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The Iranian View: Complete Analysis

Should US Invade and Liberate Iran?
The Iranian View: Complete Analysis

Ahreeman X
October 15, 2011


After the latest unsuccessful and exposed terror plot on US soil by IRI, this question becomes more relevant and important to ask:

Should US Invade and Liberate Iran?

Many criticize that this plot was not professional and was not planned to be executed by the terrorists from Tehran or Beirut, yet it was planned to be executed by the hired hands such as Mexican Drug Cartels; therefore, this is not the usual IRI style of terror, so it sounds fishy!

The point is not that if this time IRI had changed her terror style or did not change her terror style! The point is also not that the conspiracy theorists are once more at it and are trying to make IRI look angelic and innocent! The point is not even the fact that in the past IRI had done many terror plots around the globe and right here in America! The point is that maybe the latest terror plot should be the spark and the wakeup call for us Iranians to come back to our senses and boldly put forward these questions:

- Has Iranian Opposition on her own been successful to remove IRI from the power?

- For 33 years the majority of Iranians have been silent and we the Opposition as the slim minority have been trying to bring down IRI. Is 33 years enough time to comprehend that we cannot do it on our own?

- UN is a ceremonial organization with no power, so was 33 years of UN sanctions, watch dog groups and ultimatums effective?

- China and Russia supply IRI with technology and arms. EU is IRI trade partner, so isn’t it a fact that US is the only relevant factor which can create a change in Iran?

- Is it time for US to invade and liberate Iran?

- Do you want to see a free Iran in your life time?

Iranian community is reluctant to ask bold questions. It is time to put away the traditional Persian beating around the bush, shyness, reluctance, modesty, political correctness, flattery and T’arof. It is time to be straight forward, honest with each other and ask bold questions.

Above issues and other important inquiries are what we will ask, discuss and analyze in this article.

Latest IRI Failed Terror Plot

Everything is still up in the air and we are still gaining more information about this plot; however, what we know so far is that a Qods Force high ranking official (Abdul Reza Shahlai) and his deputy (Gholam Shakuri) along with other IRI officials have been planning this plot in Tehran. The Qods Force official nominated his disorganized used car salesman cousin in Texas (Mansour Arbabsiar) to sub contract a Mexican Drug Cartel connection to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in US, blow up Saudi Embassy and Israeli Embassy in Washington DC and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Major Terror Plotters and Participants

Abdul Reza Shahlai
High ranking Qods Force Official in Tehran who ordered the plot. Commander Shahlai was the Qods Deputy Commander who also planned the January 20, 2007 attack in Karbala, Iraq, which killed five American soldiers and wounded three.

Qasem Soleimani
 Qods Force Commander who oversaw the plot.

Hamed Abdollahi
Senior Qods Force Officer who was in charge of the plan coordination between Tehran, US and Mexico.

Gholam Shakuri
IRGC Qods Force Officer and deputy to Commander Abdul Reza Shahlai in charge of funding the plot, money transfers and connections in Tehran.

Mansour Arbabsiar
Qods Commander Abdul Reza Shahlai’s used car salesman and disorganized con artist cousin in Texas who was the US connection in charge of sub contracting a connection in a Mexican Drug Cartel to execute the plot.

The Terror Plot

At the present time, Mansour Arbabsiar is jailed and on trial in New York City. Gholam Shakuri is at large in Iran MIA (Missing in Action) so IRI can kill the plot and deny everything (as usual).

During the last spring, Mansour Arbabsiar had a number of meetings (in Mexico and US) with various people and specifically with a connection to a Mexican Drug Cartel, trying to sub contract the assassination plot to them. What Mansour Arbabsiar did not know was that this connection was in fact an undercover US DEA Agent. Mansour Arbabsiar contracted $ 1.5 million dollars to this connection to do the job with $ 100,000 down payment. Funds were coming from Tehran and Mansour Arbabsiar had the authority to spend as he see fit.

