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Making Iranians Feel Good About Themselves!
Ahreeman X
June 28, 2012

Amazing World of Ahreeman X


Let us open one from E-mails to Ahreeman X:

E-mails to Ahreeman X Thread

Here is an interesting one which had to be published. Amongst the truckload of mail, this one stood out because the subject is well discussed amongst many Iranians and I simply had to shed some light on it! Let’s roll:


Subject: Make Iranians Feel Good
Name: Saeed Mazandarani
Location: Barcelona, Spain
June 2, 2012

Ahreeman-e Gerami

I don’t want to criticize you because you have provided a great media source and alternative for the Iranians, a source to study and a place to escape from our daily lives and a hangout on the net. No one disputes that you invented an alternative to the same old boring Iranian media outlets like tabloid televisions, radios, newspapers, magazines and internet sites. So I’m not criticizing you but I have an observation which if you allow, I will with your permission reveal.

You bash Iranians and as you say bang on their heads way too hard and too much. You knock them down, you knock down their communities, interrelations, communications, social values, public relations, cultures and their lifestyles. I know where you are coming from and you are pro changing the culture and social values from Islamic to Persian, but don’t you think you are very hard on Iranians?

Iranians have tried hard both inside and outside Iran to regime change and revive their Persian values. It is not that they have been sitting on their tosh for three decades.

You need to make Iranians feel good about themselves, charge them, power them up and give them hope. Give them confidence and hope, rise them high and not bang on their heads and bring them down (inghadr too sari nazan). You put Iranians down while you should make them feel they are the best.

Ahreeman please make Iranians feel good about themselves.

Ba Sepas
Yaret, Saeed


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June 28, 2012

Saeed Jan:

With much thanks for your comments, being a faithful reader and follower of IPC, let me clarify the issue.

Some fellow Iranians same as you, believe that Iranians need more boosting of egos and we shall not be hard on them!

Let me tell you what have I been doing during the past 10 years with IPC.

We are here to educate the future Iranian generation to take control of their minds and lives; therefore, they can take control of their country. We are here to free their minds from 24 / 7 Islamic Propaganda in Inxile (Exile inside their own country) and enlighten them to Free Thinking, Science and Persianhood.

Encyclopedia Ahreemanica
IPC Encyclopedia of Alternative Terms

Domestication of Persians

The Iranian Disease

The Moral Revolution

We are here to boost Iranian Brains with Pure Logic, Science, History, Culture, Philosophy and Persianhood but we are not here to boost Iranian brains with Ego!

We do not need to boost their ego because Iranians are already the most egotistic folks in the globe!

I am here to revive Persianhood and nationalism amongst the future generation. My readers are Young Iranians, University and High School students and Student Movement inside and outside Iran. I am here to clean up their minds from rubbish, open their minds, input free thinking and educate them on Persian History, Culture and Social Values. I am here to revive Persianhood. I am here to without discrimination tell them that their parents and grandparents were all wrong and what society has taught them for decades was garbage.

I am here to cleanup all garbage of the past from the left and the right which resulted in an Islamic Fundamentalist Society. I am here to clean up the old garbage of Monarchy, Mojahedin, Marxism, Socialism, Jebhe Meli, Mossadeqism, Liberalism and particularly Islamism and Islam. Garbage is garbage and outdated dogmatic garbage needs to go.

I am here to introduce the future generation of Iran to Free Thinking, Open Minds, Future, Futurism, Science, Federalism, Secularism, Republicanism, Persian Culture, Persian Philosophy, Persian Social Values and Persianhood.

I promote all Iranian Opposition Groups and I work with anyone who picks up a pen or a gun to fight IRI but this does not mean that I am keen on their outdated political ideologies!

I am not here to boost the Iranians’ Egos. They do not need me to boost their egos.

Iranians are already the most egotistic, condescending, stubborn, pigheaded, racist, sexist, supremacist, know it all people in the world. Iranians are already feeling not good but great about themselves. Iranians feel so good about themselves and they have their heads way so high in the sky like giant balloons that I cannot possibly blow their bubbles set aside bringing them down!

Iranians are not people but they are Giant Ego Balloons floating in the skies of the Mullah City (Tehran) and Whore Town (Los Angeles) and Vicinity. In fact Iranians feel great about themselves, so great that they have been kicking back, relaxing and watching the wheels go round and round for 33 years and ongoing ….

If Iranians feel better than this and relax more, then God only knows what may become of Iran! It is already a Shiite Hole, maybe it will become the Grand Shiite Dumpster of History! Hows that?

No my friend, Iranians are by no means in need of more feeling good. They have been living their comfortably numb insect-like lifestyle in Exile and Inxile. Career Exilists in Exile and Do Gooder Businessmen in Inxile are dime a dozen!

They are so used to the Stockholm Syndrome that they have become perfect slaves to Islam, Muslims and Mullahs. Iranians are the perfect definition and Academic Psychological Case for the “Stockholm Syndrome”. They are willful slaves to Islam. Iranians have become whores and boy toys for Mullahs and Islam, now for over three decades. Mullahs and Islam have been pissing all over Iranians’ history and culture for decades. Iranians have been slaves to Islam for so long that they are now identifying with their slave masters and sympathizing with them!

Iranians enjoy their Cattle-like lifestyle in Exile and Inxile under the balls of Islam! They like to have nothing to do with politics, make money, live it up, get stoned, loaded and immaculate via lavish, medium well or modest lifestyle and live and let live. Even the poor Iranians are used to being slaves. As long as they have their daily bread and water or their daily champagne and caviar, they love to live and let live.

