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Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President 2016
Ahreeman X
March 9, 2016

Donald Trump at his Desk in his Office with his American Bald Eagle

After reading the title, many of you will wonder why? Below, I will elaborate on why is it that I am endorsing and supporting Donald Trump?

I. Benefit of the Iranian Opposition

IPC (Iran Politics Club) is the largest Iranian website in the world. IPC supports the fight to establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran. We are here to fight the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran), Mullahs and the illegal Arabo Islamic Occupying Government (AIOG) and Regime which has been in power since 1979. We are here to protect and serve the Persian Culture being smooshed under the Mullahs’ boots. IPC is the voice of the Iranian Opposition. IPC is the backbone of the Iranian Opposition. I have been supporting and fighting alongside the Iranian Opposition for over 37 years!

Ahreeman X Founder of IPC (Iran Politics Club) outside a Meeting

Every time that a political news event occurs, I naturally analyze it and right away I ask myself: “Is this good for the Iranian Opposition?” My concern is the Iranian Opposition and I have to keep the benefits of the Iranian Opposition in mind; furthermore, I have a duty to protect and serve the “Persian Culture” which is being trashed and stepped on by the Arabo Islamic boots of the present Mullah Regime of Tehran. My concern is how this new event can aid the Iranian Opposition’s fight against the Islamist Terrorist Regime of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran); moreover, whatever and whoever is good for the benefits of Opposition, naturally will have my backing and support.

8 years of Obama was catastrophic for the Iranian Opposition. Obama has betrayed the Iranian Opposition in 2 separate occasions, once in 2009 instead of backing the Iranian Uprising against the IRI; he flirted with Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs! Once in 2015 instead of supporting the Iranian Opposition, he made a nuclear deal with Rouhani and the Mullahs; furthermore, handing them 150 Billion Dollars to support the global Islamist Terrorism! This 150 Billion Dollars was the frozen assets of the Imperial Iranian Regime during the Shah. This money belongs to the masses of Iran, not to the Islamist Regime to lavishly spread it amongst her satellites and proxies such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Jihad, Iraqi Shiites, Afghan Shiites, Yemenis Shiites, Bahrainis Shiites, Assad’s Syrian Regime and others. While the average Persian’s back is broken due to inflation and unemployment, this money will be spent on nuclear programs and arms to create a Shiite Empire in the Middle East; morely, to finance Islamist Terrorism around the globe.

The Donald Trump Punch!
Donald Trump is a no nonsense guy, he is a Doer and not a Talker.
Donald Trump during a speech at South Carolina

8 years of Obama has been heaven for the IRI Lobby in USA. Thanks to Obama, the IRI Lobby which was on the life support (thanks to us the Iranian Opposition) has flourished, bloomed and became a force again! Through the Obama years, the illegal state sponsor terrorist regime of Iran and her lobby in USA, both have become unofficially legal, potentially fruitful and politically correct!

Terrorist Supporters and IRI Lobby Organizations such as NIAC, PAAIA, and others which we have put in coma, are now operating practically legal. They have gotten so strong that now they have front businesses, religious foundations, media, mosques and so-called legitimate businessmen openly support them and finance them around the USA! IRI Lobby has front businesses, espionage mosques, Muslim Thugs, black market arms dealers, black market parts dealers, and other petty snitches all over USA! In our own IPC Headquarters’ hometown of San Diego, we have IRI Backed Front Businesses posing as Media, Cultural Organizations, Restaurants, Mosques and Grocery Stores openly supporting the IRI Lobby Groups, and trading finances with them surely with much love! 8 years ago, these guys were nonexistent or deeply underground, but today; they are proud and legitimate members of the Iranian American Community and Businesses! Hussein Obama (the closet Muslim) has given them legitimacy!

For complete information on IRI Lobby in USA, review this 3 parts expose:

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby and Front Businesses in USA Thread

How can the president of United States openly make deals with IRI, hand them billions of dollars plus nukes, but then again declare the IRI Lobby in USA illegal?! This is a joke! Technically, IRI is still on the state sponsor list and the IRI Lobby is still illegal in America; however, only fools believe in that!

Donald Trump New York Style Gesture!
Donald Trump: Hey c’mon what’s all the hoopla? I’m just an Average Joe trying to do some good for the America!

Hussein Obama’s Marxist Islamist Administration has been openly flirting and supporting the IRI, now for about 8 years! Today, IRI Lobby is visible all over United States! I cannot even go anywhere in San Diego without seeing  some type of Muslim, Front Business, IRI Agent or Hezbollah with or without hejab and Islamic garb, in beanie hat or in three piece suit, posing as decent members of the Iranian American Muslim Community!

