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Democrats Staged the US Capitol Break-ins
Real Story of Derailing Electoral Objection Hearings


Democrats Staged the US Capitol Break-ins 2021
The Real Story of Derailing the Electoral Objection Hearings

Ahreeman X and Catayoun Razmjou
January 9, 2021

George Soros the Multi Billionaire Planner of the Capitol Break-ins and Riot on January 6, 2021
George Soros also stole the election 2020 for the Biden and the Democrats.
George Soros the Most Corrupt Man on Earth and the Benefactor of the BLM, ANTIFA and the Democrat Party which is the Most Corrupt Political Party in History of America

What Really Happened on January 6th?

On January 6, 2021 a show was staged in Washington DC. The show was planned by George Soros, confirmed by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, organized by Muriel Bowser (DC Mayor) and executed by the ANTIFA and BLM. Role of the Media and Social Media was to propagate fake insurrection and misinform the naïve public. The goal, as always was to flame division, hatred and blame for Trump. The plot was to derail the GOP Electoral Objection Hearings at the joint session of the congress. The plot was to take advantage of the Trump’s Save America March Rally of 250,000 Trumpists and rush in to the Capitol Building to start a riot and blame it on the Trumpists! The complete Capitol Building Break-ins was pre-planned and staged by Democrats to derail the hearings, declare Biden the president and steal the presidency despite overwhelming evidence of over 1000 cases of eye witness testimonies, films and documents proving the Election Fraud!

What Democrats had done on January 6, 2021 in Capitol Hill was similar to what Hitler done in Berlin, burning down the Reichstag parliament and blaming it on the Communists! It was a plot and a hoax played on the American people. Today’s America under Democrats is inspired from the Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Communist Russia in the early 1930s when Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin drafted thugs to control the streets (like BLM and ANTIFA) and drafted police state to control the society.

Democrats are establishing a Chinese style one party Socialist Regime in America where Media, Social Media and Tech Giants are to censor any opposing voice and the Big Government is to create a police state via DOJ, FBI, CIA and rest of the Swamp.

Democrat control America via stolen election, welcome to USSA (Union of Socialist States of America)!

ANTIFA in black gear hanging from the ledge to fall in the chamber of congress while his friend is watching him.

Timeline of Events

On January 6, 2021 a crowd of over 250,000 patriots gathered in Washington DC covering an area from the White House all the way to the Washington Monument. The plan was to hear the president’s speech and the other speakers’ speeches. Then the people supposed to walk peacefully to the Capitol Building to encourage the GOP congressmen to develop back bones and join the Trumpist Representatives and senators objecting the electoral count in the joint session of the congress.

ANTIFA in black gear hanging from the ledge is about to drop in the chamber of the congress while his friend is watching him. Now that you zoom up close, you can see that ANTIFA is wearing a Palestinian scarf around his neck and under his gear. He also has an Islamist crescent and star with green stripes logo on his helmet. He is dressed in full black. His fellow ANTIFA upstairs is filming him. Notice that Trumpists do not dress like this! This ANTIFA member was one of the first who stormed the Capitol Building in the first wave of ANTIFA attack on the Capitol in coordination with the DC Police, Capitol Security and Democrats. The Riots started by ANTIFA and BLM, yet the Democrats who orchestrated the riots, blamed it on Trump and the Trumpists!

Media and Social Media Collusion

In the morning of the January 6, 2021, way before the break-ins to the Capitol building which occurred in the afternoon, NPR published an article which stated that the protestors clashed with the police! CNN spoke of a coup, FOX news shown a program which in it Trumpists were only walking the Hill but in the under-screen writing, was written: “Protests are in progress”. Why? All of them knew that the riots would occur! The whole thing was planned and the media was in it.

The Corrupt Corporate Media was in on the plot from the beginning.

ANTIFA in black gear storms the Capitol Building. Notice them climbing the wall rapidly.

