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Changing Americanism to Globalism

Democrats are Destroying America
Changing Americanism to Globalism

Ahreeman X
May 27, 2021

Deep State of America Reigning Since January 20, 2021 Ahreeman X Graphic Cartoon

Ahreeman X Iran and America Graphic Cartoons 2

Back in the Day in USA

On January 1st, 1979, I came to America and traded my Iranian citizenship of the 8000-year-old superior Persian Culture, mother culture of the world, for a better citizenship, a younger culture but a unique system of government which stood for individualism, freedoms, free markets and true democracy, a vision by the Founding Fathers and a concept named America.

I have spent the first 16 years of my life in Iran and now a 17-year-old teen, I was ready to fight and die for this country. Many are not aware but when you become an American citizen, you agree to be drafted in the armed forces to fight for this country in times of need. I was not some westoxicated punk kid from some Shiite-Hole country who came to America for Hollywood, Rock Stars, Music Scene, and Money, because as a kid from aristocracy, we already had all that back in the Imperial Iran!

For a 17-year-old Persian, I was a highly educated, well read and well-informed student of history, politics and philosophy. I could go anywhere in the world but I came here, strictly due to my knowledge of what this country stood for, particularly for the vision of the Founding Fathers which created this unique form of Democracy in the globe.

I have the highest respect for the American Founding Fathers, in specific for George Washington whom without him the American Revolution would have failed and today’s America would have still been a British Colony or Commonwealth under the garbage of monarchy, similar to Canada, Australia or New Zealand, dangling under the skirt of some old bag Queen or under the balls of some king where the citizens are called Her Majesty’s Subjects! Over here, we don’t have subjects but we have “Freemen” and Freewomen”!

Whirlpool of Communism Sinks American Ship Gary Varvel Cartoon

Gary Varvel Site

George Washington Exceptionality

You may ask, why George Washington was the main reason that today’s America exists? All the Founding Fathers were visionaries, way ahead of their time but what makes George Washington special? Because George Washington was the only Founding Father who knew anything about the military; furthermore, was a military genius. Washington defeated the British and afterwards with his popularity and power, he could have become a king and create a monarchy but instead, he created this unique republic. By the popular demand, he become the first president of the United States and as a businessman and a farmer, he believed that there should not exist “Career Politicians” which leads to corruption; furthermore, politicians should serve as public servants and presidents as 2 term presidents. Afterwards they should go back to their businesses and allow the next worthy man or woman to follow the tradition. This is why he only served for 2 terms and left the office. After Washington, the 2-term presidency had become a tradition and the Americans honored Washington by following his path.

The tradition continued until Franklin Delano Roosevelt who went for 4 terms and if death would not occur, he would go for the 5th term! He was elected for 4 terms; however, he died during the first year of his fourth term and his vice president Harry Truman ended up finishing his term. Way before Lyndon Johnson took on the task of social engineering America, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1933 – 1945) started the social security, social programs, nanny state, social engineering and socialism in America. FDR was the original socialist. It was during the FDR when step by step the Democrat party moved towards Socialism but now the Democrat party is a Socialist party which is moving towards Communism by building a Chinese Communist Style System in America. BLM, ANTIFA, Squad members of Congress and a number of others are communists who are pushing the party more and more towards Communism by the day.

Democrats are Worst Cooks in America Gary Varvel Cartoon

Today in the Police State USA

Today, the Free America had become America the Police state where the Big government and Deep State controls every aspect of your lives and does not even allow Free Speech, Free Assembly, Free Press, Free Thoughts or even Free elections! Think about it! Where we were yesterday and where we are today? We regressed!

In 1776, we were Revolutionary, Advanced, Progressed, Free Thinkers. Today, we have regressed and prisoned by Cancel Culture, Political Correctness, Wokeness, Equity, Critical Race Theory, Affirmative Action and other Liberal Garbage! Democrats are even controlling our Thoughts and Free Minds by Censorship, Brainwash and Indoctrination via Media, Social Media, Tech Giants, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Entertainment Industry, and Academia! We live in a Police State created by the Big Government Deep State!  Face it, Democrats are a bunch of Socialists and Communists!