8 years ago, we the Iranian Opposition have brought the IRI Lobby in USA down to their knees and near death! Today, thanks to Obama’s Regime, they are everywhere, well alive, well fed, well strong, eating all that delicious Persian Food, getting fat and chubby, reading a prayer for Brother Hussein Obama and living up the American Dream!

IRI Front Businesses, IRI Agents and IRI Parts and Arms Dealers are everywhere and naturally in San Diego which is a sensitive hi tech and military town, the 8th largest and most populated city in America!

8 years ago, we the Iranian Opposition were on the offensive inside and outside Iran and surely in USA. Today, we are on the defensive and the IRI and her Lobby are on the offensive, inside and outside Iran, and definitely in USA! A Million thanks to Brother Hussein Obama, praise be upon Allah who protects Imam Hussein Obama!

So my agenda is to fight for the Iranian Opposition and the Opposition benefits. Trump is the upcoming storm which will blow America away, cleansing the DC Corruption and the Status Quo dirty politics’ wheeling and dealings. Trump is tough on Islamists and State Sponsor Terrorists. Trump will stand firm against IRI ambitions of creating a Regional Shiite Empire. There will be no doubt that during Trump presidency, IRI will become weak and IRI Lobby will become irrelevant or dead! There is no doubt in my mind that Trump will be on the side of the Iranian Opposition and not in bed flirting with the IRI Regime.

Trump presidency will be good for America and Iran. Trump presidency will be great for the Iranian Opposition and Freedom of Iran. Trump presidency will be Hell for IRI, IRI Lobby and IRI Espionage Agents in America. This is why I endorse and support Trump. As an American Patriot, Tea Party Conservative, Persian Nationalist and Lover of Human Civilization and Human Rights, it is my duty to support Donald Trump and make sure that I do my best for him to gain as much of the Iranian American votes as possible. Iranian American community of over 2.5 million strong are a fierce and powerful voting bloc in America, let’s use them for making America and Iran great again!

Iranian Population Inside and Outside Iran

Trump is Well Informed

How do I know that Trump is globally well informed? Because unlike your average Redneck American Politician or even some Iranian Americans, Trump refers to people from Iran as “Persians”!

Donald Trump Double Thumbs Up

Iran is a large country. Iran is a historical country with 8000 years of history, the mother civilization of Earth! Iran is a major country in the globe, a regional power, a nation of over 75 million inside and over 7 million outside; however, your average globally uninformed American has no clue where is Iran?! The average American cannot even pronounce Iran correctly! They call it “Eye-Rain” or “Eye-Ran” like “I Ran Away”! The correct pronunciation is “Ee-Ron”. So instead of Iran, they call the country “Eye-Rain”!

Eye-Rainian and Iranian 1
Chapter 1: Eye-Rainian Roots + Biker Chicks Photo Gallery
A True Story, about an Amazing Night in Bandon, Oregon!

Eye-Rainian and Iranian 2
Chapter 2: Eye-Rainian Redneck goes to Gun Club + Girls with Guns Photo Gallery
True Tales from the Files of the Eye-Rainian Redneck!

The average American, even politicians refer to Iran as “Eye-Rain”, so basically “Eye-Rain” is the Redneck for “Iran”!

An informed person to the global history, geography and general information is well aware that for instance:

People from United States are called “Americans”.
People from Netherlands are called “Dutch”.
People from Iran are called “Persians”

And so on …

However, this must be known information to everyone!

Persians are not some unknown people from Mars! Iranian Americans (Persians) are the most educated, business oriented and professional ethnic group in America and surely they are one of the wealthiest! You can rarely see a Persian bum! Persians are Brains of America, movers and shakers of America! Persians are Computer Scientists, Aerospace Engineers, Brain Surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Physicists, Molecular Biologists and Entrepreneurs. Persians are Billionaires and Millionaires.

Iranian Americans are great assts to America. Of course all of these Persian technocrats and professionals could serve their own country Iran; however, how can any free thinker and free minded Persian work and live under Islam and Islamic Republic?! America’s gain and Iran’s loss! 

Trump is a businessman who works in New York. There are over hundred thousand Persians living in New York. There are a lot of Persian Tycoons living in New York; they are highly intelligent and shrewd businessmen. Trump works and deals with many of them on daily basis; therefore, unlike your average Redneck politician, Trump knows that there is no such term as “Iranian” or “Eye-Rainian” but people from Iran are called “Persians”, an 8000 years old civilization and people who are called “Persians”!

