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Democrats, what do they stand for?
Ahreeman X
March 26, 2020

Future Generation of the Democrat Party Branco Cartoon
The Brave Young Generation of Democrats
Battle of Liberal Old Farts: Socialist Joe Biden vs. Communist Bernie Sanders

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Grrr Graphics - Ben Garrison

Comically Incorrect Cartoons - A F Branco

Michael Ramirez

Today’s Democrat Party

Today’s Democrat Party is out of touch with the mainstream America.  Democrats are out of touch with the Average Joe and the Average Jane Working Class of the America. Democrats do not comprehend that America is not about New York and Los Angeles but it is about everything else in-between! They have learned nothing from the 2016 National Populist Revolution of Trump and the People. They are destined to once more lose in 2020 election and self-destruct for many more years to come.

Trump National Populist Revolution

Are you confused about what Democrats stand for?
Do they even stand for America and Americans?
Not to worry because the baby is also confused about the Liberal Agenda!

Democrat Party of today is a Socialist Big Government Control Mob Organization in the pocket of the Special Interest and in coalition with the other Establishment groups such as the Deep State, Corporate Media, Academia, Tech Giants, Social Media, Hollywood and Globalist Corporations. Together, they are the Washington DC Swamp. Today’s Democrat Party (not Democratic because they are Socialist not Democratic) is not your Grandfather’s and Kennedy’s Democrat Party. Today’s Democrat party is a suffocating monster which is sucking the blood out of the working man in America.

Democrat party is the party of Neo Slavery. Democrats created the Confederacy and Ku Klux Klan, but the average people are not aware of these historical facts. All big plantations were Democrat owned. In the past, Democrats enslaved the Black man’s body but now, they are enslaving the Black man’s mind!

It is between 30 to 100 years that Democrats run the large cities of America and practically bankrupted and destroyed them, turned them to crime infested, homeless infected, and polluted, economical graveyards. Democrats have a talent of destroying the urban centers of America. Take a good look at what Democrats have done with New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, San Francisco and such cities.

Democrats are losing their Black and Hispanic voters block to Trump because Blacks and Hispanics same as other Americans love Peace and Prosperity provided by Trump. Today’s Democrat Party agenda is in direct conflict with the benefits of the Black and Hispanic voters.

Democrat Front Runner with Walker Branco Cartoon
“Joe Biden is the strong hope of the Democrat Party!” (Media)
“Is Joe Biden developing Dementia?” (Media)

Blacks, Hispanics and other Americans do not care for Democrat agendas such as:

* High Taxation
* High Regulations
* Destruction of Energy Independence
* Seizure of Guns
* Green New Deal Environmental Regulations chasing the Global Warming Fantasy
* Medicare for All including Illegal Aliens funded by taxpayers which will bankrupt Social Security
* Open Borders
* Victimhood, Class Warfare, Identity Politics and Screaming Social Injustice
* Transgender Bathrooms
* Biological Male Transgenders in Women’s Sports Unjust Domination
* Creation of 6 to 60 genders to destroy masculinity in men and femininity in women
* Destruction of the Family Unit as man, woman and children
* Destruction of Father Figure and Expansion of Single Mother Homes
* Extreme Anti-Religion and Anti Church Agenda
* Making Islam and Islamism Mainstream America
* Political Correctness
* Abortion by Killing the Babies up to the moment of birth and even beyond
* Reparation and affirmative action instead of job creation for Blacks
* Subsidies, Welfare and Food Stamp Dependency instead of jobs and opportunities
* Endless Foreign Wars for Military Industrial Complex
* Anti-Business, Manufacturing, Industry and Free Market Policies
* Deep State Big Government Control of America

Americans want jobs, peace, low taxes, less regulations, guns, morality, good religion, traditional values, less government control and individualism. Majority of Americans including Republicans, Independents and Democrats are against today’s Democrat Socialist Party’s agenda!

Later on, in the article, I will expand on every single Democrat agenda which are all Anti American and Pro Destruction of Americanism.

