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BLM Story, Platform & Photo Gallery

Black Lives Matter is a Terrorist Organization
BLM Story, Platform and Photo Gallery

Ahreeman X
September 5, 2020

Original Black Lives Matter Communist BLM Black Fist International Flag


You may be wondering, how is it that three BBB (Big Black Bull-Dyke) create an organization named BLM who openly and violently wants to replace the American Democracy with Marxism and then the American and the international corporations fund them and support them?

The answer is very simple, because the Democrat party, the Establishment and the Deep State support them and bless their riots, arsons and murders! Democrats do anything to get rid of Trump and the People running America, so they can get back to the Status Quo and the good old times when they clung to the power for decades and ran people’s lives!

BLM and ANTIFA are the Junky Monkey, Bolshevik Communist, Thug Criminal, Army of the Democrat Party who are burning, looting, rioting and destroying America. Black Lives Matter are the Foot Soldiers and Low Lives on the payroll of the George Soros who is the benefactor of the Democrat party.

“Overthrow of the American Capitalism by All Means Possible”
BLM is an International Communist Organization
Black Lives Matter Marxist Leader Tough Girls
L – R: Opal Tometi, Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors

Rioters, Kneelers, Flag Burners and Other Dirt Bags

You know who you are, before I begin this piece, allow me to clarify something for you jerk weeds:

United States of America will never become a socialist nation; so, burn in fumes coming out of your ears because Black Lies Matter!

Internationalist Communists Then and Now
The Original International Communist Logos of BLM and ANTIFA 1929
The Present International Communist Logos of BLM and ANTIFA 2020

Who Supports BLM and Why?

Everyone who supports BLM has a motive, they may be different motives but surely each one of them has a motive:

* George Soros and his Open Society Foundations
George Soros makes his billions by promoting financial chaos in the global markets. Trump’s National Populist Revolution of 2016 had created a block on his plots and skims. To destroy Trump is to destroy Americanism and the American Capitalism which is the foundation for the free markets of the free world. George Soros is not in love with Socialism but socialism brings him mass chaos in the western world; furthermore, guarantees him to make top money in market crashes by buying on time and selling on time. This is what Soros does, crash Bank of Britain, Thailand, Philippines and others to make money. Unlike Trump who makes money by establishing law and order, Soros makes money by creating global chaos. That is the text book George Soros recipe!

Go to the middle of the page and read about George Soros:

Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship!

George Soros Wikipedia

George Soros Site

George Soros – Open Society Foundations

Open Society Foundations

Black Lives Matter is not a Social Justice Group
Black Lives Matter is an International Marxist Terrorist Organization
Three Man Hating BBB (Big Black Bull-Dyke) Leaders of BLM at Protest
L – R: Opal Tometi, Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors

* International Corporations
International Corporations’ glory is to destroy American National Populism and the American Worker. They can replace the American Worker with the outsourcing and drafting the cheap labor, slave labor or child labor from China, India, Mexico, and elsewhere. Trump policies are pro American Worker; therefore, they must destroy Trump.

* Democrat Party
Democrat party exists by exploiting the blacks, Hispanics and minorities as dependent voters, neo slaves and a solid base. Keep them uneducated, indoctrinated (failing public schools), unemployed and ignorant on food stamp, welfare, low quality healthcare, government cheese and Kool-Aid, as Ghetto Dwellers in projects, low income housing and section eight is the Democrat agenda! Now Trump is getting them off of welfare and giving them good paying jobs! Trump is stealing their base and this cannot be tolerated by the Democrats. After all, they need “Victims” to scream “Systemic Racism” and “Institutional Racism” Bull Shiite; therefore, they will do anything to cling to the power. Democrats are losing their minority base to Trump, that is why they are now importing illegal aliens and give them amnesty to replace the blacks as the dependent voters. Democrats have to destroy Trump and if this means destroying America along the way, then it shall be!

RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) AKA Neo Cons or GOP Establishment are exploiting the minorities and immigrants as cheap labor. RINOs are a solid base of the Deep State and brothers in arms with the Democrats. Once Trump took control of the GOP and changed it to the “American Workers Party”, the RINOs have lost their power; therefore, now they vote Democrat! Look at the Bush Family, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, McCains and the rest of the cheap suits who are now French kissing the Democrats. Traditionally, Democrats and Republicans were two peas in the pod until Trump destroyed the whole establishment of the GOP and built his own base. Now that the RINOs are kicked out of the GOP and cleansed off the body of GOP, they have no choice but to vote Democrat. RINOs seek the return of the Status Quo.