In this day and age, politicians have forgotten what the Founding Fathers had visioned for America. We have career politicians who stay in the office for 40 years until they die like John McCain the RINO or until they rot like Nancy Pelosi the Socialist!

Liberal Plantation System Control

Today’s America, after stealing the 2020 election is basically a police state. Freedom of speech on social media is banned. Mind Control is established and brainwash is indoctrinated by the Mainstream Media which are liberal and parrot the Democrat Party and the Deep State! Big Tech, Media, Hollywood, Entertainment Industry in full and Academia in part are controlled by the Liberal Plantation Jew Masters whom are not only the enemy of the American people but also the enemy of Israel and the Iranian people.
Liberal Plantation Jew Masters are the force behind International Globalist Corporations who run the western world and enslave the American Workers. These Liberal Jew Bosses drag the uninformed Liberal Jews with them against National Populism and Americanism. These Liberal Jew Bosses do not even care about the nation of Israel, Zionism or good Conservative Jews; the only factor they care about is Globalism and Greed for Control. The only Jews who see beyond this charade and con are the intelligent Conservative Jews such as Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu) and other Jewish friends. So, as you can see, the problem is not the Jews but it is Liberalism.

Liberalism leads to Socialism and Socialism leads to Communism and they all lead to Globalism. The root of the disease starts with liberalism.

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism Thread

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

Americanism Unites Us

Two factors I shall state

1. We don’t have a unified race, religion, ethnicity and culture. The only thing we have in common is the Constitution, Americanism, American Flag, American National Anthem, English Language, Democracy and Freedoms. Now Democrats are taking all of these factors away from us so we will have nothing in common and America will be destroyed!

2. I come from a very wealthy Persian nation, rich in wealth, rich in history and rich in culture. I come from an 8000-year-old mother culture of the world. I come from an Aryan culture, roots and traditions. I have traded all of that to grasp a new culture, a new nation and a new tradition for the better and not for the worse! The only reason I traded my Persian roots for my new American roots is to gain for the better. I have become American because of the concept of America, Americanism, Unique System of Republic, Unique form of Democracy, True Freedoms and American Culture. I traded my old roots to join the best in the world. I came here for American Exceptionalism and American Culture.

Disease of Multiculturalism

I did not come here for Multiculturalism, World Cultures, Palestinian Culture, Somali Culture, Central American Culture or African Culture. If I wanted to join those cultures, I would have moved to some Arab nation in the Middle East, some Central African nation in Africa, Somalia, Guatemala or maybe Chad Republic! I tell you what? You liberals can celebrate your global cultures, actually go to those countries and get the hell out of America. You can go shove the global cultures up your rectums where the sun won’t shine!

I keep my American Culture and I stick with American Exceptionalism. I left the Superior historic Persian Culture to join a better culture which means Patriotism, Democracy and Freedoms. I came to become American, otherwise the world is full of Shiite Cultures and I could have moved to some Bull Shiite country with Culture full o Shiite! I came to America for what the Founding Fathers visioned, designed and stood for!

If I knew Democrats would turn America to a Third World Bull Shiite, a Shiite Hole Nation, then why the hell have I moved here? What the Hell is going on over here (Trump Style)?

We have a Persian expression which states:

Ruzeh nagereftam kle ba goh eftar konam!

I did not fast all day to break my fast at the evening with Shiite!
I fasted all day to break my fast at the evening with delicious food.

I did not sacrifice leaving my superior Persian culture to come here for your Multiculturalism Bull Shiite, Women in Islamic Hejab, Men in Beanie Hats and Baggy Shalwar pajamas, Ilhan Omar’s turban or Rashida Tlaib’s ugly face! I could see that Shiite in Europe, Asia, Africa or elsewhere.

Why Millions Come to America?