Iran or Persia? Iranian or Persian? Farsi or Persian?
Country, People and Language, Which is Correct and Why?

When I heard Trump referred to the people as “Persians” and in one of his speeches he stated that:

 “Persians are great negotiators and that is why they (IRI) got everything and we (USA) got nothing out of this deal (Nuclear Deal); furthermore, we handed them 150 Billion Dollars ….”

Right there, I knew that Trump is a well informed international businessman or else like an ignorant Redneck he would have referred to “Persians” as “Eye-Rainians”!

This is only one example. You can read between the lines and see that Trump is highly intelligent and globally well informed! I been around the world and I dealt with all types of people. I know a highly intelligent creature when I see one!

II. Trump has Backbone!

It is time to elect a president with the backbone, for a change! 8 years of Hussein Obama has brought nothing to America but shame, disgrace, weakness and misery! Obama’s weak foreign policy, apologizing to Islamists and Muslims, record breaking unemployment (counting those out of the job market for good, it becomes over 20 %), inflation, corruption, disastrous domestic policy, nonexistent economical policy, astronomical expansion of food stamps benefits due to practically no job creation, undermining America and Americans, Infecting the American Culture with Islamization of America, Destroying the free market system, anti business and industrialization policies, high taxation, high environmental and regulations to destroy job creating corporations, destruction of medical system by enforcing Obama-care, Anti American Exceptionalism policies, establishment of socialism in America, mainstreaming Islamic Culture in America and sugar coating Islam as Religion of Peace (which in fact is a dangerous political ideology destroying the global civilization and enslaving the world), and so many other Anti American policies have caused America to be on life support!

Donald Trump Self Assured Gesture
Donald Trump: Hey of course I have backbone, who do you think built this empire?!
Hey Hussein Obama, Yes, I built that!

America after 8 years of Obama has never been so weak. Economy is destroyed, military is trashed, the whole world is stepping on us like a doormat, infrastructure including airports and road systems are old, destroyed and not upgraded, big government corruption is high, America has become a socialist police state, gun rights and 2nd amendment is stepped on, people have no jobs and no hope, America is poor and we have over 19 trillion dollars debt! We are at the gutter, at the bottom of the pit, can it get worst?!

This is where backbone comes in! Trump has business knowledge and experience, is not in the pocket of the lobbyists (because he is a self funding billionaire), is a patriot, loves America, has a history of job creation and wealth creation, knows how to negotiate and most important, has backbone!

III. It’s the Economy Stupid!

When you are 19 trillion dollars in debt; when your disastrous trade policies have resulted in China, Japan, Mexico and every other nation to piss on you; when you have dropped from an economical superpower and scooped as low as a third world nation; when Americans are unemployed, jobless, hopeless and starving; when Americans have become government lap dogs and plantation slaves awaiting government handouts, food stamps, benefits, housing and welfare; when cost of living is astronomical, taxes are high and your savings have dried out; when you have no hope for a better future for your children; when you are losing your jobs, your house, your lifestyle, your self-dignity and your humanity and when the American economy is down the toilet, then for God’s sake it is time to stop establishing Socialism in America and flush the Liberal Socialist policies of the Democrats down the toilet. In a socialist system, eventually the government will run out of other people’s money to spend! In a socialist system, the private sector is crippled and cannot create jobs and wealth. In a socialist system, the free markets die and competition becomes extinct.

Liberal Socialists such Obama and Clinton have destroyed the American Free Market Economy and replaced it with a Welfare Nanny State, “The Socialist Islamic State of America”! Well, all I have to say is that: “It is Economy Stupid”! When economy is destroyed and your back is breaking under 19 trillion dollars of debt, then you need a businessman to run the country.

IV. Trump Loves America

Trump loves America and American Culture. Trump does not apologize for America’s greatness and global exceptionalism. “American exceptionalism” is the special character of the United States of America as a uniquely free nation based on democratic ideals and personal liberty. America is the most unique form of democracy in the globe. America is the shining example and beacon of light in the history of mankind.

Let’s face it; what America has done in 240 years, us Persians could not have done in 8000 years!

8000 Years of Iranian History! - The Oldest Civilization in the World: 3 Parts

Civilization: Persia versus Greece and Rome: 2 Parts

Liberals like Obama do their best to equalize America with everywhere else! Liberals apologize for America’s Exceptionality. Marxist Islamists such as Hussein Obama do their best to undermine America. Trump on the other hand loves America and wants to make America Great Again!

