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A word with President Trump

Making a Deal with Mullahs is Useless
A word with President Trump

Ahreeman X
September 18, 2019

Trump Khamenei Iran Daryl Cagle Cartoon
Trump has Khamenei wrapped in his tie
Trump plays Iran like a fine-tuned flute

Trump’s Art of the Deal

President Trump, you are well enlightened about the Iranian, Middle Eastern and global politics but for the sake of dealing with the Deep State, GOP Establishment and Democrats, you need to be PC; therefore, at surface, you say something but in depth, you feel another.

You are very well aware that:

There is no Moderate Mullah
There is no Moderate IRI Official
There is no Moderate IRI Diplomat
There is no Moderate IRI Lobby

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA Thread

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center Thread

I comprehend that you are trying hard to keep America out of endless wars, set aside starting another one with IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran). If anyone can do it, it is you, the master of the “Art of the Deal”.

Yet have in mind that if you are facing a wild beast in the jungle, you cannot negotiate with him! You must kill him or he will kill you.

If you are facing a home intruder who is there to rob, rape, and murder your family, you cannot negotiate with him, yet you must kill him or be killed.

Persian Spring, Trump, Khamenei, Iran Khalid Gueddar Morocco Cartoon
Trump Seesaw plays with Khamenei while Iranian internal protests enflame
Khamenei: Go Away ……

Even though I despise IRI and Mullahs, yet I do comprehend that what you are trying to do. For the sake of America, you are trying hard to make a deal through negotiation. This is all fine and dandy but you cannot trust Mullahs or Hezbollah. Of course, you are aware that we refer to all Pro IRI Iranian Thugs as Hezbollah. The Lebanese Hezbollah is only a small fraction of the Main Hezbollah in Iran (Ansar-e Hezbollah).

The only good Mullah is a dead Mullah
The only good Hezbollah is a dead Hezbollah

Having said that, yet still, I will stand by you in your decision. I have been with you since the beginning and I will stand by you until the bitter end. I am a firm believer in the National Populism and you are our spokesman. I shall never abandon you. I am only giving you an advice which you are already perfectly aware of this advice! I am only giving you a historical reminder!

Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President

Trump National Populist Revolution

Trump, Rouhani, Khamenei, Good Mullah, Bad Mullah, Iran A F Branco Cartoon
IRI plays the same old Good Cop, Bad Cop Theatre!

Nature of the Mullahs

Next week, in UN during the General Assembly and High-Ranking Debates, if you face Rouhani, remember my words and remember that the policy of Tehran is to once again play the:

Good Cop, Bad cop
Good Mullah, Bad Mullah

With you, the same as they pulled this on Bush and Obama.

IRI cannot survive on economy because there is no such thing as the prosperous Islamic Economy! Islam must go, so the Iranian economy will bloom! So, IRI must conduct endless wars in the Middle East, create proxies, fund, train and arm them to enforce Tehran’s policies. For IRI to survive, Mullahs must fund Islamist Terrorism and gain grounds all over the Middle East. Creating a Shiite Empire and funding terrorism is the IRI Doctrine.

Today, you have Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Jihad, Al Fatah, Houthis, Shiite Militia in Iraq and other Iranian proxies.

Today, you have Iranian presence and / or wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Bahrain, Qatar, Afghanistan and so on.

If IRI gets his wish which is open trades without sanctions and open funds through trades, then you will have many more IRI proxy Terrorist Groups, IRI created wars, IRI backed Terrorists, IRI Plots and IRI Satellites around the Middle East.

I do comprehend that you are Master of the Deal but good luck conning the Mullahs! We have a Persian expression which states:

“If you give 5 Cents to the Mullahs, you can never take it back!”

Now picture that Carter, Democrats and Muslims have given the Mullahs one of the richest nations in the globe (Iran)! Good luck taking it back! The 1979 was a suicide for the Iranian people. The Muslims took control and literally killed Iran! This is how Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) was born!

Trump Agenda

You want to disarm the mullahs, not allow them to have nukes, and surely seize all Iranian terrorist activities in the globe! You must have in mind that the above conditions will not allow IRI to survive!

Mullahs Agenda

Mullahs want you to cut sanctions to even start negotiating with you! If you do that, once again America will empower the Mullahs.

