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Democrats’ Economic Collapse!
Stolen Elections have Consequences!

Ahreeman X
October 23, 2021

Joe Biden’s Tranny Rachel Levine Defense Against Xi Jinping’s Chinese Nukes Branco Cartoon
Biden’s Neo Woke Defense Against the Powerful Chinese Economic and Militaristic Hegemony!
“China tested their 1st Hypersonic Nuclear Missiles!” (Media)
“Biden Regime is decorated with LGBTQIA Alphabet Soup Woke Characters!” (Media)
“China is Becoming an Economic Super Power!” (Media)
“Biden’s America is becoming A Weak Woke Gay Global Dumping Ground!” (Media)

A F Branco Patriotic Cartoonist of the People Updates Thread

Democrats have no economic policy except blaming Trump for everything but this time it will not work because Trump had created the greatest economy in history of the Earth and handed it to Democrats and they destroyed it!

US national debt is $ 26.70 trillion and Democrats want to add another $ 3.5 trillion to it! Even though China owns our debt, yet even China doesn’t want to loan anymore dollars to the Biden Regime, simply because Trump had credibility by creating the greatest economy in the history of the earth, but Biden Regime’s economy is heading down the toilet! Country is moving rapidly towards recession! The way Democrats spend money, even your grand children will be in debt and have to pay up for this massive amount of debt! Democrats have no other choice because Government controlled Socialist and Communist system does not produce jobs and wealth but destroys jobs and plunders wealth! The only way that Democrats can stay in power is to create more debt by spending more money and when they run out of money, to print more money without backup resources! As the great Ronald Reagan stated:

“Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it moves, tax it.
If it keeps moving, regulate it.
And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

(Ronald Reagan)

Ahreeman X 20 Favorite Quotes from Reagan and Thatcher

Joe Biden’s Spending Spree Branco Cartoon
Senile Incontinent Biden controlled by the Hussein Obama Teleprompter, parrots what’s told in his earpiece for him to repeat, while he is bankrupting our children and grand children’s future by adding trillions of dollars to our already astronomic trillions of dollars of debt! What’s that on Sleepy Joe’s hand? Blood or Bull Shiite?! Shiite Bag Joe, Full O Bull Shiite!

Democrats paid people not to work. That brought labor shortage. Now they are unconstitutionally firing people if not accepting the experimental vaccines in their 3rd stage! Labor shortages will rise crazy. Many people in labor force such as pilots, sailors, truck drivers, train operators, military, police, firemen and workers will retire, quit and leave the labor force rather than be forced to vaccinate.

Not getting vaccinated could be due to the fact that no one knows what long term side effects these experimental vaccines may have, natural immunity because they already had COVID and cured, medical reasons, religious reasons, moral reasons or simply not trusting Democrats’ garbage vaccine.

Only 5% of the people who died of COVID were actually died of COVID. The rest had pre conditions such as diabetes, heart problem, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. A healthy person, a young person and specifically children and teens have no need for vaccine.

There is no way a sane person would vaccinate this poison in to his 5-year-old child without knowing about the future side effects and all the deaths and side effects hidden by the media from the people.

Big Pharma is benefiting from forced vaccination and shares the profits with Democrats. Oh, do not forget the “Big Guy’s Cut (Biden’s share)! This is Tyranny. Government cannot force people to get vaccinated. The results are the worst labor shortage in history.

The more you give to the government, the more government takes until you will have no rights left, look at Australia and Europe!

Liberal globalist governments are importing unvaccinated Muslim refugees and illegal aliens to the west by millions but they are forcing the citizens to vaccinate! This is a clear violation of your rights for political reasons to gain voters for themselves.

As you can witness, workers and people are standing up to the Establishment, globalists, tech giants, media and liberals worldwide. There will be an uprising of the people against the establishment. People are fed up with lockdowns, business closeouts, masks, vaccines and the rest of the Liberal Bull Shiite!

The results of the Democrats’ governing America is that in 9 months they destroyed the greatest economy on earth which Trump had built.

Everything has collapsed, border, labor force, energy independence, economy, military, Afghanistan, astronomic gas prices, high food prices, tax hikes, shortage of food, shortage of products, shortage of labor, stagflation, bankruptcy, destruction of small business, unemployment, inflation, the country is in toilet. Large liberal cities in USA are full of homeless with feces and drug needles in the streets.

