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Google Promotes Hezbollah & NIAC
on IPC’s Traffic!


Google Promotes Hezbollah and NIAC on IPC’s Traffic!
Ahreeman X
May 4, 2020

Google Sundar Pichai Liberal Bias Censorship Michael Ramirez Cartoon
Google Employee: Did you fix the algorithm? I just Googled “Google” and 20 stories of Liberal Bias popped up!
Dog Face Hindu Sundar Pichai: Ummmm ……

Cartoon by our great patriotic cartoonist friend Michael Ramirez.

Michael Ramirez Site

How it all Started?

On April 8, 2020, Catayoun Razmjou, the IPC Web Mistress, in regards to this thread:

Iran Politics Club Operations 20th Anniversary Special Thread

Had posted this announcement:

Iran Politics Club Website Upgrades, Statistics and Security Updates

Which reads:


Iran Politics Club Website Upgrades, Statistics and Security Updates

Iran Politics Club Official Announcement

Iran Politics Club Flags

Iran Nationwide Protests Political Posters

Hello everyone

Complete Website Upgrade

I am glad to announce that at last the complete website has been upgraded to the new web format. Every single page of the website is now up to the new web format and the new web design standard. Of course, if we had someone assigned to only do this task all day long, then it would have taken a shorter time but only Ahreeman and I had to do it and we have very busy schedules. We worked on it, anytime that we could find time to do so. As the result, it took one year to upgrade the complete site. At last it is done.

Website Statistics

As you can see at the bottom left corner of the homepage, we have 4 stats buttons which each show sample statistics. Our complete statistics are much larger than these samples. The samples are for readers and technicians to get an idea of the distributions of all statistics.

To get an idea of the IPC traffic, you can punch in “Iran Politics Club” in any search engine, for instance Google and on an average day, you will get between 10 to 40 million hits and links. On busy Iran news, political and revolt days, you will get between 100 to 200 million hits and links. This would give you an idea of how vast is the IPC popularity, links on other sites and readership worldwide.

We have readership in 7 continents, most readership is in USA and least readership is in Antarctica. IPC is one of the most viewed English websites online.

Updated Web Security System

The system has been upgraded, updated and redesigned for the maximum web security, browsing security, cyber security and defense against the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hezbollah cyber sabotage, hack and tech damage. Safety and security of the website and the readers is our duty and goal.


In addition, I would like to thank all of the IPC Op. members, club members, colleagues and comrades for 2 decades of sincere work and patriotism.

I salute all of the IPC members, supporters, readers and fans for 2 decades of patronage and support. IPC would have never been in this status if it was not due to your solid support, readership and word of mouth. IPC exists because you the great readers made it possible. I on behalf of IPC Op. salute all of you great Iranian Nationalists, Activists and Friends of Iran. Your love and support have made it possible.

Ongoing Goal

To protect and serve the Persian culture, history, language and traditions is our duty. We have a duty to the future generation of Iran and the free world to keep the Persian culture alive.

To support the fight for freedom, secularism, federalism, human rights and democracy in Iran and to accelerate the agenda of getting rid of the Islamic regime and the Islamic sub culture in Iran is our holy duty.

I would also like to wish all of you a great next 2 decades of success and great results.

Much love and respect to everyone

Free Iran

Catayoun Razmjou
IPC Web Mistress

IPC Office


Catayoun Razmjou posted the above on the Apr 08, 2020. She mentioned specifically that if you punch in “Iran Politics Club” phrase which is the name of the website, in any of the search engines, for instance Google and on an average day, you will get between 10 to 40 million hits and links. On busy Iran news, political and revolt days, you will get between 100 to 200 million hits and links. She did not state that you must punch in the URL to the website “” but she stated that you must punch in the name of the website which is “Iran Politics Club” because to view all traffic everywhere and not only the URL traffic on various sites, you must punch in the Website’s name. Now let us go specific:

Why Punch in the “Iran Politics Club” name in the Search Engine?

* To get all of the IPC links on our site
* To get all of the external website pages’ linking to IPC
* To get all of the websites’ links mentioning the name of IPC
* To get any trace of IPC anywhere on the net

So, if you punch in “Iran Politics Club” name on any search engine, specifically Google, you will get tens of millions of links and hits.

Google Car Ban Free Speech Internet Censorship Ben Garrison Cartoon
Google Ban Car rolls over MAGA Patriot American!

Cartoon by our great patriotic cartoonist friend Ben Garrison.

Ben Garrison Site

Google Opportunistic Action

Right away, Google found out about the depth of IPC Traffic on their site; therefore, right away they posted banners on top of the “Iran Politics Club” phrase search result page. These banners did not exist for 20 years history of IPC existence on the net but they appeared right after Cat’s post on the Club forum!

The first banner from the left is “Hezbollah”, the Second one is “NIAC” (National Iranian American Council) and then there are the rest. If you click on these banners, you will get the search results page for Hezbollah and NIAC.

