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GOP Convention 2020
Final Nail in Democrats’ Coffin - RNC 2020


GOP Convention 2020: Final Nail in Democrats’ Coffin
RNC 2020

Ahreeman X
August 30, 2020

Trump Speech at the GOP Convention – RNC 2020
Trump, Man of the People, Leader of the “American Workers Party” (AKA GOP), Greatest American President in the History of America, Spokesperson of the National Populist Movement, Leader of the Free World and a Step Short of the “Emperor God” had thrown a Great Show Extravaganza for the RNC 2020

Trump Show Extravaganza

Trump is a great builder, super businessman, economical genius, and surely a master showman. Trump for sure knows how to throw a show. After the cheesy, pre-recorded, artificial, insincere, superficial, fake and robotic Democrat Convention which bored people to death, Trump had thrown a great extravaganza full of life, events and from the heart, loaded with sincere characters speaking from the heart. The RNC had everything, members of Trump Dynasty, government officials, Trump’s friends, everyday people, Lifelong Democrats now voting for Trump, Black personalities who escaped the Liberal Plantation, smelled the freedom and now are Trumpists, and then Trump topped it all up with his masterful speech which was one of Trump’s greatest conventional speeches (even though I love Trump’s unconventional speeches). The RNC 2020 even had fabulous events including special citizenship ceremony for new citizens from around the world greeted by Trump in person, frontline workers meeting Trump, awesome fireworks at the Washington Monument in the National Mall DC and the final opera performances by the great tenor, Christopher Macchio, his chorus and orchestra. The opera pieces were cherry on the top!

Who is Christopher Macchio? Opera singer who gave viewers 'goosebumps' at RNC 2020

Observe the marvelous opera and fireworks ending to RNC:

Magnificent Musical End of RNC at the White House Lawn

RNC wraps up with opera and huge firework display after Trump speech

Trump and the First Lady Melania’s Grand Entrance to the Big Stage at the White House Grounds for the GOP Convention during the RNC 2020

Trump performed one of his amazing speeches which knocked out Biden’s and the whole DNC speakers’ artificial speeches the hell out of the ball park! Trump’s speech at the RNC was a great Trump Conventional Speech; however, the speech he gave at New Hampshire, the day after the RNC was one of his typical Unconventional speeches where he is famous for. In his New Hampshire speech, he buried Joe Biden, the Democrats and the complete Establishment of Media, Social Media, Tech Giants, Academia, Hollywood and the Deep State. Just let Trump loose to be Trump, and he kills them all! That is why people love Trump because he is from the heart and not a fake DC politician.

Trump final night RNC event was held at the White House ground, packed with over 1, 500 people which is a great number in this COVID-19 era! As long as Trump could not throw a rally with 30,000 people in an arena, then he thrown the event at the outdoor White house lawn and he made sure that there will be more than 20 people (regulation) present! In a way Trump said FAQ you to the DC mayor, the liberal bimbo’s regulations. The DC mayor cannot even establish law and order in her own city but she is much concerned about large groups gathering in the events!

Trump Speech at the White House GOP Convention during the RNC 2020
The Man, The Message, The Mission and The People
Election 2020: Freedom or Socialism? Jobs or Mobs? Choice is Yours!

Trump Success

How do you judge and value a man’s character? By his children’s upbringing. When one has four highly educated, super intelligent, professional, business minded and drug free, successful children, and the fifth one is being raised to become one, then by God, he must be doing something right!

Trump Dynasty

One of my favorite remarks to drive liberals crazy and mad to the point that fumes coming out of their ears is to tell them this tale:

“We are planning to have a four decade of Trump Dynasty with 5 Trumps running 2 terms each for consecutive 4 decades in this manner: After Donald John Trump, comes Don Jr., then Eric, next Ivanka and lastly Tiffany, but hey wait a second, maybe by then Barron will grow up to be as great of a leader as the rest, so possibly we will not stop there but go for 2 terms of Barron and in that case, we are speaking of 48 years! So basically, we will keep it in the Family, making a Dynasty, possibly like a Monarchy!”