Now we will retrack the whole event and display it with videos, articles and evidence of what really happened in DC on January 6, 2021. Have in mind that some of these videos are falsely fact checked by the lying liberal social media and censored for you not to view them:

Trump Save America March Rally Speeches

Rudy Giuliani Speech

Eric Trump speaks at the Save America March in DC

Donald Trump Jr. Speaks at 'Save America' Rally in DC
Don Jr. Drops a Nuke on Establishment GOP DC

Backup File

Georgia Speeches

Don Jr. Goes Off on Dems for Woke “Amen and Awomen” Opening Prayer
Georgia Speech

Backup File

Vernon Jones Speech Georgia

Trump Historic Speech at Save America March DC

Trump spoke to over 250,000 American Patriots who gathered in Washington DC. Trump strictly spoke of peaceful protests and walk to the Capitol. It is clearly stated in the speech.

Trump Historic Speech on Save America March Rally at Washington DC

Backup File

Backup File 2

ANTIFA in black gear storms the Capitol Building. Now that you look up-close, you will notice that:
ANTIFA standing on top left edge of balcony is wearing ANTIFA brand and style bullet proof vest.
ANTIFA in the middle climbing the balcony has ANTIFA style backpack.
ANTIFA climbing the wall at the bottom left has an ANTIFA style diagonal strap bag.
Trumpists don’t dress up like this.

Congress Speeches Objecting Electoral Counts

In a meanwhile senators and representatives at the joint session of the congress were stating their objections.

YouTube Suppressed these links, big league!

Jim Jordan Speech

Josh Hawley Speech

Matt Gaetz Demands Election Integrity, Objects to Fraud on the House Floor

Ted Cruz Erupts from Senate Floor Over Claims of Voter Fraud

Matt Gaetz and Ted Cruz

Jake Angeli the BLM Viking Capitol Riot Instigator at the Climate Protest at the Arizona State Capital on 2019. The Rally was promoted by BLM and ANTIFA. He is doing a Viking Shaman Scream. The placard next to him reads:
The poles are shifting!
The icecaps are melting!
This is Ragnarök!
It's time to wake up!
YouTube Star Speed Academy Channel
Since the DC protests, his channel in YouTube has been removed, yet he insists that he is not BLM. The left also tries to dispute that he is BLM.
Notice that Trumpists do not dress like this, nor do they attend Climate Protests. Trumpists do not believe in the Global Warming Hoax. This guy is a hardcore Environmental Wacko Activist and a BLM foot soldier.

Save America March Protests

Then the protests begun.

Save America Rally Protest

Trump's Motorcade Drives Through March For Trump Rally in D.C

Jake Angeli the BLM Viking Capitol Riot Instigator at the BLM Rally in Arizona on June 2020. The background sign says: F Da Police! Notice that Trumpists do not dress like this, nor do they attend BLM Protests. Trumpists do not insult the police but they admire the police. This guy is a hardcore Environmental Wacko Activist and a BLM foot soldier.

Crowd Stormed the Capitol Building

Next, a small segment of the Trumpists stormed the Capitol Building. The fed-up patriots who have been ignored by both party for 30 years have now witnessed that the presidential election and senate election (Georgia) were stolen. Democrats were about to establish a Socialist Takeover of America and oust the legitimate president (Trump). They saw no other choice but to uprise and make a statement by a show of force. Even this statement was supposed to be peaceful.

Jake Angeli the BLM Viking Capitol Riot Instigator at the Save America March on Washington DC 2021, blending in as a Trumpist preaching in his megaphone. This guy is a hardcore Environmental Wacko Activist and a BLM foot soldier.

Staged Capitol Building Riots

At this point the Capitol Security and District Police opened the barricade and did allow the rioters in. The pre-planned BLM and ANTIFA rioters led the Patriots in. The security forces directed the crowd inside to the first floor and from there upstairs to upper floors. Once the people were in the desired area, they opened fire on the unarmed innocent people.

One got shot in the neck and died, another got shot in the chest, other ones got injured. Many got injured and 3 got killed by heart failures and health complications.