Black Lives Matter Riots
BLM Thug Faceoff with US National Guard

* Media
Media is a wing of the Democrat party. Media is 98 % Democrat and they are the Democrat propaganda machine, shoving propaganda as news into people’s brains. Destruction of the American Nationalism and Patriotism by replacing it with Globalism and Socialism is their natural desire.

* Tech Giant Oligarchs
Watch out for the rise of the Tech Giant Globalist Oligarchs who control the Internet Revenue and wanting to control the American politics. The Monopoly of Tech Oligarchs is solid behind the Democrats. Silicon Valley is hand in hand with Socialist Democrats because globalism is their motto. Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Satya Nadella (Microsoft), Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Sundar Pichai (Google), Larry Page (Google), Sergey Brin (Google), and Tim Cook (Apple) are only the tip of the iceberg!

* Academia
These folks have been Marxists since I ever recall. Marxist professors, deans and academics have taken over the American educational system starting in the 1950s. Step by step they gained power until now that they are literally handing out terrorists to the society. K-12 + college graduation equals ANTIFA and BLM thugs produced by the American Academia! The indoctrination starts from the kindergarten.

Black Lives Matter Riots
BLM Riot, Looting, Arson, Murder and Burning Down Police Vehicles
BLM Thug is Stealing Police Shield and Gears While Others Loot and Burn Down Public and Private Properties

* Hollywood
These losers are the most ignorant of the American society, yet assuming that they are the role models for America! They have always lived in a bubble and a LaLa Land fantasy, dreaming of a Utopian Socialist System! They live the life of luxury, secured by the bodyguards but they want you to defund the police and live under the ANTIFA and BLM! They preach Socialism for you but they live in their Multi-Million Dollar mansions with high walls!

* Establishment Swamp
These low lives are the keepers of the Status Quo. They want Trumpism destroyed, so they can go back to exploiting the American people and run them like sheep! They are the corrupt and the epidemy of immorality and everything wrong with the America.

* Deep State
Deep State wants to destroy Trump and Americanism, so they can go back to the power cling, bureaucracy, endless wars, arm sales, and imperialism.

Black Lives Matter Armed BLM Militia, Virginia

Why do the Corporations Blunder by Supporting BLM?

These corporations love to destroy American Nationalism and the American Workers to gain much profit and that is why they support the BLM riots; however, they fail to realize that the BLM is not here only as the puppets and foot soldiers, but they are here to go all the way as to destroy Capitalism, Free Markets and the American Democracy! That would also mean the end of these ignorant corporations and their ignorant corporate bosses like Jeff Bezos who supports BLM!

Black Lives Matter Armed BLM Militia

BLM Agenda

BLM occupies suburbs starting from Seattle, demanding whites to get out of their homes and handing them to the blacks for slavery reparations!

Arm yourselves to the teeth because Democrats in Blue States tie the police hands and the police will not save you or secure you. Fight for your homes, family and lives. This is the teaser and promo of the future life under Joe Biden and the Democrat government. Chaos nationwide indeed.

Globalist Oligarchs and International Corporations use their pawns such as BLM and ANTIFA to destroy Americanism and replace it with the Globalist Socialism because that is how they exploit the American worker and make their billions.

Black Lives Matter and Black Panthers Joint Armed Protest

Southern Poverty Law Center is a Hate Organization.

Southern Poverty Law Center is a Democrat advocacy group who brands conservative personalities and groups as hate groups but the reality is that Southern Poverty Law Center is a major hate group discriminating against the conservatives.

Hate Group:

Southern Poverty Law Center

BLM is not a social justice group. They use the phrase “Black Lives Matter” to attract sympathizers for social justice.

BLM seeks a
Race War
Class War
Gender War
Size War

Any war which will bring the American Capitalist Free Market System down. So is the Media and the Democrat Party.

Marxist take-over of the United States by the Black Lives Matter is blessed by the Democrats and Globalist Corporations and is on the way unless we the free people stop it.

