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Repeated Advice to the US Government

US Imported Democracy and Rise of Islamism!
Repeated Advice to the US Government
November 19, 2007
Ahreeman X

US - Iran, Iraqi Zipper
Iraqi Zipper rips apart the US - Iran Relations!

US Imported Democracy and now Paki Nukes?! This time, US State Department and CIA had combinely laid a double yolked egg! This time they had outdone themselves! Bravo boys Bravo! Does international foreign policy Frag Ups sounds familiar?!

US - Iran Rip

US is trying hard to improve her image and prove to the world that they do not stand for supporting dictatorships, no more! It is now decades that the US is trying hard to announce to the world that US stands for supporting democracy and the US Government does not support coups and petty dictators such as Chile (General Agusto Pinoshe) and Iran (Shah). US screams to the world that they are changed and they do not support Coups such as 1973 Chile and 1953 Iran. Instead, they support the establishment of democracy in the world.

Reasons for the Birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

But the question is that how come, where ever the US goes to support democracy and brings on the present of human rights and democracy to a nation, then suddenly not that human rights and democracy does not become established in that nation, yet furthermore, the stability and the security of that nation also gets destroyed!

In other words, US imported democracy results in chaos, anarchy and then establishment of terrorism!

Look at Iran of 1979 where Carter's human rights show resulted in the establishment of the Islamic Republic! And they gave Carter the Piss Nipple Price (Peace Noble Prize)!

Look at 2003 Iraq of Saddam Hussein where Bush's democracy resulted in a safe heaven for Al Qaeda!

And now look at Pakistan of 2007, where US is once more trying to improve her image by not supporting General Parviz Mosharaf's regime and trys to establish a democracy and importing their own Barbie Doll, Benazir Bhutto as the symbol of democracy to Pakistan!

Look at streets of Pakistan and tell me if that does not remind you of 1979 Tehran?

Now let's suppose, Benazir Bhutto succeeds Parviz Mosharaf's government and wins power; however, when it comes down to elections and gaining actual power, do you possibly believe that Islamists would allow a woman to rule Pakistan? Do you think Al Qaeda would sit aside and allow a Western Type of democracy gets established in Pakistan?

Either through elections or revolution or chaos, Islamists would swallow Pakistan but unlike Iran of 1979, Pakistan has nukes! Islamists could get their hands on nukes.

Once more, US is playing a dangerous game, but this time there are nukes involved! Once again the US imported democracy is resulting in chaos and anarchy in a nation!

US - Iran Nuclear Breakup!

How come everywhere US goes to bring the present of democracy and human rights, somehow that country becomes a Pile O Shiite?! At its worst, the nation gets destroyed and chaos and anarchy appears in the streets (Iraq of 2003), and at its best a Terrorist Regime borns and starts ruling that nation (Iran of 1979)!

And then CIA tries to import their Barbie Dolls (Benazir Bhutto) or their Ken Dolls (Reza Pahlavi II) to that nation, to kiss their Booboo and make them feel better!

Why Monarchy has Ended and We Must Start a New?

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead Iranian Opposition?

It's like CIA destroys the nation and then tries to pick up the pieces and patch them up, but by then, it will be too late and CIA will end up with an Islamist Terrorist State on their hands! Well in case of Iran, they really Fragged Up and they had created a new enemy (Islamist Iran) to replace the old enemy (Communist Russia)!

For some reason, CIA is the master of Frag Ups! For some reason, all these operations end up back-firing in CIA's face! CIA helped creating Khomeini and Osama and now United States has a far more Blood Thirsty enemy than Soviet Union, which is called The Islamic Republic of Iran, the main sponsor of global Islamist Terrorism in the world and of course to top that up with the Al Qaeda cherry topping!

US - Iran Relations
Big Governments do not communicate,
Little People Communicate Warmly!

Time after time after time, United States' politicians and CIA try to protect the benefits of United States by improving the image of America as the importer of democracy rather than supporter of the dictatorship. Time after time after time, they end up sticking their nose in other nations' affairs by agitation, coup making, revolution or actual invasion!