Millions of people all over the world jump over each other’s shoulders to come to America, so why is that? They come here for the American Exceptionalism, American Freedoms and American Culture! They do not come here for Multiculturalism! They come here because America is the most free and democratic nation in the world.

Democrats are the Most Racist People

Now you Democrat dirtbags are trying to brainwash the people and indoctrinate the kids in the schools in to believing that America is Racist and evil! The reality is that America is great, America is not racist and the only racist doctrine is the Democrat Doctrine and the only racist people are the Democrats!

Liberal Democrats created the Confederacy, the Ku Klux Klan, The Jim Crow, the Segregation and the Racism in America! One of the most racist people in the world is presently a Usurper occupying the White House, a senile old fool dirt bag and the most crooked criminal politician in America, Beijing Biden!

US Democrat and Republican Party History, the Real Story Thread

History of Democrats and Mullahs: Democrats' Misfires Thread

COVID-19 Frauds

After the Democrats used the COVID-19 to steal the election, they are paying the people not to work! COVID-19 frauds, grants, loans and fraudulent aids from the government and the government itself is full of fraud, waste and crooked deals. When the government itself is criminal and crooked, then what role model are you setting for the people and the kids? As the result, the producers and the workers who pay tax are funding these government ventures of trillion dollars at a time to pay up the welfare recipients, food stamp recipients, bums in housings and charlatans who get all types of money from the government by fraud, only not to work! Government has no money; the government is only plundering our tax money to feed the bums not to work and vote Democrat! The Government is paying the people not to work and stay at home incarcerated and the only thing they ask from them is to vote Democrat, so the Democrats can remain in power!

We have another Persian Expression which states:

 Ba kir-e mardom khanum bazi raftan!

Going to the whorehouse with borrowed dick!

Government is going to the whorehouse but the government has no dick, so it borrows my dick and your dick to FAQ the hookers! Get the point?

US Election Fraud Evidences 2020 Thread

New Absolute Proof of US 2020 Election Fraud

Welfare States of America: WSA

Liberal Made Politically Correct Terms

Liberals are masters of creating Bull Shiite terms out of their rectums along with their Bull Shiite concepts. Non-Existent Terms such as:

Liberal Made Bull Shiite Terms
Assault Weapon
Social Justice
Critical Race Theory
White Privilege
Affirmative Action
Political Correctness
Safe Space
Systemic Racism
Social Racism
Structural Racism
Institutional Racism

Environmental Racism
Cancel Culture
Climate Change
Global Warming
Mentally Challenged

Diverse Cultures

Green Products
Green Energy
Birthing Person
African American
Native American
LGBTQ Pronouns

Toxic Masculinity
And much more Bull Shiite ……

Biden First 100 Days Chaos!

In 4 months, Democrats turned America upside-down! Look what America was 4 months ago:

Trump is the Most Accomplished US President in history
Trump Administration Historical Accomplishments as of January 2021

Look what America is today:

In 4 months, Biden and Democrats destroyed almost everything that Trump built in 4 years! Democrats’ first 100 days results are:

Democrats Destruction Methods of America

High Taxes
Destruction of Energy Independence
Destruction of Energy Jobs
Gasoline Lines in Streets of America
Destruction of Manufacturing
Destruction of Manufacturing Jobs
Green New Deal Hoax
Green Energy Hoax
Destruction of American Borders
Flooding America with Illegal Aliens
Destruction of Law and Order
Democrat Anti-Police Rhetoric
Democrats Soft on Crimes Policy
Destruction of Police Force
Protests and Riots All Over America
ANTIFA and BLM Chaos and Murders
Children and Women Border Trafficking
Flooding America with Drugs
Creation of a Police State
Mass Arrests of the Conservatives
Silencing the Conservatives
Censorship in Social Media
Indoctrination in Schools
Brainwashing the Public by the Media
Tech Giants Mass Censorship
Collusion of Democrats, Deep State, Media and Tech Giants
Cancel Culture
Political Correctness
Equity Nonsense
Affirmative Action Garbage