Your plan is for IRI to:

Seize Nuclear Program
Seize Terrorist Activities
Join the Civilized Nations

President Trump, I’m sorry to inform you but if Mullahs seize nukes and terrorist activities, they get toppled (maybe that is your goal) and they cannot join the civilized world because they are not humans!

My Two Responsibilities

I have a responsibility to the Iranian Opposition; therefore, I seek the death of IRI Islamist Regime, any which way I can.

I also have a responsibility to our movement (National Populist Movement) and our spokesperson (Donald John Trump).

So even though the Persian me wants the IRI dead, but the American me, comprehends that the priority is to safe keep America and away from the endless wars.

But you know what? Things don’t always go by the logical plan and the sketch book, simply because IRI is not a logical regime and has no text book plan!

Future Prospect

One way or another, soon or late, the IRI Islamist Regime will fall. Persians are not Arabs and they are way too liberated, educated and sophisticated for the Islamist Regime of the Mullahs. Before 1979, Imperial Iran was a replica of the American Society. For 40 years, Mullahs have been trying hard to reverse the westernization of Iran but have they been successful?!

Reactionary Backward Islamists are having a hell of a time, turning Iran to an Arabo-Islamic Model! Islam came to Iran by force once in 651 AD and once in 1979 AD.

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD)

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

Persians make bad Muslims and it shows in their hejab wearing! Persians are more of a Show Muslims! There are a few million Iranian Hezbollah who are forcing the complete country of over 80 Million to remain an Islamic nation! Soon or late this façade and the fake bottlenecked glass bottle will implode and Persians will say goodbye to Islam!

IRI is Dying? Long Live Free Iran!

Actually I believe that the Iranian Islamic Problem will be solved much sooner than the American Islamic Problem because once the IRI is toppled, the Persian Free Spirit and the Persian Hatred for Islam will push the Islam and  the Mullahs back to the Mosques and away from the government; however, until you have liberal socialists in America, the USA will be doomed to be indoctrinated, brainwashed, and lectured by the Muslims on tolerance for the Religion of Peace!

Liberals Bend Over Backwards for Muslims!

Islamic Invasion of America

Iranian Regime’s Power Structure

President Trump, please note that the president of Iran (Hassan Rouhani) is a powerless, puppet figurehead. In Iran, the president is a figurehead. You have already declared IRGC as a terrorist organization but IRGC runs Iran and they only answer to one person and that is the Supreme Spiritual Leader (Ayatollah Ali Khameneni) who military, executive, legislative and judiciary branches are all under his supervision. Supreme Spiritual Leader is the head of the IRI Regime; therefore, if you need to negotiate with anyone equal to you, then that would be the Supreme Spiritual Leader who has the literacy of a 5th grader but the conning of a predatory fox!

USA Bald Eagle vs. Iran Woodpecker Michael Ramirez Cartoon
Eagle: Keep it up and see what happens!

End Notes

Maximum Pressure Campaign is working. Mass Sanctions are working. Do not allow IRI to slide (selling oil to Syria) or EU and Japan to sneak making deals with IRI (Germany and France). Let’s stick with the plan and the plan will work. IRI’s back will break. Economy is the name of the game!

End US Diversity Visa Lottery Immigration Program

President Trump, no matter what you decide, I am and I will be with you all the way to the end. Loyalty to the Movement and You is my firm belief. If we do not have loyalty in the government and the movement, then we will have nothing; therefore, we can never eliminate the Deep State, the GOP Establishment and Socialism in America.

I do not need to lecture you about where I stand because you are perfectly aware that I endorsed you, rallied votes for you, propagating you and been loyal to you since the beginning. I am not a “Middle of the Road Friend”. I stick with my comrades and Iranian Opposition friends until death. Naturally in American politics, I will fight and die for our Movement’s cause (National Populism) and I will stand by you forever. We have returned the power to the American People in this country. We will never go back to the Deep State Control. I shall always remain a Trumpist until death and beyond.

At last, I would like to clearly state to you on where I stand. I would also like to emphasize to you that once in UN next week, no matter what you decide, think about my words stated in this article. I sincerely wish you the best.

More power to the people

Dr. X


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