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Biden - Iran Show War and Secret Affair!
Ahreeman X
March 1, 2021

Joe Biden Bows to Xi Jinping, Ayatollah Khamenei and EU for Dollars Iran Branco Cartoon
Beijing Joe is an obedient servant of the China, Iran and EU Lobbies. Angela Merkel, Xi Jinping and Ayatollah Khamenei can always count on Ayatollah Biden to put America Last! Biden has been on international kickbacks for decades. Biden is the most corrupt career politician in Washington DC for 50 years!
Biden gives away the wealth of America in trades for personal kickbacks!

Joe Biden has been on the payroll of the Iran Lobby for over a decade. Joe Biden is one of the most corrupt career politicians in the Washington DC. For half a century, Biden enriched himself and his family through shady business deals, kickbacks and lobbyists from China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, France, Romania and indeed Iran.

The latest bombing of the Iranian backed Iraqi Shiite Militias in Syria was a show war to pretend that Biden is not in bed with the Mullahs. Both Biden Administration and the IRI Regime were aware of the strikes before it occurred. All three groups of Iran backed militia including two Iraqi groups and one Syrian group were also informed by Iran ahead of times about the US Regime’s air strike. The complete air strike was a show put on by the Biden Administration.

Joe Biden Puppet Signs Executive Orders by Obama and Kamala Harris Branco Cartoon
Biden is shut down, his brain is drained and as a senile old fool, he has no idea where he is, what he is doing or who he is?! Biden is a Muppet which is operated by Hussein Obama and Kamala Harris. We are in Obama 3.0 Socialist presidency with Obama Administration running the country. Executive Orders one after another destroy America and Make America Last!

Biden is a senile old fool whose brain is shut down and is talking nonsense every time he opens his mouth! Biden is a puppet who signs executive orders which are given to him by Hussein Obama and Kamala Harris, ordered by the Deep State and directed by George Soros.

Biden goes ahead and bombs Syria and the Iran backed Shiite Militia facilities when a week before this event, he reversed the UN sanctions on Iran! How can you seriously mean to bomb Iran’s proxies when a week before bombing, you lift the sanctions against Iran which were put on Iran by Trump! Biden lifted all UN sanctions on Iran and stated that his regime will be starting talks with Iran to return to the Obama – Iran Nuclear Deal of the 2015 when Obama handed Iran $150 Billion with $18 billion in cash!

The same Biden who has been on the Iran Lobby payroll for years, the same Biden who handed Iran $150 billion for ransom, the same Biden who appeased Iran for 8 years as VP and the same Biden who blessed Javad Zarif’s wheeling and dealings with John Kerry is now all of a sudden bombs Iranian proxies in Syria? This is a charade and a show war which no one truly believes in it but the clueless liberals brainwashed by the media and the social media. This is a show directed by George Soros for Biden to save face from being Shiite faced by wheeling and dealing with Iran again!

“Javad zarif the Iranian foreign minister is extremely content for Biden’s stolen presidency!” (Media)
“Biden’s Regime is Obama 3.0 Presidency!” (Media)
Zarif: Thank Allah for Ayatollah Biden. Allah made our wishes to come true and he gave us the Brother Biden so he can return to Obama – Iran Nuke Deal! Thank you, Brother Biden, thank you for Obama 3.0 Presidency! Biden will Make Mullahs Great Again! I just feel like a fairy flapping my wings and dancing in the air!

The reality is that Biden started a second love affair with the Mullahs since the moment he stolen the election and illegally occupied the White House. In the past, Biden was indirectly receiving kickbacks from the Mullahs as a VP during the Hussein Obama’s regime, now that he is the so-called president of the Occupational Socialist Regime occupying America, he will openly enrich himself and his family by sweet dollars from the Mullahs of Tehran! This is a deal which was planned way ahead of time by the Mullahs, George Soros and Trita Parsi who is now George Soros’ Butt Boy in the Quincy Institute and the Open Society Foundations’ of George Soros’ Evil Empire.

Destruction of the American Capitalism, Free Markets, Economy, Society and Democracy means billions of dollars more in George Soros’ overseas hidden bank accounts. This is all a part of the George Soros’ globalist plan to destroy the Free Market and Capitalism in America and along with it, the American social order. Chaos in America means more dollars for George Soros. BLM, ANTIFA, Trita Parsi, NIAC, PAAIA, Iran Lobby Groups and Joe Biden are only puppets and pawns on George Soros’ Grand Global Chess Board! Media and Social Media including Tech Giants are doing their duties and mission by covering up the plot and make money off of this system which we call the “Liberal Plantation System” of Global Corporations and Tech Oligarchs making out big league billions from this occupational regime, and its dealings with Iran. Of course, media and social media’s job is to keep the public in the dark and brain wash them. Liberal fools are obedient sheep and followers of the media and the social media!

