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Liberal Bizarro New World Order!
Ahreeman X
August 5, 2022

Joe Biden’s Confused, Senile and Lost Face
The Pedophile, Corrupt Head of the Biden Family Crime Enterprise
Record High Half a Century of Crimes Against the American People
Alzheimer’s Dementia Patient, the most corrupt criminal politician in DC who stole from the people and committed massive number of crimes for self-enrichment has been put in the White House as a Show Puppet President where his strings are pulled by the Puppet Masters George Soros, Hussein Obama, Susan Rice, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Establishment.

Bizarro World

Do you remember in the Superman DC comics before Warner Brothers owned DC, had turned Superman to a Woke Bisexual Globalist which lost its ratings, there was a character named Bizarro? The Bizarro was from the Bizarro world where he was the opposite of Superman, his world was opposite of our world, even his chest logo was opposite of Superman’s! Bizarro was a deranged version of Superman and he was one of Superman’s villains. Bizarro world was an upside-down deranged version of our world where everything was opposite of our world and so Bizarre!

Today’s World

Now picture today’s America and our world. In this new world order, everything is upside down and absolutely Bizarro! Davos WEF (World Economic Forum), by 2030 you will own nothing and you will be happy! Do you know what is the difference between this statement and Communism? Basically, very little!

WEF, UN, WHO, EU all globalist entities to destroy the wealth of nations and enslave their citizens bombard you with propaganda 24/7 via corporate mainstream media.

What’s happening in America and the western world today is very similar to an unbelievable fictional graphic novel from the Superman Bizarro series! The events are so out there that can only happen in a comic book! If a decade ago, they would tell you that these events will one day occur on earth, you would be laughing!  Sad but true, they did and every day in the news, if it’s not one thing, then it’s another!

- School Teachers decide the gender of children while parents are excluded by government!
- Patriots are incarcerated in DC jails while criminals reside in the White House!
- Teachers and Professors are fired while Drag Queens teach the children!
- Gun Grab of the Citizens while Criminals get of jail for free!
- Your business goes bankrupt due to lockdowns while thugs can smash and grab under $ 1000!
- National Populist Patriots handcuffed and shackled to jail while ANTIFA and BLM Terrorists go free!
- Being Straight and White is a crime while being woke, gay and affirmative action is rewarded!
- Workers are silenced and doomed to poverty while Globalists make billions!
- People are Government’s Servants while Public Servants Rule over the people!
- Mediocre under CRT, Equity and Inclusion is celebrated while Competition for Excellence is avoided!

Bizarro World sounds familiar?!

Joe Biden and Democrats Sinking Ship at the Bottom of the Sea Ben Garrison Cartoon
Captain Biden is in charge while Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell, Recession and Liberal Policies have destroyed the ship!

Let’s Go Brandon Fun Page

Let us take a look at some of the pages of this Bizarro Graphic Novel turned reality in 2022 America and the globe!

Biden’s Bizarro Regime

The complete Trump administration were experts in their own fields and departments, that is why they created the greatest economy in the history of earth; The complete Biden administration has no clue about their own departments!

* Kamala Harris the VP is an airheaded blonde without the blonde hair! The Hindu woman is expert in hysterical laughter and nothing else!

* Antony Blinken the Secretary of State is a bloody blinking imbecile!

* Janet Yellen the Secretary of Treasury is a comic relief, an old fart who has no clue and no experience about the economy whatsoever! Every day, she makes asinine statements contradictory to her yesterday’s statements!

* Merrick Garland, Attorney General is a crooked cop who has been weaponized to arrest the patriots, parents and Trump Administration officials.

* Gina Rimando, Secretary of Commerce has no experience or background in commerce.

* Marcia Fudge the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, fudged up the housing because her only qualification is that she is black!

* Pete Buttigieg (Butt-Itch-Itch), Secretary of Transportation has no background or knowledge of transportation. His only qualification is that he is gay and his butt itches a lot!

* Jennifer Granholm, Secretary of Energy is an idiot who laughs at energy questions by the press because she has no background in energy!

* Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security is a traitor to America who opened the borders wide open for millions of illegal aliens to rush America. His qualification is that he is a compulsive liar, claiming that border is secure and he is doing a good job.