Bernie Sanders in Bed with Communists Ben Garrison Cartoon
Bernie: Obviously I am not a communist!
Marx, Stalin, Castro and Mao: Sure, you’re not!

Coronavirus Lessons

If nothing, we have learned a couple of lessons from Coronavirus:

A) Bring All Manufacturing Back in USA
B) Be Completely Prepared for the Future Pandemics

Bring All Manufacturing Back in USA

We cannot be depended on China or any other foreign nation for our crucial productions such as medicine, steel, electronics, chips and processors. Everything must be produced in USA, so never again China or any other nation threatens or hold us as hostage. We also must pay off China’s debt with interest so they have nothing over us.

Be Completely Prepared for the Future Pandemics

If every time a pandemic hits USA (like it did before and it will in the future), we shut down the economy and society, then the greatest economy in the world and heart of Capitalism will fall! In any given year in America, between 30,000 to 80,000 people die from various types of flue. What is so special about Coronavirus that we are shutting down the economy? We must discover the vaccine like we discover any other vaccine, but common-sense healthcare and preventing infection can avoid exposure to the virus.

Trump such as everything else, inherited a disastrous health structure from that Muslim Jigaboo Hussein Obama. He is doing the best that he can to restructure the mess he inherited and he is doing a great job indeed.

Federalism is just a term for Democrats to use it when in their benefits. In a Federal System of Government, the governors and states should prepare for epidemics and pandemics but many governors di not. For instance, that baboon Governor Cuomo of New York had a chance to purchase 16,000 ventilators in 2015 but he refused to do such. Now he is begging for ventilators from the Federal Government and acts like it is Trump’s incompetence that his state is in deep Shiite! The Wop Bozo behaves like Trump is responsible for his negligent! The Bozo and others like him must comprehend that Trump is doing a great job and he is helping them by the speed of light; therefore, instead of conducting show interviews to fish from the coronavirus waters, be appreciated that Trump is helping them. Follow the path of other Democrat governors who kiss Trump’s ass for doing such a great job. Even Jerry Brown’s Butt Boy (Gavin Newsom) of the Gay Liberal State of California is thankful and praises Trump for all his help because without Trump’s help, California would have been in a state of chaos!

A Better Deal Democrats Branco Cartoon
Democrat Jackass: Hey America, you wanna ride?

While Politicians like Nancy Old Pussy (Pelosi) and Gavin Newsom destroyed California’s economy, infrastructure, and society and then filled the streets of the large cities (like San Francisco) with homeless; due to high cost of living and housing, businesses and middle class fled California. Having no solution for the disastrous economy created by Democrats, they started being drug lords and selling weed in their states. This is how they created a budget surplus. So, Gavin Newsom became the greatest drug dealer in the state and the marijuana addiction and driving under influence went sky high! Due to Jerry Brown and his Butt Boy’s (Gavin Newsom) wacked environmental policies, drought, water shortage and forest fires occurred in California.  Horrible environmental policies and Climatologist Wacked Job decisions, they bankrupted the state with regulations and high taxations. Finally, the only way out was drug dealing! Anyone can sell dope and then claim budget surplus!

For years and decades, these Democrat Governors did not do their jobs and now like Gumba Andrew Cuomo, they bitch and moan and blame Trump!

Bernie Sanders Next Best Seller Book Branco Cartoon
Titled: “How to Make Millions Selling Socialism to Millennial Idiots!”

Democrats are Fishing in Coronavirus Infected Swamp

“Never let a good crisis to waste without taking political advantage!” stated by Rahm Emanuel the ex-mayor of Chicago.

Take a good look at the present time. Trump is trying to pass a bill to rapidly aid the American working people with stimulus package of a few thousands per family. Trump is trying to send help as fast as possible to save the working class from job loss and the businesses from the business loss. Trump is buying time in this coronavirus crisis era to get the economy going and avoid the economic collapse until this pandemic will be over. After all, this economic tragedy is due to the virus, an abomination incident imported from China. This is not an economical crisis but it is a health crisis which can destroy the great Trump economy if not tamed.

In these hard times of survival for the working class, small business and corporations, what do Democrats do?

