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American Elections are Laughing Stock of the World!


American Elections are Laughing Stock of the World!
Ahreeman X
July 19, 2022

Confused Baby: You know, America used to be the global foundation of freedom and democracy. After 2020 Stolen Election and destruction of the American Independence, Democrats killed the freedoms! American politics has become a Big Pile O Bang and Bologna Boondoggle Bull Shiite! What happened to America?!

One day election, paper ballots only, hand counting only, polls close at 8 PM, results are known at 8 PM because counting started at 7 PM for early votes. That’s how it’s done in France and many other nations around the globe. It is called fair elections.

Lady Liberty goes back to France due to American Traitors Ben Garrison Cartoon
“US 2020 Elections has been rigged!” (Media)
“America, the Heart of Democracy Falls!” (Media)
“Democrats Destroy the American Economy, Security and Independence!” (Media)
On July 4th, Lady Liberty, an Independent Day gift from France, packed up and went back home, because after January 20, 2021, independence does not exist in USA!

In America, voting takes place for months and counting takes place for months because we have mail in ballots, drop boxes, hacked electronic voting machines, hacked electronic vote tabulation machines, ballot harvesting, mules mass dropping ballots in drop boxes, illegal aliens voting, dead people voting, out of staters voting, double voting, triple voting, cats voting, dogs voting and every other way possible to cheat voting! No one believes in the results of the American elections, not overseas, not in Americas and specifically not in USA! It has become a joke!   

Why is it that liberals are against Voters’ ID? Aren’t only American citizens who should vote in America? We are bashing the Iranian elections, Chinese elections and Russian elections, but take a minute and look at our own elections! Every year it gets worse. 2020 elections were the ultimate rigged elections. Majority of the country does not even believe that American elections are fair anymore. As of now:

Population Percentage does not believe the 2020 elections were fair
90% of Republicans
75% of Independents
35% of Democrats

This is tragic and what are we doing about it? Zip indeed!

Democrats’ Liberal World Order Kills American Sovereignty Branco Cartoon
“Democrats admire Aztec’s human sacrificial altars!” (Media)
“Democrats New world Order Globalism replaces the American Exceptionality!” (Media)
Will Uncle Sam survive the Globalist Donkey?!

We are mocking Vladimir Putin and Russian elections but at least Putin has massive fans, following and voters. Putin is a popular president in Russia. Who voted for Biden? Biden didn’t even campaign, he was in the basement of his home and when he had rallies, between 8 to 200 people showed up! His White House show inauguration was conducted with 2000 people! No one but no one believes that this senile incontinent old corrupt buffoon earned 81 million votes, more than any other president in the history of America! Everyone knows this is a joke, even Democrats! But Democrats were happy with the results, so they ignored the facts! Now even Democrats regret how things turned out! We are in a Shiite Hole!

Inflation, high food prices, high cost of living, high utility prices, high cost of housing, high gas prices, empty shelves in supermarkets, open borders, drug cartels’ trafficking, high crime rate, defund the police, indoctrination in schools, transgender teachings to kids, critical race theory, and every other disaster which has been occurring since Biden illegally throned by the Deep State.

Folks wake up, we are over 30 trillion dollars in debt! China owns America! Stolen elections have catastrophic results and we are living in it! Illegitimate Biden Regime is a present from the Corrupt Democrats, Corrupt Media, Corrupt Tech Giants, Deep State and China to you!   

Either we change the complete election process to the same as France or we will have a one-party Communist Globalist system established and run by the Democrats and their Media, Tech Giants and Deep State allies!

The key point is for the patriots to sign up, volunteer as poll workers, poll observers, run for elections up and down the ticket for every single office including school boards. The change starts from bottom up. The whole system is rigged by the Democrats and RINO Republicans, so the patriots must cleanse the complete system.

If the American people care to take their country back and not fall into the Communist Abyss, designed by George Soros, Globalists and China, then our National Populist Grass Roots Movement of MAGA shall actively and vigilantly clean up the corrupt system from within the system.

Marxists with China’s backing have been working on this massive plan to take control since 1960s. Once all the Marxist terrorists, Communists and Globalists were beaten in the 1960s, they regrouped and reorganized with a new religion and cult, the Climate Cult and new gimmicks such as CRT, Transgender Ideology, Wokeness and branding everyone as Racist. Today’s Democrat party is not your grand father’s or JFK’s Democrat party. Today’s Democrat party is a Communist Globalist Cult which will not hesitate to do anything, even coups to steal elections and use street thugs such as BLM, ANTIFA, Communists and Anarchists to win by street riots and burning down the cities, but when patriots counter punch as Proud Boys Patriots done, they are called racist by the Media!

In today’s America, we have political prisoners in DC Gulags. Patriots of January 6th are in jail while criminals such as Biden Crime Family Cartel are in the White House!

Democrats’ Election Distractions and Red Wave Branco Cartoon
“The Red 2022 Wave will destroy the Democrat Party!” (Media)
“Democrats use distractions, so people will miss the Red Wave!” (Media)
“Gun Control, Abortion and January 6th Hearings are Democrat Distractions!” (Media)
The Giant Red Wave will wash away the Little donkey’s sand castle of lies!

Patriots, we are living in crucial times, the very American culture, history, traditions, freedoms, constitution and free spirit is in danger of extinction. If America goes, the whole west and the whole world will go in to the belly of Globalism, Davos and Tech Oligarchs. America is the last stand against tyranny.

It is do or die in 2022 and 2024. We the people and our National Populist Movement will make the final stand against the Establishment to save America. This country does not belong to the Deep State, Corporate Media, Tech Oligarchs and Globalists. This country belongs to you and I, we the people.

Together we shall reach the shining city upon a hill.


Dr. X

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