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Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
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Ahreeman X
December 4, 2020

Parisa Tabriz Executive Director of Engineering and Security of Google
Chrome is her baby. Chrome Security is her job. She provides security for Chrome but steals all your private information and sells it to the third party, also uses it to sales pitch you with the ads of your liking on AdSense!

Ahreeman Joon: Now listen Parisa jan, I know this is one of your bad ass Google fashion poses to capture the tough girl side of you, but it is a bit cheesy! Your glass pirate cross swords portray a wanna be fantasy heroine character in the LaLa Lands of Silicone Valley! It is a little bit yummy sexy but a little bit yucky deranged! Oh, by the way, I know you believe that mole on the cheek is your MO, a beauty mark and sexy; however, it is grotesque and got to go. I mean you have money from here to the sky, can’t you afford to remove it? Have mercy on my eyes! Thank you kindly for consideration!

Introduction to Nightmare

I am going to unveil to you, a story which has been hidden from you by the Tech Giants and the Media. I am going to tell you about the “Silicon Valley Persian Mafia” who operates the “Liberal Plantations” as the Foremen! These people are not Iranian Heroes but they are Iranian Zeros! For most, these people were raised in “Leftist Liberal Marxist” or “Shiite Islamic Religious” families. For most, these people are wither “Dahati” (Backward Small Village People) or with “Dahati Mentality” (Backward Small Village People Culture). These people are extreme, fanatical lefties and Iranian American Democrats. We are going to dig deep in to this “Techie Elite Mafia” organized crime family who are the evil minds behind the Tech Giants and seek to control your minds and your lives! In this expose, I may use humor to lighten your mood but in reality, this issue is a crying shame!

For most, they migrated to America and they have used the American Free Market Capitalist System, Freedoms and Democracy to become Billionaires and Millionaires. Now, they are actively plotting to destroy this system and replace it with a Big Government Socialist Globalist Utopia of their own!

America did not change them but they are changing America! People come to America to learn Democracy, Freedom, and the American Experiment. These people came to America, they did not learn anything from America and now they are here to destroy the American Experiment!

These people control the cyber space, indoctrinate you, brainwash you, censor you, put you in a digital prison, and now rig the elections and get rid of your one and only true President of the People! Trump is the closest thing that you will ever get as the “Government of the People, by the People and for the People”. Trump is your “Representation” for your “High Taxation”. Now, these people are eliminating your “Representation”; therefore, you will get “Taxation without Representation” and back to the “Government of the Deep State by the Establishment and for the Elite”!

Billionaire and Millionaire Techie Elite Scumbags” is what these people are! Not that they have learned anything about the American Freedoms and Democracy; furthermore, they have brought their Socialist and Bull Shiite Sub Culture to shove it in your throats and turn America to a Pile O Shiite! Welcome to Globalist Socialism, Persian Dahati Style!

Salar Kamangar Senior Executive at Google and Past CEO of YouTube
This Dahati Turk Butt Boy of Sundar Pichai is a Big Shot at Google. He censored your free speech, demonetized you and banned your videos at YouTube and now, he is censoring, banning and fading you away via Search Filters and Google Search Algorithms! He is the Censor Boy of Google, CIA and VAJA Style! Salar Kamangar is the Boy Toy of Sundar Pichai whom himself was a 5 Rupee Street Boy Toy in Deccan, India, until he came to America and become the Hindu Dog Boy of Larry Page and Sergey Brin! Sundar the Dog Face Hindu is very fond of Salar Kamangar. Just take one look at Salar Kamangar’s face and you can tell that he is a professional Butt Boy! He massages Sundar’s schlong (which dog even won’t), kisses Sundar’s anus (look carefully and you will notice brownies around Salar’s lips and nose) as the Butt Boy, and then when Sundar orgasms and explodes, he will bring the towel as the Towel Boy and then brings a bottle of ice-cold water as the Water Boy! He takes good care of Sundar! That is why Sundar often has that perverted Hindu smile on his face! Salar is Sundar’s Towel Boy, Water Boy and Butt Boy!

Who pays most for this catastrophe are the Freedom Loving Iranian People and American People! For those of you in Iran who saw a glance of light in Trump suffocating the Mullahs and getting rid of the Islamic Regime with extreme sanctions, blame and point fingers at your own kind who are now running Silicon Valley and are intending to run the world via Cyber Conquests such as the Google Global Domination! Today’s wars are fought online! For those of you in America, know your enemy, point finger at the real enemy, stand strong, stand for America, stand for Freedom and stand for Trump who stands for you. Point your fingers to the Real Enemy of the People. For those of you, not Iranian or American, but simply the Global Citizens from around the world, I am sorry to tell you but what is going on in Iran and America is affecting your lives and might forever change your lives! As of now, you are simple victims of this global plot, unless as the Citizens of Earth, you tighten up your belts, stand up and resist, stand up and fight the power, fight the Tech Giants who want to indoctrinate and control every aspect of your lives.

Today, Tech Giants with their Ring Leader Google, are not only silencing you, censoring you, banning you and bound to indoctrinate you with their Socialist Globalist World View, but if you talk too much in opposition, they put you in a digital prison! You will become an outcast without a voice. This is exactly the Tyranny in which the Founding Fathers had warned you about! This is Taxation without Representation.

Today, Silicon Valley rigs US Elections and gets rid of the President of United States! Today, Silicon Valley nullifies your votes with a click of a button on the Dominion Vote Counting and Ballot Tabulating Machines and Software! They count your votes with software made in Venezuela, machines made in Canada (which even Canadians don’t use) and tabulate them in Germany and Spain! We are the most progressed, industrial and hi-tech nation in the globe, then ask yourselves: Why can’t we count our own votes in America? Why even use hardware and software? Why not just use Robotic Arms to physically count the paper ballots? Why 80 million Cheat by Mail Unwanted and Unsolicited Mail in Ballots sent by Democrats to Ballot Harvesters, Double Voters, Dead People, Out of State voters, Illegal Aliens, Underage Voters, Hardcore Convicted Felons, and even Cats and Dogs to steal the elections and nullify your votes?!