Democrats are trying to block the coronavirus relief bill to aid the people and to shove in there 20 different unrelated additions such as abortion funds for plant parenthood, solar power extension refunds and big union help!

Nancy Pelosi Proposes 1,400-Page Coronavirus Bill Stuffed with Special Interest Goodies! Democrats are shamelessly trying to use this emergency to shove every little pet projects and hidden agenda in this bill and ram it through! Democrats are taking advantage of the crisis to force the “Green New Deal” environmental Bull Shiite agenda and tens of other craps down the helpless Americans’ throats! They use this crisis to as usual furthermore social engineer America.

Nancy Pelosi Ape and Green New Deal Lipstick Pig Sales Pitch Branco Cartoon
“Democrats attach 20 different pet projects pork in to the relief bill!” (Media)
Mitch McConnell: What does this have to do with Coronavirus Relief Bill?

Nancy Pelosi is Holding America Hostage

Pelosi holds relief bill hostage. What do these Pelosi demands have to do with the coronavirus relief money for the working class?

Pelosi’s demands which wanted to shove in the deal are:

Nancy Pelosi Wish List

* Increased fuel emission standards for airlines receiving funds and carbon offsets
Airlines are already suffering because no one is flying, and Pelosi wants to kick them in the balls while they are down!

* Requirements for federal and corporate gender and racial diversity data
So, people working in Coronavirus research and task force, also in other corporations are being hired not by Merrit but due to race and gender. In other words, shoving a bunch of unqualified and incompetent minorities, homosexuals and transsexuals in to the emergency work force to artificially equalize the work force.

* Money for Planned Parenthood
Yes, abortion funding is really essential to help the American workers survive this Coronavirus disaster! Killing babies business is a must in the economic package!

* The expansion of wind and solar tax credits
In these crises, is it really time to push Green New Deal agenda?

* A nationwide same-day voter registration, early voting, voting by mail, ballot harvesting
So, Democrats can easily cheat in the election system. It is not bad enough that we already have dead people, illegal aliens, convicted felons and double voters voting for the Democrats in California but Democrats need more fraud in the system!

* Preserving collective bargaining powers for unions
Big money to corrupt union bosses and big labor but not directly to the labor and the working class!

* Post Office Bailout
I thought Post Office was making her own money and balancing their own budget! What happened?  Post Office has been having deficit sine the dawn of the time and the tax payers have been bailing her out forever! Do we need to give them more money for incompetence?

* Automatic extension of nonimmigrant foreign workers’ visas.
So, Democrats can add more voters to their ranks while feeding the corporate special interest demands!

* Restricting colleges from providing information about citizenship status
So, Democrats can get as many illegal aliens in to colleges for the American taxpayers to fund!

* Obama-phones for the needy
People are dying from Coronavirus, financial crisis, no jobs and no lives but Democrats want to hand phones to welfare recipients!

* Music and arts funds for Kennedy Center
To support Kennedy Center (Nancy Pelosi’s favorite Opera house) is a must to shove in this bill!

* Community Newspaper Retirement funds
So, the liberal media liars can have good retirements too!

* Amnesty for the nearly 700,000 to 800,000 DACA illegal aliens
Why not? Everything else Liberals want is shoved in there!

* $300 million for foreign refugees abroad
This one is a classic! Let Americans die in America but fund foreign refugees!

* An expansion of foreign-language ballots
So, foreigners don’t have to learn English; therefore, become government employees serving in post office, courthouse and government offices. Once you need something and go to these offices, they can’t even speak English, set aside helping you!

* Payment for up to $10,000 in student loans
Maybe this is the only Democrat demand which somewhat makes sense to help the students but now is not the time to pander to liberal millennials!

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Ostrich Head in Sand Ben Garrison Cartoon
“Nancy Pelosi is developing Alzheimer!” (Media)
“Nancy Pelosi have been mistaking her head with her Buttocks!” (Media)
“By delaying the bill, Democrats are playing politics with people’s lives!” (Media)

Basically, Dems shove all types of their pork agenda: Green New Deal, Special Intertest, Big Labor Union Kick Backs, etc. in this bill which supposed to only help the workers who are literally dying out there due to the Coronavirus.