Honestly, it works every time. After these remarks, liberals will go crazy, implode, explode and nearly assaulting me! They know that all of these kids are professional business people and bright enough to replace Trump. They also know that people love a successful and worthy dynasty and Trumps are an extremely popular dynasty, so welcome to 4 decades or over of the Trump Dynasty!

Torturing liberals is one of my favorite activities. It gives me more excitement than sex and violence, and you know that sex and violence are couple of my favorite activities! Torturing liberals to the point of extreme anger and explosion is climatic, orgasmic and surely as joyful as a natural over erection venture for me!

Crowd of American Patriots at the White House during the Trump Speech at the RNC 2020

BLM and ANTIFA Thugs Assaults

During the event, the BLM and ANTIFA thugs imported from out of town, placed in the hotels and programed to organize protests and riots with the local criminals, done their best to make as much noise as possible to distract the people during the event. They were held far from the White House fences, yet you could narrowly hear their sirens, horns and megaphones trying so hard to disrupt the event. It was like they were ripping their asses blowing in the horns to get people’s attention at the White House (hey look at me, I’m a George Soros paid loser seeking some attention), but the event was so loud and so exciting that the White House guests could not even hear the low lives outside.

After the event, the BLM and ANTIFA thugs harassed, bothered and tried to assault and possibly injure the RNC guests such as Senator Rand Paul and Vernon Jones who just wanted to go to their hotels. The Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA animals surrounded and assaulted the guests. The assaults started from the White House gates all the way to the hotel. If it wasn’t because of the cops, these animals and low lives would have injured the guests.

Black Lives Matter Terrorism Thread

ANTIFA is Burning Down America

Grand Show Extravaganza Fireworks at the Washington Monument in the National Mall DC for the RNC 2020

Liberal Plantation Whore Mayors

That liberal black whore, the mayor of DC must be really proud of herself because she could not even keep the Government officials safe walking out of the White House!

It is the fad of the day for liberals to erect black incompetent bimbos as mayors in the major blue state large cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Washington DC where they cannot even establish law and order. All of these cities are burning with riots, looting, chaos, crimes, pollution and littering. Liberals have turned these beautiful cities to Shiite Holes!

Government’s Sole Responsibility

Government’s sole responsibility is to provide security and safety for its citizens. Democrat governors and mayors have failed even in that one responsibility! Instead of protecting the American citizens, they are protecting rioters, arsonists and criminals in the streets of the large Democrat run cities of America!

Media Freak-out

Media is concern not with riots outside the White House but with the GOP Convention guests not wearing masks! Media freaked out about conservatives not wearing masks but not a word from thugs rioting outside the White House!

Trump Firework at the Trump Show in the Trump Convention for the Trump Party in Trump America
Yes Liberals and RINOs, Face It: This is the Trump’s Party in the Trump Country!
Grand Show Extravaganza Fireworks at the Washington Monument in the National Mall DC for the RNC 2020

Liberals and Muslims

Liberals and Muslims have many things in common but one great thing in common which is clearly noticeable is:

Everywhere Liberals and Muslims went and took control, ended up becoming a Shiite Hole, a dump, a pot full of feces, filth, and rubbish (Goh o Gand o Kesafat)! An environment full of drug infestation, drug needles, homeless, poverty, crimes, inflation, unemployment, pollution, traffic congestion, filth and disaster. Take a good look at today’s Islamic countries before and after Islamic rule, and the Democrat run cities before and after the liberal control!

Islam and Liberalism go hand in hand, they complete each other and they are two peas in a pot full of Shiite!

Islamists in US Congress are a Threat to American Democracy

Islam Contradicts Democracy and US Constitution

Islamists in USA Congress: Islamic Invasion USA!
America Say Goodbye to Your American Culture!

And Then Entered the Beautiful Goddess Ivanka
Ivanka Trump, Presidential Advisor, A Key Speaker and Show Highlight at the RNC 2020

Trump Power of Speech

Trump speech at the RNC was magnificent and the crowd were revived and excited with life and emotion full of enthusiasm over his speech. Enthusiasm is what conservatives have and what is lacking amongst the liberals.