Black Lives Matter and Black Panthers Solidarity Joint Armed Protest

Black Lives Matter is a Marxist Organization

"We are trained Marxists," is what the co-founder of Black Lives Matter movement has said publicly. They're not hiding it! And their goal is to overthrow the country to get Trump out. Black Lives Matter co-founder “Patrisse Cullors” said (in a video from 2015) that she and her fellow organizers are “trained Marxists” – making clear their movement’s ideological foundation is based on Communism.

"We actually do have an ideological frame ... we are trained Marxists."
(Patrisse Khan-Cullors, BLM Co-Founder)

BLM Co-Founder Admits; "We Are Trained Marxists"

"We Are Trained Marxists" - Patrisse Cullors, Co-Founder of BLM

Patrisse Cullors, Co-Founder of BLM Interview: We are Trained Marxists

Interview with the founders of Black Lives Matter: Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi

Yes, kneeling is a big deal! Stop lecturing us that we don't understand what it's "really" about! Colin Kaepernick isn't 'Martin Luther King Jr.' Dr. King was an American patriot but Colin Kaepernick is an America hating Marxist.

Make no mistake, BLM is nothing local to America but it is a global movement in North America and Europe funded by George Soros and Globalist International Corporations to destroy Americanism and Free Markets, so by destroying the American Capitalism and Democracy, they can unleash chaos and destruction easily on elsewhere. When America falls, then the whole free world will fall!

Black Lives Matter Organization is a well-funded Marxist organization which intelligently is using the phrase “Black Lives Matter” which can attract people to their cause where in fact BLM has nothing to do with the Black Lives but it has everything to do with Socialism. BLM could not be more careless about the black lives who are getting killed in Democrat run large cities of USA such as Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Washington DC and elsewhere. Those black lives who are getting killed by black thugs and gangs means nothing to the BLM but their focus is on causing race riots, defunding the police and race bating.

Black on black crimes are OK
BLM burning down black businesses is OK
BLM killing black people is OK
BLM shooting little bystander black kids is OK
BLM murdering black businessmen is OK

Only Cops killing black criminals while resisting arrests are not OK!
BLM hypocrisy is sky high!

NFAC (Not F-ing Around Coalition) Militia of BLM Armed protest at Louisville, Kentucky
BLM Black Separatist Reparation Seekers

Only in America, BLM Terrorism can become Norm!

Only in America can three Marxist, man hating, BBB (Big Black Bull-Dyke) get together, create a Bang and Bologna organization with the most cheesy mission statement, get a group of black street thugs, black communists, psychotic black trannies, failed liberal educational system students and self-hating middle class white kids to rush the streets, protest, riot, destroy private and public property, arson, loot and murder, and then on top of it all, take their agenda to George Soros and other Democrat Billionaires to get financed for their terrorism!

Next thing you know, the International Globalist Corporations also fund them because they don’t want to get singled out by them as racists! National Corporations also fund them because they don’t want to get burned down like Target!

In the middle of all this, the mom and pop black businesses in the ghetto get burned down, the supermarkets and department stores in black neighborhoods who provide jobs for blacks, get burned down, black people’s businesses and homes get burned down, black people and children get shot and murdered, and all and all by the courtesy of the Black Lives Matter!

ANTIFA and BLM Joint Protest Battle Riot, Portland, Oregon
Marxist Terrorist Sister Organizations

Black Lives Matter is the Worst Enemy of the Black People

Black Lives Matter is the worst enemy of the Black people because after every riot, it is the black neighborhoods which gets ransacked, burned and destroyed. It is the black people who lose their jobs because BLM burned down their local supermarkets, department stores and businesses!

ANTIFA in Full Battle Gear - Protest Battle Riot, Portland, Oregon
Anarchist Marxist Terrorist Organization

BLM Downing American Historical Statues

Black Lives Matter terrorists are so illiterate and uneducated that not that they destroy and burn down the statues of the founding fathers such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, yet they also destroy statues of the abolitionists who freed the slaves such as Abraham Lincoln! BLM are so ignorant that they even destroy statues of Black Republican Abolitionists and Civil Rights Movement characters such as Frederick Douglass and Booker T Washington!  These ignorant Liberal Plantation Negroes have no clue about the history. Their leaders are aware of history but they are intentionally destroying America because they are hardcore Marxists, Anarchists and Communists. Their whole intention is to destroy the American Capitalist System, Free Markets and Democracy!