Democrats Only Seek Power

Democrats only seek power and use every crisis to gain more power. They are the most corrupt political party in the US history.

I am not a fan of Lindsey Graham. Senator Graham like many other GOP Establishment figures, is the representative of the Swamp. He is a Neo Con, RINO Republican and Establishment of GOP.  These guys are working with Trump because they know that GOP is now Trump’s party and if they don’t obey Trump, then the people will not elect them. That is why for the time being, they have switched sides from Establishment to Trump National Populist. At least some of them like Lindsey Graham converted to Trumpism and work with Trump. That is more than I can say for Never Trumpers like Mitt Romney!

Graham maybe many things but Graham got one thing right and I have to give him credit for that. Graham said to Dems:

“All you want is power and I hope you never gain it again.”

I know Dems are finished, not just in this election they will lose everything, house, senate and presidency but in the future elections, for many upcoming elections, they will keep on losing. Why you ask? Because they have been showing their true face to the Americans.

They rather destroy America as long as Trump gets destroyed along with it! People’s lives mean nothing to them. Dems are all about Establishment, Deep State, Swamp and special interest. Some naïve Americans including Iranian American Democrats still assume that the Democrat Party is the party of the people, labor and minorities. The reality is that Democrats have abandoned the Blacks, Hispanics, Workers and the Middle America. Today’s Democrat Party is not Kennedy’s Democrat Party but it is a corrupt, special interest, power hungry party; furthermore, it is a Socialist Party of Deep State and Big Government to control every aspect of your lives.

Trump vs. Democrats Who We Are Branco Cartoon
Democrat Jackass: US Constitution, Law and Order, America 1st, and Freedom, that’s not who we are! Socialism, Free Stuff for Losers and Open Borders, that’s who we are!

Trump’s GOP

On the contrary Trump had cleansed the GOP and turned it to American Workers’ Party. Trump GOP has welcomed Blacks, Hispanics and every other minority and women as one America agenda. Trump is destroying the GOP Establishment and that is why the Deep State Swamp is fighting back every chance to destroy Trump. GOP of Trump is the Trumpist National Populist Party.

GOP Establishment

Call them Neo Cons, RINO Republicans, Never Trumpers, GOP Establishment or whatever other hell which you desire. It does not matter what you call them but they are a dying breed whom are dying by the hands of Donald John Trump! May their terrible spirits rest in peace! These are the creatures of the swamp; the DC corrupts and then some are the politically uninformed simpletons.

Today, GOP is Trump’s party and if you want to be elected by the people, you must either be a Trumpist or at least work with him because people had released their verdict and elected Trump as the future of America.

Bernie Sanders Millennial School Girl Supporter Michael Ramirez Cartoon
Dad: you failed basic math and history, what do have to say for yourself?
Teen: I’m a Bernie Sanders Supporter?

Democrat Characteristics

Lobby Money
Democrat politicians are in the deep pocket of Globalist Corporations, Wallstreet, China and other foreign nations. They make bundles out of lobby money.

Mob Factor
Democrat foot soldiers such as ANTIFA, Environmentalist Wackos, Animal Rights Psychos, Brainwashed Millennials, Uninformed Students and Ignorant Hollywood Celebrities act as a mob. One starts a violent protest and shouting match, then the rest follow.

It is amazing how liberals preach racial diversity, ethnic diversity, sexual diversity, and cultural diversity but groupthink! Everyone must think the same and speak the same. Anyone who is not part of the herd is shunned! Everyone must believe in the Climate Change Fantasy, Social Justice Commotion, Identity Politics, Race Card, Sex Card, Culture of Victimhood, and other liberal crap or else they are blackballed in the Hollywood, Universities, Media and other liberal circa.

Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity!

