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Upcoming American Revolution
Omnibus Bill & RINOs Review & Cartoon Gallery


Upcoming American Revolution
Taxation Without Representation; Omnibus Bill and RINOs
Review and Cartoon Gallery

Ahreeman X and Cartoonists
January 4, 2023

Kevin McCarthy RINO Republican Animal Crackers Tina Garrison and Ben Garrison Cartoon
McCarthy Brand Animal Crackers, Now with Extra RINOs!
Here at McCarthy’s Opportunistic Factory, we mix and match them as it suits us! We got them all: MAGA Lions, Mitch McConnell Swamp Turtles, Democrat Donkeys, GOP Elephants and now with Extra RINOs! We change face as we change underwear!

Many thanks to our patriotic cartoonist friends:

Ben Garrison and Tina Garrison: GrrrGraphics

A F Branco: Comically Incorrect

Gary Varvel

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Bottleneck Forming

Eventually the producers and working class in United States will get fed up of working hard and pay high taxes without representation to support the users, bums and the illegal aliens free loading on welfare, food stamps, housing, healthcare, free education and benefits! Eventually the working class will get sick and tired of their hard earning tax dollars being flushed down the toilet by the Big Federal Government in DC which does not represent them. DC is about waste, fraud and mismanagement of the tax payers’ dollars on Boondoggle Bull Shiite causes and pork barrel earmarks!

Mitch McConnell Turtle RINO Republican with Donkey Democrat Tail Tina Garrison Cartoon
The Tail Wags the Turtle! RINOs and Democrats are the Permanent Residents of the DC Swamp!

Waste, Fraud and Mismanagement at Washington DC

While the American working class suffers at the gas pumps and grocery stores with Biden’s and Democrats’ inflation, high prices and lack of products; the DC senators and congressmen give themselves a raise and pat themselves on the back for the hard work of plundering the national budget!

Democrats and RINOs elected due to the stolen elections, have been reigning in DC for over 30 years with no term limits, some until they die (John McCain), some until they forced to retire (Nancy Pelosi) and some until they rot (Mitch McConnell) but some become moving corps and still walking the halls of the congress in DC Capitol (Chuck Schumer)! Some like Joe Biden, reign in DC for half a century, become senators and then get promoted by the Deep State as the puppet president!  Biden created a Crime Syndicate referred to as the “Biden Crime Family” organized crime syndicate, stealing millions and making billions on Ukraine money laundry, China and Iran Lobby! For all his crimes and incompetence, he gets erected by the Deep State as the usurper president, stealing the presidency from Trump on 2020 and naturally the Regime’s propaganda machine (Media and Tech Giants), censor, silence and ban any opposing voice on the social media! Welcome to once a unique system of democracy in the globe and now a Banana Republic painted for you with a façade of a democracy, the American Banana Republic!

FBI Most Wanted List Posters - Post January 6, 2021

Omnibus Bill RINO Republican and Democrat Establishment Go Nuts Branco Cartoon
Globalist RINO Republicans and Communist Democrats Play Footsie!

Bottleneck Exploding

At this point, all the pressure which has piled up due to oppression, police state, mandates, voters’ suppression, high taxations, no representation, inflation, high gas prices, high cost of food, high cost of living and suffocation will move to the top of the bottle and creates a bottleneck. Eventually this bottleneck will explode, breakdown the bottle and along with it will blow the DC Swamp, the Deep State and the complete Washington DC to hell!

This Upcoming Revolution could be a peaceful transition of power via fair elections from the Deep State and Establishment to the People where the Founding Fathers had visioned and designed; or it can be a bloody revolution, a mass bloodshed and a catastrophic civil war with Working Class Patriots on one side battling the Deep State, Establishment, Elite and their sheep (the liberals) on the other side!

One way or another, the upcoming American Revolution will occur and blow Washington DC to Hell! This is the natural evolution of events due to the unchangeable historical destiny. Every action causes a reaction of the equal force and on the opposite direction. This action has been forced upon the people for over 30 years. Soon or late, the reaction will come and will crush and dismantle the corrupt and oppressive Globalist Elite piling up dollars on top of the dollars in Silicon Valley, Hollywood and Washington DC. Sometimes the tree of freedom requires blood to quench its thirst! Justice shall be served!

Mitch McConnell Turtle RINO Republican and GOP Opposite Agendas Branco Cartoon
Will of the people at the GOP Base is towards victory but RINOs will is towards defeat because the RINO and Democrat Establishment agendas are the same! That’s why on 2022 election, the Red Tsunami turned to the Red Drizzle!

