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Ahreeman X
January 26, 2021

Trump the American Patriot and Man of the People, what will be his next move?
We the People are waiting for Trump’s next move!

Intro Disaster

On January 20, 2021, after the organized theft of the election and coup against the legitimate president of United States, under a city-wide lockdown, martial law and presence of over 25,000 National Guards, confined behind tall fences with barbed wires, in front of a small crowd and under heavy security, the first American Dictator was erected by the Deep State and the Washington DC Swamp! The Corrupt Corporate Media referred to this show as the “Inauguration”, but the reality is that the corrupt DC Swamp and the Deep State committed a coup and erected the half-conscious Joe Biden, a dementia patient and the head of the Biden Crime Family, the most corrupt career Politian in the history of United States and a Chinese stooge as a “Puppet President”, so they could run United States as they used to run it before the Trump! Back to the Swamp we go!

On the fabricated inauguration, Jennifer Lopez added some social justice Spanish verses to the America the Beautiful song! World adversaries of America, such as China were congratulating Biden! Environmental Sham Industry were grinding their teeth to receive tons of dollars and destroy the American Energy Independence! China and EU were polishing their penises to shove them back up American Workers’ Butts by not paying any tariffs to USA and charging America, tariffs up the butt! Tech Oligarchs were congratulating Biden and censoring tens of thousands of conservatives to prove to the Democrats that they are obedient and faithful servants of the Democrat Party! The Sheep Democrats were cheering because they voted for Biden only to defy Trump, little did they know that they destroyed America! The Liberal Plantation Slaves on Welfare and Food Stamp were jumping up and down to keep their government dependency under the government lockdowns forever! Everyone was dancing, singing and celebrating the Death of American Democracy except the American Workers, American Small Businesses and the American Patriots who were about to get shafted the next day!

Democrats Staged the US Capitol Break-ins 2021
The Real Story of Derailing the Electoral Objection Hearings

How American Election was Stolen?
Navarro Report: Immaculate Deception

US Elections 2020 Rigged by George Soros
Complete System is Rigged by Deep State

US Elections 2020 or 2nd Deep State Coup?
American People vs. Deep State

Media, Social Media and Tech Giants were jumping in joy for the Swamp to be back and their control to return, so they could continue to brainwash and control the people like sheep!

Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
Google, Facebook and Twitter Iranian American Management

Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons
Fake News and Lies Central

What happened in America on January 20, 2021, was an organized crime committed by the coalition of the Deep State and Swamp including:

Deep State Swamp
Democrat Party
RINO Republican Establishment
Washington Dc Swamp
Deep State
Big Government Bureaucrats
Military Industrial Complex
CIA Management
FBI Management
Tech Oligarchs
Corrupt Tech Giants
Corrupt Corporate Media
Corrupt Global Corporations
Wall Street
Big Pharma

End of American Republic

Make no mistake, on January 20, 2021, you have lost your republic, freedoms and unique American Democracy. Deep State reestablished the Swamp Regime and reset back to the New World Order.

What made it interesting was that this turn around, they have committed an open Coup, stole the elections, refused to give Trump his day at the court, staged a show riot at the Capitol and now they are impeaching him for the second time to make sure that he or any other independent Billionaire representative of the American People will never ever again dare to run for presidency to disturb the filthy DC Swamp! They want to make an example of Trump or anyone else who would ever dare to challenge the Swamp!

This time, they went all the way! The Tech Oligarchs colluded and took even the Free Speech Social Media, Parler off the net! They censored the President of United States and they silenced over 100,000 Conservative TVs, Radios, Newspapers, Media and Patriots! They kicked out over 70,000 Patriots out of the Social Media. Now, the Big Government is coming down on any opposing voice, Big League! The goal is to destroy Trump, Trumpists, Conservatives and American Patriots. The agenda is to create a Socialist Regime, Reset America, Return the Swamp, and Reestablish the New World Order! Make no mistake, this is the:

End of USA (United States of America)
Start of USSA (Union of socialist States of America)

Welcome to the first American Dictatorship, openly established by the Deep State, manufactured by the Swamp and supported by the China, Russia and Iran!