This is not some Third World Banana Republic but this is America. If they can pull this in America, then imagine what they are able to do in the rest of the world? America, wake up and wake up now! The Silent Majority were silent and IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) happened in Iran, which as the opposition, we are not capable to get rid of it for now over 4 decades! If the Silent Majority stays silent, the Deep State which the Silicon Valley is a part of it, will steal this election right from under your noses and reestablish a Socialist Globalist Regime, Obama 3.0 in America, in which the China and the Whole world shafted the American Workers and Businesses! For those who did not learn from the history, the history will repeat itself!

Liberal Jew Boys Billionaire Club at Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg (Mother Zucker Robot)
Amin Zoufonoun (Persian Batman Wanna Be)
Jan Koum (Ukrainian WhatsApp Jew)
These boys censor your 1st amendment, promote to remove your 2nd amendment and snitch to FBI to eliminate your 4th amendment. Over here, you can see them relaxed after a heavy Butt Banging Bangarooni for the Kunis Orgy at the Facebook! Amin Zoufonoun is the Facebook Vice President of Corporate Development and Google Past Director of Corporate Development. He is a solid Liberal Persian Millionaire supporter of Iran Lobby and financier of the Democrat Party which is a block on the Iranians’ path towards freedom and democracy in Iran. Amin Zoufonoun also plays Tar Persian Instrument; however, he may get a better sound if he sticks that Tar up his Shiiter and Screams Hope and Change to Hussein Obama!

America, there is a very thin line between “Freemen” and “Slaves”. Founding Fathers created this masterpiece called the “US Constitution” so you can be “Freemen” with Freedoms and Rights. Founding Fathers were great visionaries, way ahead of their time and they did not intend for you to become Slaves to the Big Socialist Globalist Regime! They did shed blood in 1776 for you to accept Tyranny!

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
(Thomas Jefferson)

Now these Socialists are stealing elections, indoctrinating your kids in schools, silencing your voice in cyber space and running thugs such as BLM and ANTIFA in the streets of America, destroying the statues of your Founding Fathers such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson who quoted you the above wise words!

America, Wake Up Now, because tomorrow will be too late and there will be no America left for you to fight for! 1776 all over again!

Now, I will unveil to you, who is responsible for the attempted destruction of your country. I will tell you a story which has been hidden from you by the Tech Giants and the Media. They will attempt to censor and silence me but unfortunately for them, IPC is too huge to be silenced by them!

Omid Kordestani and Jack Dorsey at Twitter
Billionaire Butt Boys Club at Twitter
Jack Dorsey (ANTIFA Jack)
Omid Kordestani (Village Kurd Dahati Samad Aqa)
Boys are showing off their new apple phones and white band gay apple watches!
Now here’s a scene for you! Jack Dorsey the unshaved Hobo who often doesn’t take showers or baths is having an intimate moment with his Butt Buddy Omid Kordestani, the Village Kurd Dahati Boy. Now honestly, doesn’t Omid look like Samad Aqa (Mr. Samad, a Persian villager comic character)? And what is with that finger hand gesture of ANTIA Jack? Is that the finger he sticks up Omid’s butt? Inquiring minds want to know?! Omid Kordestani is the Twitter Executive Chairman and Google Past Special Advisor to the CEO and Founders. Omid is a hardcore Liberal Persian Billionaire who made his money from the Capitalist system but rooting for the Socialist Regime of Democrats in USA! Omid Kordestani was the Censor Boss of Google and now the Censor Boss of the Sister Company Twitter!

Persian Wazirs

Throughout the history, Iranians have always played an important role as “Wazirs” (Prime Ministers) and the “Right Hand Men” to the most powerful rulers, emperors, and caliphs. Before the full-blown invasion-occupation of the Persian Empire by the Arabo-Muslims, we had many powerful and influential Wazirs governing and creating powerful cabinets during the reigns of different important dynasties such as the Achaemenians, Parthians and Sassanids. After the Islamic Invasion, the Persians’ tactic to control the “Islamic Caliphate” was to become worthy Wazirs to the caliphs, so they could run the Caliphate.

Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire and Blood Book
Arab Muslim Invasion of Persia

Atlas of Iran Maps: Chapter 6
Sassanid Persian Empire and the Arab Muslim Invasion Occupation

Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms - Book in 23 Chapters
Chapter 13. Sassanian Uniforms Part 3

8000 Years of Iranian History!

Iran History Index

In Islamic Empire, Arabs as the conquering force were the 1st class citizens, Non-Arabs such as Persians, Romans, and others were 2nd class citizens (even though converted to Islam), and then there were the Slaves, Concubines and Dhimmi Boys (Non-Muslims) who were considered the 3rd class citizens.

Obviously, the Persians could not openly become Caliphs, because they were Persians (2nd class citizens) to the Arabs; therefore, they figured a way to operate and control the caliphate and the Islamic Empire as the Right-Hand Men to the Caliphs! This is where the tradition of the “Persian Wazirs” began!

Two Gay Persian Boys (Do Teflan-e Kuni)
Babak Bache Kuni and Nima Bache Kuni hand in hand!
Babak Pahlavan the Google Analytics Executive Director of the Product Management, Big Liberal Persian Millionaire
Nima Asgharbeygi Google Executive of Tech Lead Manager, Liberal Persian Millionaire
Ahreeman Joon: Hey wait a second, that’s why Google Analytics is all flawed! But honestly, doesn’t Babak’s oval bald head look a little bit like the tip of a dick after climax when it’s all shriveled up? Now you can take one look at Nima’s face and tell that at some point of his life, he has been butt banged by force, molested and abused but eventually enjoyed it and continued the tradition until this day! Look at that face, I know that face, it is the face of a boy who has been giving away prime ass for a long time! He is so femininely slim! Enjoy boys!

