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Democrat Party Coup Against the American People

Deep State Coup Against Trump and the People
Democrat Party Coup Against the American People

Ahreeman X
October 7, 2019

Real Collusion AF Branco Cartoon
Democrats, Deep State (Obama Shadow), RINO Republicans and Media Collusion to Destroy Trump

Have you taken a trip to the Washington DC lately? Instead of sensing a glorious feeling due to standing in the capital of the most unique form of democracy in the globe, you will feel dirty, sticky, and unclean due to the thick firm of filth spreading all over the city and its Swamp Creatures! One may assume that he is not standing in “the land of the free and the home of the brave” but he is standing in a middle of the most filthy, humid, sticky, slippery and rotten swamp in the world! Welcome to the New Washington DC (George Washington is shaking and turning in his grave)!

Since 2016 (even before), the Deep State (including the Do Nothing Democrats in Congress and the Media) have done nothing but to espionage, lie and conduct “Bull Shiite Investigations” (Donald Trump), trying to make a “Coup” to overthrow the Trump Administration which is the fruit of the 2016 Election provided by the “Will of the People”.

Obama Shadow Government in Trump Administration

Deep State We Got Your Back AF Branco Cartoon
NSA, CIA, FBI, DOJ and IRS Shadow Government (Obama Shadows) got Trump’s back!

On 2016, the Deep State had lost its grip on power to control America. Since 2016, the Deep State has been trying to regain its grip on power by nullifying the results of the 2016 Election and overthrowing the “Will of the People” which are the Trump and the “National Populist Revolution” of America.

On 2016, we the American People have made a Revolution. The National Populist Revolution of Trump and the American People. This revolution gave voice to the average Joe and the average Jane which have been ignored and ruled upon by the Deep State for over 30 years. The American People have been brushed on the side like garbage by the Deep State and both Democrat and Republican Establishment. On 2016, the abandoned and forgotten American People came from all over America and changed the destiny of America. Many of these people have never voted before, simply because they never cared for anyone to vote for.

Trump National Populist Revolution

Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump for President

Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President

On 2016, we have also found out that the establishment is deeply corrupt. The complete establishment of Washington DC is based on corruption. We call this establishment, “The Swamp”. The Establishment is the ruling class which has been running America for over 30 years. It is not about Republican or Democrat but it is about the power-hungry Establishment. The Establishment has been a Suffocating Cloud which has been taking the air out of the American People’s livelihood.

Deep State CIA Watch Dog Ben Garrison Cartoon
Through the Years, CIA Doggie has grown to a Big Dog!

Who are the Establishment?

Democrat Establishment
GOP Establishment
Deep State
Tech Giants
Social Media
Globalist International Corporations

And so on ……

Now let us elaborate on each of these Swamp Creatures:

Democrat Party

Democrats are the most corrupt political party in history of America. They do anything to cling to power. The founding fathers plan for America was for the patriots to go to the capital and serve their terms by serving the people. Once their terms were finished, to go back to their businesses, farms and trade. The Founding Fathers had no intention for these cock roaches to become career politicians and remain in the congress for decades, some over 30 years and suck the blood and livelihood out of their districts’ constituents!

These leeches get rich off of insider trading at Wallstreet, bribes by lobbyists, sweet deals with foreign governments and kickbacks by corporations. Take a good look at the hundreds of millions of dollars made by the corrupt politicians such as Clintons, Obamas, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, the Black Caucus and the rest of the Democrat Bosses. These cock roaches live in six million-dollar mansions while their constituents in their districts live in the rat-infested housings or are flat-out homeless! Look at San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Baltimore, Chicago or any other Democrat run urban area of the large US Cities!

GOP Establishment is no better. They cling to power like leeches. These rotten moving corps, never retire, unless they die (like John McCain) or they rot (like Nancy Pelosi)!

Today’s Democrat Party is not the party of JFK but it is a Liberal Socialist Party with hardcore Marxist ideological core inherited from the Marxist Professors who have been indoctrinating the kids in the universities for over 30 years! Throughout all of these indoctrinations, the GOP has been silent! Do you know why? Because the GOP of Pre Trump, was not a Conservative Party, yet it was a “Globalist Republican” party.

