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IWI - Islamic Whorehouse of Iran!


IWI (Islamic Whorehouse of Iran)!
Ahreeman X

1st Edition: February 21, 2007
2nd Edition: January 20, 2018

I had two comrades just came from Iran a couple months ago, another one was visiting and came back from Iran last month, also as you know, through the net meeting, video phone, with my comrades inside Iran, I am well aware of what is going on in there on weekly bases!

Sisters of Zeynab Female Islamic Police of IRI
Day Job: Measuring the length of women's chadors, trousers or overcoats in the streets to make sure not much ankle is showing!
Night Job: Spread legs but only after reading Siqeh Verse (Temporary Marriage) to aid Muslim male to relieve themselves! Islam, what a religion!

What these comrades all had in common to say was that the Prostitution problem for women and Drug Problem for men is so bad, so popular and so out of control that the whole nation is involved with it now! Iran has so many prostitutes moving to Arab countries of the gulf, Turkey, Russia, Europe, etc. That recently Arab countries of the gulf after sending back and deporting many Persian Prostitutes, clearly stated to IRI that control your whores and keep them inside Iran, we have plenty of them here already, we don't need any more!!!!

There are practically prostitutes on every main street corner and intersection in all large cities of Iran, selling poon tang at the Red Lights! Especially in Tehran there are prostitutes all over the streets. There are call girls, high-class whores whom you can call and they come over to your hotel rooms or apartments and gladly service you! There are escort agencies, Islamicaly correct that you can call for appointments! There are siqeh, temporary marriage service for Muslim crowd to call and catalogues to view and pick a temporary wife for half an hour up to 99 years! There are Hotel girls, at the Lobby of all major hotels to do the nasty with.

The funny thing is that many full time students, government administrators, secretaries, professionals, artists, private sector employees, etc. are actually part time prostitutes to make ends meet! It is so bad that one of my comrades said, in two weeks I seen more Prostitutes in Iran than I have ever seen in my whole lifetime in America!

An Islamic Government and wide-open prostitution! Prostitutes are just coming towards men openly; especially tourists or well dressed Persian men! When they were in North Caspian Sea shores, prostitutes just simply came to them, offered them to do yah bah youh bah Islamicaly correct or incorrect at the shores! Prostitutes in the street, at the stop light, at the resorts of sea shores, by the phone, by escort service, temporary marriage siqeh, girl catalogue, young and old, at the offices, universities, government organizations, house of runaway girls, even at the Mosque as temporary Marriage Volunteers!

Prostitutes from 13 years old up to senior citizen! Of course if you like girls or boys under 13, then the parents or guardians simply sell them to you for as low as $1000 to just take home, adopt or bring back to the west!

There are a great number of Iranian married men with children and very respectable businessmen who go to Iran by the bunch and in groups, one month every year or every other year, rent an apartment, call a few underage teenage high-school girls to just move in with them for a month. These girls are so desperate that they move in for a month, cook for them, wash their clothes, clean the apartment and have orgies with them, doing all kinds of sexual acts on nightly basis! These great moral Iranian businessmen go to Iran every year to have sex with girls younger than their daughters! The most desired age group is between 13 to 16 year olds! These are your respectable professional businessmen!

Basically what IRI done is to turn Iran to a "Islamic Whorehouse of Iran"! Now in addition that we are famous for our Persian Caviar, Cats, Rugs, Oil, hand made arts, paintings, miniatures, etc........... We are also famous for our Whores, and Opium, Hashish, Heroin, and Bang!

So in the Islamic Iran we got young boys selling their bodies to rich Arab sheiks of the gulf while older boys are deeply addicted to Opium, Heroin and Hashish. This boy was clearly stating that Heroin is so widely used in Iran and so popular that the price of Heroin is cheaper than Opium now! Actually a gram of Heroin is cheaper than a pack of cigarette!

On the other hand young girls are doing siqeh temporary marriage or just open prostitution all over the nation and outside neighbors! While the older girls are doing full time positions and regular jobs but also part time prostitution, many also turning in tricks full time!

In a nation that decent people with education must have two or three jobs to just make ends meet, what should the lower skill labor do?! Prostitution and Wide Drug use is the results of IRI economy!

In the past, all global perverts and degenerates used to go to Thailand or India to have sex with underage girls or boys, but now Iran is Whorehouse heavens!

In the past Arab Sheiks on other side of the Gulf used to import very young pre teen boys and girls as sex slaves and human trafficking from poor nations like Pakistan and India or Bangladesh, but now they don't bother with them darkies! Why should they when they can purchase all them white Persian little girls and pearly white bolouri young boys from Iran?

Friend of mine was telling me that he stopped at an intersection for the red light, but a hooker automatically opened the door and jumped in his car! He said: Lady please get out, I am not a taxi driver! She said: Taxi is not needed, don't worry I'll give you discount!

Things are so bad that decent women cannot walk the streets of Tehran! Two ladies were telling me that they got out of a restaurant and were waiting for their friend to bring over the parked car to pick them up. While waiting, at least 10 cars stopped near their feet and offered money to pick them up! One of these ladies is 70 years old and the other one is 50 years old!

