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Democrat Party = Communism + Fascism
Ahreeman X
December 14, 2022

Democrat Party’s Proud Parents: Hitler and Stalin Ben Garrison Cartoon
Democrat Party = Communism + Fascism
Mama and Dada would have been proud of the Baby Jackass!

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Ben and Tina Garrison: GrrrGraphics!

A F Branco: Comically Incorrect!

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Old Library

The other day I was going through my library and I picked up an old book which was and still is one of the popular manuals to read and learn, so you can pass your American citizenship exam and become a citizen. It is a handy inexpensive little book to give foreigners the basic concepts of America. I read this book long time ago when I needed to learn the basic information about America to become citizen. Of course, I really did not need to study this book because even at teenage years, I was a student of history and geography with vast knowledge of the American history. I was pretty much familiar with the American system and that was why I came here where a unique form of Democracy has been established upon the visions of the Great Founding Fathers. I came to America for the fabulous vison of the George Washington and the rest of the Founding Fathers. Naturally I did not go to Europe, Africa, Asia or elsewhere because I wanted to join the American Exceptionality and be a part of it!

I started glancing through this old book and what I had read decades ago to become a citizen. It is so funny that what it was posted back then as forbidden is now mainstream in America.

Twenty-Five Lessons in Citizenship by D L Hennessey which was recommended, sold and handed to the foreigners by most of the immigration lawyers and Immigration Administration since forever, speaks about Communism and Fascism on page 68. It warns new American citizens to be, to beware and distant themselves from Communism and Fascism because they are both Anti-Democracy!

Democrat Party’s Doctrine Books Branco Cartoon
Jackasses built their doctrine upon Marxism and Totalitarianism!
Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto and George Orwell’s 1984 comes alive in 2020s USA!

Yesterday and Today

The book briefly but comprehensively with simple English just enough, so the new American citizen to be would understand would warn the reader about these two ideologies and why they are not popular in America! In an elementary simple lingo, the book states:

“Communism differs from Democracy in several ways. There is only one political party and all the people must belong to it. Citizens are not allowed to criticize the government publicly. Freedom of speech and press does not exist and religion is minimized. Individual enterprise is not encouraged, and major industries are run by the government. The state controls all aspects of life. Etc.”

“Fascism is a form of government in which all power is held by a small group. The state and the corporations collude and function as one. The government controls education, the press, radio, TV, religion, art, and the entire economic and political life of the country. There is no freedom of speech or press and the individual rights are abolished. Eventually during the periods of Fascist control, country becomes a police state. Etc.”

Would you kindly take a good look at America today? Even a foreigner who wants to become a US Citizen and can barely speak English or an elementary school kid would notice that there is something seriously wrong with this picture! What back then, they warned us about, is now the norm of the society! America is no more a unique form of Democracy not existed anywhere else in the globe, not even a Democracy, not even a Free country! America has become a combo of Communism and Fascism A La Carte!

Communism and Fascism were yesterday’s American taboo but today’s reality of the Democrat Party and the US Federal Government!

Democrat Party and Biden Root Causes of the American Misery Tree Branco Cartoon
Everyone is looking for the root causes of the Biden Presidency’s disaster! Don’t go very far, they are under the tree roots!

Creation of the American Police State

For decades, the Deep State has been ruling alongside the Democrats and RINOs but since January 20, 2021 when Deep State made a coup and ousted Trump the legitimate president of USA, the Deep State has been solely ruling USA. A corrupt braindead puppet Joe Biden has been installed as a Usurper President where his strings are pulled by the Deep State Cabal.

The State and the Globalist Corporations have colluded and run the country as one. Media, Social Media, Tech Giants and every form of Mass Media are tools of propaganda for the Democrat Party. Actually, the entire Deep State including but not limited to CIA, FBI, DHS, DOJ, and the rest of the Big Government are Democrats! Democrat Party and RINO GOP Establishment have been running this country for over 30 years.

The Deep State and Democrats are a part of the Globalist Cabal who runs America and the West. The Cabal is in charge of Hollywood, Entertainment Industry, Educational System, Press, Woke Corporations, Industry, and everything else!

The Federal Government run by Democrats brainwash your kids in schools, dictate to you via Media and Hollywood on how to think, propagate you via Tech Giants on how to live and what to say, and surely if you step out of line, they create a manmade virus funded by Fauci and made by CCP in China, infect the globe and lock you down! If you disobey, they even jail you as political prisoners in DC Gulags!
Stop kidding yourselves, we don’t live in a Democracy, we live under a “Show Democracy” mask on the face of a brutal “Police State” run by the Democrats bowing to the Globalist Cabal!

