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Neo Axis of Evil vs. Weak Woke US Armed Forces

Iran, Russia and China Axis vs. Woke US Military
Neo Axis of Evil vs. Weak and Woke US Armed Forces

Catayoun Razmjou
January 23, 2022

Iran, China, Russia Axis Pact: New Axis of Evil
Hassan Rouhani, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin making a solid pact against USA
When America is run by Democrats, enemies smell the weakness and are on offense!

Let’s Go Brandon!

The new world events display a big warning sign to us and they should. When Bonkers Joe Blow is the leader of the free world, the whole world goes down the loo!

Triple War Maneuver in Indian Ocean

China, Russia and Iran are conducting joint naval maneuvers in the Indian Ocean. The military ties between the three is forming tighter by the day.

Iran, Russia and China begin joint naval drill in Indian Ocean

China, Iran, Russia Hold Second Joint Naval Exercise Video

Joint 'CHIRU' Iran, Russian, and China Naval Drills Continue in Indian Ocean Video

Iran, Russia and China begin joint naval drill in Indian Ocean Video

Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and Hassan Rouhani at the Iran, China, Russia Axis Naval Maneuver
1st Naval Maneuver at the Oman Gulf and 2nd Naval Maneuver at the Indian Ocean
When America is run by Democrats, enemies smell the weakness and are on offense!

Iran Military Ties with China and Russia

Iran and China have been having close military ties, joint military operations and further joint espionage operations in USA and beyond.

Iran – China Deal: Total Internet Espionage and Censorship

New US Federal Indictment Against Huawei Crop.

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center

Iran also has been working close with Russia and establishing close military, diplomatic and economic ties.

What next for Iran and Russia ties after Raisi-Putin meeting?

At the present, Iran has established a three-way joint military, diplomatic, economic and espionage pact with both Russia and China.

In the past Iranian and Chinese hackers worked together against the American interests, US intellectual properties, US government offices and US social media but now they also work with the Russian hackers in a three-way cooperation system.

In the past, Iranian and Chinese spies worked together against the US targets in America but now they also work with the Russian spies.

New Axis of China, Russia and Iran
Axis versus Weak Woke and Gay American Military Under Biden and Democrats

China and Cold War II

Like it wasn’t enough for China to infect the world with COVID, now they are winning the Cold War II by spreading the COVID!

Coronavirus, IRGC & Chinese Mullahs: How did it Spread?

Neo Axis of Evil Smells the Weak America

Neo Axis of Evil consisting of China, Russia and Iran smell the weakness of America. When Democrats reign America, US foreign policy and military becomes weak but this time it’s tragic. China, Russia and Iran are on top of their power and performance but the US military is weak and woke.

IRI Military Propaganda Iran Cartoon
China, Iran and Russia Axis Naval Drill scares the US Shark escaping the ocean scene!

Powerful Chinese, Russian and Iranian Militaries vs. Gay and Transsexual US Military!

The new Democrats created weak and woke military is occupied with wokeness, critical race theory, gender pronouns, safe spaces, transgender bathrooms, equity, and occupying the military positions with gay, transsexual and woke officers and soldiers.

In the meanwhile, Russians, Chinese and Iranians are focusing on tough, war-ready, powerful and experienced Real Men and Real Women to operate their armed forces.

Iran, Russia, China Military Ads vs. American Gay Military Ad

Observe the powerful military recruitment ads of Russia, China, Iran and around the world in comparison with American Weak Woke Gay Military Recruitment Ad!

Observe and compare Trump’s Powerful Military Recruitment Ads versus Biden and Democrats Weak, Woke, Tranny, Gay Military Recruitment Ad!