Thanks to Trump, now they get 10 years in the slammer for downing the statues! That’s why the statue destruction seized!

Mark Levin: Black Lives Matter is a Marxist, Anarchist Movement and They Admit It!

Mark Levin: Black Lives Matter is the Equivalent of the KKK!

Mark Levin: This Isn't a Civil Rights Movement; It's an Anti-America Movement!

Mark Levin: If We Don't Teach Children to Love This Country, We Won't Survive

BLM’s Leftist Agenda Has Little to Do with Black Lives - The Heritage Foundation

Make no mistake that BLM wants to overthrow the American Revolution of 1776 and replace it with a Marxist Revolution. BLM despises everything American.

Black Lives Matter Riots Baltimore
BLM Riot, Looting, Arson, Murder and Burning Down Police Vehicles
BLM Thug Criminal Destruction of the Police Vehicle

Slavery was the Best Event for the Descendants of the American Slaves

Best thing that happened to the blacks was the slavery. Today’s blacks are benefitting by being in America. Blacks in sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.), Rappers, and other entrepreneurs are making millions and billions where they could have never had the opportunities to make in Africa! You wanna go back to Africa? You can’t even make it in the most progressed countries in Africa (South Africa and Liberia) for a week! You will be running back to America, the same America which you put down on daily basis!

The standard of living for the ghetto dwellers in USA is better than the average middle-class Africans!
Poor in the USA means better than middle class in Africa!

Black Lives Matter Riots Los Angeles
BLM Riot, Looting, Arson, Murder and Burning Down Police Vehicles
BLM Thug Criminal Defacing and Destruction of the Police Vehicle

Black Privilege

If anything, it is blacks who have the privileged in America! Think about it:

* Affirmative Action in job market and universities
* Exclusive Historical Black Colleges and Universities
* Special University Grants for Blacks
* Special Black Loans for Business and Housing
* Get Out of Jail Free Card in Riot Infested Blue States’ Large Cities
* Commit the Crime, Resist Arrest and Claim Police Brutality
* Riot and Burn Down Cities with the Excuse of Cops killing some Black Criminals
* Rooney Rule in NFL (Football Affirmative Action)
* Welfare, Food Stamp, Housing, Healthcare, Benefits, and Government Cheese
* Drinking the Liberal Kool-Aid
* Commit the Crime and Scream Racism and Police Brutality
* Hide Behind the Shield of Hate Crime, getting away with everything
* No one can touch blacks, the snowflakes scream hate crime
* Other 101 Special Black Rights and Privileges

Should I keep on going?

Watch this funny video by Hodge Conservative Twins on obsert phrase of “White Privilege”:

Oprah Selling White Guilt and Pushing White Privilege

Black Lives Matter Attack on Patriots Peaceful Protest
BLM Attacks All Lives Matter Peaceful Protest
BLM Communist Flag Bearer Masked Thug Faceoff with the Patriot

Black Radical Riots

Since the 1960s (Black Radicals and Black Panthers), and then 2013 (Black Lives Matter), the Black Marxists, Anarchists and Communists have been using the death of each Black junkie, drunk, criminal, gang member, drug dealer and terrorist committing the crime, resisting arrest and dying in the police custody as an excuse to protest, riot, arson, loot, burn down and destroy the private and public property in America. Black Lives Matter is the worst enemy of the black community by burning down black businesses and corporate businesses. These businesses will not return to the black communities and this will cause job loss in the black communities which will result in the black poverty.

Tucker: Can the left lead a country they hate?

Black Lives Matter is a Terrorist Organization

State Sponsor Terrorism is illegal in America.
Democrat Mayors and Governors support BLM.
BLM is a terrorist organization destroying private and public property and murders people.
Mayors of Washington DC, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and others need to be arrested.
Governors of California, New York, Illinois, Oregon, Washington and others need to be arrested.

Black Lives Matter Attack on Patriots Peaceful Protest
BLM Attacks All Lives Matter Peaceful Protest
BLM Communist Flag Bearer Masked Thug Attacks the Patriot, using his Communist Flag as a spear, pushing it in the Patriot’s chest and neck.

