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Google is Becoming Outdated Technology

Google is Losing the Search Engine War
Google is Becoming Outdated Technology

Ahreeman X
March 26, 2021

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How Google Search has Become Inferior and Low Tech?

Google basically has become an outdated search engine due to these important reasons:

I. Google Lost Focus on Search
Google’s focus on search got distracted by 101 other tech fields which Google is now involved in.

II. Google Filtration of Search
Google had filtered and censored the search for so much to the point that the search had become inaccurate. Google algorithms are booked suppressing conservative links 24/7. Google’s YouTube is booked mass censoring conservatives by tens of thousands.

Google’s History of Internet Search Decline

Google History of Internet Search Decline
* Google was created in Menlo Park, Silicon Valley on 1998
* Google started as a promising search engine with great prospect
* Google becomes the main search engine and corners the market
* Google like an octopus spreads its tentacles in to 101 different tech fields
* Google focusing on so many markets, loses focus on the search engine
* New search engines get created, evolved and progress
* Other search engines get creative, evolve and progress
* Other search engines work to perfect their search techniques
* Google sells out to Arab Oil and Skips the name “Persian Gulf” on the Google maps
* Google sells out to Communist China, developing search, software and apps for China
* Google works with Chinese Military owned entities
* Google goes in bed with Communist China
* Google sells out to IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran and Mullahs
* Google sells out to Iran Lobby and colludes with the Iran Lobby
* Google refuses to celebrate Nowruz Persian New Year celebrated globally by 300 million people
* Google Iranian management become Anti Nowruz Persian New Year
* Google Iranian management become pro Iran Lobby
* Google Iranian management become Anti IPC, Iranian opposition and Iranian people
* Google Iranian management colludes with Facebook and Twitter Iranian management
* American social media and tech giants run by Iranian management censors the conservatives
* Google takes lead and becomes the ring leader for the tech giants
* Google plots to establish Tech Oligarchy and Globalist Corporate control of the globe
* Google aims to create a Chinese style socialist regime in America
* Google becomes the most powerful corporation on earth
* Google gets political, takes side heavily with Democrats and Liberals
* Google filters search, suppresses links and censors the conservatives
* Google search, due to filtration becomes inaccurate
* Google search becomes fake, bias and low tech
* Google loses complete focus on search and mass censors the conservatives
* Google becomes a pawn in George Soros plot to steal the US 2020 election
* Google colludes with Facebook, Twitter and Tech Giants to steal the US 2020 election
* Google spews fake news, liberal propaganda and censors the conservatives
* Google helps stealing the US 2020 election from Trump
* Google mass censors conservatives who speak of the stolen election
* Google via YouTube and search, mass censors 100,000 conservative accounts
* Google bans Trump and Many conservatives from YouTube platform
* Google becomes censor and propaganda machine for the Democrat party
* Google becomes the state censorship and propaganda tool for the Democrat Occupied Illegitimate Regime
* Google suppresses, bans and sanctions all competitions in all tech fields
* Google suppresses, bans and sanctions Conservative social media
* Google monopolizes the search, Internet and related Tech fields
* Google establishes Tech Oligarchy to control USA and the World
* Google due to involvement in politics and many tech fields, becomes weak in search
* Google becomes low tech in search by not focusing on search
* Google becomes inaccurate in search due to filtering the search
* Google loses edge on the search
* Google becomes an inaccurate, low tech search engine by focusing on propaganda and censorship
* Google transforms to a political entity, globalist corporation and tech oligarchy
* Google loses the search war technologically, but still remains number one popular search due to the name recognition

Google has Low Tech Inferior Search Results

We have done various experiments:

We tested the Google Search abilities with a number of articles such as:

Reasons for Iran’s Backward Culture

Nicholas Ginex press Release: Amen: The Beginning of the Creation of God Book

Sohrab Sepehri In the Meadow (Dar Golestaneh) Persian Poem

As soon as we published these pages, we punched in “Iran Politics Club” (name of the website) or “Nicholas Ginex” or “Sohrab Sepehri” (name of the authors) in the search engines.

Right away they came out on the first page of the search in the Bing.

