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Deep State Extermination in America
Ahreeman X
August 11, 2022

Deep State Department of USA Flag
The Big Brother Above the Law Who Watches You 24/7
The Shadow Government which lurks and crawls in the dark
Once, they were servants of the people; now they are reigning over the people
The illuminati cringe worthy leeches consisting of the intelligence agencies and big government operatives which their only job is to make life miserable for you the hard-working American Workers.

Yes, it is the Deep State!

We, specifically the patriotic Americans do not want to believe it, some are in denial but every day that passes by, more and more, we are moving in the direction of believing it! In fact, it is becoming embarrassing for the FBI and the Deep State that this is the 5th failed attempt since 2015 to get Trump! Russia Hoax, Impeachment Hoax # 1, Impeachment Hoax # 2, Muller Report and now Library Document Hoax! Isn’t FBI Shiite-Faced yet?! Sad but true, Americans don’t want to believe it, some hate to believe it but by now, mostly are aware that not only FBI and Deep State but presently the American Government is the enemy of the American People!

This is not about Trump but this is about the Big Government which got bigger and bigger and more powerful through the years, specifically starting from the Obama Era until today is doing its best to enslave the American people into submission, obedience and servitude via brainwash, force, threats and incarceration. Trump is only a symbol and the spokesperson for the people. Government is after you the people. The goal is the establishment of a Communist Globalist Regime in the USA under the absolute control of the Deep State and in agreement with the Uni-Party which is the coalition of the Democrats and RINOs!

Deep State of America Reigning Since January 20, 2021 Ahreeman X Graphic Cartoon

Ahreeman X Iran and America Graphics & Cartoons Chapter 2

Deep State’s Desperate Attempts to Survive

On August 8, 2022 the cabal which reigns United states of America and stolen the government of the people had done one of its final attempts as an act of desperation to destroy the legitimate president of USA, Donald John Trump. By a calculated plan and by the order of Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray and Usurper Senile Puppet Joe Biden, the criminals at FBI have raided Mar-a-Lago home of Donald John Trump.

FBI Gestapo Style Raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home

FBI scumbags found a crooked judge, Bruce Reinhart who represented several of the Jeffrey Epstein’s employees involved with the “Lolita Express” including the pilots. Judge Bruce Reinhart was obviously of the inner circle of the “Liberal Pedophile Ring” including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew Windsor of UK and the Hollywood Elite. FBI put together a cockamamie case represented to the judge about Trump’s dispute with the National Archives in regards to 15 boxes of documents and papers which he took from the White House! They ended up getting the warrant and raiding the Mar-a-Lago. FBI armored Vehicles with over 30 agents attacked the home of Donald John Trump in Palm Beach, Florida. They ransacked his office, storage, safe and belongings. They took away over 12 boxes of material. Remember this night which was the night that the American Gestapo (FBI) desecrated the glorious Mar-a-Lago!

Eric Trump speaks out after Mar-a-Lago raid:
'I want everyone to remember this' about the FBI

Trump as the president had every right to take documents as declassified papers. The funny thing is that prior to the raid, Trump was cooperating with FBI and being transparent on sharing information. Christina Bobb the Trump’s attorney stated that we invited FBI to come and observe the documents and go through them as they please, we were absolutely transparent and cooperating with them because we have nothing to hide.

Out of nowhere FBI raided Trump’s home. FBI wanted to make a show of force and a photo op. On the contrary, Clintons stole $200,000.00 worth of furniture from the white House, destroyed hard drives, murdered people; Bidens received kickbacks from China, Ukraine and Iran Lobby and Lap top from Hell of Hunter Biden is at FBI’s possession; however, FBI had brought no charges on them and surely did not raid their homes! Since when FBI plays the role of the “librarian police” for the National Archives? Is this a joke? Dispute over documents for National Archives? Really?!

This event was a calculated plan and one of the final acts of the Deep State which runs America. Democrats have weaponized the DOJ, FBI, CIA, EPA, IRS and other Government Agencies against the opposition and the American people.

What happened in Mar-a-Lago was a scene from the events which occurred in Nazi Germany and Soviet Union. Things like this never happens in America, this was the first! FBI is the American Gestapo and CIA is the American SS and surely today’s American Government is an Authoritarian Totalitarian Regime.