After the defeat of the Persian Empire, the Persians figured a way to continue operating, controlling and running the now called the Caliphate AKA Islamic Empire! As a matter of fact, the “Golden Age of Islam” when the Islamic Empire ruled the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and South Western Europe (Iberian Peninsula) was due to the Persian Ingenuity running the empire. Eventually the Caliphs become suspicious and wise to the true intentions of the Persians and they began prosecution and oppression of the Persians to the point that this Persian ingenuity had dried up! Once the Persian ingenuity dried up, the Islamic Empire began falling downward and eventually collapsing, simply because Arabs lacked the skills to run an empire (mildly put)! Arabs could conquer via brutal bloodshed but they were too primitive to hold, govern and run an empire! That is where Persians came in and made the Islamic Empire, global!

So, finally the Arab oppression of all the minorities, specifically targeting Persians, dried up the Persian ingenuity and eliminated the Persian Wazirs. Eventually independent movements popped up here and there and specifically Persians regained their independence (after 222 years) and revived the Persian Kingdom and then down the road the Persian Colonial Empire (Safavids).

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD)

Iran History Index

Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms - Book in 23 Chapters

Atlas of Iran Maps - 15 Chapters

Bobby Yazdani Google Investor and Liberal Persian Millionaire
Bobby: Hey, I’m not a Gay Persian Hairy Bear! I may look like one but in real life, I’m a software guru and a hi-tech investor!

Persian Wazirs’ Tactics

I am not here to give you history lessons but there is a reason that I am bringing up this subject. Throughout the history, Persians tried to rule the back then, the known world, and then the region of Middle East and beyond. When they could, they ruled it directly by establishing empires and when they could not (after Arabo-Muslim Invasion Occupation), they implemented themselves as Wazirs to indirectly run and operate the empires. This system continued until they regained their independence and restarted creating their own empires.

The point is that the Persian Wazirs were knowledgeable, wise, worthy and skillful; however, they were also tricksters, conning, conniving, treacherous, and with an agenda of their own! Back then, these Wazirs done what they did for benefits of Iran and also for their personal gains. The Persian Wazirs done what they could to keep Iran alive, save the Persian culture, make Iran still run things and still be relevant on the global stage.

Persian Traitors

Persian Traitors, also played an important role throughout the history. There is a very “Thin Line" between being a “Persian Wazir” and a “Persian Traitor”. Once you cross that line, you will become a traitor to Iran and Iranians; furthermore, to humanity and global citizens!

For instance, Prime Minister Amir Abbas Hoveyda was a great Persian Wazir.

The Orchid Man: Amir Abbas Hoveyda

On the contrary, Salman Farsi the Mazdakite (first and original communists) whom as a rebel escaped the Persian Empire and become the “Right Hand Man” to the “Prophet Muhammad”; helped format and write Quran; and most importantly inspired and inputted Zoroastrian, Mazdakite, Christian, Judaist and Hindu values in to Quran; as one of Islam’s founding Fathers, was more of a “Persian Traitor” than a “Persian Wazir” to Muhammad. Down the road, Salman’s actions, eventually resulted in the Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation of the Persian empire! Read about Salman Farsi:

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD): Chapter 1

Throughout the history, even before the Islamic Invasion, we had Persian Traitors in Iran. These Persian Traitors had betrayed the Persian Emperors such as Darius III of Achaemenid, Yazdegerd III of Sassanid and aided the enemies of Iran such as the Greeks, Romans and Arabs. These Persian Traitors caused the death of the emperors and defeat of Iran. We had Persian Traitors since the beginning of time until today! Even during the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Mohammad Reza Shah’s “literally adopted brother” whom together were raised by the Reza Shah the Great, had betrayed Shah and joined the Mullahs! This dirtbag was General Hossein Fardoust!

Persian Traitors do what they do due to personal gains, animosity towards the ruler and Iran.

Amin Zoufonoun Facebook Vice President of Corporate Development and Google Past Director of Corporate Development, Liberal Persian Millionaire
Amin: I may pose as a “Millionaire Techie Scumbag” but in real life, I am Bruce Wayne, I am Batman! They call me the Persian Batman! Now you know my true identity! Yes, I don’t wear black because I’m Persian, but I wear black because I’m Batman! The Batman that is, with a Capital B, and the B doesn’t stand for the Bitch! It stands for Batman!

Today’s Persian Wazirs

Today’s wars are fought in cyber space. One who dominates the cyber space, wins the wars. Today’s Persian Wazirs moved to cyber space to rule the world. They are called the Google, Facebook, Twitter and other Tech Giants’ Persian “Right Hand Men”!

I bet right now Google Upper Management is rolling their eyes, suspicious of the Google Persian management for future back stabs! You better watch your backs!

Difference Between the Persian Wazirs of Yesterday and Today?

Yesterday Persian Wazirs done what they did for the Persian Glory, Cultural Survival and also Personal Gains.

Today’s Persian Wazirs are more or less similar to the “Persian Traitors” than to the “Persian Wazirs”! these people do what they do for personal gains, animosity towards Iran and Iranians.