Obama vs. Carter Cartoons: Who’s Worst?

GOP Establishment

The GOP Establishment is worse than the liberal democrats. They are wolves in sheep clothing. The rotten corrupt corps of parasites such as the Bushes, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and the rest of the buffoons, are not there for the American people but they are there to cling to the power. The GOP Establishment has no desire to cut taxes, balance the budget, cut good trade deals for America, push Nationalist Agenda, serve the American people or Make America Great. The GOP Establishment exists to expand Globalism, Internationalism, Unlimited Terms in Congress, Big Government and Cling to the Power by all means possible. There is really not much difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. They are both rotten to the core. Of course, Trump had changed all that!

Draining the Swamp

When Trump took office, he clearly stated that:

“Give me five years and there will be nothing left of the GOP but its name! The GOP will become the American Workers Party, the party of the labor.”
(Donald J Trump)

Trump started cleaning the system by cleaning the GOP from the Swamp Creatures. This is the first step and then comes cleaning the government, Deep State, Democrat Party, Media, Social Media, Academia and the rest. Drain the Swamp is the agenda.

Deep State

The Government exists to serve the people, provide security and obey the people. Something along the way, had changed and the government had become a giant with unlimited powers! These unelected bureaucrats in CIA, FBI, NSA, IRS, and the rest of the corrupt establishment, assume that they are above the law! They believe that they know the best to rule over the people. They do not serve the people but they rule and control the people. They look down upon the people. Despite the results of the election, they decide who must run the country!

On 2016, people had simply said no to the Establishment but the Deep State had decided that the American People do not know their best interest; therefore, the Government must choose what is good for them! Since 2016, almost about 3 years, the leadership of the Deep State including but not limited to the CIA, FBI, DHS and so on have been investigating Trump, trying to find dirt on Trump; morely, to fabricate dirt on Trump. Here is a list of only some of the Deep State corrupt low lives:

Hussein Obama’s Deep State
John Brennen (Director of CIA)
James Comey (Director of FBI)
James Clapper (Director of National Intelligence)
Susan Rice (National Security Advisor)
Jeh Johnson (Director of DHS)
Loretta Lynch (Attorney General)
Eric Holder (Attorney General)

Since day one, Trump’s agenda has been to clean these low lives and sweep them out of the government.

Deep State Coup d’état

While we respect the ranking files of CIA, FBI and the rest of the government security departments who are in fact hard working patriots, yet we despise the leadership whom are corrupt, partisan, power-hungry mob bosses who believe that they should decide who governs America. They plotted against Trump even before Trump won the election and started governing, because Trump was an outsider to their circle of Swamp! By their standard, only Swamp creatures are allowed to become president. One must be approved by the Deep State, Democrat Establishment, GOP Establishment and the Media to become president or else the Deep State will always have an “Insurance Policy” (as stated) to overthrow them via a Coup d’état!  The Deep State was never elected by the people but they believe that they are above the law and they are the wise who should rule the people!

Deep State obviously had decided to conduct a coup against Donald J Trump and the American People. This decision was made even before 2016. The power must always remain amongst the Deep State; therefore, they can always loot America, make fortunes, remain in power and rule over the people! On 2016, Trump had changed all that! On 2016, Trump and the People have become the target of the Deep State.


American Media supposed to be a free press; furthermore, central heart of the free press in the globe; however, media has become the propaganda tribune of the Democrat Party. Media has always been leftist but sine Trump took office, they have become determined to get him out of the office. Media has a gain in all of this. Media is a part of the ruling class in Washington DC.  Media has the power of brainwashing the people and has a singlehanded hold on what people must think and do in America. Media does not report the news but they create the news and spin it in a way to fit their benefit and Democrat party’s narrative.

Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons

Media Outlets are Many Robots Repeating the Same Leftist Narrative!

