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Independent Persian on Arab Payroll
Camelia Entekhabifard a Saudi Arab Agent


Independent Persian on Arab Payroll
Camelia Entekhabifard a Saudi Arab Agent

Ahreeman X
May 21, 2020

Independent Persian on Arab Payroll Ahreeman X Graphic 2020
“Arab News hires Camelia Chameleon to run its Persian site, Independent Persian.” (Media)
“Camelia Entekhabifard the Persian Servant Concubine sold to her Arab Master Muhammad bin Salman.” (Media)

Historical Lessons

On 1979, Jimmy Carter and Democrats betrayed Shah of Iran, the Imperial Iran and helped creating the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and with it the Neo Islamism in the world.

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

On 2011, Hussein Obama and the Democrats betrayed Hosni Mubarak, Egypt and helped fabricating the Arab Spring which resulted in Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist take over of Egypt. Fortunately, General El-Sisi and the Egyptian Military stepped in and ended the reign of Islamists in Egypt.

Democrats Always Misfire on Iran!
History of Democrats & Mullahs 4 Decades of Cooperation!

These events have taught the Middle Easterners two factors:

I. Democrats bend over backwards for Islamists. Democrats help destroy the secular regimes in the Middle East and create a vacuum. This vacuum causes Islamists to take control of these countries and the region. Democrats are the best friends to Islamists.

II. United States makes a bad ally who never backs and stand by its allies.

This second bad reputation was somewhat repaired and restored when Trump become the president because Trump unlike the Democrats is a man of his word and a reliable man of substance.

Camelia Entekhabifard (Camelia Chameleon) Editor of the Independent Persian on Arab Payroll
This untalented, short and fat woman with thick ankles, shanks and thighs (unproportionate larger lower body than upper body) is an obedient servant to the Arabs. She knows her place as a woman in the man’s Arab world and she bangs her way up the corporate ladder! After all, Arabs love Big Butts and Thick Thighs! Not to worry, Arabs bang anything, even female camels! No offense, Camelia is much more beautiful than the Arab Camel!

After the fall of the Imperial Iran and the Ba’athist Iraq, a power vacuum had been created in the region. Eventually IRI replaced this power vacuum and created an Islamist Shiite Empire, a regional power in the Middle East. IRI had become the major state sponsor of Islamist Terrorism in the region and the world. In other words, Democrats destroyed America’s best friend in the Middle East (Imperial Iran) and replaced it with America’s worst enemy (IRI).

Throughout these historical changes, Saudi Arabia thrived to become a regional power in the Middle East, but Saudis were always too weak, too irrelevant and too backward to become a regional power. After all, Ka’bah and heart of Islamism is in Saudi Arabia.

Once MBS (Muhammad bin Salman) took control, he started his reforms to change the Saudi Arabia and the Region; however, even though he is a progressive and a positive factor, yet Islam is not Reformable and MBS can never declare secularity in the heart of Islam!

Camelia Entekhabifard (Camelia Chameleon) Editor of the Independent Persian
The woman is under the impression that she is a top fashion model! She is acting out her childhood fantasy every chance she gets!

Iranian Opposition’s Crucial Decisions

 We must comprehend where to draw the line and at what point, freedom fighting becomes treason to Iran? Even though MBS is a appositive factor but he is a positive factor for Saudi Arabia and Arabs, not for Persians. The fact remains that Saudi Arabia and Arabs are the mortal enemies of Iran. Shah played politics with them, tamed them and become leader of the OPEC. IRI also plays politics, tames them and leads the Shiite Sect of the Arabs; however, anyway you look at it, Saudi Arabi and Arabs stand against Iran.

As an opposition member, we must ponder that how far is too much when we accept the Arab support and at what point this Arab support becomes Treason to Iran. At what point, we become Arab Agents, Arab worshippers and in bed with the Arabs and Saudi Arabia? After all, we have a long history of “Persian Traitors” starting from “Salman Farsi” colluding with Muhammad during the beginning of Islamic era and the 1st Arabo-Islamic invasion-occupation of the Persian Empire (651 AD) all the way to the Mullahs and the Neo Persian Traitors during the Islamic Revolution (Reaction) and the 2nd Arabo-Islamic invasion-occupation of Iran (1979 AD).

Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire and Blood Book
Arab Muslim Invasion of Persia

Let us not to forget that all along the way, Saudi Arabia as the heart of Islam has been the mortal enemy of Iran and the Iranians. During the 1st invasion-occupation (651 AD), they lead the invasion and during the 2nd invasion-occupation (1979), they supported and funded Yasser Arafat and PLO whom aided the Islamic Revolution.

Yasser Arafat and Palestinians Helped the Rise of IRI to Power

Let’s say that Saudi Arabia has no love lust with Iran and Iranians. As an opposition member, you are walking a dangerous ground by accepting the Arab support.

There is a very thin line between a “Persian Freedom Fighter” and a “Persian Traitor Arab Worshipper” AKA a “Persian Puppet in Service of the Arabs” which is a Persian Bitch in bed with Arabs!

Background Information

Let us seek the roots of the “Independent Persian” (Independent Farsi) Site and its history. This way, we will find out the motive behind the concept, its agenda and the purpose. So, what is the purpose of the “Independent Persian”?

Billion Dollar Arab Smile!
So Cute, he is laughing his little heart out! He must have heard the Khashoggi News!
Muhammad bin Salman the Saudi Crown Prince and a Great Reformist
Now honestly, doesn’t he look a little bit like Elvis? Just a little?
I better stop it right here before he sends a crew of men in black to go Khashoggi on me, chop me up for the Arab Kabob and ship me to Mecca! Now I know he is reading this and rolling on the floor laughing! Love your smile. Ahlen va Sahlen Ya Habibi Marhaba!

Muhammad bin Salman

Before I begin on this subject and research, allow me to state that I Am 100 % pro what MBS (Muhammad bin Salman) is doing in Saudi Arabia. I consider the Crown Prince a reformist and to reform the most backward Arabo-Islamic nation and drag it into the 21sth century, one cannot offer roses and liberal lectures, yet one has to be tough. Reforming Saudi is to confront a bunch of Islamists and Fanatics. Heart of Sunni Islamist Fundamentalism is Saudi, just like the heart of Shiite Islamist Fundamentalism is Iran. To modernize Saudi, one has to put his own life in danger and one has to have a firm hand.

I am 100 % pro using any means possible to end Islamism. I am solid behind the use of violence against Islamism. Muhammad bin Salman methods are not very popular amongst the liberal circa but they have my total approval. To fight Islamism, you must use violence, not roses!

Jamal Khashoggi’s Death, Ends Justifies the Means!

Jamal Khashoggi’s Death, Ends Justifies the Means! Thread

I completely understand where Muhammad bin Salman comes from. Reza Shah the Great came from the same place!

Reza Shah The Great, The Real Story

But please have in mind that Muhammad bin Salman’s intentions and reforms are ultimately for the benefit of the Saudi Arabia and the Arabs. Muhammad bin Salman’s actions are positive, progressive and great but for his own people. He is modernizing Saudi, expanding its power and making it great. This intention is great for Arabs and makes “Arabs Great Again” but it is Pan Arabism and Arab Imperialism for the Persians!

Arab News Logo

Arab News

Arab News is an English language daily newspaper and now website (relaunched 2018) which has been publishing in Riyadh (originally Jeddah) Saudi Arabia since 1975. On 2018, the paper and site relaunched with a new motto "The Voice of a Changing Region" which replaced the old motto "The Middle East's Leading English Language Daily".

Muhammad bin Salman the Saudi Crown Prince major reforms to drag the nation out of the dark ages and into the modern democratic information age also included reforms at the SRMG (Saudi Research and Marketing Group) publishing company which is basically an arm of the Saudi Government and the publisher of the Arab News. In other words, Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s appointees and allies took control of the SRMG and to emphasize on his reforms, they created the new motto, Arab News: "The Voice of a Changing Region".