Forcefully incarcerated by the liberal mayors and governors due to hoax lockdowns, people had found breathing ground and air to live and to celebrate at the RNC White House event. They were roaring! Trump speech unlike Biden’s speech and the complete DNC dark, hopeless and lifeless events, was full of life, hope, achievements of the past 4 years and plans for the next 4 years greatness. Trump’s speech was full of life, glory, patriotism, greatness and brightness. The America celebrated at the RNC was our present and current reality but the America portrayed at the DNC was an alternate reality created in liberals’ minds due to the Trump Derangement Syndrome!

Here are a couple of great Trump quotes which made people crack up with laughter and made the night exciting:

“How can the Democrat Party ask to lead our country when it spends so much time tearing down our country (Riots)?"
(Donald John Trump)

“How can Joe Biden claim to be an ally of the light, when his own party can't even keep the lights on (California Liberal-made Brush Fires Light Outs)?”
(Donald John Trump)

Trump's RNC Acceptance Speech: Conventional Trump 8/27/20

Trump Campaign Event in Manchester, NH: Unconventional Trump 8/28/20

Ivanka Trump Speech at the GOP Convention
Ivanka is a crucial chess piece in Trump Arsenal.
Ivanka Trump, Presidential Advisor, A Key Speaker and Show Highlight at the RNC 2020

BLM Assembles Guillotines

BLM and ANTIFA built a guillotine in front of the white House to behead a Trump’s life-size manikin. They have even built a guillotine in front of Jeff Bezos DC house for beheading. Now consider Jeff Bezos due to his PC business is one of the financiers of the BLM and ANTIFA! The rioters are now beginning to eat their own! It is getting out of control! Bezos net worth is now $ 200 Billion. He is the wealthiest man in the world which most likely at this rate will become the first Trillionaire during this decade. Jeff Bezos is way too rich, so he does not give a damn that many people and customers did not like his pro BLM remarks. He does not even care if many stop shopping Amazon! That’s what happens when you become so rich, that you stop caring about customer service and public relations, and then you become a jerk-weed like Jeff Bezos!

If BLM does this to one of the globalist corporations which finances them (Amazon), then just imagine what would they do to corporations which they could not extort money from?!

Amazon protesters outside Jeff Bezos' home construct guillotine

Donald John Trump Jr. Speech at the RNC 2020
Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the next and the 46th president of the United States of America for the 2024, Don Jr. in Action!

Rand Paul Almost Killed by BLM

As mentioned above, Rand Paul narrowly escaped injury and possible death by Black Lives Matter thugs and animals. These rioters have no tolerance to hear the other sides’ voice. They do everything to silence the other side.

Rand Paul recounts being surrounded by protesters as he left the RNC

Left Silencing the Right

In today’s America, you can easily witness that the left has no desire for democracy but every desire for mobocracy, silencing the right and the violent takeover of the society. In today’s America, the left is preparing for a Marxist Revolution, a Forceful takeover of the government, and control via a Deep State Coup. The left had never accepted the results of the 2016 election and after the 2020 Trump victory, they will once more freak out and also not to accept the results of the election. Prepare yourselves for another 4 years of liberals’ sabotage, cry wolf, conspiracy hoaxes, Bull Shiite Investigations, Hoax Impeachments, false accusations and Tears by the media, academia, Hollywood, democrats, RINOs (GOP Establishment), Tech Giants, Social Media and Deep State, right after the Trump’s 2nd victory on 2020 election!

Eric Trump the Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization Speech at the RNC 2020
Eric always Rocks the House!

Dealing with the Tech Giants

For sure, after the 2020 election, we must take care of the unlimited power, monopoly, bias, censorship and fraud by the Tech Giants and Social Media. We shall do this via legislation, new laws and breakups of the corporations.

