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Back to index   Democrats are Importing COVID-19 to America!
COVID-19 Forever to Steal More Elections!

Democrats are Importing COVID-19 to America!
COVID-19 Forever to Steal More Elections!

Ahreeman X
August 25, 2021

Joe Biden’s Illegal Aliens Import COVID-19 to USA, Mask Up America Branco Cartoon
Biden’s Regime mandates masks and vaccines for Americans but imports unvetted illegal aliens and Muslim Refugees to USA whom are at least 25% COVID infected!

Since January 20, 2021, when Occupational Socialist Regime of Democrats stolen the election and illegally taken over the country, they have imported over 1 Million illegal aliens to America via open orders! These illegal aliens are not vetted properly. At least 25% of them have COVID-19. While Democrats want to go door to door and force American citizens to get vaccinated and wear masks (facial diapers), they allow illegal aliens and Muslim Refugees with COVID-19 to rush America! Their concern is not to disinfect America but to infect America with COVID-19, so they can drag the COVID forever or at least as long as they can steal as many elections as possible! Every illegal alien is a prospect Democrat voter!

1 Million illegals entered USA since Biden took over office, plus 22 million who been here before Trump presidency. That makes a total of 23 million illegal alien prospect voters for the Democrats! Of course, now that illegals also vote in elections, they don’t even need to become citizens! It is all one big corrupt Liberal bang and bologna rigged system!

Mask mandates, forced vaccination, social distancing, shut down the economy, creation of welfare state, pay people not to work, destroy the Middle Class, Shut down small businesses, lockdown the country, mail-in Ballots for everyone, no voters ID, illegal voters drop boxes, ballot harvesting, Dominion Machines, creation of panic, mass media and big tech silencing the opposition and creation of chaos, violence and crime via BLM and ANTIFA in the streets to establish a Socialist State, so the Big Government can force people in to submission due to fear of infection!

Deep State Fourth Branch of Government Ben Garrison Cartoon
Today, we have a Fourth Branch of Government which controls the other three branches and spies on the American people! This branch is called the “Deep State” consisting of CIA, FBI, NSA, MIC, Pentagon and other So-called Security Agencies! Whose security? The Establishment Elite, naturally! Beware of the Big Brother’s Eyes, they are everywhere!

Let us be blunt. The Deep State made a coup on January 20, 2021, ousted the legitimate president of United States, Donald John Trump and established a puppet socialist regime with a clown named China Joe as the regime leader. Deep State is the executive force of the Establishment control. The Establishment uses its executive arm, the Deep State to establish a desired regime for the Elite to enrich, prosper and enjoy life, but what about you? What about the middle class, the workers, the small business? Who protects your rights?

In today’s America:

Government of the People by the People and for the People

Has changed to the:

Government of the Establishment by the Deep State and for the Elite

In this Liberal Plantation System,

The Poor pays no tax and gets all the government benefits.
The Rich pays no tax and uses the loopholes to get richer.
The Middle Class pays all the tax and has no say in the government.

The Middle Class, the Hard Workers, the Tax Payers, the Small Business and the Patriots are money making machine for the Big Government and also enslaved to the governments’ will. Founding Fathers had a great term for this atrocity:

“Taxation Without Representation”

When this catastrophe occurred, the patriots kicked the British Occupational Monarch and Monarchy out of America and established the “Government of the People”. Historically, it is called the 1776 American Revolution. Today, we have another Tyrant ruling with force over the people and sucking the blood out of the people’s livelihood! The Establishment is the new monarchy!

The Establishment consists of the Democrats who rule the country and RINOs who are the second tiered ruling pets of the Democrats. RINOs understand that Democrats run America and they allow RINOs to govern with them but as second-class rulers! RINOs know their place in the Rigged System.

Now who are Democrats? Democrats are consisting of the:

* Democrat Establishment, Tech Oligarchy, Media, Hollywood, Academia and Global Corporations

The Establishment rules via its executive arm consisting of the Deep State. Who is Deep State:

* Upper and Middle Management of CIA, FBI, NSA, Pentagon, MIC and Big Gov.

Now all of the above is provided for who? The beneficiaries of this system are:

* The Elite consisting of the Liberal Jew Billionaires and Millionaires who rule the Western World along with their other Rich White Liberals. Of course, once a while, they throw a bone, like dogs to the RINOs. The Bush Family, the Cheney Family, the McCain Family and such are RINO pet dogs of the Rich White Liberal Democrats who run America!

Make no mistake, the Liberal Jew Plantation Owners are actively destroying Israel, Iran and America combine. These Liberal Jew Bosses have no love lust for Israel and the Patriotic Jews. As a matter of fact, they despise the Conservative Jews and they are only using Israel as a pawn in the system. They are only concerned with enriching themselves and empowering themselves to control the system.

The system is designed for the Establishment to rule and to control your lives!

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

The system is made for the Elite to enjoy and for you to serve!

The Elite even owns the Judicial System and Supreme Court! If they can’t buy them, then they threaten their lives with BLM and ANTIFA Riots!

