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Ahreeman X
February 5, 2021

Trump the New Founding Father of America
Spirit of George Washington is in Trump’s Veins
Trump Patriot with machinegun stands on the dying body of the Deep State Monster. Deep State claw tries to cling to life but death is certain. American Bald Eagle stands on Trump’s hand while Old Glory waves at the background. Patriots will overcome the Deep State.

The Rigged System


“We will never be able to fix a rigged system by counting on the same people who rigged it in the first place.”
(Donald John Trump)

If you pay close attention, you will notice that the Establishment had turned the concept of America to a Banana Republic. What the Founding Fathers intended was far from what it is today! Once upon a time, great visionaries such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay, Samuel Adams and rest of the greats envisioned a unique form of government with unique system of governing based on true concepts of Republic, Freedom, Rights, Democracy, Government of the People, Freedom of Religion, Small Government, Low Taxation, Individual Rights, Gun Rights, Enlightenment, Progress, Human Rights, Science, Patriotism, Free Spirit and Rebel Nature. What exists today, is Taxation without Representation.

I specifically am a great fan of George Washington whom without his military genius, leadership, bravery and free spirit, today’s America would have not been possible. Exclude George Washington from the history and Patriots could not be able to defeat the British who were the greatest colonial power of the time. It was solely due to George Washington that we defeated the British. None of the Founding Fathers except Washington had military training, military leadership, amazing limitless bravery and the charisma of Washington.

After the independence, George Washington the First American, could have become a monarch, a military ruler or a life time president but he refused. He served two terms and got back to his ranch and business. That is how the tradition of two term presidency was formed. Washington believed that politicians are servants of the people and they must serve their term and get out of the government, back to their business. Today, we have career politicians who spend a lifetime sucking the blood of the people and they rule over the people. They enrich themselves. They stay in office until they die (Like John McCain) or they rot (like Nancy Pelosi). This is not what the Founding Fathers envisioned!

Today, we have a two-party system which both are not much different! Democrats are a Globalist, Socialist, Big Spending, Big Government, High Taxation, Welfare State, Deep State Party. GOP is a Republican Globalist, Big Government, Big Spending, Corporate Party. They are both Establishment and tied to the Deep State.

They both pro mass immigration of unskilled illegal aliens because Democrats use illegals as prospect voters and GOP uses illegals as cheap labor verses a more expensive American worker. They are both pro-outsourcing because it is cheaper to send the jobs to overseas or import foreign skilled workers from China, India and elsewhere than to hire Americans. In this between, the American Workers may they be blue color or white color get shafted and screwed!

Neither Democrats nor GOP represent the American workers. They are elitist establishment parties tied to the Deep State. They have more in common with each other and indeed with CIA, FBI, Pentagon and Military Industrial Complex than with the Average Joe and Jane.

Before Trump, GOP was basically garbage while after Trump, GOP had become party of the people. RINOs are trying to distant GOP from Trump but GOP without Trump has no chance of ever regaining the power. Trump had changed the landscape of the party. Trump added a great coalition of people who never voted before to the party. The coalition of patriots, evangelists, libertarians, skeptics, blue color workers, blue dog Democrats, independents, militia, anti-establishment and other fine patriots. RINO GOP Establishment such as Bush Family, Lincoln Project and Big Government Republicans assume that they can get rid of Trump and maintain the party, but the reality is that GOP without Trump will be Dead.

Trump National Populist Revolution

Through the history, you can witness that Republicans and Democrats collude with each other, are of the same fabric and they even vote for each other such as all the GOP Establishment voted for Democrats. Bush Family, McCain Family and rest of the GOP Establishment voted for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

Deep State Coup Against Trump and the People

American Workers have nothing in common with the GOP RINO Establishment and they have absolutely nothing in common with Democrats who are an Elitist Coastal party belonging to Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Wall Street and Global Corporations.

Democrats love to play the race card so they can remain relevant by fooling the simpleton minorities and make them believe that they are still party of the labor but there is nothing further from the truth than that. Democrats are the enemy of the Blacks, Hispanics and Working-Class Minorities. Democrats are surely the enemy of the American White workers. Democrats are definitely the enemy of the Feminist women because right now, with their LGBTQ 6 to 60 genders promotion, they are destroying the women’s sports and women’s rights! If you think of it, Democrats are the enemy of America and humanity. Everything they stand for is garbage. They are serving their own benefits, power grab and control as a Big Government Socialist Regime oppressing the country.

Liberal Race Card for Today, for Future and for Ever!

GOP RINOs are worse. They are the enemy within the body of GOP. They are no patriots. They need to be disinfected, eliminated and removed like a rotten tooth from the body of GOP.

Establishment Games

Every four to eight years, they shoot the control of government like a ball from one side (Democrats) to the other side (Republicans) and each gets a turn to screw people over, make out like a bandit and build up more debt than the other. In nature, Democrats and Republicans are the same garbage. This show has been going on for decades until Trump came and disrupted the whole show, exposed both parties and crucified the Deep State unelected officials who assume they are the boss of the people and they know better than the elected officials on how to run a country!

Trump made America great because he ran America like a business with accountability. Trump created the greatest economy in the history of the world. At least for once after decades, America had a taste of Real Democracy under Trump. Trump done all that and he even donated his salary to the government to be used for the people.

Establishment Created:

Government of the Deep State by the Establishment and for the Elite

Trump created:

Government of the People by the People and for the People

That is why Trump had to go. That is why they got rid of Trump. That is why both RINOs and Democrats stole the election so they could get rid of Trump and indeed get the Swamp back to power!

How American Election was Stolen?

US Elections 2020 Rigged by George Soros

US Elections 2020 or 2nd Deep State Coup?

We the People

If Trump decides to stay with GOP, he must cleanse the GOP from the RINOs or else they will back stab him over and over again. A GOP with RINOs in its mist is useless, and may as well create a third party, a true Patriotic party which represents the American workers. Let’s see what the Trump’s next move will be! Once Trump makes his next chess move, then we the people will make our next move.

We the people do not recognize the authority of the Biden’s White House. Biden’s White House Regime is the result of a Deep State and Democrat Coup against the legitimate president of United States, Donald John Trump. Establishment stole the election, made a coup, and now shamelessly governs as the illegitimate regime occupying the White House. White House and Capitol are occupied by criminals and thieves. The American Patriots do not recognize the authority of this Degenerated Regime forced upon us via a coup.

We the people will one way or another set this nation back to where it was destined to go. We will lead this nation back to the glorious destiny which was designed for it by the Founding Fathers. We shall find our way to the Shining City Upon a Hill.

Power to the People


Dr. X


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