To mislead the public, google also right away put an information navigation link on top of the banners which reads:

Organizations / Iran / Politics

Meaning that this page is the search result for “All” of the Iranian political organizations! This is a filthy lie by Google because between 10 to 40 million hits are IPC hits around the net.

If people wanted to search for the Iranian Political Organizations, then they would have punched in these phrases:

Iran Political Organizations
Iran Political Parties
Iran Political Groups

But when someone searches specifically for “Iran Politics Club” then it means he is searching for IPC.

When you punch in “Iran Politics Club”, on top of the search result page, you will get IPC Website main pages and then other pages and then other sites linking to any IPC page or mentioning IPC. These are IPC search results.

When Google posts banners on top of the certain very popular search results pages, it is to:

A) Promote other search result pages, websites, persons and groups

B) Promote other entities for money same as putting ads on Google

Usually Google charges for the first few banners on top left of these popular search page results.

Google Action, What Really Happened?

Here are a few facts which were occurred as the result of the Google action which indeed they were the Google’s intended goals to occur:

A) NIAC and Hezbollah pay Google for ads; therefore, google provided them the best spot for promotion

B) Google promotes its other search result pages on the count of IPC traffic

C) Google promotes other entities on the count of IPC traffic

D) By putting banners, Google hides the number of the IPC hits in tens of millions on top the IPC search results page

Google is Committing Crimes

Of course, it is in every aspect legal for Google to use a very popular search result page such as IPC’s to promote his other search results pages; however:

* To promote a terrorist organization (Hezbollah) by a Tech Monopoly is the least immoral and the most illegal.

* To promote an Iran Lobby Group (NIAC) by a Tech Monopoly is the least immoral and the most illegal.

What is the Law?

To lobby for a terrorist sponsor regime (Islamic Republic of Iran) is illegal in America.

To support and fund terrorism, terrorist organization or terrorist sponsored regime is illegal in America.

Technically, Google is selling ads, promoting and supporting both Iran Lobby (NIAC) and Iran Backed Terrorist Organization (Hezbollah) openly on the web and to do this task, google is using the IPC Traffic!

Google has No Standards and No Morality

In Persian we have an expression:

“Ba Kir-e Mardom Khanum Bazi Raftan”
(Going to the Whorehouse with Borrowed Dick)

Meaning Google is going to the whorehouse with IPC’s dick!

Whorehouse = Globalist Market
Borrowed Dick = IPC Traffic
John = Google

Google Promoting a Terrorist Organization
Google Promoting an Illegal Iran Lobby Group
Google has No morality, no standards, and no principles

Google Promotes IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran)

By promoting Hezbollah and NIAC, basically Google is promoting the IRI; however, this is nothing new because Google has been getting paid by and promoting many totalitarian Regimes around the world. Google is like a whore without any principles. The only purpose that Google has is to make a lot of money (which is fine) but in any immoral and illegal way possible (which is not fine).

Google in Bed with Totalitarian Regimes

Chinese Communist Regime
Google works on tech projects with China, builds costume censored search results and systems for China, helps china suppress the Chinese opposition and the people, spies on the Chinese people and assists the Chinese Communist Regime in various ways for a great amount of money.

Arab Oil
Google is in the deep pocket of the Arab Oil and Arab Little Sheikdoms of the Southern Persian Gulf including the Saudi Arabia, in various ways to promote their agenda including the fake name of the “Arabian Gulf” or “Gulf” rather than the real name of the “Persian Gulf”.

Google - Persian Gulf Controversy Cartoons

Google is in bed with the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and Arabs by following Anti Persian Culture, Anti Iran, Anti Iranian, Anti Persianhood and Anti Nowruz (Persian New Year) policies. Since the creation of Google (1998), we have tried over and over to push Google to post a Google Doodle (on Google homepage) for Nowruz for only one day a year but they never did! Now have in mind that Nowruz is celebrated by over 300 million people around the world! 365 days a year, Google posts Bull Shiite Politically Correct Google Doodles to celebrate every single unknown baboon in all the boonies countries around the world; however, they refuse to recognize the Nowruz Persian New Year!

Nationalist Haft Sin Table of Nowruz Persian New Year 2020
A Nationalist Nowruz with Ahreeman X

Nowruz Persian New Year 2579 PIY Greetings from IPC Thread

Nowruz Persian New Year 2578 Around the World Ahreeman X Thread

Reasons for the Google Action Against IPC?

* To demote IPC
* To promote Iran Lobby (NIAC) and Iran Backed Terrorism (Hezbollah)
* To make money any which way possible

Why Google is Anti IPC?

Long time ago, Google was in charge of our advertising and everything was fine until we openly revealed that we are Conservative and National Populist. Google as a Globalist, Socialist, Liberal Democrat Monopoly is Anti Nationalism, Anti National Populism, Anti Conservatism and naturally Anti IPC. As of then, Google started giving problems to IPC. Every week they interfered with our advertisement contents. Advertisers were happy, we were happy and google was making good money off of IPC but due to their policies, they could not promote IPC in any way.