Woke Corporations
Democrats Created Race War
Mass Inflation
Mass Debt
Mass Unemployment
Killing Jobs
Destruction of Economy
Destruction of Dollar Value
High Food Prices
High Cost of Living

Back to Horrible Trade Deals with Every Country
Economic Surrender to China
Woke Military
Woke CIA, FBI, NSA and Other National Security Agencies
Bending to the Will of Wall Street

Turned Trump’s Middle East Peace to Chaos
Back to Dirty Nuclear Deals with Iran’s Mullahs

Gun Grabs
Moving for Destruction of the 1st Amendment
Moving for Destruction of the 2nd Amendment
Moving for Destruction of the 4th Amendment
Establishing Total Government Control
Fighting Election Reforms for Fair Elections
Creating a One-Party System
Creating a Communist Chinese Style Regime in America

Much More ……

Should I keep on going?

The sad thing is that Usurper Biden and Democrats did not even win the 2020 election but they stole the election, so I cannot really tell you that:

“I told you so! This is what you get for voting Democrat!”

I cannot tell you:

This is what you get for voting for Biden! Simply because you did not vote for Biden and Biden did not even get a fraction of Trump votes but it was all fabricated and stolen! Auditing of the various states already started and the fraudulent Biden votes are already getting exposed. The Shiite is Hitting the Fan! Trump received the most votes in the history of GOP and the history of America but they stole the election and declared the most votes in history of America for Biden, a retarded Alzheimer patient who did not even campaign or moved out of his basement with mask on! Biden could not even gather 500 people in his rallies and only 2000 people showed up for his inauguration, but the Deep State wants you to believe that he got 81 million votes! Only a moron would believe such fairytale!

How American Election was Stolen?

US Elections 2020 Rigged by George Soros

In 4 Month, Democrats Destroyed America

In 4 months, Democrats have turned Trump’s most prosperous economy, military, energy independence, manufacturing, job creation and glory in to Shiite and Disaster!

Trump created the Greatest Economy in the History of the World.
Democrats created a Nation in Chaos, Inflation, Unemployment and Bankruptcy!

This is what Democrats do, so is it really a surprise?!

Cancel Culture

Liberal made Woke Culture, Political Correctness, Affirmative Action, Critical Race Theory and Creation of 6 to 60 LGBTQ Genders have created more division in America than ever. This is what Democrats do! They have no policy and bright ideas, so they play the Race Card, Sex Card, Class Card and any cards to divide the citizens and conquer, so they can gain power.

Liberal Race Card for Today, for Future and for Ever!

Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity!

As a reaction to force people to accept affirmative action, LGBTQ sub culture and Muslim Refugees, it back fires and people begin disliking these groups. This is reverse racism; sexism and they are forced down people’s throats by the government.

Now you have Woke Corporations celebrating their own death by supporting ANTIFA and BLM who are actively promoting Communism and Anarchism to destroy the Capitalism and Free Markets.

ANTIFA is Burning Down America & Democrats are Watching! Thread

ANTIFA is Burning Down America

Black Lives Matter Terrorism Thread

Black Lives Matter is a Terrorist Organization

LGBTQ is Not a Minority!

Do you want to be LGBTQ? More power to you, you are free to be whatever you want to be and I will support your right to practice whatever you want to practice, no matter how perverted it may be! You as a gay person have equal rights under the law, equal to everyone else. But do not claim yourselves to be a minority! There are minorities by race, ethnicity, and religion but not by Sexual Preference! In Reality, LGBTQ does not have minority status. LGBTQ only has minority status in the twisted mind of the imaginary world which liberals created! LGBTQ are not a minority and we do not have minority status due to sexual perversions! Between 95% to 91% of the gays are gay due to sexual preference which that is even due to the brainwash and social education via liberal indoctrinations by and at the schools, media, Hollywood and home! That 5% to 1% that were so-called born that way can easily get a sex change operation and become men or women.

So be what you want to be but keep your sexual perversions in your private bedroom and do not stick your dick in my face by Gay Pride Rallies, Militant Gay Behavior and claiming Minority Status! Don’t shove your lifestyle down my throat! Don’t force me to accept your perverted lifestyle as a minority status and minority group!