Tech Giants Cyber Censorship Cartoons

300 Miles of the Wall Built

This issue may not have direct relevance to our subject but it has surely indirect relevance to our issue here. I just like to mention and rub it deep in to the liberals’ butts about the fact that 300 miles of the Wall is done and by the end of the next year, another 200 miles will get done.

You do not hear much about the Wall on the liberal media anymore. They were screaming about how they would never allow the Wall to be built! Now they have shut the FAQed up! Why? Because we have already built the Wall! The most amazing Wall ever! State of the science and art indeed! Thanks to Trump’s great wisdom as a builder, the Wall is no more a dream but a reality! Here is an interesting video and info on how the Wall was constructed:

Border Wall System – US Customs and Border Protection – Homeland Security

RNC convention was the final nail in the coffin of the DNC. Trump himself hammered the final nail in the coffin of that corrupt senile old fool, Biden’s coffin. Biden is the epidemy of Swamp, a 50-year veteran creature of the swamp as serving China, Big Pharma, Wall Street and Special Intertest in DC. For 50 years he has been in DC as a senator, VP and government official and all of a sudden, he wants to create a Change!

Who can ever forget his last Change, actually Hope and Change when he combinedly with Hussein Obama bankrupted America and destroyed the American worker! Remember the 8 years of Obiden (Obama – Biden)? Do you miss the poverty years?!

Welfare States of America: WSA

Tiffany Trump Blown Up the House with her Fabulous Speech
Hold the Press: the 4th Trump Star Sibling Entering the House!
The New Look, the New Speech, the New Professionalism, the New Graduate, the New Trump!
The Beginning of a Dynasty?!

Question about Democrats?

I would like all of you to ask yourselves:

Democrats are life-long politicians. They have never created a single job, ran a business or organized budget and payroll for a business. How is it that on measly government salary, all of these Democrat politicians have become Multi-Millionaires with Multi-Million Dollar mansions, millions in stock portfolios and millions of dollars of net assets?

Take a good look at Nancy Old Pussy (Pelosi), Chucky Doll Schumer, Maxine Waters, Complete Black Caucus, Hussein Obama and Joe Biden indeed! Oops, pardon me, in Biden’s case, he did not become a Multi-Millionaire but the complete Biden family had become Multi Billionaires!

Now, if that is not the simple definition of corruption and the Democrat party is not the most corrupt party in the history of America, then please accept my new name change to Muhammad Hussein and conversion to Islam!

First Lady Melania Trump’s Speech Full of Content at the RNC 2020
Melania the designer of the “Be Best” Program and the Global Child Advocate.
Thank God, now we have a Supermodel First Lady with Brains who speaks 5 languages vs. the Former First Manly Tranny Partner of Hussein, the Michelle O (O for Obscene)!
At last the Muslim President and his Tranny Partner Residue were removed from the White House!

Complete GOP Convention in Films

Please watch the best of RNC in films. Some of the speeches are amazing and surely from the heart.


GOP Convention

Trump Dynasty

Trump's RNC Acceptance Speech: Conventional Trump 8/27/20

Trump Campaign Event in Manchester, NH: Unconventional Trump 8/28/20

Trump Delivers Remarks in North Carolina on Farmers to Families Food Box Program

Donald Trump, Jr. Full Speech at 2020 Republican National Convention

Ivanka Trump Full Speech at 2020 Republican Convention

Eric Trump Speech at 2020 Republican National Convention

Tiffany Trump Full Remarks at 2020 Republican Convention

First Lady Melania Trump Speech RNC 2020


Mike Pence Vice President Full Remarks at 2020 RNC

Mike Pompeo
Secretary of State

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, delivered his address from Jerusalem and highlight how President Trump has “led bold initiatives in nearly every corner of the world” to secure peace and “keep us safe and our freedoms intact.”

Mike Pompeo Secretary of State Full Remarks at 2020 Republican Convention

Rudy Giuliani Former NYC Mayor Full Speech at Republican National Convention

Nikki Haley
Former US Ambassador to UN
Former Governor of South Carolina

Ambassador Nikki Haley shared how she and President Trump “stood up for America” on the world stage at the United Nations and how Joe Biden and the Democrats are “still blaming America first.”