How American Election was Stolen?
Navarro Report: Immaculate Deception

US Election Fraud Evidences 2020

The US Supreme Court Fails to Adjudicate Justice

RINO Justices and Judges are weak cowards and partners with the Liberal Judges, so they are in the bag! With a slight threat, they bend to the will of the Liberals! That is why we have a two-tiered justice system!

In today’s America,

Joe Biden doesn’t go to jail for Crime of the Century, stealing the 2020 Election!
Nancy Pelosi doesn’t go to jail for stock market insider trading!
Hillary Clinton doesn’t go to jail for destruction of government e-mails!
Hussein Obama doesn’t go to jail for spying on Trump Campaign!
Chuck Schumer doesn’t go to jail for lying to Congress creating hoaxes!
Bill Clinton doesn’t go to jail for raping a dozen of women!
BLM & ANTIFA don’t go to jail for Destruction of American Cities!

In today’s America,

They desire to jail the patriots who love America and want to serve the American people!

They desire to jail Donald John Trump for recreation of the government of the people!

Trump is the Most Accomplished US President in history
Trump Administration Historical Accomplishments as of January 2021

In today’s America, they call patriots White Supremacist when they are not even white! Then they jail the patriots and the filthy lying propaganda machine of the system consisting of the:

Southern Poverty Law Center (Liberals)
Anti-Defamation League (Liberal Jews)

Do lie to their teeth and portray the patriotic heroes as racist thugs!

Enrique Tarrio goes to jail for burning the BLM Flag and Carrying Ammo!
Enrique Tarrio is Called White Supremacist When He is Not Even White!
Enrique Tarrio is a Victim of Double Standards Justice in America!

Enrique Tarrio is a Patriot and a Hero Whom He should be Given a Medal!

Proud Boys Leader Jailed 5 Months for Burning BLM Flag!

Proud Boys vs. ANTIFA in Portland: War is On!

The Liberal Plantation System is designed by the Establishment to push the COVID Hoax, incarcerate you in your homes, bankrupt your business, and enslave you. If they cannot enslave you then they will do their best to destroy you by destroying your livelihood!

The brainwashed liberal plantation mob follows the leader and like cattle and sheep, they listen to the media and obey the Establishment.

BLM, ANTIFA and other Communist paid protestors and rioters are also the pawns of the Establishment and funded by the Liberal Plantation Owners such as George Soros!

US Elections 2020 Rigged by George Soros
Complete System is Rigged by Deep State

FBI Most Wanted List Posters - Post January 6, 2021

* In 2016, Trump documented that the system is rigged by exposing the crimes of Clintons.

* In 2020, Trump proved that the system is rigged via proving the Democrat Stolen Election and the Deep State Coup!

The reality is that Donald John Trump as a patriot and lover of Freedom is sacrificing everything he has for the people! He could have a comfortable luxurious life as a billionaire but love of America and the patriots has made him to stand up to the Establishment. The System does not love anything more than jailing Trump! Why so? Because Trump is a power house and an Ex-Establishment who turned against the Establishment and the Rigged System! Trump knows the Rigged System like the palm of his hand and is fighting the Corrupt System, so Trump must be destroyed at all costs!

That is why the Complete System is fighting to destroy Trump, because Trump is man of the people and the people love Trump.

Illegal Aliens and Muslim Refugees are coming to America like a flood. A million more illegal aliens crossed the Democrats’ open borders to join the other 22 million already here! Another hundred thousand or more new Afghan Refugees are coming to join the massive numbers of the Muslim Refugees already here!

Biden Lost Afghanistan: Iran 1979 on Steroids!

Refugees from Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and now Afghanistan whom are not even vetted properly and have many Muslim terrorists amongst them are here!

Soon, Democrats are going to turn this country to another Shiite Hole 3rd World nation! American Exceptionality will be flushed down the toilet! America will become a Big Pot Full of Melting Shiite!

Take a look at the Liberal Run Large Cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, and so on and see the growing homeless problem, pollution problem, crime problem, inflation, unemployment and high cost of living. Democrats are turning the whole nation to one Big Pile of Garbage!

Democrats are not only infecting America with COVID imported from Central America, Mexico, North Africa and Middle East, but they are also infecting America with their ideological woke garbage!

“Woke is a looser ideology, everything woke goes to Shiite!”
(Donald John Trump)

In today’s America, George Washington and the Founding Fathers’ Dream is literally going to Shiite! Our country is being taken over by Socialists and Communists. Their role model is Communist China which is already buying the controlling stocks in the American Stock Market, Academia, Hollywood and Government! China even owns the absent-minded Regime Leader of the Socialist Occupational Regime, the China Joe!
The Biggest Criminal in America is in the White House who committed the Crime of the Century, the Stolen Election. Biden Crime Enterprise Family is in the White House! Criminals and Dirt Bags occupy the government of United States. The Administration, the Cabinet and the Congress is infested with crooks and self-serving bandits!

America’s Future is Election Reform or a Communist System! Trump is with the program; patriots are with the program; I am with the program. How about you?

What are you willing to do for your own freedom?

“When Tyranny Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty!”
(Thomas Jefferson)

I always stand with the Workers.
More Power to the People.


Dr. X


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