FBI Swat Team on Armored Truck before home invasion USA
We are living under a Totalitarian Police State!
This is not George Washington’s America; this is Karl Marx’s Dystopian America!
This time they have illegally raided the Mar-a-Lago!
Next time will they raid your home?

American Deep State runs America as an unelected 4rth branch of the government.

CIA Presidential Quotes Exposing the Deep State
CIA History: The Unconstitutional 4th Branch of the US Government!
Democrats and Deep State Authoritarian Dictatorship

A cabal of shadow government whom are a state within a state runs America. This cabal is called Deep State which includes and not limited to DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS, EPA, DHS, MIS, Pentagon, Military Leadership and other government bureaucrats whom are all Democrats and in which collude with the Media and Tech Giants as their propaganda ministry and combinedly reign in America. This cabal of Deep State had made a coup in 2020, ousted the legitimate president of America, Donald John Trump and installed a puppet president Biden in office. Since January 21, 2021, America had officially become a Totalitarian Regime. The regime established a Socialist Authoritarian System which is moving rapidly towards becoming a Communist Globalist system.

Stolen America
Your Reality is an Establishment Lie!

Deep State consists of unelected officials such as Fauci who have been reigning in America for 3 to 4 decades! When Trump won in 2016, he caught them by surprise and since then, they done their best to destroy him. Today, they are perfectly aware that if Trump wins in 2024, it will be the end of them! That is the reason that they are doing their best to convict Trump of a felony so he cannot run for 2024. If it is impossible to nail a felony on Trump, then they scoop to a show raid to destroy his public image but on the contrary, this raid, made Trump more popular than ever! Minutes through the raid, an army of MAGA Trumpists were protesting in show of solidarity in front of Mara-a-Lago! On the second day, they were still protesting there in solidarity with Trump. American people love Trump.

Beautiful Mar-a-Lago Resort Club National Historic Landmark, Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Home of Donald John Trump the Greatest American President and the Most Popular Man in America
FBI Goons of Deep State attacked, desecrated, degraded and dishonored the Glorious Mar-a-Lago!

Will FBI Plant Evidence in Trump Boxes?

Newsmax quoted Trump:

Officials that raided former President Donald Trump's private residence Monday at Mar-a-Lago "strongly" insisted on doing so without "any witnesses to see what they were doing," according to Trump.

It raises the question of why and potentially the "planting" of some type of evidence, Trump warned.

"The FBI and others from the federal government would not let anyone, including my lawyers, be anywhere near the areas that were rummaged and otherwise looked at during the raid on Mar-a-Lago," Trump wrote in a statement Wednesday morning on Truth Social.

"Everyone was asked to leave the premises, they wanted to be left alone, without any witnesses to see what they were doing, taking or, hopefully not, 'planting.' Why did they Strongly insist on having nobody watching them, everybody out?”

"Obama and Clinton were never 'raided,' despite big disputes!"

No former president had been raided in the 114-year history of the FBI before Trump, including former President Barack Obama, who Trump has alleged was a part of spying on his 2016 presidential campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik, a Trump-backer, issued a warning Tuesday the FBI raid required body cameras, and he issued a call for the House Judiciary Committee and Ranking Member Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, to subpoena those from the raid on Trump.

Trump post on Truth Social

Trump Account on Truth Social

Greg Kelly Reports – August 9, 2022

Greg Kelly Reports – August 8, 2022


FBI, Gestapo, KGB and Roman Praetorian Guards Club Ben Garrison Cartoon
Jack-Booted Thug Spooks Club
KGB Operative: Hey FBI, welcome to the club!

Ben Garrison and Tina Garrison GrrrGraphics

Cartoons Index

Deep State Days are Numbered

Right at this moment, patriots are making a list of government employees of the Deep State which must be exterminated and they are making a list of patriots which will replace them. When Trump wins in 2024, Deep State will be exterminated and we will go back to government of the people as the Founding Fathers intended.

Trump’s Reaction to FBI Attack on Mar-a-Lago

Next day, Trump released a video ad and it said all he had to say!