SRMG (Saudi Research and Marketing Group)

Arab News

Since 1975 the Arab News represented the Voice of Saudi Arabia and Pan Arabism in the region but since 2018 by the order of Muhammad bin Salman and House of Saud, the Arab News had become a not only Anti-IRI but an Anti-Iran and pro Saudi domination of the Middle East and the voice of the Arab Imperialism.

Of course, Pan Arabism and Arab Imperialism is disguised as the voice of Reforms in the region and "The Voice of a Changing Region".

The Independent

The Independent is a British publication which was originally published as a newspaper in broadsheet format (1986), then tabloid format (2003) and now as an online site (2016). The Independent is a Globalist, Internationalist, Liberal voice in the British media.

Originally Toney O’Reilly the Irish publisher of the INM (Independent News and Media) in Dublin owned it (1997). Back then, the media unit gave an independent (with an Irish spice) perspective of the news.

Alexander Lebedev the Russian oligarch (former KGB) bought the Independent on 2010. At this point, The Independent become not so Independent and the perspective of Moscow on the news. The Russian influence on the British independent media clearly started to display.

Sultan Muhammad Abuljadayel the Saudi Tycoon, a Saudi Reformer as the operating wing of the Muhammad bin Salman and House of Saud had become the junior partner with Alexander Lebedev when he bought the minor shares in Independent (2017). At that point, the Independent had switched from the voice of Russia to the combine voice of Russia plus Saudi Arabia to influence the British media.

Since 2017, Muhammad bin Salman and his pawn Sultan Muhammad Abuljadayel started the step by step domination of the British liberal media. Purchase of “The Independent” and “The London Evening Standard” was only the beginning!

The Independent

Sultan Muhammad Abuljadayel changed the face of the Independent to the face of the Saudi Domination of the region and broadcasting it in the British media. The Independent become the parrot of Muhammad bin Salman reforms and policies.

Arab News and The Independent Cooperation

On 2018 the joint forces of Arab News and The Independent announced the upcoming creation and publication of The Independent in Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Urdu. This task was the Arab News’ vast plan to influence and dominate the None-Arab speaking people of the region. The main focus was for the Arab Imperialism to influence the Iranian, Turkish and the Paki people.

Of course, Saudis see Pakistan in their bag and on their payroll but they see Iran and Turkey as regional rivals. They see Saudi as the new upcoming major player (Wanna Be Major Player); therefore, the purpose of these websites is to expand the Saudi perspective and influence in the region.

On 2019, The Independent’s Foreign Language Sites published:

Independent Arabia

Independent Persian

Independent Urdu

Independent Turkic

In a little while, Turkey blocked the broadcast of Independent Turkic in Turkey; therefore, the Arab News had to change the URL to a new URL.

Turkey, Iran and Pakistan were perfectly aware of the Arab News intentions but Turkey was determined to block the Arab propaganda.

Independent Persian Logo

Independent Persian

On 2019, Arab News and The Independent launched the Independent Persian.

Independent Persian



SRMG was finally launching The Independent Persian but now they had to find someone to publish it and a crew to run it.

Looking for Persian Traitors and Arab Agents

Arab News searched and pondered about some people to publish the new site; they had their eyes on some of the best Iranian journalists. Some were too nationalist and automatically were off the list. I was one of the first people whom they considered because I am a professional perfectionist when it comes to journalism. They studied me and monitored IPC.  but one look at the IPC and the Anti-Arabo-Islamic content is obvious; therefore, I was decided to be off the list.

Many others were not nationalists (like me) but they would not do it because in a way, this would be treason to Iran. After all, Saudi Arabia is the mortal enemy of not only IRI but Iran. They offered various people and they rejected.

Camelia Entekhabifard Smile
The smile which only her parents could love!
Camelia Entekhabifard (Camelia Chameleon) Editor of the Independent Persian
The Camelia Entekhabifard Fashion Model Pose!

Camelia Entekhabifard the Independent Persian Editor

After their first choices did not work, then they moved on to their second choices and finally they found someone lacking talent, greatness, spice and excitement, yet she knew the basics of the web journalism and most important, she did not mind working for the Arabs and even Saudi Arabia the mortal enemy of Iran because she had already worked for Arabs for many years (such as Al Jazeera).