Arbabsiar offered the undercover DEA Agent money to assassinate Adel al-Jubeir, the outspoken Saudi ambassador in DC. Arbabsiar wired $100,000 into a U.S. bank account in August as a down payment for the hit. The two planned to use explosives to assassinate the ambassador outside a restaurant in Washington DC (which he was a frequent client). This is a dialogue which had occurred during the plot:

Undercover DEA Agent: There are a great number of US politicians, other politicians and other people present in the restaurant. They will also be endangered. Are you positive you want to go through with the plan?

Arbabsiar: Yes, go for it.

DEA Agent: Just wanted to let you know that other people will also be present and they will get hurt.

Arbabsiar: You must understand this is politics, nothing personal. They (IRGC) want that guy (Adel al-Jubeir the Saudi Ambassador) done, if a hundred go with him, then them.

Have in mind that the plot would have also killed other bystanders and damaged nearby structures in the surrounding vicinity of the terror spot.

So Arbabsiar has already confessed to his participation in the plot and Shakuri is at large in Iran. Arbabsiar, a naturalized U.S. citizen who also holds an Iranian passport, was arrested on September 28 at the New York JFK Airport (after coming from Mexico).

After this first phase, Qods Force wanted to explode the Saudi and Israeli embassies in DC along with some facilities in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Qods Force Mistakes

Qods Force made 2 mistakes:

1. Trust a loser such as Mansour Arbabsiar with such important task.

2. Underestimate the power of US Homeland Security in conducting undercover operations.

Obama and the Plot

So what has Obama done?

Obama reached out to the ambassador to express solidarity and underscored the belief that the plot was a flagrant violation of the U.S. and international law.

Eric Holder, attorney general said the U.S. government would be taking unspecified action against the Iranian government. He was asked whether the plot was blessed by the top Mullahs of the Iranian government, Holder said the Justice Department was not making that accusation.

Obama wants to take the case to UN for further sanctions. Obama’s Defense Official said there will be no military action against Iran. Obama also wants to take the case to EU to get allies to take yet another serious sanction against Iran.

Does this sound to you like more usual liberal Bull Shiite and more appeasement policies from Obama administration towards Iran?

Qods Force

So who are Qods Force?

Qods Force is the special forces of the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) which are the elite security forces of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran). IRGC has its own army, air force and navy.

Qods Force symbolically has been created to free and take back the Qods (Jerusalem), return the land to Palestinians and kick the Jews out of Israel. Eventually Qods has become the Ninja Assassin Force and the Special Operations Force of IRI.

IRGC is in charge of Iran’s nuclear developments, rocket programs, space research, oil sales, economy and basically running the country since 2005 (Ahmadinejad’s first term).

For more information on IRGC read:

Inside Iran’s IRGC: Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps
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For more information on IRI’s anti opposition activities, read:

Filter Breakers, Proxies and Systems to Bypass IRI Internet Filters

Iran Politics Club Attacked by IRI Cyber Terrorists

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America!

IRI, Anti Opposition Activities in Southern California

For more information on IRI Lobby and IRI Agents in America, read:

IRI Lobby and Hezbollah in America

and articles in the:

Iran Movement Index

Qods Force Mission

Qods Force mission is to train, fund and arm global Islamist movements. Qods has a duty to contact Islamist Revolutionaries and Islamist Movements which are openly active or are active underground, support them and aid them to primarily gain power and to secondarily control their own nations and ultimately join IRI to fight towards the common cause to establish a global Islamic Revolution.

Qods Force Activities

Primarily Qods used to operate regional and solely in Middle East; however, now it is global.

Qods Force has been involved in training, funding and arming the:

Iraqi Shiite Militia
Al Jihad
Muslim Brotherhood Egypt
Afghan Shiites
Bosnian Islamist Militia
Bahrain Shiites
Yemenis Shiites

IRGC Numbers

Let’s take a look at how strong in numbers are the IRGS and its satellites:

Basij Para Militia = 1.5 Million strong
IRGC = 250,000 strong
Qods Force = 20,000 strong

Qods Force Sectors of Influence

Qods Force basically has 8 sectors of operations and spheres of influence:

Qods Force Sectors
1. Iran
2. Iraq
3. Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan
4. Middle East
5. Central and South Asia
6. Europe
7. North America
8. Central and South America

Qods Force Record

Qods Force has played an important role in organizing and aiding Bosnian Islamists to commit mass murders in Balkans, Europe. Qods was involved in organizing and aiding Iraqi Shiites to kill Iraqi security forces and American soldiers including but not limited to the Karbala murders of US Soldiers (2007). Iraqi Shiites have been trained, funded and armed by IRGC and Qods. The Qods Units are responsible for training Hezbollah and doing covert operations with them. One of such operations is the attack on Jewish Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina which resulted in the death of 85 in 1994.

