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Google, Persian Gulf and IRI Iranian Agents in USA
Ahreeman X
May 30, 2012

Persian Gulf Forever Poster by IPC
The Persian tricolors (Green, White and Red) with the Persian Gulf as the crown horn of the Ancient Persian Bull.



This issue was brought up in many e-mails such as the below e-mail; therefore, I shall address it in an article, but first I would like to make a little announcement:

When you write to us, please …

On the “E-mails to Ahreeman X” Thread, we are going to change the format a little bit:

E-mails to Ahreeman X Thread

When you write to us, please state your subject (a catchy brief subject), your name and your location, so we will prioritize responding to your e-mail (due to this new proper format). We would like to know where you are writing from, so we would know the most exotic place which our readers are located and please don’t exaggerate because your IP address gives you away! We would not reveal your e-mail address and if you desire your name not to be revealed (mention it), then we will abbreviate your last name to only its first letter.

So when you write to us:

1. Subject: Have a Catchy Subject in the subject of your e-mail.
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Here is an example:


Subject: What about Persian Gulf?
Name: Bita Qadiri
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ahreeman Joon

This is Bita your future love! I wonder what your take on this subject is.

What about the latest IRI Persian Gulf Fiasco and Google? Are they using Nationalism for political advance of their agenda because Trita Parsi and NIAC are at it again and is it true that Google took the Persian Gulf name off the map?

Thanks in advance

Bita Joon


From: Ahreeman X
To: Bita

Bita Joon, Akh joon, khosheman amad (Naser eDin Shah Style).  I believe you are talking about this:

Google vs. Persian Gulf Controversy
“Extra, Extra, Google have created a new body of water on Earth!” (Media)
Google have created a new Gulf!
Google Gulf = The Unnamed Persian Gulf on Google Maps

* If you search the term “Persian Gulf” on the Google, it will direct you to this map with a body of water marked with the letter “A”. All the other bodies of waters around it are properly named such as the “Arabian Sea”, “Gulf of Oman”, “Red Sea” and the “Indian Ocean”; however, the “Persian Gulf” is not named. This geographical and historical inaccuracy is due to Google’s liberal policy of “Political Correctness” and “Pandering to the Arabs”. Liberalism is the best friend to Arabo-Muslims and Islamism. Arabs claim that the name is “Arabian Gulf”. Despite 2500 years of history and historical accuracy of the name “Persian Gulf”, Google decided to bend over backwards to the Arab’s will and bow to the Arab money; therefore, not naming the body of water by its proper name which is the “Persian Gulf”. Google realized that if they would have named the body of water as the “Arabian Gulf” then the results would have been more catastrophic and the globe would have laughed at them, so they settled only by leaving it blank and not naming the body of water to please the Arabs!
* IRI brought the subject forward, claimed that Google have recently taken the name off and threatened to sue Google.
* Google claimed that the body of water has never been named and it was always unnamed.
* Even though IRI is using the Persian Nationalism to rally the Persians around the globe behind them and this is a pure political move to rally the Persians behind the unpopular regime of Tehran, yet this does not change the fact that Google not naming the body of water by its proper name of the “Persian Gulf” is geographically, historically and ethically wrong.
* It does not matter if Google have never named the body of water or they have just recently taken the name off, but what matters is that denying the historically, geographically and ethically proper name for the “Persian Gulf” is a shameful act on behalf of Google.

and also talking about this:

Iran to sue Google over 'Persian Gulf' absence on maps

Body of water not labeled on Google Maps, raising Tehran's ire
The Associated Press

Iran says it will sue Google over dropping the name of the Persian Gulf on Google Maps.
The threat is directed at the search engine company because it left the body of water between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula nameless on its online map service.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said that if Google does not add the name of the Persian Gulf, it will face "serious damages." Mehmanparast told the semiofficial Mehr news agency Thursday that Tehran has already warned Google of possible legal action.