America as the cradle of Democracy and protector of the Western Civilization as you know it, is over and done with! You have lost your republic, democracy, freedoms, hopes and dreams all in one shot. America is now officially a Dictatorship, a Chinese Colony, with a Chinese Agent in the White House and it is moving towards becoming a Third World Banana Republic! Welcome to Hell designed by the Liberals and the RINOs: A Liberal Shiite Hole of America!

January 20, 2021 was:
Birth of the Socialist Dictatorship in America, Day 1
Resistance Begun, Day 1

Welcome to the Dark Winter of Biden!

Washington DC Under Martial Law for Months

Before the so-called inauguration, many in the national guards have been vetted and dismissed by the FBI to make sure that there is no True Patriots amongst them to disturb the Sham Inauguration or possibly harm the corrupt old bastard, the “President Erect”! Over 25,000 national guards occupying DC were even vetted by the FBI! They excluded a number of guards from guarding DC, supposedly with ties to the Militia! Inauguration was conducted behind fences and barb wires under the DC lockdown.

When Biden Motorcade was passing by, many of the National Guards turned their backs to the Biden as a sign of disrespect for this con artist who was about to be crowned as the first American Dictator! They did not recognize his authority as a legitimate president.

Guards have been sleeping on the parking lot floor, since. Martial law was established in the capital. The DC Swamp is planning to keep the National Guards occupying DC until March! Some representatives are even questioning Biden, if the DC is under Martial Law and if so, then why he did not declare it?!

Thieves in the White House

Deep State has erected Biden’s Crime Enterprise and Joe Biden as the head of the Biden Crime Family as the President Erect occupying the White House. In the past, Hunter Biden (son), James Biden (brother), Sarah Biden (James’ wife), Frank Biden (brother), Ashley Biden (daughter) and Valerie Biden (sister) were stealing, extorting, embezzling, and taking bribes incognito, but paying the “Big Guy” (Joe Biden) his share! Now that they occupy the White House, they will openly be establishing an Organized Crime Enterprise right inside the White House! In other words, the White House is now home to Biden Crime Family, a house full of filth, dirt and scum! There are now feces all over the White House!

Criminals are now residing in the White House and controlling the highest office in America. Joe Biden was involved, using his VP office status during the Obama years, making profit off of business deals with the China, Russia, Ukraine, France, Romania, Oman, Luxembourg and Kazakhstan. Joe Biden is one of the most corrupt politicians in the history of America. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, followed Joe Biden around the world in the Air Force 2 and sucked up the dirty money like a vacuum behind his father! For half a century as a senator, VP and other positions, Joe Biden and his family have created an organized crime enterprise. The Biden Family Crime Enterprise made astronomical fortune of Billions of Dollars off of bribes, kickbacks, cuts, commissions and other criminal funds.

How five members of Joe Biden’s family got rich through his connections

‘The Biden Five’: The Definitive Breakdown of One of America’s Most Corrupt Families

ANTIFA Chaos and Democrats’ Silence!

On the contrary to patriots, the ANTIFA has been extending its activities and openly burning down Washington State and Oregon States. Chaos is all over Chicago and New York City.  Crimes are up the roof in the Liberal Run Blue States and their Large Cities. The funny thing is that Gavin Newsome is going to end the lockdowns because people are recalling him in California!

COVID-19 dead and dying are way up and Biden has no plan whatsoever to deal with it. The difference is that the Media is now all silent about it because the Media are the good lap dogs of the Democrats! The whole country is in chaos!

The Fabricated Biden Presidency

On day one of Bumbling Biden’s presidency, with a stroke of a pen and executive orders,

* Biden Restarts Never Ending Wars
A large US military convoy moves in to the Syria.
Trump was the only US president who never started a war but ended all wars.