National Debt

As of now we have $31.4 Trillion of debt and the congress keeps on spending dollars like crazy!  US National Debt is owed to these entities by this order:

Japan, China, UK, Belgium, Cayman Islands, Switzerland, Ireland, Luxembourg, US Banks, Major Investors, State Governments, Local Governments, Insurance Companies, and Private Investors through the Saving Bonds, Mutual Funds and Pension Funds. Imagine how much of our debt is owned by China our adversary! China owns over a Trillion Dollar of US debt which comes to over 14% of the debt. That’s why they say China owns us!

Allow me to only give you one example of how your money gets wasted in Washington DC while you have no say and you must obey the Big Brother or else, they black ball you, tax target you or throw you in the DC Gulag! Observe the tyranny of the Chinese Style Communist Regime in DC:

Omnibus Bill RINO Republican No More Mask Gary Varvel Cartoon
When going gets tough, the RINOs take the mask off!
Omnibus Bill voting made the RINOs to take their masks off!

$1.76 Trillion Spending Bill of Your Tax Dollars 2023

Democrats and RINOs (Uniparty) spend your tax money on Boondoggle Bull Shiite Causes and you only get Biden’s Senile Shriveled up Schlong for Christmas! Did you enjoy Uncle joe’s Tabouli for Christmas? Have you gotten shafted good?

* Trump gave the people the greatest tax cut in the history of USA
* Biden gave people Dick for Christmas!

Actually, Biden screwed you for $1.76 trillion worth! That is one costly screw! You got banged for Christmas and you even had to pay for it to get banged! Did it feel good? Was it worth $1.76 Trillion?

The Sheeple (Sheep Liberals) in United State are in coma and do not even know how bad they got banged!

That is what Democrats do, they screw people hard and deep! That is why Gays love Democrats!

If Democrat, you deserved it, give it a good BJ.
If RINO Republican, you deserved it, give it a good Bend over Bangarooni.
If patriot, then I feel sorry for you, let it pile up as yet another reason for the upcoming uprising of the American people against the US Deep State.

Omnibus Bill RINO Republican and Democrat Establishment Christmas Pork Branco Cartoon
Donkey and RINO Swamp Animals: We shall spend billions to protect the Ukraine, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Central America and the African Borders thus we shall not spend a dime to protect our own southern border because Illegal Alien Flood means New Slave Dependent Voters for the Donkey and New Slave Labor for the RINO! May God bless the Swamp!

Omnibus Bill 2023: Waste of Your Tax $ in Detail

Where do your tax dollars go?

The Senate on Tuesday advanced the $1.76 Trillion, 4,155-page omnibus spending bill. Almost no one read the bill but they passed it because they don’t pay for it, it is you and I who pay for it!

The motion passed 70-25, featuring strong support for the bill, and with many Senate Republicans against it; however, as usual, the RINOs voted along with the Democrats to pass the treacherous bill. They literally burned your money like paper waste!

RINO Republican Fossils Parade!
Senators Susan Collins, John Cornyn, Mitch McConnell and John Barrasso
RINOs are coming to pass yet another Pork Barrel Earmark Bill to polish their bank accounts with lobby dollars and rob your grandchildren out of their prosperity! Not to worry, even your grandchildren will remain under debt! C’mon Man, its only $31.4 Trillion owed!

Observe the Crimes committed against you the people:

$482 billion in total federal waste ($3,300 per federal taxpayer), the majority of which is the $475 billion spent on interest on our national debt because we don’t balance our budget!

$79.6 billion to Department of Education, an increase of $3.2 billion above the fiscal year 2022 enacted level for the Supporting Effective Education Development. Meaning financing the failed American liberal educational system with more funds than any other country per student to indoctrinate the children rather than educating them. Marxist and Drag Queen Educators are also mandatory! With all this funding, US pays the most per student but always falls behind between # 14 to # 17 in the world!

$47 billion for the National Institutes of Health. Only God knows how much of it is waste, fraud and mismanagement on funding the bureaucratic hierarchy, paperwork and LGBTQIA Bull Shiite!

$45 billion in military and economic aid for Ukraine’s conflict with Russia. This is billions more than the $37 billion Biden requested. $15.5 billion supposedly going to economic, budgetary and humanitarian support for the Ukrainian government which mostly funds the Ukrainian officials’ pockets. $55 billion in the 2022 and now $45 billion in 2023 makes the total dollars since the war started to:

US Gift to Ukraine
$55 Billion (2022) + $45 Billion (2023) = $100 Billion

We paid $100 Billion to Ukraine and most of it went to the corrupt politicians’ bank accounts! We protect Ukraine’s border while our southern border with Mexico is wide open and Biden imported over 7 million illegal aliens since he took office and stolen presidency in January 20, 2021!