* Rachel Levin the Under Secretary of Health is an ugly man claiming to be a woman and as a tranny, he is literally “under” the secretary of health! His qualification is that he is in drag and wears a skirt posing as a woman!

This complete administration is surely racially and sexually diverse but clueless about their positions in the cabinet and that is why the country is FAQed! This Regime is the most corrupt and incompetent administration in the history of America, simply because no one voted them in, but they stole the election and are now reigning over you!

Biden brain-freeze at the podium!
Classic Biden Photograph which will be remembered by the world in the history books, as the worst president in the history of America; the man who destroyed America and the World!
Joe Biden: Where am I? Who am I? What am I supposed to say? What should I do next? Would someone hand me an instruction note because my eyes are too weak to read the teleprompter font?!

Drag Queen Role Models

Drag Queens are now in the churches, schools and libraries educating your children as great role models! Children are taken to Gay Bars to see Drag Shows as field trips! Now, they even throw Drag Shows in the Churches before the sermon!
Men in Women’s Sports!

It was only few years ago that FIFA sanctioned the Iranian Women’s National Soccer Team for a number of the players being men! Everyone made fun of them and even I assigned a spot on the famous funny “Only in Iran” series to them (somewhere in the middle of the page):

Only in Iran 16

Today in America, it is a norm for broad shouldered men with thick schlongs posing as women to play in the little girls’ sports! Look at the giant sissy Lia Thomas with a thing hanging in his shorts, swimming with and competing with the little girls and beating them! Don’t these trannies feel ashamed of competing with the little girls? I guess not, because faggots become bold and cheeky due to bending over and getting FAQed a lot over and over up the Shiiter! Obviously, there is a relation between getting butt banged and becoming shamelessly cheeky!

We have a Persian expression which states:

“Kuni-ha por-ru mishan!”
(Faggots become shamelessly bold!)

George Soros Erected DAs

How about George Soros erected blue states’ DAs who let the black criminals get out of jail free without bail because of their race? In Soros’ twisted mind, prisons are full of blacks, so we need to equalize the quota by not arresting them or giving them a get of jail free cards! Why not creating jobs for them like Trump done, so they will not end up in the jail as criminals in the first place?! But that is not Soros’ style! Soros wants to destroy the American capitalism, democracy and freedoms, and indeed replace them with a Socialist Globalist Big Gov. System!

Political Correctness

In today’s America, criticizing or even speaking of Jews and Blacks is a taboo and a No No! You get banned in social media and fired or suspended from the media (like Grant Stinchfield in Newsmax) if you break this rule! Do you know why? Because Liberal Jew Masters are running this whole show which is called the Liberal Plantation System and the Liberal Blacks are the good dependent slave force of these Liberal Plantations! God forbid if anyone dares to criticize the Liberal Plantation System in America!

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

Easy Proof of Rejecting God!

For you Christians and Religious people out there, I have a challenge! Without going in to logic, philosophy and science, in a simple sentence, I will prove to you that God does not exist! Are you wondering how? Hmmmm?!

If there is a God up there somewhere in the sky, then how come George Soros at 91 years of age is much healthier, wealthier, giddier and successful than I and the rest of you; furthermore, he has been actively destroying not only America but the world, now for over 91 years?! Still think there is a God out there? But I’m sure Christians will come up with some Cockamamie false and flawed justification logic that this is all the wisdom of Jesus Christ and the Lord in Heaven! Christians would say there is a wisdom and a reason for it and we should not question the wisdom of God! And there’s your prayer!

Why Californians Elect Liberals?

For over 40 years, California has been declining more and more by every year until today that the people are now living in misery, poverty, environments full of crimes, homeless, inflation, insecurity and fear! Why do you think that is? Because California Government by legalizing marijuana and importing fentanyl via open borders have been dumbifying and stupefying the youth and the people for so long that Californians do not think with a full deck! The combination of indoctrination which begins in kindergarten and ends in university plus years of being on dope, turns them to obedient sheeple and cattle with absolute trust in the government! They don’t think, they just obey! Since legalization of marijuana, addiction, driving under influence, accidents, crimes and ignorance all went up! Dope clearly makes you stupid!

California Sanctuary Banana Republic Cartoons

Iran Nuclear Deal Shenanigan

Iran sends bombing drones to Russia to use in the Ukraine campaign, of course Iran learned how to build these drones by reverse engineering of the captured American drones! Since then, Iran had become the greatest export in battle and espionage drones!