As the results, they end up destroying the economic stability, safety and security and the normal patterns of life in that nation. Instead of democracy and human rights, they end up creating anarchy, chaos, terrorism and now Islamism!

This is not unique to Republicans and Bush, but Democrats are also the same! Today, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are also speaking of making the same old mistakes! Last week's Democratic debate was full of the same rhetorics to point fingers at Bush and his administration for quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet the Democrats' solution presented was hazy, non existent and repetition of the same old flawed policy which has been tormenting the United States since JFK era! It is all nonsense, it is all election rhetorics and it is all Bull Shiite.

America is getting tired of this crap and so is the world! It is time for the creation of a strong and secular conservative third party as the alternative to the Republican and Democratic Party, simply because the Christian Right and the Liberal Left, similar to the rest of this nation, are also turning my stomach!

Ann Coulter, a Liability for GOP - The Secular Conservative Dilemma

They say Ahreeman is a Bush Supporter!

It is not that I have a love affair with Bush, but in my book, when you vote for someone, you stick with him to the end. I am not a half way friend, a seasonal fan or a fly by the wind supporter! I make a decision and I stick to that decision to the bitter end. I shall never abandon my stands. Right or wrong, good or bad, Bush is the president of this country and I had made a pledge to support him both in good days and bad days. These are not the bad days but the worst days, yet still I shall not abandon him, because I am a type of person with deep respect for principles. When I make a decision, I will stand by it.

They say how can a scientific man and an Evolutionist like Ahreeman align himself with the Christian Right?

Well, allow me to confess that I rather eat Shiite and Die, than to align myself with the Christian Fundamentalists; however, I had to stick with the lesser of the two Evils! I chose the Christian Fundamentalists over the Liberal Left!

Until there will be a strong Third Party, a Secular Conservative Party, then I shall stick with GOP and unfortunately, I have to align myself with the Christian Fundamentalists as the rest of the fractions in the GOP.

US Administration Must Comprehend

The US Administration must realize that,

Human Rights and Democracy are great sounding words, but somehow they always turn to a Pile O Shiite (Iran, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, …)!

Somehow, US ends up overthrowing the stable regimes in these countries, throws democratic elections and then suddenly Shiites starts to move in and Islamic Republic of Iran starts taking over throughout the whole region! Is that the Lose-Lose Situation for the US or what?!

It is time for the US politicians and CIA to get their heads out of their rectums, travel to the Middle East and start smelling the fresh Pile O Shiite, which they had created! They need to do this fast, before the Shiite Water drowns them and America alongside with them!

1, 2, 3 Formula Instruction for US State Department and CIA

So what is the answer?

CIA Big Boys and State Department:

Hear yee, hear yee,

In the past, we have screamed from the top of our lungs but your deaf ears could not hear!

US - Iran Situation Analysis - Advice to US Government

Stop supporting CIA Barbie Dolls, Ken Dolls, Puppet Boys and Fat Bellied Chelo Kabob eating boys such as Reza Pahlavi II and the Hand Kissing Monarchists around him or the Cheesy Iranian Media Mafia in Exile! They have no popular backing amongst the masses of Iran.

Iranian Media Mafia

Start supporting the Real Iranian Opposition in Exile and in Inxile.

Stop supporting coups, revolutions, riots, agitations and invasions!

CIA Cinderella's Millions and 1001 Persian Prince Charmings

Start supporting the Real Opposition to jump-start a substantial Change!

The question is not that if US is failing in the game of "Nation Building", but the question is that when will US learn from committing the same mistakes over and over ….?

Washington - Tehran Cat and Mouse Games - Then and Now!

To import democracy in to the Middle East and Near East, you require "Education". Do not mix "Education" with "Schooling", thus many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated. To educate the masses, you need "Responsible Opposition", rather than CIA imported Barbie Dolls and Ken Dolls! Yes my friends,

"Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated."

When will the US State Department and CIA learn from their old mistakes?
Can these preachings make a sound in the deaf ears of the US State Department?
Time will tell, only time will tell ……


Dr. X

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