Give it a test. On a hot news day, turn on the TV and listen to each news program. You will notice that the talking point on NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS and so on is the same. They all start with the same talking point, use the same phrases, emphasize on the same word of the day and dictate the same agenda. They don’t even twist it much to at least sound different, but they use the same word of the day sent to them by the DNC from Democrat Headquarter! Terms such as Whistle Blower, Loaded Gun, Smoking Gun, Bomb Shell, Constitutional Crisis, Xenophobia, and so on are used in relation to the Trump administration. The news is so the same that you may think the same person wrote the narrative, but you know what? The same person at DNC did write the narrative and every day the DNC dictates the news of the day and fax, text or e-mail it to the media to spew out these lies and garbage to the American People!

On the bright side, the rating of CNN is dangling between # 14 to # 17 behind the Cartoon Network, the rating of MSNBC is down the toilet and lesser people watch these so-called news programs. It has been years, specifically since Trump took office that the Media has openly been bashing the president, his administration and his voters 24/7. From morning to night, the media openly trashes, bashes and belittles Trump with the most profane or unproper terms and phrases. The media does not even do this incognito or between the lines but they openly take sides against Trump and his Administration.

New York Times, Washington Post (Amazon Lobby), Time Magazine and the rest of the “Ragazines” and “Ragpapers” are the same. Every day they publish another unsubstantiated and source less sensational tabloid lie, a fabricated story on Trump and after a few days they retract it or boldly not even retract it after it was exposed as a lie! Websites such as Politico, Huffington Post, Daily Beast and so on are basically liberal rags and mouthpieces.

In reality, if you think about it, except FOX News TV, Breitbart News Site, Some Talk Radio and a handful of sites, every TV Station, Newspaper, Magazine and Site in America is liberal biased. Some are somewhat liberal and others are flat-out Socialist and Marxist.

The worst part is that the public TV and Radio, funded by the taxpayers are amongst the extreme liberal bias examples. PBS and NPR are some of the worst examples of liberal biased broadcasting. Eventually we must cut their funding or make them fair and balance.

Mildly put, the American Media is garbage. Journalism and Free Press does not exist in America. The Media is nothing but the propaganda and brainwash tool for the Democrats. In fact, the Media is a part of the Democrat Party and Deep State.

Tech Giants

Who do you think runs the Tech Giants? Who do you think runs Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, and rest of the losers? The leadership is motivated by greed and globalism. They have no morality, no conscience, no sense of right or wrong, and no principles. They sell their own mothers for $ 5!

Tech Giants Cyber Censorship Cartoons

Tech Giants, the Greatest Threat to American Democracy Thread

Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship!

Amazon ANTIFA Cyber Censorship & Espionage! + Cartoons Thread

Google Management

Right now, Google works for and cooperates with the Chinese Communist Government to suppress freedom in China and Hong Kong. People are fighting for freedom in Hong Kong and Google aids Communist China to become stronger in robotics and cyber space, so they can suppress the free speech with more power!

At the same time, Google rejects to work with the American Government on robotics and cyber space! In other words, Google helps dictatorships in Arabian Peninsula and China but refuses to work with the largest Democracy in the globe. Who are these CEO, CFO and Corporate Managers? Would you believe if I would have told you that a Dog Face Little Hindu Faggot runs Google (Sundar Pichai) and his adjutants are some low life faggots, trannies, bull dykes and Persians! Yes, you heard it correctly, Persians. The Persians used to be amongst the Google management of the past and present! Ironically, since the beginning of the Google, we have tried to push Google into publishing a google doodle on the front page for Nowruz Persian New Year and so far, we have been unsuccessful!

Is Google a Cult?

Is Google a Cult? Thread

Google’s Persian management have been refusing to officially celebrate Nowruz and only for one day put a Google Doodle on the front page of the Google! Do you know why? Because of the Arab money! Over 300,000,000 people celebrate Nowruz around the globe and Google refuses to put one lousy doodle for one day, now for over 21 year (Google started on 1998)! Instead, these Iranian sellout jack asses are great with blocking freedom of speech on Google and its satellites (YouTube)! They filter the search, they FAQ with algorithm, they censor conservative voices, they don’t work with the American Government but they sellout to Communist China and they surely blow Arab Dicks! That is Google management for you!