Qods Force is responsible for various bombing, attacks and murder of US soldiers in Iraq. Qods Force is the mastermind and financier behind the Iraqi Shiite foot soldiers. Qods Force is also behind many Hezbollah terror operations. Qods Force has been training Taliban in Afghanistan and Iran. The list goes on and on forever ……

Conspiracy Theories

The US leftist media such as San Francisco papers along with the Middle Eastern conspiracy theorists have been claiming that the latest Qods plot is so unlike Qods to commit! In a reluctant way they are trying to say that this is a US conspiracy to agitate a hostile situation with Iran. Once again Liberals and Islamists go hand in hand creating conspiracy theories.

Some liberal coo-coo nuts are claiming that the latest Qods plot was meant to fail so it would make Ahmadinejad to look bad! This whole ordeal is an IRI internal conflict! Hey, I got news for you; Ahmadinejad has been looking bad for over 8 years! There is no need to make him look bad in public! Why can’t these kooks just admit that Qods can also Frag Up and screw up?!

IRI Lobby and US Terror Plot

The only question remains is that what will the IRI Lobby in US preach now? How will they continue justifying the need for the US continuous appeasement policies towards IRI? How will they continue putting a holy mask and an innocent robe on IRI and claim that IRI has been singled out unjustly by the Big Bad Jewish Lobby in America! I truly love to hear what type of neo Bull Shiite and Justification will Trita Parsi and other IRI Lobby groups and agents in America such as NIAC, AIC and PAAIA come up with?!

Trita Parsi’s Rhetorics

Check out the first of Trita Parsi’s justification attempts for the terror plot. This is typical Bull Shiite, Trita Parsi style motivated by the dollars coming from Tehran. Trita Parsi’s statement is listed below and my comments are also listed beneath them.

Ladies and gentlemen, please forgive me but I simply cannot remain serious while reading this lampoon’s remarks. I simply have to use the Ahreemanic humor in response to this weasel, so without further due, let’s dig in:

“NIAC Statement on Alleged Terror Plot
October 11, 2011

Washington, DC – National Iranian American Council (NIAC) President Trita Parsi released the following statement regarding the revelation of an alleged plot by Iran to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States:”

What do you mean by the alleged plot? The bozo already confessed? Say it Trita, the plot not the alleged plot! Will ya?

“Iranian Americans share with all Americans a deep commitment to keeping our country safe, and the actions of the individual indicted in the alleged plot in no way reflects the views of the broader Iranian-American community.”

Listen weasel, who the hell are you to play the role of the spokesperson for the Iranian American Community? You are a little weasel, a little rat on the payroll of IRI in America. You are a con artist with a rag tag gang of 250 members called NIAC in Washington DC who is running around DC trying to bribe the Democratic Senators and Reps by kickbacks in to voting for more appeasement policies towards IRI. I do not believe a dirt bag little rat such as you is qualified to speak for the 2.7 million Iranian American community!

More on Iranian American population in USA:

Iranian Population Inside and Outside Iran

“The National Iranian American Council joins with Iranian Americans across the United States in rejecting political violence and condemning terrorism.”

C’mon Trita, you work for a State Sponsor Terrorism named IRI. You have been peddling your ass for Tehran’s dollars since they found you in Sweden and erected you as the top Dick Cheese in DC to give hand jobs and sometimes blow jobs to the Democratic Senators and Reps to bend over for Hezbollah and IRI. Don’t condemn terrorism, you work for terrorists! C’mon now, stop the Bull Shiite and be truthful with Poppa Ahreeman! C’mon now, US Media is not watching, just between us Persians (well even though you are a half-breed Arab Worshiper posing as a Zoroastrian), for how long are you planning to continue the Bull Shiite act?