The same day or the next day, they were on top of the first pages of the search on the search engines DuckDuckGo, Bing and Yahoo but not on the Google, not even 2nd or 3rd or 4th page of the search in the Google! Actually, they never showed up in the Google.

At the same time, Trita Parsi, NIAC, and PAAIA (Iran Lobby Groups) ads are not on the first page but surely on the 2nd and 3rd pages of our search on “Iran Politics Club” in Google!

Naturally, Google’s intentional suppressing of the IPC links due to Google Iranian Management’s pathological hatred for the IPC is a factor. Google Iranian Management’s collusion and support of the Iran Lobby is also another factor; however, Google has played with the search and filtered it for so long that the Google search is now inaccurate, inferior and low tech! Google Search is simply flawed and incorrect. Google search is also late, delayed and it is frankly outdated technology!

This is what happens when you have your tentacles in 101 different tech features and ventures but you abandon your main expertise which is the search engine! Google invested in so many ventures that it forgot where its bread and butter is! That is how Google had lost the search war; yet, due to its name recognition, it is still the most popular search engine.

On the other hand, people are not fools, they also experiment and they get the same conclusions that Google Search is filtered, censored, inaccurate and flawed to the point that it is delayed, late and incomplete. Google is now officially technically inferior.

Instead of focusing on search, Google focuses on politics! Google is like a French Whore who opens her legs for any Tom, Dick and Harry! After each turn of turning tricks, she doesn’t even wash her vagina but she wipes it with a cheap wipe and says: Next?

Google is like a French whore in bed with Iran lobby, Hezbollah, Arab Oil, China, IRI and says next? Google goes in bed with the highest bidder, no matter who!

IPC is Global

When we say IPC is global, we mean Global! When we punched in the above articles’ names, authors' names or name of the website in the search engines. We noticed that how much the other search engines have evolved!

DuckDuckGo (best search results)
Bing (catching up)
Yahoo (catching up)

Even foreign search engines were superior to Google Search!

Yandex (based in Russia and covers East Europe + Central Asia)
Baidu (based in China and covers East Asia)
Ecosia (based in Germany and covers Western Europe)
Qwant (based in France)

Are all catching up and their search results were somewhat superior to Google!

This means catastrophe for Google as the king of the Search. This maybe surprising for many people, but soon or late, people will also catch up on the fact that Google is now obsolete technology! In a way, Google dug its own grave by constant meddling with the search filters and censorship due to political reasons! Google backstabbed itself and committed suicide!

Google Iranian Management, Liberal Jew Ownership and George Soros

Google Iranian Upper Management, Ownership and Soros are in addition trying to eliminate me from the net! Google is suppressing the IPC links but they are eliminating me from the net! They assume that by suppressing my links and images, I will be vanished from the net! Hello? There are other search engines in the world! You may assume that Google is the world but that is not a fact! There is a whole search world out there, outside the Google! Hello?!

Other Search Engines Promote IPC and Ahreeman X

Everybody hates Google! Google is a monopoly who plays dirty! The more the Google demotes IPC and Ahreeman X, the more other search engines promote us!

Google is trying to fade me away from the Internet but I am not any Joe Shmo to be faded from the net! I am all over the net except Google which is suppressing the IPC links and my links! Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and other American search engines are having a ball with this and they are promoting me and IPC, big league! Even foreign search engines such as Baidu (China), Yandex (Russia) and Ecosia (Germany) are heavily promoting me! Bozos in Google assume that they can fade away a major author, journalist and publisher such as me and the world will not notice! They are only fooling themselves because like an ostrich, the Google Iranian American Management have their heads buried in the sand and assuming that no one sees what they are doing. There is only one difference between the ostrich and the Google Management: Ostrich buries his head in the sand but Google Iranian Management buries their heads up their butts! That’s why they are folded with brown heads!

Google Analytics is Flawed

Let’s do another experiment together. IPC website is monitored by 4 different statistics sites and apps:

AWStats (on our server)
Webalizer (on our server)
Extreme Tracking (Off Server)
Google Analytics (Off Server)

We display “sample” statistics with them to the public. They are sample statistics; our complete statistics are much larger. They are displayed at the bottom left corner of the homepage.

