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Iran Politics Club and Ahreeman X
Review and Interview by Jack Holland


Iran Politics Club Review and Ahreeman X Interview
Jack Holland
August 24, 2012

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Here is a piece form a chapter (Iran Politics Club Chapter) of Jack Holland’s new and upcoming book about the Middle East:

One of the most interesting websites I ran across when researching for this book is Iran Politics Club:

Iran Politics Club

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More IPC Banners:

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More on Faravahar:

Meaning of Faravahar, Derafsh Kaviani and Persian Colors

The website owner is a Persian that has been living in America since the days of the Iranian student movement in 1978, a revolution that became nightmare (Ahreeman came to America in January of 1979).  Ahreeman, the website’s owner came to America to attend college and then dived into the American dream the old fashioned way and experienced the land of opportunity from the ground up, literally.  Ahreeman runs one of the few Persian sites that allow unfettered conversations to be carried out by all participants in the debate over the future of Iran within the Persian community and beyond. 

Ahreeman’s describes his site and notes its objective as follows:

  • IPC as a largest Iranian Website in the world, as an independent media and not part of the Iranian Media Mafia.
  • Is set to serve the Iranian Opposition. IPC is at the disposal of the Iranian Opposition and Freedom Fighters of Iran. IPC is here to protect and serve, to propagate and expose the IRI Lobbying in America. IPC is bounded to support the Iranian Opposition and this puts us at war with Hezbollah. This war will continue until the total destruction of the Islamist Regime of Iran and establishment of a free secular democratic federal republic of Iran.

Reading not only the articles written by Ahreeman, but also those of his guest writers, I have received an enlightening education on the disparate views on the subject of Iranian politics.  The views of both the Obama administration as well as the views of Ambassador Limbert have been challenged on his site.  Many Persians see the Obama Administration views as promoting an intolerable policy of appeasement to an evil empire.  I highly recommend one read through the documents and writings on this website as it will surely expose the reader to a whole new perspective on the debate.  What I found enlightening is the effort that has been made by the site’s founder to expose the propaganda efforts of the Islamic regime.  What I also like is the fact that the site’s founder allows others to express their views, but he is equally willing to express his own even though his may very well differ from those of other writers on the site.

For instance, the founder of IPC does not necessarily see eye to eye with a group known as, (Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran).  In an open letter from’s President, Mohammad Parvin ( ), we learn the following about Ambassador Limbert and the Obama Policy from Parvin’s view:

President Obama: Are you with Us or with Them?

“John Limbert, along all other individuals and lobby groups, has deliberately reduced the US\IR relations to two extremes of either military intervention or friendly relationship. 

The solution is neither the military intervention against Iran nor dialogue with the Islamic Regime. There is a third option that, if adopted, can eliminate the danger of this regime for the entire world. A smart sanction against the religious dictatorship in Iran will send a clear and strong message to the Iranian people that the world community is with them and is willing to weaken their enemy. This will empower the Iranian people and will advance their nonviolence struggle and civil disobedience towards establishing a secular regime.”

  • [President Obama: Are you with Us or with Them? Make a Stand: Iranian Opposition or IRI?  Dr. Mohammad Parvin and MEHR [ ] December 5, 2009]

In an article by IPC’s founder entitled, we learn his views on the Obama Administration and how it is handling the Iranian situation and the War on Terror:

Iran Politics Club Attacked by IRI Cyber Terrorists

“War on Terror has been declared; however, Hussein Obama’s Regime is pussyfooting around with the terrorists; furthermore, Washington DC shows urges to flirt and meet with the terrorists (Ahmadinejad, Chavez, North Korea, IRI, IRGC, Hezbollah, etc.). While Obama’s Socialist Regime is flirting with the terrorists, bending over backwards for Islamists and welcoming the IRI Lobby Groups in the wide arms of the American Family, we the Iranian Opposition have a crucial duty and a much difficult task to battle the Islamist Beasts abroad (Iran Internet Crime Police) and the domestic IRI Agents in Suits and Ties (IRI Lobby Groups in USA).

Through his appeasement policies, Hussein Obama has provided nourishment for the blooming State Sponsor Terrorists (IRI, Syria, North Korea, etc.) and Nourishing Islamist Terrorist Organizations (Hezbollah, Hamas, etc.) around the globe, while at the same time his incompetent liberal regime is welcoming and empowering the Terrorist Lobby Groups in America (IRI Lobby Groups in USA).