V. Trump will cut the Big Government Down to Size.

Government is out of control, it is too large, too corrupt, too wasteful, too abusive and too controlling. Government is practically running your lives! When the “Founding Fathers” created this nation, their intention was for the government to play a small role to secure the country, collect taxes and attend to infrastructure. By no means have they intended the government to become a gigantic oppressive factor to control every aspect of Americans’ lives!

Government exists to serve us the People, not the other way around! During the past decade, as the Socialists have taken over and hijacked the Democratic Party, they have tried their best to change, revise and if possible trash the US Constitution! They have transformed America from a Free Market System to a Grand Socialist System loaded with bureaucracy and hypocrisy!

Today’s America is ruled by the Big Corrupt Government which runs all aspects of your lives! They are taking your guns away (so they can do as they please with you), they steal your hard earnings by high taxation, they give you no representation (House and Senate) because your representatives are thieves who are careless about you and they are there to fill up their own pockets, they make you support their welfare system in the welfare plantation which they created to keep the “Neo Plantation Slaves” (Welfare Recipients) jobless and dependant voters, so basically this is a Big Government providing you High Taxation with No Representation (same as the colonial era when British ruled America)!

The Big Government as a Big Brother tells you how to live, how to speak (politically correct), what your children need to study (in Liberal Educational System), brain washes your kids (with Liberal Infected TV starting with Nickelodeon and graduating with MTV), how you should conduct yourself (according to the Liberal Biased Media), how you should think, what values you must have, what is acceptable, what not to do, and what is No No!

On top of it all, the Big Government has his one hand in your pocket, taking a fourth to a third of your salary away in tax and then with his other hand, he is taking away your guns, 2nd amendment and regulates your arms! The Big Brother has absolute control of your life to mold you and your family in to the properly desired shape and form which you need to be! The Big Brother makes sure that you will become perfect obedient robots. Big Government tells you to jump and you ask how high?

Big Government will change your American Culture and will brings forward any Sub Culture and makes them the “Acceptable Norms” of the society, may it be any fad of the day such as the “Popular Militant Gay Culture”, “Forced Multi Culturalism Culture”, “Abortion Culture”, “Everyone Wins a Trophy Culture”, “No Competition Culture”, “Global Warming Panic Culture” and now the “Islamic Culture”! Big Brother plays the fiddle and you dance like a little monkey, thus you exist to serve the Big Government and not vice versa!

Well, all this crap will change when Trump takes over the office! Cutting the Big Government down to size starting from the Department of Education (enforcer of the forced failed liberal educational system) which I strongly despise (as an Ex-Professor) and the infamous EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) with its Tree Huggers, Animal Rights Psychos, and other Bureaucrats who have been successfully blocking the business, industrialization and progress in this country!

Ahreeman X at the University: 3 Parts

VI. Trump is Pro Progress but Liberals are Anti Progress!

I don’t know what illiterate buffoon has originally referred to the Liberals as “Progressive”! Allow me to elaborate:

Progressive = Someone who is pro progress and wants to advance the society forward for the better.

A True Progressive is pro industry, pro business and naturally pro progress

Liberals are Anti Business, Anti Industry and Anti Progress, then how come some fools refer to them as “Progressives”! Liberals are not “Progressive” but they are “Regressive”! I believe that fool Glenn Beck and his ilk were one of the original groups who mistakenly made this term popular!

Liberals are against progress. With high regulations, environmental policies, high taxations, fabricated laws and now Obama-care, they are Anti Corporations, Anti Job Creation, Anti Industrialization, Anti Business and therefore Anti Progress and Anti Progressive, then why on earth some Conservatives refer to liberals as Progressive?!

A True Progressive means Pro Industry and Business. Trump is Pro Progress and Liberals are Anti Progress; therefore, a true industrialist such as Trump is needed to revive this Liberal Created Cesspool and turn it back to a Blooming Industrial Machine which was the backbone of the Great American Economy.

VII. Trump is a Uniter

Trump knows the “Art of the Deal” and he knows how to deal with and unite all parties. Even right now he has brought a great number of people to the GOP. He has expanded the GOP Voting Bloc. He has brought Democrats, Independents and even people who never vote (due to not believing in the corrupt politicians and the corrupt system) to the GOP and they are voting for him. In addition, he has shaken the “GOP Core” which were unenthusiastic to vote during last decade (for McCain and Romney). For instance myself, I despise the GOP Establishment. I don’t know who is more corrupt and full of Shiite, the Big Liberal Government Enthusiasts or the GOP Establishment Paper Pushers?!