Let’s compare AWStats which is on our server and we have control over it with Google Analytics which is off our server and we have no control over it.

AWStats is one of the most reliable statistics system apps to measure website traffics. Google Analytics supposed to be a great tool but is it?

In month of March 2021, so far:

Source Sites Connected to IPC - Hits

Direct (from direct, bookmark or e-mail address) 1,009,856 Hits - 95.7%
Other Sites (except search engines) 29,850 Hits – 2.8%
Search Engines 14,364 Hits – 1.3%

Search Engines
Google 9,633 Hits
Bing 499 Hits
DuckDuckGo 468 Hits
Yahoo 248 Hits
Ecosia 99
Baidu 16
Qwant 12 Hits
Others 2,215 Hits

So, we get about
95.7% direct viewers (due to popularity)
(Direct URL address, bookmark, link in e-mail address)
2.8% Internet sites viewers
1.3% search engines viewers

But Google lies and shows that Google is our major source of viewers!

Google Analytics
Source Sites Connected to IPC – Unique Viewers

Google 2,121
Direct (connections to various pages of IPC) 1,481
Pinterest 1,320
IPC Homepage 331
Bing 245
DuckDuckGo 136
Yahoo 116
Baidu 32
Ecosia 23

Even though these are sample stats and “Hits” are measured with AWStats but “Unique Viewers” are measured with Google Analytics, but still the difference in numbers and places are insane and astronomic! Obviously, we trust AWStats which are on our own server and clearly Google Analytics which is off our server is flawed. In other words, AWStats are facts but Google Analytics is loaded with lies and twisted stats!

Viewers from countries who log in are also wrong:

Viewers from Countries - Hits

USA 1,004,009
Russia 66,849
Canada 46,021
Israel 15,787
Iran 15,034
Ukraine 16,784
Germany 33,827
India 15,623
UK 29,963
France 18,438

Google Analytics
Viewers from Countries – Unique Visitors

USA 2,345
UK 421
Germany 387
Canada 351
France 225
India 219
Turkey 205
Netherlands 142
Italy 133
China 124

As you can see again, even though these are sample stats and “Hits” are measured with AWStats but “Unique Viewers” are measured with Google Analytics, but still the difference in numbers and places are insane and astronomic! What Google displays is completely different than what we know is the fact!

Most popular pages are also wrong:

Most Popular Pages – Hits

Muhammad Cartoons
Muhammad Controversy
Porkollah the Muslim Pig
Muhammad and Aisha Cartoons 1
Islam Comic Book

Google Analytics
Most Popular Pages - Unique Viewers

Nazi Girls 4: Femi-Nazis
Maps 11: Political
PIY Persian Imperial Year Calendar
Persian Mythology 2
Alireza Pahlavi Suicide and IRI

Again, what our server shows and what Google shows are totally different! The difference is from here to the moon! Do you know why? Google does not display Anti-Islamic content because they are politically incorrect!

Google in general even censors the statistics via filters! Google demotes Anti-Islamic, Anti-Democrat, Election Fraud 2020, sexy modeling and other so-called politically incorrect contents, pages and stats!

So, as you can witness, Google Search is fake, inaccurate and flawed. Google Statistics are fake, inaccurate and flawed. Google in general is fake, inaccurate and flawed!

Statements of Fact on Google

Google is getting technologically outdated.
Google rigs the search system with promoting the fraud PR companies bribing Google.
Google rigs the search system with paid ads (such as Iran Lobby) paying Google.
Google is promoting desired sites (such as Communist Chinese sites) in search results.
Google is suppressing the undesired conservative (such as IPC) links.
Google search, stats and products are fake news and rigged.
Google is rigged.

Simple as that!

Reality of Google

Once upon a time a promising, revolutionary, hi-tech search engine and company named Google, is now turned to a global tool to censor, suppress links, spread fake news and propaganda for the Democrats, Communist China, Arab Oil, Iran Lobby and Tech Oligarchs. Google is no more a search engine but is a Globalist Corporation with a Globalist agenda to control the World, Free Thinking, Information and Internet.

Big Brothers such as Google whom are oppressing the people and suppressing the free thought are destined to fall. Google will fall, it is not an if question but it is a when question!

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Dr. X


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