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Deep State Must Learn from Iran Uprising!
Ahreeman X
October 27, 2022

Deep State of America Reigning Since January 20, 2021 Ahreeman X Graphic Cartoon

Ahreeman X Iran and America Graphics & Cartoons Chapter 2

Death of Democrats and Deep State

Few days left to the 2022 Midterm Elections, which means there is few days left until the Democrat party’s decapacitation by a landslide victory for GOP, it also means that there are a few days left for the primary step taken for the death of the Deep State Cabal in America! Over 30 years of unelected bureaucrats’ reign in the US Deep State will come to an end and the government of the people will be restored in America.

Revolution in Iran Today; Revolution in America Tomorrow!

Deep State Spooks must completely comprehend that their illegitimate reign of over 3 decades is about to end. There will be landslide victory for the Patriots in 2022 Misterm and in 2024 Presidential elections. GOP will take control of the House and the Senate in 2022. Trump will take control of the White House in 2024. Democrat Party will be dead for at least a decade because the only way the Democrats can win is by cheating. Deep State will in entirety die and true patriots will be appointed in all segments of the government.

See the IRI Regime in Iran is crumbling piece by piece and fighting for survival? That will be the future of the US Deep State if they don’t obey the wishes of the people! Iranian people are rising against the oppressive Islamist regime; American people will also rise against the oppressive police state of the Democrats and Deep State!

Trump Ultra MAGA Jaws of Justice vs. DOJ Ben Garrison Cartoon
Midterm Election Fabricated Case Against Trump and the Ultra MAGA Giant Shark

Ben Garrison and Tina Garrison: GrrrGraphics

We are Watching the Elections Like a Hawk!

This turns around, we have learned our lesson. Patriots started a grassroot movement and as poll workers, poll watchers, poll counters, volunteers, candidates for top to bottom offices and observers, we will do our best to avoid Democrats stealing another election! There are observers and cameras everywhere. Once elections end and true patriots get elected, existing laws will be executed and new laws will be drafted to make sure there will be fair elections all over USA.

One day election, paper ballots only, no voting machines, no counting machines, voters ID required, Proof of citizenship, no mail in ballots, no drop boxes, no ballot harvesting, no Zucker boxes or Zuckerberg dumping $ 450 Million to steal elections and no other Democrat cheating methods!

In a few days we will take the first step to cleanup this completely corrupt American election system and the American government.

American Elections are Laughing Stock of the World!

May God help the Democrats and the Deep State because if they steal the election again, there will be a revolution in this country which will make the Iranian Uprising look like Sunday School Session!

Iranian people are fighting tooth and nail with the Iranian Corrupt Regime because they have no guns! American people are armed to their teeth, so figure what will happen to the Deep State in America! One way or another the corrupt American Regime will be gone and the government of the people will be restored.

Gun Rights Protect Freedom and Democracy
2nd Amendment Guarantees 1st Amendment

You can raid, arrest, court and jail great patriots like Stephen Kevin Bannon and Peter Navarro but the sleeping giant is awakened and you don’t have enough jails to jail all the American patriots!

Stolen America

Deep State Big Government Bug vs. American People Ben Garrison Cartoon
For America to Live, Deep State and Democrat Party Must Die!
The Big Government Mosquito Fly on the back of the American people, sucking their blood dry, draining their wallets, grabbing their guns, censoring their words, controlling their thoughts, chaining their ankles, watching their every move, propagating media lies, medical mandating them, drilling a hole in their constitution and taxing them to death! Taxation without Representation and creation of over $ 31 Trillion Dollars in debt!

American Structure of Corruption

Below we shall elaborate on the American Structure of Corruption, its sub branches and how deep it goes. This is the illegitimate power structure which for over 3 decades had replaced the government of the people in America!

If there was any doubt, it is now common knowledge that the only way Democrats can ever win an election again, is by cheating, the same way that they cheated and won the 2020 presidential election and with the aid of the FBI, CIA and the rest of the Deep State, they ousted Trump the legitimate US president. Almost the complete structure of the American Deep State, specifically CIA, FBI, DOJ, DHS and other spooks are consisting of Democrats and RINOs which are basically the same and known as the Uniparty!