American Conservatives hate the GOP Establishment and Leadership. It showed during the past decade’s elections and it shows now! Only fools such as Romney still do not get it!

The GOP Establishment, the Liberal Establishment and the DC Establishment are the dividers but Trump is the Uniter. Trump can bring all sides together. Trump has brought tons of Conservatives, Independents, Democrats and people who have never voted in their lives, all together voting for GOP. Trump practically doubled the GOP Voters in this election while the Democratic voters are about to drop in half! The same way, Trump can unite the nation because he knows the “Art of the Deal”!

VIII. Trump Obeys the “Will of the People”

They say Trump is not Conservative enough! Who says this rhetoric? The Establishment of GOP which has been failing the True Conservatives such as me is spewing out this rhetoric! Establishment of GOP has failed the American Conservatives over and over. It is over a decade, more like 15 years that they promised lies, they got elected and they continued business as usual and the Status Quo! The Establishment of GOP such as Romney are everything which is wrong about the American System!

Trump never stated that he is such a Great Conservative but he has always stated that he is Conservative Enough to know what the people want! Trump is not about Trump but Trump is about the “Will of the People”. American People are to the boiling point and after 15 years of being ignored by both parties, now they are taking the matter in to their own hands by supporting Trump.

Only a fool like Romney and his ilk would stand against the will of the people to continue like leeches sucking on the blood of the American People only to stay in power! American people have clearly spoken and said No to the Establishment of All Kinds! American people want nothing short of a social revolution.

Trump is not just Trump anymore, but Trump is now a Movement and a Revolution. This is beyond Reform. Reforms will not fix things anymore; the country needs a major overhaul and a revolution. American People have spoken. Thus they want a Revolution and Trump is a Revolutionary!

IX. Trump is the Average Joe

It may sound oxymoronic and far from reality to refer to a Multi Billionaire as an Average Joe; however, every bit of it is true! Trump is a billionaire but Trump does not conduct himself and lives his life as a billionaire! You can find Trump at the Pizza Parlor, Hot Dog Stand, Popular Gatherings, Rallies and Events amongst the friends from all the high places and all the low places. Trump behaves, speaks and conducts himself not as an aristocrat but as an average Joe! Trump is often amongst the masses, can relate to them and digs the working class, labors and average Joe. The Average Joe and Average Jane can truly relate to Trump, simply because Trump is basically a hardworking American Working Class man posing as a Billionaire! In heart, Trump is an average Joe and he is far from a snobby aristocrat! This factor is the key to his popularity amongst the masses.

One of the Greatest Trump Moments

A while back, Trump had an interview and in the interview he referred to one of his twits in the Twitter. When Obama was a no show at Judge Antonin Scalia, the Supreme Court Judge’s funeral, Trump said:

“If the funeral was held in a little mosque, then Obama would show up!”

The way Trump stated that, I got a crack out of that! Think about it, how can the president of United States not show up in the Supreme Court Judge’s funeral? I tell you why? The same way that Hussein Obama did not show up in Paris when all the world leaders showed up to pay their respects to the victims of the Islamist Terrorist attacks!

You can get Hussein out of the Mosque but you can never get Islam out of Hussein!

The Billion Dollar Smile!
The Donald Trump Smile!

X. Trump is Highly Intelligent

Trump is not only well schooled but he is truly educated. The hypocrites in both parties state that he is ignorant to realities of the globe. The truth is far from it. Trump is highly intelligent, very smart, loves reading, watching media news, getting informed, and whatever lacks he has on foreign affairs, global politics or specific subjects, he makes up for them by taking time to study them and get back to you with much information. He surrounds himself with knowledgeable people in various fields and the experts in economy, foreign relations, military, medicine and hi tech. Trump loves to learn and once he learns, he can act quickly and do the job as a professional. Trump knows much more than it shows! Trump is much more intelligent, well informed and well aware than it portrays in public. With his experience and knowledge, Trump can truly serve the people as one of the best presidents this country ever had.

Trump is not only schooled, but he is truly educated.

An example of Trump’s intelligence is the way that he plays this cat and mouse game with the media. Trump keeps on coming up with various tactics such as theatrics, outrageous remarks, and controversial statements to get the focus of the biased media on himself. Trump’s tactic is to use and manipulate the media. Trump knows that the media is biased against him; therefore, he comes up with various tactics to receive all this bias and shoot it back at them. At the end of the day, Trump gets hours of free airtime to spread his message to the public via theatrics and controversy, Reality TV style!