Black Lives Matter Platform

BLM’s original platform was radically honest and Marxist to the core. Democrats had put pressure on the BLM to make it politically correct, so the corporations would continue to fund them and the critics would be silenced.

Due to much criticism, BLM had changed their platform 10 times over to pretend it is mainstream and to hide their true ideology but the reality is listed below and this is how the original platform looked like and proposed.

Black Lives Matter Site

* End Capitalist System
* Defund Police Departments
* Destroy the Patriarch (Father) and Traditional (Nuclear) Black Family in America
* Promote Man Hating Militant Feminism
* Promote Transgender Agenda specifically Trans Women
* Promote Homosexuality as an Alternative to Heterosexuality
* Promote Anti-American Domestic Terrorist Groups Like ANTIFA
* Promote Anti-American Foreign Terrorist Groups Like Islamist Palestinians
* Promote Black Separatism Like Black National Anthem
* Promote Black Criminals Resisting Arrest & Dying in Police Custody
* Promote Protests, Riots, Looting, Arson, Violence and Destruction
* Promote Destruction of Public and Private Property
* Promote Destruction of Cultural and Historical Statues
* Promote Kneeling, Disrespecting National Anthem and Flag Burning
* Promote Murder of Police
* Creation of Global Chaos
* Destruction of Western Democracies
* Destroy America and Americanism
* Commit to a Marxist Revolution

Black Lives Matter Protesters Chant 'Pigs in a Blanket, Fry em Like Bacon!' Kill the Cops!

BLM Chats: "Pigs in a Blanket, Fry em Like Bacon!” Saint Paul, MN 08/29/2015

McEnany: President Doesn't Agree with Orgs Shouting 'Pigs in a Blanket, Fry em Like Bacon'

BLM: "F*ck the police!" - Black Lives Matter march through Seattle

Black Lives Matter Marxist Leader Patrisse Cullors
BLM BBB (Big Black Bull-Dyke) Terrorist Leader

Who Funds Black Lives Matter?

Black Lives Matter collects millions of dollars from woke corporations. Many people would like to know these corporations so they can choose to make business with them or not!

* George Soros through his Open Society Foundations
* Woke Billionaires and Millionaires (Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, etc.)
* Woke Corps Afraid to be targeted by BLM: Walmart, Target, Home Depot
* Fast Food afraid to be burned down by BLM: McDonalds, Wendy’s
* Woke Brands: Levi’s, Gap, Nike
* Tech Giants: Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook
* Coke
* Disney
* Democrat Party
* Globalist Socialist Corporations
* Foreign Enemies of America
* Hollywood Liberals
* Radical Rappers
* Misguided NFL and NBA Athletes
* Other Rich White Liberals with White Guilt
* Black Radicals


Complete List of BLM Donors

Who Donates to Black Lives Matter?
These are the major brands donating to the Black Lives Matter movement

Ways BLM Extorts money from Corporations

Corporate America panders to BLM and ANTIFA.

Woke Corporations jump over each other’s shoulders to fund BLM, all in hope of not to be targeted by BLM.

* Some corporations fund BLM not to loot and burn their branches
* Some fund BLM to pander to them
* Some fund BLM to destroy Americanism and promote globalism
* Some corporations are extorted by BLM

So, in a nutshell,

Why Corporations Fund BLM?

* Afraid to be branded as Racist
* Afraid to be targeted for bad publicity
* Afraid to be burned down
* Monkey see, Monkey do
* Woke agenda

Corporate Ignorance of Stabbing their Own Backs!

These corporations make their money in the capitalist system but support the Marxist Terrorist BLM who wants to destroy the capitalist system and the free markets!

Where does millions of dollars of donation to BLM go?

It goes to activism, protests, riots and disruption!
Rather than Helping the Black Community!

Black Lives Matter Marxist Terrorist Leaders
BLM BBB (Big Black Bull-Dyke) Internationalist Terrorist Leaders
L – R: Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi
BLM is funded, directed and supported by the Old White Billionaire George Soros
George Soros is the Major Benefactor to the Democrat Party

Who is Black Lives Matter?

BLM Site

Black Lives Matter is the worst Enemy of the Black People.

