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Complete Analysis

Iranian Revolution has No Colors and Heroes!
Complete Analysis of the Iranian 2009 - 2010 Revolution
Ahreeman X
March 15, 2010

Fantasy Became Reality!

In 2005, when Ahmadinejad had won his first term, I clearly announced that the 2005 was not an election but it was a coup. As of 2005, IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) have taken over the government and appointed Ahmadinejad as their spokesman. Back then, many Eye-Rainian In-tell-egg-chew-alls (Iranian Intellectuals), Eye-Rainian Up-position Feeders (Iranian Opposition Leaders) and so called Iranian Politicians (specifically Liberal Leftists and Reformists) laughed at this statement and called it fantasy!

Back in 2005 when I clearly announced that IRGC is openly involving itself in the Iranian economy; furthermore, is beginning to take over the Iranian economy, and then I brought forward evidence that IRGC Naval forces (in Persian Gulf) have been temporarily taking over various oil docks (randomly) and filling up tankers full of oil and sending them to China in returns for favors (Nuclear Parts, Weapons, etc.), once more the Iranian Liberal Left and Reformists, laughed at this statement, mocked me and said: “Why would IRGC steal from themselves?! IRI is their country, Iran is theirs and theirs are Iran’s!”

Since 2005, IRGC had started a systematic campaign to step by step take over Iran’s military, politics, government and economy. I was aware of this fact and Rafsanjani as the owner of Iran’s economy was surely aware of this fact, because after all, he was beginning to have competition! The rest of these simpletons including but not limited to Liberal Left, Reformists, IRI Lobbyists and other brain drained in Exile and Inxile, were too uninformed, optimistic and ignorant to even consider the possibility!

For more information on IRGC Coup (Election) read:

Inside Iran’s IRGC: Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps

For more information on Rafsanjani, read the “Akbar Shah and 1001 nights at The Cayman Islands” section in the:

Caribbean Venture: Cayman Islands (X Diaries)

For more of my memoirs (X Diaries), visit:

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Back then, they laughed at my statement and wrote garbage in various media that I am lacking evidence! After 2009 (Ahmadinejad’s second term’s election), no one was laughing anymore! Everyone who made asinine remarks towards my article and laughed at my statements, suddenly shutten the hell up! All of a sudden, they swallowed their tongs and along with it their prides! Specifically the Reformists and the IRI Lobbyists had become Shiite faced but morely they found themselves in real danger of losing all of their grips on the Iranian government and politics! All of a sudden, laughter had become mourning!

Reformists could not believe that they were suddenly kicked out of the Iranian government by the Fundamentalists. But the reality was that, it wasn’t a sudden move! It all started in 2005 and even before that (as I stated and warned in my article). This was a systematic plan to take over Iran.

Even today, many of these ignorant Liberal Leftists, Reformists and IRI Lobbyists are failing to see the reality! They assume that Fundamentalists had kicked them out of the government and ate their share of the pie! They are too blind to see that this is not about Fundamentalists or Reformists controlling Iran, but this is a coup made by IRGC. As of before 2005, IRGC was planning to take over. As of 2005, IRGC did take over. As of 2009, IRGC set control and established itself in charge of Iran’s government, politics and economy.

To win Iran’s government, IRGC had to eliminate Reformists’ power and force Fundamentalists to obey them.

To win Iran’s economy, IRGC had to eliminate Rafsanjani and Kargozaran’s (Moderates) power and grip on economy.

This is why Rafsanjani joined the Reformists and made a coalition with them; however, it was too late and by then, everyone including the Reformists, Moderates and Fundamentalists had lost and the IRGC had won! IRGC had won it all and now they rule Iran.

Iran is No More a Theocracy but a Military Dictatorship.

Those who laughed at my words on 2005, today, the majority of them are silent and not a peep comes out of them. Their political credibility has been shattered, they don’t do commentaries anymore thus they have lost face! Minority of them, like little vultures, go around the TV Programs and News Media and now lecture about how today’s Iran is a military dictatorship and they expand on and analyze this issue, but they skip to mention that I was speaking of these words on 2005! Even now, there are still a few of these In-tell-egg-chew-all Giants who deny the fact that IRGC is in charge of Iran. This last group are in denial and in the state of LaLa Land!

IRI Shammed the Sham Elections!