“While further information is needed regarding the alleged plot against the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S., if today’s allegations are true, NIAC strongly condemns this deplorable act.”

Zepeleshk, Zerrrrt, Zereshk ….. I just love it when you try to be formal and speak like an Iranian American official!

“The vast majority of Iranian Americans have made the United States of America their home due to their differences with the government of Iran, specifically due to its human rights violations and repression. Acts of terror are anathema to the Iranian-American community and everything it stands for. No other community in the United States has suffered more under than the Iranian government than ours.”

So you stand against terrorism? Now I am rolling on the floor laughing and pissing myself at the same time! Trita Joon honestly, you have become a cartoon character amongst the Iranian American Community! Everyone is on to you. For how many more years are you going to pile up Kos O She’r?

I perfectly understand that sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can permanently scar you! I love scarring you baby! I can’t help myself; I am a sadist when it comes to Little Hezbollah Faggots and Weasels! Ahhhh did I hurt your sensitive feelings? Will you pull out one of your suing tactics like you tried to sue Hassan Daioleslam? What are you going to do, sue the complete Iranian Opposition? Hey wait, don’t do that, just sue me? I am provoking you to sue me? Will you please sue me? Don’t sue the gentlemen of the Iranian Opposition, but instead sue me? I am a ruthless SOB and my middle name is Trouble! Please sue me and see what I am going to do with you! I will pull out your Hezbollahi ass, your associates and NIAC like weeds out of the Iranian American Community and send you back on your way to Sweden! Mark my words; I have such giant balls to write this on the public Internet.

You want to play, then play with the Big Boys! C’mon baby, I’m your Huckleberry, will you be my Daisy? Let’s dance Bozo, shall we?

You know soon or late I will take care of you, if not here, then in the future free Iran, I will drag you back to Tehran and put you and your ilk on the public trials. There is no escape from Ahreeman thus Ahreeman is everywhere! Now be a good little Hezbo, come sit on Poppa Ahreeman’s lap and give me a kiss. C’mon boy, pull up your pants (Tonban) and come to Poppa Ahreeman, run boy run ……

“This alleged terror plot takes place at a time when tensions in the Middle East have reached a boiling point. In the midst of a rapidly changing Middle East, Iran, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia are jockeying for influence throughout the region in Egypt, Lebanon, the Palestinian Territories, Syria, and elsewhere. According to the Wikileaks, Saudi Arabia has pushed for the U.S. to bomb Iran. The Saudi government, in turn, accuses Tehran of instigating revolts on its soil.”

So your source is Wikileaks?! Your complete analysis is flawed. Saudi Arabia is a petty Arab kingdom and is no match for a regional and continental power such as IRI. The IRI is the root cause of many Islamist tensions in the region such as Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Bahrain Shiites and Yemenis Shiites.

“Moreover, over the past years, several Iranian scientists have been assassinated in Iran. Tehran accuses Israel and the U.S. of being behind these killings.”

Really boy? You have finally come up with a mathematical factor? Bravo Boy, Bravo! Now pull up your pants and come to Poppa Ahreeman!

“If today’s allegations are true, this means that regional rivalries may have spilled over onto U.S. shores.”

What do you mean if true? Are you trying to say that Homeland Security is lying? Or are you trying to say that your butt buddies Holder and Obama are lying? Which is it boy? You are getting confused; your little brain cannot handle all this tension! Make up your mind boy?

And what rivalry? There is no rivalry! Saudi Arabia is a mosquito in comparison to the Giant Whale of IRI. I thought there was an Israel and IRI rivalry, now you have changed your mind? Now it’s Saudi and IRI rivalry? Make up your mind boy? You are constantly sticking your foot in your mouth? Which is it boy?

“What is clear is that the Middle East region is a powder keg that could go off at any moment. Without serious efforts to defuse and deescalate the dangerously accelerating tensions, we are on the precipice of a major war in the region.”