Arab News found the perfect match. A liberal leftist bimbo with no sense of Iranian Nationalism, Morality, Decency, Right or Wrong and Dignity who has been already in bed with the Arab Islamist Media such as Al Jazeera. They found the perfect airheaded bimbo who was writing for the Democrat Party mouthpiece the Huffington Post and the Islamist mouthpiece the Al Jazeera. They found the perfect liberal whore with no allegiance to America as a patriot and Iran as a nationalist. They found the perfect liberal bimbo who has already been giving blow jobs to the Arabs and was a veteran Persian Traitor Whore in the Arab pockets!

Camelia Entekhabifard (Camelia the Chameleon) already had a history of going under the warm protective balls of the Arabs and selling herself out to the Arabs.

Camelia Entekhabifard at New York
Camelia Entekhabifard (Camelia Chameleon) Editor of the Independent Persian
Another Camelia Entekhabifard Fashion Model Pose!
The woman is always in search of a promo wallpaper or billboard to pose in front of it; so, she can feel like she is posing on the Red-Carpet on the Oscar Night at the Hollywood! Being a fashion model is her childhood dream.
Ahreeman Joon: Woman, the corset under your dress is so tight that you can’t breathe! Let the belly hang out a little, so you can take a breath! I know you are trying to create a waistline before hitting that gigantic butt, yet the corset and girdle are simply too tight and they might cut your circulation. They might even explode! I am concerned for your health!

Camelia the Chameleon

Camelia the Chameleon is great in changing colors and adapting to different sides. She will do anything to get ahead and make a buck, and I mean anything!

Difference between Camelia Entekhabifard and Asieh Namdar

Same as Asieh Namdar, another liberal whore who has a history with CNN, CCTV (China Central Television) and CGTN (China Global Television Network), Camelia Entekhabifard had a history with Al Jazeera and Arab News but the difference is that Asieh Namdar enjoys digesting the Small Chinese Schlongs but Camelia Entekhabifard enjoys digesting the “Donkey Size Arab Schlongs” simply because she has a deeper throat! A liberal traitor whore is a liberal traitor whore, may they be the Chinese Communist owned Bitches or may they be the Arab Muslim owned Bitches!

Difference between Camelia Entekhabifard and Persian Escorts in UAE

After the 1979 Islamic Revolution, one of the fruits of the Islamic Revolution for Iran was that many young Iranian women and girls rushed the little Southern Persian Gulf Arab Sheikdoms and become part time and full-time prostitutes, call girls and escorts to make ends meet.  The difference between the Persian Escorts and Camelia Entekhabifard is that the Escorts have to sell themselves to Rich Arabs to survive but Camelia Entekhabifard and her kind are “Born Again Whores” who sell themselves to the highest bidder, preferably the Arabs because the Arabs got the endless amount of dollars and the Big Baba Ghanoush! Liberal Whores enjoy snacking on them Big Arab Baba Ghanoush Eggplants! Whore is a whore; may it be a $ 5 Whore or a $ 1 Million Whore!

When you have no principles, then you become a liberal whore and sell your nation along with your body and dignity to the highest bidder even the enemy which is the Arab Oil.

Iranian American Democrats, who are they?

Camilla Entekhabifard the Arab News Choice of Persian Bimbo

At last, SRMG (Saudi Research and Marketing Group) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia had announced that: Arab News columnist Camelia Entekhabifard appointed as the editor of the Independent Persian.

The Arab News “Veteran Analist” (analyst) and expert in the anal positions, shall become now the “Head” Editor of The Independent Persian; therefore, Camilla can both satisfy the Saudi Foreign Policy Needs and the Arab Masters’ Big Boys’ needs! As the “Head” Editor, Camilla would be giving many “Heads” to the Big Arab Masters!

Yesterday’s Reformist (Green) and today’s Arab Servant had finally found her true place which is bouncing on top of the Arab Schlongs in Saudi!

