce, GA 3/26/22 – Backup File


Marjorie Taylor Greene Interview with Brian Glenn at Save America Rally in Commerce GA 3/26/22



Donald Trump Jr.

MTG Team - Marjorie Taylor Greene

RSBN – Right Side Broadcasting Network


RAV – Real America’s Voice

OAN – One America News


The First TV




Trump America

Marjorie Taylor Greene






Donald John Trump Wants You!
Patriots, Stand Up with Trump to Save America and the World
Stand Up to the Establishment, Globalists, Communist Democrats, RINO GOP Establishment, Media, Hollywood, Tech Giants and the Deep State Swamp. Trump is the Man of the American Workers.
National Populists Always Stand with Trump
MAGA Forever

Great Again

Patriots, we will make America great again and the Save America Tour is only the beginning step to regain our country. National Populist Movement is taking over not only America but the world by the storm. The Storm which will drown and destroy not only the Washington DC Establishment and the Deep State but the Socialist Globalist Establishment worldwide.

Patriots, together, we the people shall fight tooth and nail to find our way back to the “Shining City Upon a Hill”! Together, we the people are the storm, nothing can stop us. We the people …

The Storm is Coming!

Dr. X


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