Wow, really boy? Have you come up with this analysis all by yourself or your bosses in Tehran, maybe Siamak Namazi have helped you from the behind? Have they really put it in to you from the behind? Az aqab komaket kardan?

“If the alleged Iranian action was aimed at provoking the U.S., the Obama administration should be careful not to walk into such a trap. A war with Iran would be devastating to U.S. interests and to the people of Iran. We must work to prevent such a disastrous outcome.


1st again you said alleged? Baba jan the Hezbollahi Dayus already confessed!

2nd IRI has been provoking US for 3 decades now!

3rd don’t worry, Obama Admin will not lift a finger. They will remain as calm as liberal lambs occupied with dancing lambada with the beat of the IRI Wolf! But once we get rid of Obama on 2012, then we will rip a new hole for you and your bosses in Tehran!

4th a war with Iran would be beneficial to US, Israel, The World and mostly the people of Iran who would finally become free after 33 years of suffocation via your Butt Buddies in Tehran and Qom. The only people who would lose in this ordeal are you and your butt buddies in Tehran and Qom because the dollars from Tehran will be cut off; therefore, you must close down the NIAC shop, pack up and leave to disappear; thus you will no more serve a purpose running NIAC and indeed you must disappear and hope that the future free democratic government of Iran and myself will not find you by hunting you down like a dog to drag you back to Tehran for public trials. After all, in the future, being a petty snitch for Hezbollah will be considered as crimes against the people of Iran!

So as you can see, soon or late, your ass is mine. In US or in Free Iran, your ass will be mine.

With loves and kisses,

Ahreeman Joon

Ladies and gentlemen, with many apologies, I just could not help myself maintaining my serious political analysis tone while responding to this weasel. Now back to our regular programming and political analysis:

Why IRI Terror Plot on US Soil Now?

The answer is very simple. IRI and IRGC know that Obama is weak and in fact the weakest US president in history of America. IRI pulls a quickie on the American soil to show down and brag that they can do operations inside US borders, anytime they wish. This would scare the Obama administration and avoids them to take any serious stand against the nuclear Iran.

This is not the first time that IRI has committed terror on the US soil. IRI has been murdering the Iranian opposition and silencing them on the US soil for 33 years. But people tend to forget the past terrors:

Iran List of Assassinations (Iran Terror Database)

Iran Terror Database

Iran List of Assassinations (NAMIR)

Iran List of Assassinations (Ashraf Pahlavi)

IRI is so bold that it has lobby groups in DC. IRI has front businesses all over America. IRI has sleeper cells, Hezbollah operatives, Hamas operatives and other Islamist Agents all over America.

It doesn’t matter if this particular plot did not work or how cheesy the arrangement turned out to be, but what matters is that how vulnerable the US Security System, the US - Mexican Border and the Homeland Security under the Obama Regime and Liberals have declined to be!

Who is Against US Invasion and Liberation of Iran?

1. IRI Lobby Groups, Media, Front Businesses and Agents in America
2. Iranian American Liberal Left
3. Certain Opposition Persons and Groups

Now let us analyze each group:

1. IRI Lobby Groups, Media, Front Businesses and Agents in America
Trita Parsi, Hooshang Amirahmadi, Siamak Namazi, Jahanshah Javid, Ali Moayedian, NIAC, PAAIA, AIC,, Payvand Magazine, etc.
The Reason:
Financial Reasons
The Logic:
If US invade and liberate Iran, their salaries from Tehran will seize to exist and their US bank accounts will dry out. Their oil business wheeling and dealings in Tehran and abroad will die out. Their very existence is directly related to IRI’s existence.

2. Iranian American Liberal Left
Iranian American Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, Communists, Environmentalists, Greens, Pacifists and other Appeasement Lovers
The Reason:
Selfish Personal Reasons
The Logic:
These groups have business, family and ties in Iran. They go back and forth to Iran. They have money, land and business in Iran. They travel to Iran for business and / or pleasure. They do not want any harm imposed on their assets in Iran, to their family in Iran and to their lifestyle of frequent visits to Iran. In other words, for their own selfish personal reasons, they want the status quo to continue and a nation along with its population to continue being slave to IRI. This group puts their own personal gains above the benefits and goods of the nation. Their personal benefits are more important to them than Iran and Iranians.