IRGC Threatens to nuke New York and VAJA sends assassins to terror the Iranian opposition (Masih Alinejad and many others) in US cities, yet Biden still tries to make a nuke deal with the Mullahs to save Obama’s legacy!

Iran declares it can use nuclear missiles to turn 'New York into hellish ruins'

Man arrested with AK-47 outside of dissident Iranian journalist’s Brooklyn home

Iran had already developed the nuclear bomb a long while back and this whole cat and mouse nuke deal game between DC and Tehran is a sham show put on for the world. You may ask why?

Reasons for USA-IRI Nuke Deal Game
* To keep up the pretense that on the surface Democrats and Mullahs are enemies
* To calmly continue the collusion between Democrats and Mullahs
* To maintain the Iran Boogeyman for the Arabs to sell them arms
* To continue Iran Lobby kickbacks to Democrats
* To continue scaring and fooling the public

Democrats don’t Want a Free Iran!

Gay Epidemics to Steal Elections!

Gays have gifted to the World, a New Disease! Gavin Newsom in California and his colleagues in New York and Illinois, the gay liberal states, declared a new pandemic to steal the upcoming elections via ballot harvesting, mail in ballots and drop boxes! The new scarecrow is Monkeypox!

Real History of Monkeypox

Same as AIDS, Monkeypox is the latest gay disease and contribution of the gays to the global civilization! Some black guys banged some monkeys and then killed and ate them in Central and West Africa or vice versa and that’s how it all got started! Then these black guys banged other black guys and they travelled to US and EU and naturally banged some White Twinks and Sissies in the gay bathhouses and indeed some Bi men banged these pearly white boys and caught the disease. Then the disease spread like hell to men, women and now it’s all over! But not to worry, unless you are LGBTQIA + Alphabet Soup, Very Promiscuous, or Hunter Biden, then the odds of you catching it is very low because it spreads through sex and blood, it is not airborne!

US Military Drag Queens in Skirts and Crookled Elite!

Bizarro gay PC US military, drag queens in kindergarten, sending billions to Ukraine while Americans starve on empty supermarket shelves; sending reserve oil to China while our gas prices are unaffordable; open border illegal aliens get benefits, free education, Medicare and perks while Americans are suffering; Illegals grab the unskilled jobs while American lower classes are out of work; no bail for arrested criminals while they arrest the patriots who created the strongest economy on earth with Trump, such as Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon; get out of jail free cards for ANTIFA and BLM while assassin of the congressman Lee Zeldin walks free; people should choose between putting gas in their cars or buying food while the elite wine and dine on crooked kickbacks from Ukraine and China in the White House and champaign and caviar from insider trading in Pelosi’s Capitol!

Nancy Pelosi becomes a Heroine!

Pelosi the wicked witch of the west and the great stock market insider trader is making her final news and paying off her final subsidies to lobbies which financed Democrats! Time is running out, red storm is coming to end her reign, so she must take her final breaths before she retires not in California because she screwed that one up, yet in Florida where Ron DeSantis built a heaven!

Pelosi goes to Taiwan due to insider trading, inside dirty deals on computer chips, not defending Taiwan!

Recession Definition

Recession is a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters.

This means we are in recession, but Wikipedia and Biden changed the definition of Recession. As always Democrats cannot fix any problem so they change the definition of the problem!

If we are not in the recession, we are surely in the vicinity of it, but the media, Tech Giants and Wikipedia online encyclopedia have changed the definition of recession to go along with the Biden Regime’s narrative and pretend that we are not in recession! Liberals like to change the definition of terms rather than fixing the problems!

Liberal New world Order

In Communism, the elite owns everything and rules the society, but you own nothing and surely you are miserable not happy!

In Liberal New world Order Globalism, the Globalist Tech Oligarchs, Corporate Lords and World Government own everything and you own nothing, but again, you will not be happy but you will be slave to the establishment, a government mule, more like Sheeple!

The Liberal Plantation Jew Masters such as Rothschilds, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Corporate Lords, Media Lords, Hollywood Bosses and the World Government Elite Globalists will make billions more and program you like a software to be slave to the state. You will be a brainwashed braindead government mule peasant to the state.