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America

Hussein Obama is not commander in chief but he is Enemy of the State. Hussein Obama has brought to power by American Liberal Media, Special Interest (George Soros, etc.), Corrupt Labor Unions (AFL, CIO, etc.) and Arab Oil to destroy US Constitution, US Capitalism, US Exceptionality in the globe and to make sure that US seizes drilling her own oil, so she can stay dependant to the Arab Oil.

Hussein Obama’s job during the last 2 years, has been bowing to the Arab Kings, Bending Over Backwards for Muslims, Destroying the Social Fabrics of America by trying to replace them with Euro-Pee-On Socialism and indeed going around the globe and conducting his “American Apology Tour”!

Hussein Obama will be remembered as the worst president in the history of America. I never thought that someone can possibly top Carter, but obviously Obama did!”

The lobby groups Ahreeman refers to as the Iranian Media Mafia include a long list of Iranian media sites that he believes are designed to promote appeasement of the IRI.  The following URL links to his article on this subject matter: [ ]
According to Ahreeman the goals of the IRI media propagandist are as follows:

Alireza Pahlavi’s Suicide and IRI Lobby in USA

Iranian Media Mafia

What is Their Goal?

  • To monopolize the Iranian Media any which way they can, so they will be the only voice heard by the Iranians, hence they can effect and brainwash the Iranian minds in to the Liberal Reformist mindset. You see, inside Iran, they have a systematic method of brainwash through schools, propaganda, mosques and even speakers on the intersections of the main streets, but in exile they allow their media to do this chore!


To create cheesy mottoes such as:

  • No War - Make Love, Let Us Unite, Can we all get along? … etc
  • To form coalitions, to promote pacifism, to lobby in US Congress, to preach tolerance for all and all to inject in public's brains that: Islamic Republic of Iran is misunderstood, must be tolerated and any change must come from Reforms from within the Islamic System!
  • So they portray the Blood thirsty IRI as a Reformable Regime, but their hidden agenda is not a regime change but to prolong the life of the Islamic Republic of Iran so the business can go on as usual.
  • Reformists scoop as low as using immoral business practices and forming coalitions of Big Boys to keep the outsiders, out forever!

Always remember:

Hezbollah is Hezbollah, may they be Fundamentalists, Moderates or Reformists.

IPC founder Ahreeman also provides a who’s who list of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) lobbyists and propagandists:

Ahreeman believes the Islamic revolutionaries in Iran should be physically wiped out and sent scurrying like rats back to their Mosques.  While I am all for sending the Mullahs and their followers back to the Mosques where they belong and eradicating religious extremism, I believe it must not be unilaterally directed at Muslims alone.  If it is to be done, it must be done to all religious extremists, including Talmudic Jews, Fundamentalist Baptists, and any other war-mongering people of faith attempting to shape the world at the point of a gun or race-based law and usurpation of power.   The only difference between how these three groups set about controlling folks is their methodology.  The Mullahs do it by Edicts, Fatwahs, and Religious based law.  The Jews do it by Religious based law, race-based support of Israel, the Usurpation of foreign government power and in this case I am speaking about the control of the U.S. government as a foreign power to Israel, a government which is no longer able to distinguish itself from the government of Israel due to Zionist influence.  The Baptists and other weak-kneed Christian groups have acquiesced to Jewish control of their affairs, both religious and secular.  The extreme elements of all three groups treat their women like chattel. 

Reza Shah leaving Iran
The Day that Reza Khan was forced in to exile to Africa, he took a handful of Iranian soil with him. When he came, Iran was shattered and destroyed. When he left, he only took a handful of soil from the Modern Iran, which he had built.
(Photo and Text -

More on Reza Shah the Great:

Reza Shah the Great, the Real Story!

Interview with Ahreeman X
Founder of Iran Politics

Now it is one thing to describe another feller’s point of view, but I prefer having it up front from the party of the first part so the voice isn’t filtered by the party of the second part; therefore, after having read dozens of articles on the Iran Politics Club website, I sent Ahreeman an email to inquire whether or not he would be open to answering a few of my questions.  He graciously granted me the interview and emailed back his answers. 


Ahreeman: On the short notice, quick responses without elaborations:

Question: Had the British accepted the fact that Iran's oil belonged to Iran and stepped back, where do you thing Iran would be today?” 

Ahreeman: Oil was nationalized with or without Mossadeq. Eventually Shah played a role in it later on. The better question to ask is: On 28 Mordad, 1953, if the CIA / MI6 Coup would have not occurred and Mossadeq’s regime would have remained in power, then where would Iran be today?