“The best is yet to come.”
(Donald John Trump)

A Nation in Decline - Truth Social

A Nation in Decline

A Nation in Decline – Backup File

Deep State Must Die!

Government and particularly Deep State is too big and too powerful with unlimited powers over the American citizens as a police state. Now they are raiding the patriots, Ex Trump administration and even Mar-a-Lago! They will do anything for Trump not to run for 2024. If they silence Trump, you will be silenced because Trump is the voice of the people. The plan is to silence the people and enslave them to submit to the Big Government, an absolute tyranny, a Communist Globalist Regime in USA and if America goes, the complete Western Civilization goes. It will be a piece of cake to enslave the already nearly slaved Western Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

FBI - DOJ Charge on Trump and Mar-a-Lago Branco Cartoon
Democrat Banana Republic Banner carried by Dem Donkey charging Mar-a-Lago!

A F Branco Comically Incorrect

Cartoon Index

FBI and DOJ Political Persecution and Prosecution of Opposition

First FBI persecuted, prosecuted and, in some cases, raided the homes of Roger Stone, Rudy Giuliani, Peter Navarro, Stephen Kevin Bannon and number of other Trump administration officials and circle.

Second, FBI whistleblowers came forward to the Republican Senator Chuck Grassley about the bias and corruption in FBI rooted by Democrats, embedding policies in FBI to prosecute Trumpists.

Finally, the corrupt Merrick Garland and Cristopher Wray (which was suggested to Trump to be fired), collude with the Democrats and plan a raid on Trump’s home Mar-a-Lago which is unprecedented in the history of America. You just don’t raid an Ex-President and possible future candidate for presidency’s home! You don’t retaliate against the opposition party. This is America, not a Banana Republic!

Why we Came to America?

First generation Americans such as myself know it best, because we have left our corrupt dictatorships and came to America for freedom and democracy. We left our countries exactly for every reason which is going on right here and right now! If we wanted to live in a corrupt dictatorship, then why did we leave?

Well in my case, I really did not leave but got kicked out by my parents, so I would not get arrested or killed by the Islamists because I was and am a hot head Nationalist Revolutionary!

People left Iran, China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, or similar totalitarian regimes because of Islam, Socialism and Communism. They came to America for Freedom!

Now, Democrats and the Deep State are turning America to a totalitarian regime on steroid! America is becoming a Banana Republic Police State! Look at all the political prisoners in DC, arrests of the patriots, arrests of the Trump administration officials, sham Soviet Style January 6th Show Trial (Shiite Show), and now desecration and attack on Mar-a-Lago!

If this is not the perfect example of a Banana Republic Police State, then I don’t know what is?  

What Happened to the Government of the People?

Deep State will always undermine the government of the people. To return this country to what the Founding Fathers intended and visioned, “the government of the people, by the people and for the people”, Deep State must die. Deep State had changed this motto to “government of the Establishment by the Deep State and for the Elite”! For America to live, the Deep State must simply die!

When Deep State originally created and weaponized against the people (specifically during Obama years), they said, not to worry, we will vote Democrats out of office and everything will be hunky Dory. The problem is that not that it never become honky dory, yet today, Deep State rules over the people rather than serving the people as the public servant!

Deep State Take Over of America

The Shadow Government which is installed deep in to every fabric of the US Government as Democrat operatives and unelected officials, are running the government and undermining the voice of the people and MAGA by extreme suppression, prosecution and arrests! These government bureaucrats have been working inside the government for 3 or 4 decades, they never got elected but were appointed by Democrats to run the country as a Shadow Government. The Deep State used to govern alongside of the elected government but now they undermine the elected government and run the country all by themselves. Who elected them? No one! Due to Deep State’s existence, today’s America has become a totalitarian tyranny!

Extreme Extermination of Deep State with Prejudice!

Deep State corrupted every department of the government. Deep State is deep inside the FBI, CIA, DOJ, DHS, IRS, ATF, MIC, Pentagon, Military and everywhere else. Deep State works with Media, Social Media, Tech Giants, Hollywood, Entertainment Industry, Educational System, Academics, Wall Street, Big Pharma and Trial Lawyers whom are also Democrats. Together, they run America and the world.