Iranians are highly sensitive about the name of the body of water, which has historically and internationally been known as the Persian Gulf. Some Arab states insist on calling it the Arabian Gulf. The issue has stirred up tensions between Iranians and Arabs.

A Google spokesperson told the Guardian newspaper in Britain that the Persian Gulf has never been labeled as such, or with any other name, in Google Maps.

Google Earth, the 3-D global mapping tool, labels the body of water both the Arabian Gulf and the Persian Gulf.

Google adds info boxes to search results

Also this week, Google introduced a new feature that it calls a "knowledge graph" to its search results. Anytime someone searches for one of 500 million terms, like "Taj Mahal" or "Marie Curie," a box of relevant historical or biographical information appears in a column on the right side of the screen.

These short profiles are designed so users don't have to click through to Wikipedia, Freebase or other sites to get rudimentary information about subjects they're searching.

Google will gradually roll out the feature to its logged-in users in the U.S. during the next few days before extending it to a wider audience.

And then this:

Iran threatens to sue Google for not labeling Persian Gulf (CNN)

And then of course you are talking about these:

Tell Google: Stop playing Persian Gulf name games! (NIAC)

NIAC Calls on Google to Reinstate Accurate Title for Persian Gulf (Payvand)

Accurate Persian Gulf Wikipedia Map with the name


Many readers have e-mailed us about this issue.

Even though Google is one of our major business associates, yet I have no love affair with the Google.

Google is:

One of our major advertising sources
In charge of our e-mail system
In charge of our mailing list
In charge of our internal calendar system
Provides our Google Group

We have been with Google for many years. Google is a reliable company.

Google Helped the Iranian Opposition

Google has supported the Iranian Opposition and facilitated the ease of web contacts and flow of information throughout the 2009 Riots. We thanked Google and we have always mentioned this fact in the public.

Google as a Business

On the other hand, Google is a corporation and it must make profit and conduct business; therefore, it has no choice but to pander to Arabo-Muslims.

Google as a Liberal Entity

Google is also a liberal organization; therefore, it panders to Obama, White House and Democrats.

It is a fact that Google panders to Arabo-Muslims and Liberals. After all, there are a sea of Arab Nations in the Middle East and North Africa, yet in comparison a fewer Persian speaking nations (Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Parts of Uzbekistan, Parts of Turkmenistan, Parts of Azerbaijan and so on). Business is business.

However, this does not change the historical fact that the name of the body of water is Persian Gulf. This reminds me of Shah of Iran’s famous interview with dearly departed Mike Wallace:

Shah of Iran Interview with Mike Wallace

Google Issues

So Google pandering to Arabo-Muslims and Liberals, does not appreciate our flamboyant and provocative modeling sections, our Islam exposing sections and our Liberal Exposing Conservative sections. In the past they gave us some headaches regarding not advertising on our so-called controversial and obscene pages. There is no doubt in my mind that Pro Arabo-Muslim Islamist elements have infiltrated Google and they are somewhat in position of advertising decision making. There is also no doubt in my mind that Google is Liberal Biased and historically Liberals bend over backwards for Islamists and Arabo-Muslim (simply due to political correctness).

We clarified to Google that even though we appreciate Google’s past support for the Iranian Opposition and years of being a reliable business associate, yet if they keep on pushing us about their political correctness policies, then we may draft another company as our advertising organizer.

The funny thing is that for many years Google had no objections with the content of our provocative modeling sections, Islam exposing sections and Liberal exposing sections but all of a sudden they objected them! For many years both Google and us profited from advertising on these pages but all of a sudden obviously some “Politically Correct“ Liberal Ayatollahs at Google under the pressure of Islamists, Arabo-Muslims and Liberals felt unease about these segments. It is amazing that for many years Google made money off of these sections and had no objections then! So finally we compromised, obeyed some of their desires and made it clear to them that even though I hate to change the format of the whole website by changing from Google to another company (for advertising), yet if Google keeps on pushing then we will drop Google.