Volodymyr Zelenskyy is the highest paid actor in the world! For each act, he gets $50 Billion from the US congress! Every time he bangs Pelosi and Schumer up the Shiiter, he gets $50 Billion! Lord, it is good to be the money laundry nation for the Biden Crime Enterprise!

$39 billion for the Department of Justice (Injustice), meaning massive funding of the DOJ as the weaponized arm of the Democrat Party to silence, oppress and arrest all opposition to the Communist Regime of the Democrats, Chinese Style!

$11.3 billion to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, for new headquarter, including for efforts to investigate extremist violence and domestic terrorism. Meaning rewarding the FBI for persecution and prosecution of the patriots, conservatives and American Citizens with a new building and new toys as the American Gestapo! New funds for FBI as the weaponized arm of the Democrat Party to silence any opposition and brand them as “Domestic Terrorists” while at the same time supporting the BLM, ANTIFA, Anarchists, Communists, Drug Cartels, MS13 and Illegal Alien Criminals as the “National Heroes” of the left! This money would also aid FBI to fabricate more episodes like January 6th to arrest more innocent patriots!

$10.1 billion for Environmental Protection Agency, meaning billions wasted on EPA to create more red tapes, regulations and Bull Shiite procedures to block harvesting fossil fuel, destroy industries and ruin US manufacturing, so we can continue being dependent to China for every resource, product and industry! Also, to save endangered species of useless creatures such as the smelt fish at the cost of the drought in various places like California via diverting the river water in to the ocean rather than for fertilization and farming! Let the endangered species die, it is called survival of the fittest in Darwinism and Science!

$6.9 billion to the Congress, which is $975 million above the fiscal year 2022 enacted levels, an increase of 16.5% for earmarks, boondoggle and pork! More dollars for Congress to not obey their constituents but to slush funds as their perks! More waste, fraud and mismanagement of the tax payers’ dollars for their personal benefits.

$6.4 billion to the Community Development Block Grant formula program and related local economic and community development projects which is nonsense earmarks. The only thing gets developed is the politicians’ bank accounts while the Ghetto Dwellers continue living in the Shiite Holes!

$5 billion in pork earmarks for 3,200 Boondoggle Bull Shiite projects.

$3.6 billion for homeless assistance grants wasteful useless programs. More dollars slushed by the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats while homeless crisis rockets high in the skies of the Blue State large cities creating a crime wave and filth in California, New York and other Democrat run Shiite Holes! 

$2.6 billion for US Attorneys, which would include funding efforts “to further support prosecutions related to the January 6th so-called attack on the Capitol and domestic terrorism cases,” meaning the funding for silencing and jailing the patriots opposing the Deep State and the DC Swamp, and dumping them in the DC Gulag Prisons!

$2 billion in investments for green energy and climate adaptation to protect facilities for climate infrastructure programs in Department of Defense. Instead of teaching how to fight in wars, the Department of Defense spends money on Climate Change Fantasy along with teaching Gay Pronouns and how to wear skirts over hairy legs as Trannies!

$1.75 billion for Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) an increase of $215.9
million above the fiscal year 2022 enacted level, to bolster efforts to prevent and respond to gun
violence. This means causing problems for gun owners and Democrats’ attempts to take away people’s guns.

$1.7 billion of spending for maintaining empty federal buildings.

$1 billion for Puerto Rico’s electrical grid, mostly gets wasted, fraud and mismanagement slushed by the bureaucrats.

$890 million to DOD for Fossil Fuel and Carbon Management, an increase of $65 million
above the fiscal year 2022 level. This funding advances carbon reduction and mitigation in sectors and
applications that are difficult to decarbonize, including the industrial sector, with technologies and
methods such as carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, and direct air capture, while assisting in
facilitating the transition toward a net-zero carbon economy. Meaning that Department of Defense will spend millions of dollars chasing a fantasy on Green New Deal to satisfy the Climate Cult!

$785 million for migrant (Illegal Alien) services such as food and shelter–money that is expected to be doled out to sanctuary cities that have seen a surge in migrants (Illegal Aliens) in the past year!

$600 million to address water issues in Jackson, Mississippi.

