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Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President 2024
Ahreeman X
December 21, 2022

Donald Trump Two Thumbs Up Famous Gesture

Why I Support Trump?

I have endorsed Donald John Trump for president on 2016, 2020 and 2024. Many ask me why? I have been fighting tyrannical dictatorship police states such as IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) around the world for over 4 decades. Presently, I am too old and too tired to take arms, join or form a militia to fight the American Deep State and the Illegitimate Democrat Regime of DC, how about you? The next best option than to start a rebellion is to give Trump a third chance to clean up the filth in Washington DC, retire the Swamp and revive America according to what George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, John Jay and the rest of the Great Founding Fathers had visioned and built the foundation of America upon it! For now, Trump equals hope. Let us give Trump another chance before we actually uprise against the Deep State Tyranny!

After the stolen 2020 election and since January 20, 2021, America has become a police state. The textbook definition of Fascism is the collusion of the state and the corporations. In today’s America, the state and the international corporations are one and both under the guidance of the globalist elite of UN, WEF, WTO and WHO, are actively destroying the foundations of America which are Capitalism, Democracy and Freedoms visioned by the Founding Fathers. The regime uses its tools such as the Media, Tech Giants, Social Media and Big Government means to propagate and mass brainwash the lesser sleeping part of the Americans. Fortunately, the greater part of the Americans are awakened and not woke! Hypothetically, if the Founding Fathers were alive today, they would have taken arms, form a militia and fight the Federal Government run by the Deep State Cabal.      

We need to be logical, next best option to form a militia and fight the Corrupt Deep State and Democrats’ Police State is giving Trump another chance. Frankly I have been fighting Dictatorships sine I was 16. I am too old and tired to now fight the American Police State and Deep State Dictatorship AKA Democrats’ Banana Republic! Why not stick with Trump to gradually cleanup this corrupt country and the election system.

Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President 2016

Ahreeman X at the Banquet

Changing the System from the Within

As the Corrupt Coalition of the Democrats, media, Tech Giants, Woke Corporations and Deep State are moving on from the stolen elections of 2020 and 2022 to the 2024 future elections, Trump is the only alternative to civil war and battling the Tyrannical Federal Government for the freedoms. Yes, gradually, we can change the system from the within. Little by little we can achieve overall victories such as 2022 to change every state in to a fair elections system. A short while ago, Florida and Ohio were corrupt tossup states but now they are Red States with fair election systems. By changing states to fair election states, and cleaning up corruptions, we can establish national fair elections. It will be hard but eventually one day we can cleanup Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York and even California! It takes time and patience. One small victory at a time is the alternative to national bloodshed and revolution to violently remove the illegitimate occupational regime. We can change the system from the within. Let’s give Trump a chance.

Donald Trump Smile with the Flag

Everything Trump said was True

Every day we find out more proofs that everything Trump said was true! Latest proofs are coming from Elon Musk exposing secret Twitter files to the public!

Yes, it is all true that,

* Obama Regime and Deep State spied on Trump’s Campaign
* FBI spied on Trump’s White House
* The complete US election System is rigged
* Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin do work for COVID rather than Vaccines
* Tech Giants and Media did collude with the Democrats to steal elections
* FBI Colluded with Social Media and Tech Giants to steal the 2020 election

And so on and so forth …

Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
Google, Facebook and Twitter Iranian American Management

US Elections 2020 Rigged by George Soros

How American Election was Stolen?
Navarro Report: Immaculate Deception

How American Election was Stolen? Part 2
Navarro Report Volume 2: Art of the Steal

Florida and Virginia were very corrupt and results of the elections took weeks and a month top to be resolved but after GOP responsible candidates become governors, they both turned red and elections were held in one day and with the same day results! Things can change gradually.

We cannot become cheaters like Democrats to win elections because we are moral people. We can change the system gradually. Let’s leave fighting the Federal Government as the final option.

Ahreeman X Pilgrimage to the Founding Fathers and the Great Patriots at the Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, USA

Ranked Choice and Jungle Elections!