Google Global Domination

In today’s world, Google is the largest globalist corporation in the globe. Google is also the greatest threat to the American democracy; therefore, the greatest threat to the global democracy and freedom because if America goes, then the whole free world goes. Google is destined to destroy the American Democracy, Free Markets, Free Spirit and Freedoms. On the contrary, Google is plotting to replace these values with the Socialism, Internationalism, Globalism, Political Correctness, and Liberalism. Google is using monopoly, brainwash, espionage and hi-tech as tools to shove its world view and the “New World Order” down the people’s throats. Google is the “Neo Big Brother” and wants to control every aspect of your lives. You will obey Google or you will be put in the digital prison and banned from the cyber world because Google is the ring leader of the Tech Giants who dance to the Google’s tune and follow Google’s terms and codes of life. If you disobey Google:

Google Methods to Destroy Independent Voices
Google demonetizes you
Google suppresses and depresses your links
Google rigs the search to fade you in the search
Google censors you via search
Google spies on you and uses the info to destroy you
Google practically tries to ban and erase you from cyber space
YouTube demonetizes you
YouTube bans you and suspends your account
PayPal demonetizes you by blocking your financial interactions
Wikipedia sanctions you
Facebook censors you and bans you
Twitter censors you and bans you
The Social Media and Tech Giants Black Ball you

* Note:
After the failure of Google + social network, Google actively cooperates with Facebook and Twitter to combinedly dominate the market and the world.

David Marcus the Facebook VP of Messaging Products and the PayPal Past President, the Liberal Persian Millionaire
David: Now all this hi-tech stuff aside, I’m on a lifetime journey, searching and seeking a Schlong this big to cure my never-ending urge of Butt Itch! I even searched the Himalayas! So far no luck!

Rise of the Tech Oligarchs

I am warning you right here and right now that there is a new oligarchy getting created in America to destroy America and Americanism via replacing it with the Globalism were, they can implement their New World Order to monopolize and control the globe.

They all collude like they all colluded to steal the election for democrats because Democrats are in the pocket of the Tech Giants.

How Tech Giants Stole the Elections?

Trump wanted to get rid of Section 230, regulate them and break them up to limit their powers, so they had to rig the elections to destroy Trump.

They stole the elections via:

- Rigging the Search
- Hiding the Truth
- Hiding Joe Biden’s Corruptions
- Hiding Joe Biden’s sexual perversions and assaults
- Hiding Biden Crime Family’s Corruptions
- Promoting Democrats
- Censoring Conservatives
- Censoring Free Media such as New York Post

Omid Kordestani Twitter Executive Chairman and Google Past Special Advisor to the CEO and Founders, Liberal Persian Billionaire
Ahreeman Joon: Hey, isn’t that Samad Aqa? You’re pulling my leg, that’s not Omid, that’s Samad Aqa (Persian Comedy Character)! Hey, why is his hand in that motion? Is he trying to grab my balls? Get off my lawn! Get off my balls!

Deep State had to Get Rid of Trump!

Trump was about to clean America from the filth and swamp of the Deep State, so the Deep State had to destroy Trump:

Trump was cutting the prices of Drugs,
The Big Pharma said Trump had to go!

Trump was exposing the Wall Street Crimes,
The Wall Street said Trump had to go!

Trump was trimming the tail of the Tech Giants,
The Tech Giants Rigged the elections so Trump would go!

Trump destroyed the false prestige of the Media and exposed their bias,
The Media had to get rid of Trump!

Trump brought energy independence to America,
The Arab Oil had to get rid of Trump!

Trump could possibly get DOJ to prosecute Elite such as Clinton and Obama for their crimes,
Elite could not tolerate that, so Trump had to go!

Trump would possibly prosecute FBI Management for the Coup,
FBI could not allow that, so Trump had to go!

Trump was creating fair trades with China,
China rigged the elections visa Dominion Corp. so Trump would go!

Trump ended the Endless Wars,
Military Industrial Complex lost money, so Trump had to go!

Trump was eliminating the Deep State Power,
Deep State wanted to regain the lost power so Trump had to go!

Ali Rowghani Twitter COO (Chief Operating Officer) and Twitter Past CFO, Liberal Persian Millionaire
Ahreeman Joon: Ali Rowghani, Rowghanet Bedam! Rowghani means Cooking Oil, so his Big Daddy Haji Bazaari must have been a big cooking oil dealer merchant from the Bazaar Market! He looks like a Haji Bazaari, an Islamic pilgrim Hezbollah Haji indeed! He has that angelic face, like the Shiite Imam Saints, them faraway mesmerizing Persian eyes and the Persian Hairy Bear look! Hey wait a second, what’s that spot on his beard? Is that …, no way! Yes, it is! Oh yes, it is! That’s a drop of semen on his beard! Is that ANTIFA Jack’s semen?! Damn Gay Persian Hairy Bears!

Liberal Plantation System

Once upon a time, America was a unique form of Democracy and Republic designed by the Founding Fathers for the Americans to live as Free Spirits. Once upon a time,

America was:
Government of the People, by the People and for the People
Now, America is: 
Government of the Deep State, by the Establishment and for the Elite

Trump was the closest thing that we ever had to the “Government of the People” because True American Patriots such as Trump are one in a 100 million, who would risk everything to save America. That is why Trump has to go, so Deep State can regain power!

In reality, America is run by the Deep State which implements the Liberal plantations System!

Liberal Plantation System
Liberal Plantation Masters
Liberal Plantation Foremen
Liberal Plantation Slaves

Now, let’s elaborate:

Liberal Plantation Masters

Masters run the plantations. Masters are often Big Liberal Jew Bosses! These Liberal Jew Bosses own the plantation and brainwash the average liberal Jew into following them like sheep. Jews by majority are liberal sheep followers without identity of their own, except the Conservative Jews whom have brains, think on their own, have free will and are free thinkers. Conservative Jews truly love America, Israel, and Freedom. Rest of the Jews are sheep followers of the Liberal Jew bosses who own the plantations! These Jew bosses make the Big Money, Profit off of the Plantation System and rule the world.