So, first the security opened up the barriers and allowed the people in, then directed them up the stairs to higher floors, they invited the riots. Next, the shooting and battle started. Then they stormed people out of the Capitol building, gassed them and attacked them.

No ANTIFA and BLM agitator who led the patriots in, was killed, injured or arrested. Pretty fabricated and planned break-ins, all to make Trump look bad and to seize the objection hearings inside the building!

The Joint Session of congress for objection of the electoral votes was going successful for Trump. Loads of evidence were about to display. Investigations were about to be ordered but then the riots stopped all that and derailed the hearings!

Jake Angeli the BLM Viking Capitol Riot Instigator at the Save America March on Washington DC on January 6, 2021, trying to blend in as a Trumpist carrying an American flag. The same American flag which in the past he attended the BLM protests burning them! The Trumpists are looking at him oddly wondering what the hell getup is that? He was easily recognized because he forgot to take off his bizarre BLM Viking getup! This guy is a hardcore Environmental Wacko Activist and a BLM foot soldier.

ANTIFA and BLM Escorted by DC Police to Join the March

State Troopers, DC Police and Black SUVs escorted 4 charter busses loaded with ANTIFA and BLM to the heart of Washington DC. These ANTIFA and BLM members led the crowd in to the Capitol Building. The Capitol Security and DC Police was perfectly aware of these agitators and was ordered not to entangle with them or shoot them, but they fought the patriots and shot the patriots.

ANTIFA Buses escorted by DC Police dropped Communists at the heart of Washington DC

ANTIFA Buses dropped Communists at the heart of Washington DC

Backup File

Backp File 2

Then a small fraction of Trumpists rushed the Capitol Building.

Trump supporters storm Capitol Building as congress Gathers to Count Electoral Votes


Unlike BLM and ANTIFA, the MAGA people are almost never violent.

Jake Angeli the BLM Viking (center) with Philly ANTIFA Caveman (Left) Capitol Riot Instigators were amongst the first wave of BLM and ANTIFA who rushed the Capitol Building. They were welcomed and guided by the DC Police and Capitol Security as was planned by the Democrats. Over here, they are lecturing for the cameras as a photo op. at the Capitol building blending in as Trumpists at the Save America March on Washington DC on January 6, 2021

BLM and ANTIFA Started the Riot by the Guidance of the DC Police and Capitol Security!

Washington Times and New York Post brought forward evidence of BLM and ANTIFA staging the Capitol Hill Riots to blame the Trump Supporters.

Facial recognition proves ANTIFA and BLM staged the Capitol storm as Trump supporters

New York Post

Washington Times

Multiple Eye Witnesses Confirm Leftists and Democrats Infiltrated Protests and Caused Riots.

Evidence Emerges Of ANTIFA Infiltrating Capitol Hill Protests

Jake Angeli the BLM Viking (center) with Philly ANTIFA Caveman (Left) Capitol Riot Instigators were amongst the first wave of BLM and ANTIFA who rushed the Capitol Building. Over here they are arguing with the security police inside the Capitol Building and blending in as Trumpists at the Save America March and protests on Washington DC on January 6, 2021

DC Police and Security Guided the Protestors to Rush the Capitol Building. They opened the barricade for them and allowed them to reach the building and then opened the door to the building for them, next they guided them to upper floors inside the building!

Police Opening Up The Gates and Letting the Protesters Storm Toward The Capitol

Police Opened the Barricades for Protestors to go in the Capitol Building

Police Opened the Doors to the Capitol building and Allowed Protestors inside

Police Aided ANTIFA and Directed them to Pass the Barricade and Move to the Building

Police Directing ANTIFA and Protestors Where to Go Inside the Capitol

Police Stood By and allowed Protestors to Walk All Over the Capitol Building

Evidence is Pilling Up that ANTIFA Instigated the Riots at the Capitol

Capitol Security and DC Police directed the protestors to upper levels and then all over the Capitol Building.