To eliminate Ranked Choice voting system which favors RINOs (Utah, Alaska, Main, etc.) and Jungle Election System which favors Democrats (California, etc.) and all other cheating methods, we need to gradually win the states and then cleanse them.

Do you know why the DC swamp including but not limited to the Democrat Establishment, Republican Establishment (RINOs), Deep State, Woke Globalist Corporations, Wall Street, Corporate Media, Tech Giants, Social Media, and Hollywood despise Trump and do their best to sabotage or steal his presidency? Allow me to elaborate below.

Donald Trump Hugging the US Flag

List of Reasons on Why I Support Trump?

I support Trump because:

I. Trump will push to enforce term limits for the congress, meaning that swamp scum Democrats like Biden or RINOs like McConnell cannot stay in congress for half a century or 4 decades!

II. Trump will push to enforce the members of congress after their terms will not be able to lobby like they do for another few decades! Ex-Congressmen will not be able to become lobbyists!

III. Trump will cut down the Big Government to size. Federal Government is too big, too wasteful, too fraudulent and deeply mismanaged. It is time to cut it down to size.

IV. Trump will cleanse and restructure the Federal, Security and Intelligence Agencies such as DOJ, FBI, CIA, DEA, DHS, IRS and the rest of these organizations which were weaponized to rule over the people rather than serving the people.

V. Trump will establish fair elections in USA.

VI. Trump will once more like he done before, create the greatest economy in the history of the earth.

VII. Trump will end inflation, unemployment, high gas prices, empty shelves in supermarkets and supply chain issue.

VIII. Trump will secure the border, end the co-reign of the Democrats and the Drug Cartels flooding America with fentanyl, drugs, child traffic, women traffic, gang traffic, and illegal alien criminals. We have 27 million illegal aliens in America and Democrats are importing another 6 million!

IX. Trump will seize woke failed liberal educational system in schools where CRT, Equity, Pedophilia and Transgender Ideology is being taught to your children via Bald Fat Men with Big Bellies and hairy legs in Tutu Mini Skirts and High Heels as Drag Queen Educators and Role Models!

X. Trump will return America to what it was destined to be by the Founding Fathers, so the present Communist-Fascist Police State can transform back to the Great Unique Democracy bloomed by Capitalism and Freedoms where American Dream will be alive once more.

XI. Trump will dump the Corrupt, Degenerate, Woke Swamp full of Swampy ideas down the toilet and into the dumpster of history where it belongs.

XII. Trump will end the Anti-American globalist garbage doctrines domination of America. Doctrines such as Transgender Ideology, Pedophilia Teachings in Schools, Depopulation, Climate Cult Fantasy, Green New Deal, Homosexual Propagation, Killing the Nuclear Family, Killing the Patriarchy, Toxic Masculinity, CRT, Equity, Open Borders, Drug Cartels Control, Illegal Alien Flooding of America, Muslim Refugee Invasion, Islamization of America, Drug Culture, and other Degeneration of America Agendas.

XIII. Trump will bring back the manufacturing to USA again! By cutting taxes, regulations, environmental red tapes and creating business friendly environment, Trump will return the manufacturing of raw material, industrial products, hi-tech, automobiles, medicine and other goods back to USA, so America will not be dependent to China and other nations for every single product. Trump will reinstate the tariffs to recreate fair trades and promote Made in America products.  

Domestication of the Free American Spirit by the DC Swamp will end!   

Finally, the most important reason which I support Trump for, is that:

Trump is with the Iranian People; Democrats are with the Mullahs!

XIV. Trump is the only friend which the Iranian Opposition and the Iranian People have. Trump will; stand by and support the Iranian people’s fight for freedom. My concern is the Iranian Opposition, and Trump had proven that unlike Democrats who stand with the Mullahs and the IRI Regime, he stands with the Iranian people. With his sanctions, Trump brought IRI to its knees, but right away, Biden and Democrats went back to making dirty deals with the Mullahs!

Democrats Will Not Support Iranian Opposition!

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA

Donald Trump National Populist Fist

Rigged System

The complete system is rigged. Pennsylvanians are not that stupid to elect a brain damaged slob as a senator (John Fetterman) and Americans are not that stupid to elect a brain damaged dementia patient as a president (Joe Biden).