Globalists say jump, and like a dog you will jump. Actually, many already do! They preach Climate Cult, Transgender Ideology, Overpopulation, banning cows, ending fossil fuel, green new Bull Shiite, LGBTQIA + garbage and so on and you run the street, protest and wag your tale like a good doggie in obedient to the Liberal Jew Masters and the Big World Gov. Good boy you are!

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

Real State Sponsor Terrorism

I love the way the American Establishment of Democrats and RINOs declare everyone now including Russia, a state sponsor terrorism, how about declaring the US Establishment a state sponsor terrorism because presently we have political prisoners in DC while criminals occupy the White House and the Capitol?!

It is amazing how these losers in Capitol declare this or that regime a terrorist sponsor regime, they declare Iran a terrorist sponsor regime (I agree on that one), they declare Russia a terrorist sponsor regime (I don’t agree on that one), where in fact the real terrorist sponsor regime is residing in the White House and the Capitol where they got dozens of American soldiers killed and maimed, and hundreds of American citizens and translator friends of America abandoned in Afghanistan, and then to make things worse, they handed 85 Billion Dollars’ worth of military weapons, arms, vehicles and choppers which Trump built with blood, sweat and tears, to Taliban Terrorist Regime! Yes, Biden’s Regime and the losers in Capitol are the real terrorist sponsor regime who financed and armed the great Terrorist regime and group of Taliban in Afghanistan.

We have a gang of criminals including the Biden Crime Syndicate, Democrats and RINOs running this country, pissing all over the constitution and Shiiting all over the amendments and then these imbeciles got the nerve to call other countries terrorist sponsor regimes!

How about the American Government? The American Government is a terrorist sponsor regime committing terror against the American people, how about that?

Biden illegitimate Regime sends 60 billion dollars to Ukraine while people are starving in America due to his incompetent regime. Then he declares Russia a terrorist sponsor nation while the greatest terrorists, charlatans and criminals reside in the White House!

Biden sends money and oil reserve to countries which do his family’s money laundry bid and hand him bribes, countries like Ukraine and China.

Biden Crime Family Enterprise Crimes

So, Biden Regime and losers in the Capitol declare Russia a terrorist sponsor Regime. How would they like Russia to start agitation in Mexico, try to get Mexico to join the CSTO (Eastern Version of NATO), then send 60 Billion dollars to Mexico to fight USA?

CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) is an Eastern Eurasian Military Treaty with Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Tajikistan as members and Serbia as observer.

CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization)

CSTO English

Corrupt Ukrainian Regime

Ukraine is as corrupt as Mexico if not worse, and it is right next to Russia as Mexico is right next to US! Ukraine is one of the most corrupt nations in the globe. Do you think all the billions of dollars of our tax money which goes to Ukraine, actually reaches the people and the military? Do you think all the arms we send to Ukraine is used to fight Russia? The reality is that the great amount of the money is plundered by the corrupt administration, like they caught a minister’s wife (Anastasia Kotvitska) crossing the border to Hungary with millions of dollars! Great amount of the guns sent to Ukraine ends up in European black market, sold to the criminals across the Europe! You do understand that these billions of dollars of aids to Ukraine is yous and my money, the tax we pay to the corrupt Biden’s Regime! US Federal government has no business sending our hard earning tax money to Ukraine while Americans here having a hard time making ends meet or put gas in their cars! DC is the most corrupt place on earth. They are playing aids to Ukraine with our tax money!

Ukrainian tycoon and politician's glamorous wife carried $ 29 million in Cash
Through a refugee border crossing into the EU

Ukraine Politician's Wife Caught at Border With $ 29 Million in Cash

Wife of former Ukrainian politician caught with $ 29 Million in cash at Hungarian border

In Persian we have an expression which states:

“Ba kir-e mardom khanum bazi kardan!”
(Going to the whorehouse with borrowed dick from the other people!)

Biden’s Regime is going to Ukraine’s Whorehouse with our dicks!

China Will Invade Taiwan

It is not a matter of if but when will China invade Taiwan and when it will happen, then what will you do, declare China a terrorist sponsor regime?