Call it Shadow Government, Administrative State, the Cancer Within or Deep State but this country will never become and maintain great again until the absolute extermination of the Deep State.

Final Breaths of a Dying Regime

As Democrats’ final acts before death in November elections, Democrats are feeding their lobbyists and favorite corporations with subsidies under the disguise of the Inflation Reduction Act which is nothing but tax hikes for you the average Americans because large corporations do not pay tax. If anything, this pandemic made you the small business owners, American workers and tax payers poorer while it made the Billionaire corporate owners a few billions richer!

Democrats just passed a so-called Inflation Reduction Bill of $700 Billion. They passed it with 50 Democrat Senators plus VP Kamala Harris as the breaking vote but not a single Republican senator of the 50, had voted for it! Even an elementary school child knows that you do not raise taxes during the inflation to fix the inflation; on the contrary, more or less, we are in recession and this bill would surely make this recession worse and dumps the country closer to a depression! When it comes to economy, Democrats are truly Jack Asses on steroids!

Democrats’ Tax Hike Bill AKA Inflation Reduction Act

Biden illegitimate regime claims that this bill will aid Americans in bringing down their energy bills and promises not to tax the average American families, but is that true? Let us look at the facts:

Biden Regime’s bill will:

- Raise tax on the Small Business which results in over 20% loss of income.

- Raise tax on manufacturing industry (whatever left in America) which are presently having hard times with Supply Chain issues. This tax will put them more in the hole.

- Raise tax on Corporations by at least 15% which large corporations will surely raise their prices and pass them on to the consumers which are you! In addition, large corporations always get subsidies from the government and also figure loop holes not to pay tax.

- So-called Green corporations, solar, windmills, electric vehicles and so on will be close to exempt due to perks, grants and subsidies by the government.

- Wall Street, Bankers and Big Law will surely be near exempt via government loop holes provided for them.

- Raise tax on oil industry by at least over 16% which will kill you at the pump.

- Raise tax on coal industry by at least over a billion dollar which will also impact you the average Americans.

- Raise tax on natural gas industry by at least over 6 billion dollars which will directly impact your house heating bills.

- Average Americans’ 401K and Pension funds will hurt because the new bill, taxes companies on purchasing their own stocks which results in higher stock prices and eventually it will lead to indirect tax on your pensions due to stock buyback taxes.

- Unless Big Pharma accepts government price caps, they will get highly taxed. This sounds good but there are 2 problems with it. First, this would seize the ability of the pharmaceuticals to develop new drugs and cures of the future. Second, the major Big Pharma corporations are already in bed with Democrats which manage to get special tax perks!

- Government hand out and addition of 87,000 new IRS Agents plus $80 billion dollars budget and half a million round of ammunition for the IRS which will result in weaponizing the IRS to audit and tax small businesses and average Americans more and more! This is Democrats conducting a war on you, the Middle-Class American Patriots.

As you can see, this bill is similar to pour more gasoline on Democrats’ already heated dumpster fire of the economic recession and head it for disaster!

Biden Regime stated that this bill would not tax those earnings of less than $400,000 a year; however, the reality after passing the bill is that those earning under $200,000 a year will be taxed over 50% more in 2023! Add everything up and figure what Democrats are doing to the American families!

IRS before and after Democrats doubled its size Branco Cartoon
“Democrats doubled the size of IRS manpower, budget and arms power!” (Media)
“Inflation Reduction Act empowered the government agencies and impoverished the people!” (Media)
IRS on Steroids!

IRS is Weaponized Against You the People

Government is more than doubling the size of the IRS and its budget to tax you to death, audit you with a gun on your head and then collect all the tax and finance its adventures in Ukraine, Africa, Pakistan, Green Energy Scam and around the world only to enrich itself via lobbies. Your tax dollars are taken away from you and you have no say on where they should be spent. Taxation without representation, that’s how 1776 American Revolution started!

IRS will become the largest department in the government, larger than Pentagon, State Department, FBI and Border Patrol combine!

Ask yourselves:

Why IRS needs to double its agents by 87,000?
Why IRS needs to double its budget by $80 Billion?
Why IRS needs 500,000 brand new rounds of ammunition?