We are not even talking about the high crime rates everywhere, specifically in the large cities of the Blue States. Crimes due to the facts that liberals tied the hands of the police, anti-police policies, vaccine mandates for the police, mass retirements of the police (because they hate liberals), no punishment by the liberal laws for minor crimes, rewarding the criminals by paying them to not commit the crimes and pro crime policies!

Mass murder rates, rape rates, theft rates, assault rates and shop lifting can be seen in every single liberal run large city in the USA. Liberals are rewarding the criminals for their crimes and punishing the police! Put the vaccine mandates and liberal policies together, and half the police force are retiring or quitting in the American large cities! Welcome to the chaos in America.

Democrats are Destroying America
Changing Americanism to Globalism

Joe-Biden’s American Dumpster on Fire Branco Cartoon
Stolen Elections have Consequences!

Americans know that Biden administration is garbage. How can you force the border patrol to wear masks and jab vaccines in their bodies while at the same time you have open borders policy, allowing a million and a half (so far) illegal aliens and Muslim refugees to come in the country when a fourth of them have COVID-19 and other diseases without even vetting them?! In the middle of the night and early morning hours, they load the busses and plains to transfer the illegals to your neighborhood and place them in the government housing, projects and section 8, next to you. Who pays for them? You do with your tax dollars!

For example, the Bull Shiite is happening right now and right here in San Diego! Open borders, flood of illegal aliens and Muslim refugees coming in while we have hungry, jobless and homeless American citizens right here! What does the government do about it? Pete Butt-Itch-Itch (Pete Buttigieg) the secretary of Faggotry (Transportation), is taking 2 months off work, due to paternal leave, laying in the hospital bed with his faggot lover adopting 2 babies, because he gave birth or maybe dumped a load of Shiite in the toilet! Supply demands issues are killing America, shelves of stores are empty, hundreds of cargo ships waiting in California ports to unload but there is no sign of porters, workers and truck drivers because we are over 80,000 shorts on the work force!

Yes, inflation, shortages, no food, empty shelves, triple food prices, triple gas prices, homeless, feces and needles in the streets and we have LGBTQIA Alphabet Soup degenerates in Washington DC, faggots in Department of Transportation giving their asses away (Pete Butt-Itch-Itch) and faggots in San Diego local government, Mayor Gay Elf on the Shelf, Porcelain Doll, a boy named Todd Gloria with his Liberal City Hall having a lively Bang and Bologna Faggish time downtown! And of course, you got faggots in Sacramento like Governor Perky Boy, Gavin Newsom with his pretty hairdo, shoving $ 17,000 Champaign bottle up his butt after guzzling it down his throat, while store shelves are empty for the average people. This is what happens when a bunch of faggots with no other qualifications except faggotry, were put in charge of the federal, state, county and city governments!

CRT Wokeness, teaches us to put minorities and degenerates in charge, solely due to the fact that they are minorities and degenerates! Of course, in this bizarro upside down age, LGBTQIA Alphabet Soup are also considered as a minority! What type of minority you ask? Minority due to sexual preference! In this day and age, any pervert and sexual deviant can declare himself as a minority and get minority status!

American citizens are homeless and the Democrats are importing illegals and giving them free housing, welfare, food stamp, Medicare, free education, and benefits.

America is destroyed now, just imagine what will happen after over 3 more years of Democrat rule!

Yes folks, Stolen Elections, have consequences! 9 months ago, we were on top of the world, greatest economy in the history of earth. Now, we are the joke of the world and dumping ground for other countries to dump their criminals and empty their jails into our country! Shiite Loads of illegal aliens and Muslim refugees are entering the open borders every day! This is a well-planned plot by China, George Soros, Democrats and Deep State to destroy democracy, capitalism and the American system to gain control and stay in power! The centers of infections lie in Washington DC, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, New York and Sacramento!

Election Reforms or Communism, which one do you like?

"When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Oh, by the way, BLM, ANTIFA and other Liberal Degenerates are bringing his (Jefferson) statues down everywhere along with the other Founding Fathers, simply because they are all “Oppressor, Colonialist, Slave Owner, Imperialists! They are not woke enough for the Communists’ (Democrats) taste!

So, country is rapidly going down in to the toilet, a senile, incontinent old fool and his Crime Enterprise in the White House along with other criminals, cowards and traitors in all 3 branches of the government led by the Neo 4th branch of the government (CIA and Friends) are ruling over you!

Joe Biden the Reincarnation of Bozo the Clown Cartoon!