Google Iranian American Management

These whores, faggots and low life Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires are amongst the Google Management of the past and present:

Omid Kordestani
Google Special Advisor to the CEO and Founders
Twitter Executive Chairman

Parisa Tabriz
Google Security Expert and Director of Engineering

Salar Kamangar
Google Senior Executive
YouTube Past CEO

Babak Pahlavan
Google Executive

Nima Asgharbeygi
Google Executive

Amin Zoufonoun
Google Past Director of Corporate Development
Facebook Present Vice President of Corporate Development

They are some of the greatest globalist traitors to America and the Iranian People. They are no Iranian Heroes but they are a block on the way of the Iranian Nationalist Revolution. If you wonder who is censoring people in Google, Twitter, Facebook and Social Media, it is these low lives!

Google - Persian Gulf Controversy Cartoons

Nowruz Persian New Year 2578 Around the World Ahreeman X Thread

Iran Nuclear Lies: Nuclear Iran? Yes, Nuclear IRI? No

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA Thread

Google Employees

Google employees are a bunch of sheep who follow the Google Management all the way to the well and they fall along Google in the dark well. They are a bunch of loser millennials, faggots, trannies, environmentalist whackos, animal rights nut jobs, radical anarchists, ignorant socialists and liberals in their dungeon safe spaces, isolated from the globe and living in their own bubbles. Global Warming and Gay Marriage is more important to them than Freedom of Speech, Human Rights and Free Assembly. Google employees are OK with giving blowjob to Chinese and Arab Dictators and getting paid to shut down freedom of speech. Google employees are a bunch of flaming faggots and cheap hookers with no morality!

Google Whistle Blowers

The only people whom I respect in Google are the whistle blowers who leak to the free media on what is really going on in the Google Cult! If I see that Faggot Dog Face Hindu Dog CEO of Google in the street or in a party and hypothetically if he is on fire, I refuse to piss on him to put the fire out! On the contrary, I shall give you permission to voluntarily piss in Google’s CEO’s eyes, anytime you wish! Maybe this would open his eyes on the reality of his crimes. Wash his eyes with piss, you will get rewards in afterlife!

Rest of the Tech Giants are the same Shiite! Group of globalist greedy pigs run them and herds of sheep work for them. All and all, they are enemies of America, American People, Freedom and Democracy.

Social Media

These low lives are the worst of the worse. Facebook, Twitter and rest of the garbage are openly blocking freedom of speech. Try to say something about Islam, Muslims, Transsexuals, Obamas, Global Warming and Gay Marriage and see what they will do to you! On the contrary, they have no problem with spewing fake news, censoring free speech and indeed discriminating against the free thought! Groupthink is the motto of the Social Media. That liberal Jew, Mark Zuckerberg is a little faggot who is a solid block on the way of the free speech, free thought, free opinion and free assembly. Social Media is another term for brainwash, mind control and police state. They mold you to think the way they want you to think. A Free Thinker is either not on the social media or is surely having a hell of a time existing on the social media because he is always censored and harassed!


These people are surely some bizarre characters. You are not aware of it until you study their beliefs and private lives! These people live in a bubble and in an alternate reality. Trump has brought peace, prosperity and security to USA like no other president in history but these losers are having a beef with him because Trump is ending their rule and power over the people. They used to be the role models for America but after Trump exposed them for what they are (a group of shallow lunatics), the Oscars Rating went to hell, the movie sales went down the drain and anyone who bashed Trump, the patriots stopped watching his or her movies and buying his or her DVDs.

Take me for instance. Trump represents the American People, the Hardworking Underdogs, the Average Joe and Jane. Trump is not just a president whom I like or I vote for but he is a person which I love and admire. He destroyed business as usual and the status quo. Trump is my father. You insult my father; I have no choice but to flush you out of my life. I cannot watch the liberal media lies, I cannot watch the Hollywood lies, I cannot play on social media full of lies, I cannot even listen to the musical artists who support anti Trump lies. I simply flush them out of my life and so do the majority of the American people.