Hoaxes, new or old are a routine shenanigan of the Democrats:
Russia hoax, Ukraine hoax, Impeachment hoax, Coronavirus Catastrophe hoax, End of the World Climate Change hoax, Water and Air Pollution hoax, 101 other hoaxes …

False Promises Norm
To make false promises before the elections and then afterwards not to keep them, was a norm in the American politics until Trump kept more promises than he made! Pre-Trump GOP was as bad as Democrats but Trump changed all that. Democrats have taken false promises as granted. Any liberal openly states that do not pay attention to the outrageous promises the candidates make, because it is only talk and after the election, they will not do this or that out there promise such as the Green New Deal or such.

I tell them, this is exactly the point. People are tired of lies and false promises. That is why Trump got elected to change all the norms. Trump got elected because people got tired of politicians repeated lies and no action. Trump says as he will do and he will promise as he will keep.

Big Government
Size of the government must be cut in third. A bunch of unelected bureaucrats who create the deep state swamp must be fired. Government does not need these many employees. These are the losers who cannot last a day in the private sector. Anyone who cannot compete in the private sector due to not speaking proper English, lacking skills, lacking competence and lacking communication, joins the government work and becomes a public servant. Somewhere along the way, the term public servant had changed definition and now these public servants see fit to rule over the people and act as decision makers for the people! They must all be fired. Next time you think of big government and the necessity to have it, go to the post office and see 10 employees standing around shooting Shiite and playing with their balls while 10 people are waiting in line with no one to attend to them!

Identity Politics
Democrats have no logic and clear view; therefore, they cannot defeat Trump via reason and valid basis, yet they scoop as low as usual to play 3 cards: Race card, Sex Card and Class Card.

Democrats must put black against white, man against woman, gay against straight, and rich against the poor to survive or else they have nothing to offer.

Democrats must have their victims to protect. Without social victims, they will not have any social justice agenda to sell people. There is institutional racism, historical racism, work-place racism, and 101 other racisms, so the minorities can forever remain social victims in need of social justice and government handout! How can these victims ever get a job, a life and be prosperous without the Big Government entitlements? Government must continuously protect them like babies?!

In Democrats’ eyes, minorities are nothing but inferior social victims who need eternal affirmative action, social justice and entitlement to remain dependent voters and obedient slaves to the Democrat party plantation.

Democrat party of Kennedy was a blue color worker’s party. Today’s Democrat party is the party of Millennial Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, ANTIFA, Militant Transgenders, Career Social Victims, Safe Space Snowflakes, Welfare Queens, Food Stamp Addicts, and other Liberal Plantation Slaves.

Uncle Joe Santa Clause Christmas Lap Ben Garrison Cartoon
Ho Ho Ho Joe Christmas Gifts: Gaff Game, Trans Toys, Corruption, Climate Change Fantasy, Gun Control, Tax Hike, Late Term Abortion, and many more free stuff on tax payers dollar …

Millennial Beliefs

Today’s millennials by majority believe in:

* Socialism
* 1st Amendment Freedom of speech must change
* Conservative voice is hate speech and must not be allowed on university campuses
* Constitution must change
* 2nd amendment must be abolished, no guns

Democrats Hate America

Democrat Political Correctness Eternal Nightmare

Democrats went after every American icon, tradition and concept,
First it was Confederate flag
Then Confederate statues
Next, Jefferson’s school name
Then Washington’s painting
Then Betsy Ross American Flag
Soon there will be no trace of America left!

Democrats want to erase the American History because they hate America and Americanism. Democrats want to rebuild America as a 2nd rate European Socialist System. They want to make America just another country in the world. Democrats truly hate what America stands for. American Exceptionalism is something they seek to destroy.

Democrat Leadership New Look
“Democrats always bend over backwards for Islamists!” (Media)
Imam Schumer and Hijabi Sister Pelosi: Dear Umma’ Al Liberals, embrace Islam, thus, we are all one! Long live Islamic Republic of Iran and our Great Martyr General Soleimani who got slaughtered by the hands of that Infidel Trump!

Democrats are the Most Unscientific People

Establishment is pushing the conservatives in the closet and promotes the LGBTQ as the mainstream America. They want to sell it to the people that 60 different LGBTQ genders fabricated by the liberals is scientific.