I used to believe that if 28 Mordad did not occur, then Iran would have been worst off! Now I believe that if 28 Mordad would have not occurred, Iran would be better off! Why you ask?

  • Worst Scenario: Tudeh Communist Party would have seized control and pushed Mossadeq and Jebhe Meli aside. Iranian Marxist Regime as a satellite of USSR would have been at least progressive and people would have been more educated; therefore, on 1979 they would have not made an Islamic Revolution.
  • Best Scenario: Mossadeq would continue rule either as a Democratic Regime or as a Nationalist Semi Dictatorship regime in the form of Constitutional Monarchy or Republic. Either way, Iran would have moved towards democracy and the Absolutist Imperial Dictatorship would have not resulted in suffocation and as a backlash an Islamic Revolution would have not occurred.

Have in mind that I am an Anti Mossadeq and Anti Jebhe Meli, yet I still believe Iran would have been better off today, if the 1953 Coup would have not occurred.

Question: Were you born in Iran? and if so, what are your best memories,  what are your worst?”

Ahreeman:   Yes I was born in Iran. First 16 years of my life until 1979 was spent there.

  • A Best Memory: Riding my dad’s 1965 Classic convertible Ford Thunderbird right by the Caspian Sea Shores on the sand with my wild girl and guy cousins and friends riding along. Afterwards hanging in Port Pahlavi (Today’s Anzali) Boulevard, dinner at Hotel and then hit the Nightclub dancing with live Rock music during our early teen years.


  • A Worst Memory:  1978 street to street rumble with Hezbollah and Khomeini thugs, while writing Anti Khomeini graffiti on the walls, predicting that these Islamist Baboons would take over the nation and turn the progressive Iran in to an Islamic Shiite Hole while we could do nothing about it! It was fighting a lost battle!

Question:  Should American Iranians or exiled Iranians be involved in the "American way" of putting together exiled coalition governments and therefore becoming future American puppet regimes?  Or has American gotten so powerful that this is the only way forward?  (I read your piece on the pots of money being tossed out by the State Dept. and the CIA)”

Ahreeman: With the present situation of the Iranian Opposition as the most disunited opposition in the world, the only way to bring IRI down is the US military invasion/occupation of Iran. Whatever part of opposition willing to participate is welcomed and whatever part does not participate so be it. There is no other solution.

You could have not bring the Nazi Germany down only by wishful thinking that the German opposition could succeed! A total war was needed. IRI is similar to Nazi Germany.

I do not see invasion and liberation of Iran as American Imperialism but I see it as the only solution left.

CIA wastes a lot of money supporting the irrelevant so-called opposition while they have to support the effective opposition inside and outside. CIA has no clue who to support and they have been wasting money for decades supporting leaches and career exilists in the west.

Question: Would you move back to Iran if it had Democratic government?  Do you think most Persians living in US would move back or stay here?”

AhreemanYes I will. I have big plans for the future regime. My first task would be drafting a task force to kidnap and drag all IRI Lobbyists and Agents in America and UK back to Iran to be put on public trials (Like Capture of Nazi Criminals, MOSSAD Style) and then to take care of these baboons who lived like kings in the west serving as IRI 5th Column in the west while the average Iranian had to hold 2 or 3 jobs only to make ends meet.

What you mean is if most Iranian Americans (2.7 million) would return or stay in America? Majority will stay in America. They are not political people and they do not care what happens to Iran. The minority will return to rebuild Iran.

Iranian Population Inside and Outside Iran

Question: Which individuals if killed by the U.S. Government—say a typical stray drone-fired missile or two, or maybe 200—would cause the Islamic government to collapse? Do you think the U.S. Government already has such a hit list?”

Ahreeman: IRI will not collapse by a hit list of 200 people. A good 2 million people will fight to death for IRI. Their lives depend on the regime. Fundamentalist, Moderate or Reformist Hezbollah makes no difference; they will all defend this regime. They know very well that if this regime goes, this may be the end of Islam and Islamic government in Iran. IRGC, Qods, Basij, Ansar Hezbollah and their satellites including Hamas, Hezbollah, Syrians, Shiite Afghans, Shiite Iraqis, Foreign Legion of IRGC, etc. will fight to death to save IRI because if Mullahs go, they go.

I have no problem eliminating 2 million Iranian Hezbollah to save the other 73 million inside and 7 million outside.

[End of Transcript]

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[End of Chapter]

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