So, every week google came up with some excuse to control our contents, stick their nose in our business and decide for us on how to run and publish IPC. Every week, it was a different excuse such as IPC content is too sexual, too graphic, too politically incorrect, too Anti Islam, too violent, too threatening, too insulting, too improper and so on. They refused to let our advertisers who specifically asked for their ads to be on IPC’s certain pages to display their ads! Google threatened to take off ads on many pages if we would not comply with their regulations, rules and standards!

Finally, we were fed up with Google interferences and I told them that you are targeting IPC; therefore, we will stop working with you. We will take off all Google Ads from all IPC web pages. Basically, I told Google to go and FAQ themselves!

Google Advising IPC to be Moral!

It is funny for a Tech Monopoly with no standards, no principles and no morality who is in bed with the Communist China, Arab Oil, IRI, Terrorists and Iran Lobby to advise IPC on morality! As I stated before, I told Google to go FAQ themselves! Unlike Google, in IPC, we have principles.

NIAC and Hezbollah Opportunism

What is amazing is that NIAC and Hezbollah opportunists to give money to Google to be promoted on our traffic and on our search results! What is more amazing is for Google to like a whore, sleep with the enemies of IPC, Iranian Opposition, Iran, America and the Free World, scumbags such as NIAC and Hezbollah!

How to View IPC Real Traffic on Google?

Google is also ignorant. Google puts banners of different political parties on top of our search results page to promote them. Google also puts this navigation phrase “Organizations / Iran / Politics” on the top of these banners to deceive the Google users as if this search result page is for the “Iranian Political Organizations”! Also, by displaying these banners on top of our search result page, Google hides the number displaying our hits and links which is often between 10 to 40 million!

The little, Google knows that people are not stupid. All they have to do is to go to the bottom of the search result page and navigate to “Page 2” or the next page and on top of every search result page, they will see the true “Iran Politics Club” search results which is in tens of millions.

Google is Corrupt to the Root

Google is a Corrupt Cult with no principles and it starts from top to bottom. I do not want to go in depth and specifics here, because in the future I will release an expose on Google and I will mention all details in there; however, I will only state here that the immorality and the whorish behavior starts from  that Dog Face Hindu CEO (Sundar Pichai) to Google Management (Great Number of Persian Low Lives) all the way down to the bottom employees of Marxists, Anarchists, ANTIFA, Socialists, Faggots, Whores and Trannies whom combinedly censor freedom of speech, filter search results, display fake search results, filter true website traffics, hide conservative links, spy on people and monopolize the net. Google actively destroys any tech company who challenges any of Google apps, services and companies. Google actively spies on you through everything made by Google. At last, Google sabotages the US elections by openly deleting Trump ads all the way to censoring the Conservatives.

Stay tune for my future expose on Google and I will vastly cover every single Google dirty deed on cyber space and off cyber space.

In a meanwhile, let me state here that the worst scum bags in Google are the Google Persian Management who are Anti Iran, Anti Iranian and Anti Nowruz. These scum bags are working against their own people, culture and they censor both Iranian and American Nationalists!


Eventually we the people have to deal with these Globalist Liberal Democrat Tech Giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google. We have to either Break their Monopolies in to two or more companies or to Create our own Conservative Tech Giants such as the Google.

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Self-educate yourselves because your failed liberal educational system and fake search results of the Tech Giants will not!


Dr. X


Important Google Activity Update
May 5, 2020

To the Free Thinkers and the Freedom Lovers

On May 5, 2020 we have noticed that Google took off the banners including “Hezbollah” and “NIAC” banners from the top of the “Iran Politics Club” search results page. Google also took off the fabricated navigation path of “Organizations / Iran / Politics” off of the page top. Google had not done this because of morality and decency; furthermore, Google had done this because Google’s reputation worldwide cannot be more in the tank at this time. People are beginning to see Google for what it truly is. This was the last straw for Google to openly promote Hezbollah and NIAC; therefore, they had to somewhat save face. This Google action does not change the fact that Google is an Anti-America, Anti American Patriots, Anti-Iran, and Anti Iranian Nationalists monopoly. Google as a Globalist, Socialist Tech Monopoly is an arm of the Democrat Party and a part of the Deep State. Google is in bed with the Communist China, Arab Oil, IRI and the highest bidder. Google sells technology to the highest bidder disregarding their political ideology. Google CEO and Management has no principle, standards, morality, decency and allegiance. Most likely, when the dusts from this episode settles, Google will pull another stunt against the IPC, Iranian Opposition, Iranian Freedom Fighters, Iranian People and the Iranian Culture. A monopoly who promotes IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Islamist Regime, its satellite (Hezbollah) and its lobby (NIAC); yet, it refuses to celebrate Nowruz Persian New Year, celebrated by 300 million people worldwide, cannot be trusted by any true Iranian Nationalist and American Patriot worldwide.

Catayoun Razmjou
IPC Web Mistress
IPC Office


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