Trump has successfully learned on how to manipulate and dominate the media to constantly speak of him, discuss him and cover his speeches. Trump insults the media but with delicacy! Trump uses all the media’s bad vibes, collects them and then shoots it right back at them plus getting free airtime from them!

Trump knows how to easily dominate the TV, Radio, Net and the Hardcopy Media. Trump says whatever he wants, gets his publicity, insults the media, and yet gives them rating by covering him!

Trump plays the media just like a Reality TV, but this Reality TV is of the best kind, the Presidential Election Reality TV! The presidential elections have never been so exciting and colorful before Trump! That my friends, takes supreme intelligence, Trump Style!

XI. Trump is Blunt but Truthful

Trump says whatever he wants and does not care about the circumstances, kind of like me! That’s why I like him! He states whatever is on his mind. He is extremely blunt and says it like it is. Trump is “politically incorrect” and has no respect for the political correctness. I can truly relate with him because I am exactly the same way.

Trump is humorous, informal and extremely politically incorrect. After all, aside from Trump, how many other presidential candidates in the history of USA have been speaking about the size of their schlongs?!

Trump speaks of things that no one else has the balls or the guts to talk about! Seize of Illegal immigration, rounding up the illegals and deporting them, blocking Muslims (temporarily) to migrate to USA, cutting down the Big Government’s size are only some of them. Talking about his schlong’s size is another!

Obviously in one of the past debates, Rubio talked about Trump’s small hands and Trump hit back showing his hands and stating that these hands are not small but they are large, and if you concluding that the size of another thing is also in relevance with the size of the hands, also small, then you are wrong because the other thing the same as my hands is also large and healthy! Can you imagine any other presidential candidate states that about his schlong and get away with it?! Only Trump baby, only Trump!

XII. Trump is a Doer, not a Talker

If Trump does not like something, then he does something about it, kind of like me!

Trump did not like how the politicians run America, then he did something about it, he ran for presidency!

I did not like how the Iranian American Media operates, then I done something about it, I created a new Media form and bloomed it and flourished it to become the largest Iranian website – network in English in the world.

IPC Website

Donald Trump is a Big Supporter of the 2nd Amendment and Gun Rights
Donald Trump speech at the NRA Lobby, ILA (Institute for Legislative Action) Annual Meeting at Nashville, Tennessee

XIII. Trump is a Hard Worker

Trump has only borrowed a million dollar loan from his father and due to hard work, he has built a Multi Billion Dollar Empire. He is still a hard worker and he works hard every day of his life, specifically now that he is running for president. He is all over the map.

I can relate to hard workers because I have been working since age 18. Despite the family fortune and the aristocratic background, I have worked hard on my own and made my own success. There was a time that I have flipped my family and broke ways. I had become homeless and I had to drag myself up from being homeless all the way to corporate manager, university professor and now an international journalist. I know how it feels to make your own success due to hard work.

Trump and I maybe born with silver spoons in our mouths but we made it on our own and we made it due to extremely hard work. That is why I like Trump.

My Life: From Homeless to Corporate Manager

XIV. Trump is not in the bag of Lobbyists and Special Interest

Trump is basically self funding his campaign; therefore, no one can buy Trump. If Trump is elected president, he does not have to obey the will of any lobbyist, special interest, drug company, Health Insurance Company or any type of corporation, thus he is a Multi Billionaire who only cares about the “Will of the People”; therefore, he can establish his own policies which are for the benefit of the America and the Americans. In other words, Trump is not in anyone’s pocket! This is something totally new in the politics of America! But then again, Trump is not really a politician and that is why the people love him!

XV. Trump Wants to Conserve the American Way of Life

They say he is not a true conservative but what is true conservatism? I ask you what is Conservatism?

Conservatism comes from the term “To Conserve”. The act of conserving is the prevention of injury, decay, waste, or loss. To conserve means to preserve. To conserve means to keep intact, to protect and to preserve.

Conservatism is not some reactionary philosophy willing to go back to old and tired values. Conservatism is not to secure old and outdated values, but conservatism is all about conserving what is good, whole, fruitful and full of life. Conserving is about saving what is working and what is good for humanity.