George Soros, Rothschild Family, Google Founders, Mark Zuckerberg, Big Pharma, Tech Giants, Hollywood, Entertainment Industry, Corporate Media, Social Media and Banking System owners and CEOs are only an example of the Liberal Jew Masters owning the Liberal Plantation System.

They are driven by greed, power and control via globalism, socialism, liberalism and destruction of Americanism.

Liberal Plantation Foremen

This is where the Iranian Americans come in. Persian Techie Multi-Millionaires and Billionaires who run Google, Facebook, Twitter and hundreds of other Tech Giants, Tech Companies, Information Technology Corporations and Industries are basically Liberal Plantation Foremen who operate the Liberal Plantations. They run the Silicon Valley and gaining more and more power by the day.

These Persians are operators who operate the Liberal Plantations, enablers who enable the Plantation Owners’ crimes, oppressors who oppress the Plantation Slaves, and the generators who supply the power and energy behind the Liberal Plantations. They run the show as “Persian Wazirs” yet more like “Persian Traitors” who are faithful servants to the Plantation Masters.

These Persians do anything for a buck. They sell their own mothers for a $ 5 bill. Just wave that green dough in their faces and like Street Whores and Butt Boys, they bend over for you to FAQ them up the Shiiter, ball deep!

At the same time and simultaneously that they undermine Americanism, Patriotism, Democracy and Freedom; they also destroy the Persian Culture, Persianhood and Iranian Traditions. They are the most corrupt and morally bankrupt elements of the Globalist Left who openly support the Iran Lobby, are in bed with Communist China, Arab Oil and naturally wheel and deal with IRI.

These Iranian American Plantation Foremen are the epidemy of immorality, censorship, oppression, and corruption. They are the Super Spreaders in the Brainwash plague, fungus in the Establishment and the Deep in the Deep State!

Iranian American Democrats, who are they?

History of Democrats & Mullahs: Democrats' Misfires

Liberal Plantation Slaves

In the old times, before the Civil War, the Liberal Plantation Democrat Jew Masters enslaved the Black Man’s body but today, they enslave the Black Man’s mind! The plantations are the same plantations but the methods of slavery have changed, Democrats invented the Confederacy, created the KKK, designed the Jim Crow, perfected the Segregation and now they are enslaving the Blacks with Welfare, Food-stamp, section 8, project housing, benefits, healthcare, government cheese, big ol loaf o Big Gov. bread, and Kool-Aid indeed!

Not only majority of the Blacks are on the plantation, but also are the liberal Jews, minorities, illegal immigrants and other prospect Democrat voters! Blacks are a voting block who have been giving free rides to the Democrats for centuries and they are happy residents of the plantations, love to be taken care of by the Big Gov. They have Stockholm Syndrome and are happy slaves. They jump up and down, entertain and even do court jester acts for the Masters! Some are Plantation House Negroes like Al Sharpton and some are Plantation Farm Negroes like LeBron James.

The only free-thinking Blacks who actually own brains and think for themselves are the Conservative Blacks who had left the plantations long ago, and many others whom are now beginning to leave the plantations. Free at Last, Free at Last ….

Liberal Race Card for Today, for Future and for Ever!

Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity!

US Democrat & Republican Party History, the Real Story

Kayvon Beykpour Twitter Head of Product, Liberal Persian Millionaire
Ahreeman Joon: Now that is the face of a typical Persian Bache Kuni (Butt Boy) and if I’m wrong, I’m going to change my name from Ahreeman to Muhammad Ali! I know Bache Kunis, no matter how hard they try to hide it and portray themselves as Hetero Playboys, their eyes and facial gestures give them away! This boy has been butt banged since childhood, he has been used and abused over and over and over …. C’mon Man (Biden Style), it’s obvious! His eyes and lips are begging for it and saying: Come and bang me! In bache talab mikoneh! Mikhad, kheyli vahshiyaneh ham mikhad! In javunish yeh kuni dadeh, hanuzam mideh va hamisheh khahad dad! Kuni-ye bel-fetreh mibashad! Ya Haq! Bezan tush!

Google is Anti-Americanism

Google is hardcore Anti-Americanism, Anti-American Culture, Anti-America, Anti-Patriotism, Anti-American National Populism, Anti-Trumpism, Anti-American Constitution and Anti-American Democracy.

Google is actively promoting to replace the Americanism with their own world view which is being shoved down the Americans’ throats via brainwash implemented by tools such as the Search Engine, Subliminal Messages, Social Media, False Information and Censorship.

Google’s world view is the complete liberal garbage consisting of but not limited to the political correctness, globalism, internationalism, groupthink, social justice, liberal made 6 to 60 LGBTQ genders, liberal made global warming, climate change doomsday scenario, systemic racism, institutional racism, revision of American history, Demonizing America, ANTIFA justification, BLM justification, anarchy justification, and the rest of the liberal nonsense.

* Note:
Google pretends to be promoting the LGBTQ cause, while in reality, it is only superficial propaganda used as a tool to promote Google Monopoly. In reality, there are tons of LGBTQ Google employees who were discriminated against by Google. Google same as Liberals only pretend to promote the LGBTQ freedoms but in reality, Trump is the greatest supporter of the LGBTQ where openly declared to the globe at the UN in the general assembly to stop criminalizing and murdering the LGBTQ. Google the same as Democrats only use the LGBTQ and the minorities to gain power and to make money.

For more information read:


Is Google a Cult?
Google Cult of Censorship, Espionage and Mind Control


Is Google a Cult?