Iran Gay Galore in 3 Chapters

Liberal Made 6 to 60 LGBTQ Genders

In the Scientific world, we do not have unlimited Sex Genders and pronouns. In the Liberal Fantasy LaLa Land World, we have LGBTQ and Alphabet Soup! You got a Man and a woman and then everything else in between is fabricated by the Liberals! Let’s get our biological facts straight and not kid ourselves! We are speaking of how things are in the Real World not in the ANTIFA and BLM world where Three Big Black Bull Dykes create a Bang and Bologna Communist Terrorist Organization and extort money from the Woke Corporations!

Black Lives Matter Cartoons in 2 Chapters

Destruction of US Military

Democrats are even destroying the military! The so-called undesired extremists in the military are the white males, Christian soldiers and Trumpists. These people are the core of our military! The military will be purged of such people. Only leftists, gays, transexuals, transvestites, women, and people of color will be left to defend America. Instead of hardcore training, military basic training will include lessons in inclusion, diversity, equity, social justice and other liberal crap.

Why Roman Empire had Fallen?

Do you know why the glorious Roman Empire fell? The reason for the fall of Rome wasn’t the Great Persian Empire, Islamic Caliphate, Eastern Hun Barbarians, Western Germanic and Goth Barbarians, economy or distance between the social classes!

Civilization: Persia versus Greece and Rome in 2 Chapters

Like it or not, it is not politically correct but it is the historical fact:

Rome had Fallen because of Homosexuality!

Step by step and gradually, Roman men become feminine, many become pretty boys, fem boys, trannies, transvestites and lost all masculinity! There was no one left to have intercourse with women, so they had to import Real Men to have sex with Roman women! Nuclear Family dissolved, procreation ended, men become gays and all they wanted to do was to bang one another and becoming imitation women! No one left to defend the empire, so they even had to import soldiers to defend Rome! They even imported enemies of Rome to defend Rome! Eventually these enemies took over Rome and Rome died!

To kill Rome, Liberals killed the Roman Culture and replaced it with their Sissy Faggy Sub Culture, Imported Foreign Cultures, Fem Boy Culture, and Pacifism! In other words, no Roman Real Men left to fight for Rome, so Rome died!

Next time, your liberal professors and faggot instructors preach to you on why the Rome had fallen, remember what I told you right here! Of course, liberal teachers and educators will hand you 101 cockamamie tales of Bang and Bologna to justify this catastrophe, but the True History is stated right here by a true historian, yours truly!

America Follows Rome’s Path!

The same episode is happening right now in America:

Liberal Toxic Masculinity Doctrine Enforced
Feminization of boys and masculinization of girls
Destruction of the nuclear family and procreation
Flooding America with Illegal Aliens and Muslim Refugees
Promoting LGBTQ 6 to 60 liberal made genders
Destruction of Morality and Self-Responsibility
Victim Culture and Critical Race Theory
Foreign Enemies Flooding America
Foreign Enemies in US Military
Destruction of American Culture
BLM, ANTIFA and Communists as Democrat Foot Soldiers
Degeneration of America
Transformation of America to a Third World Nation
Dissolving America
End of American Civilization

Election Reforms

Democrats and Deep State stolen the 2020 Election and are creating a one-party system similar to the Communist Chinese Regime. If no election reforms are done, then in every future election, the democrats will cheat and this country will become a one-party nation which in it, such as today, a banana republic is installed.

It is essential to have:

Election Reforms
Voters ID
No Mail In Ballots
Observers from both parties present
No Dominion Electronic Machines
No Sudden Changing of the Electoral and Election Laws
Other Fair Voting Protections

Fix the Rigged System

On 2026 Trump proved to us that the American system is rigged and deeply corrupt. Clintons got away with 20 different prison crimes.

On 2020 Trump shown us that the American system is absolutely rigged and totally corrupt when Biden and Democrats stole the election.

Democrats, what do they stand for?