Donald Trump is Big on Gun Rights and NRA (National Rifle Association)
Donald Trump with Rifle and the cadets at the GOP Society Patriot Dinner in the Citadel Military College at Charleston, South Carolina

Donald Trump is a Conservative in a manner that he wants to Conserve everything which is good about America. Donald Trump wants to protect, preserve and conserve the American Way of Life. Throughout the past 15 years and specifically the past 8 years of Obama, we have gotten far from what made America great. We need to get back to American Exceptionalism which made America great. Let us help Trump to make America Great Again.

Social Justice Liberal Shenanigan

If I hear another word from liberals about Social Justice, I am going to vomit! Bernie Sanders wants to tax us at 90 % rate! Who preaches social justice? The bums who graduate college and skilled workers who graduate technical school, yet due to low rate of pay or no available jobs in their field, they refuse to get a low pay job, work for a while and work their way up the ladder. The funny thing is that these guys compare themselves with someone like me and they want equal opportunities, equal pay, equal lifestyle and “Social Justice”!

I usually hire great contractors but once I hired this bum as a contractor. This guy and his crew of so-called company done a screwed up job in my estate. One day this guy was yakking about how he can never buy a house like mine!

His statement pushed me to the edge and I laid it on the line for him! I told him, listen let me ask you some questions:

Have you studied for 21 years, ripped your ass apart in university to get great grades and achieve a doctorate degree plus 3 other degrees?

Have you started working as a petty employee of Arco AM PM and washing toilets on daily basis?

Have you ever pushed shopping carts and pumped gas for customers in Costco?

Have you learned how to invest, play the stock market and done proper investing for decades and make great portfolio?

Have you ever worked 3 jobs at the same time from morning to night?

Have you ever worked 16 hours a day shifts and 7 days a week jobs?

Have you ever literally starved yourself and cut all corners to save up your money for future investments and a better future?

Have you worked your ass off since age 18?

His answers to all my questions were “No”!

My answers to all the above questions were “Yes”!

Then I told him:

Then how on earth do you want to have my lifestyle?
I have done all the above and that is why I have this lifestyle!
You have done none of the above and you still desire to have my lifestyle?

Then he started speaking politics and “Social Justice” and ….

I interrupted him and said:

Social Justice is a nonsense liberal statement for bums like you who never worked your ass off such as guys like me, yet you desire to have the same lifestyle as me!

Social Justice means that I have to work hard and pay up the butt taxes for bums on welfare, food stamps, housing, medical and Medicare who do not want to work. Solcial Justice is some garbage statement meaning that I as a hard worker who worked my ass off since 18, have to pay for your shortcoming!

Of course there is no Social Justice! FAQ Social Justice! No 2 people are equal!

You are a bum who started working at your dad’s business in your 20s because he forced you to learn a trade! You have no education, no skills and no desire to work! You are practically working for your dad and you desire to take over his business, but he knows better that a bum like you will destroy his business, so he does not retire and only allows you to be a supervisor in his business!

There is a world apart between you and I. You do not deserve to have anything near my lifestyle because you are a bum and I worked my ass off all of life!

After my lecture, he just shut the hell up and he and his crew continued working as hard as they could to satisfy me! He knew that if he would say another word about “Social Justice”, I would have torn his ass apart and made Shish Kabob out of it!

Here is my advice to the preachers of the “Social Justice”:

“Get a Life, Get a Job, Get a Career!”

…. And that is the story of this asinine liberal term called the “Social Justice”!

Change is Coming!

I am a practical man, a logical man, a technocrat, a hi tech man and a passionate man. I was never a big fan of Big Government, Big Globalism, Big Free Trade, Big Spending, and Big Brothers from GOP (such as Bush) or from DNC (such as Obama). The only reason that I have supported and voted for GOP Establishment such as Bush, McCain and Romney was to stay in solidarity with fellow conservatives; however, presently the GOP Establishment is destroying the party and along with it the conservatism!

I practically had to drag myself throughout the past elections to vote for people like Romney! When Sarah Palin came along, I saw a beacon of hope, a true conservative who could lead the cause. Sarah Palin and other colleagues jump started the Tea Party and the Neo Conservative Movement. If the GOP would remain a true conservative party, there would have been no need for the Tea Party and the present Revolution! Obviously the Establishment of GOP and the leadership of GOP have lied to the people.

Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump for President

GOP elected officials have lied to the people and all together they have betrayed the trust of the people. For 15 years, these con artists have been taking advantage of the American people, gaining power and filling up their pockets with money. For 15 years they have been betraying the trust and the will of the American people. Their betrayal and incompetence have caused the present revolution which we refer to as the Trump Movement and the Trump Revolution. Now, they should shut up, put up and step aside. Yet they do not do that; morely, they still run their mouths and try to undermine the “Conservative Revolution of America”! I guess some people such as Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell simply never learn that their era is over, their momentum is gone, people have spoken and the Revolution has begun!

