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2nd American Revolution
Ahreeman X
June 22, 2024

Donald John Trump’s Famous Two Thumbs Up Gesture with the US Flag
Storm is Coming, The 2nd American Revolution of Trump and MAGA

Storm is Coming!

2nd American Revolution is coming on November 5, 2024. It is victory or death; we must take our country back. End of the line for the Biden Illegitimate Regime and the Internal CIA Coup of January 20, 2021 is approaching so fast that the usurper regime is vastly attempting to jail all the political opponents via lawfare as the final tactic to remain in power!

US Government in collusion with Media, Tech Giants, Wallstreet, Globalist Corporations and Hollywood whom are all Democrats are indeed in panic mode, sad and indecision! End is near, people will take back their country, the storm is coming on November 5th, 2024. The Storm named Trump and the MAGA! Stolen Presidency, Illegitimate Regime, Deep State Coup, Lawfare, Banana Republic and turning America to a 3rd world dumpster under the Oligarchy of the Elite will be done with and over! Justice shall be served. The Final Verdict to all of these sham trials will be the verdict of the American people on Nover 5th 2024. The least you can do is register to vote and make sure to actually vote.

Donald John Trump MAGA Political Prisoner of the Biden Illegitimate Regime and Deep State
Greatest American President in the History, Man of the People, MAGA Spokesperson
Trump Mugshot – Democrats want to bankrupt, jail and murder him in prison via Lawfare

Deep State Corruption

Having patriotic friends inside the FBI and CIA, they tell me that now Democrats are not only unleashing the lawfare on Trump and MAGA, yet they are going in full lawfare mode inside the FBI and CIA! Same as USSR’s KGB “Political Officers” in various groups of the Soviet Red Army, making sure that the troops are faithful to the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party, Democrats are now cleansing the FBI, CIA, NSA and other intelligence and security agencies off of the conservatives! For Democrats, it is not enough that majority of the US Government are Democrats but they want all of the government employees to be Democrats! Democrats implement this task via enforcing woke policies, DEI, CRT, Transgender Ideology, Pronouns and now direct interrogations and questionnaires of the employees by the PC Officers (Political Correctness Police) installed inside the units to spy on them and snitch on them; however, Democrats are forgetting about one thing: Thank God for the Whistleblowers!  As I stated before, Democrats are the Communist Party USA!

Patriots inside the FBI and CIA are ashamed of what the Democrats had done to the agencies and the present disastrous reputation of the agencies. Patriots believe that at once, the American people were proud of and had respect for the CIA and FBI but now, American people despise the CIA and FBI, and look at them with mistrust as the enemy of the people! This is what Democrats had done to America!

If Deep State assumes that they can steal the 2024 election like they done to the 2020 election, they may consider having a full-blown Revolution on their hands! You can oppress the people and squeeze the bottleneck to a certain point, eventually people get fed up, the bottleneck will explode and the aftershock will blow out the Deep State! High Taxes, High Gas Prices, High Food Prices, Illegal Alien Invasion, No Law and Order, No Safety, Unemployment, Inflation, and Hunger always ends in Revolution! The Storm is Coming and it will blow up the complete Establishment and its watchdog the Deep State!

How American Election was Stolen?
Navarro Reports

Dr. Peter Navarro MAGA Political Prisoner of the Biden Illegitimate Regime and Deep State
National Hero, Economic Advisor in Trump Administration, Director of Trade and Manufacturing
Democrats jailed him in prison via Lawfare

Torch the Deep State

Upper and middle management of these agencies along with a good chunk of the rank and file got to go. At least a third of the US government got to go. US government can even function with half of the today’s existing personnel. Big Government is only good for waste, fraud and mismanagement of the people’s national budget. Somewhere along the line, CIA, FBI and the rest of the US Government have forgotten that they are the servants of the people and not the rulers over the people. US government must be cut down to the size so it will remember the wise words of the founding fathers:

"When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."
(Thomas Jefferson)

“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.”
(George Washington)

“A pack of jackasses led by a lion is superior to a pack of lions led by a jackass.”
(George Washington)

Unfortunately today, America is led by the Jackasses (Democrats) and they lead the world from behind! Democrats like Chuck Schumer admire the Deep State and openly brag that if one such as Trump takes on the Deep State, then the Deep State will take care of them in 101 different ways!

