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Cult of Censorship, Espionage & Mind Control

Is Google a Cult?
Google Cult of Censorship, Espionage and Mind Control

Ahreeman X and Cartoonists
September 14, 2018

Google NSA Deep State Spy Cartoon

Google Facts

I state the facts and you be the judge:

Google Indoctrinates Employees to the Google World View

Google Mind Controls the Public to the Google World View

Google Filters Search to Promote the Google World View

Google Promotes Own Liberal Globalist View and World Order

Google Anti Trump GOP Censorship Bob Gorrell Cartoon

Google Promotes Group Think amongst the Employees and the Clients

Google Dictates Social, Political, Economical and Moral Policy to the Employees

Google Distributes Rainbow (LGBTQ) Noogler (New Googler) Propeller Gay Hats amongst the New Employees to Wear them for a Week (forced diversity social experiment)

Google conditions the employees’ mindset to accept Multi-Culturalism, Multi-Sexualism, and Multi-Religions as the mainstream diverse social norms but Liberal Group Think as the sole way of thought

Google Global Internet Spy Latuff Cartoon

Google Disassociates with Affiliates if they don’t follow the Google Group Think

Google Cheats Affiliates and Pays them Less, using various Loop Holes

Google is Anti Iran, Persian and Persian Gulf Name

Google is Pro Arab and Arabo Islamic Nations for their Oil Dollars

Google Spy Internet Censorship Bomb and Dynamite SEO Cartoon

Google has no Principles and Sells Out to China, Arabs or the Highest Bidder

Google is Anti American Exceptionalism

Google is Anti American Patriotism

Google is Pro Globalism and Internationalism

Google Sellout to China Tank Internet Censorship Cartoon

Google Censors and Filters Search for the Chinese Government

Google Influences the elections for Democrats in America

Google Promotes George Soros Approved Socialist Liberalism, Globally

Google Censors Conservatives

Google Arabs Dump Dollars for Anti Persian Gulf Agenda Cartoon
Arabs dumped a lot of dollars to Google for renaming the “Persian Gulf” to the “Gulf”!

Google Isolates conservative sites

Google gets the Conservative Sites Lost in the Search

Google Fires Non-Liberal Employees

Google Propagates Liberal Globalist Ideology

Google Arabs Dump Dollars for Persian Gulf Name Change Cartoon

Google Promotes and Mainstreams Muslims, LGBTQ and Non-Whites

Google Promotes Anti White and White Privilege Rhetoric

Google is Against National Populism and Trump Agenda

Google Propagates Anti National Populist Sites and Ideas

Google Car Bans Free Speech Internet Censorship Ben Garrison Cartoon

Google Promotes Leftist Social Justice Sites and Ideas

Google Promotes Socialist, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA and Anarchist Sites and Ideas

Google Promotes Democrats and Democrat Sites

Google Uses Programming Algorithm to Isolate Conservative Sites

Google China Cyber Censorship Great Wall Cartoon

Google Censors Right Wing Sites

Google Controls and Censors Non-Liberal YouTube Channels

Google controls YouTube to the point that its not YouTube anymore, but just a Tube

Google Censors Anti Islam Sites

Google China Cyber Search Censorship Cox and Forkum Cartoon

Google Undermines GOP Sites

Google Promotes Pot, Pot smoking and Pot Legalization

Google Looks down on Conservatives and Views them as Uninformed Voters

Google Arrogance Dictates to the Public on how to Think, Google Way

Google China Evil Cyber Search Censorship Cartoon

Google Monopolizes the Search

Google Tracks You via Your Mobile, even when its off

Google Tracks you via Your Mobile, Tablet, Lap Top, Desk Top and Chrome Browser

Google Monitors your Gmail

Google China Internet Censorship Cartoon

Google sells you and uses you as a product

Google collects and sells your information

Google Spies on You for financial gains

Google Spies on you for Deep State, FBI, CIA and Government if asked

Google China Internet Censorship Wikileaks Cartoon

Google subconsciously and incognito brain washes you

Google Subliminally Affects and Influences your opinion and mindset

Google is the Big Brother to Employees, Affiliates, Clients and the Public

Google is a Tech Giant Monopoly with Unlimited Power, Control and Espionage Capability

So, are the above, Cult behaviors?

Google Chrome Internet Spy Cartoon
Google ponders what to do to match Microsoft?
Google got an idea!
Google creates Chrome Spy Browser!

I am a solid defender of the 1st Amendment, Freedom of Speech and Business; however, the 1st Amendment and Free speech is being crushed by Google and other Tech Giants (Facebook, Twitter, etc.); therefore, maybe it is time for the government to regulate the Tech Giants before it is too late. Tech Giants are now influencing elections, international politics, policies and public opinion. Tech Giants’ Group Think is now being indoctrinated and injected in to the public’s mind as a Hi-Tech Information Age Brain Wash System!

Tech Giants have become Silicone Valley’s Global Hi-Tech Oligarchies. Tech Giants are now into global control of the minds business.

Google Spy Big Brother FBI Deep State Cartoon

Google and Tech Giants Internet Censorship Ben Garrison Cartoon
Tech Giants Shut and Silence MAGA
The Evil Mind Control Globalist Corporations: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon

Google Spy Big Brother Cartoon

Google and Tech Giants Free Speech Burning Ben Garrison Cartoon

To keep our American Democracy Alive, we must do something about the Tech Giants.


Dr. X


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