Trump National Populist Revolution

Difference Between Democrats and RINOs?

Difference between Republicans and Democrats is that a slim minority of Republicans known as the RINOs are corrupt and are part of the establishment but all of the Democrats are corrupt and they are the establishment and the deep state!

RINOs know their place as the second tier and they know that Democrats run the Deep state and the system. RINOs never cross the line. They are loved by the Media, Tech Giants and Social Media. RINOs are the bitches of the Democrats!

Joe Biden SOS Swim Tube Made in China Defective Expired Product Ahreeman X Graphic Cartoon

End Notes for the Awake

We as the patriots need to take our country back and the only way to do it is to reestablish fair elections via the election reforms. Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to not allow election reforms because they want to establish a one-party Communist System (Chinese Style) by all means possible. It is up to us to save America or let America become Rome!

If Election Reforms fail, then there will be no other choice but to form militia and fight the Deep State. The Deep State is perfectly aware of that and this is the reason for the mass gun grab plans by the Democrats and the Government. Disarm the people, so you can easily control and rule over them!

Presently, the government of United states is not the government of the people but the government of the Elite. This is not our government but it is the government of Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Democrats and Deep State. This is not what the Founding Fathers intended to establish. This is corrupt career politicians deep in to Special Interest, running the established regime!

Make no mistake, Democrats are the party of the Establishment, Tech Oligarchs and Deep State. RINOs are their Bitches!

Trump and Trumpists must primarily cleanse GOP off of RINOs and exterminate them. Secondarily commit to Election Reforms. Thirdly Cleanse America of Deep State and Save America by taking our country back from the Deep State and returning it to the people. In other words:


Government of the Establishment by the Deep State and for the Coastal Elite

To the,

Government of the People by the People and for the People

What we have today is not America but it is a Shiite Hole created by the Democrats, Corrupt Career Politicians, Corrupt Government Bureaucrats, Corrupt Deep State and Corrupt Tech Giants’ Tech Oligarchs. This is a Capitalist Totalitarian Regime moving towards a Communist System (Chinese Style)!

Spirits of the Founding Fathers are shaking in the grave! George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Adams, Samuel Adams, John Jay and other Greats are looking down upon us when their statues are getting broken by the BLM and the ANTIFA while cheered by the Woke Corporations and Tech Oligarchs! Is this Shiite Hole Chaos, what the Founding Fathers visioned to established in 1776? Is this what we gave blood, sweat and tears to build in 1776? These Woke Mobs do not even believe in 1776 but they are promoting 1619 Project! Right now, at this moment, there are tears in the Founding Fathers’ eyes. Founding Fathers are mourning the Near Death of America!

When American Flags are burned in the streets, kneeling and fisting going on during National Anthem, riots all over Liberal Shiite Hole Large Cities of America, Destruction of the Family Unit, Celebration of the LGBTQ Degeneration, Promotion of Corruption, Stolen Election, Creation of a Banana Republic, Degeneration of a Nation, all and all are a spit in the face of the Founding Fathers whom with their vision, America was created to become that Shining City Upon a Hill.

Your Honorable Founding Fathers, we are ashamed thus we were not worthy and handed your dream to a bunch of degenerate liberal Democrats who are actively destroying your vison!

Founding Fathers, we shall do our best to revive America!

I shall end with a couple of quotes by myself:

“There is a thin line between Democracy and Socialism which is called Freedom. By eliminating the Freedoms, Liberal Democrats are pushing the society to cross that line towards Socialism!”
(Ahreeman X)

“Democrats are Destroying America

When you want to completely change a system of government, primarily you eliminate all aspects of that system’s culture. That is what Democrats are doing. They are erasing the American history, culture, heritage, traditions, holidays, and festivals. Democrats are destroying the soul of a nation and the American Exceptionality, so they can destroy the American system of government and replace it with Socialism.”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

Philosophy Index

Democrats are Destroying America Quote

We Shall Push Forward and Move On Towards the Shining City Upon a Hill ……


Dr. X


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