So, as you can see, this whole charade is a win-win victory for:

George Soros and Tech Oligarchs who own the plantation.
Deep State and Big Government who runs the plantation.
Hussein Obama and Kamala Harris who order Biden what to do.
Global Corporations who benefit from the plantation.
China, Russia and Iran whom now enjoy controlling US Foreign Policy.
Media and Social Media who play the propaganda music.
The Clueless Liberals who dance with the propaganda music.
And of course,
The UN who laughs at us all the way to the bank!

The only people who get shafted are the American people and the American workers.

On the Swamp Side, one month in his fraudulent presidency, Biden bombs the Middle East and brings back the endless wars! MIC (Military Industrial Complex) gets to test their new weapons. The DC Establishment gets back to the good old warmongering time of the Pre-Trump era. Democrats are happy, Mullahs are happy and Iran Lobby is surely happy! Back to the Swamp, we go!

“Javad zarif and John Kerry have a Strong Bond!” (Media)
“Behind closed doors at Obama - Iran Nuke Deal 2.0, a lot of action is going on!” (Media)
Zarif: So, you’re back?
Kerry: Yeh baby, we’re back in crooked deals and shady business!
Zarif: Back to Nuke Deal?
Kerry: Yeh, Obama is president again …
Zarif: What about Biden?
Kerry: Biden is a decor at the White House!
Zarif: A scarecrow?
Kerry: more like a hand puppet!
Zarif: So, it’s you and I again …
Kerry: The Zarif - Kerry Show is back on the air!
Zarif: Are you gonna kick some billions in our direction again?
Kerry: Don’t worry, Pelosi gonna include it in the budget!
Zarif: That old pussy is in the game too?!
Kerry: Nancy Old Pussy is in the game baby!
Zarif: One huge Swamp?
Kerry: Just like old times, back to the Swamp baby!
Zarif: The older you get, the sexier you become!
Kerry: Your lips are getting rounder and juicier, like a flower bud!
Zarif: I missed you …
Kerry: Gimme a French Kiss … you arouse me …
Zarif: Come back at night, behind the Pakistani embassy wall in the shack next to the dark alley, I setup the Bangarooni Room for the Kunis! We gonna do the nasty Lavat (Islamically Recommended Butt Banging)!
Kerry: I love little round Persian men with thick schlong!
Zarif: I love tall skinny skeleton looking anorexic Gringos with boney schlong!

Democrats have destroyed America in only one month of Biden’s Administration! They destroyed the energy independence, border security, job market employment, economy, wall street stock market, trade deals, Iran sanctions, Islamist Terrorist entrance bans, and constructive regulations. This is what Democrats do! You want to destroy the American Economy? Hand it to Democrats! Now they are passing trillions of dollars of aid package full of pork to bail out the Blue States’ failed economies and lobbyists! Welcome back to the Swamp and Obama 3.0 Regime! Welcome to USSA (Union of Socialist States of America) with a mentally retarded old fart named Joe Biden as the puppet president to quickly sign every executive order handed to him by the Socialists and Globalists!

Time to plan on how to get our country back and return the power to the people.

Biden’s America is:

Government of the Establishment by the Deep State and for the Elite.

Our America is:

Government of the People by the People and for the People.

Time to well plan on how to successfully get rid of this Coastal Elite, Corrupt, Globalist, Socialist Regime installed by the Democrats to plunder America’s Wealth, choke the American Workers and Destroy the Americanism. Democrats are not only the most corrupt political party in the history of America but also Injectors of the Syphilis in to our children’s minds via school indoctrination! To save America, is to get democrats out of office, which will be pretty easy, because after 4 years of Biden, America will be destroyed worse than Obama’s Era! Then we can Make America Great Again! Actually, the American people will beg us to take control of the country and run America like a business again (Trump Style)!

So basically, my point is that you must be smart and not fall for the Biden – Iran Show War, where Beijing Joe and Ayatollah Khamenei, two old farts, finger each other’s butts and play Bang and Bologna with each other! This war is only a part of the Show called: Obama – Iran Nuke Deal 2.0!

Iranian Opposition and the American Patriots are too smart to fall for this show war and bombing between the two old bags!

Trump was the greatest thing that happened to the Iranian people since the creation of the Persian Sangak Bread! Unfortunately, Democrats stolen his second term of presidency but not to worry, Trump will win his 3rd term in 2024!

The key to free Iran is to primarily free America!

Down with the Establishment
Power to the People


Dr. X

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