Camelia Entekhabifard Serving Arab Masters

Camelia Entekhabifard – Al Jazeera

Camelia Entekhabifard Columns – Arab News

Arab News Columnist Camelia Entekhabifard appointed editor of Independent Persian

Camelia Entekhabifard Serving Liberal Plantations

Camelia Entekhabifard – Huffington Post

Camelia Entekhabifard Aha! Moment - Opra

Camelia Entekhabifard Sites

Camelia Entekhabifard - Wikipedia

Camelia Entekhabifard Instagram

Camelia Entekhabifard Cheesy Book

Book Amazon

Camelia Entekhabifard Video

Check out the Dooli Persian accent while speaking English:

Camelia Entekhabifard discusses Iran – TRT Turkish Broadcast

Camelia Entekhabifard on i24

I first saw her on the International Jewish TV i24.

i24 TV Thread

She was doing a political analysis. So, I found myself in an odd situation telling myself that I like MBS (Muhammad bin Salman), i24 TV, Jews and International News but then I asked myself: “Couldn’t Arabs really find anyone better than this to run their propaganda mouthpiece, The Independent Persian?”

Camelia Entekhabifard Hires Her Crew

Liberal Arab Worshipper Editor, Camelia Entekhabifard hired her crew:

Independent Persian Writers
Amir Taheri
Jamshid Irani
Majid Mohammadi
Hadi Khorsandi
Noor Pahlavi

And others

Everyone has a Price!

Shah of Iran was correct, everyone has a price, some $ 5 and some $ 1 Million dollar.

Shah of Iran Wives, Lovers and Mistresses Photo Gallery
Alahazrat Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi’s Love Life

Why are Independent Persian Writers Selling Out to the Arabs?

Amir Taheri
Jamshid Irani
Majid Mohammadi
Hadi Khorsandi
Noor Pahlavi

These people are not desperate for money but they sell themselves to Iran’s main enemy. These are the same people who criticize Mojahedin for colluding with Saddam Hussein against Iran! Monarchists have no principles, they smelled the Arab Oil Dollars from London and DC, packed up their bags and went to Riyadh to place themselves under the comfort of the Arab Balls!

These people are more or less monarchists and as I have always stated, Monarchists are not men of battle and also over and over, we have seen Monarchists collude with the Iran Lobby (writing for The Iranian Magazine) and now for Iran’s enemy (Saudi Arabia).

Amir Taheri Treason

Amir Taheri is a veteran Iranian journalist and author. Mostafa Mesbahzadeh the publisher and editor of Kayhan Tehran had created Kayhan Newspaper in 1942 and then in exile created Kayhan London in 1984. Amir Taheri has been the general editor of Kayhan both in Iran (before 1979 Islamic Revolution) and in England (after 1979 Islamic Revolution). He has been writing for various Iranian and Foreign publications. He has been a contributor to various networks such as BBC.

As a veteran monarchist journalist and author with a vast history of work for various publications and networks, do you think Amir Taheri needed the money to work for Arab News? Hell no! The why?

Jamshid Irani Treason

Jamshid Irani has his own law offices in New York and he is an immigration lawyer. Do you think he needs the money?

Majid Mohammadi Treason

Majid Mohammadi is a scholar, writer and author who wrote many books. Do you think he is in need of the money?

Hadi Khorsandi Treason

Hadi Khorsandi is a veteran liberal leftist humor journalist, parody artist, satirist, comedian, poet and writer. He has his own humor site “Asghar Agha”, conduct shows and writes books. Do you think he is in need of money?

Noor Pahlavi Treason

Noor Pahlavi is the daughter of Reza Pahlavi with unlimited sources of money to the point that money is gushing and coming out of her ear, nose and throat! She is a wanna be writer and journalist. Do you possibly think that she needs the Arab News money?

Noor Pahlavi Persian Princess Sexy Pose
Noor Pahlavi a Wanna Be Real Estate Agent, a Wanna Be Fashion Model and now a Wanna Be Journalist!

What do Independent Writers have in Common?

All of them are either wealthy or well off; therefore, they do not need the Arab News money; however, all of them are greedy and this greed for more money and connections through the Arab News makes them to write for the Arab News.