Climate Change Catastrophe Fantasy

They want to sell it to the people that Global Warming destroying the earth is scientific. We have been hearing this garbage since 1970s when I was a teen. Since 1970s liberals were screaming that the earth would be destroyed in 10 or 12 years!

As the result, Al Gore, Clintons, Obamas, Hollywood Celebrities and Corps got richer, regulations become in astronomic numbers, economies destroyed, industries bankrupted, civilization went back to the cavemen era (look at Scandinavia) and fools are still running the streets protesting like Religious Fanatics screaming: The End is Near, Judgement Day, while worshiping a mentally ill retarded girl (Greta Thunberg) as their brainwashed prophet!

Liberals are Ani-Science

I. The Moment that Life Begins
Life begins at conception. When egg and sperm mix and infant embryo forms, that is when life begins. This is called biology but Democrats deny that. This is how they justify killing babies until the moment of birth and even beyond after birth (Virginia governor)!

I have a better suggestion for the liberal women than killing babies.

Ahreemanic Suggestion for Liberals:

Close your legs and if you must open them, use contraception so you don’t have to kill babies!

II. Number of Human Genders
We only have two genders, male and female. Democrats deny that and claim 6 to 60 genders!

Ahreemanic Suggestion for Liberals:

95 % of sex change operations are due to choice not due to physical need. 95 % of people are gay because they want to be gay. Stop creating genders out of your rectums! No, people were not born that way!

III. Climate Change Fantasy
Global Warming and Climate Change Catastrophe which is threatening earth does not exist and there is no scientific evidence of it. This hoax has been going on since 1970s when Democrats and Liberals claimed that Earth will be destroyed in 10 years!  If anything, the ozone hole is getting smaller and the world is getting cooler. Democrats deny all of that.

Ahreemanic Suggestion for Liberals:

Go stick an icicle up your rectums to cool the global warming in the vicinity of your rectum, colon and intestine; therefore, it does not move up towards your brain, making you delusional in to believing Doom and Gloom, End of the World Scenarios in 10 years, now ongoing for half a century!

IV. Environmental Psychosis
United States under Trump has the cleanest air, water and environment in the world. Trump’s environmental policies are the greatest in the world. We even planted the most trees in the world. Democrats deny that.

Ahreemanic Suggestion for Liberals:

We have the cleanest global environment, air and water in America. Try preaching your garbage to China, India, and such. As a matter of fact, move to Beijing, Shanghai, New Delhi or Mumbai and smell the real toxicities!

V. Killing Industry
We the Conservatives are pro progress, industrialization, manufacturing, business and civilization. Democrats are against all of that. They are pro regulations, bogus environmental laws, and red tapes to the point that progress turns to regress and going back to the caveman era and stone ages.

Stephen King Horror Movie Nightmare Ben Garrison Cartoon
“Open borders mean swamp flood of illegals and diseases such as Coronavirus!” (Media)
The Shining starring Chucky Doll Schumer and Nancy Old Pussy Witch!
The Shining Evil Twins: Come play with us Donny …

Stop Calling Liberals Progressive!

Democrats are not progressive but regressive. I don’t know what fool labeled Democrats as progressive but it is technically flawed.

Progress = Going Forward, pushing the society to progress forward
Regress = Going backward, pushing the society to regress backwards

Liberal agenda is anti-industry, manufacturing, business, energy independence, commerce, even transportation (cars, trains and planes emissions). Liberals are pro high taxation, high regulations and creating blocks to seize the progress of economy.

Liberal environmental policies are even against cows, cars, trains, planes and energy!

Liberals are great with killing jobs, corporations, industry and civilizations. Corporations moved overseas and jobs lost due to the liberal policies of Obama. Over 60,000 factories closed during Obama. Thanks to Trump, 16,000 of them returned and opened up again.

Liberals are Anti Progress and they are actively pushing the civilization towards the cavemen era. If anything, liberals are Regressive not progressive!

Of course, liberals themselves love to call themselves progressive because they see themselves as social justice self-righteous warriors who push the civilization forward!