A police guard allowed and led protestors upstairs to a certain spot of the Capitol

A police guard allowed and led protestors upstairs

The real story is totally different than what the media tells you!

What Really Happened At The Capitol Door? The Real People, The Real Story.

DC Protests

Banned Videos

Evidence Mounts ANTIFA Disguised as Patriots, Triggered Capitol Violence

Photo Left: Philly ANTIFA Caveman (left) and Jake Angeli the BLM Viking (right) at the Capitol riots Washington DC 2021.
Photo Right: Philly ANTIFA Caveman (left) and a BLM Comrade (right) at the Philadelphia ANTIFA. Photo from the Philadelphia ANTIFA Website.
Philly ANTIFA Caveman and Jake Angeli the BLM Viking were amongst the Capitol Riot Instigators.

ANTIFA and BLM Led the Riots

Philly ANTIFA was there and they blended in as Trumpists.  Various ANTIFA thugs were amongst the protestors and they led the riots. The funny thing is that one of the ANTIFA thugs forgot to cover his Communist Hammer and Sickle Tattoo on the hand! Philly ANTIFA Caveman denies he is ANTIFA but he was caught in a Philly ANTIFA Rally. Trumpists don’t attend ANTIFA Rallies. The left is trying to deny he is ANTIFA.

Philly ANTIFA Caveman at the Capitol riots Washington DC 2021.
Philly ANTIFA Caveman forgot to cover the Communist Tattoo of Hammer and Sickle logo on his hand!
Philly ANTIFA Caveman and Jake Angeli the BLM Viking were amongst the Capitol Riot Instigators pretending and posing as Trumpists. The Trumpists don’t get Communist Tattoos on their hands!

Jake Angeli of BLM was there too. Jake Angeli, a “Shamanic practitioner”, an Environmentalist Wacko, and a BLM member played a Trump Supporter on Wednesday but he forgot to take off his famous Viking gear! In June of 2020, the BLM Viking was spotted in the BLM Protest in Arizona. The BLM Viking was also spotted as an Environmental Climate Activist in the joint ANTIFA and BLM Climate protest at September 2019 in Arizona state capital. Jake Angeli tries to deny he is BLM but Trumpists don’t attend Climate Rallies and especially they don’t attend BLM Rallies! The left is trying to deny he is BLM.

Jake Angeli the BLM Viking (center) with Philly ANTIFA Caveman (Left) Capitol Riot Instigators were amongst the first wave of BLM and ANTIFA who rushed the Capitol Building. Over here the BLM Viking is screaming one of his Viking Shamanic screams while the Philly ANTIFA Caveman looking stoned inside the Capitol Building trying to blend in as Trumpists at the Save America March and protests on Washington DC on January 6, 2021. They are both denying to be Leftist BLM and ANTIFA!

John Sullivan of BLM was there too! John Sullivan doesn’t deny that he was in the Capitol. The anti-Trump founder of Utah-based Insurgence USA, said he entered the Capitol Building Wednesday alongside the pro-Trump protesters, but he said he was just there to "document." What an excuse! The excuse which can only fool himself!

John Sullivan the BLM founder of the Utah Insurgence USA Group was a Capitol Riot Instigator at Washington DC on January 6, 2021. He doesn’t deny being BLM and being at the protests but he denies being an instigator, yet he claims that he was only there to document the events! Right! It’s a good thing that he didn’t claim that he was fly fishing there!

These are only a few ANTIFA and BLM cases.

In few instances Trumpists stopped ANTIFA from vandalizing the Capitol and were shouting F ANTIFA. In this occasion Trumpists stop ANTIFA from vandalizing Capitol.

Two ANTIFA Members Vandalize Capitol Building

In this instance Trumpist stops ANTIFA from breaking window and ANTIFA jumps the fence and runs away.