What makes one to Sell himself and his Country?

Greed for Money
Greed for Work Connections
Greed for Power
Greed for Fame

How can one Sell Out?

No Morality
Lack of Nationalism
Absence of Principles

Noor Pahlavi Persian Princess Fashion Model Sexy Pose
“Noor Pahlavi dieted until anorexia to make it as a fashion model!” (Media)
Noor Pahlavi always wanted to become a model but there has always been a little problem, just a little one: She is not tall enough and she is not pretty enough, that’s all!

Like Father Reza Pahlavi, Like Daughter Noor Pahlavi

Like father, like daughter, cut from the same opportunistic cloth!

When Reza Pahlavi lost his ass in the stock market, the Pahlavi Family and the Wealthy Arab Sheikhs and Kings had to bail him out because he made a tour of the little Shiite Kicker Arab nations of the Southern Persian Gulf, begging for money.

When Reza Pahlavi was desperate for political kick, his mother Shahbanu Farah Diba published a page on her site, connecting herself, Reza Pahlavi and the whole family to both Imam Hussein and Imam Hassan, proudly stating that: “We are both Seyeds of Hassani and Husseini descendants of Muhammad! This way, she wanted Reza Pahlavi to fish from the Islamic Swamp Waters of Iran, so maybe it would work for his benefits. Little did she know, that the Anti-Religious sentiment of the Persians, made it backfire! Once I exposed this issue, right away Shahbanu took that page off of her website!

The Dialogue Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Enter!
The Letter Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Answer!

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead Iranian Opposition?

Why Monarchy has Ended and We Must Start a New?

When one of the latest Reza Pahlavi’s political excursions and coalition adventures ended up upside down (like all others) flat on its back, it was about colluding with the Reformist Fraction of the IRI Hezbollah! Reza Pahlavi’s NCI “National Council of Iran” (Shoraye Meli Iran) consisted of Reza Pahlavi’s close compatriots such as:

Mohsen Sazegara
Co-Creator of IRGC, Consultant to Khomeini, IRI Deputy Prime Minister to Mousavi in the Khamenei Cabinet

Amir Hossein Jahanshahi
Consultant to Hassan Rouhani, started the “Green Wave Org.” and now back to Iran and working in Iran serving IRI

Mehrdad Khonsari
Former Iranian Diplomat, pro working with Refpormist Fraction of IRI

And many more Reformist Fraction of IRI Government, Green Movement and Hezbollah. Many of the defeated NCI “National Council of Iran” pals of Reza Pahlavi are now back in Iran serving IRI. As you know, the Reformists go to jail, come out and serve the IRI Regime!

Basically, after the IRI Regime threatened him and bribed him, Reza Pahlavi made a secret deal with IRI. In this deal, it is stated that Reza Pahlavi may only critic the regime but never take any actions against the regime. In a way it was always like that! Reza Pahlavi was always all talk and no action! IRI does not care about critical talks but the Regime is worried about opposition taking actual actions against it.

I do not want to get in to this topic because this will be the topic of my future investigative article which I have been working on (off and on) for a while. In the future, I will vastly speak of Reza Pahlavi’s Secret Deal with the IRI Regime and I will go in depth about this deal.

Reza Pahlavi II, the Clown who wanted to become Shah!
Gusalei ke hichvaqt Gav Nashod!
The Calf who never become a Cow!
The Prince who never become a Shah!

Reza Pahlavi: I always wanted Balls this big but unfortunately, I have Hasteh Khorma (seedy Balls)! Some like that jerk Ahreeman say that I have Cotton Balls! Let me check in my pants, ummm, Ahhh, Aha, nope that’s not it, that’s the butt plug, eeeeh, eeeh, eh …., Where are they? I can’t find them!
Ahreeman Joon: Now seriously, the older he gets, the more he looks like a Dick! Doesn’t he? Maybe he is metamorphosing to his true nature!

What is the Point?

My point is that Reza Pahlavi is a boy (not a man) of no principles, no standards, no morality, and no substance. Reza Pahlavi wheels and deals with anyone for greed and for survival. Reza Pahlavi was never a man of battle and a serious opposition character. Reza Pahlavi has no problem getting funds from Arabs, Saudi Arabia, Reformist Fraction of IRI and even the IRI Regime.

