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Google Iranian Management Hates Iranian Opposition

Google Sabotage of Iran Politics Club Links and Images
Google Iranian American Management Hates Iranian Opposition

Catayoun Razmjou
December 18, 2020

Google Evil Logo
Google is the greatest evil of our time. Google is the most powerful global corporation with the doctrine of profit over human lives. American workers, Iranian workers, Chinese workers and global workers are casualties of Google profit making. Google sells to the highest bidder including Communist Chinese Government, Arab Dictatorships and Iran Lobby.

Why Google Iranian American Management Hates Iranians?

Every ethnic group in America specifically those who are fighting an oppressive regime in their homelands such as Cubans, Venezuelans, Chinese and even Arabs help each other, got each other’s backs and celebrate the ones who fight against that tyrannical regime (like us), except the Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires particularly the Iranian American Management of Google whom on the contrary back stab the freedom fighters of Iran such as us! By committing these crimes, the Google Iranian American Management is spitting in the faces of the Freedom Loving Iranian People who fight the oppressive Islamist Regime of IRI.

Google Iranian American Management hates “Iran Politics Club”, Iranian Opposition and the Freedom Loving Iranian People because there are no dollars to be made from the opposition, but they love the Iran Lobby, Hezbollah and the IRI Islamist Regime because there are plenty of dollars to be made from ads, promos, apps to sell and dealing with the Islamists!

Google Iranian American Management hates Iranian Culture, Iranian Heritage, Iranian People, Freedom of Iran and the Iranian Opposition. Google Iranian American Management who runs Google are the only ethnic group in America who back stab their own kind (Iran Politics Club) for money!

If someone craps his pants in Africa, Google brands it as “African Poop Pants Day” and celebrates it as a Great Liberal Enlightenment Events, but no matter how hard we tried, they never celebrate Nowruz Persian New Year, which is celebrated by over 300 Million people around the world! Not even a lousy Google Doodle since 1998 when Google was born! These sellouts hate their own people!

Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
Google, Facebook and Twitter Iranian American Management

Every Ethnic Group in USA Loves their Own Kind Except the Google Iranian American Management!

Google’s Sabotage of IPC

Dear Readers, Members, Colleagues and Friends of Iran:

I have just input “Iran Politics Club” and checked Google search results under “All” and then “Images”.

Under All

There were 32,600,000 hits. These are our total links consisting of our direct links, other sites linking to us and other sites writing about us. On the first page of the search results, Google had hidden the link to the IPC homepage all the way at the bottom of the page and without any large or small sub links. Google is hoping for people not to find IPC!

Are these people stupid or are they flat out retarded? The whole search on every link to every site is linking to us or is about us, one way or another links to us, but Google plays this game to hide our homepage link! All of these people search for IPC and all the results are about IPC but Google is hideously trying to hide the link to our homepage! Of course, they fail because people are smart and they find their way to us.

Under Images

Check this one, it is so funny. Go to “Images” about “Iran Politics Club” and you can see all of them are our images. Idiots at Google even try to sabotage our images so at the bottom of the image page, they write:

These results may not be what you are looking for but if you wish to see more results click here” and then they have a link for more images for people to click.

Google is trying hard to pretend that people who search for “Iran Politics Club” are not searching for us but they are searching for some imaginary Iranian Political Club, so the images they are seeking is for that club! So, Google states that if these images (our images) are not what you are seeking and you are seeking for that imaginary club, then stop seeing more of these images (our images)! But of course, people are searching for our links and our images, so they click to see more!

Google Suppresses Iran Politics Club Links
Google Censors Thousands of Iran Politics Club Links

How did these Idiots become Millionaires?

Their brains are so small and like ostriches they have their heads in the sand, pretending in a myth that the search for “Iran Politics Club” is not for us! Even though everyone can see that the search results and images are all our hits, but Google like a little pathetic lying kid, tries so hard to dictate to the people that these searches are for any Iranian political club or some imaginary club!

The only fools who get fooled by Google’s charade are in fact Google Iranian American Management who hate us!

Google Iranian American Management Criminals

Do you know what else is funny but sad? Every other ethnic group in America help one another and celebrate one another, particularly minorities or ethnic groups who are oppressed by a tyrannical regime such as Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and even Arabs got each other’s backs! People get happy when they see their own kind achieves something!

When it comes to Iranians, instead of supporting the only people who got the back bones and guts to stand up to IRI and Islamists (that’s us), they rather sabotage them, hurt them, put them down and make them fail! These Silicon Valley Billionaires and Millionaires sit in their mansions and don’t raise one finger to help the Iranian people to fight for freedom, but they sabotage anyone who is fighting for freedom of Iran (that’s us)! On the contrary, they help the Iran Lobby, IRI and Mullahs to oppress the people!

Why Google Iranian American Management Helps Iran Lobby?

Because there’s no money in supporting the Iranian opposition! There’s money to be made by ads, promotion, applications, and dealing with the IRI and Iran Lobby but no money to be made by backing the opposition! Google is all about money and selling to the highest bidder. Google prefers to make money from Hezbollah and IRI than to support the Iranian people’s fight for freedom!

The lowest lives of the low lives and scumbags in Google are these Iranian American Management whom unlike other ethnic groups in America, they back stab their own kind!  These bastards do anything to make money. They back stab Iran, Iranian people, Iranian opposition and us who represent them, and they do it for a hand full of dollars!

Iranian American Management who runs Google are the perfect definition of human scums, sub humans and dirt bags who sellout their own kind.

Legacy of Google Iranian American Management

What do you think will happen after their deaths? What have they accomplished? Usually, people love to leave a legacy so after their death, people would appreciate for what they have done! These guys have done nothing for humanity but they back stabbed their own kind for money! Their legacy is their bank accounts built over the suffering of the freedom loving Iranian people! The eternal condemnation of the freedom loving people of Iran, America and the globe will be upon them.

After they die, People will urinate and defecate on their graves! They may as well do their wills in a way to cremate them and drop their ashes in the sea!

How low can a human being go? Not lower than the Iranian American Management of Google!


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