* Biden Starts War on US Energy Independence
Biden Killed over 72,000 American Jobs On Day 1 In the Office by canceling the Keystone XL pipeline and planning to close down oil, gas, shell and coal harvesting all over United States. The death of American Energy Independence would start with cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline and then Alaska Drilling. Biden is destined to make US dependent to the Arab Oil again! Most likely Biden will receive kickbacks from Arabs for it!

* Biden Killing Union Jobs
On day one, Biden puts a bust of Cesar Chavez behind himself and removing Winston Churchill’s bust!  On the contrary he destroys thousands of union jobs by destroying the energy jobs and energy industry. These are the same unions which Cesar Chavez fought for! So, as you can see, Democrats are all about showman ship and propaganda but not action! When it comes time for action, they destroy the American workers and American unions.

* Biden Restarts Sham Paris Accord
By rejoining the Paris climate agreement, Biden is destroying the American manufacturing, mining industry, oil drilling industry, factories, labor force and economy. On the contrary he is empowering China, Russia, EU and India. Back to screwing America, American Labor Force and America Last Policies of Obama!

This complete shenanigan would cost America over a million jobs to begin with and then much more in later days!

From Glory of Trump to Misery of Biden!

- Trump presidency was the greatest show on earth!
- Biden presidency will be as exciting as watching a geriatric nursing home elderly jerking off with his limp dick!

- Trumps approval rating at exit was 51%
- Biden’s approval rating at entrance was 48%

Fake News Networks will go bankrupt or at least viewer less without Trump! News will not be exciting without Trump! Politics will not be exciting without Trump. Press Conferences will not be exciting without Trump! The show is over and people will be bored to death!

Destruction of America by Biden begins, Swamp is back!

Choices and Circumstances

The circumstance that we are in are the results of our choices!

Our lives are the results of the choices we make and these choices will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Make the right choice.

Solutions to Free America

As Patriots, as Americans, as Free People and as Conservatives, what are our choices?

A) Separation
B) Civil War
C) Culture War


Peaceful Separation from the Blue States such as Czechia and Slovakia done with Czechoslovakia is one choice! We can peacefully come to terms and divide the country between the Blue and Red States. We can all go our separate ways but there are problems with that:

-  Liberals lose because they only get 2 strips of land one on West Coast and one on North Eastern Coast of America! The rest of the country will belong to Conservatives! Democrats are only a corrupt coastal elitist party and the rest of the country are conservatives. I doubt that Liberals will agree to this division!

- Even if this division occurs, the liberals will cross over to our lands and infect our people’s minds with their liberal Syphilitic infectious sub-culture! Liberalism is like Syphilis Chancre Soar and there is no escape from it! Liberalism is an infectious disease of the mind! Next thing you know, liberals will be in our mist and infecting our people’s minds with typical liberal Bull Shiite such as global warming, climate change, 6 to 60 genders, militant LGBTQ crap, systemic racism, institutional racism, social racism, social justice, white privilege, safe space, cancel culture, political correctness and other liberal garbage!

- America is not Czechoslovakia! The Czechoslovakia Republic was size of a small state of America. The United States is a giant both in population and land mass. America is the greatest economic power, military power and democratic power in the world, only if we do not allow the liberals to destroy it!

Civil War

There are problems with this choice too:

- We could secede from the liberals and start a civil war. In this secession, The Deep State will be on their side but the patriots will be on our side. Liberals will lose because police and military are on our side. Liberals are both Anti-Police and Anti-Military. They destroyed both, during the Obama’s first and second term and now once more during the Obama’s third term (Biden presidency)! I doubt that Liberals would go for this choice either!

- Even if we win, either by signing a separate republic or occupying their land, in both conditions, they will infiltrate our territories and just like the last option, they will infect our people’s minds! They will degenerate our culture and they will corrupt our way of life. Afterall, liberals are Syphilitic and degenerated! Liberalism is a Chancre Soar!

Culture War

In other options, liberals will one way or another infiltrate our lands and infect our people with their disease! Liberals are infectious zombies! We have no other choice but commit to a culture war. If we cleanse our culture and remove this tumor which called liberalism from our lives, then we can save America! Only then, we can live in peace.