Trumpist Confronting ANTIFA Breaking Windows of Capitol

Patriots Stop ANTIFA (In Disguise) From Breaking Windows At DC Capitol

ANTIFA in Black Gear with Pan African Flag in DC Protests at the Capitol

ANTIFA Paid to Pretend He is Trumpist

BLM activist inside Capitol claims he was 'documenting' riots, once said 'burn it all down'

This was clearly the job of ANTIFA because no patriot brings down the US Flag. We worship the US Falg:

Capitol Protesters Attempt to Remove U.S. Flag and Replace with Trump Flag

Undeniable Proof Antifa Infiltrated US Capitol, Initiated Siege

Two known Antifa members posed as pro-Trump to infiltrate Capitol riot

More evidence of ANTIFA and BLM infiltration of the protests and leading the riots in collusion with the Capitol Security and DC Police is piling up by the day.


A Capitol Hill police had died of injuries.
Over 50 cops were injured.
A House security official resigned.
US Capitol police Chief resigned.
4 Protestors are dead.
52 Protestors are arrested.

How did all this happen when we spend so much money on security?
Our Tax money down the drain?

Ashli Babbitt, a Murdered Patriot

DC Police shot Ashli Babbitt from San Diego, a 14-year veteran who served four tours with the U.S. Airforce. Ashli Babbitt was unarmed and shot point blank in the neck by the DC police. She was a great patriot and a veteran who like many other patriots, she was simply fed up with the corrupt government ignoring the will of the people.

Ashli Babbitt

Ashli Babbitt last video

Ashli Babbitt at protest

Ashli Babbitt Shot dead

Shot dead Backup File

Ashli Babbitt San Diego

Ashli Babbitt, woman killed in Capitol riots, described as patriot who 'loved America with all her heart'

Woman Shot, Killed Inside Capitol Identified as 14-Year Veteran Who Served Four Tours

Protests Across USA State Capitals

Trump Supporters Take Protests to Statehouses Across US

Review of Events

U.S. Capitol Descends into Chaos on Day of Electoral College Certification

4 Deaths Reported Around Capitol Grounds

Protesters Destroy Media Crews’ Camera Equipment

Trump Tells Patriots to Stand Down

As he stated at the beginning of his speech at the beginning of the March, Trump once more clearly stated to the patriots to stand down and that is why the patriots stood down.

Democrats, Media and Tech Giants lie and blame Trump for the riots. If Trump’s intention was to take over the Capitol Building and cause a riot in DC, then the complete Washington DC would have been leveled by the patriots!

Trump Tells Supporters to Stand Down

Donald Trump Tells Supporters to Go Home ‘in Peace’ - After Blaming Election for DC Unrest

RINOs and Weak Republicans Backed Down

It was all staged and the congress right away restarted the sessions and started to dismiss the electoral challenge. Many electoral challengers backed down, many GOP reps and senators turned turncoats! The true face of the RINOs, GOP Establishment and Never Trumpers came out! Suddenly they switched sides! It was like a pre-played movie screenplay! It was quite a show!

Deep State was Ready to Retaliate Against Trump

It was so rehearsed that it was almost comical! As planned from the beginning, like a step-by-step scenario, the retaliation against Trump begun. They introduced Trump as a Traitor which in reality they are the Traitors to the Republic!

Social Media Banned Trump

Twitter permanently banned Trump, General Flynn, Sidney Powell and many other conservatives.

Facebook Blacklists Donald Trump Indefinitely

Twitter permanently bans Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn

Trump was Condemned by Liberals

Big Michael Tranny (Michelle Obama) to Big Tech:
Ban Trump Forever

Michael (Michelle) Obama, the Tranny
Michelle Obama Calls on Big Tech to Ban Donald Trump

Barack Obama Blames Conservative Media ‘Ecosystem’ After Trump Supporters Storm Capitol

Trump Will be Impeached Again!

Ilhan Omar: ‘I am Drawing Up Articles of Impeachment’ Against President Trump

Trump Will be Removed!

Rep. Kinzinger: It's Time to Invoke 25th Amendment

Crying Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi called for Trump’s removal. Even Lindsey Graham is speaking of it!