The Uniparty

The Uniparty is the Establishment coalition consisting of the Democrat and RINO GOP Establishment which has been ruling America for the past 3 decades. The Uniparty is the illegitimate coalition of the Clinton Clan and the Bush Clan. The Uniparty is a net of corrupt Biden Crime Family, Obama Crime Family, Clinton Crime Family, Cheney Clan, Bush Clan, and Lincoln Project.

Deep State

Deep State is a dark concentration of unelected career government spooks and paper pushers in DC who have been ruling over the people for over 3 decades. Deep State consists of the corrupt to the core spooks of CIA, FBI, DOJ, DHS, Pentagon, Military Leadership and other Security Forces and Departments of the Government.

Establishment Cabal

The Uniparty, the Deep State and the Big Government in combination keep the Liberal Plantation System alive and keep it going strong. The machine must continue to oppress, suppress and rule over the people.

Liberal Plantation System

The Liberal Plantation System is the system which operates America and guarantees the Establishment Cabal to rule America and the American people.

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

Liberal Globalist Billionaire Jews

The Liberal Plantation System is designed by the concepts such as “The Great Reset,” “The Climate Change,” “The Green Energy,” “The Social Justice,” “The Critical Race Theory,” “The Gender Ideology,” and other liberal fabricated concepts.

The Liberal Plantation System is operated by the “Liberal Globalist Billionaire Jews” who maintain their capital and power by enforcing “Globalism” upon the global population.

Liberal Globalist Billionaire Jews Who Rule the West

George Soros Factor

If you dig deep and look carefully, you will notice that for most, it all comes down to George Soros as the nucleus and the core of this dark force. George Soros is the driving force and the motivating element to keep the “Liberal Globalist Billionaire Jews,” “The Liberal Plantation System,” and “The Deep State” going. George Soros is the major financier of the Democrat Party, BLM, ANTIFA, Open Border NGOs and the Iran Lobby in USA!

US Elections 2020 Rigged by George Soros

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA

Stolen US 2020 Elections

At this point in time, 2/3 (Two Third) of the American people are convinced that the 2020 Elections were stolen or at least there were high corruption by FBI and Democrats involved in the procedure.

In the same way, despite the Media and Social Media lies, 2/3 of the American people consisting of the most majority of Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, and Blue Dog Democrats will vote for Trump in the 2024 US elections.

How American Election was Stolen?
Navarro Report: Immaculate Deception

How American Election was Stolen? Part 2
Navarro Report Volume 2: Art of the Steal

So, what can the Deep State do to block Trump?

Deep State Efforts to Block Trump and Trumpism

Since 2015, before Trump’s first term, until this day, the Deep State Machine had done everything except throwing the kitchen sink at Trump to block his victory which is the American People’s victory and the Death of the Deep State!

Deep State goes so bold and illegal as to draft all tactics including but not limited to Fabrication of Documents, Planting Evidence, Bringing Up False Charges, Fabricating Indictments, Raiding the Opposition’s Homes and Offices, Arresting the Opposition, Jailing the Opposition and Coercing the prisoners into false confessions!

Deep State tactics include censorship via social media, silencing via rigged search engines of the tech giants, suppressing via suppression polls, oppressing via mass oppression of the patriots, incarceration via jailing political prisoners, and creation of a total police state in America.

Deep State is now way beyond the limits of its power. DOJ pays 3rd party contractors to monitor the social media and looking for the opposing voices so they can force the social media companies to censor and ban them! This is openly McCarthyism, USSR and Gestapo Censorship style!

American Political Prisoners

Today in America, we have political prisoners! While criminals live in the White House and the Capitol, we have January 6th Heroes residing in jail and rotting in the DC Gulags!

Democrats Staged the January 6th Break-ins

No one on the January 6th committee is investigating these issues:

* Why Nancy Pelosi rejected Trump’s offer of 15,000 National Guards to protect the Capitol?

* Why there were FBI personnel, FBI Informants, BLM and ANTIFA amongst the so-called insurrectionists?

* Why did FBI let all the Leftists go but incarcerated only the patriots?

* Why DC police led the so-called insurrectionists in to the Capitol building?

* How can there be an insurrection without a single gun by the patriots?

* How come the only casualty of this insurrection was an unarmed woman who got killed by the DC police?

* How come Nancy Pelosi does not testify in front of the January 6th committee?

When you study the whole January 6th Shenanigan, you will notice that January 6th was nothing but the American Deep State version of Reichstag! Hitler burned Reichstag Parliament and blamed the Communists and Jews; Nancy Pelosi and Deep State staged the January 6th Shenanigan and blamed it on Trump and the Patriots!