This is why when they sing “Ey Iran, Ey Iran” Songs and they preach “Nationalism”; I say Patooyee and Bull Shiite to that! Their version of Nationalism and Vatan Parasti is nothing but “Kos O She’r” to me!

3. Certain Opposition Persons and Groups
Some good willed but ill resulted members of the Iranian Opposition
The Reason:
Unrealistic, illogical, overzealous, ultra nationalistic and ill fated reasons
The Logic:
We don’t want American soldiers to set foot in Iran but we want the Iranian people to rise up against IRI and change the regime.

Why US Invasion and Liberation Iran?

Now allow me to reply to all 3 above groups:

To IRI Lobbyists and Agents:
Your will and desires mean nothing to me. The sooner we do a regime a change in Iran, the sooner we can constitute a special organization in Tehran to send agents around the globe (specifically America) to hunt you down (like MOSSAD done to Nazi war criminals), kidnap you and drag you back to Tehran for public trials and punishments. In the future free Iran, I would gladly take on this task to create such organization to drag all of you back to Tehran for public trials. The same as with all other IRI criminals, I will not promise, not to hand you to the everyday Iranians in the streets (only after fair and just trials). And of course you are aware of what Iranians will do to IRI Agents, especially those who were residing abroad and leading comfortable luxurious lives at the expense of the Iranians’ misery and poverty! Who knows, if lucky, maybe they will hang you upside down by the balls!

To Iranian American Liberal Left:
By voting Democratic in US elections and implementation of appeasement policies, you are sacrificing Iran and Iranians and throw the masses of Iran under the bus for your own personal benefits. You do not want any harm to be done to your assets and family in Iran but in a meanwhile Iran and Iranians are suffering and have been suffering under Islam for 33 plus years! You love to continue your yearly visitations and vacations to Iran, living it up by having high class vacations in Iranian vacation spots at the cost of misery, inflation, unemployment and poverty for the Iranians. You live your comfortable lives abroad and preach “No War with Iran” and “Voices for Peace” while Iranians have been slaves to Islam and living like dogs for 33 plus years. This is ultimate selfishness.

Review the illogic of this group:

Voices for Peace Video: A Hezbollah – IRI Production

To Overzealous Iranian Opposition:
This is my favorite group because they are a legitimate part of the Iranian Opposition, they are good nationalists and lovers of Iran; however, they have flawed logic.

“I am pointing at the Moon, but these people fail to see beyond the tip of their nose set aside the tip of my finger!"

33 Plus Years of Struggle

You are well intended but ill fated! So you want America to not invade and liberate Iran. You want Iranians to rise up, revolt and do a regime change in Iran! Now let me ask you a question?

“What the hell do you think we have been doing for 33 years?”

We, the Iranian opposition have been fighting IRI for 33 years and we have failed to over throw the regime. Why is that?

This is why:

Why Iran is a Mess? Problem and Solution: Iranian Opposition

People such as I have been fighting IRI for 33 plus years and we have gotten nowhere! If Iranian opposition could have over thrown IRI, then they would have done it by now. We have tried for 33 years and we have failed!

Let’s be Honest with Each Other!

Why don’t we be honest with each other? Why don’t we face the reality? Let’s face it; the silent majority has always been silent. They have never bothered to rise up, revolt or ever bother with politics. They are satisfied with their sheepish existence under the balls of Islam! They are Qane’ (Satisfied) with living like animals without any rights, humanity and individualism! They are happy with business as usual and their status quo lives under the theocracy. They wouldn’t dare to risk their lives for freedom. But freedom does not come cheap and it takes a lot of bloodshed and sacrifice to gain freedom.

Allow me to quote myself:

“Throughout the history of Iran, only a slim minority has been creating the Change. The Silent Majority has always been silent!