Boy, do they love to take away your 2nd amendment, because Unarmed people are easy to govern and oppress! Now you know why George Washington and the Founding Fathers created the 2nd Amendment, don’t you? So, when Law becomes Tyranny, elections are stolen, you are silenced, prosecuted, chances of election reforms are weak and Communists are taking over the country, then at least you can defy the Establishment by forming Militia and fighting for freedom! We all hope, it doesn’t get to that point but honestly, isn’t the violence, key to the control of the government?

For 6 months Democrats burned down America with their BLM, ANTIFA, Anarchists and Marxist Foot Soldiers and they stole the election! Democrats came to power by violence! And now they are prosecuting an imaginary violent Right-Wing mob for the January 6th violence on the Capitol! Another Bull Shiite liberal hoax! Liberals are the most racist and violent people on earth and they call patriots violent and racist! Yes, violence solves all problems, look at the Stolen Election 2020 by the Woke Mob! So, let’s hope that we do not get to that point! As of now, your choices are:

Election Reforms or Communism, which one do you like?

Democrats’ Build Back Better Bull Shiite Slogan!

So, Democrats killed the energy independence by killing the fossil fuels, including oil, shale and coal. Democrats killed the labor force by killing the energy jobs, lockdowns, killing businesses, killing the economy, vax mandates and paying people not to work. Democrats bankrupted the country, put the people in the poor house, created unemployment and inflation. Now they want the country to go under another load of heavy debt by trillions, so our grand children will be also under the Democrats’ created debt! That is right out of the Communist manifesto! Government and Communists do not create wealth but they create debt!

Democrats’ Great Economy Without Resources and Work Force!

So, Democrats killed the resources and they killed the labor force. How on earth can you create a great economy or even a mediocre economy without the resources and the labor force? As you can see, the so-called “Build Back Better” is only another leftist slogan Full O Bull Shiite because America was build great during the Trump but the Democrats destroyed it! The only thing Democrats build, is their bank accounts due to corruption, kickbacks and insider trading in the stock market! “Build Back Better” my “Sweet Red Rosy White Aryan Persian Median Ass”! And take that to your woke Communist Squad as a racist statement and shove it up AOC and Ilhan Omar’s stinky butts!

To Ilhan Omar With Love!

Yes folks, Democrats are Full O Shiite and are a bunch of corrupt and incompetent baboons who can’t run a shoe repair shop set aside the American economy! Hey, Ilhan Omar had to marry her brother to get a green card and now banging her aid and handing him perks for his business! The Squad had done such a great job running the American economy that now Omar is creating an Islamophobia office in the State Department! Here is a message for Ilhan Omar:

A Love Letter to Ilhan Omar

Dear Muslim Baboon Bitch,

You have done such an amazing job running Somalia’s economy which you graduated destroying it with a civil war, so then you came to America to experiment Marxist Islamism on the American soil! After the stolen election, now operating the regime, you and your Squad are doing a fabulous job wrecking the US economy to the ground. I am sure America is now heaven and the only problem left is the Islamophobia!  So kindly, I thank you for your services by shoving the schlong of the donkey which I had imported from Somalia up your turban and possibly when you bend over for the Namaz prayer, up your Muslim butt! I am sure that you will enjoy my rewards because the healthy Donkey Schlong is much more glorious than your brother’s! I am sure you can digest it! I know Muslims enjoy incest and bestiality; therefore, enjoy the Donkey Hanibati, while sharing some with the Attorney General Merrick Garland who wants to prosecute Stephen Kevin Bannon!

So, Ilhan jan, you, the Squad and Merrick Garland who refers to the school children’s parents as the “Domestic Terrorists” can all kiss my ass! As the great poet Ted Nugent stated:

You can all kiss my ass!
The whole world can kiss my ass!

My “Sweet Red Rosy, White Aryan Persian Median Ass”, that is!

Now take that to your woke, Marxist Islamist Squad and the Bureau of Infection at your Woke DOJ!

Ahreeman Joon

Allow me to leave you with one of my quotes:

“Democrats are Destroying America

When you want to completely change a system of government, primarily you eliminate all aspects of that system’s culture. That is what Democrats are doing. They are erasing the American history, culture, philosophy, heritage, traditions, holidays, and festivals. Democrats are destroying the soul of a nation and the American Exceptionality, so they can destroy the American system of government and replace it with Socialism.”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

Informed people are in charge of their own future!


Dr. X

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