Don’t get me wrong, I love dealing with Google. I love their advertising, e-mail, mailing list, calendar, groups and other systems, but I also do not appreciate their latest politically correct liberal pandering to the Arabo-Muslim and Islamists.

Love Hate Relationship with Google

So our love affair with Google went to its darkest hours and become a “Love Hate” Relationship. I cannot ignore Google’s past support of the Iranian Opposition, their reliable systems and their good help to IPC. I also hate to change all our Google services with another company, simply because change takes a lot of work and it all comes down to me doing all the dirty web work!

Google is like a bad Marriage!

You see, Google is like a bad marriage! You can’t kill her and you hate to leave her! So we had to kiss, make up and have makeup sex!  Even though Google is Liberal and bends over for Islamists, and surely I cannot stand both Liberals and Islamists, but business is business and it is cost effective for IPC and less web slave work (changing company) for me if we remain in this marriage. This is why IPC and Google are still married!

We love Google but we criticize her!

Our marriage to Google does not avoid me to openly criticize Google for the latest shenanigan about the Persian Gulf! Now I am not aware and have never paid any attention if in the past, Google never had marked the body of water as the Persian Gulf (as Google States) or if they recently took off the name “Persian Gulf” off the body of water (as IRI states) but this does not change the fact that Google is fundamentally and historically wrong not to name the body of water the Persian Gulf.

IRI Patriotic Games!

Then again IRI as usual is using “Nationalism” to stir up a publicity episode to both distract from the nuclear issue and gather the Iranian public opinion behind them!

IRI Iranian Agents in America

IRI lap dogs in America were also ordered by Tehran to bark and rally the Iranians behind them. This is why Trita Parsi’s Grocery Store (Dokan) and Ali Moayedian’s IRI Mouthpiece (Baqali) are loudly barking:

Trita Parsi, IRI Iranian Lobbyist and Iranian Hezbollah Agent

Trita Parsi and NIAC

Tell Google: Stop playing Persian Gulf name games! (NIAC)

Trita Parsi’s barks:

 “If you have visited Google Maps recently, you may have noticed that Google has removed the title of the Persian Gulf—leaving the body of water without a name.

This follows Google’s 2008 decision to include the historically inaccurate and politically charged name “Arabian Gulf” alongside “Persian Gulf” in their Google Earth application.

The name “Persian Gulf” is historically accurate, legally acknowledged, apolitical and internationally recognized. But in the past century, and particularly at times of escalating tensions, there have been efforts to exploit the name of the Persian Gulf as a political tool—including by the likes of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.

In 2004, NIAC successfully worked with National Geographic to correct its maps that used the erroneous title for the Persian Gulf. Now, we need to act to make sure Google is not a tool of historical revisionism that sows ethnic and political divisions.

Sign your name on our open letter to Google’s CEO Larry Page to call on Google to stop playing name games with the Persian Gulf and to use the correct name. We will send the letter out on Monday, May 14, so make sure that you, your friends, and your family sign on to the letter before then.

NIAC will protect your privacy and keep you informed about this and similar campaigns.”

Trita Parsi’s letter to Google:

Larry Page Google CEO

May 14, 2012
Larry Page
Chief Executive Officer
Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, California 94043

Dear Mr. Page:

It has come to our attention that Google has begun omitting the title of the Persian Gulf from its Google Maps application. This is a disconcerting development given the undisputed historic and geographic precedent of the name Persian Gulf, and the more recent history of opening up the name to political, ethnic, and territorial disputes. However unintentionally, in adopting this practice, Google is participating in a dangerous effort to foment tensions and ethnic divisions in the Middle East by politicizing the region’s geographic nomenclature. Members of the Iranian-American community are overwhelmingly opposed to such efforts, particularly at a time when regional tensions already have been pushed to the brink and threaten to spill over into conflict. As the largest grassroots organization in the Iranian-American community, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) calls on Google to not allow its products to become propaganda tools and to immediately reinstate the historically accurate, apolitical title of “Persian Gulf” in all of its informational products, including Google Maps.