Like father, like daughter, Noor Pahlavi, a wanna be journalist and writer, also sees no contradiction working for the Arab News. She sold out to the mortal enemy of Iran working for the Saudi Arabian Government.

Noor Pahlavi Persian Princess Sexy Look
Noor Pahlavi on the path to become his father!
Like Father, Like Daughter
Opportunistic, Untalented, Unemployed, Arab Worshipper, Wanna Be, Bum!
Ah I forgot, Uneducated …. Psychology Degree is useless!
Even not used, but at least unlike her father, she got a degree!
Many are Schooled, yet only a few are truly Educated!

What Would Reza Shah the Great Say?

A Nationalist would rather die than to see his great granddaughter is working for the enemy of Iran. Reza Shah the Great is now shaking in his grave. When Arabs killed the Iranian pilgrims for Haj in Mecca due to vomiting in Ka’bah, Reza Khan stated: Shame on Arabs for their boldness to treat Iranians like this and shame on Iranians for taking this abuse from Arabs due to Arab Worship (pilgrimage to Mecca)!

Reza Khan was a hard-core Anti-Islam, Anti-Arab and Anti-Saudi, Persian Nationalist. Imagine what would Reza Khan say if he would have been alive and witness his great granddaughter now working for the Arab News!

Alahazrat Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was correct when he stated:

“Everyone has a price; some are 5 dollars and some are a million dollar.”

Little did he know that his granddaughter from his loser son would now sell herself to the Arab News.

A No Principle Loser like Father (Reza Pahlavi) creates a No Principle Loser like Daughter (Noor Pahlavi)!

Reza Khan and Alahazrat are now looking from above and shaking in their graves!

Noor Pahlavi Modeling for Marie Claire Magazine
Showing Skin to Make a Buck!

Modern Salman Farsis

These people like Camelia Entekhabifard, Amir Taheri, Hadi Khorsandi and Noor Pahlavi are the modern-day Salman Farsis! Back in Muhammad’s era, Salman Farsi, the greatest Iranian traitor, fled Iran, joined Muhammad and along with Muhammad, Ali and Abu Bakr wrote Quran and caused the Arabo-Islamic invasion and occupation of the Persian Empire.

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD)

Today, once again, these so-called educated scholars are betraying Iran and serving the Arabs.

Noor Pahlavi Showing Some Skin!
Hey, don’t knock it down, at least she held a job in her life but her bum father never did!

Difference between Salman Farsi and Neo Traitors

Salman Farsi was an ideological Mazdakite (original Marxist) who betrayed Iran for the ideology. He polished Islam with Mazdakism and Socialism and prepared it to destroy Iran.

Modern-Day Salman Farsis like Arab News writers are doing it for greed and /or fame and connection.

The only question which remains is that:

Which is worse: The Original Salman Farsi or the Modern-Day Salman Farsis?

The problem as I have always stated is the lack of morality! We have lost our Persian Ways!

Take a look at our people from Billionaires and Millionaires all the way to the average Iranian. They all lack morality:

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC

Moral Revolution: The Alternative Tactic

“Our problem is not education and culture but our problem is morality. Iranians are the most educated, well-schooled and cultural people on earth but our people are the most immoral people on earth!”
(Ahreeman X)

"Before we even consider a "Social Revolution", we need a "Massive Social Education". First, we are in desperate need of a "Moral Revolution", starting from the personal level as the "Personal Rehabilitation", which ends up to a "Social Reformation", so we can finally establish a "Mass Salvation" to achieve our "National Recognition" and "Persian Identification". Until then, our "National Identification" is lost in Arabo-Islamic or Foreign Worship and "Mass Infiltration."
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes
Ahreeman X Bits of Wisdom!

Without Moral Revolution, our people are serving their bank accounts and other countries; with Moral Revolution, they can continue serving their bank accounts but their own country too!

Back to Persianhood we go ……

Pure Persian Pride


Dr. X


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