In 2009, IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) had shammed the sham election and this was the last draw which had triggered the revolts. Iranian elections were shams to begin with, because only the Islamist parties are allowed to participate! Even though the Iranian elections were sham elections, yet they kept the people occupied and feel warm that at least they were voting and their vote counted for something! On 2009, IRI Regime could not even tolerate conducting a sham election and allow the Reformist Islamist Fraction to seemingly win this election; therefore, they had to sham even the sham election and erect the Fundamentalist Islamist Fraction back to power. This is how bad the situation had become in Iran! As the result of this act, a full scale revolt had broken out which started in summer of 2009 and is still dragging now in to the 2010 with no end in sight. The present situation is no more about the Fundamentalist Islamists versus the Reformist Islamists but this is the beginning of the end to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Say Hello to Freedom and Democracy!

IRI has no tolerance even for its own Reformist Fraction, because the main Islamist Reformist Party of Iran has just been banned! Jebhe Mosharekat has just been banned from political activity. This is a regime in war with itself!

Stop Hero Making and Hero Worship

What’s laughable are the actions of the gullible naïve Iranians, Moderate Muslims (Oxymoronic term), Islamic Apologists and the Greens who erected Mir Hossein Mousavi as their Neo Hee-Row (New Hero)! Do you recall all the Khatami Shenanigans (Reformists’ Reforms, Civil Society, Rule of Law and other Bull Shiite)? History is repeating itself but today, the names are changed! Yesterday’s Khatami is now called Mousavi!

Greens are so naïve for not seeing the reality of the Reformists! The Reformists are not there for the people but they have lost their status in the regime, so they are fighting to regain their status.

It is amazing how Iranians are so great with hero making and hero worshiping! Take a look at history:

Mossadeq, Shah, Khomeini, Khatami, Rajavi, Reza Pahlavi and now Mousavi.

People, face it: This is all nonsense, none of these people were heroes, they were all cult leaders with massive egos!

Who are the Real Heroes?

The only true heroes are the masses of Iran who are rising up against the tyranny, theocracy, Islamism and oppression. Masses of Iran who are fighting to establish human rights and democracy in Iran.

Jebheis, Monarchists, Mojaheds, Reformists, Greens, etc. are all cults and each tribal cult has its leader and Hee-Row. These people never were and never are Heroes! Why don’t you develop some self confidence and rely on your own self determination, ingenuity and back bones? You, the Iranian people are the true heroes. You are the cause and you will see the effects if only relying on yourselves.

Jebhe Meli, Monarchy, Mojahedin, Reformists, Green Movement, etc. are all gimmicks and time occupiers. You, the Iranian people are the Reality! You are the cause for the Change. You create the Change. You are the sparks, you are the generators, you are the True Heroes. Without you nothing will happen and nothing will change. Have some self confidence.

Do not seek heroes and commit to hero worship. Do not look for heroes in all the wrong places. Each of these Cult Leaders are seeking power to gain control for their own political agenda.

Reza Pahlavi is an uneducated, sloth minded, weak opportunist who has been sitting on his butt for 31 years and every time Iran gets hairy, he shows up in front of the TV Cameras to hijack the revolt’s leadership. He makes an asinine statement; just to say that he is still alive! He is like a little pest who would not go away! The reality is that he is a cult leader for about 1.5 % of the Iranian population (Monarchists). He is the symbol, not due to his ingenuity and qualification but due to what his father and grandfather stood for and done!  Take that away from him and he is just an uneducated, unemployed college dropout who has been pampered through all his life! For more information on Reza Pahlavi II read:

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead Iranian Opposition?

The Dialogue Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Enter!

For more information on Monarchists’ Flawed and Illogical Ideology, read:

The Historical Relation between Monarchy and Shiite!

How Republicans and Monarchists view the world?

Why Monarchy has Ended and We Must Start a New?

Not Monarchist but Pahlaviist!

Then you have the Marxist Islamist (Oxy Moronic Ideology) cult of Mojahedin (PMOI) AKA the Rajavi Cult which has been turned from a Freedom Fighting organization to a CIA Puppet, struggling to eliminate its Terrorist status in the CIA black book! They have their pre-erected provisional government leading by the President Erect, Maryam Rajavi (already decided for Iran) sitting in Paris and their locked down, weaponless Army on hunger strike in Iraq (under the control and mercy of CIA)!

Last but not least, there is Mir Hossein Mousavi, Seyed Mohammad Khatami, Mehdi Karroubi, and the rest of the con artists who were playing it as Reformists (Yesterday) and as Greens (Today) in the arena of the Iranian politics, trying to gain control, power and wealth or at least a piece of the pie!