Historically, the name “Persian Gulf” is undisputed. The Greek geographer and astronomer Ptolemy referencing in his writings the “Aquarius Persico.” The Romans referred to the "Mare Persicum." The Arabs historically call the body of water, "Bahr al-Farsia." The legal precedent of this nomenclature is also indisputable, with both the United Nations and the United States Board of Geographic Names confirming the sole legitimacy of the term “Persian Gulf.” Agreement on this matter has also been codified by the signatures of all six bordering Arab countries on United Nations directives declaring this body of water to be the Persian Gulf.

But in the past century, and particularly at times of escalating tensions, there have been efforts to exploit the name of the Persian Gulf as a political tool to foment ethnic division. From colonial interests to Arab interests to Iranian interests, the opening of debate regarding the name of the Persian Gulf has been a recent phenomenon that has been exploited for political gain by all sides. Google should not enable these politicized efforts.

In the 1930s, British adviser to Bahrain Sir Charles Belgrave proposed to rename the Persian Gulf, “Arabian Gulf,” a proposal that was rejected by the British Colonial and Foreign offices. Two decades later, the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company resurrected the term during its dispute with Mohammad Mossadegh, the Iranian Prime Minister whose battle with British oil interests would end in a U.S.-sponsored coup d'état that continues to haunt U.S.-Iran relations. In the 1960s, the title “Arabian Gulf” became central to propaganda efforts during the Pan-Arabism era aimed at exploiting ethnic divisions in the region to unite Arabs against non-Arabs, namely Iranians and Israelis. The term was later employed by Saddam Hussein to justify his aims at territorial expansion. Osama Bin Laden even adopted the phrase in an attempt to rally Arab populations by emphasizing ethnic rivalries in the Middle East.

We have serious concerns that Google is now playing into these efforts of geographic politicization. Unfortunately, this is not the first time Google has stirred controversy on this topic. In 2008, Google Earth began including the term “Arabian Gulf” in addition to Persian Gulf as the name for the body of water. NIAC and others called on you then to stop using this ethnically divisive propaganda term, but to no avail. Instead of following the example of organizations like the National Geographic Society, which in 2004 used term “Arabian Gulf” in its maps but recognized the error and corrected it, Google has apparently decided to allow its informational products to become politicized.

Google should rectify this situation and immediately include the proper name for the Persian Gulf in Google Maps and all of its informational products. The exclusion of the title of the Persian Gulf diminishes your applications as informational tools, and raises questions about the integrity and accuracy of information provided by Google.

We strongly urge you to stay true to Google’s mission – “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” – without distorting or politicizing that information. We look forward to an explanation from you regarding the recent removal of the Persian Gulf name from Google Maps and call on you to immediately correct this mistake.

Signed …

Important Note

It is so funny that Trita Parsi refers to NIAC as the “Largest Iranian American Grass Roots Organization” who speaks for the rights of the Iranian Americans! Trita Parsi and NIAC with 250 members are pretending to speak for 2.7 Million Iranian Americans! Majority of Iranian Americans despise Trita Parsi and NIAC as the major IRI Mouthpiece and IRI Lobby Group in America but this does not avoid Trita Parsi to proclaim himself as the Lawyer for the Iranian American Community! This weasel often cracks me up!


Iranian population inside and outside Iran

And then you got Ali Moayedian's rhetorics:

Ali Moayedian, IRI backed Iranian Media Mouthpiece in USA

Ali Moayedian and Payvand

NIAC Calls on Google to Reinstate Accurate Title for Persian Gulf (Payvand)

Ali Moayedian's barfs:

NIAC Calls on Google to Reinstate Accurate Title for Persian Gulf

Source: National Iranian American Council (NIAC)
“Washington, DC - The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) calls on Google to immediately reinstate the name “Persian Gulf” in its Google Maps application and to ensure all of its informational products include the historically accurate, internationally recognized, and politically neutral title for the Persian Gulf.