Warning to the GOP Establishment

You have been betraying the “Will of the People” for 15 years. You have been ignoring the “Will of the People” for 15 years. You have been clinging to power against the”Will of the People” for 15 years. You have been losing elections and people have not been enthusiastic to vote for you for all these years. The last time I checked, America was still a democracy; you cannot ignore the “Will of the People”. If by any chance you are planning to sabotage Donald Trump’s nomination or dragging this all the way to the convention by not allowing him to get the needed delegates and then conduct a “Brokered Convention” to steal the election from Donald Trump and hand it to an unelected phony or crony, then you got another thing coming!

In United States of America, a Brokered Convention is a situation in which no single candidate has secured a majority of delegates (whether those selected by the primary elections and caucuses, or super-delegates) prior to the first vote for a political party's presidential candidate at its nominating convention.

If Trump wins the majority of delegates, then I see no possible situation for the GOP Establishment to steal the nomination from him. Maybe they are planning to split the party or not to vote for him. Maybe they are planning to run a candidate as a third party!

If Trump does not win the majority; however, has the most delegates, and then the GOP Establishment tries to steal his nomination via a Brokered Convention, then that is also a possibility which would divide the party and make the Trump followers not to vote for any phony chosen by the Establishment.

Either way, if the GOP Establishment tries to steal the nomination from Trump, here and now, I will take a solemn oath that “We the People” who have been GOP members for practically all our lives, will split and leave GOP. Call it Tea Party or whatever you want, but we will create a new party, a true conservative party and say our farewells to the GOP.

Ask yourselves that what would GOP become without its core base? If the core base of GOP leaves GOP and there will be left a wanna be elite GOP Establishment and so-called leadership of the party to play with themselves, then what will be left of GOP? If “We the People” leave GOP, then GOP will become irrelevant and will die out.

GOP Establishment has betrayed Conservatism; therefore, “We the People” will have no second thoughts or doubts to leave the GOP and cause its death!

I am warning you right here on this public tribune. The least we will do is not to vote Republican again and the most that we will do is to leave GOP and create a new party. One way or another we will make GOP irrelevant in the American politics or we will flat out kill the GOP.

This is the final warning of not only me but the True American Conservatives to the GOP Establishment. Allow the democratic process to take its place or there will be revolt and blood!

Trump Storm

The Trump Storm is coming and this storm which has been enflamed by the “Will of the People” will blow America away! This storm will destroy everything and will start building from the scratch! A new era will begin. The American Bald Eagle, the same as the Phoenix will burn and then rise from the ashes of defeat and humiliation. A New Phoenix, a new Eagle, a new Era and a new America shall rise again, not because Trump said so, but because Trump has seen the light and Trump is the right leader to lead this revolution. Trump is the harbinger of this Storm; Trump is the Messenger of this Storm. This Storm is the “Will of the People”. This Storm will hit the Status Quo and it will hit hard. See the light like Trump did, go with the Storm or take cover but make sure not to stand on the way of this Holy Storm, thus the Storm is coming and it will blow away whatever which stands on its way! The Storm is the result of 15 years of frustration turned to hatred for the Washington DC Establishment may them be liberals or GOP.

Donald Trump Wants You!
Trump wants you to help to “Make America Great Again”!

Donald Trump Sites

Visit Trump Sites:

Donald Trump Campaign Site

Donald Trump Organization

Donald Trump Biography

Donald Trump Wikipedia

Donald Trump IMDB

Donald Trump Twitter

Donald Trump Facebook

Shining City Upon The Hill

I am glad that the Storm is finally coming to blow everything away. Shall everything blow away, gets destroyed and become dust in the wind! Shall this hatred, blow all the corruption away and start a new, a clean sleight, a new construction for a shining city upon the hill!

Who knows, maybe if we work hard, together we can once again build that “Shining City Upon the Hill”! The dream is achievable, the time is now and the momentum is this minute. Let us regain our pride, let us regain America, let us keep the Great Ronald Reagan’s Dream alive, we can build it together, we are on our way …..

On our way to build that “Shining City Upon The Hill” and …. Make America Great Again!

Do not sabotage the Dream, do not sabotage Trump, do not sabotage the “Will of the People”.

Help us, thus together, sky is the limit and no dream is too big to achieve.

Let us together make America Great Again ….


Dr. X

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