Nikki Haley UN Ambassador Full Speech at Republican National Convention

Kayleigh McEnany
White House Press Secretary

Before her current role, Kayleigh McEnany served as the National Press Secretary for the President's 2020 reelection campaign. She also worked as the national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee and was a political commentator for CNN. Kayleigh received her bachelor's degree from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and received a J.D. from Harvard Law School in 2016.

Kayleigh McEnany White House Press Secretary Full Speech at RNC 2020

Kellyanne Conway
Former National Security Advisor of Trump

Before her current role, Kellyanne Conway was the Founder and President of The Polling Company, Inc./Woman Trend, a privately held, woman-owned corporation. Kellyanne also served as the Campaign Manager to the Trump-Pence Presidential campaign, becoming the first woman to successfully manage a presidential campaign.

Kellyanne Conway Full Speech at 2020 RNC

Rand Paul
Senator Kentucky – Libertarian Conservative

Senator Rand Paul highlighted President Trump’s commitment to “end war rather than start one” and refusal to drag on the wars, “leaving with our blood and treasure in Middle East quagmires” and “endless wars.”

Rand Paul Speech at 2020 Republican National Convention

Tim Scott
Senator South Carolina and Opportunity Zones Co-Author – Black Republican

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) shared his own experience with the American dream, how President Trump has taken historic steps for Black Americans “to clean up Joe Biden’s mess,” and how the Democrats are campaigning on a “cultural revolution” for a “fundamentally different America.”

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) Full Speech at 2020 Republican Convention

Dan Crenshaw
GOP House Representative

Originally from the Houston area, Representative Dan Crenshaw is a proud 6th generation Texan. Dan deployed to Fallujah, Iraq to join SEAL Team Three, his first of five deployments overseas. Dan was medically retired in September of 2016 as a Lieutenant Commander after serving ten years in the SEAL Teams. He left service with two Bronze Stars (one with Valor), the Purple Heart, and the Navy Commendation Medal with Valor, among others. In November 2018, Dan was elected to represent the people of Texas’s Second Congressional District.

Dan Crenshaw Texas House Representative Full Speech at RNC 2020

Kristi Noem
Governor of South Dakota

Governor Kristi Noem is a wife, a mother, and a lifelong rancher, farmer, and small business owner. In 2010, after serving in the South Dakota legislature for several years, Noem was elected to serve as South Dakota's lone member of the U.S. House of Representatives. In 2018, with the platform of protecting South Dakotans against tax increases, government growth, federal intrusion, and government secrecy, she was elected as South Dakota's first-ever female Governor.

Kristi Noem South Dakota Governor Speech at RNC 2020

Daniel Cameron
Kentucky Attorney General – Black Republican

Attorney General Daniel Cameron, the first Black Attorney General from the state of Kentucky, calls out the “anarchists mindlessly tearing up American cities while attacking police officers” and share how President Trump is upholding the values of the Party of Lincoln.

Daniel Cameron Kentucky AG Full Remarks at 2020 Republican Convention

Vernon Jones
Georgia State Representative – Black Democrat Trump Supporter

Vernon Jones, an elected Black Democrat from Georgia, is walking away from the Democrat Party’s failures and supporting President Trump.

"When President Trump took office, he changed everything. He delivered historic funding to HBCUs. And he guaranteed it for 10 years. That gave our HBCUs (Historic Black Colleges and Universities) stability - the chance to grow and produce the next generation of black leaders."
“On issue after issue, and in just a single term, [President Trump] destroyed these negative forces that have victimized the Black community for decades. He gave us the opportunity to rise!”

Vernon Jones GA State Rep. Speech at Republican National Convention

Ja’Ron Smith Full Speech at 2020 Republican National Convention

Ric Grenell Former acting Director of National Intelligence Speech at 2020 RNC

GOP Guests

Kim Klacik
Running for Congress from Baltimore – Black GOP Trump Supporter

Kim Klacik, a Black Republican running to represent Baltimore in Congress after Democrats have failed the city for 50 years, will share how President Trump’s leadership is “bringing the American spirit to life for all Americans.”