Tech Giants Cyber Censorship Cartoons

Tech Giants, the Greatest Threat to American Democracy


Tech Giants Cyber Censorship Cartoons

Parisa Tabriz Google Security Expert and Director of the Engineering, Chrome is her baby, Liberal Persian Millionaire
Parisa: Hello, I’m Parisa, my choochool (clit) is this big and my balls are also this big …
Ahreeman Joon: you mean you have balls?
Parisa: No fool, it’s a sort of speech …
Ahreeman Joon: Are you sure like Michelle Obama, you’re not a Tranny?
Parisa: Nope, I’m just a girl with big balls, and hey Michelle is not a Tranny …
Ahreeman Joon: Then what’s that thing wobbling and hanging down there in her pants?
Parisa: you should be ashamed of yourself to call the “First Tranny”, Oops I mean the First Lady, a Tranny!
Ahreeman: So, do you have a Shoombool (little dick) or a choochool (clit)?
Parisa: Psycho, I’m a real girl, it was just a figure of speech, a metaphor …
Ahreeman Joon: OK OK, no sweat … by the way, you still haven’t removed that mole with a procedure!
Parisa: Get off my mole …
Ahreeman Joon: Get off my lawn ….

Google Iranian American Corrupt Management

These people are the worst elements of the Google, the enablers, the power which runs Google and the operators who execute the evil deeds of the Google Oligarchs (Larry Page and Sergey Brin). These people are literally enemies of the Freedom loving Iranian People and American people. These people are the enemies of the Iranian Culture and the American Culture. These people are the greatest threat to the Americanism and Democracy.

Google Iranian American Management is Anti-Iranian Culture

Google Iranian American Management is Anti-Iran, Anti-Iranian Culture, Anti-Nowruz Persian New Year and openly discriminates against their own kind! They hate their own culture! They are traitors to their own kind and culture. For more information read:


Google Promotes Hezbollah and NIAC on IPC’s Traffic!

Google, Persian Gulf and IRI Iranian Agents in USA

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Google - Persian Gulf Controversy Cartoons

These Iranian Americans wither born in Iran or in America, were raised in homes with leftist Marxist or Shiite Muslim upraising. They were grown up with neither Persian nor American values. They have not learned anything about the Americanism, Democracy, Patriotism, and American values. Today, they are changing America.

They did not come here to learn Americanism.
They came here to infect America with their Marxist or Shiite Sub Culture!
They bring their Bull Shiite and inject it to America.

These people driven by greed, immorality and power.
They are in bed with Communist China, IRI, Iran Lobby and Arab Oil
Their religion is money. They have created large bank accounts.

Ali Rowghani Twitter’s Present COO and Twitter’s Past CFO, Liberal Persian Millionaire
Ahreeman Joon: Rowghani, you still here? I thought, you left to read Namaz prayer! But seriously, he has them Shiite Islamic Saints look and them faraway look in his eyes! He has this holy aura around his face! Doesn’t he look a little bit like Javad Zarif? Just a little?  

Not Iranian American Heroes but Zeros

Some fools cherish them as Iranian American heroes for taking over the Silicon Valley! The measurement for accomplishment is not for Iranian American Techies to take over the Silicon Valley. The measurement of achievement is to help the Iranians, Iranian people’s struggle for freedom, and survival of the Persian culture. The measurement for achievement is to progress and evolve the humanity for be better.

You should ask yourselves:

What have these guys ever done for the Iranian people?
What have they ever done for progress of the Iranian people, American people or humanity?
These people have never spent a dime for the freedom of Iran and to support the Iranian opposition, on the contrary, they support the Iran Lobby and destroy the American democracy

America did not change them but they are changing America for the worse! They have learned nothing from the American Experiment but they are destroying the American Experiment! They did not come here to learn democracy and freedom but to eliminate democracy and freedom with censorship and brainwash! Censorship of Free Speech, filtering the Search, suppressing the links to the Iranian opposition sites like IPC, and patriotic sites in America are their agenda.

Iranian American Tech Millionaires and Billionaires

Iranian American Techies of Silicon Valley are not only limited to the Google, Facebook and Twitter management but they reside in a wide range of businesses which control America and also wheel and deal with IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran). They are all Globalists, Democrats and Immoral. They have only one motivation which is greed to build their grand bank accounts. They are the enemy of the Iranian people and the American people.

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC

Persian Cultural Center San Diego is the Bank for Iran Lobby

Google Upper Management

Google is in the middle of the Silicon Valley, running the show as the Big Fish!

George Soros is naturally the man behind the Tech Giants and he controls the whole show.

US Elections 2020 Rigged by George Soros
Complete System is Rigged by Deep State

Before we begin with the list of Google’s Iranian American Management, let’s mention the Google’s Big Fish:

Google Upper Management

Larry Page
Google Co-founder
Liberal Jew Billionaire

Sergey Brin
Google Co-founder
Liberal Russian Jew Billionaire

Sundar Pichai
Google CEO
Liberal Hindu Billionaire

Ruth Porat
Google CFO
Liberal Jew Millionaire

Susan Wojcicki
YouTube CEO
Liberal Polish Jew Millionaire

Stacy Savides Sullivan
Google CCO (Chief Culture Officer)
Liberal Jew Millionaire

* Note:
Yes, google is the largest Cult in the globe and it has a Google Chief Culture Officer to make sure that the Google employees are indoctrinated with the Google Cultural Values!

Is Google a Cult?

Kayvon Beykpour Twitter’s Head of Product and Liberal Persian Millionaire
Kayvon: Don’t I looks a little bit like Elvis Presley (now in the grave)?! But seriously, I’ve been searching for a schlong this long and this big, have you seen one?! I have this never-ending Butt Itch which needs a cure!
Hey, who said I’m a Bache Akhund (Mullah’s son) and Hezbollahi? I just support the Iran Lobby!!

What do Google Iranian American Management have in Common?