Recruitment Ads: China vs. Russia vs. USA

Recruitment Ads - International Comparison
USA vs. Russia vs. Brazil vs. Serbia vs. Turkey vs. Italy vs. China vs. Germany

Recruitment Ads: Russia vs. America – Glenn Beck Reaction

Recruitment Ads: Russia vs. America – Officer Tatum Reaction

Biden Military Ad vs. Trump Military Ads

IRI IRGC Navy Marines Training

Iran Armed Forces with 11 Million Soldiers

IRI Military Drill

Iranian Military Power New

Iranian Military Power

Iranian Special Forces

Trump created the most up-to-date, hi-tech and powerful military in the world. Biden and Democrats destroyed the American Military, reduced it to a Weak, Woke and Gay Military which is the laughing stock of the world!

Russia, China and Iran train soldiers but Biden’s America trains sissies, trannies, pansies and poofs by teaching them critical race theory, equity, social justice and drag queen shows! Gay General Mark Milley leads this freak military!

Biden’s Dog Leash is Held by China, Iran and Deep State Branco Cartoon
Xi Jinping, Ayatollah Khamenei, AOC, ANTIFA, Bernie Sanders, Wall Street and Deep State Puppet Dog Biden crashed the US Economy, Military, Security, Society and Life! But look on the bright side, there are no more Trump mean tweets! Welcome to the Dark Winter of Biden! Sleepy Joe is an old corrupt dog on the take by China and Iran Lobby Dollars.

Axis of Evil on the Rise

* Russian campaign in Ukraine
* Chinese campaign in Taiwan
* Iranian campaign all over the Middle East
* Iranian proxies All Over the Middle East
* Iranian backed Houthis attack UAE, Saudi Arabia and take over US embassy in Sana’a Yemen

Deadly Drone Strikes on UAE Raise Gulf Tensions, Roil Oil Market

Israel points finger at Iran for Houthi attack on UAE

Russia is challenging US with naval maneuvers close to the US ships all over the oceans.

China is challenging US with naval maneuvers in South China Sea.

Iranian backed proxies such as Hezbollah of Lebanon, Hamas of Palestine, Al Jihad of Palestine, Houthis of Yemen, Shiite militia of Iraq, Shiite of Afghanistan, Islamists of Bosnia, and many more are well funded, armed and trained by IRI and IRGC to create chaos in the whole Middle East, North Africa and Balkans in Europe. They are protecting IRI’s interests and attacking American interests.

IRI’s IRGC, Qods Force and Armed Forces are directly involved in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, Qatar, Palestine, Afghanistan and other nations in the region.

Every political and diplomacy expert in the globe is aware of these facts. Only morons and Democrats in Washington DC, their Woke Military and Pentagon and their Joker Strategists and Advisors whether deny the reality, underestimate the enemies or worse, cooperate with the enemies and try to make a deal with them.

What is America’s Reaction?

* Making nuclear deal with Iran
* Easing of Sanctions against Iran
* Allowing Russia to feed the complete Europe with oil by allowing Russia to build Nord Stream Pipeline While seizing our own pipelines including Keystone XL Pipeline.
* Bending over to China’s every military aggressive desire
* Loosening the Chinese tariffs
* Ending Made in America production and purchasing/importing more Chinese products

Biden’s Foreign Policy Dana Summers Cartoon
Biden Makes America Grovel and Crawl Again!
Biden is a corrupt Washington DC politician on the take for decades by the Russian, Chinese and Iran Lobby. Xi Jinping, Ayatollah Khamenei and Vladimir Putin are the best fans of Bonkers Joe Biden!

Bloody Liberal Bent Pig Bastards

Democrats in Washington DC including Absent minded Biden, Crooked Nancy Pelosi, Crying Chuck Schumer, Woke General Mark Milley, and the rest of the con artists are “Bloody Bent Pig Bastards” who are whether on China, Russia and Iran Lobby payrolls or are appeasing the enemies; in both conditions, they don’t know whither is their destined goal and agenda!