Biden’s America cannot win the Ukraine war without starting the WWIII because Biden’s regime has no respect and authority around the world. This war could have been avoided with a president of power, intelligence and knowledge of economics such as Trump, but now it’s too late. Same goes for Taiwan, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and PLA (Chinese People Liberation Army) will invade Taiwan and Biden’s Regime cannot do anything about it but to spend another ton of billions on the already disastrous situation which will result in zilch. Why you ask? Because Biden’s Illegitimate Regime and Democrats are losers with no knowledge of diplomacy, warfare, strategy, economics and geopolitics.

Yes, soon or late, the same as Russia invaded Ukraine, China will invade Taiwan and none of them are afraid of US; none have any respect for Biden, Democrats and their illegitimate regime! Greats such as Reagan and Trump did hold Russia, China, Iran and other enemies in check, but Biden puppet and those puppet masters who pull his strings (Obama, Soros, Rice, so on) are no Reagan or Trump, in fact they are cartoon characters who are holding America hostage and weaponizing the FBI, DOJ, CIA and Deep State to oppress and arrest the Patriots, American Parents and American People. Question to the illegitimate regime is that how long do you think that you can do this routine in America?

Trump is the Most Accomplished US President in history

Ahreeman X 20 Favorite Quotes from Reagan and Thatcher

American Government vs. American People

Americans are unique free spirits who were born free and they will die free.

US Illegitimate Regime must comprehend that Americans are free people and they will never go under and submit to your Communist Globalist New Liberal World Order! Either we the people will commit to an Election Reform and peacefully take our country back or form a militia (as the Founding Fathers visioned) and end the tyranny of the illegitimate regime! Americans are not sheep and America is not rest of the world. Eventually people will get fed up with Democrats and Deep State food prices, gas prices, censorship, oppression, open borders, illegal alien invasion, climate cult, and tyranny. What will you do, arrest every single American?

No, I tell you what is your future, the complete upper management, middle management and even a number of rank-and-file DOJ, FBI, CIA, EPA and rest of the government will go. Got to go, got to go! We will take our country back and impeach the complete cartoon characters of this administration! Trump will be back, many will be fired, many will be impeached and heads will roll! This is not Europe, Asia or rest of the world, this is United States of America and Americans will live free or die. I got news for you, Americans are armed up to their teeth and you will never establish a Dictatorship here. You have come very close after January 2021, but the backlash will be a storm that will destroy the Deep State.

Gun Rights Protect Freedom and Democracy
2nd Amendment Guarantees 1st Amendment
Armed People are Free People

Stolen America
Your Reality is an Establishment Lie!

Biden Illegitimate Regime Banning Russia!

Fad of the day in DC is to ban everything Russian and create a monster out of Russia!

Are we now going to ban Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff and other Russian classical composers? How about Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Chekhov, Pushkin and other Russian classical authors?

We have already banned Russian opera singers, ballet dancers, and modern classical composers to perform in America! We even banned Russian athletes and the Russian National Soccer Team from playing the world cup qualifiers! Due to Biden’s stupidity and Pelosi’s shallow pride, we declared Russia a terrorist sponsor regime! So now Great Russian Classical Music, Opera, Literature, Poetry, Culture and tradition is banned? Next will be the Russian movies, TV series, contemporary music, maybe food? So now, Biden’s illegitimate regime and losers in the Capitol including nincompoop liberals and corrupt RINOs will decide our lifestyle and what to watch, read and listen to?

We will end up watching woke Hollywood and mainstream networks’ garbage and listen to woke American music rubbish?! Why? Because Deep State told us so!

Woke US Media’s Obsession with Vladimir Putin!

American media is always worried about the health of Vladimir Putin! One day his hand stops working, then he falls ill, next day, he is suffering from cancer and recently he is not appearing in public because of illness! They even say his body double is running around because he is ill! All of these gossips occur while all of a sudden Putin appears naked on horse-top, healthy as a horse, displaying his muscular body! At that point, American media reportage turns to Shiite where it usually turns to! According to the latest polls, only 16% of Americans get their news from the mainstream American media! That should tell you how credible is the American media! 

Globalist Corporations Fund American Corporate Media

American Mainstream Media such as NBC (Comcast), ABC (Disney), CBS (Paramount), CNN, FOX and so on make their money via ads of the Woke Globalist Corporations such as Walmart, Target, Coca Cola, Levi’s, Nike, Disney, Marvel (Disney), DC (Warner Brothers), Starbucks, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Netflix, YouTube (Google), Facebook, Twitter and so on.