Pelosi calls for 25th Amendment, impeachment to remove Trump

Dominion Sues Sidney Powell

Dominion steals the election for Biden and then sues Sidney Powell the Patriot!

Dominion Voting Systems files $1.3 billion suit against Sidney Powell

ABC News Wants to Cleans America from Trumpists!

ABC News calls for 'cleansing the movement' of Trump supporters following Capitol riots

RINOs and Liberals Collusion Coup

For the second time, the Deep State committed a coup, this time to steal the election and oust the legal president of United States who won the election with the difference of over 8 million votes but cheated out of the office! Deep State including these scumbags colluded to oust Trump:

Deep State
Military Industrial Complex
Bill Barr

Never Trumpers
Mitch McConnell
Lindsey Graham
Liz Cheney
Adam Kinzinger
Lisa Murkowski
Mitt Romney

Weak Republican Turncoats
Mike Pence
Kelly Loeffler
Tom Cotton
Dan Crenshaw
Mike Braun

George Soros
Nancy Pelosi
Chuck Schumer

Social Media
Tech Giants
DC Swamp
Big Gov.

Jake Angeli the BLM Viking Capitol Riot Instigator inside the chamber at the Capitol Building blending in as a Trumpist at the Save America March and protests on Washington DC on January 6, 2021.


What have we learned?

* Silicon valley and corporations are cancelling Trump, conservatives and majority of the Americans! Obviously, they have not learned anything from the Capitol Experiment. When you push the American people to the limit, they lash back! What happened in the Capitol can happen in the Silicon Valley!

* DC mayor Muriel Bowser and DC police were in it from the beginning.

* Republicans have no back bones. They handed the country to Marxists. Republican establishments are party of the wind, they go where the wind blows! They are seasonal rebels! Once a swamp creature, always a swamp creature. Trump helped elect them and they back stabbed Trump: Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and rest of the dirt bags. Is there any wonder?!

* Social Media bans anyone who questions the legitimacy of the elections! Google and its YouTube whore are the ring leaders.

* Democrat Tactics of 2021 are reminding us of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Communist Russia during the early 1930s. Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin used the similar tactics to rule the streets with thugs and rule the masses with the police state.

* Democrats’ derailing of the Electoral Vote Challenge, ignoring over 1000 cases of election fraud and fabricating fake riots was pretty similar to the Hitler and Nazis burning of the Reichstag German parliament and blaming the Communists for it! 

* Deep State and Democrats are going to make an example of Trump and Trumpists. We on the other hand will not bend over and let Socialism to roll all over us.

* Trump stood for all of us and fought for all of us. Now it is time for all of us to join the fight to save America.

* Democrats were suppressing the Right, before the riot in DC; now they will use this riot to absolutely establish a Socialist Dictatorship in America.

* The Riot is the result of DC ignoring the American people for 30 years and now stealing the presidency and senate from them.

* Democrats will go after all the Free Speech and Conservative media, social media, organizations and entities.

Liberals through Google monopoly are already going after Parler:

Google suspends Parler app from Play Store over failure to moderate egregious content

Twitter suspends Donald Trump account permanently

* Tech Oligarchs and Tech Giants are now ruling America because coward republicans failed to stand up to them and pass the section 230 elimination.

* Now that Democrats are in absolute control, they will never commit to an election reform and elimination of the Dominion hardware and software; therefore, elections will always remain rigged and GOP ma never regain control.

* America is officially under a socialist Regime and there is a serious problem with GOP ever regaining power in the USA. Mike Pence, Mitch McConnel, Lindsey Graham and GOP Establishment sold America to Socialism because they are swamp and they have no backbones!

* Democrats now have the White House, Senate and House, they also own Tech Giants, Social Media, Media, Hollywood, Academia, Government and Deep State. It will be an uphill battle for us!

* GOP is done with and if anything, Establishment RINOs are done with. They will never again play a role in the American politics. This is Trump’s party now.