Make no mistake, we are in majority. Media and Social Media pretends that they are in majority but the reality is that they are in minority. We are in majority. The majority of Americans are conservatives. May they be Republicans, Independent, Libertarians or Democrats it does not matter because all of them are Conservatives and far from Radical Liberals or Socialists!

If you look at it carefully, we only need to pull this rotten tooth of liberalism from the mouth of our people! Only by doing so and returning America to Americanism, we save our culture.

Stand and Fight to destroy the liberal culture to save Americanism. Best way starts from high school and childhood in the elementary.

Liberal Brainwash of the Kids

American Failed Liberal Educational System, Media and Hollywood begin the brainwash of your children in pre-school even before kindergarten! The indoctrination begins with Sesame Street, PBS, Nickelodeon’s Nick Junior, and then moves on to Nickelodeon, Disney and eventually to MTV which leads to 16-year-old and pregnant on booze and drugs! If the kids survive these liberal trainings, they move on from their liberal indoctrinations in kindergarten and elementary schools, learning about global warming fantasy, 6 to 60 genders, and how to become transgenders? Next comes liberal do-gooder teachers in Middle Schools and High Schools infecting their minds with liberal agenda, green new deal, social justice, virtue calling, racial woke, racial card and how America is a horrible place on earth with a history of racism and discrimination. Kids graduate high school not even learning how to read and write properly but what does it matter when they have learned the Marxist Rules of Class Warfare, Social Justice and Anarchy?!

Higher Education and Graduation of Terrorists!

Kids move on to colleges and universities where they get fully brain washed by Marxist Professors and evolve through the higher education on how to hate America, Military, Flag and their Parents! They come out of college a fully indoctrinated ANTIFA member and Anarchist ready to riot, loot, burn and destroy public and private property! They get paid on George Soros 101 organizations’ payroll to disrupt the Capitalist System with violence and destruction. They learn how to kneel, protest, raise fists, shout, scream profanity, confront police, throw bricks and rocks (pre stashed by their leaders), and how to crack heads, injure and maim anyone who does not believe in their crap! By the time they are out of the college, instead of getting a job, an apartment and a life, they remain in their parents’ garage or basement until in their 30s and hang around the local ANTIFA, BLM, Communists and Socialist Terrorist Groups at the corner liquor stores and parks to plan and plot the next stream of protests and riots!

Now they have graduated from colleges and trained by the Marxist professors to become fully grown useless bums in ANTIFA black gear and BLM black shirts, raising fists and becoming career protesters while residing in their parents’ garage, smoking bongs and praising the poster of Che on the wall! They remain jobless on mumsy’s allowance because no job pays high enough for these “in-tell-egg-chew-alls” of the left! Now they are 35 in their mother’s garage, smoking dope and surfing the net, hanging in ANTIFA Facebook and Twitter rooms and accounts! That is a great view of the American Higher Education. Liberal Parents along with Liberal Schools hand ANTIFA, Bums and Dope Heads to the society!

Liberal Race Card for Today, for Future and for Ever!

Democrats, what do they stand for?

So, as you can see, the best method to fight this war is the third option which will cleanse the Syphilis Chancre Soar and the Syphilitic mindset of Liberalism.

Have in mind that Liberalism leads to Socialism and socialism leads to Globalism and globalism leads to the death of American Workers, American Patriots and the American Dream!

Billion Dollar Question?

The Billion Dollar Question is:

How Conservatives will reform the rigged voting system by getting rid of the dominion hardware and software, ending mass mail in ballots, mandatory voters ID and establishing proper voting observation and supervision, is remain to be seen?!

How are we going to achieve election Reforms and integrity in America when the most corrupt political party in the history of America, the Democrat Party has stolen the election, committed a coup, overthrown the legitimate president of America, are in power and will remain in power due to fraudulent elections?

Democrats, now in power will never willingly commit to an election Reform in America! Why would they? Election Fraud and the Rigged system is the reason that the Democrats are in power! Now that they are in power, they will never change the rigged system!