Answer is very simple:

As Democrats’ final act of vengeance from the American people before they lose all power in November 2022 elections, they are weaponizing IRS to tax and audit you to death and are weaponizing FBI as their private secret police AKA Gestapo to oppress and keep you in line!

And you thought Democrats are the party of the working man?! Wake up, Democrats are the corrupt party of the Establishment and the Deep State! They spit in your face and this will be their final spit before they pack up and leave!

IRS Attack Dog before and after Democrats’ funding Ben Garrison Cartoon
Democrats’ solution to the Pro-Trump Small Business and Middle-Class Problem!
The New and Improved IRS Attack Dog
With 87,000 New Agents to Audit
With $80 Billion New Budget
With 500,000 Brand New Rounds of Ammunition
Mission: Get the money and run; shoot to kill the people if needed!
IRS New Motto: Taxation Without Representation!
What sharp teeth you have!

Public Servants vs. Career politicians

Founding Father such as George Washington, were businessmen, merchants and farmers. They set a role model for people, as themselves to be Businessmen and farmers serving their terms and leaving the office back to their business.

They did not want people to become career politicians because power corrupts. They did not want people to remain in politics as a business to get rich for decades or until they die or rot in the office.

John McCain remained in the office until he died.
Nancy Pelosi remains in the office until she rots!
Well, she is already rotted but soon will be kicked out!

Democrats’ Plan is the Globalist Destruction of USA

2 million illegals imported by the illegitimate Biden Regime; the plan is to import 6 million before the end of his term. UN, Davos (WEF) and NGOs are cooperating with Biden Regime to flood America with illegal aliens!

Due to Biden’s open borders, cartels are the travel agencies for organ harvesting organizations, child sex slave traffic, women traffic, fentanyl traffic, drug traffic, criminal traffic, gang members traffic, terrorist traffic, Hezbollah, IRI VAJA Agents, etc.

Between legalizing marijuana and importing Chinese fentanyl via open borders, Democrats have created a nation of addicts! The addicts have been stupefied and are too stupid, so easily can become obedient to the Deep State.

Democrats also pose as Republicans in the primaries, that’s why you must only vote for MAGA candidates.

Our struggle is a popular uprising against the establishment and the Manchurian candidate Biden. Fair elections mean one day voting, voters ID, paper ballots only, no electronic machines, no mail in ballots, and results known the same night.

American Elections are Laughing Stock of the World!

Government’s sole responsibility is the security and safety of its citizens. Open borders, astronomic crime rates, cooperation with border drug cartels, climate cult destruction of economy, defeatist foreign policies, handing $85 billion worth of military weapons, equipment and vehicles to Taliban in Afghanistan tells us that Democrats are the enemy of America, Americans, and they seek chaos in USA.

Liberal judges and DAs who release hardcore gang banger criminal cartel members without bail are the root of the crime rate, not guns!

China finances Democrats, US Generals such as Milley, BLM, ANTIFA, Academia, Media and Deep State.

Attrition is the action or process of gradually reducing the strength or effectiveness of someone or something through sustained attack or pressure. We are basically destroying the illegitimate regime and Deep State via gradual take aways, destruction and decay. That is the Attrition Tactic.

US government has betrayed the American constitution and the American people. Call it Disassembling the Administrative State or Killing the Deep State but this is a must to be done and as patriots it is our duty to commit to this cause.

Liberal New World Order Kills the Farmers Ben Garrison Cartoon
“Bill Gates Future World: No Cows, No Food, Eat Bugs and Drink Recycled Urine!” (Media)
“Climate Cultists in 1970s: World will end in 12 years!” (Media)
New Old MacDonald Song for the Post New World Order Children!
Climate Cult’s Climate Change Hoax vs. Humanity
Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab giggle at the background, while WEF Davos Police and UN Thug arrest the farmer. No fertilizer due to no fossil fuel has killed the crops, cattle dropped dead mysteriously, pig, rooster and duck shot dead and the horse is scared stiff!

US Government vs. American People

We have a Traitor Regime with traitor pawns placed in all tentacles of the regime, such as Biden, Mayorkas, Blinken, Garland, Wray, etc.