“We want safety in our neighborhoods. We want jobs and innovation, like tapping the potential of the Port of Baltimore to create manufacturing jobs for Americans. We want lower taxes. We want school choice. We want a chance to get ahead, not just get by! That’s what President Trump promised. And that’s what Trump delivered!”

Kim Klacik Full Speech at 2020 Republican Convention

Maximo Alvarez
Cuban immigrant – Cuban American Citizen

Maximo Alvarez is a Cuban immigrant whose family fled totalitarianism from both Cuba and Spain. Alvarez spoke of Joe Biden and the Democrats’ dangerous slide towards socialism and the far left, and how President Trump is fighting to keep the American dream alive.

“I’m speaking to you today because I’ve seen people like this before. I’ve seen movements like this before. I’ve seen ideas like this before and I’m here to tell you, we cannot let them take over our country.”
“When I watch the news in Seattle and Chicago and Portland, when I see history being rewritten, when I hear the promises - I hear echoes of a former life I never wanted to hear again. I see shadows I thought I had outrun.”
“President Trump knows that the American story was written by people just like you and me, who love our country and take risks to build a future for our families and neighbors.

Maximo Alvarez Full Remarks at Republican National Convention RNC

Mark and Patricia McCloskey
American Citizens who Stood up to BLM to protect their home

Mark and Patricia McCloskey were forced into the public spotlight by the media and the far left simply for defending their home from the liberal mob. Here, the McCloskeys will share how the radical leftists that are driving Joe Biden’s Democrat Party tried to take them down, and how President Trump will support and defend Americans’ right to protect themselves.

“Democrats no longer view the government’s job as protecting honest citizens from criminals, but rather protecting criminals from honest citizens.”
“These are the policies that are coming to a neighborhood near you. So, make no mistake: No matter where you live, your family will not be safe in the radical Democrats’ America.”

Mark and Patricia McCloskey Full Remarks at 2020 Republican Convention

Clarence Henderson
Civil Rights Activist and Black Republican

Clarence Henderson, a civil rights activist who participated in the Greensboro sit-ins in 1960, will share his story, why he is supporting President Trump, and the President’s accomplishments for Black Americans.

“Freedom of thought is a powerful thing. There are African-American voters all over the country who the media is trying to convince to conform to the same old Democratic talking points. You know what that’ll get you? The same old results.”

“These achievements demonstrate that Donald Trump truly cares about black lives. His policies show his heart. He has done more for black Americans in four years than Joe Biden has done in 50!”

Clarence Henderson Civil Rights Activist and Republican
Trump has done more for black Americans in 4 years than Biden has in 50!

Herschel Walker
NFL Star – Black Trump Supporter and Friend

Heisman Trophy winner and football star Herschel Walker spoke of his “deep, personal friendship” with President Trump and tackle the Democrats’ and the media’s unhinged attacks on his character.

“I watched him treat the janitors, security guards, and waiters the same way he would treat a VIP. He made them feel special because he knew they were. He understands that they are the people who make this country run.”
“It hurts my soul to hear the terrible names that people call Donald. The worst one is ‘racist.’ I take it as a personal insult that people would think I would have a 37-year friendship with a racist.”

Herschel Walker Gives Powerful Speech in Defense of Trump at Republican Convention

Burgess Owens
Former NFL star now running for Congress in Utah – Black Republican

Burgess Owens, a former NFL star now running for Congress in Utah, shares his story of “second chances” and how President Trump has delivered results for Black Americans.

“This November, we stand at a crossroads. Mobs torch our cities while popular members of Congress promote the same socialism (National Socialism) my father fought against in World War II.”

“I’m running for Congress because we don’t need more career politicians. We need a few more chimney sweeps. We need more leaders like President Trump who understand the freedoms that make up the fabric of America.”