The Woke Capitalism List:
50 Times Huge Companies Sided With The Social Justice Warriors

12 Woke Companies to Avoid

Globalist Corporations’ Slavery of the Workers

Globalist Corporations make their money off of outsourcing jobs to overseas like China or south of the border like Mexico to slave labor and child labor, also to illegal aliens to undercut the working American black, Hispanic and white, so they make less money. Globalist Corporations make billions more while the American workers make billions less!

Democrats support open border illegal aliens as prospect Democrat voters while RINO GOP Establishment support them for cheap labor!

Anyway, you look at the scenario, Corporate Media, Globalist Corporations, Democrats and RINO Republicans win and you the American Workers lose!

Difference Between Trump and Democrat Establishment

When speaking of the present American administration, I do not refer to Biden as the president because he stole the presidency; I often do not even use Biden’s name because he is a show Regime Leader and a puppet. Biden’s strings are pulled by the Deep State and Democrat Establishment such as George Soros, Hussein Obama and Susan Rice. The world respects and fears Trump but the world has no respect for and surely doesn’t fear Democrats. Russia, China, Iran and other adversaries are on the offensive when Democrats are in charge. They smell the weakness and incompetence. Trump understands economy, foreign policy and energy. Democrats understand Wokeness, Climate Cult, Racial Divisions and Green New Bull Shiite!

No More Couch Potatoes

You cannot afford to sit around and watch your Woke TV programs which they prepared for you or even watch and read IPC, RAV, OAN, Breitbart and so on, and then nod your head in agreement with us! We are not here to entertain you because as patriots, there is a target on all of our backs! It is time for you, yes you behind the monitor to get off of your ass and run for school board, city council and every other office, up and down the ballot because we must change America from the within and get our country back or no one else will! What are you waiting for?

The election is stolen, a brutal incompetent regime is ruling over you, the security forces are weaponized to threat and arrest you and we live under a tyranny. We must change the regime from within via fair elections. How will we have fair elections? By running for every office possible, volunteering, watching polls, watching everything and be present everywhere or else we will lose America. The most important factor for you is to vote.

Trump MAGA Speed Motorcycle Riding Fast Ben Garrison Cartoon
Trump Cavalry is Coming
“At the end of the rallies, Trump team plays the Sam & Dave song ‘Hold On, I’m Coming Back’ for the crowd!” (Media)
“Trump is the cleanup man who cleans Democrats’ Mess!” (Media)
Trump: That’s OK, not to worry, I cleaned up after Obama and Biden the first time, I’ll do it again and make America great again, MAGA Forever! This will be my 3rd term winning the presidency!

Ben Garrison & Tina Garrison Site: GrrrGraphics

Cartoon Index

End Notes

In every primary, we notice that these are the final breaths of a dying Democrat Regime. Democrats and RINOs cannot win unless they cheat! The cheating will seize, when MAGA patriots run up and down the ballot for every single office from school boards, county offices, city councils, state legislators, state attorney generals, state secretary of state, US House, US Senate all the way to the president. We must clean up the corrupt system from the within, also we must mass vote in person and do not get disappointed that our votes will not count due to the cheating. Eventually via legislations, we will get rid of Democrats’ methods of cheatings such as Mail In Ballots, Ballot Drop Boxes, Electronic Voting, Electronic Ballot Tabulation, Ballot Harvesting and so on. You the people have the power to change the system from the within.

Globalist Corporations who finance the Corporate Media, Tech Giants, RINOs and Democrats, instruct the media to suppress the votes by fake news, so you get disappointed to vote, and want you to be obedient sheep, purchase their products, watch mainstream media, believe in it, not to vote, shut up and be silent. You have the power to change this country and the world.

People who have never run for office, started running and are winning all over the country. People are volunteering, poll watching, vote counting, running for office up and down the ticket, and are becoming activists. Start getting active because if you do not pull up your sleeves to change America, no one will. Save America, join the National Populist Movement, be a part of MAGA.

“Will of the People is greater than the wealth of the Globalists.”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

Together, Nothing Can Stop Us
More Power to the People


Dr. X

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