Well, you gave us your best shot; now, we are here to declare that after January 21, 2025, we the people under the MAGA agenda and leadership of Trump will only deal with the Deep State in one way! While torching the Deep State down to the ground, we will make them heed: “You are Fired!”

Real January 6th Terrorists
FBI Most Wanted List Posters - Post January 6, 2021

Rudy Giuliani MAGA Political Prisoner of the Biden Illegitimate Regime and Deep State
National Hero, America’s Mayor of NYC, US Associate Attorney General, Trump’s Legal Advisor
Giuliani Mugshot – Democrats want to bankrupt, jail and murder him in prison via Lawfare

Political Prisoners in America!

Democrats are losing control so they are jailing the political opponents as political prisoners. Trump, Giuliani, Bannon, Navarro and January 6 Heroes are only a few. In the 3rd world communist system which the Democrats created, everything goes to gain and remain in control to rule over the people. Democrats have destroyed the American constitution, unique form of democracy, founding fathers’ vision and exceptionality. Instead they have established a Communist system in the form of a Totalitarian Capitalist System where the Oligarchs, Corporations and Government collude to rule as a replica of the Chinese Communist Regime of CCP.

Deep State Propaganda Machine

American Oligarchy

Democrat Party with its Super Delegates and Party Structure has no respect for the will of the people, electoral college or state rights. The only issue which matters is for the Biden, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi and Schumer Crime Families, MIC (Military Industrial Complex),Tech Giant Overlords and the Elite to keep control via the Deep State. CIA, FBI, DOJ, DHS, NSA and the complete Big Government intelligence agencies and their 51 leaders who lied about the Russia Collusion, construct the monstrous fabricated 4th branch of the government which is the Deep State.

Stolen America - Your Reality is an Establishment Lie!

Stephen Kevin Bannon MAGA Political Prisoner of the Biden Illegitimate Regime and Deep State
National Hero, Trump Administration’s Chief Counselor and Strategist, Broadcaster
Democrats want to jail and murder him in prison via Lawfare

4th Branch of the US Government

In America we have 3 branches of government, executive, legislative and judicial. We do not have a 4th branch of government which runs the nation. Deep State as the 4th branch of the government has been created by the Democrats 35 years ago and taken complete control on January 21, 2020 via a coup as the guarantee for the Democrats whom are the Communist Party USA to steal elections and remain in power forever.

Democrats are Communist Party USA

The goal is to jail the political opponents and the people who oppose them. The agenda is to flood the country with illegal aliens as the illegitimate voters, install high taxes, destroy the economy, open borders, enforce Transgender ideology, enforce climate change fantasy, enforce electric vehicle mandate, enforce forever vaccines and masks enriching the Big Pharma, break the will of the people, degenerate America via a flood of the tens of millions of prisoners, mental patients, criminally insane and criminals from over 152 countries in the world. Democrat control must be remained as a Communist Regime faithful to the Globalist Cabal of the WEF, UN, WTO, WHO, EU, Wallstreet and the Globalist Corporations.

CIA Presidential Quotes Exposing the Deep State
CIA History: The Unconstitutional 4th Branch of the US Government!

Rudy Giuliani MAGA Political Prisoner of the Biden Illegitimate Regime and Deep State
“Thou Shalt Not Kill thine Political Opponents.” (10 Commandments Teaching)
Democrats use Lawfare to bankrupt, jail and murder their political opponents

Voters’ Demographics

Amazingly, Senior Citizens by majority are Democrats; however, the youth, middle class and working people are MAGA Republican. According to the data and polls, things has flipped in this country! Seniors must understand that if Democrats remain in power, they will lose their social security, Medicare and Disability Benefits because all of their benefits are going to the 40 Million Illegal Aliens imported by the Democrats! Democrats are changing the demographics of America and replacing the American citizens with the Criminal Lampoons from around the world! The Uniparty coalition of Democrats and RINO Republicans need the new voting block and cheap labor!

Blacks, Latinos, Youth and all demographics are joining MAGA by the day except the Senior Citizens whom by majority support Democrats, Vaccine Mandates, Mask Mandates, Big Pharma and every other illegal and unconstitutional Democrat policies which destroyed America and turned it to a Communist regime. This is data, survey and graph talking. Let us be very frank, the only hope for America to still remain America, is Trump and the MAGA.