$575 million for family planning (killing unborn babies) and “reproductive health” where population growth “threatens biodiversity” or “endangered species” Which means funding abortion due to “Climate Cult” delusions to depopulate the globe!

$410 million for border security in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Oman but not USA! Congress does not secure the American border because Democrats need new slave voters (Illegal Aliens) and RINOs need new slave labor undermining and underbidding the American workers!

$735 million for the Capitol Police, so they can fabricate more episodes like January 6th and be more incompetent about it!

$487 million to Columbia for promoting rule of law! I am sure the Drug Cartels and the Communists taking over Columbia in alliance with Venezuela will appreciate this one!

$390 million for the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), an increase of $8 million above the fiscal year 2022 enacted level, to support the administration of billions in COVID relief programs to expand broadband access and improve the telecommunications networks. This means empower FCC to censor all the truth about the origins, spread and cure for the COVID; furthermore, to spread lies.

$285 million for general family planning meaning various Genocide projects to depopulate the earth due to Climate change Fantasy fabricated by Environmental Bull Shiiters which ordered by the WEF, WHO and UN to destroy the US sovereignty!

$231 Million to Central American nations of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to address the “Root Causes” of Migration in Central America, combat corruption, strengthen rule of law, advance human rights, help development and reduce migration. Do you want to learn about the “Root Causes” of Central American migration to USA? It is called the Biden Regime and Democrats seeking votes! Close the border and the migration along with its Root Causes will seize to exist! What a pile of Liberal Bull Crap!

$225 million to Palestine under Economic Support Fund for programs in the West Bank and Gaza. In reality, this money goes to support Hamas, Al Jihad Al Islamiyah, Al Fattah and other Arab Terrorist groups which are Iranian Regime’s proxies!

$200 million for the Gender Equity and Equality Action Fund around the globe. As you can see, this fund is greatly appreciated by the corrupt regimes in Muslim and Arab nations, specifically Taliban Regime in Afghanistan Shiiting all over the women’s Rights!

$188 million to DHS for the consolidation of DHS offices in the National Capital Region, including the
continued development of the DHS headquarters campus at St. Elizabeths. Meaning more money for DHS for not securing the Southern Border and allowing Drug Cartels to roam, trade and prosper freely in America. We reward DHS with new buildings to sit around and to do nothing! At the same time, we tie the hands of Border Patrol and ICE, so they cannot do their job!

$175 million to DOD for programs with countries in Africa Command.

$168 million given to the Vera Institute of Justice to help illegal aliens fight deportation!

$140 million in COVID relief funds that were used to construct a 11,000 square foot spa!

$109 million for the Drug-Free Communities Program, an increase of $3 million above the
fiscal year 2022 enacted level. This is a Bull Shiite program and waste of dollars while all they have to do is to have strict punishments such as capital punishments for drug dealers. In addition, they need to secure the border, so the drug cartels do not cross as they please. Also, they need to stop legalizing marijuana and other drugs.

$63.2 million for the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), an increase of $2.3 million above the fiscal
year 2022 level. This one is a joke! We are $31.4 Trillion in debt and adding more debt every year, spending recklessly the future of our grandchildren. Congress is given a blank check every year to go on a spending spree as they please. Congress has no clue what the word “Budget” means, so we give them an additional $63.2 million to study the true meaning of the term budget! This one is truly a Boondoggle Bull Shiite expenditure!

$31.5 million worth of COVID funds that were spent on luxury cars!

$30 million for the global LGBTQIA agenda. This finances a wide range of gay and transexual projects from promoting Drag Queen educators in Ecuador, to gay pride parades in Czech Republic, to sex operations in Pakistan all the way to turning children gay via teaching transgender ideology to school kids in Central America to avoid their Toxic Masculinity!

$28 million for camouflage uniforms used in Afghanistan that don't match the environment!

$23 million to Department of Education for American History and Civics, an increase of $15 million above the fiscal year 2022 enacted level for revising the American history, teaching lies, promoting CRT, Equity, Inclusion and Wokeness to children.

$21 million to Taliban’s Afghanistan to develop Afghanistan! Taliban surely is developing Afghanistan primarily by banning women to go to schools and work! I guess the $87 Billion handed to Taliban by Biden Regime was not enough!

$18 million to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) around the globe. This liberal waste of dollars speaks for itself; therefore, I do not need to comment on it! I am sure the 3rd world nations’ corrupt regimes will enjoy consuming this part of your tax dollars!