“Google is not sidestepping a political controversy here, they are helping create one,” said NIAC President Trita Parsi. “By removing the internationally recognized name of the Persian Gulf, Google is opening up a debate that serves no purpose but to escalate tensions and help the region’s unaccountable governments exploit ethnic and political divisions for their own gain.”

Sign your name on our open letter to Google's CEO Larry Page to call on Google to stop playing name games with the Persian Gulf and to use the correct name. We will send the letter out on Monday, May 14, so make sure that you, your friends, and your family sign on to the letter before then.
Click here to sign the letter to Google

Historically, the name “Persian Gulf” is undisputed, with even the ancient Greek geographer and astronomer Ptolemy referencing the “Aquarius Persico.” The legal precedent of the nomenclature is also not in dispute, with the United Nations and the United States Board of Geographic Names acknowledging the sole legitimacy of the term “Persian Gulf.” All six bordering Arab countries have also signed on to United Nations directives declaring the body of water to be the Persian Gulf.

Google is not the first company to fall prey to politicization of the Persian Gulf. In 2004, the National Geographic Society mistakenly used “Arabian Gulf” on its maps, and NIAC worked with the organization to successfully correct the mistake. But Google’s latest action follows a 2008 controversy in which the company began including the term “Arabian Gulf” alongside “Persian Gulf” in its Google Earth application, a move protested by NIAC.

“Willful ignorance on Google’s part is completely unacceptable,” said Parsi. “By opening the door to political games with the name of this body of water, Google is abdicating its role as a curator of information and risks veering into propagandist territory.”

The false debate of "Persian Gulf" versus “Arabian Gulf” was first created in the 20th century as a tool by colonial and pan-Arab interests to rally the Arab public against non-Arabs, namely the people of Iran and Israel. The term was deployed in the propaganda efforts of such notorious figures including Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Recently, the Iranian government and the Persian Gulf states have seized on the latest controversy as part of escalating tensions in efforts to drum up nationalist sentiments.
In an
open letter to Google CEO Larry Page, the National Iranian American Council is calling on the company to immediately use the proper nomenclature in reference to the Persian Gulf in all of its informational applications. The letter is open for signatures from the public and will be sent to Mr. Page on Monday, May 14, 2012.”

More on IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents in America:

Hezbollah and Suspected Hezbollah in America!

Hassan Daioleslam Index

Movement Index

Iranian Hezbollah become Persian Nationalists!

So Trita Parsi barks for IRI and Ali Moayedian barks for Trita Parsi and they both try to stir the Persian Nationalism amongst the Persians and abuse it so they can gain their backing and sympathy behind IRI! This is not the first time that IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents such as Trita Parsi and Ali Moayedian draft these tactics!

About 7300 people signed the petition but the funny thing is that NIAC has about 250 members! The reality is that the Iranians and particularly Iranian Americans are way too smart to fall for Trita Parsi’s theatrics! Even though Iranians object to Google’s policy, yet they will not fall for IRI Propaganda through their 5th column in Washington DC. Trita Parsi and NIAC are nothing but IRI 5th Column in USA.

Chaos in Google

I do not comprehend that how can Google be so pro Iranian Opposition (aiding Opposition in 2009) and then so Anti Iranian!

Google and Nowruz Persian New Year

In the past we tried so hard to get Google to put the Nowruz (Persian New Year) Google Logo on their front page during the Nowruz Holidays and it failed! Google puts a logo for every two bit occasion and every Dick and Joe nobody around the world on their front page all year around to celebrate their birthdays and demise dates and to celebrate every cheesy holiday in the world; however, they refuse to publish one for Nowruz Persian New Year celebrated by over 115 million Persians and Persian speaking folks around the globe (Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, etc.)!

Google’s Anti Iranian Attitude!

And now comes this Google Persian Gulf controversy! What is it with Google and its Anti Iranian Tone?