The question is that what naïve conservative talk show host or TV show host in Talk Radio or FOX News was the first who mistakenly started to refer to the liberals as progressive? What moron was the first in conservative websites to call liberals progressive? This is an oxymoron! Liberals are anti-progress; therefore, they cannot be progressive but they are regressive, reactionary and rejects!

So kindly correct your errors and stop calling liberals progressive. Do not give liberals the satisfaction of calling them progressive but refer to them as what they are: Regressive Reactionaries, the same as Islamists!

Democrat Candidates for 2020

Democrats obviously ran out of empty suits, simple minds and big mouths like Hussein Obama, their “Cool Liberal Chocolate Poster Boy”; therefore, after erecting 25 or such bozos, one worse than the other, they came up with a senile old fool who half the time, does not know which state he is in or which woman is his wife and which is his sister (Joe Biden) and a Communist left over from the 1960s who had his honeymoon in Moscow, USSR (Bernie Sanders)!

Is this the best that Democrats could come up with? Hear yee, hear yee, liberal umma’, you have a choice between a senile old fool or a Marxist old bag, which one of these old farts will be your young and enthusiastic Socialist candidate?! By the way, “get off the lawn”, your candidates screamed! Democrat party is surely the wave of the future!

Democrats, what do they Stand for?

Now let us once more review of the neo fundamentals of the Democrat Party:

Democrat Party Fundamental Beliefs

* High Taxation
* High Regulations
* Destruction of Energy Independence
* Seizure of Guns
* Green New Deal Environmental Regulations chasing Global Warming Fantasy
* Medicare for All including Illegal Aliens funded by taxpayers which will bankrupt Social Security
* Open Borders
* Victimhood, Class Warfare, Identity Politics and Screaming Social Injustice
* Transgender Bathrooms
* Biological Male Transgenders in Women’s Sports Unjust Domination
* Creation of 6 to 60 genders to destroy masculinity in men and femininity in women
* Destruction of the Family Unit as man, woman and children
* Destruction of Father Figure and Expansion of Single Mother Homes
* Extreme Anti-Religion and Anti Church Agenda
* Making Islam and Islamism Mainstream America
* Political Correctness
* Abortion by Killing the Babies up to the moment of birth and even beyond
* Reparation and affirmative action instead of job creation for Blacks
* Subsidies, Welfare and Food Stamp Dependency instead of jobs and opportunities
* Endless Foreign Wars for Military Industrial Complex
* Anti-Business, Manufacturing, Industry and Free Market Policies
* Deep State Big Government Control of America

Do you want to destroy jobs, wealth, industry, peace, prosperity and progress?
Then vote Democrat and erect one of the retarded old fools stuck in the 1960s as president!
This way you will make sure to condemn America and your prosperity along with it!

Sometimes I think people forget the Obama Era Tragedy!
Do you want to go back to disaster and the poor house?
If you think Obama was bad, these new old geriatric kids will be horrible!

In this day and age, only an ideological illogical fool can remain a Democrat!

April Fools Trump and Democrats Branco Cartoon
Trump: I decided not to run on 2020!
Bernie, Spartacus, Pocahontas, Beto, Pencil Neck Schiff and AOC: Awesome!
Sleepy Creepy Uncle Joe: Nice … (rubbing AOC’s shoulders and sniffing her neck)!
Trump: April Fools!
Everyone: Damn, Sharks, that’s horrible ….
Sleepy Creepy Uncle Joe: Nice … (still rubbing and sniffing …)!

Allow me to be very blunt with you,

Only anti-peace and anti-prosperity fools vote Democrat! Who does not like peace and prosperity?

You have to be either a brainwashed Fake News Media user or a fool under the rock which either way, you still cannot see that Trump had saved this country from the absolute abyss down the toilet bowl! Obama handed Trump a destroyed half dead rotting carcass and Trump turned this dead body into a young living and thriving body. What Trump had done for America was a step short of miracle. He kept more promises than he made! Trump saved America from total darkness and destruction.

Trump is running America like a business, a fine-tuned flute.
These Democrat Buffoons have never run a business, never created a single job and they are career politicians and creatures of the swamp.

As I always say, I am an atheist but you know what they say,

God Bless Trump


Dr. X


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