Democrats Staged the US Capitol Break-ins 2021
The Real Story of Derailing the Electoral Objection Hearings

US Deep State Must Learn from the Iran Protests

American Deep State and Democrats’ Illegitimate Regime must perfectly comprehend that what is going on in Iran can also happen here! Your Mullah counterparts have been oppressing the people for over 4 decades. Finally, people got fed up and riots started. People will try again and again. Even if this time around, the revolution fails, we will try again and at last we will prevail and free Iran because oppression cannot last forever. People tend to love freedom!

In America, you have stolen the election and established a dictatorship. For over 3 decades, you, the Deep State have been reigning alongside the Democrats and RINO regimes, but since January 20, 2021, you took control of the government and via the first CIA Internal Coup (2020), you are solely reigning over the people. Do not take the present silence as a sign of compliance. It is not compliance but it is the silence before the storm.

Deep State Extermination in America

Deep State and Democrats must comprehend that either they will allow free and fair elections in America or face the future civil war! You must learn from the Iran Protests. Iranian bottleneck had finally exploded. Picture that Iranians are not armed. Here in America, people are armed to their teeth. Americans in nature unlike Europeans and Asians are not pussy-whipped and compliant to the Communist and Socialist regimes. Americans are free people and they love their freedoms and democracy. You stole the elections in 2020 and have been suffocating the people since. Via media propaganda, social media censorship, FBI raids and DOJ jails, you have created a police state in America. This is all fine and dandy but how long do you think you can keep this up? How many more elections can you steal? If you keep this present pattern in 2022 and 2024, do you possibly assume that the American people will accept slavery under the Deep State?

There is a deep hatred brewing in America. The hatred of the Deep State, deep in the hearts of the American workers, middle class and patriots. The bottleneck is about to explode. Once the bottleneck explodes (like Iran), you will not have enough jails in America to hold the American people! As unelected officials, it is all fine that you want to continue ruling over the people like you have been doing for over 3 decades but the American people are fed up and the pressure is building for the bottleneck to explode. Once it explodes, your complete façade, your fake democracy and crony capitalism along with DC will be blown away!

Deep State and Democrats best recognize and learn from the Iran Protests Experiment! Free and Fair Elections Now or face the future disaster in America!

Where We Go One, We Go All

We the people will abolish the:

Government of the Establishment, by the Deep State, and for the Elite

We the people will once again establish:

Government of the People, by the People, and for the People

Together nothing can stop us. American people unlike the Europeans, Asians, Africans and so on are not Social Engineered, Pussy whipped, trained to be obedient and domesticated animals. American people were born free, will live free and die free. American people love their freedoms more than their lives. Even today, by majority, the American people scream give us liberty or give us death.

Deep State cannot forcefully domesticate the Wild American Animal! That’s why Socialism and Communism will never work in America. Americans are True Free Spirits. Patriots will never go under the oppression of Globalism, Great Reset and the New World Order. Deep State can take their Globalism and Shove it where it won’t shine. I take an ounce of the “American Freedom Dirt” over a world of Globalist rosy picture and promises!

Patriots, let us be honest and blunt with each other,

“The difference between the IRI Islamist Regime of Iran and the American Deep State Regime is that the former puts the hejab on the people’s heads but the latter puts the hejab inside the people’s heads! The former produces religious fanatics while the latter produces brainwashed woke liberal communists! Both regimes are oppressive dictatorships which control the media and the entertainment industry, use extreme censorship, commit mass propaganda, and train people to be obedient puppets. The concepts are the same! Muslims and Liberals are cut from the same cloth”
(Ahreeman X)

“Will of the People is greater than the wealth of the Globalists.”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

Election Year Democrats Hear vs. People Say Tina Garrison Cartoon

Shining City Upon a Hill

Dearly beloved, Brothers and Sisters, question everything, question the Deep State, thus the Deep State is not here to protect your rights but to take away your rights, livelihood and enslave you such as it had before the 2016 and after the 2020.

Patriots, never you mind the Deep State threats and stay strong, thus the Storm is coming! The Storm will blow the Deep State and DC to Hell! America belongs to you, not the Deep State.

Together, we the people will find our path through this obscured by the fog and hazy clouds, through the dark, narrow, winding road all the way to the Shining City Upon a Hill!

More Power to the People


Dr. X


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