Solutions to the Problem


* Steve Gruber of RAV says we need to play the game the same as the Democrats. In other words, we must participate in ballot harvesting, drop boxing, mail in balloting and other cheating methods. That is immoral for us to do such; however, where it is legal to do the above, we must do it the same as Democrats do. Blue States have changed the laws in the middle of the game. COVID become an excuse to steal elections. That is when ballot harvesting, drop boxing, mail in balloting and other methods started. We must play the game and beat Democrats by their own rules. Once we win the states, then we can change the laws back to the fair elections.

To change corrupt laws to fair elections laws, we must elect governors to clean the states, legislators to pass the laws, secretary of states to enforce the laws, and General Attorneys to make sure the law is abided and fair elections are established. 

* some say eventual uprising against the regime and the deep state is unavoidable.

* Some say, we change from bottom to the top

I say, give Trump another chance. I am with Trump.

Donald Trump Put Up Your Dukes and Fight Like a Man Gesture

Degenerating America

I don’t know at what point America had become the nation of sheep, ruled by the wolves and owned by the pigs?

China, Mexican Drug Cartels and Democrats are in collusion to infect America with the Drug Culture! Everything from Marijuana to Fentanyl goes and you can see the results of it as the collapse of the American society.

MAGA candidates are everyday people and patriots. Unlike Democrats and RINOs they are not career politicians and globalist criminals. These are the people we want for candidates for the school boards all the way to the president of USA.

Democrat Agenda: Steal, Cheat, Lie

On 2022, Democrats knew that Republicans would vote in person on the voting day, so strangely voting machines and tabulation machines all over the country specifically Arizona, New Jersey and Colorado malfunctioned or stopped working! Lines of people and no machines working! In addition, they were trying to accept undated mail in ballots. So, on one hand, they stalled Republicans to vote in person and on the other hand, they accepted fabricated Democrat mail in ballots to make up the deficit to cheat the votes. This was a clear case of voter’s suppression which we have evidence from here to the moon and that is why Kari Lake is willing to take the case all the way to the Supreme court.

To clean up the corrupt election system, primarily like Florida, the GOP needs to take control and eliminate all methods of cheating such as mail in ballots, voting machines, tabulation machines, ballot harvesting, drop boxes, no voters ID and so on, but how can we establish the fair elections when in a rigged system statewide and nationwide, we cannot take control? New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois and California are the perfect examples of the statewide corrupt systems.

Donald Trump Dance: Hold On, I’m Coming Back!

Millions are Joining the MAGA Movement

During the 2022 midterm elections, in Arizona, the voting machines and tabulation machines only broke down in the Republican areas! The count seized to halt or slow down only in the Republican areas. Jersey was the same! Despite all the cheatings, still Democrat voters shrunk and GOP voters massively expanded! Even in the Blue states, massive numbers voted GOP.

Democrats tried to steal the 2022 election in the same ways that they stole the 2020 election.
Voting Machines and Tabulation Machines in many states stopped working, so again, the counting had to drag on for days and weeks!

Despite all the Democrat shenanigans, GOP had gained over 5 million new voters. Democrats and Independents are joining the GOP. In fact, it is not the GOP that they are joining but it is Trump and MAGA which they are joining!

Fair Election System

Paper Ballots only, one day voting, no ballot harvesting, no drop boxes, hand counts, no voting machines, no ballot counting machines, voters’ ID, Proof of Citizenship, only if you are a registered mail in ballot voter and you date the ballot, then it is ok.

America the Crime Syndicate

Voters in Pennsylvania decided to vote a brain damaged guy “John Fetterman” for senate and a dead guy “Tony DeLuca” for the Pennsylvania House of Representative (equal to State Assembly)! Imagine how rigged the elections are in PA and how sheepishly uninformed are the Democrat voters in PA!

Since January 20, 2021, America has become an Organized Crime Syndicate run by Democrats and Deep State.

Why Red Tsunami Ended Up as Red Drizzle?