* They run Google and Tech Giants
* They are Billionaires and Millionaires
* They are Globalist, Socialist Monopolizers
* They are Anti-Americanism, American Exceptionality and Nationalism
* They are immoral, without principles and driven only by greed
* They are all in cahoots with each other
* They are in cahoots with Democrat Party
* They are Iranian American Democrats
* They support the Iran Lobby
* They rig the algorithms, system and search to benefit Democrats
* They censor freedom of speech
* They blackball Conservatives
* They are in bed with Communist China, IRI and Arab Oil
* They love Shiite Islamic Culture and IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran)
* They hate Iranian Culture and Nowruz Persian New Year
* They hate Trump and National Populists
* They hate Iranian Opposition
* They hate IPC
* They hate my guts

Google Iranian American Management Hates Iranian Culture

Google is in bed with the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and the Arab Oil. Google proves it by following Anti Persian Culture, Anti Iran, Anti Iranian, Anti Persianhood and Anti Nowruz (Persian New Year) policies.

Since the creation of Google (1998), we have tried over and over to push Google to post a Google Doodle (on Google homepage) for Nowruz for only one day a year but they never did! Now have in mind that Nowruz is celebrated by over 300 million people around the world! 365 days a year, Google posts Bull Shiite Politically Correct Google Doodles to celebrate every single unknown baboon in all the boonies countries around the world; however, they refuse to recognize the Nowruz Persian New Year!

Google Iranian American Management funds and supports Iran Lobby and therefore IRI; however, they despise the Iranian culture, Iranian opposition and Iranian people!

Google Iranian American Management Hates their Own Kind!

Honestly, would you please tell me that what kind of animal hates his own kind? They foreign worship, Arab worship, kiss Tech Oligarchs’ butts, sellout America and Iran both, promote Hezbollah and NIAC (Iran Lobby) and are in bed with the IRI Mullahs but refuse to celebrate the Nowruz Persian New Year, Persian Culture and Persian people!

They massage half-breed Arab Mullahs’ schlongs and have business with the IRI but they despise their own New Year, Culture and Traditions! They love Mullahs but they hate Iran! They cherish Shiite Islamic Sub Culture but they hate the Iranian Culture!

The question remains:

What kind of animal, not even insects and lowest life forms such as amoeba, hates his own kind?
These people are lower than amoeba, the single cell animals!

Google Iranian American Management

These whores, faggots and low life Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires are amongst the Google Management of the past and present:


Parisa Tabriz
Google Security Expert and Director of Engineering
Chrome is her baby
Liberal Persian Millionaire

Salar Kamangar
Google Senior Executive
YouTube Past CEO
Liberal Persian Millionaire

Babak Pahlavan
Google Executive
Director of Product Management for Google Analytics
Liberal Persian Millionaire

Nima Asgharbeygi
Google Executive
Tech Lead Manager
Liberal Persian Millionaire

Bobby Yazdani
Google Investor
Liberal Persian Millionaire


Amin Zoufonoun
Facebook Vice President of Corporate Development
Google Past Director of Corporate Development
Liberal Persian Millionaire

David Marcus
Facebook VP of Messaging Products
PayPal Past President
Liberal Persian Millionaire


Omid Kordestani
Twitter Executive Chairman
Google Past Special Advisor to the CEO and Founders
Liberal Persian Billionaire

Ali Rowghani
Twitter COO (Chief Operating Officer)
Twitter Past CFO
Liberal Persian Millionaire

Kayvon Beykpour
Twitter Head of Product
Liberal Persian Millionaire

They are some of the greatest globalist traitors to America and the Iranian People. They are no Iranian Heroes but they are a block on the way of the Iranian Nationalist Revolution. If you wonder who is censoring people in Google, Twitter, Facebook and Social Media, it is these low lives!

Iranian Americans of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley Iranian Americans are very powerful and are basically Democrats. Some make business with Iran, some support Iran lobby, some are hardcore Democrats but almost all of them fund the Democrat party and vote Democrat. They are no Heroes but they are zeros. They are not role models for the Iranian Americans but they are enemy of the Iranian Americans and the Iranian People.

Google Suppressing the IPC links

Right now, google is trying hard to suppress the link to this article! Google suppresses the links of the websites which criticize Google such as Breitbart and IPC. On daily basis, Google demonetizes, defunds and fades away tens of Conservative sites and personalities but it is hard to censor, ban and marginalize the largest Iranian website in the world which is IPC! They try but IPC is not chopped liver and a Bang and Bologna web page or blog to hide under the 4th page of the web search!

Salar Kamangar Google Senior Executive and YouTube Past CEO, Liberal Persian Millionaire
Ahreeman Joon: Boy, damn you’re ugly! It’s not only the moles, the eggplant nose, the fangs and the Mr. Bean face but the whole geek gay look is so typically nerdy faggish! Why on earth is Sundar so attracted to you?!

Google Search Experiment on IPC

Let us together make a test to prove to you that Google is actively suppressing the IPC links, shall we? Now watch, as soon as they read this article, they will go and fix their algorithm to reinstall all the IPC suppressed links, so it shows no bias!

Test on Other Search Engines

- Go to any other search engine beside Google
- Punch in “Iran Politics Club” the name of the website, not “” which is the URL of the website. This way, you will get all our links and all other sites’ links to us, so you will get our total links.
- For instance, try it on DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yahoo or anywhere else.
- On top of the search page, you will get the IPC homepage in large print. Under it, you will get between 4 to 10 IPC index pages or important pages in bold and in 2 columns.
- Under the bold links, you will get a small link which states: “More Results” which leads you to another search page with many of our other links from our website.
- After our bold links on the top of the search page, you will get the links of other sites who link to us through various pages of IPC.
- In general, the combine links of the search makes up our direct links or indirect links to us which all and all are considered our links and our search results.