$8.6 million for gender advisor programs in Department of Defense, meaning woke military consultation for sex change operations and how to be Gay or Tranny! Absolute Pentagon waste!

$6 million for Congressional Office of International Leadership. What a joke! If the world follows the US Congress’ leadership, they will fall deep in the depth of the darkest well and into the abyss!

$5 million for Department of Defense ex-gratia payments, including for families of the victims of the Aug. 29, 2021, air strike in Kabul, Afghanistan. In the meanwhile, American Citizens and Afghan Ally Translators are still rotting in Afghanistan, abandoned by the Biden Regime.

$4 million in grants to watch steroid-injected hamsters to fight.

$4.5 million for various LGBTQIA projects funding and promoting homosexuality and transsexuality for people to become gay!

$3.6 million for the Department of Transportation to fund a hiking trail named after Michelle Obama (the ex-first tranny) in Georgia!

$3 million pork belly earmark for the New York Historical Society and American LQBTQ Gay Museum.

$2.3 million injecting 6-month-old beagle puppies with cocaine.

$2 million to provide off-campus security for lawmakers while they confiscate your guns so you will have no security living in their crime infested Blue State large cities!

$1 million to the Army for the renaming of installations, facilities, roads and streets that bear the
name of confederate leaders and officers since the Army has the preponderance of the entities to change. Meaning due to military wokeness, Army is changing our history and forgetting that Confederacy (CSA) and some great Confederate Generals existed, same Generals who also served the Union in USA.

$700k studying the parrot romance.

$500k training mice to binge drink alcohol.

$200k on a radio campaign telling drivers to stop at railroad crossings.

The above where enough to boil your blood but now this one will make you blow a fuse:

$118K allocated to study if a metal replica of the fictional Marvel Comics Super Villain character Thanos can really snap his fingers!

Senator Rand Paul explained on the Senate floor:

"They apparently hired some dude to wear metal gloves and then try to snap his fingers. You know what they found out? That it's impossible to make a snapping sound with metal fingers."

Supposedly this was a Robotic Research project! Now we know that Robots can’t snap their fingers while dancing!

And the Boondoggle Bull Shiite Never Ending Bill continues on and on …

US Congress Omnibus Bill 2023 Appropriations

Barely anyone read the bill but all of them signed it and passed it!

No More RINO Republicans Sign
No More RINOs – Take Back the GOP

Who Votes for these Boondoggle Bills?

Democrats always create and vote for Boondoggle Bills which guarantees waste, fraud and mismanagement in all government levels from national to state and the local! RINO Republican Establishment follows Democrats’ lead for pure greed, so the Democrats can throw them a bone, like the filthy stray dogs which they are! Both are paid by the lobbyists to vote for these bills! That’s how the congressmen come to DC with a pair of suits and end up leaving after a few decades with tens or hundreds of millions of dollars!

Never vote or elect these RINOs to any office again.

Here is a full list of RINO Republican senators who voted in favor of the bill:

Mitch McConnell (Kentucky)
Susan Collins (Maine)
Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)
Mitt Romney (Utah)
Lindsey Graham (South Carolina)
Roy Blunt (Missouri)
John Cornyn (Texas)
John Boozman (Arkansas)
Shelley Capito (West Virginia)
Tom Cotton (Arkansas)
Jim Inhofe (Oklahoma)
Jerry Moran (Kansas)
Rob Portman (Ohio)
Mike Rounds (South Dakota)
Richard Shelby (Alabama)
John Thune (South Dakota)
Roger Wicker (Mississippi)
Todd Young (Indiana)

List of the House RINO Republicans who voted for the bill:

John Katko (NY)
Chris Jacobs (NY)
Brian Fitzpatrick (PA)
Fred Upton (MI)
Rodney Davis (IL)
Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA)
Steve Womack (AR)
Adam Kinzinger (IL)
Liz Cheney (WY)

No RINO Republicans Sign Button
Don’t Feed the RINO Republicans

Senator Rand Paul Exposes the Omnibus Bill, the Best!

Senator Rand Paul with a special blend of Christmas humor exposed the Boondoggle Bill. The bill is compared to “Festivus” which is a silly fictional holiday in popular TV series Seinfeld. In Festivus, unlike Christmas which celebrated with the Pine Tree and presents under it, the holiday is celebrated with an Aluminum Pole!

So basically, it is Christmas for the Elite Congressmen and Festivus for the Rest of Us! In other words, in the Dark Winter of Biden, it is shiny golden presents for the Senators and Representatives but Dick and Jack Shiite for you the people! So, continue suffering in the cold of winter deciding between putting gas in your car or feeding your family with food?!