Black Lives Matter are Criminals. Black Lives Matter commits murder, kills cops, burns down black businesses, destroys black neighborhoods and makes businesses and corporations leave the black neighborhoods.

Black Lives Matter commits crimes with the blessing and promotion of the Media, Democrats, Hollywood, Social Media, Tech Giants and the Woke Corporations like Nike. That’s why Nike lost $ 790 million dollars and 46 % of the North American sales for promoting that idiot Colin Kaepernick and the BLM Agenda! That is why NFL will lose half of its fans and viewership for playing the “Black National Anthem” and supporting the BLM Agenda. Keep on kneeling boys! You will kneel yourselves to the poor house!

Black Lives Matter is supported by the Liberal Mayors of Washington DC, Chicago, New York and others.

BLM has been promoting every black thug, gang member, murderer, drug dealer and criminal who resisted arrest and died in the police custody since 2013. Instead of defunding the police, we must put BLM Thugs behind bars! Vote Democrats out of office as mayors and governors of Blue Cities and States, and then America will become heaven. That’s the best thing that we can do for the Black Community.

Black Lives Matter is Destroying America, Mostly the Black America!

Actually, we need to put the Mayors of Washington DC, Chicago, and New York in jail for supporting terrorism.

Democrats need to pay for the Reparation

Democrats invented the Confederacy, Ku Klux Klan and the Jim Crow Segregation; therefore, they need to pay for the Reparation to the blacks!

To the Woke Black Community

Point finger at the black community before pointing finger at the police.
Clean you own house before cleaning others.
Look at the man in the mirror who is responsible for your misery!

100 years of bad choices, voting Democrat, being a liberal plantation negro and being slave to the Democrats who could not possibly care less for you, had caused your misery!

Throughout the history, young Americans have built America. George Washington was 21 when he took his first commission in the military. Abraham Lincoln was 22 when he entered politics and ran for office. James Madison was 25 when he signed the declaration of independence.

Today, the BLM young thugs trash the statues of these greats and even the statues of the black historical conservatives such as Frederick Douglass and Booker T Washington. BLM thugs are destroying America to build a Marxist system on the ashes of America.

It is a shame that our youth, due to decades of Marxist indoctrination in the educational system, are so illiterate about their rich history and culture. We need to change the complete educational system and change the failed liberal educational system to the patriotic educational system, so the youth will be informed and proud of their country and culture.

Until patriots are alive, we shall never allow a bunch of thugs to make America a socialist regime.

Black Lives Matter Terrorism Nationwide and Worldwide
BLM Riots, Looting, Arson, Assaults, Murders, and Chaos
BLM Riots Occur Only in Democrat Run Blue Cities and States
BLM Burning Down America Plan Funded by the Democrats
BLM are the Foot Soldiers of the Democrats

Democrat Made Disaster: Blue States!

“Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country.”

Today’s Democrat party is not the JFK’s Party but it is a socialist party.

Today, the young black Democrats who embrace the victim culture, demand perks from the government. Gimme, Gimme Gimme culture! They show no self-responsibility, entrepreneurship and self-initiation to make something of themselves but they demand free stuff from the government, the same government who holds them as slaves!

BLM assumes that government owes them something. They seek reparation for something that some white people had done to the black people 150 years ago! Every minority and immigrant group came to America and made something of themselves by building a business or educate themselves and working hard, except the majority of the blacks whom are Democrat voters and the same as 60 years ago, they are still on welfare, food stamp, government cheese and Kool-Aid!

Democrats trained the blacks to be obedient slaves on the government handout and they count on their votes every 2 years! Blacks have never achieved anything because they are still slaves to the Democrats.

The only exception is basically the Black Conservatives who had escaped the liberal plantations, seen the light and become independent thinkers and economically independent. The rest are still on the liberal plantations.

BLM are not only beggars to the government but they want to make a communist revolution and change the whole Capitalist Free Market system via violence.

Government’s only job is to provide security and safety for its citizens. Democrat run cities and states have failed in that job so now, citizens have to arm themselves to the teeth and to defend themselves.

The day that blacks stop voting over 90 % Democrat and discover their own identity rather than being sheep, will be the day that they will find salvation, financial independence, recognition and freedom, …. Free at Last, Free at Last!


Dr. X


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