Are Iranians really that gullible and ignorant to forget that Mousavi was once the prime minister of Khamenei (at the time that he was the president of IRI)? These guys were two peas in a pod and now they are lining up against each other?! C’mon give me a break!

The Reality of the Iranian Conflict

What’s really going on today, is that:

- Primarily, a private war between the 2 fractions of the Islamist Regime. Fundamentalists and the Reformists are at each others’ throats for gaining control and power.

- Secondarily, it is a battle to gain and control the economy of Iran. 2 Mafias are at war. Rafsanjani on one corner and IRGC at the other.

- Third and last, it is a war between the masses of Iran seeking freedom and democracy fighting the tyranny of the IRI Regime.

But let us not forget that as of now, IRGC is in charge and successfully had established a Military dictatorship in Iran.

For more information read:

Iran 2009 Revolution is about Change, not Groups!

Iranian 2009 Election Riots Analysis and Future Agenda

Nature of the Green Movement

Green Movement is basically a Hodge Podge, Rag Tag and Odd pack of people who created a movement which is not having a unified fundamentals, constitution, agenda, goal and quality. Green Movement is not a coherent entity and does not have a coherent goal.

The Green Movement’s leadership are Reformist Fraction of the IRI Regime including Mousavi. They are in it for their own political and power gains.

Mid Rank
The Middle Class and Mid Level of the Green Movement are there to reform the IRI from a Fundamentalist Regime to a so called Moderate Islamist Regime.

Then you have the followers who are following these people like a pack of blindfolded mob of lambs following the butcher to the slaughterhouse!

This is the nature of the Green Movement.

These days, everyone who is against the IRI Regime or at least the Fundamentalist Fraction of it, is called the Greens! It is becoming a fashion statement!

Any Wanna Be In-tell-egg-chew-all author, scholar, journalist, politician, actor, singer and other two bit bozo shows up on TV and Radio Shows, wearing a Green Band on his arm, wrist, head or penis, maybe a Green Tasbih (Rosary Beads) and calls himself Green and in support of the Green Movement, wearing Green in solidarity with the Greens!

Women are wearing green dresses and men are wearing green suits! Every two bit IRI Lobbyist and Media Lord in America is now wearing Green and he is amongst the Revolutionaries!

Just picture what an upside down and Cheesy Revolution / Movement this must be that Trita Parsi, Hashemi Rafsanjani, Seyed Mohammad Khatami and Reza Pahlavi are all members of this Green Movement!

IRI Lobbyists and IRI Media in USA, Reformists in Iran and Monarchist Leadership in exile are all Greens! For more information on IRI Lobby in USA, read:

Hezbollah and Suspected Hezbollah in America (IRI Lobby in USA)!

These days, everyone from Khajeh Hafez Shirazi to Hussein Obama is Green!
Praise the Lord, the Planet is finally going Green!

Rafsanjani is master of opportunism. No one in Iran knows economy better than Rafsanjani. Today, his economical necessities force him to also become a Revolutionary, Reformist and Green! So as we see, Rafsanjani is now “The Man of Reforms” and “The Man in Green”. But this change of heart is solely for economical and political reasons.

Why IRI Lobby in America is now Wearing Green?

The same goes for IRI Lobby in America. Trita Parsi and 101 other IRI Lobby Groups and Media are now Greens, because their financials are now in danger. Their bosses in Iran (Rafsanjani, Khatami and Reformist Economic Mafia) had lost their grips on the money and honey, so they are doing their best in America to help them regain control. This is why yesterday’s IRI Lobby Groups are now today’s Greens!

Just take a look at your TV Screens and you will notice all supporters of Reformists, IRI Lobbyists, Liberal Leftists and other Reformist Hezbollah are now wearing Green and have joined the Revolutionaries! This includes Journalists, College Professors, Authors, Filmmakers, comedians, musicians and every other two bit In-tell-egg-chew-all of the left residing in America!

Reza Pahlavi, the Grand Opportunist

What cracks me up is Reza Pahlavi’s opportunist nature!