Festivus Videos - Seinfeld

The Story of Festivus - Seinfeld

Festivus Episode in Full - Seinfeld

Festivus Videos – Rand Paul

Dr. Rand Paul Speaks on $1.7 Trillion Pelosi-Schumer Spending Spree - December 20, 2022

Rand Paul Reveals the Craziest Things Biden Wasted Your Money On

Rand Paul’s Releases His Funny Version of ‘Twas the Night before Christmas’ Literature

Rand Paul tears into corrupt FBI director with question he Can’t answer

Dr. Rand Paul Holds Dr. Fauci to the Fire on COVID Pandemic Handling - January 11, 2022

Rand Paul Grills Biden's Transgender HHS Nominee Rachel Levine, Gets Arrogant Answer


Rand Paul Channel Uncensored -Rumble

Rand Paul Channel Censored – Google’s YouTube

No RINO Republicans Sign Placard
Do Not Feed the RINO Republicans, They’re Fat and Lazy Enough!
Sincerely Conservatives

Dark Winter of Biden!

We cannot keep on voting over and over for the RINOs only to advance the Republican Agenda! How about people’s agenda? Screw GOP and their agenda. Either GOP is the party of the people or we may as well burn it down to the ground! I am not a Republican but I am a conservative.

You are either with the people (Trump and MAGA) or you are with the Elite (Democrat and GOP Establishment). In this war, there is no neutral! If you stand silent and watch the crime in progress against the American people, then you are an accomplice to the crime being committed against the people!

The excuse of we are only obeying orders and doing our jobs spewed by the FBI, CIA, DOJ, DHS, IRS and other government agencies will not fly anymore! These were the exact excuses spewed by the Gestapo personnel in Nazi Germany and KGB personnel in USSR! Disobey your orders and go get another job! Or become a whistleblower and spill your guts to the MAGA Republican congress.

Democrats, RINOs and Deep State are not only self-serving tyrants but they are traitors to America and the Americans. Treason must be dealt with severely. Treason is like a rotten tooth which must be pulled out and put in the trash can.

The government which does not represent the people does not belong to the people. The government which is the enemy of the people, may as well die out and burn to the ground. Unfortunately, in today’s America, the US Government is the enemy of the American People! The complete system must be burned down to the ground and start anew.

Patriots, we are in the Dark Winter of Biden and we shall remain in the Dark Winter of Biden for 4 full years until America is destroyed! Maybe this is for the best, so we can revive America upon the ashes of the corrupt Deep State of America! Like a Phoenix, the New America shall rise from the ashes of the corrupt and degenerate America.

The Woke Unholy Coalition of the Government and Globalist Corporations must die. The Deep State must die. The Filth must die. Either this country belongs to the Deep State or it belongs to you the people, which is it?

We must revive America upon the vision and dream of the Great George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams and the rest of the Great Founding Fathers.

It is not a matter of if, but it is the matter of when America will wake up?! Soon or late, the same as Persians in Iran and Chinese in China, the American people will also rise up against the Corrupt Tyranny of the Deep State. America will be free again because American Spirit has been born free!

As the great Founding Father stated:

"When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."
(Thomas Jefferson)

America originally used to be in Liberty but unfortunately it is now in Tyranny!

“Democrats are Destroying America

When you want to completely change a system of government, primarily you eliminate all aspects of that system’s culture. That is what Democrats are doing. They are erasing the American history, culture, philosophy, heritage, traditions, holidays, and festivals. Democrats are destroying the soul of a nation and the American Exceptionality, so they can destroy the American system of government and replace it with Socialism.”
(Ahreeman X)

“The days of GOP being an Establishment Globalist Republican Party is over. We are turning GOP to Party of the Workers, the Conservative National Populist Party of America.”
(Ahreeman X)

"To be illiterate to our true history, makes us merely slaves to our future."
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

No RINO Republicans Sign
No More Republicans in Name Only!

You and I

Together, we can turn this country to the Heaven on Earth again! It only takes the revival of the once great American Spirit, that Free Spirit which built this land. We need to revive that Free Spirit, so we can revive America! It only takes you and I, We the People to revive America, because it took only you and I to begin this dream on 1776. It will once again, take you and I to revive the Dream of 1776. You and I can make America Great Again because,

“Will of the People is greater than the wealth of the Globalists.”
(Ahreeman X)

Let us clean house first (GOP), before we clean our nation (America)!


Dr. X


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