Burgess Owens Former NFL Star Full Remarks at 2020 RNC

Jack Brewer
Former NFL Star and Life-long Democrat – Trump Black Democrat Supporter

Former NFL Star Jack Brewer Speaks at the 2020 RNC

Nicholas Sandmann
Pro Trump Student Attacked Unfairly by Media (CNN, WAPO, MSNBC, others)
Sued the media successfully and made millions

Nicholas Sandmann is a teenager who became the victim of an unfair left-wing media defamation campaign. Tonight, he will share his encounter with cancel culture and highlight President Trump’s refusal to back down in the face of the liberal media.

“My life changed forever in that one moment. The full war machine of the mainstream media revved up into attack mode. They did so without ever researching the full video of the incident; without ever investigating Mr. Philips’ motives; or without ever asking me for my side of the story. And do you know why? Because the truth wasn’t important.”

“In November, I believe this country must unite around a President who calls the media out and refuses to allow them to create a narrative instead of reporting the facts. I believe we must join with a President who will challenge the media to return to objective journalism.”

Nick Sandmann Full Remarks at 2020 Republican Convention

Dana White UFC President Full Speech at 2020 Republican National Convention

Jon Ponder
Ex-convict and Judicial Reform Activist

Jon Ponder changed his life and now changing other prisoners’ lives.

President Trump Pardons Jon Ponder, a Convicted Bank Robber, during RNC 8-25-20

Jon Ponder full Speech at RNC

Alice Johnson
Ex-Convict and Judicial Reform Activist

Alice Johnson, whose life sentence was commuted by President Trump after more than two decades in prison, will share how President Trump’s criminal justice reforms have given Americans like her a second chance. 

“Six months after President Trump granted me a second chance, he signed the First Step Act into law. It was REAL justice reform. And it brought joy, hope, and freedom to thousands of well-deserving people. I hollered Hallelujah! My faith in justice and mercy was rewarded. Imagine getting to hug your loved ones again. It’s a feeling I will never forget. And to think, this first step meant so much to so many. I can’t wait because we’re just getting started.”
“When President Trump heard about me - about the injustice of my story - he saw me as a person. He had compassion. And he acted. Free in body thanks to President Trump. But free in Mind
 thanks to the almighty God.”

Alice Johnson Full Speech at RNC 2020

Dr. Ben Carson
Housing and Urban Development Secretary

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson spoke on the final night of the Republican National Convention on Aug. 27, 2020.

Ben Carson HUD Secretary’s full speech at the Republican National Convention

Kimberly Guilfoyle
Trump Campaign Activist
Ex FOX News Personality

Kimberly Guilfoyle, the National Chair of Trump Victory Finance Committee, spoke on the first night of the Republican National Convention on Aug. 24, 2020.

Kimberly Guilfoyle’s full speech at the Republican National Convention | 2020 RNC

Marsha and Carl Mueller
Daughter Kayla was taken hostage and murdered by ISIS

Marsha and Carl Mueller, whose daughter Kayla was taken hostage and murdered by ISIS, will speak to President Trump’s commitment to justice with Operation Kayla Mueller, which took out her terrorist killer Al-Baghdadi.

“The Obama administration kept telling us they were doing everything they could. But their version of “everything” wasn’t enough. What a difference a president makes. Under President Trump, U.S. Army special operators conducted a raid on Al-Baghdadi’s compound. After we learned that Al-Baghdadi was killed, we learned something else: The operators named themselves ‘Task Force 814’ after August 14, Kayla’s birthday.”
“Carl and I support Donald Trump because of his commitment to make and keep America great, not with the power of the government, but with the passion of people like Kayla - Americans who, even in the darkest days, always have more fight left inside of them. Americans who don’t just talk - they act.”

Marsha and Carl Mueller Full Speech at RNC 2020

Full Events

GOP Convention Full Events

Day 4

Day 3

Day 2

Day 1

Entertainment and Events


GOP convention wraps up with opera, fireworks

Beautiful fireworks cap off Republican National Convention

Fireworks spell 'Trump 2020' after President gives RNC speech


Magnificent Musical End of RNC at the White House Lawn

RNC ends with stunning performance of 'Ave Maria'

RNC Day 4 - Opera Singer Christopher Macchio WOW!!