Democrat Agenda

Democrats will:

- Pack the Supreme Court with many justices.

- Create Bull Shiite States like DC, Puerto Ricco, Guam and so on to gain 2 senators per each to pack the senate.

-  Give amnesty to 22 million illegals as Democrat voters.

- Open the borders and allow millions of more illegals to come in and hand them citizenship to keep their voting supremacy.

- Do whatever dirty tricks necessary to control all 3 Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches forever.

In other words, GOP will never gain power again and if they do, the corrupt RINO GOP Establishment will collude with Democrats and FAQ it all up again like they done in 2020!

RINO Sabotage

In 2020 the system was rigged but it wasn’t only rigged by the Democrats! The RINOs are a worse enemy than Democrats! They are the enemy within the GOP!

It was RINO Chief Justice John Roberts who did not allow Trump to have his day at the court!

It was RINO Governors, Mayors and AGs such as in Georgia who rigged the elections by certifying the fake results!

It was RINO Senators and Representatives who sabotaged the electoral votes in the congress.

Let’s face it, RINOs are a bigger enemy than Democrats and they live inside the body of GOP like parasites!

Trump’s Next Move

We are Waiting for Trump’s next move. If Trump creates the third party, the Patriot Party, without the hesitation and in a minute, we the American Patriots will be out of the GOP. We have no love lust with GOP. The GOP is a Globalist Republican Swamp of a political party which does not represent the American people!

The minute Trump creates the third party, the mass exodus from the Republican, Independent, Libertarian and Democrats to the third party will begin! People are simply fed up with the rigged system which is now as bold as stealing whole elections!

If Trump decides to remain with GOP, then we must cleanse GOP from the RINOs. All the traitors like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Kevin McCarthy and other Rats must be cleansed off the body of GOP or else the same failures will occur again.

Lessons Learned from American 2020 Coup

If we have not learned anything from the Deep State Coup of 2020, at least we have learned a couple of things:

I. America is Deeply Corrupt
We have found out how corrupt is the system in 2016. Trump unveiled the depth of corruption in America. The system was deeply rigged. On 2020, again Trump unveiled that the system is so corrupt that it can go beyond rigging elections, yet it can actually commit a coup and oust the legitimate president!

II. GOP Must be Cleansed of RINOs
There will be no more dealing and temporary coalitions with the RINOs possible. Soon or late, RINOs will betray the conservatism and collude with the Democrats to show their true ugly face. Republican Establishment, Never Trumpers and RINOs are not conservatives, but they are Globalist Republican Swamp Creatures worse than Democrats. RINOs are snakes in the sleeve of GOP.

If Trump wants to remain in GOP, then he must cleanse GOP from RINOs and turn it to a pure Conservative Party. RINOs can never be trusted because they will betray Trump, National Populism and Conservatism over and over again. RINOs are similar to a Cancer or a Rotten Tooth. We must surgically remove them and dump them in the hazard waste container or else they will infect the body of the GOP.

The era of Bush, McCain, Chaney, Romney and the rest of the Globalist Republican Swamp is over. Let’s keep them dead and out of the GOP forever.

It is very simple, we must either create a third party or cleanse GOP, or we will never regain power again. Forget regaining power, we will never Free America again!

The answer lies with Trump’s next move. We the American patriots are waiting for Trump’s next move to make our decisions!

Democrats are establishing a Chinese Model Socialist Regime in America. Mass censorship, arrests, marginalization, oppression, gun grabs, passing Bull Shiite Laws, and other Un-American legislations and governing methods are on the way.

Yes, the Billion Dollar Question is:

Now that the Corrupt Democrats are in power and illegally control all three branches, how will we ever do an Election Reform in America to have fair and free elections, so we can regain power?

We must switch from:

Government of the Deep State by the Swamp and for the Elite

To the:

Government of the People by the People and for the People

We must reach to the Shinning City Upon a Hill!


Dr. X


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