Globalist Agenda implemented by the Democrats to destroy the American Exceptionality and crumble the USA as the sole superpower, and to create a Globalist New world Order to make America in servitude of the Globalist organizations, started in 2008 by Hussein Obama and is getting established in 2022 by Joe Biden. In Davos, the Globalists talked about by 2030, you will own nothing and you will be happy. They meant it. Globalists will impoverish you by supply chain breakdown, high prices of gas, high cost of food and high cost of living.

The gay agenda, the liberal plantation system and the green new deal are a part of the new world order planned by the Globalists to destroy America.

Bush Family and the Clinton Family, Democrats and RINOs created China’s economic empire. China was a 3rd world nation with nukes, allowing her to enter the WTO in hope of becoming a democracy which never occurred, had made China rich.

Glenn Beck Expose on Globalism

Beware of SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission).

In his episode “Famine & Blackouts: How Biden-Made Disasters Will Cripple America,” Glenn exposed the new global-based rule changes that gave the World Health Organization expedited authority over our nation. He traced the changes to the SEC and revealed Bank of America’s fawning praise for climate-related market changes. So, Glenn decided to dig further, and what he uncovered shocked him. Financial records, dark money groups, and groups tied to the U.N. and the World Economic Forum are all pushing for a total reorganization of our financial system. You never voted for globalist leadership outside our borders, but it is happening. Glenn reveals the foreign actors who are really running our country right now and the domestic “Traitors” who are helping to fund the implementation on Main Street, USA. There will be catastrophic consequences for this betrayal of America First ideas. If you think food, gas, and labor shortages are bad now, just wait until all of this goes through!

Pathway to Servitude: The Traitors Who Created the Global Supply Crisis
Glenn Beck, Blaze TV – Rumble

Blaze TV Rumble

Blaze TV YouTube

Glenn Beck Rumble

Glenn Beck YouTube

Glenn Beck Site

The Blaze

The Blaze TV

Liberal Plantation Operations

Liberals destroyed American manufacturing and now if Taiwan gets invaded by China, we will be out of hi-tech microchips for every smart computer device!

Democrats agitated the war in Ukraine. Biden has to borrow $60 Billion from China to pay Zelenskyy in Ukraine, while we don’t have baby formula for American babies! We secure Ukrainian borders while US borders are wide open.

Now the woke US Democrats and “Euro-Pee-On Onion” (European Union) Liberals are banning Russian national soccer team, tennis players, gymnasts, ballet dancers, opera singers and so on. So, it comes down to now banning Russian Classical Music, Opera, Composers, Literature and culture! Are we now going to ban Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich and Dostoevsky? We will now deprive the west of the rich Russian music, literature, poetry, art and culture because a bunch of useless woke liberal fascists?

The reality is that Globalists want to destroy the Russian Nationalism same as they are destroying the American Nationalism!

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

Democrats Support Communists Worldwide

If USA is attacked tomorrow, most likely, the majority of democrats will not even lift a finger to stand up and fight the invaders. The latest polls shown that the majority of the Democrats stated that if US is invaded (same as Ukraine), they will refuse to fight! That is because through the years, we have created a generation of woke, pansies, sissies and mentally ill degenerates!

Jeff Bezos Hypocrisy

Jeff Bezos gives $10 million to a communist Van Jones but not a dime for the freedom fighters of Cuba. Jeff Bezos’s father is Cuban, the step father who raised him. He has money to blow in space and take celebrities to space but not money to fund the freedom of Cuba from communism.

It is amazing how Bezos has plenty of dollars taking Hollywood celebrities to space but he has no money to support the patriots’ revolution in Cuba to free themselves from Communism. Why is that? Because Bezos, deep inside is pro woke, social justice, globalist, Communism and he is against freedom movements of the people in Communist countries, simply because people in Cuba or Venezuela seek freedom, capitalism and nationalism but Jeff Bezos is well aligned with Communism and Socialism which are fundamentals of the Globalism to enslave the people! Communism is fine because in Communism, the elite like Bezos will always rule on the top!

Google Hypocrisy

Same goes for Google. Google builds AI aps for the Chinese Military. Google works closely with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Google builds filters, algorithm and censorship system for CCP. Google Liberal Plantation Jew Masters have no problem flirting with the China; however, Sergey Brin and Larry Page the Liberal Plantation Jew Masters are hardcore enemies of the American Nationalism, Patriotism and naturally the American Patriots!