During the past 31 years, first he wanted to become Shah, then when anti monarchy sentiments rose, he settled for presidency, next he changed back to becoming a Shah again, afterwards he supported Khatami and the Reformists, next he cherished Shirin Ebadi and Grand Reformists, then when public turned their backs to Reformists, he also turned his back on them and rejoined the Iranian Opposition, now he is supporting the Greens and he is becoming a Mousavi fan! If tomorrow, another movement appears in skies of Iran and a revolt breaks out, Reza Pahlavi will be the first to join the movement as long as he can get his 3 minute dialogue on FOX and CNN! Reza Pahlavi is the man of many faces, natures and outfits! He does it any which way he can and anything which allows him to feel relevant, even for a day or a week! He just loves posing for the cameras at a slight sound of any riots coming out of Iran! He takes this opportunity to shed a few alligator tears, show sympathy or empathy for the Iranians (apathy in reality) and shout to the world that he did not die 31 years ago, but he is still alive, lives in his Maryland Mansion and releases random farts in the dark (3 minute interviews on American TVs)!

Difference between Opposition and Greens!

Green Movement is another name for the Reformist Fraction of IRI. Greens are here to Reform the Regime.

Iranian Opposition has always been (and today is) here to end the lifespan of the Regime. Iranian Opposition is here to end IRI and to establish a Secular, Democratic Regime in Iran.

Why Do I Support the Green Movement?

I am not supporting the Green Movement because I am in love with Mir Hossein Mousavi or Seyed Al Shohada (Imam Hussein) or Reformists or IRI Lobbyists or the Shiite Sect or the Color Green!

I am supporting the Green Movement because I view Mousavi as a tool which we can use to get rid of IRI and to gain freedom for Iran. If plays his cards right, Mousavi can play the role of the Iranian Gorbachev who can pave the way for the upcoming Iranian Yeltsin to appear in the politics of Iran to end the reign of IRI. Mousavi can be the primary figure to pave the way for the secondary figure to end the regime’s life.

Iranian Opposition, Revolutionary Masses of Iran and I are supporting the Green Movement to accelerate the death of IRI and the regime as a whole. We are using the Green Movement as a tool to get closer to our goal which is the Death of IRI.

In this game, we must be very alert to use the Greens and not to allow the Green Leadership to gain the upper hand by establishing themselves as the future rulers of Iran, establishing a Reformist version of IRI. We must support the Greens and the Green Hype to gain control and then use them to continue this revolution, not only to end the reign of IRGC and Fundamentalists but all the way to end the life of the IRI Regime.

In the future, we will not stop until the absolute overthrow of IRI. If characters such as Mousavi, Khatami and Rafsanjani would follow us and aid us to completely destroy IRI, then more power to them, but if they stand against us, we will run over them and if they remain neutral, then we will forgive their sins of the past for helping this regime to bloom! However, one way or another, we will seek the end to the IRI Regime.

Iran 2009 Election Protests Photos – Part 4

Non Violence Never Works

There are Liberal Pacifists who preach Non Violence and they put forward Petitions, Referendums, Sit Outs, Hunger Strikes, Negative Resistance and so on tactics. Allow me to state two important facts:

I. Throughout the history, there has never been a Non Violent Movement which succeeded gaining its goal solely by itself. All Non Violent Movements had Violent Movements working side by side with them.

Examples are the Colonial India, Civil Rights America, and South Africa.

* Gandhi had Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the Muslim League alongside with him.
* Dr. Martin Luther King had Malcolm X alongside with him.
* Nelson Mandela had Zulu Militants alongside with him.

II. Iran is not India, America or South Africa, but today’s IRI Regime is similar to the Nazi Germany. IRI will never pack up and leave except by force via a bloody revolution.

Islamic Republic of Iran is not a civilized regime but a bloodthirsty military dictatorship which will only fade away via a Bloody Revolution.

What Needs to be Done?

So what needs to be done? We are on the verge of crucial times and another revolutionary era in the political history of Iran. Let’s face it, don’t keep an eye for help from anyone! So far,

No branch or sub branch of the armed forces (Army, Air Force and Navy) or Security Forces (Police) are joining the people.

No sub branch of IRGC (Pasdaran) or Basij (Para Militia) are joining the people.

No foreign government is supporting the people.

No substantial sanctions by International body are imposed on IRI. UN is a joke.

EU is a joke; furthermore, UK, France, Germany and Italy are trade partners with IRI.

Russia and China support IRI.

Japan is a trade partner of IRI.

This leaves us with America but as you know, Liberal Socialist Democrats are in power and you know what this means, don’t you?

This means appeasement policies, weak foreign policy, bending over to Islam and Islamists and every single petty dictator and totalitarian regime in the world. So,

Don’t keep an eye for help from Hussein Obama!

Hussein Obama is an out in open Socialist and a closet Muslim who would gladly throw the Iranian Opposition under the bus and then wine, dine and flirt with Ahmadinejad and IRI.