Establishment Impoverishment of the Workers

Globalist Corporations, Federal Government, Corporate Media, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Banking System, Wall Street, WEF, WHO, UN, EU and the complete Establishment making out like bandits while the average Joe and Jane must decide between putting gas in their cars or buying food for their families!

Biden Crime Family Ukraine Money Laundry War Ben Garrison Cartoon
After the smoke screen blows over, there will be left Hunter, the Big Guy and his Crime Syndicate who made Billions off of Ukraine Money Laundry War, China’s CCP and Iran Lobby! It was all part of the game and covered up by the Corporate Media, Social Media and the Corrupt Globalist Tech Giants to steal the 2020 election!

Globalist Enrichment Ukraine War

MIC and Pentagon as usual creating wars around the globe to test and sell their weapons, wars such as Ukraine war, sticking their noses up on Russia’s ass, right on its border! Of course, Ukraine war would have never occurred if Ukraine was not the money laundry country for the Biden Crime Family!

In America We Crucify the Patriots!

You can talk as much as you want but if you gain a tribune and people start to listen to you, then you will become a threat to the System and God Forbid if you start a movement to regain America and transform the power from the Establishment to the People, then the Deep State will steal elections such as 2020 and 2022, and then brutally oust you and isolate you the same as they done to Trump! Since 2020, the Deep State has practically thrown everything at Trump except the kitchen sink to destroy him and why is that?

The Cabal

Have you ever asked yourselves why every part of the Establishment including the Democrats, RINOs, Federal Government, Hollywood, Media, Social Media, Tech Giants, Woke Globalist Corporations, Academica and all Intelligence Agencies lied, cheated, covered up and fabricated stories to destroy Trump? When every corner of the Establishment is against you, then it only means that People are on your side!

Why the complete cabal and the Full Force of Establishment is out to destroy Trump? Because Trump is thew voice of the People and wants to return the power to the people as directed by the Founding Fathers. This is a common-sense fact understood by the majority of Americans but unfortunately the minority of the Americans are still in the dark and kept in the dark by the Establishment propaganda and brainwash.

Joe Biden’s Confused Chicken Ass Face!
Mr. Magoo’s Chicken Ass Face!
Honestly, doesn’t Biden’s face look like Chicken’s Ass? Now I know that you are running out the door to find a chicken and look at her ass to compare comparison but take my word, the face is the replica of an old hen’s ass!

Trump is a Blessing!

While Trump and MAGA are the best thing that ever happened to America since the Slice Bread, yet the Deep State portrays Trump as a Racist, Sexist, Xenophobe, Homophobe, and every other “ist” and “phobe” in the book! And the brainwashed people buy it too! Of course, they do the same thing to me and say the same thing about me!

Isn’t this the exact definition of Communism and Fascism? Of course, it is and in fact, today’s America is a combo of Communism and Fascism provided for you by your local Democrat Party and their RINO Bitches who control the Deep State. The complete system is rigged and is a charade!

What Would the Founding Fathers Say?

Let me ask you something, is this what George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Samuel Adams, John Jay and the rest of the Great Founding Fathers fought for? Is this the vision of the Founding Fathers? Is this what George Washington fought for? If we wanted a Neo Monarchy (Democrat Party) to replace the Old Monarchy (British Empire), then why did we fight and died for over 247 years?

We may as well stayed under the balls of the British Monarch like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand done! What the hell have we created America for?

Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves and tearing blood! We have destroyed the Founding Fathers’ Dream and Vision. We were not worthy of the Founding Fathers’ Legacy. Shame on us!

I don’t know about you but I came here from a Superior Culture, the Persian Culture and I did not come here for Rock Stars, Hollywood and Dope Smoking because we had all that back in Imperial Iran! On January 1st 1979, I came here with a vast historical, geographical, political and philosophical knowledge about America. I knew exactly what I was doing at the age of 17. I came here for Freedom. Today, that Freedom is gone!

Give Trump a Chance!

Freedom does not come cheap; it comes with sacrifice and bloodshed. The worst thing that you can do as enlightened people is to stop voting because that is what they want you to do! Do not give Democrats the pleasure of winning! Vote and keep on voting because gradually and step by step, we will win elections and despite all the corruption, via small victories we will gain our country back!