Stop complaining about the two-tier justice system, fight fire with fire and change it, use the law to prosecute criminal democrats whom are plenty. 51 national security intelligence leaders who lied about the Hunter’s Laptop as the Russian disinformation must answer to the American people.

It is a sin not to register to vote, the least you can do is to vote. What separates USA from Europe is we have the 1st and 2nd amendments. US government and UN are trying to take away your freedoms.

Globalist Illegal Alien Invasion USA

Trump Patriot on MAGA Tank Top
Trump is Symbol of the Resistance to Tyranny: Never Surrender!
American Bald Eagle and Old Glory Banner Fly Behind Trump

Deep State War Games Backfire!

While Russian Submarines and Battleships are in Cuba and near Florida, and while China is flooding America with Fentanyl and Military Age Young Men crossing the open borders, Biden is Shiiting his diaper and pants at the D Day celebration in France which embarrasses America in front of the world leaders!

Mexico has just become a Communist country, fully in control of the Drug Cartels. Claudia Sheinbaum’s regime is literally a communist system. How do you like Mexico as a communist base for Russia and China? How do you like Mexico as a Russian satellite next to the American border, the same as Democrats have created Ukraine as an American satellite next to the Russian border? How do you like China already building the largest automobile companies inside Mexico to sell their products to America? How do you like Mexico as a Chinese and Russian Satellite? Russia and China are giving Democrats a taste of their own medicine!

Democrats cannot create a CIA Satellite in Ukraine and send billions of dollars there, militarize the Western Europe against the Russia and expect Russia not to react! Biden Regime did not only destroy the American economy but also destroyed the world’s economy! We are approaching rapidly towards the WWIII and the only person who can save America and avoid this catastrophe is Trump.

Deep State starts wars all over the Middle East, North Africa and so on, destroys these countries, import tons of refugees to USA and Europe as cheap labor and voting block to gain and remain in power. In addition they turn all of these countries from functional secular dictatorships to dysfunctional failed Islamist nations. Same with Ukraine, they started a war there by making a coup, creating a satellite, destroying the country by war, after MIC makes tons of money selling arms, they finish the war. Next, they will rebuild the country by importing migrants as cheap labors from the 3rd world to fill Ukraine as a voting block. Future Ukraine will be full of 3rd world illegals and refugees, a Shiite load of illegal immigrants the same as USA!

Incompetent, Incontinent, Immoral and Corrupt Usurper Regime Leader

Biden has brain freezes, wonders off of world stages, tells tall tale lies, acts retarded and even Shiites his diaper in France on D Day while Trump holds 10,000 to 100,000 rallies nationwide. Biden cannot even conduct 200 people rallies and spends his fake presidency in basement, at the beach or ice cream shops while tens of millions join Trump and MAGA every month, yet the Media, Tech Giants and Pollsters tell you that fake polls teach us that Biden and Trump are head-to-head tied or Trump maybe a few points ahead! The reality is that Trump is ahead in all battleground states by double digit!

Biden cannot speak in state of the union, press conferences or rallies without a shot of cocaine, meth or speed up his butt! They find cocaine in the White House almost as much as they find Trannies and Gay Twinks being banged by the Biden Regime officials, filming gay porn!

Biden regime is flying illegal aliens not only from border states but from foreign countries to all over America and place them in housing, motels, hotels and even luxury hotels, handing them mobiles, money, credit cards, gift cards, welfare, food stamp and benefits while American citizens’ backs are broken due to the inflation, gas prices, high taxes and destroyed economy created by the Democrats.

Democrats destroyed America by racial divisions, sexual divisions, cease harvesting gas, oil, oil shale, and coal which are the lifeline of our economy and printing money like there’s no tomorrow!

Biden is the worst and Trump is the best American president in the history. Compare the disaster of the Biden’s stolen presidency to Trump’s first term’s achievements:

Trump is the Most Accomplished US President in History

Never Ending Wars and Refugees

It is becoming routine for the Democrats, RINOs and MIC to go around the world overthrowing functional secular dictatorships and turning them to nonfunctional Islamic states, starting never ending wars and migrating millions of people from these countries to America to replace you the American people, so they can control them as faithful voters!

Look at what Democrats done to Syria, Libya, Iraq, Egypt in the name of Arab Spring in North Africa and Middle East. They do this all over the world, destroy these countries and migrate tons of people to America! MIC and corporations win, you the American people get screwed! Big Government is shafting you and replacing you with illegals!