RNC wraps up with opera and huge firework display after Trump speech

Christopher Macchio Singing at White House Before/After President Trump's RNC Speech


President Trump Participates in a Naturalization Ceremony During the RNC

Frontline Workers
Police, Nurses, Postal Workers

President Trump Speaks to Healthcare Workers on Republican Convention

Rioters Harass GOP Guests

BLM Protesters Accost Vernon Jones in D.C.

Rand Paul recounts being surrounded by rioters as he left the RNC

Rand Paul, wife swarmed by protesters while trying to leave the RNC

Chaos in D.C.: Protesters Attack Officers After Cop Drags Woman

9 Videos of Left-Wing Protesters Harassing People After the Republican National Convention


Riots and Protests

Police arrest 8 during DC protests, including 5 for allegedly assaulting officers

Rand Paul calls for FBI arrests, investigation into 'mob' he believes 'would have killed us,' if not for police

Black Lives Matter Protesters Surround Rand Paul for Several Minutes After RNC

D.C. Protester Scolds Maskless Cop: ‘He Wants His Kids to Die; He Wants His Wife to Die’

Protesters Stage Mock Guillotine with Trump Doll in Front of White House

GOP Convention

RNC Rebranded the Republican Party, and America

Republican National Convention Night Four

‘Too Late, Joe’: Donald Trump Mocks Biden’s Attempt to Condemn Leftist Violence

Media Gawks at Those Not Wearing Masks at RNC While Not Wearing Masks Themselves


Right Side Broadcasting Network YouTube

Right Side Broadcasting Network Site

National Populist Revolution Shall Continue

We have started this great revolution on 2016, we will fortify it on 2020 and together we will permanently transform the power from the Deep State to the American People. Let us together help to grow this tree which we planted on 2016 and make it strong. Let us together, never again allow the government bureaucrats, career politicians and the Deep State to once again control our lives, after all, we are freemen and freewomen. We are not slaves to the Big government Deep State.

We shall never kneel, burn flag, riot and bow to the Deep State.

Trump National Populist Revolution

Expect a great victory on 2020 when we will once more celebrate and watch the liberal media, Hollywood and Democrats cry their hearts out and bleed like teenage girls on rag! Can’t wait!

Trump’s Famous Victory Fist Gesture
Donald John Trump and the Gorgeous First Lady Melania Trump Rocked the White House
Promises Made on 2016, Promises Kept on 2020 and More!
Trump Made America Great, Now Let Us Keep America Great …
For the Second Term, Trump Shall Make America Greater, Sky is the Limit!
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Best is Yet to Come! Trump for 2020

Where We Go One, We Go All

Dearly beloved, Brothers and Sisters, question everything, question the Deep State, thus the Deep State is not here to protect your rights but to take away your rights, livelihood and enslave you such as it had before the 2016.

We were blind, now we can see. Sheep no more, trust the plan. We shall buckle up pain. We shall boom together. We shall shine the light, turn dark to light. We shall stay united. Watch out for the 5 Eyes. Watch out for the Fake News symbolism, the subliminal messages. Overcome the Deep State. Patience is a virtue; thus, we shall shine the light. We shall boom together. Once the Deep State is weak, it is Time to Feed!

Follow the money trail, follow the stench of the Big Gov. Follow the White Rabbit and you shall see clearly that the Great Awakening is here. This is not the death silence of the abandoned. This is the Calm before the Storm. The Storm is coming, follow the White Rabbit and you shall see clearly. The Great Awakening is upon us. People were sleep but now they are awake. Slowly and step by step, people are waking up.

Do not thread on us, thus Storm is here. We are the Storm. This Storm shall blow out the Deep State. Justice will be served.

Where we go one, we go all. We are here and we are on our way to the Shining City Upon a Hill.


Dr. X


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