I. McConnell, McCarthy and McDaniel funded RINO candidates rather than MAGA candidates. GOP establishment tried to point the finger at Trump for the failure! In reality, Trump is the reason for all the GOP winnings in various offices.

Formula for RNC Failure:

McConnell + McCarthy + McDaniel = Mc-Failure

To end waste, fraud and mismanagement, it is time for the new leadership all around the GOP!

II. Elections were stolen in various states such as Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and so on.

III. Rigged Election Systems: Mail In Ballots, Drop Boxes, Ballot Harvesting, No Voters ID, Rigged voting Machines, Rigged Tabulation Machines, No consistent ballot chain of custody and other fraudulent factors imposed on the American Elections since 2020 by the Democrats and the Deep State.

Democrats are Destroying the American Culture

Democrats and their foot soldiers of BLM, ANTIFA and Anarchists are like Taliban and ISIS. They destroy historical statues and monuments. They destroy culture and history. Taliban destroys Buddhist and Persian statues. ISIS destroys Assyrian statues. Democrats by their virtue signaling and social justice wokeness, believe that everything about America starting with the Founding Fathers is racist and evil. They do not see every era’s history according to its own time frame. They believe they are the righteous ones and therefore they must destroy the American history. In this manner, Democrats destroy the American civilization, culture and traditions.

Democrats are Destroying America

Minority of Americans are Brainwashed

Americans still do not feel the full impact of what Democrats have done to the USA. When you have no fossil fuel, you have no fertilizer. When you have no fertilizer, you have no crops. When you have no crops, you have no cattle. When you have no cattle, you have no dairy products. So, when you stop drilling oil, you will have no food to eat.

When this winter and next winter, Americans feel the full impact of the Democrats’ disaster by having no food, no baby formula, astronomic gas prices, outrageous electric bills and water bills, high mortgages, housing prices and collapsed economy, then they will compare this disaster to when Trump provided for them the greatest economy in the history of the Earth and then it will click and sink in to their brains!

Empty bellies and astronomic gas prices will wipe out the media and social media brainwash and propaganda!

Americans have been getting fat and lazy and too comfortable all the way on this side of the world, having cheap food, cheap gas, big portions, larger than life lifestyle and abondance of everything. Life was great, specifically during the Trump era. Now Globalists and Democrats are imposing Green New Deal, Climate Cult’s Dooms Day Scenario and No Fossil Fuel on them based on a fantasy and imaginary theory of the Global Warming. Climate Change is a fabricated religion created by the liberals to control the global population and rule the world. Democrats are controlling the world by making the world starve and live in poverty. This is the New World Order. Once Americans feel the full impact of this catastrophe, they will uprise, riot and the least, vote for Trump.

Liberal Made Climate Change Catastrophe Hoax!

Ann Coulter and Other Opportunist Seasonal Fans

Ann Coulter was on Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show running her big mouth, criticizing Trump and blaming him for the midterm disaster. She stated that a slim number of Trump’s 2016 followers still do follow him and she feels sorry for them! This is the same Ann Coulter whom since 2015, jumped on the Trump Train, criticized Trump, jumped off the train, got back on the train, defended him like a solid follower and now she is off the train again and trashes Trump like the worst possible RINO! Ann Coulter is seeking success for the GOP without Trump! Ann Coulters of the globe do not comprehend that Trump is the reason for the GOP success or else GOP would have been dead in 2016! People like Ann Coulter are worse than the RINOs! They are what we don’t need in GOP.

Donald Trump Rock & Roll: We Will Take Our Country Back Baby!

Loyalty Matters

I am the opposite of Ann Coulter. When I endorsed Trump for 2016 and 2020; furthermore, when he walked down the Trump tower Escalator on 2015, I made a pact with MAGA, Trump and a Solid Oath of Honor with myself: I started with Trump from the beginning and I will stand by Trump until the bitter end. I do the same with every single person and patriot whom I support around the globe. I have never been a half way friend and a seasonal fan. I am a type of person who will fight and die for his friends.