Conflict inside Google

This tells me that there are forces in Google opposing one another. Same thing happened about their advertisements in IPC. On one hand one department in Google was encouraging us to put full banner ads on certain modeling, Islam Exposing and Liberal Humor pages to gain more revenue but on the other hand another Google department was taking the ads off for improper page content!

This also tells me that the Right hand does not know what the left hand is doing in Google! There is no union of opinion, decision making and policy in Google. You got your Google Politically Correct Liberal Ayatollahs in Google and then you have Pro Iranian Opposition Forces in Google. We got our friends in Google who always got our backs and draft us the best advertisements and then we have our enemies in Google doing nothing short of damaging us by lack of advertisement!

Same goes for all Iranian issues. You got Pro Iran and Anti Iran forces in Google. We suggest for Google to get organized and create a unified policy towards IPC, Opposition and Iranian benefits. If you want to stand by us then stop damaging us!

Google should stand by the Iranian Opposition

Help us by promoting Nowruz Persian New Year,
Help us by doing the right thing and promoting the historically accurate name of the Persian Gulf,
Help us by aiding the Iranian Opposition through ease of communication, information and web contacts,
Help specifically IPC which represents the voice of Free Iran and All Iranian Opposition to IRI,
Help Persians and Persian Culture by aiding us exposing IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and Hezbollah.

Google should stand by Freedom and Democracy, Truth and Justice and promote free spirits.
Google should stand unbiased towards Anti Persian Propaganda.


Surely this article would cause much controversy but it would also answer many of your dear readers’ e-mails to me and other IPC accounts. The bottom line is that even though we support the idea of Google promoting the truth by promoting Persian New Year and Persian Gulf, yet we despise IRI and their mouthpieces in America trying to catch fish from the muddy waters (Trita Parsi and Ali Moayedian).

IRI’s Opportunism

Islamic Republic of Iran must comprehend that she cannot grasp the Arab Religion of Islam and use it as a tool to dominate the region (Hezbollah, Hamas, etc.) but then again grasp the “Persian Nationalism” as it suits her to rally the Persians behind her to fight the Arabs trying to revise the name Persian Gulf. Either Persian Nationalism or Arab Imperialism (Islam), but you can’t have both! If you want to dump the name Arabian Gulf in the trashcan then along with it dump Islam, thus Islam is not a religion but a dangerous political ideology of the Arab Imperialism.

Arabs and Google

Arabs should stop bribing Google to revise the history. Arab money makes American knees to shake and their shorts to get wet! Arab money has that effect on the people! Google can revise its maps but it cannot revise the human history.

Historical Lesson for Google

Google must also understand that “We the People” are the reason that Google is in business. Once upon a time AOL and Yahoo also thought they are immortal and invulnerable but “We the People” showed them different! See what happened to AOL and Yahoo? Google can be brought down too! Google must learn from the history and become humble. “We the People” are the reason that Google is Google. We raised Google up near the stars; we can also bring Google down to dirt. Google must learn from the history. Google must understand that this is no way to treat old business associates, clienteles, people and Persians.

Please have in mind that Google is a private corporation and free to do as it pleases in their website and search engine. On the other hand a public search engine cannot withhold the historically accurate truth from the global public by hiding the term “Persian Gulf”. Google cannot revise millenniums of documented human history!

Persian Gulf - Iran Seaports


Iran Transportation Maps

I do not believe in boycotts thus I believe in free speech. Google is welcome to do as she wants in her network and search engine; however, Google must realize that public relations is a key factor for the business growth. Giants will rise and giants will fall. It is people who cause these status.  If Google continues to be hostile towards Persian speaking people, Iranian Opposition, Iran and Iranians, this would not be a good business decision but Google has the right to do so, yet no matter what path Google chooses, she can never change 2500 years of global history and human civilization. Google is way too small to do so! Persian Gulf was, is and will always remain Persian Gulf forever. No amount of Arab pandering and Arab Dollars can change that!


Persian Gulf - Wikipedia

New Atlas of Iran Maps

Iran Transportation Maps

We report, you decide. You shall be the judge.

Dr. X

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