Sleepy Joe Biden is an empty suit with empty brain who is wheelchaired in the press conference by aids to read of the teleprompters what Obama, Rice and Pelosi dictate for him to say! Biden is an old bent pig bastard who has been pocketing mega dollars from bent deals, lobbyists and racketeering for half a century in DC. Biden is the notorious head of the Biden Crime Enterprise which has been operating as an organized crime business in DC for bloody ages. Presently, Biden doesn’t give a hoot about what is happening in the world and he doesn’t even know what is going on, who is he and where is he! He is a vegetable with frozen mind and scattered thoughts. Biden’s mind is thoughts after “Brain Salad Surgery”!
Democrats are experts in incompetence, corruption and criminal deals which together result in weakness, wokeness and appeasement.

Israel’s Stand

Unfortunately, in this swamp and zoo which was created by the Democrats and is swallowing the world, we don’t have a thinking experienced patriotic politician such as Benjamin Netanyahu leading Israel but we have a flip flopper shaky amateur such as Naftali Bennett flabbergasting and dance walking in Israel. Miss Bibi yet?

Iran’s Extremely Aggressive Agenda

The new IRI Regime’s leadership is hardcore Islamist. President Ebrahim Raisi is an ex-fundamentalist judge known as Massacre Mullah AKA Judge Massacre and the new Foreign Minister is the ex-IRGC advisor to the dead terrorist General Qasem Soleimani of IRGC, named Hossein Amir-Abdollahian.

In this crazy zoo created by lack of American leadership and woke Europe, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are taking advantage of the opportunities provided for them by Woke Democrats and Brain Frozen Biden!

Russia and China are both taking advantage of full alignment, cooperation and axis with IRI. The new Axis of China, Russia and IRI is becoming solid and with the weak Democrats in DC, a powerful Nuclear Iran is forming in the horizon which will swallow the whole Middle East.

In the meanwhile, Swamp Democrats in DC are scratching their bloody privates, playing bollocks, have their heads up their rectums and busy stealing dollars from public and getting bribes from Wallstreet! Democrats are a “Bent Pig Bastard” bunch!

IRI has no Ideological Faith

IRI claims to have Islamic Ideological Faith but the bloody truth prevails that the only principle which IRI has is Dollars! IRI does anything for dollars. Show the bloody Mullahs the dollars and the green, they will bloody jump the hoops for you or flip backwards! Scallywag Vulture Mullahs will grant you the key to the mosque for the right amount of dollars! IRI is bloody arming, funding and training anyone, anywhere and in any way, as long as they make that dollar! Top of the gang is that bloke Khamenei son of a wench who sells his complete tribe for dollars! Blimey if bloody Mullahs display a holy halo of green dollars around their bloody holy heads! Islam and Islamism, it’s all bollocks!

China is killing the Uyghur Muslims in Concentration Camps of Xinxiang province. China is operating the whole Xinxiang province as a large slave labor and child labor factory, but not only American Social Media, NBA and Washington DC are silent, yet IRI sees no problem about this genocide contradicting their Islamic doctrine!
Myanmar is slaughtering Muslims but IRI is happily selling arms to the Myanmar Government!

Despite Mass slaughter of Muslims, Iran Arming Military Regime in Myanmar

Iran, Russia and China Joint Naval Drill Poster
Hassan Rouhani, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are mighty glad for “Bent Pig Bastard Biden” sleeping at the wheel of running USA and the Free World. Weak Democrats Always Make America a Door Mat!

Muppet Puppet Biden

Good luck with the Numpty President, please give me a bell if that lazy sod of a sad sack ever wakes up! The whole world is going to WC loo and Mr. Magoo is often throwing a wobbly in the telly presser! This bloke is surely an ace! God bless Bonkers Joe blow’s wicked soul! So, the Deep State Cabal made an ass out of the nation of USA and the globe. Only patriots can right the wrong, then let’s get with it. Let’s Go Brandon! For now, Bonkers Joe is sleeping on the wheel so, ta and tula rula rula loo, the world is in the loo!

Let’s Go Brandon!


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