Is Google a Cult?

George Soros Hypocrisy

George Soros openly seeks destruction of the American Capitalism and Democracy but he works with the Socialist nations. Soros believes that Socialism is a cure for America!

Democrat party funds and supports ANTIFA and BLM both Communist terrorist orgs., and so is George Soros! Today’s Democrat party moves towards communism, a great number of them are communists and that is why the blue dog democrats are leaving the party.

ANTIFA is Burning Down America & Democrats are Watching!

Black Lives Matter Terrorism

Epidemics Emergencies to Steal Elections

BA.5 COVID and Monkeypox Midterm Variant Hoaxes are here!

First it was Omicron BA.4 and now the BA.5 and Monkeypox!

BA.5 variant COVID AKA midterm Variant hoax is the new gimmick of the Dems to use mail in ballots, drop boxes and electronic voting machines to steal another election. Mask up and vax up For Ever and Ever! Dems, tech giants, media and the big pharma are already working on the narrative to create mass paranoia about these new fabricated pandemics. Lockdowns and control, gets the society closer to the Davos Globalist World Control. Eventually you will walk in the street with a vax or IV up your butt! A fabricated emergency is the Dems only hope to steal another election. Fauci and CDC are already spreading the propaganda to create panic.

Ivermectin or so-called the Horse Pill is an over-the-counter cheap pill to prevent and cure COVID but it doesn’t fit the media and Tech Giants’ narrative which need to sell the big pharma vax and pills for a share of the profits! Media and Tech Giants’ narrative comes from the DNC (Democratic National Congress).

Review these informative sites from our fellow patriots:

Charlie Kirk Site

Charlie Kirk Show

Charlie Kirk Show - RAV

Charlie Kirk Show - Rumble

Steve Bannon – War room – RAV

RAV (Real America’s Voice)

Turning Point USA

Turning Point USA - YouTube

Monkeypox, same as AIDS is another midterm hoax which has originally spread by the homosexuals. For instance, Todd Gloria have already brought mask mandate back at San Diego Unified School District, Military Installations and the public places! Gavin Newsom and his counterparts already decaled state of emergency in California, New York and Illinois (Blue States).

Watch some real news:

Real News Networks List vs. Fake News Media
Alternative News Networks vs. Mainstream Media
List of the Real News Networks

Deep State vs. Trump Graphic
Tyranny vs. Patriots
Government vs. People
Wake Up Call for America!

Enough Talk, Let’s Take Action

Enough whining, bitching, moaning and complaining about the two-tiered justice system, one for Democrats and one for the rest of us. We have a two-tiered justice system and liberals never get convicted of anything because the DOJ, FBI, CIA and the complete government are made up of the Democrats! They form a Deep State which runs the country as a State within the State. They have been holding on their positions like Fauci for 3 or 4 decades. They are unelected officials who answer to no one!

Do you want to do something about the Deep State? Then first get active, become poll watcher, poll worker, run for office up and down the ticket, and once we get elected in 2022 and 2024, pass legislations, give certain powers to the president and exterminate the corrupt Deep State and replace them with clean patriots. Kill the Deep State so America can live.
Patriots are already taking down names of the government employees which need to go and making list of the patriots which will replace them, so as soon as the government of the people will be established on 2024, legislations will pass to give president authority to fire these traitors and replace them with the patriots.

Patriots, the greatest threat to the existence and survival of America is the Democrat party. The core enemy is not abroad such as CCP and IRI but the core enemy is the domestic Communists which reside in the Democrat Party. Help us, so together we can dump them in the dumpster of history and keep them there. Beware that Liberalism like Syphilis is an epidemic!

As Biden says:

C’mon man, you know the thing (God)!

Hey I’m an atheist but you know what they say:

God Bless Trump!

FBI Most Wanted List Posters - Post January 6, 2021

Patriots, stand up now because tomorrow is too late. We must restore America as it was visioned by the great Founding Fathers. Together, we can destroy the Deep State and return America to the people, where the Founding Fathers visioned. We went off course, now it is time to get back to the Shining City Upon a Hill!

More Power to the People


Dr. X


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