My friend made a smart-ass remark! He said I have seen so many prostitutes in these two weeks, in everyplace that I went, from shopping center, street intersections, parties, offices, resorts, hotels, and everywhere else, that I even became suspicious of my own family female members in Iran! Today in Iran no one is sure if their mother or sister is "Tak Parun" (Side Banger aka Part Time Prostitute)!

He went on..... So many full time and part time prostitutes all over the place, I seen normal decent women are prostitutes at night, I mean a teacher, a student, a house wife, a nurse, a government administrator, a secretary, a sales woman, etc.

I truly had doubts about a few members of my own family and everybody else inside Iran!!!!!!

Well, IPC, this is the very result of Islamic Government's teachings! At least in the past and beginning of Revolution, we only had that one building at the main Avenue of Tehran doing Temporary Marriage with Catalogue and all the money would go to Account number 100 of Imam Khomeini for Mostaz'afin! Zeynab Sisters were giving it away as part time Islamic Whores in the building, Imam Khomeini was acting as a Pimp taking money in account number 100, and life would go on! Eventually they closed down that building and part time Islamic Whores/full time Gashte Komiteh Basij Militia women or Sisters of Zeynab started concentrating more on keeping people in line about their dress codes and separating boys and girls from walking together in the streets or checking their ID cards and taking them to police stations!

So Sisters of Zeynab went back to their 4WD in English: (Four Wheel Drive) and in Persian: (Chahar Welgarde Dayus) Jeeps SUV's to observe obscenity according to Nakir O Monker and to protect Islam! They call them "Chahar Welgarde Dayus" because at the beginning there were always 4 of them bitches (Sisters of Zeynab) or boys (Basij) would ride in the SUVs!

However now things changed, instead of a building to do siqeh in Tehran, the whole nation is a
whorehouse! Islamic Whorehouse of Iran! We used to make remarks on Thailand, Philippines, Holland and Mexico as the whorehouses of the world! Little we knew that the prestigious Imperial Iran would one day turn to The "Islamic Whorehouse of Iran"! Thanks to Allah, Mohammed, Imam Khomeini, Islamic Republic, mullahs and all good old Muslims of Iran for the creation of "Islamic whorehouse of Iran".

For God's sake, during Shah's time we had one neighborhood in Shush Street Downtown Tehran to do the nasty. Whores were only allowed in this neighborhood and all the whorehouses located on this neighborhood. "Shahr-e Now" (New City) was the name and hookers were not allowed to hook anywhere else because heavy punishments and penalties would be imposed on them. There were tight control on VD by medics and social workers so an epidemic would not break out!

Today, the whole nation is one large size whorehouse! Islamic Whorehouse of Iran indeed! AIDS is rising sky high in Iran! Syphilis, Gonorrhea and Herpes are the norms!

A typical Islamic tradition, cover your face and body, yet open up your privates underneath Chador! Wear Chador, Shrouds, Lachaq, Maqana'e and Veil, yet make sure to wear Mini Skirts underneath! Islamic Hypocrisy in action!

No wonder we have clubs listed in Yahoo or other Search Engines inside Iran, with the names of "Jendeh Khuneh", "Iran Sex", "Iran X", "Rahnamaye Sex" and etc. First I thought it's the deprivation of sex and segregation of sexes inside Iran since elementary school and Kindergarten which causes the existence of these clubs! Then I found out that, these clubs are actually Net Whorehouses, Call Girl Service and the actual Real McCoy and small Samples of today's Iranian society!

Today in Iran, we have 6 million full time prostitutes; 6 million part time prostitutes; 6 million drug addicts; 6 million gay, transvestite and transsexual hookers; 6 million drug dealers, thieves, gang members, con artists and other criminals; 6 million corrupt government employees; 6 million … go figure the rest!

Islamic Style!

Islamic Republic's goal is to create a nation of superficial whores but with a moral surface! Cover up your face, yet give it away from beneath! Prostitution is illegal, yet temporary marriage (Siqeh) from half an hour to 99 years is religiously OK! One can have as many as 4 permanent wives (Aqdi) and as many temporary wives (Siqeh) as he wants! Just make sure to cover your face and hair! This reminds me of what my great ancestor poet, Iraj Mirza Qajar used to say:

To surat ra neku gir,
Ke man surat daham kare khod az zir!

Belly and under belly...
Isn't this what truly Islam is all about?!

Religion of Fools indeed.

A dearly beloved Pious Muslimette banging her way up to Islamic Heavens while presently living in IWI (Islamic Whorehouse of Iran)! Islam teaches us to: Cover the face while spreading the legs, Islamic Style! Religion of Belly and Under-Belly! What a religion!

A suggestion:
Please change the name of the country from IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) to IWI (Islamic Whorehouse of Iran)!

In a way it is good to see Iran turned to the Islamic Iran, so people can see the true nature of Islam! But will they learn from history?

Iran will be free,
Mullahs will be dealt with,
Sun will come out of the clouds of religious ignorance,

More power to all freedom fighters of Iran

A Lover of Iran,

Dr. X

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