Low life Sensationalist, Publicity Seeker, Cheesy Book Author, Transsexual Common Whore like Ann Coulter, RINOs, Seasonal Fans and other opportunists are the opposite. Ann Coulter needs to shut her trap, speak less and listen more, so maybe she learns something! This slut is a Problematic Bimbo!

Ann Coulter, a Liability for GOP
The Secular Conservative Dilemma

Your Tax Dollars Plundered on Waste, Fraud and Mismanagement

Not only in America but your tax dollars are going to fund sex change operations in Pakistan, Drag Queen Story hours in Ecuador, Gay Pride Parades in Czech Republic, LGBTQIA Agenda in Ukraine and much more around the globe! It is all a part of the Globalist Socialist “Green New Deal,” “Climate Cult Hoax,” “New World Order,” and “Depopulation Program” by the Climate Cultists, WEF, WHO, UN, EU, American Democrats and the US Deep State.

Liberal Made LGBTQIA+ 6 to 60 Genders!
Why Liberals are Forcing People to Become Gay?

Liberal Made LGBTQIA+ 6 to 60 Genders! Thread

The Debate Amongst the Conservatives

Presently there is a serious debate in GOP about remaining pure and moral or getting down and dirty in trenches, and like liberals fight dirty in a way that using the legal means in various states to our benefits such as using ballot harvesting and mail in ballots where it is legal like California to gain majority. Once we get the majority and win elections, then if we don’t like the ballot harvesting and mail in ballots, we can legislate them out.

Woke Gay Military

Liberals made the military leadership woke, so when elections get stolen, they will not interfere and make them right. When the military and government are infected, weakened, woke-end and controlled by the Democrats and Deep State, then the Democracy and Freedoms are abolished.

Donald Trump Wants You to Join MAGA!

Most Logical Path

Face the reality, for now, the most logical option and path to victory is to stick with Trump. I stick with Trump because loyalty matters; stability of political identity matters; not to be a flip flopper matters; to be on American people’s side matters; to stand by the Iranian people and opposition matters; to have morality matters; to have human decency matters; to stand firm against the corrupt DC Swamp, Woke Corporations, Corporate Media, Tech Giants and Globalism matters; to eliminate the endless power of the corrupt CIA, FBI and Deep State matters; to save American unique form of democracy from the police state created by the FBI, CIA, DOJ and rest of the scum bags in Deep State matters; to end the reign of Democrats by stealing elections, one after another matters; to sacrifice for America matters; to fight for freedoms matters; to Save America matters. America is worth fighting for, because America is the last stand against the global tyranny and globalist police state. If America goes, the world goes.

This is why we the people will stand strong and fight the Globalist enemies, foreign and domestic. Foreign such as WEF, WHO, WTO, UN, EU and others. Domestic such as FBI, CIA, DHS, DOJ, Democrats, RINOs, DC Swamp and other Deep State entities.

We shall fight today, tomorrow and forever thus we are American Patriots; this is our land and we shall never live bending over or living on our knees, submitting to the Deep State and Illegitimate Democrat Regime. We shall never obey the Big Communist-Fascist Brother in Langley, Pentagon or DC.

We are Americans and united we stand against the Democrat and Deep State Tyranny. We shall fight, we shall die but we shall never surrender and we will never lose our freedoms.

This is why I am with Trump, I been with Trump since 2015 and I shall stand by Trump until the bitter end. I got him hundreds of thousands of votes in 2016, 2020 and I will get him hundreds of thousands more in 2024 because Trump is the voice of MAGA, and MAGA is the voice of the people. MAGA is our screams and battle cry for Freedoms.

Patriots, be an activist, volunteer as poll watcher, poll worker, campaign worker or at least vote, because no vote means no change and continuation of the status quo. You vote and leave the fair election reforms to us. We the people shall defeat the DC Swamp.

“The Further and Greater your Dreams are, the Further and Greater your Efforts will become.”
(Ahreeman X)

“Informed people are in charge of their own future!”
(Ahreeman X)

“The reason Deep State have not assassinated Trump yet is because MAGA is a massive movement and there will be a bloodbath in America which will bring the violent death of the Deep State!”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

More Power to the People

Dr. X

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