If you have a beef with Trump, then you have a beef with the majority of the American people because for the first time in history, a man stood up tall against the Establishment and for the average American. Naturally the American people would love and adore him, fight for him and stand by him.

Put yourself in American people’s shoes. On one hand you got Trump which represents the American People and everything they stand for. On the other hand, you have a bunch of shallow, superficial, showoff, brain dead, alcoholic, and addicts in the Hollywood who are out of touch with the people. Who would you choose?

Hollywood State of Mind

Let me give you an example of the Hollywood state of mind. Charlize Theron does not refer to her child as a boy or a girl, using pronouns because she does not want to choose the kid’s gender. She wants the kid to choose what gender it desires to have! So, the child grows up without sexual identity and becomes confused like millions of clueless millennials not knowing who the FAQ they are! The kid does not know what to wear, how to talk and how-to behave because it has no identity and grows up with an identity, gender and personality crisis. This burden has been put on the child since birth! This is not liberalism but this is crime against the children and shoving politics in to their young lives!

Liberal Gender-Neutral Fantasy

Liberals have created between 6 to 60 genders and shoved it in to the kids’ brains since the childhood. Let the kids be kids and enjoy their childhood. Once they grow up, they will decide to be gay or straight. Leave the kids alone.

These people (Hollywood Stars) believe that they should be your role models to follow because they know more than you and they are above you! These mental baskets believe that they are the progressive forces to evolve the society! The reality is that they are neither progressing nor evolving the society but they are regressing and devolving the society into an unnatural state against the nature, morality, culture and civilization. Hollywood Stars are confused, braindead addicts who love to preach to you as role models for you to follow!


Academia in America has been hijacking the youth’s minds, now for over 3 decades. “American Failed Liberal Educational System “does not teach and educate the kids but the system is propagating and indoctrinating the kids. You have liberal activists in schools and Marxist professors in colleges, posing as educators and instructors! Believe me, I should know, because I am an Ex University Director and Professor. The university administrations are brainwashing machines to flush garbage in to the kids’ brains.

Ahreeman X at the University

After decades of elementary, junior high, high school, college and university liberal education by the liberal teachers and Marxist professors, obviously the kids graduate as liberal socialist millennials in need of the safe space, free everything from government and a sex change operation! The complete educational system needs an overhaul. We need to train powerful, self-made, free thinking, responsible and reliable strong men and women who take initiative to take on challenges and build the future.

Globalist International Corporations

Globalist international corporations are there to make profit, raise their stocks and take control by expanding their power. They are not there to care about your patriotism, jobs, individualism, rights and independence. It is your responsibility and duty to stand by Trump to protect your individual rights, constitutional rights, freedom, jobs, patriotism and to secure Americanism by safekeeping the American Exceptionalism in the globe.

Liberal State of Denial

Since 2016, liberals are in state of denial and refuse to accept the 2016 election results. They refuse to accept the will of the people. Deep State believes that no outsider should be allowed to run the government but only the Establishment is allowed to control America. Until 2016, the Republican and Democrat Establishment had played this game on the American people and every 4 years, some establishment figure got elected and the house and senate full of establishment figures ruled this country the way that they saw fit.

Liberals Bend Over Backwards for Muslims!

The Game

The Game was to choose between the Death (Democrats) and the Disease (Republicans)!

The Blue-Collar Billionaire

On 2016 the American people made a revolution and took control of their own destiny. For the first time in history, a Billionaire candidate did not need nor relied on lobbyists and establishment money to get elected because he had his own money. Trump already had money, power and fame; morely, he had a comfortable life. One thing was missing from his life, and that was to change the complete system for the benefit of the people and make America Great Again. Trump was a part of the Establishment who had risen against the Establishment!