America is no place to look for help, because presently, Americans are assembling to get rid of the Liberal congress (2010) and then Hussein Obama (2012). Americans will be busy for the next few years, cleaning their own house! Once the Liberals are out and the GOP is in, then it will be a different story and only then, the Iranian Opposition can expect any substantial and serious American Support.

So, let’s face it, we are not armed, we have no support, there will be no sanctions against IRI and no one on Earth will help us.

This means we have to provide our own guns to fight and overthrow the regime.

Pacifism + Liberalism = Death

So that’s not an option.

On March 16, 17 and the days further ahead, we have to take over a few Basij Para Militia, Police and possibly Military arm storages, seize some rifles, pistols, machine guns and every weapon which we can get our hand on them.

Next we need to conduct street riots and street battles. Secure security forces’ weapon storages and head quarters, and fortify to conduct defensive battles and onwards offensive battles.

We need to take advantage of the dark and Night of Chahar Shanbeh Suri chaos, celebrations and fireworks to seize guns and then do hit and run battles. This tactic can continue for the nights ahead and after Chahar Shanbeh Suri.

The fireworks, Cocktail Molotov and knives can be used as weapons to jump start the offensives and hit and run attacks, until we seize some serious guns.

At this point, all we must concentrate on is organizations, plans and tactics to be drafted for the ultimate strategy to gain stability and control.

All groups inside Iran must harmonize and plan together. Protests outside Iran must also be synchronized. Remember to trust no one unless proven a devoted revolutionary.

We, the IPC Operations are at your service.

The Future of Iran

The future of Iran does not lie in dictatorship of some sort, such as:

Dictatorship of Shah over the people (Monarchy)
Dictatorship of “Brother Comrade” over the people (Marxist Islamist Mojahedin)
Dictatorship of Comrade Chairman over the people (Communism)
Dictatorship of Government over the people (Socialism)
Dictatorship of Imam over the people (Theocracy)
Dictatorship of IRGC over the people (Military)
Any sort of Dictatorship of any Elite group over the people (Totalitarianism)

After 8000 years of Dictatorship, particularly 1400 years of Islam, the people of Iran will not go under yet another dictatorship!

Future of Iran lies in a Secular, Democratic, Federal Republic.
Government of People, for the People and by the People.
… and I mean “All the People” (Federalism).

Those who fail to see this reality and historical destiny, shall not and will not have any roles in the future of Iran. Why? Simply because the masses of Iran are simply fed up with dictatorships!

Iranian Revolution has No Colors and No Heroes

Iranian Revolution has no colors, but if any, then it will not be Green but it will be Blood Red, the color of brave Masses of Iran’s blood who lost their lives for the revolution.

Iranian Revolution has no heroes, but if any, then it will not be Mir Hossein Mousavi and a bunch of Reformists at the background, but it will be the brave Masses of Iran who struggle and sacrifice everything, committing to a Bloody Revolution.

Iranian Revolution has No Colors and No Heroes, and if it did, then the color would be Blood Red and the Heroes would be the Brave Heroic Masses of Iran fighting the regime.

Stop hero making, stop hero worship, stop color making and stop color wearing.

For more research deep in to the Iranian psyche, review:

The Iranian Disease (3 Chapters)

Conspiracy Theory, Persian Style! (Iranian Conspiracy Theories)

This is not about Reformist Greens, Fundamentalist Blacks, Royal Blues, Liberal Islamist Pinks, or Yellow Hezbollah. Stop color coding and drafting color charts.

For historical aspects, review:

History of Iranian National Socialist Movement

This is not about Mir Hossein, Ya Hussein, Imam Hussein, Reforms, Monarchy, Mojahed, National Islamist, Left, Right, Secular or Theocratic. Stop hero making and hero worship.

You have been color coding and hero worshiping since the 1950s and the Mossadeq era, and way beyond that. It got you nowhere!

The 2009 - 2010 Iranian Revolution is not about colors, heroes and fractions of the IRI Regime.

The 2009 - 2010 Iranian Revolution is about Masses of Iran fighting for Freedom and Democracy. No more Masters of any type. Say it loud and say it with pride:

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Oh Sweet Freedom ….. Not a Moment too Soon ……

More power to all Freedom fighters of Iran


No Gods
No Shahs
No Imams
No Masters
No Prophets
I bow to no Gods.
I serve no Masters.
I control my own destiny.
I am a Thinking Man.
I am a Free Man.

Dr. X


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