* GOP certified an election where there were more votes than voters for Biden! In some places 200% more! RINOs and Democrats colluded. George Soros orchestrated and Democrats executed the plan!

* GOP ranks somewhere between toilet and sewer! When going gets tough, rats abandon ship! GOP Establishment RINOs are lower than feces.

* Most admired man in the world (Gallup poll) is Trump. He toppled Obama after 12 years. Biden ranks somewhere at the bottom near Trash Can! How can someone with the popularity of a lima bean win the election? That should tell you something about legitimacy of this election!

* If Trump’s intention was to riot, he wouldn’t order National guard and FBI to restore peace.

*If Trump wanted real uprising, DC would be leveled now.

* In the future, beware of the American People’s Wrath and riots due to taxation without representation.

USSA (Union of Socialist States of America)

On January 20, 2021 USA will officially become the USSA, a police state Socialist Regime.

The masks have come off, the Façade Democracy is in the gutter. The fake “Bubble Democracy” is burst and the ugly face of the Deep State is clearly in the skies of America. The election is stolen, the voices are silenced, the patriots are jailed, and the complete might of the Big Government is here to take over.

US Government will not serve the people anymore but it will rule over the people! We will be in total occupation by the Socialist Regime and oppressed by the Deep State Swamp and the Big Gov.

You will lose your republic, democracy and freedoms.


The legitimate president of America shed a beacon of hope:

"The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future. They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!!"
(Trump January 8, 2021)

Have the Swamp Learned Anything?

I wonder if the Swamp had learned anything from the January 6, 2021 experience? It doesn’t look like it because the news by the day sounds like full police state, Deep State control, Absolute censorship, retaliation against conservatives and oppression of the Patriots.

If so, then I see dark days in the future of America. I see fed up people in this country will uprise. The same people who have been ignored for 30 years by the swamp. The same Swamp which stolen the elections and ousted the legitimate president of America who won the election by the landslide of over 8 million votes flipped for Biden!

Jake Angeli the BLM Viking Capitol Riot Instigator is screaming one of his Viking Shamanic screams inside the Capitol Building while blending in as a Trumpist at the Save America March and protests on Washington DC on January 6, 2021. The DC Police and Capitol Security welcomed him inside the Capitol Building without any resistance!

Message to the Swamp

I have news for the Illegitimate Socialist Occupational Regime:

You can steal elections, oust the legitimate president, arrest the patriots, silence the people and create a police state to govern with censorship, force and dictatorship, but beware of the wrath of the American people.

American people are unique. America is not third world and Americans were not born to be oppressed slaves to the government. Once you keep on pushing the people to the limit, eventually the people will explode.

“Every action causes a reaction of the equal force and in the opposite direction.”
(Isaac Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion in Physics)

United State of America’s patriots are on the edge, and the Democrats, RINOs and Deep State’s solution is to silence them and oppress them more!

For the first time in history, you have stolen a complete election and shamelessly you are erecting a Senile Old Corrupt Fool, a Chinese Agent and a Thief as the president of United States. The most important office in the world will be handed to an incompetent corrupt criminal! You are handing this country to Tech Oligarchs, Deep State and China. The reality is that you are the Traitors. We are the American Patriots and you are the disease.

On January 20, 2021 we will officially lose our Republic and Democracy which will ultimately lead to losing our Freedoms.  With the path this country is going and with the path the Socialist Occupational Regime has chosen, unfortunately I see a dark future for this country. I see a very dark future and violence which will make January 6, 2021 Capitol Riot look like a Sunday School! The good news is that after mass violence and bloodshed, this country will once more become what the founding fathers intended:


Government of the Deep State by the Swamp and for the Elite

To the:

Government of the People by the People and for the People

The only question remains is that:

Is the Regime stupid enough to allow this transformation to occur with mass bloodshed or will they wise up and allow this transformation to occur peacefully and by the Constitution as the Founding Fathers intended?!


“The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
(Thomas Jefferson)

The whole world is watching to see what will happen to the American Role Model for Freedom!


Dr X


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