Iranian Opposition, Student Movement, Democratic Movement and Revolutionaries have always been a slim minority who carried the weight of the others. Any change that has occurred to Iran was due to the efforts of this slim minority. Majority of Iranians were and are sheep!”
(Ahreeman X)

Even in 2009, we the Iranian opposition inside and outside Iran were organizing and leading the revolts. Majority of the Iranian people never bothered to participate and that is why we got nowhere!

Review the reality and stop lying to yourselves:

Iranian Revolution has No Colors and Heroes!
Complete Analysis of the Iranian 2009 - 2010 Revolution

Moral Revolution - The Alternative Tactic

The Iranian Disease!

The Bottom Line

So we have tried for 33 years to bring down the IRI and we have failed. In your opinion, how many more years should we try on our own?

No …, verbal support of the Iranian Opposition will not bring down the IRI!
Obama Regime has been doing it for 3 years. Talk is cheap.

No …, financial support of some Iranian Opposition groups will not bring down the IRI!
Bush has been doing it for 8 years and it has failed.

We have done it any which way we could. We have done armed struggle, we have done sit outs, social strikes, hunger strikes, boycotts, rallies, protests, call for referendums, reforms, riots, and we have done it in various colors, reds, blacks, blues, pinks, greens and even rainbow!

We have done everything except a bloody revolution and you know perfectly that the majority of Iranians are way too comfort seeking (Kun Goshad) to rise up!

“Everyone is against the regime but no one is willing to lift a finger to make a change! This is the story of Iranians!”

So as the Iranian opposition members, we have come to a halt! Stagnation and despair, Persian style! So it all comes down to:

a) A Bloody Revolution

b) US Invasion and Liberation

a will not happen and b is the only solution!

Of course there is another choice:

c) Cultural and Moral Revolution

c will take decades, maybe in a century it will come true. This is what we are doing in IPC. I have been doing it for a decade with IPC. For 33 years I have been fighting the IRI and for 10 years I have been trying to create a Cultural Revolution so the Neo Generation would grab this Cultural Revolution and turn it to a Social Revolution, but this may take decades and even a century! This is not a short term solution but a long term solution.

The question is:

Do we have that long to wait?
Do you want to wait 33 more years or a century for Iran to be free?
Do you even have that kind of time frame to await?
Can you wait a few more decades?
Will you even be alive by then to see a free Iran?

Hey, I don’t know about you but I have been spending 33 years of my life fighting IRI. I cannot wait anymore and in my lifetime I would like to see results, how about you?

Can you afford to wait another 33 years?
33 more years full of Kos O She’r?
33 more years of disunited opposition?
33 more years of cheap promises from Iranian Garage Based Satellite TV Talk Show Hosts?
33 more years of Opposition Leaders and Feeders?
33 more years of pack up your suitcases and get ready to land in Tehran?
33 more years of Bull Shiite Cheesy Cheap Promises from Con Artists?
33 more years of cheesy Iranian Para Militia Parties and Organizations with 10 members?
33 more years of Kos O She’r Iranian Satellite TVs and 24 hour Radios?
33 more years of cheesy Iranian ragazines, rag papers and Bang O Salavat Websites?
33 more years of Career Exilists preaching sweet nothings in to your ears?
33 more years of Monarchists, Mojahedin, Jebheis and Marxists banging on each others’ heads?
33 more years of the right and the left chewing each others’ throats?
33 more years of debates, discussions and analysis?

Can you truly afford 33 more years?

Let’s face it; Iranians will never rise up to overthrow IRI. The best that we could do was 2009 and even then the majority remained silent and the security forces (not even a fraction of them) did not participate.

Iranian Stockholm Syndrome

“Iranians have been slaves for so long that the culture of slavery has been registered and engraved in their brains! Slaves to Shiite Islam and Imam, that is all they are!”

Iranian opposition will never be able to take on IRI. The IRI is not a mosquito to squash! IRI is a regional power who is becoming a continental power. We simply cannot take on IRGC, Basij, Qods, Ansar-e Hezbollah and this well organized, well armed and well established Theocratic Military Machine on our own! We cannot do Shiite! We cannot even unite as an opposition to stand united against IRI! For 33 years we could not even unite! Iranian opposition is the most disunited opposition in the globe! Then how the hell are you going to overthrow IRI?