One Big Happy Family of degenerates, a family of sick, twisted, corrupt, sellout thieves of wanna be Persians, a 75 million Inxile and 7 million Exiled Eye-Rainians living happily ever after in a closed eco system of their infected communities under the balls of Mullahs and Islam.

It is an infected and infested eco system of dog eat dog. In this Mordab Quicksand, you got low lives, thieves, whores, brain deads, little faggots who shake their asses for money in cabarets (Jendeh-jat-e Ba Dool va Bi Dool), IRI Lobbyists, IRI Agents, Iranian Businessmen selling out to IRI, Lampoons peddling their asses for money, Iranians for Piss (Peace), Iranian Liberal Democ-Rat Nincompoops, Persian Flatterers, Kiss Asses, Ball Polishers, Ignorant Sluts, Illiterate Baboons, Corrupt Out of Touch Brain Deads, all and all a community of junkies who have been living on junk for decades.

A community of ill-fated sickos whom you can feel their sickness by getting too close to them. A community of out of touch obsessed people with shallow fads, fashions, trends, hypes, tunes and slangs of the day! A Sick community of superficial, wealth-seeking, insect living, shallow floating cockroaches that still pretend that they are the same as once lived “Mighty Great Persians”. A community lost in their own dust. Yes my friend,

Iranians are a community lost in their own dust!

I am not here to make Iranians to feel better about themselves. What is there to feel better for? 33 years of slavery? 33 years of corruption, prostitution, thievery, charlatanism and Islam?

No my friend, I am not here to boost the Iranian Ego more than what it already is!

I am here to Mass Educate
I am here to Mass Agitate
I am here to Mass Up rise
I am here to Mass Revolt
I am here to break down all the Old and establish all the New.

I am here to cause a Cultural Revolution, a Social Revolution, a Fundamental Revolution which leads to a Political Revolution.

I am not here to pander to the Corrupt and Ill Iranian Communities in Inxile and Exile.
I am not here to pander to Islam and Muslim.
I am not here to pander to Business as Usual.

In this path, I shall not hesitate to eliminate all IRI Lobbyists, Media, Agents and Hezbollah in Exile and Inxile. Soon or late Future Iranian Generation will create the “Change” and Iran will be free. Soon or late we will drag all of these IRI Agents in Exile and Inxile to the public trials and then only after the just trials, we will hand them to the everyday masses of the streets which have been suffering and suffocating under the Islamic Regime for over 3 decades. These masses will hang these low lives upside down by the balls and then shall cut these low lives limb to limb. Revenge, oh sweet revenge is a dish best served cold, so cold as ice.

Yes my friend, I am not here to make Iranians feel good about themselves. I am here to slap Iranians across their heads and whack them behind their necks to wake them up.

It is time to wake up.
Wake up, arise and revolt.

What kind of people in the globe would shut their mouths, bend over and take it deep for 3 decades?
What kind of people would give rides like cattle to the Mullahs for 3 decades?
What kind of people would live a “No Identity Corrupt Lifestyle” under Islam for 3 decades?
What kind of people shake their asses in Persian Concerts in Exile while their country has been under the occupation of an Arabo-Islamic Regime for over 3 decades?
What kind of people peddle their asses for IRI money as IRI Lobbyists (NIAC, PAAIA, IAC, etc.) in USA while their fellow Iranians suffer under IRI for 3 decades?
What kind of people would dress and live like whores in Exile, turning their heads away from the reality for 3 decades?
What kind of people have become the essence of corruption closing their eyes to the reality for 3 decades?
What kind of people have been living as happy slaves to Islam in Exile and Inxile for 3 decades?
What kind of people have been giving piggy back rides to the Mullahs for 3 decades?
What kind of people have been shaking their asses in nightclubs and concerts in Exile for 3 decades?
What kind of people are human insects empty of humanity in Exile and Inxile for 3 decades?
What kind of people have lost their Persian Ways for 3 decades?
What kind of people cannot be called human anymore, now for 3 decades?

Why IRI has been in power now for over 3 decades?
Because Iranians allow it to live and grow now for over 3 decades!

Then you tell me what about 2009?

I tell you what about it?
The majority never ever lifted a finger neither on 2009 nor before or after!
The majority has always lived a whorish lifestyle!
The majority has always only cared about their bellies and under bellies (Typical Muslims)!
The majority has always remained a Silent Majority!
It was only a slim minority who revolted in 2009 or any other time during the past 33 years.
It was only “Us” the Iranian Opposition who caused and participated in riots of 2009 and any other time during the past 33 years.
The majority has been dead for 33 years.
Let us not kid ourselves!

Iranian Revolution has No Color and Heroes

Iranian 2009 Revolts Gallery

Iran Photos

No my friend,

Iranians do not need any more to Feel Good about themselves.
Iranians need a massive Electric Shock to Wake Up from their Deep Sleep.
Iranians need to wake up, so Iran can Change.

No more Ey Iran, Ey Iran Songs and Dances.
No more boosting the Iranian Egos.
No more mild slaps on the faces and whacks across the heads.

Now it is time for the Electric Shock.
Now it is time for Electrocution to wake up this nation.
Now it is time for the “Live Wire”!

I am the Executioner.
I am the Electrocutioner.
I am the “Live Wire”.

Wake up call,
Ahreeman Here!


Dr. X

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