On 2016, the National Populist Revolution of Trump and the People had succeeded and we the people took control of this country. This was a punch in the face of the establishment and the Deep State which controlled this country. Since 2016, they have been trying to destroy Trump and reverse the Will of the People. They want to make an example of Trump, so never again, an outsider billionaire would even try to run for office and cleanup the Swamp.

There is only one problem with the Swamp’s efforts to destroy Trump and the Will of the American People. We, the American people have made a revolution on 2016 and Trump is our spokesman. We are here to clean up the country, drain the swamp and get rid of the Deep State. We are here to dump both GOP and the Democrat Establishment in the dumpster of history. We are here to clean the corruption and drain the swamp. We the people gained control and are running this country. We will never go back to business as usual. The Genie is out of the bottle, we will never go back to the days of slavery for the global international corporations, establishment and the swamp. Freedom now and freedom forever is our motto.

We are establishing the rule of law, according to the US Constitution. Once again, we are building this country the way that the Founding Fathers were intended to create. We are establishing:

Government of the People by the People and for the People

To replace the:

Government of the Elite by the Elite and for the Elite

We, the American people will never again go back to serving the Deep State. The Deep State is trying hard to make a Coup to oust Trump and the Will of the People. In this battle, we will fight and die than to go back to the days of slavery. We shall never again accept the rule of the Deep State and the Establishment. Deep State has been trying for 3 years to make a Coup. Various garbage such as the Russian Hoax and now the Ukrainian Hoax has been going on and on. The do-nothing congress has been creating hoaxes rather than legislate. The USMCA, the Infrastructure, the healthcare, the 101 other projects and bills are sitting and dusting in the congress but Nancy Pelosi and socialist enemies of the people have been playing house in the House of Representatives! This is what happens when liberals win elections and control the House. Nothing will get done and the complete progress stops!

Liberals are Regressive Not Progressive!

It is wrong to refer to the liberals as progressive. To progress means to advance to a higher level of betterment, evolution, industry and civilization. Liberals are not progressive but they are regressive. Liberals are Anti Progress, Anti Industry, Anti-Business, Anti Jobs, Anti America and Anti Popular Demand. Liberals are Pro Big Government, Pro Dictatorship, Pro Police State, Pro Groupthink, Pro Globalism, Pro Socialism, and Pro Degeneration of America; therefore, they are not progressive but they are regressive. The media should stop referring to the liberals as progressive. Liberals are regressive and reactionary.

No One is Above the Law Except Democrats Ben Garrison Cartoon
Deep State in Action - Justice, Nancy Pelosi Style!
Nancy Old Pussy (Nancy Pelosi), Pencil Neck Adam Shiite (Adam Schiff), Sleepy Creepy Joe (Joe Biden), James Dopey (James Comey), Lush Wacky Hillary Clitoris (Hillary Clinton), Deep State Brennan (John Brennan) and Muslim Barry (Hussein Obama) sitting on the high branch above the law!

End Notes

On 2016, Trump did not only wow to change America but he set a trend for others to change the world. Since then, the National Populist Movements have been enflaming the world and taking over governments. National Populism is replacing the Globalism.

In this holy battle for the heart and soul of America, we shall never fold, surrender and go back to status quo. We will win and win more. Trump and the people have made America Great Again. They have turned Hussein Obama’s Welfare State, Food Stamp Nation and Bankrupt Country in to the greatest civilization on Earth. Yes, we the people have “Made America Great Again”, now it is time to “Keep America Great”.

Welfare States of America: WSA

The problem with the Deep State is that they always underestimate the “Power of the People” wanting to live free without the interference of the Big Government and their Liberal Socialist Cronies. In 2020 we the Nationalists will face the Socialists for a battle, for the survival of America and Americanism because Democrats are bound to destroy America and Americanism.

Why Trump Propaganda Works? Thread

We shall fight today, tomorrow and forever. We shall never go back to the dark days of Socialism, Globalism, and Deep State Control. We have seen the light; we will never again be slaves to the Deep State. In this holy battle, we shall stand by, fight and die for the cause.

For Trump
For America
For Freedom

Until we secure that Shining City Upon the Hill ……

More power to the people


Dr. X


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