Talk is cheap, ideals are cheap, promises are cheap and slogans are cheap!

It is very easy to say:

“We do not want Foreign and American intervention, but we want to take on IRI on our own!”

Well then where the frag have you been for the past 33 years and what have you done?

I have been fighting IRI for the past 33 years and I have Shiite to show for it!

The Doer does and the Bull Shiite walks!

If Invasion and Liberation Occurs …

The bottom line is that everything has failed and we are at the bottom of our rope and we are where we are today! If invasion occurs, the Iranian opposition will participate and the majority of Iranian people will welcome it. The minority (Iranian Opposition) will fight side by side the American forces and the majority (silent majority) will cheer for the American forces and the opposition (as always they are good cheer leaders)!

Then and Now: What is the Deal?

You see, I am down with a bloody revolution, uprising of the masses and mass slaughter of Islamists by a million or two! Let’s burn down the mosques, kill a million or two Islamists and free the rest of the Iranians (73 million others), but you and I both know it that Iranians by majority do not have the guts or the balls to commit to such sacrifice.

Even the ball-less Pahlavi (Reza de Nim Pahlavi) said it that:

“The time for Nader Shahs and Reza Shahs are over.”

I say:

“Today’s Iranians are not Yesterday’s Persians!”

Yesterday you had Reza Shah but today you have a Geisha (Gay Shah) named Reza Pahlavi II.

Yesterday we had Reza Shah the Great, today we have Reza Shash the Zepert!

So say good bye to the possibilities of a bloody revolution!

I am down with Reza Khani style of eliminating Islam, Muslims and Mullahs in Iran:

Reza Shah The Great, The Real Story

I am down with cleansing Iran off of Islam from the roots; however, we know very well that these Shiites are corrupt to the bone and mediocrity is the favorite word of the day, so rather than “Persianhood”, we have “Bull Shiite” all over Land of the Aryans!

“It doesn’t matter if they are Muslim, Bahai, Christian, Jew or whatever else …. But all of them have that Shiite mentality and are infected with that Allahic Virus, simply because they have grown up in that society and they have been slaves to Islam for over a millennium!”

As you can see, it all comes down to a US Invasion and Liberation which is the most logical path to take. It is good for Iran, good for US and great for the globe. Same as USSR, no one will miss IRI. No one will shed a tear! The sooner we establish a free Iran, the sooner we can advance and rejoin the civilized world!

The world could not afford for Nazi Germany to live; the same goes now, the world cannot allow IRI to live. It is inhuman for regimes such as Nazi Germany, USSR and IRI to live. These regimes cannot co-exist with the civilized world!

A Nuclear Iran?

A Free, Federal, Secular, Democratic Iran will become a major global power. Only then we can sing nuclear songs! A responsible Iran can be nuclear but not IRI. This is why I say:

Yes to a Nuclear Iran.
No to a Nuclear IRI.

For more information on the Future Desired Iran, read:

A Vision for Iran of Tomorrow (Nationalism)

Pan Iranism and Islam (Pan Arabism)!

Above reasons and analysis are why presently I support a US Invasion and Liberation of Iran. In the past, I did not used to support it but after 33 years of trying to make it on our own, I am now convinced that it is the only short term solution.

However to even make the White House to consider an invasion / liberation or at least support of the Iranian Opposition, primarily we the Iranian American Patriots, American Patriots, Tea Party and GOP must win the House, Senate and the White House on 2012. To make a change in Iran, we must primarily make a change in America and end the Obama Regime. End to the Obama Regime means end to Appeasement Policy.

I encourage all of you to think about this issue, ponder and commit to some deep soul searching and please be honest with yourselves away from overzealous and ultra nationalist, illogical slogans! Be honest with yourselves, do we have any other short term solution? If so, I would love to hear it! I would love to hear a counter argument? Actually I would love to hear any argument rather than the usual silence from the silent majority, but I only care about logical arguments! By all means, stop being the silent sheep (silent majority) and please bring forward your solutions?

More power to All Freedom Fighters of Iran

Dr. X

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