Test on Google Search

- Go to Google search
- Punch in “Iran Politics Club” the name of the website, not “” which is the URL of the website. This way, you will get all our links and all other sites’ links to us, so you will get our total links.
- On top of the search page, you will get the IPC homepage in large print.
- On top of the search page after the IPC homepage, you will not get between 4 to 10 IPC index pages or important pages in bold and in 2 columns; furthermore, you will get non!
- Instead, under the homepage link, you will get a line of 4 small print links to selected IPC pages by Google (politically correct pages which don’t criticize Google)
- Under these small print links, you will not get a small link which states: “More Results” which leads you to another search page with many of our other links from our website.
- After our homepage bold link on the top of the search page, you will get the links of other sites which link to us through various pages of IPC. These pages are reduced via algorithm to show less sites linking to us.
- In general, the combine links of the search makes up our direct links or indirect links to us which all and all are considered our links and our search results; however, Google reduced our bold links to only one (our homepage) and reduced the links to the sites who link to us drastically.

In other words,

* Google suppressed the IPC bold links and reduced them to only 1 link
* Google was so kindly merciful that inserted 4 mini links barely visible under our main link
* Google eliminated the mini link under our bold main link which states “More Results”
* Google reduced the number of sites which link to IPC.
* Google suppressed the IPC total links
* Google rigs the search to demote IPC

When you punch in “Iran Politics Club”, you must get all of our links because that is the name of our website but you will get only one major IPC link plus a reduced number of other sites linking to us!

Google Fading Ahreeman X from Cyber Space

Now forget about my links, they are reduced to only 1 direct link plus a reduced number of other sites linked to me. My links were all over the Google, until I criticized Google! I have massive number of links on the Internet, either direct or indirect. Google eliminated all my direct links and is actively suppressing all of my indirect links. Google is intentionally trying to make me disappear from the Internet!

If Google could, they would have made me vanish from the cyber space but unfortunately for Google, I am not a lonesome blogger or a social media dweller, yet I am a major author and publisher on the net, so it is very difficult for Google to fade me out of the net!

Google Iranian American Management surely despises me and hates my guts because I really expose their nature to the world!

At least, they are not promoting Hezbollah and NIAC Iran Lobby on our traffic, anymore!

Google Promotes Hezbollah and NIAC on IPC’s Traffic!

As long as Google could not make a buck selling ads to Iran Lobby Groups and Islamist Terrorist Groups on our traffic (because we exposed and shamed them), now Google does anything to suppress the IPC links, demote IPC and make it disappear from the cyberspace.

Google’s complete search is rigged to suppress sites such as IPC and conservatives.

Parisa Tabriz Google Security Expert and Director of Engineering, Liberal Persian Millionaire
Parisa: Hey Ahreeman, I get the last laugh, look at my mole, its still here and I’m not gonna remove it! Ha ha ha … Hey Ahreeman I’m taking this picture from inside the Google’s executive bathroom, that’s why they call me the Google Security Princess because I secure the parameter before I touch myself! By the way, have I told you that I still have the mole? Suffer Ahreeman, suffer ……
and yes, I think its beautiful!

End Notes

Google in the most powerful corporation in the world which is plotting to dominate the globe via mass control of the information in the information age. Google dominates the cyber space using the tools of monopoly, censorship, search filters, rigged search, fixed algorithms, espionage, ratting on people to FBI, selling personal info, and now rigging elections!

Google has no principles whatsoever and sells to the highest bidder including Communist China, Arab Oil, IRI, Iran Lobby and anyone else.

Google colludes with other Tech Giants to control the ad money, censor and now rig elections. Google and Facebook combine, control 70% of the ad market.

Google colludes with foreign powers to accomplish its globalist goals. For instance, Google builds custom search, applications and software for Communist China to oppress the Chinese people and the Democratic movement in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Google does the same for the Arab Dictatorships. Google also has no regrets accepting money from the Iran Lobby. Google even builds software for the Chinese Communist Military!

Google has transformed itself from a Search Engine to an octopus with multi tentacles in every aspect of the cyber space, monopolizing the business; furthermore, censoring and silencing other voices and freedom movements around the world and now in USA by rigging elections!

Google is openly the enemy of the IPC, Iranian Opposition, Iranian Democratic Movement, Iranian Student Movement, Iranian Freedom Movement, Iranian People, Iranian Culture and everything else which IPC supports and stands for.

Google has transformed itself from a useful tool to progress humanity, to a Global Monster which plots to Control the people and establish a New World Order via monopoly tools.

Google has officially become the enemy of the People and the Big Brother Behind the Mind Control.

Google Iranian American Management are the worst of the Iranian global community, the dirt bags of the American community, the feces of the cyber community and the scumbags of the global community. They are a dirt stain on the white skirt of the humanity. What Google Iranian American Management needs is a Moral Revolution!

 Moral Revolution: The Alternative Tactic

The Iranian Disease!

I hate to say it but the truth must be told:

“Our problem is not education and culture but our problem is morality. Iranians are the most educated, well-schooled and cultural people on earth but our people are the most immoral people on earth!”
(Ahreeman X)

More Ahreemanic Quotes:

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

No matter how hard Google Liberal plantation Foremen try, they cannot shove their world view down people’s throats. Google cannot destroy the Iranian Free Spirit, American Freemen and Freewomen’s thrive for Freedom and the Human Nature Seeking Freedom. 

In the Information Age, it looks like the Industrial Revolution had passed Google by; and someone forgot to tell Google that the age of the Big Brothers is over! While urinating on Socialism, collectivism and mind control; We are charging strong and speedily towards the Individuality and the Individual Freedoms!

We are on our way to the Shining City Upon a hill!


Dr. X


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