Trump Rebel Patriot on MAGA Tank Top with Rifle
Trump is the Ultimate Symbol of the Resistance to Tyranny: Never Surrender!
Trump is the Neo Founding Father of America

Voting Reforms

Before 2020 election, we had one day voting, mostly paper ballots and hand count. On 2020, Democrats changed the rules to a month or two of voting, mail in ballots, drop boxes, ballot harvesting, machine voting, machine counting, no signature verification, no voters ID and 101 other ways to cheat in the election!

To be on the same base with the Democrats, we must now ballot harvest and drop box the same as the Democrats in any state which they are legal! After we win the 2024 election, then we will pass laws like any other civilized nation to: One day voting, paper ballots only, hand counting only, voters ID and American citizens only voting. Back to law and order!

At the time, we are bringing knives to the Democrats’ gun fights, yet we need to play fire with fire! In 2020, Democrats caught us off guard and stole the election. Today, we are on to their games and we watch them like hawks!

Vote Information

It will take 2 minutes to register to vote to save America:

How to register to vote?

How to confirm your voter registration status?

Register to Vote - TPUSA

Register to Vote – Turning Point Action

Vote and Live - TPUSA

Important Video Clips

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck Wednesday June 12, 2024 program
Exposing the Globalist Plot to Eradicate Free Speech


Glenn Beck Channel - YouTube

Blaze TV Channel - YouTube


Blaze Media

Blaze TV

TPUSA (Turning Point USA)

TPUSA  Action Conference: People’s Convention 2024


Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon – Backup File

Don Trump Jr.

Don Trump Jr. - Backup File

Kristi Noem

Kristi Noem – Backup File

MTG (Marjorie Taylor Greene)

* Note: MTG Channel is banned by YouTube

JD Vance

Brandon Tatum

Matt Gaetz

Tulsi Gabbard

Kimberley Guilfoyle

Vivek Ramaswamy

Vivek Ramaswamy – Backup File

Candace Owens

Eli Crane

Lee Zeldin

Byron Donalds

Trump Speech


Trump – Backup File

Trump – Backup File 2


Lara Trump

Dr. Ben Carson



Charlie Kirck YouTube

TPUSA Rumble

Charlie Kirk Show Rumble

Charlie Kirk Rumble

Steve Bannon War Room Rumble

RAV (Real America’s voice) Rumble


Charlie Kirk Show - RAV

RAV (Real America’s Voice)

Charlie Kirck Site

Charlie Kirk Show


Trump Rally

Trump Rally Racine Wisconsin June 18, 2024

Why I Support Trump?

I am a National Populist, I am with the Workers; therefore, I am with Trump. I been with Trump since 2015 and I will remain with him until the bitter end. Loyalty must mean something. I am a National Populist because I love America and I despise the Establishment. I am a Trumpist and for those of you who still don’t know why, it is all explained here:

Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President 2024

Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President 2016

Trump with Uncle Sam his American Bald Eagle
Trump is Protector of the US Constitution, Freedom and Flag
Trump is Working Man’s Hero, Man of the People and Ultimate Rebel: Never Surrender!

Do or Die!

Patriots, we are cleansing the RINOs, Neo-Cons, and Establishment Republicans off the body of GOP. The New GOP is MAGA, the Trump’s party which is the party of the workers. Lara Trump and Michael Whatley have eradicated the old RNC hierarchy and established the People’s RNC to revolutionize the RNC in sync with the Trump Campaign and MAGA.

You can join RNC and TPUSA efforts by becoming a Poll Worker, Poll Watcher, Ballot Chaser, Activist, Legal Aid, Lawyer and aid the MAGA in any way possible. The least you can do is register to vote and surely vote in 2024 election to save America.

Today, two third of America are with Trump. Vote and watch the election like a hawk so Democrats will not steal the 2024 election like they done in 2020. If everyone votes, the votes will be “Too Big to Rig” and impossible for Democrats to win even with their usual cheating. Let’s make 2024 Election a landslide which would make the Democrats including the Media, Tech Giants, Hollywood, Big Government and Deep State to cry like they done in 2016. Let us Make America Great Again!

“Deep State is about persecution of the workers and protection of the elite; therefore, two-tier justice system is established!”
(Ahreeman X)

“Will of the People is greater than the wealth of the Globalists.”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

We will save and revive America or die trying! Do or die in 2024.

More Power to the People

Dr. X


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