People ask me why not just rebel against the system? I have been fighting Dictatorships like Islamic Republic of Iran for now over 4 decades. I am too old and too tiered to pick up arms and start a Militia or join a Militia and fight the Deep State. Even though these Scum Bag Droppings posing as the CIA, FBI, DOJ, DHS and the rest of the Dirt Bags are well weaponized and also brainwashed the Military with the Wokeness, CRT and Liberal Garbage, yet I am still great with fighting Scum Bags as Establishment. Folks, I will fight forever, no doubt about that, but I am too old and tired to pick up a gun and fight the Federal Government, aren’t you? How about you?

What is the alternative? The alternative is give Trump another chance! Little by little and gradually with small victories, we can take over states one by one and cleanup the complete establishment in favor of the people! A decade back, Ohio and Florida were toss up states but now they are Red states! So, it can happen! A few years ago, Ohio and Florida were corrupt states with massive election cheating and serious issues that no one believed it is possible to cleanup all the residue! Look what happened? Yes, things can change and they can even change quickly.  Step by step with little victories, we can return this God Forsaken country back to the people and surely,

Change America from:

Government of the Establishment, by the Deep State, and for the Elite

To the:

Government of the People, by the People, and for the People

Even grand corrupt states such as Arizona, California and Illinois can change!

Things can change and they can even change quickly. Do not abandon voting, volunteering, activism and fighting for America because America is worth fighting for. We cannot pack up and go elsewhere because there is nowhere else left to go! Globalists have flooded Europe with Illegal Immigration and turned it to a Shiite Hole. Asia is indoctrinated. Africa is enslaved by the Globalists. South America is dominated by Communist propaganda and Oceania is already a police state. America is the last stand for freedom. If America goes, the whole world goes. America is the only hope for freedom and not only for Americans but for the whole world. America is the Hope and Dreams, surely the motivation to fight for freedom. America is the Enlightenment and the Energy for the global Patriots to fight the Globalist Establishment. The world is looking at us with a wishful and hopeful eye! We are the motivation and hope of the world. We are the Role Models for the world.

Folks, as you can see, there is no where else to go! America is the last stand for freedom. We must fight for freedom, right here and right now. There is no doubt in my mind that people will eventually be awakened. After 43 years Persians are rising up in Iran. IRI Regime’s days will soon or late be numbered. Chinese brothers and sisters are rising up in China. Americans will eventually rise up too! Americans will be the death of the Deep State. Why you ask? Because Americans are not used to being slaves, they were born free and they will not tolerate police state. Americans are armed up to their teeth and they love their freedoms more than life itself. Deep State cannot enslave America!

Democrat Party’s Jackasses Parade Tina Garrison Cartoon
The Jackass Parade: Carter’s incompetence, Clinton’s corruption, Obama’s treason are only cherries on the top of the Biden’s head up the ass dementia and economic collapse where the whole country went down the toilet!

MAGA is the Alternative to Uprising

Isn’t it amazing how everything Trump said and the media mocked and laughed at him, ended up to be true! Every day that passes by, we find out more and more that everything Trump said about FBI and Obama spying on his campaign, FBI spying on his cabinet, FBI framing him, COVID Roots, Hydroxychloroquine, Twitter coverups, Media lies, Tech Giants’ rigged search engines, and much more were all true! Elon Musk’s recent Twitter exposes are the latest proofs to the crimes of the Democrats and the Deep State!

For now, let us rally behind Trump and MAGA. Let us try once more to transform the power from the Establishment to the People, peacefully by cleaning up the rigged elections and system, one day at a time. Things can change and they can even change quickly! We can free America, we can free the world, sky is the limit!

Trump created the strongest economy on earth during his first term, he can do it again. Trump is experienced now, he learned from his first term that how deep the Deep State is! He is well polished to establish government of the people, plant the seed, make the tree and grow it strong!

“The difference between the IRI Islamist Regime of Iran and the American Deep State Regime is that the former puts the hejab on the people’s heads but the latter puts the hejab inside the people’s heads! The former produces religious fanatics while the latter produces brainwashed woke liberal communists! Both regimes are oppressive dictatorships which control the media and the entertainment industry, use extreme censorship, commit mass propaganda, and train people to be obedient puppets. The concepts are the same! Muslims and Liberals are cut from the same cloth”
(Ahreeman X)

“Will of the People is greater than the wealth of the Globalists.”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

Have Faith and Keep Hope Alive

Patriots, we can do anything that we put our hearts and minds to it! Do not abandon the struggle, do not abandon the vote, do not abandon America because America will never abandon you! Continue the fight, activism and the war against the Establishment.

Patriots, help us so together we can find our path through this Dark Winter’s, Hazy Road, obscured by the fog, towards the “Shining City Upon a Hill,” thus America is worth fighting for. Together we shall reach that City!


Dr. X

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